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THE EMPLOYEES The Philippines - Canada The Effectiveness of the Skills for Improved Performance of Barangays
PERCEPTION OF THE Local Government Local Governance Productivity, in Vigan City
PERFORMANCE Support Program A case Performance Management Employment Growth
APPRAISAL SYSTEM OF study of local government System (LGPMS) in and Development Edelyn A. Cadorna, Ph.D.
THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT capacity development in Improving Governance in Crescencio B. Velasco,
OF ILOILO CITY, the Philippines the Municipality of San First edition 2008 MPA, MBA
Discussion Paper No 57N
Baliuag University, Baliwag,
Bulacan, Philippines
.ate received: August 22,
2014; Date Revised:
September 1, 2014
BACKGROUND The Philippines has been The Republic of the The United Nations At its 295th Session in As the basic political unit,
OF THE STUDY taking serious efforts at Philippines has made Development Program said March 2006, the the 1991 Local Government
enhancing the capability significant progress in that one of the reasons Governing Body Code provided the
of its bureaucracy. The decentralization and why a nation fails in placed the topic of Barangay an important role
1987 Constitution and democratization over the achieving its millennium skills for improved to play in the national
other supporting policies past decade. Its development goals is poor productivity, efforts of achieving
including the Revised 4 devolution legislation and governance. If governance employment growth significant improvement in
Administrative Code of local government system is such an important factor and development on the countrys economic,
1987 provided the policy are frequently studied by in the development of a the agenda of the political, and social
framework for the other Asian countries as a country, then it is 97th Session (2008) of conditions. According to
professionalization of the model for important to understand the International Section 384 of the Local
Philippine bureaucracy. decentralization. the factors leading to poor Labor Conference. In Government Code, the
The Civil Service However, the process has government performance, approaching this Barangay serves as the
Commission (CSC) was not been without measure it, and improve it. multifaceted subject, primary planning and
mandated to serve as challenges. In 1991, when This descriptive study is the present report implementing unit of
the central government the Local Government about the effectiveness of seeks to apply the government policies, plans,
personnel agency for the Code was enacted, few the Local Governance components of programs, projects, and
civil service covering all local governments had the Performance Management effective skills and activities in the community.
the branches, capacity to carry out their System (LGPMS), a employability policies It also serves as a forum
instrumentalities, and newly mandated monitoring and evaluation, articulated in the wherein the collective
agencies of the functions. The national in pointing out weak areas conclusions views of the people may be
government including government and local of a local government in concerning human expressed, crystallized and
government owned and government officials order to improve it. In this resources training and considered, and where
controlled corporations themselves identified the study, the author chose the development agreed disputes may be amicably
(GOCCs) with original urgent need for capacity Municipality of San Rafael upon at the 88th settled (Local Government
charters. development and capacity in Bulacan as she is a Session of the Code of 1991).
development assistance resident of the town. The Conference in 2000
for local government studys focus is on the (ILO, 2000a) and in the
units. The national results of the LGPMS Human Resources
government charged the evaluation in the Development
DILG with responsibility to municipality for the period Recommendation,
develop the capacity of 2010-2012. The study 2004 (No. 195),
local governments and revealed that the LGPMS is adopted at the 92nd
invited donor assistance. an effective tool in pointing Session of the
Since 1991 many national out the weak areas of Conference in 2004.
government initiatives performance of San Rafael, These tripartite
and donor assisted thereby paving the way for discussions identified
projects have supported improvement in delivering policies, programs
local government capacity better services to the and institutions that
development with one of municipalitys constituents. can help to realize the
the most successful being For the year 2010-2012, potential of skills
LGSP. the state of local development to
governance performance expand opportunities
of the Municipality of San for decent work
Rafael steadily increased.
Because of LGPMSs ability
to point out weak
governance areas, San
Rafael was able to focus on
that area and implement
policies and programs to
improve its services.
LGPMS is therefore an
effective performance
measurement and
management tool in
improving the quality of
lives of San Rafaeleos.
STATEMENT OF The study aims to One of the most Since the LGPMS has been The central aim of this Profile of the Barangays
THE PROBLEM determine the employees significant problems faced put in place primarily to report is to examine in Vigan City in Terms of
perception of the by local governments, boost the performance of how, within a decent Input Variables.
performance appraisal especially the smaller local governments in order work perspective, Profile of the Barangays
system of the Local ones, concerns finance to serve the people better, countries can develop in Vigan City in Terms of
Government of Iloilo City, the generation of revenue the author aimed to their skills base so as Planning Policies and
Philippines. and its effective answer this primary to increase both the Non-Human Resources
What is the perception of management. There are question: Is LGPMS quantity and the Profile of the Barangays
the employees regarding still many concerns about effective in improving local productivity of labor in Vigan City in Terms of
the purpose of the the quality and governance in San Rafael? employed in the Response Time and
Performance Appraisal accessibility of services In order to answer the economy. Inadequate Barangay Assemblies
System? delivered by local primary question, the education and skills Facilities Maintained by
What is the Performance governments, and many following sub-questions development keep the Barangays in Vigan
Appraisal System of the LGUs are struggling to find were developed: 1. What is economies trapped in City.
