Bigert And Bergstroem - Works 1986-2016
Art And Theory Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789188031464 Acqn 27572
Hb 17x25cm 356pp 350ills 275col £55

Swedish artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström first began their creative partnership in 1986, and
have since become internationally recognised for a wide range of art projects ranging from large-
scale sculptures and installations to performance and film. The duo is known to analyse current
societal and environmental issues, often using humour as a tool. They tend to focus on scientific,
climate-related and social issues, and the intersection between these things. This detailed
monograph covers their entire artistic oeuvre, from its very beginnings to the present moment – a
wealth of material that allows for an in-depth examination of their practice and its continuing

F R David Autumn 2017 - "Recognition"
KW Institute Contemporary Art 2017 ISBN 9780995713338 Acqn 27919
Pb 12x19cm 256pp 50ills £11.25

Each issue of ‘F.R. David’ features a wide array of artists and writers and a unique theme. This
fourteenth release features “The Labor of the Inhuman” by Reza Negarestani, “Vaster than
Empires and More Slow” by Ursula K. Le Guin, poems by Ralph Hotere, and “The Companion
Species Manifesto” by Donna Haraway. Further, Zoe Todd investigates indigenous relationships
to fish in Canada, while Ayesha Siddiqi writes about the growth of online communities for
marginalised groups, plus contributions by Aurelia Armstrong, Kosen Ohtsubo, Ian White, Eileen
Myles, Marcel Broodthaers, Witold Gombrowicz, Ian McCammon, Noam Chomsky, Gilles
Deleuze, and more.

Antoni Muntadas - Activating Artifacts
Center for Art, Design UMBC 9781890761226 Acqn 26958
Hb 17x12cm 172pp 65ills 30col £29.50

Featuring a visual essay by Spanish multimedia artist Antoni Muntadas (born 1942), Activating
Artifacts focuses on recent developments within higher education, exploring the work of
Muntadas as a learning tool.

Lost and Found - Dance, New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now
Danspace Project 2017 ISBN 9780970031372 Acqn 26968
Pb 18x25cm 268pp 80ills 20col £25.50

Since 2010, Danspace Project, housed at St. Mark’s Church in New York, has published
catalogues as part of its series of artist-curated Platforms. Initiated by Danspace Project
Executive Director and Chief Curator Judy Hussie-Taylor, the Platforms contextualize
contemporary dance and performance practices and histories. The 11th edition, Lost and Found,
is edited by Jaime Shearn Coan, Ishmael Houston-Jones and Will Rawls. Contributors include
Penny Arcade, Marc Arthur, C. Carr, Douglas Crimp, Travis Chamberlain, DarkMatter, Nan
Goldin, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Neil Greenberg, Bill T. Jones, Deborah Jowitt, John Kelly,
Theodore Kerr, Tseng Kwong Chi, Kia Labeija, Eileen Myles, Pamela Sneed, Sally Sommer,
Sarah Schulman and Muna Tseng.

Andre Derain - 1904-1914, the radical decade. Catalogue
Centre Georges Pompidou 2017 ISBN 9782844267870 Acqn 27588
Hb 24x30cm 264pp 275ills 200col £41.50
Text in French

A forerunner of Fauvism and then of Cubism, Derain is a major figure of the twentieth century.
This catalogue highlights the discoveries and providential encounters of Derain with Vlaminck,
Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, Braque ... The book also gives pride of place to
the artist’s writings, Derain having produced many texts theorizing his artistic approach. Also
included is a detailed and lively chronology, with quotations from the artist.

Andre Derain - 1904-1914, the radical decade. Exhibition Album
Centre Georges Pompidou 2017 ISBN 9782844267887 Acqn 27589
Pb 27x27cm 60pp 60col ills £9.50

Bernard Lassus - The garden world. Catalogue
Centre Georges Pompidou 2017 ISBN 9782844268129 Acqn 27591
Pb 19x24cm 96pp 80ills 70col £21.95
Text in French

The Centre Pompidou pays tribute to plastic artist and landscaper Bernard Lassus.
A room devoted to his work is set up in the collections of the Museum, while the Jardin Monde is
exhibited on an 800m² surface.
Based on the Jardin Monde exhibition - an ambitious and astonishing order of the Centre
Pompidou to the artist - the reader will be immersed in the poetic universe of Bernard Lassus,
and will wonder about the contemporary concerns of landscape art.

