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Taguig City Hall Complex , Ground Floor (right wing)

Gen. Luna Street, Tuktukan Taguig City

Tel. 02-640-7006
Globe CP # 0917-8787-279
Smart CP# 0921-2780 - 569


Justice Hall Compound,
Gen. Santos Ave., Upper Bicutan
Taguig City


The Redemption Center where the traffic violation is committed, a violator shall redeem his
drivers license upon presentation of the Official Receipt as proof of payment of the
required fines.


In case of towed/impounded vehicle, you can be retrieved from the designated impounding
area at BGC upon surrendering the Official Receipt of payment and presentation of the
certificate of Registration of ownership.

For Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Towed Vehicles:

31st Street, Zamora Cirle BGC Bus Parking
BGC, Taguig City

For City Impounding Area:


City Government of Taguig
Cayetano Boulevard Ususan, Taguig City

For filling of Complaint against TMO/Deputized Security/BSF personnel just visit our office proper
investigation and resolution.


Taguig City Hall Complex , Ground Floor (right wing)
Gen. Luna Street, Tuktukan Taguig City

Chief Inspector Norberto S Balayan, PNP(ret)

Chief Investigation, Office
Training/Education Division

You can also visit or log on Face book : Traffic Management Office (TMO) Taguig City
For traffic Update/suggestion/complaint/ comment/traffic advisory.

Procedure in the issuance of Uniform Ordinance Violation Receipt (UOVR)

(Ordinance No. 103 Series of 2003, Traffic Management Code)

Any person violating any provision of the Ordinance shall be issued a Uniform Ordinance
Violation Reciept (UOVR).

In case of the violation of the Traffic Management Code, a duly deputized Traffic Enforcement
Officer shall confiscate the drivers license and the issued receipt shall serve as Temporary
Drivers License for five (5) days from date of issuance.

Uniform Ordinance Violation Reciept (UOVR) issued by other local government unit in Metro
Manila shall be honored or respected by the apprehending traffic Enforcer.
The apprehending officer shall stipulate the specific violation and furnish copy of the citation
ticket to the person apprehended.