Local Governments of sufficient resources to the state of local a vicious circle of low Projects Initiated and
Iloilo City, Philippines, address their constituent's governance performance in education, low Implemented by the
particularly the nature of demands. By far the most the Municipality of San productivity and low Barangays in Vigan City.
identification, significant source of local Rafael from 2010-2012 income. The report Other Mandated
measurement and revenue, especially for based on the following therefore analyzes Organizations and
management of its smaller LGUs, is transfers areas: A. Areas of how strategies to Garbage Collection and
employees performance? from the national governance upgrade and enhance Disposal System in the
What are the government, mostly in the Administrative the relevance of skills Barangays in Vigan City.
opportunities and form of internal revenue governance; training and to Performance of the
challenges of the current allotments (IRA). IRA- Social governance; improve access to Barangays in Terms of
Performance Appraisal related issues include the Economic governance; skills for more women Revenues.
System of the city? uncertainty associated Environmental and men can instead Summary of the
What are the possible with IRA transfers given governance; B. help countries move Quantitative Indicators
amendments or the insecure national fiscal Fundamentals of good to a virtuous circle of of Performance of the
enrichment to the current situation and inequities governance higher productivity, Barangays in Vigan City.
Performance Appraisal and distortions in Participation employment and Summary of the
System of the city? distribution built into the Transparency income growth, and Quantitative Indicators
IRA formula. Local Financial Accountability development. Skills of Performance of the
government financial 2. Was there improvement development is Barangays in Vigan City.
affairs are highly central to improving
in the LGPMS rating from Regression of the
politicized and revenue 2010 to 2012? After three productivity. In turn,
Performance of the
and spending decisions years of using LGPMS, productivity is an
Barangays In Terms of
are frequently taken to which revealed the important source of
Income Generated
attract or deflect political weaknesses and strengths improved living
attention. Fiscal of the San Rafael LGU, is standards and growth.
management is also often Other critical factors
hampered by the lack of governance situation include
adequate records or improving or worsening in macroeconomic
automated systems. San Rafael? 3. What is the policies to maximize
impact of the LGPMS in the opportunities for pro-
lives of San Rafaeleos? poor employment
growth, an enabling
environment for
sustainable enterprise
development, social
dialogue and
FRAMEWORK The above discussion shows The conceptual The framework looks into The knowledge This study assessed the
OF THE STUDY the big gap between the framework for CD used by the state of local accumulated in these performance of the
existing HR competencies LGSP and LOGIC is an governance which is discussions and barangays in Vigan City in
and the needed 'open systems' model that measured using publications, based on terms of livelihood
competencies at the local
encompasses but is governance indicators, analysis by the Office programs initiated,
level for the performance of
the enabling functions of the
broader than HRD and OD. either input or output, and and guidance from economic enterprises,
local governments. Training It considers CD as a the state of local constituents, health programs assisted,
activities for skills and complex process at development which is underpins the organizations organized,
knowledge improvement are various 'levels' within a measured using preparation of this garbage collection and
oriented more towards system, for example at the development or outcome report (see sidebar for disposal system, and
strengthening service local or micro level; at the indicators. This is to a chronological revenue. The influence of
delivery rather than towards provincial and regional or emphasize that governance summary). The input variables on the
the exercise of the enabling meso level; and at the indicators are based on the present report, in performance of the
functions under the market sector, system, and LGUs key responsibilities turn, contributes to barangays was likewise
and community-oriented national or macro level. It or on those areas which the knowledge base looked into in this study.
models of enabling also considers the the local government has relating to the skills The descriptive research
authority. Although there interconnections and direct control. On the other components of the design was utilized in the
are training programs linkages between the hand, development Global Employment study. The respondents
directed towards the levels and among the indicators are not Agenda (GEA), which were comprised of the
improvement of enabling stakeholders. At each level necessarily within the was adopted by the Punong Barangay, the
competencies, such those the surrounding level is control of the LGUs but are Governing Body in Barangay Secretary, and
conducted by the LGA, perceived as an 'enabling utilized to determine the March 2003 and five other residents in the
there are a number of environment' that can development gaps where provides an analytical 39 barangays of Vigan City.