Matt Connors - Thirty-Four Reverse Telescopes and Three Buttons
Karma 2017 ISBN 9781942607465 Acqn 26992
Hb 22x24cm 120pp 100ills 60col £37.95

Thirty-Four Reverse Telescopes and Three Buttons catalogues the artist’s recent body of
coloured Plexiglas works, made between 2013 and 2016, introduced obliquely with a poem by
Ben Estes. Painter Matt Connors (born 1973) is known for combining a modernist visual
vocabulary of grids and tense, minimal compositions with influences from design, poetry and
music. Connors’ recent series of works brings this sensibility into the play of media: paintings in
acrylic on paper are mounted on coloured matte board, framed behind coloured Plexiglass,
creating an effect of nested coloured forms in space. Both objects and paintings, the deeply hued,
mixed-media pieces have been reproduced in Thirty-Four Reverse Telescopes and Three
Buttons in black and white as well as colour, highlighting the works’ complex tonality in addition to
their dynamic coloration.

Stan Brakhage - Metaphors on Vision
Anthology Film Archives 2017 ISBN 9780997910209 Acqn 26943
Pb 22x28cm 126pp ills £33.95

“Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective … an eye which does not respond to
the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an
adventure of perception. How many colours are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby
unaware of ‘Green?’” So begins Stan Brakhage’s (1933–2003) classic Metaphors on Vision.
Originally published in 1963 by Jonas Mekas as a special issue of Film Culture, and designed by
George Maciunas, it stands as the major theoretical statement by one of avant-garde cinema’s
most influential figures, a treatise on mythopoeia and the nature of visual experience written in a
style as idiosyncratic as his art. Long out of print, the volume is now available in this definitive
edition from Anthology Film Archives and Light Industry, featuring Brakhage’s complete text in its
distinctive original layout, as well as annotations by scholar P. Adams Sitney.

Joan Jonas Is On Our Mind
CCA Wattis I.C.A 2017 ISBN 9780982503386 Acqn 26957
Pb 17x24cm 172pp 104ills 64col £15.25

The CCA Wattis Institute in San Francisco dedicates year-long seasons of discussions and public
events to a single artist. In 2014–15, Joan Jonas (born 1936) was “on our mind.” This book brings
together essays from writers, curators, art historians and artists that focus on a single work, from
Jonas’ earliest films through her installation for the US Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The
book also contains excerpts from readings and public lectures, and images by some of the other
artists whose work was evoked in public and private conversation. Contributors include
Jacqueline Francis, Renée Green, Quinn Latimer, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Patricia Maloney,
Elizabeth Mangini, Judith Rodenbeck and Lynne Tillman.

Willem de Kooning / Zao Wou-Ki
Dominique Levy Gallery 2017 ISBN 9781944379124 Acqn 26972
Hb 26x34cm 192pp 45ills 30col £51

This volume explores the parallel careers of two celebrated post-war painters: Willem de Kooning
(1904–1997) and Zao Wou-Ki (1921–2013). Published in conjunction with Dominique Lévy’s
exhibition pairing the artists' abstract landscapes, this wide-ranging catalogue demonstrates that,
although the two never met, de Kooning and Zao shared a model of colour, composition and motif
that remains relevant in the world of contemporary painting. With texts in English, Chinese and
French, Willem de Kooning / Zao Wou-Ki charts an East-West dialogue in the immediate
aftermath of World War II, tracing the thread of non-figurative abstraction in Chinese, European
and American modernism. With rich archival material, never-before-published photographs and
newly commissioned essays, Willem de Kooning / Zao Wou-Ki offers an innovative transnational
reading of post-war painting.

