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Neural Networks

Name: ____________________________________________________

1. Input Layer can have numbers of nodes equal to:

a b c d
4 always 3 always Number of input 1 always

2. Hidden layer is the:

a b c d
First layer Second layer Third layer Fourth layer

3. Bias brings:
a b c d
Local output <=1 Local output>1 Local output = 0 All given

4. Training data set is used for:

a b c d
Verifying model Building model Testing model All given

5. Testing data is not having:

a b c d
Input variables Output variable Most significant input None of the given

6. Neural Networks are ABLE to:

a b c d
Learn Re Learn Store All above

7. RMSE is:
a b c d
Sum of square of all Square root of Sum of Sum of all error terms None of the given
error terms square of all error terms

8. RMSE is used for:

a b c d
Predicting output Predicting classifications Comparing two Comparing two
predictive models classification models

9. If 5 cases of a category are classified correctly from 7 of that category, then, classification accuracy of this
category will be:
a b c d
5/7 7/5 5/12 12/5

10. If 80% and 90% are classification accuracies for categories 0 & 1, Overall Accuracy is:
a b c d
90% 80% 85% All given