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STAAD PRO V8i (Series-5)


Former CE(Civil),TANGEDCO, Chennai

2D PROBLEMS (Graphical user interface)

Problem : Continuous Beam (3 unequal spans with udl):

1. Geometry Creation :

New Project Select Plane Length =meters; Force=Kn;

File Name=Continuous beam 1 Next

Select Add Beam Finish.

Use Grid system to model the structure. As the spans are irregular, let us set

up construction line to irregular. Click Create on snap Node/Beam.

XY plane.
Go to irregular Tab. EnterType in X values 3.2 4.2 4.0 Ok.

By default the grid is set to isometric view. Set Front view (+Z view).

Click Snap node/Beam. Click on the grid line intersection points. The beam

segments will be drawn between each node point you click. Press Esc key

at the end of the task.

2. Member Properties :

Select the beam using beam cursor From Main menu Commands

Member Property Prismatic Rectangular YD=0.45

ZD=0.225Assign Close. (OR)

Page control Click GeneralPropertyDefine (In Data area) Rectangle

YD=0.45 ZD=0.225 Assign.

De select the member.

3. Supports:

Change to Node cursor (joint) and select the nodes (joints).

From Main menu Commands Support specification Pinned

Assign to selected nodesAssignYes Close. (OR) page control Click

support create Pinned Assign. De select the nodes and change to

beam cursor.

After assigning pinned support the model look like this.

4 .Loads :

From Main menu Commands Loading Primary Load Load case 1

Add close Select Load case 1 Add Member Loaduniform force

w1=-25 Add w1=-10 Add Close.

Select the first Load and the member 1,2 Assign to selected beam

Assign Yes

Select the second Load and member 2 Assign to selected

5. Analysis Type:

From Main menu Command Analysis Perform Analysis No print


6 Post Analysis Print:

From Main Menu Commands Post Analysis Print Support Reactions

To view OK.

7. Perform Analysis:

From Main Menu Analysis Run Analysis Done.

8 .Results:

Select the member and double click on it Shear bending Close.


Post processing


ResultsView valueBeam results deflectionAnnotate.

Bending moment MZ :

Click Mz icon.

ResultsView valueBeam results

Bending moments Ends Midspan Annotate.

Shear Force FY

Click Fy icon.

ResultsView value Beam Results

Shear Force Ends Annotate.

(Remove other ticks already assigned)

Axial Force FX:

Click FX icon.

Results View value Beam Results

Axial Force Ends Annotate.


Click Report setup icon Click input from available from left side.

Select sections , Loadings and sent to Right side by clicking > Select output.

From output select Beam end forces, reactions, shear forces, axial forces, Beam force

detail summary.

To Take picture:

Click take picture icon Enter the title of the sketch. Then Go to report set up. Select

picture Album. If you want to change the sketch title enter the title in caption.

Adjust the picture size by adjusting height & width. Select Full page.

To export Results in word file:

File Export Report MS word file. Click save.