Peter Cain
Matthew Marks 2017 ISBN 9781944929039 Acqn 27008
Hb 25x26cm 128pp 105ills 90col £72

This is the first comprehensive monograph on American painter Peter Cain (1959–97), who first
achieved recognition in early 1990s New York for his paintings of distorted automobiles.
Illustrated with over 80 full-colour plates, the book features paintings, drawings and photographs
made between the late 1980s and 1997.

Cory Arcangel - The Source Digest
Arcangel Surfware 2017 ISBN 9780996636087 Acqn 27614
Pb 15x21cm 166pp ills £21

The Source Digest, a paperback collection of issues 1–10 of The Source (2013–the present),
gathers Brooklyn-based artist Cory Arcangel’s (born 1978) ongoing archival zine project of
annotated computer source code from software-based works of the past 15 years.

This code is footnoted with artist texts and is published both as a series of small books—one for
each project—and online. Arcangel creates a virtual user’s manual that details the process by
which he has built previous works, including the manipulation of video games. The Source thus
embodies the ethic of openness and generosity that exists within the closed field of hackers,
home hobby programmers and new media artists, and posits it as its own art project. While
issues 1–8 are individually available, The Source Digest includes the two newest issues, which
are currently only available in this book.

Michael Williams
Carnegie Museum Of Art 2017 ISBN 9780880390583 Acqn 27617
Pb 23x28cm 112pp 50col ills £25

Over the last 10 years, Los Angeles–based Michael Williams (born 1978) has created paintings
known for their layered imagery, eye-popping colour and use of airbrushing and inkjet printing.

His large-scale works begin as drawings either on paper or on the computer screen before they
are printed or transferred to canvas and then embellished with oil paint. Williams’ narrative
content reveals a dark sense of humour about everyday life, often exploring the role of the painter
as observer. Wickedly funny allegories merge with abstract painting as free-form amoebic shapes
frequently fill the entirety of his canvases. The resulting paintings offer a dense and absorbing
terrain of colour and form. Michael Williams is published to accompany the artist’s first US solo
museum exhibition, at Carnegie Museum of Art, where he presents a new body of his large-scale
paintings as well as drawings that mix collage and free-associative mark-making.

Alex Israel - Self-Portraits
Karma 2017 ISBN 9781938560255 Acqn 27663
Pb 15x24cm 256pp 201col ills £33.95

Alex lsrael’s (born 1982) series of Self-Portraits were developed through the evolution of a logo
based on the artist's profile—an iconic representation of facial features that calls to mind the
famous silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock—originally created for the video piece As It Lays, a
beguiling and campy work of talk show–style interviews for which Israel cast himself as host,
presented at Reena Spaulings' New York gallery in March 2012.

Made with the same techniques used for manufacturing surfboards, and produced at the Warner
Bros. Studios in Burbank, the sculptures, through the very process of their production, reflect on
the context of Los Angeles, the culture of hedonism and the cult of personality from which they

Lee Lozano - Private Book 2
Karma 2017 ISBN 9781942607687 Acqn 27664
Pb 8x13cm 196pp 196ills £21

Before her self-imposed exile from the art world, Lee Lozano (1930–99) was a highly regarded
painter who defined a generation of American artists infusing conceptualism with a new intensity.

A prolific writer and documenter of both her art and her relationships, the public and private,
Lozano kept a series of personal journals from 1968 to 1972 while living in New York’s SoHo

Eleven of these private books survive, containing notes on her work, detailed interactions with
artist friends and commentary on the alienations of gender politics, as well as philosophical
queries into art’s role in society and humorous asides from daily life.

In the decade before her infamous “dropout piece”—culminating in a move to Dallas where she
would remain until her death—Lozano returned to these notebooks, editing the entries,
sometimes blacking out entire pages. Private Book 2 is the second in a series of 11 pocket-sized
books, which are printed as facsimiles with spiral binding.

Ray Johnson
Matthew Marks 2017 ISBN 9781944929114 Acqn 27673
Hb 17x23cm 192pp 87ills 82col £42

Ray Johnson (1927–95) was a seminal Pop artist, a proto-conceptualist and a pioneer of mail art.

