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Mold Die Steel


A. Finkl & Sons Co.

TYPE 420M STAINLESS STEEL Cleanest...Toughest...Most Machinable

Available by Patented* Vacuum Arc Degassing (VAD) Process
and Balanced Deoxidation Techniques

Typical Composition 420M (AISI 420 Mod) Finkl 420M is 100% ultrasonically tested according to
Carbon 0.35 Chromium 13.0 the most rigorous standerds. It is fully warranted for a
Manganese 0.50 Molybdenum 0.50 molds and dies.
Silicon 0.35 Phosphorus 0.040 Max
Micro-alloy Additions Sulphur 0.006 Max The chemical composition of standerd 420 stainless has
been modified in order to enhance corrosion performance.
Finkl 420M is a martensitic stainless steel for plastic Molybdenum is added for carbide forming for improved
molds where high wear resistance and polishability strength, and improved corrosion resistance stabilizing
are required in addition to corrosion resistance. element. The overall package is the best 420 type
stainless steel availible.

Finkl 420M is ALWAYS forged with a minimum of 5 to Applications

1 reduction. It is sold in the annealed condition, with Finkl 420M is recommended for plastics, glass, and other
a hardness of approximately 200 on the Brinell scale, materials requiring molds exhibiting exellent polishability.
but may also be pre-hardened. The addition of the molybdenum improves the corrosion
resistance of 420M versus AISI 420. This may reduce or
Finkl 420M stainless steel is forged utilizing wide die eliminate the need to chrome plate molds in order to avoid
techniques which assure consolidated centers and fine corrosion.
grain structure, resulting in improved properties throu-
ghout. Premium quality 420M is especially recommended for
plastic lense or other high quality optical applications.
Finkl 420M of Premium Quality is produced by the pat- (See 420M Premium Quality Data Sheet).
ented Double Vacuum Process, which consists of Vac-
uum Arc Degassing followed by Vacuum Arc Remelt- Finkl 420M heattreated to high hardness (40+ HRC) is
ing. This process offers extraordinary cleanliness and also recommended for molding abrasive, filled plastics.
a more unform distribution of alloys (see 420M Premium
Quality Data Sheet).
Recommended Heat Treatment Practice
Process Temperature Cooling (Quenching)
Annealing 1425-1500 F (775-815 C) Slow cool in furnace
Stress Relieving 50-100 F (30-55 C) below final tempering temperature Slow cool to [875 F] (470 C), then in air
Preheating 700-1225 F (370-660 C) Preheat in two stages
Hardening 1850-1950 F (1010-1065 C) soaking 30 min. Oil or salt bath [650-850 F] (340-450 C)
Tempering See figure 1.; hold 1hr. per inch (25 min. per cm) of thickness Air
Rockwell C Hardness

CVN Absorbed Energy(ft.lbs.)

420M AISI 420

TemperingTemperature(F) Testing Temperature(F)


Finkl 420M exhibits improved toughness over AISI 420 stainless steel. The DBTT curve illustrates 420M's increased
impact toughness at all test temptures. Double Vacuum Processing of 420M Premium Quality increases the toughness
even further--resulting in molds and dies with greater resistance to cracking and catastrophic failure.

Thermal Properties of 420M Hardened and Tempered to 50 Rockwell C

Temperature 70 F (21 C) 400 F (204 C) 750 F (399 C)
Coefficient of thermal expansion
[x10/F] (x10 /K) 6.1(10.98) 6.4(11.52)

Thermal conductivity
[ -hr. F] (W/m-k) 163(23.5) 170(24.5) 176(25.4)
Specific Heat
[Btu/lb. F] (J/kg.K) 0.11(460.5)


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