issues and concerns which either 'enable' or 'disable' the local government, framework for The questionnaire used in
have to be addressed to the individuals and national government and promoting the the study was based on the
facilitate the movement organizations within it. other sectors of the society employment Barangay Performance and
towards capacitating the Within this framework, can work together in components of the Productivity Monitoring
local government capacity is an input to, or addressing development Decent Work Agenda. System (BPPMS), which
personnel for enabling leads to, performance, backlog. Information on Productivity and was constructed by the
functions. and LGU performance is the State of Local employment issues Local Government
an input to, or leads to, Governance Performance feature prominently in Academy (LGA). The said
local social and economic and the financial Core Element 6 of the instrument was supported
development. performance, which are GEA on employability by interviews with the
both considered in LGPMS, through improved barangay residents, ocular
are equally important knowledge and skills inspections of equipment
inputs in managing LGU and Core Element 2 and tangible
performance in local on promoting projects/programs, and
governance. technological change documentary analysis. Data
for higher productivity gathered in the study were
and job creation and analyzed through the use
improved standards of of the following statistical
living. tools: frequency and
percentage, mean, and
Multiple Regression
FINDINGS This chapter presents the There appears to be public The following are the The report also builds Findings showed that
findings from the recognition of the results of the rating of the on the research majority of the barangays
interview of the focus improved performance of Municipality of San Rafael findings of several ILO in Vigan City have a
group and the results of LGUs resulting from CD. In for each governance publications that population density of 3658
the survey questionnaire. LGSP-assisted LGUs there is category from the year analyze the linkages per sq. km and a household
The information collected less political opposition to 2010-2012. Data for each between skills, density of 795 per sq-km.
from the focus group were the mayors as the people category are presented productivity and All the barangays have
summarized under the seem to be satisfied with below, noting the changes economic and planning policies and
headings of each item them. In the local in the rating for each year employment growth. guidelines. Most of these
asked. They were government elections in evaluated. Table 1 shows A series of World barangays have annual
descriptively discussed May 2004, of the mayors that although the Employment Reports, budget ranging from
and analyzed by the running for re-election in governance performance beginning in 1999, PhP500,000PhP600,000;
researcher. Performance the regions supported by of the Municipality of San have taken up the majority have moderately
Evaluation System (PES) as LGSP, 78% of incumbent Rafael for three rating issue of skills adequate equipment and
the term is used in the city mayors were re-elected in periods did not go below 4 development directly service vehicles. In
government of Iloilo and LGSP-assisted LGUs (high), the overall or as a component of addition, almost all the
Performance Appraisal compared to 58% of governance mean rating broader employment barangays are responsive
System (PAS) as a incumbent mayors in non- nevertheless improved policy issues. The in issuing barangay
universal term may be assisted LGUs. from 4.60 in 2010 to 4.64 World Employment clearances and certificates.
used interchangeably in in 2011 and 2012. Report 200405: Majority of the barangays
this discussion. This Although the mean scores Employment, also hold regular barangay
chapter also includes the did not increase from productivity and assemblies twice a year.
findings and discussion of poverty reduction The barangays in Vigan City
the nature and process of 2011 and 2012, it however concluded that, for have maintained barangay
the Performance Appraisal maintained its 4.64 rating. the vast majority of facilities. They have
System (PAS) of the city the working poor, initiated only few barangay
government of Iloilo. simply more work, economic enterprises, have
unless it is more assisted in national health
productive work, programs, have organized
would not lead them barangay committees and
out of poverty. It councils, and have
examined the implemented a garbage
conditions under collection and disposal
which employment system. On the aspect of
and productivity could barangay performance in
grow in tandem and terms of revenue, the
create a virtuous circle barangays produced only
of decent and minimal amount. They still
productive depend on the Internal
employment Revenue Allocation (IRA) to
opportunities. run the barangay.

The performance of the

barangays was found to
have been affected by the
adequacy of non-human
resources like barangay
equipment and service
vehicles, as well as the
responsiveness of the
barangay in the issuance of
barangay certificates.
METHODOLOGY This chapter describes the The concept of CD This study used the The topic of this This study used the
research design, methods presented in the study is an descriptive method report is particularly descriptive research design
of data collection, open systems model that utilizing longitudinal data. relevant to the skills utilizing both the
sampling method, considers CD as an ongoing The quantitative method development needs descriptive and
respondents, and survey- cyclical process occurring will be used in finding out identified in Decent correlational methods of
procedure. Data analysis at various levels within the if there is a marked Work Country research. In this study, the
and interpretation system and including increase in the Programmes (DWCPs). current status of the
employed in this study are strengthening of the score/rating of the LGU As the principal barangays was described,
also described in this linkages between the for three succeeding vehicle for promoting while the correlational
chapter. The researcher levels. The staged process years. decent work at the method was employed in
conducted this study at includes consensus about country level, DWCPs looking into the influence
the city government of the need for change, comprise a set of of barangay profile on its
Iloilo on March 2012. As learning and capacity agreed priorities for performance. The main
an exploratory study, strengthening activities, tripartite partnership respondents of the study
mixed methods were application of enhanced with the Office. Many were the Punong Barangay,
employed to administer it. capacity to improve of the current DWCPs and the Barangay Secretary
Methods of data gathering performance, identify skills in the 39 barangays of
used included interview, institutionalization of development, Vigan City. Five other
survey, and secondary organizational changes and productivity and barangays were used in the
data collection. then analysis and further employment as validation of the data
consensus about addition national priorities for gathered.