Always one to throw sand in the gears of art-world institutions, he tended to circulate his work
either in truly alternative spaces (like sticking up out of the uneven floorboards of a warehouse
downtown) or through the US Postal Service. Throughout his life, Johnson sent collages,
drawings and less easily categorized forms of printed matter to friends, colleagues and strangers.
Already in 1965, Grace Glueck described Johnson as “New York’s most famous unknown artist.”

Though his work resists efforts to pin it down, Johnson can be said to have found a particularly
useful medium in collage. Collage allowed Johnson to reflect—but also to participate in—the
modern collision of visual and verbal information that only became more frenzied as the 20th
century wore on.

This volume collects 42 collages made by Johnson between 1966 and 1994, most never
exhibited or published before, with a new essay by writer Brad Gooch, who first came into contact
with Johnson when he began receiving unsolicited mail art shortly before the artist’s death. The
collection of works in this volume shows the artist at his most expansive, combining art history
with celebrity, word with image and the personal with the universal.

The Art of Steven Campbell
Marlborough Fine Art 2017 ISBN 9781909707429 Acqn 27932
Pb 24x30cm 52pp 35ills 31col £12.50

Best known for his monumental figurative paintings, Campbell’s unique works emerged from an
array of personal and literary inspirations to create surreal narratives that offer Campbell’s
comment on social and human conditions. His paintings often depict recurring characters in
dream-like scenarios, which are full of humour and ironic historical references.

Robert Grosvenor - 16 Pictures
Karma 2017 ISBN 9781942607748 Acqn 27936
Hb 21x27cm 44pp 16col ills £21

16 Pictures is the latest in a series of photobooks by American artist Robert Grosvenor (born
1937). Grosvenor's photography is an extension of the sculptural work he has produced since the
mid-1960s: in both cases his concern is to explore the space between everyday objects, to
convey the tangibility (and absurdity) of volume and to draw out the often comical, vulnerable,
paradoxical or visually duplicitous quality of appearance (“they’re supposed to have a joke in
them, or a trick,” he says of these works). Included here are colour photographs of vehicles, scale
models and ordinary objects. Sometimes blurry, sometimes overexposed, and very often brightly
colourful, the photographs depict scenes that may be staged or chanced across. Grosvenor's
photographs convey a gently humorous attention to the everyday and its precarity.

No Reservation - New York Contemporary Native American Art Movement
AMERINDA Inc. 2017 ISBN 9780989856546 Acqn 27612
Pb 15x23cm 260pp 131ills 90col £25.50

This publication marks the first time that a diverse group of Native painters, sculptors,
photographers, installation and media artists, performing artists, filmmakers and writers has been
defined as a movement or given a name.

The encounter of Native practices and influences with mainstream art created a community in
which the relationship between art and indigenous sensibility was recognized and nurtured.
These artists have shown in galleries in the heart of SoHo, written articles for publications such
as Art in America, and produced work that incorporates the visual strategies of Abstract
Expressionism, pop, conceptualism and various strains of postmodernism. Among the artists
represented here are Leon Polk Smith, George Morrison, Jimmie Durham, Jaune Quick-to-See
Smith, G. Peter Jemison, Jeffrey Gibson, Brad Kahlhamer and Lloyd R. Oxendine.

Gabor Palotai – ZOO
Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789163924330 Acqn 27931
Hb 21x22cm 88pp 69ills £48

In his new book ZOO, Gábor Palotai displays a different take on the depictions of animals as
figurative illustrations. Every animal is portrayed as an abstract art: sharply outlined in contrast
with a mesmerizing pattern in light and dark. The effects of this black and white pattern enhance
the impression that every animal is etched into the paper in a visual texture that evokes tactile
sensibility. At the same time, the animals are bound to the architectural outer shape of their
image and their bodies are tattooed in undecipherable graphic patterns suggesting that each of
them is free from within to multiply and literally take on any figurative meaning. Gábor Palotai is
internationally renowned for the striking imagery he creates with his intense art, playfulness of
forms, strong and emotional elements.