Any violation of the provisions of the Ordinance shall be penalized with fines indicated hereof.
Article V Any Violation of General driving Rule 500.00
Keeping as For Right as Practicable
Use of Center Lanes of Three Lanes
Passing Vehicles
Giving way to overtaking Vehicles
Drivers not to Obstruct Traffic
Driving in Lanes on Thoroughfares
Driving through Roundabouts and
Keeping Right of Double Yellow Lanes
Driving in Bicycle Lanes
Driving in Reserved Lanes
Driving Over a Yellow Box
Section 10 Disobedience to Traffic Control Signals 500.00
Section 11 Disobedience to Signs 500.00
Section 58 Driving Under the Influence of Liquor or Drugs 2,500.00 + imprisonment
or both upon discretion of
Section 73 (d) Driving Outside Bicycle Lane 200.00
Section 73 (i) Driving Tricycle on National Road 500.00 + impounding
Section 97 (a) Driving Without License 1,000
Section 97 (e) Driving in Sandos/Slippers 150.00
Section 113 Driving through Funeral or other processions 500.00
Section 104 (b) Discrimination of Passengers /Trip Cutting 1,000.00
Section 6 Erection and Interference with Traffic Control 1,000.00
Section 87 Exceeding Gross Weight, Axle and Wheel Load 150.00
Section 97 (c) Failure to carry/show/surrender Drivers License 1,000.00
Section 97 (d) Failure to carry/show/registration 150.00
Section 110 Following Fire Trucks and other Emergency 500.00
Section 72 Improper Riding of bicycle or tricycle 500.00
Section 104 (a) Improper Uniform 150.00
Section 117 Improper Opening of Doors and Alighting from 500.00
Section 113 Improper Use of Horns, Warning Instruments 150.00
Section 102 (a) Kabit System 2,500.00 + recommend
cancellation of franchise
Section 103 (a) Lack of Accessories of Taxicabs 300.00
Section 09 Loads not Properly Secured 100.00
Section 24 Not Giving Way at Intersections 500.00
Section 25 Not Giving Way During Turns 500.00
Section 26 Not Giving Way To or From Parked Vehicles 500.00
Section 27 Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles 500.00
Section 28 Not Giving Way to Vehicles while Leaving or 500.00
Entering a Road
Section 29 Not Giving Way of Roundabout and Rotonda 500.00
Section 55 (i) Non-payment of Parking Fees 400.00 + towing fee
Section 73 (c) No Holding to Handle Bar 200.00
Section 102 (d) No Franchise/CPC/PA Carried 500.00
Section 102 (e) Non-Compliance with VVRP 300.00
Section 102 (f) N0 Fare Matrix Displayed 500.00
Section 102 (g) No Designated Seals for Disabled Persons 500.00
Section 102 (h) No IDs Displayed 500.00
Section 115 No Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist 350.00
Section 119 Non-use of Seatbelts 250.00
(Article XIV) Operating Animal Drawn Carriages, Bicycle and 1,000.00
Section 71 Tricycle Without License
Section 73 (b) Overloading of Passenger of Bicycles and Tricycles 200.00
Section 92 No Permit to Move Equipment and /or Load of 2,500.00
Excessive Weight, Width, or height
Section94,102(c) Out of Route (PUB/PUJ) 2,500.00 + impounding
Section 96 Out of Service Area (Tricycle/Pedicab) 1,000.00
Section 104 (c) Overcharging of Fares/Contracting Service 1,000.00
Section 109 Obstructing Drivers View or Mechanism 200.00
Section 120 Obstructing Roads by Motor Vehicles Vendors 500.00
Stalled Vehicles
Section 120 (e) Obstructing Roads or Sidewalks by Residential or 500.00
Commercial Establishments
Section 41 Parking and Waiting in Prohibited Areas 400.00
Section 43 Parking Near Grade or Curve 400.00
Section 44 Parking on Parade Routes and on Any Special 400.00
Section 45 Parking for Certain Prohibited Purposes 400.00
Section 46 Parking in Front Residential or of Commercial 400.00
Section 88 Projecting Loads on Passenger Vehicles 150.00
Section 111 Putting Glass, Sharp Objects on Highway 500.00
Section 73 (a) Riding Bicycle and Tricycle Without Regular and 400.00
Permanent Seat
Section 57 Reckless Driving 2,000.00 + seminar
Section 122 Restriction on Some Roads 2,500.00
Section 75 Riding Bicycle More Than Two Abreast 500.00
Section 90 Refusal to Have Vehicles Weighed and/or to 500.00
Remove Excess Load
Section 101 Road Unworthiness of Motor Vehicles 2,500.00 + impounding
Section 9 Sirens, Dazzling Lights, Similar Gadgets 500.00 + confiscation of
Section 121 Street Diggings or Road Closure Without Permit 2,500.00
Section 98 Student Driver Permit 1,000.00
Section 31 Unauthorized Drag Racing/Speed Contest 1,000.00
Section 74 Towing of Bicycles 400.00
Section 97 (d) Unregistered Motor Vehicle 1,000.00
Section 100 Unauthorized Change of Color/Engine 1,000.00 + impounding for
Section 99 Use, Posting or Display of Fake Unauthorized Ids, 1,000.00
Stickers, etc.
Section 137 Use of Expired Commemorative, License, Plates, 2,500.00
Section 37 Use of Signaling Devices 150.00
Section 103 (b) Unauthorized installation/Use of Jalousies, 500.00
Additional Air-con, Dim-colored Lights, etc.
Section 102 (b) Unclean/Unsanitary Vehicle and Lack of Signs 300.00
Section 104 (d) Taxi Without Meter/ uncalibrated or tampered 2,500.00 + revocation of DL
Taximeter Seal (d), rev. of
Section 112 Tracking Mud Unto the Highway 500.00
Section 11 (1) Violation of No Left Turn, No Right Turn 500.00
Section 11 (2) Violation of One-way Street 2,000.00
Section 11 (3) Violation of No Entry Sign 2,000.00
Section 11 (4) Violation of No Overtaking/No Passing Sign 500.00
Section 11 (5) (a) Violation of No Overtaking on Bridge Sign 500.00
Section 11 (5) (b) Violation of Bridge Load Limit 500.00
Section 11 (5) (c) Violation of Keep Right, Keep Left Sign 500.00
Section 11 (6) Violation of Stop Sign 500.00
Section 11 (7) (a) Violation of Give Way/Yield Sign 500.00
Section 11 (8) Violation of No U-Turn Sign 500.00
Article VII Violation of Speed Limits 1,000.00
Section 31 Violation of Speed/Drag Racing Contests 2,000.00
Section 33 Violation of Operating Rule on Oneway Streets 2,000.00
Section 47 Violation of Loading/Unloading Zones 750.00
Section 55 Violation in Parking Areas 400.00 + towing fee
Article XIII Violation of Procedures Involving Traffic Accidents 2,000.00
Article XV Violation or Non-compliance with any Section or 300.00
Article, regarding Lighting, Warning Signs,
Section 91 (a) Violation of Bridge Load Limit or Limit in the Use of 500.00
Section 91 (b) Violation of Speed Limit on Wooden Bridge 500.00
Section 93 Violation of Limit on Truck Ban 500.00
Section 97 (b) Violation of License restriction 1,000.00
Section 105 Violating Pedestrian Crossing 200.00 + community
Section 107 Violating Restrictions on Pedestrian 200.00
Section 114 Violating \Restrictions on Animals and Livestock 500
Article XXIV Violating Vehicular Reduction Scheme

The violator shall have five (5) days from the date of violation within which to redeem his
license, which shall only be released upon presentation of UOVR and the proof of payment of
the appropriate fines.

An additional surcharge of five percent (5%) of each day of the delay or failure to pay the
appropriate fine is hereby imposed until the full amount of fine and surcharge is paid.