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Reflections is based on 20 years of reading, training, practise & experience of Huzaifa Khorakiwala on subjects of religion, theology & philosophy.

Pleasures passes away while the consequences remain.

Contentment is a wealth that never runs out.

Patience is a kind of bravery.

Wisdom is the noblest heritage.

Submission to God's will is peace.

A conceited and self-admiring person is disliked by others. Cheerfulness is the key to friendship.

Charity and alms are the best remedies for ailments and calamities.

Time is fleeting and opportunities pass by.

Obstinacy will prevent you from a correct decision.

God is All-Knowing.

Loving one another is half of wisdom.

One who hopes inordinately impairs his deeds.

Who so bringeth a good deed will receive in reward ten fold & even more the like thereof. Thinking before you speak is a sign of maturity.

The trait of selfadmiration and selfappreciation is disliked by others.

Anger is Satan's big door by which he enters.

Defend your faith with the help of charity. Charity is one of the defences of faith. O God! Deal with me through Thy Forgiveness.

That which is little in this world but much in the next world is better than that which is much in this world and little in the next.

God loves those whose deeds are good.

Whoever keeps on disputing every argument on account of his ignorance, will always remain blind to the truth.

Trust in God.

Good deeds annul ill deeds. No deed is more profitable than a good one.

The one who makes knowledge alive is equal to making the dead alive.

Neither intelligence nor imagination can understand God.

Where one has to go, one has to make preparations and carry provisions.

Justice and fairplay will brings more friends.

The quality of patience in regard to faith is like a head to the body.

Intellectual pleasures are better and more lasting than sensual ones.

The intrinsic value of knowledge is that you act upon it.

To miss what one needs is better than to beg from an inappropriate person.

Seek help in patience and prayer. Trustworthiness brings richness.

Charity given in secret extinguishes the Lord's Anger. The most just of all is one who wishes for others that which he wishes for himself.

Faith and good deeds are brothers and partners.

Even a little knowledge properly assimilated does a great deal of good.

Being good to your relatives drives away poverty from you.

Extending of hopes makes one forget the next world.

The best provision for the next world is virtue. The reward of deeds depends upon intention.

Praise of God has no limit. God loveth not prideful boasters.

This world is the end of sight of the mentally blind who see nothing beyond it.

The weapon of knowledge must be so wielded by men so as to enlighten the heart, widen the horizon and cultivate humility and courtesy.

This world is a passage, we are travellers.

Jealousy eats away faith as fire eats away dried wood.

You will indeed meet your Lord and He will reckon your deeds. Knowledge is a ruler and wealth is its subject.

Humility is the best dress.

Most of the deficiencies of intellect occur due to the flash of greed.

Do not lose the hope of salvation when the door of repentance is open for you.

Render alms for the purity of your soul and flourishment and expansion of your sustenance.

Praise of God is the most valuable of that which is treasured.

Praise is due to God whose worth cannot be described by any speaker.

Your supremacy over others is in proportion to the extent of your knowledge and wisdom.

Keep your duty to God as best as you can.

It is wiser to abstain than to repent.

Backbite not with one another.

He is the wise man who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the mercy of God.

One who fears death cannot escape it.

Those who do wrong follow their own lust without knowledge.

Do not be quick in the exposition of anyones sin for he may be forgiven for it.

Whoever has food for a day, should avoid begging.

Kind treatment towards relatives is a virtue.

True friendship is a blessing.

Do charity everyday.

Keep your affairs with God in order, then God will put your affairs with men in order.

The more you rely on this world the more you will suffer.

Do not develop the habit of contradicting and falsifying others on every ocassion.

One who thanks God for His blessings and bounties will not be denied an increase in them.

God is witness over all things.

Our affairs are attached to the destiny decreed by God, though we are masters of our own actions and will be accountable to them.

The mind should be the source and fountainhead of good thoughts and good intentions.

Blessed is the man who always kept the life after death in his view. Death is the fragrance for the righteous.

One who enters places of evil repute has no right to complain against a man who speaks ill of him.

We are not created only for this world.

Charity in the morning hours reduces difficulties for that day.

The belief of a person cannot be firm unless his heart is firm.

He who is greedy is disgraced. A man of pure heart is always bold.

Wealth should be spent towards God's Pleasure.

God is high in sublimity that nothing can be more sublime than He.

Wealth is the fountainhead of passions.

A man at fault is always worried and in chaos.

Praise is due to God from whose mercy no one loses hope.

Forgiveness is better than almsgiving followed by injury.

God is the possessor of majesty and splendour.

Faith is believing with the heart, professing with the tongue, and acting in accordance.

The intoxication of wealth must be avoided. Oppression and tyranny are the worst companions for the hereafter.

Respect of elders is a sign of civility. God is All-Praise worthy.

If you want to remove evil from the minds of others, then give up evil intentions yourself.

The ignorant will be either remiss or excessive.

Whoever is humble and sincere in his innermost being will have good social interaction externally.

Perform good acts while you are still in the vastness of life, and repentance is allowed.

To render relief to the griefstricken and to provide comfort in hardships means the atonement of great sins. God is the orginator and the destroyer.

The best way to punish an evil doer is to reward handsomely a good person for his good deeds. Sins reduce wealth.

The most wise person is he who remembers death the most often.

Life is getting short while actions are being preserved.

No soul is taxed beyond its scope. This vicious world will entice you. Beware!

God is the creator, maker and shaper.

You will not attain piety until you spend of that which you love.

The world is a place for acquiring knowledge and wisdom for those who want to acquire them. God is outside our understanding.

Feed with food the needy, wretched, and the orphan.

The world's appearance is attractive and its inside is destructive.

God is the ultimate responder.

God prescribes faith unblemished by pride.

God loveth those who turn to him. One wonders at the plight of a proud one who was a drop of sperm yesterday and will be a rotting corpse tomorrow.

The greatest wealth is unconcern with people's possessions. The bitterness of this world is the sweetness of the hereafter.

Your dignity is solid but making requests evaporates it.

God is All-Merciful

There is no power like clemency.

Whenever anyone gladdens a heart, God creates for him a grace from His gladness. One must strive to be pure and please God.

One wonders at one who doubts God even though he sees God's creation.

God is All-Knower who was never taught.

When you are reduced to poverty use charity to trade with God.

There is no nobility like knowledge.

When your heart advances and your mood is good, do more work.

God never becomes annoyed at requests to Him, however many there are.

Whoever is granted gratitude is not denied increase.

By forbearance in face of a fool, helpers against him increase.

Knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge protects you while you have to protect wealth.

There is no prestige like humility.

The majesty of the Creator in your eyes diminishes the value of created things.

Generosity awakens affection more than kinship does.

Intelligent is the one who puts things in their proper place. One wonders at one who forgets death even though he sees the dead.

By just behaviour enemies are overcome. God is the answerer of supplication.

Man should stay within the limitations of his income.

God is All-Compassionate.

Destiny is a secret of God. Why burden yourself with it?

Knowledge increases with use. Wealth decreases with use.

Showering love on your children will increase their affinity and respect for you.

Visiting the sick is a reflection of your hearts' tenderness.

Speaking the truth and keeping one's word is a man's honour.

Respecting parents is fine culture.

Use of intoxicants is a weakness.

Contemplation is a clear mirror. Deep thinking and reflection provides a clear solutions to many a problem.

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