needs for change - the improving
cycle repeating itself competitiveness,
throughout the life of an enhancing the
organization. employability of
young women and
men and increasing
decent work
opportunities for
disadvantaged groups.
CONCLUSION This study is about the The case suggests that the The LGPMS is an effective In conclusion, this The current human,
perception of the development of capacity in performance brief overview physical and financial
employees of the local LGUs and the related measurement and underlines the value resources management of
government unit in the improvements in their management tool in LGUs, of the efforts made by the public enterprises
city of Iloilo, Philippines, performance are functions specifically in the labor ministries, trade described its status of
regarding the purposes of of the relationship Municipality of San Rafael. unions and employers operation. Along human
their Performance between features internal It is comprehensive in its organizations to resource management,
Appraisal System (PAS). to the LGU with the performance indicators, integrate skills trainings for manpower
The researcher sought to features of external taking into consideration development issues capability building and
determine the level of interventions. It recognises the elements of good and strategies into the monitoring and supervision
awareness of the the significant role played governance in its criteria design of policies on activities that will
employees of the city as by LGU leaders and for rating. It can trade, technology and substantially improve the
to their PAS, highlighting community stakeholders in effectively monitor and the environment. operation of the public
on the purposes for which LGUs' approach to CD. The evaluate developments Coordination with the enterprises are needed.
it has been established in concept of CD presented in and point out the ministries and
the city government and the study is an open strengths and weaknesses agencies responsible
identifying its systems model that of a municipality. It also for policy design and
opportunities and considers CD as an ongoing provides a clear picture on implementation in
challenges. The findings cyclical process occurring the overall prevailing these areas is
on the perception of at various levels within the situation of a municipality therefore required if
employees will form part system and including that will help the national education
of a larger examination of strengthening of the government, policy and skills
its effectiveness and for a linkages between the makers, government development systems
possible amendments or levels. The staged process planners, and the LGU are to be able to: (1)
enrichment of the current includes consensus about itself to plan and equip workers,
appraisal system. This is the need for change, implement developmental employers and young
also an attempt to learning and capacity changes. women and men with
describe the PAS of that strengthening activities, the skills required by
city, particularly as to the application of enhanced emerging industries
nature of identification, capacity to improve and jobs; and (2) build
measurement and performance, national capabilities to
management of its institutionalization of manage the transition
employees performance. organizational changes and between declining and
This chapter summarizes then analysis and further growing sectors and
the above objectives, the consensus about addition occupations. Without
limitations of the study, needs for change - the such measures, the
and insights for future cycle repeating itself result will be skill
studies. throughout the life of an gaps, high individual
organization. and social adjustment
costs, and missed
opportunities to boost
employment growth
and expand
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Development- eetingdocument/wcm
Philippines.pdf s_092054.pdf
Final Summary
Statement of the Problem The perception of appraisal of employees in LGU in what condition in the system they can be improved for the better
change. From the smaller one, one of the facing problems the finance in generation of revenue and how it is to become
effective and how they find the sufficient solutions for the certain problems that struggling in LGU. By helping other
countries why, we should not learn how to help first our country for moving higher productivity growth of development.
LGU has a poor employment and income growth. Motivating the employees for developing the quality efficient and
effectiveness of the development in LGU
Framework of the study In this study shows the training for skills and knowledges wherein the employees have those improvements and to be
oriented their exercises. The concepts must be enable environment that can either disable the individuals and
organization. This is to emphasize the productivity that governance indicate the key to responsible for the areas where
are they located which Local government has a direct control
Conclusion The employees relationship function in LGU by developing the employees performance of individual inside and outside
the Government. The perception of the performance of the employees on how to determine the level of awareness in
Government. The responsibility for coordination of the labor and agencies must be known what are the particular issues
in economic growth. The capability of a good governance has a manpower to connect on their subordinates, monitoring
the supervision of the outcomes of their operation and operation inside and outside of LGU's.
Increasing the performance in the Local Government Unit (LGU)

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