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Passport No: P2782368

1. What is your experience on HVAC and Air Conditioning?

As a 5 years experienced HVAC technician I have knowledge in installation, troubleshooting and
maintenance, sales of various hvac systems like Window AC, Split AC, Cassette AC, tower AC, Packaged
units, Ducting, VRF , AHU, FCU etc. Along with that have hands on experience in traditional AC servicing
tools and modern electric, hydraulic and electromechanical tools.

2. What are the regular troubleshoot of the spilt unit?

In my service common cases I handle in split system

1)Leakage of refrigerent , 2)compressor trips freequently or won't start , 3)accumulation of ice in coils,
4)Blower is not working or making sounds 5) Odd smell while staring AC, 6)swing mechanism not
working 7)choking , 8) capacitor gone or near verge of death, 9) AC not starting at all, 10) capillary tube
blocked, 11) outdoor cooling fan not working, 12) contacor or relay problems, 13) water dripping in
indoor unit, 14) blocked suction and liquid line tubes, 15)Problems in room sensor, coil sensor, 16)PCB
problems, etc are common problems. But due to space and time I can't mention all of them.

3. Mention types you know of HVAC.

1)Split system, 2)Hybrid split system, 3)Duct free split heating and air conditioning system 4)Packaged
heating and air conditioning system. These are major 4 types of HVAC system

4. How many years of experience of HVAC and Air-conditioning do you have?

I have 5 years of HVAC field experience.

5. How long do you take to do a maintenance on a spilt/window unit?

Based on manpower, it's condition, maintenance equipment it will take 1-1.5 hrs per system

Mobile: +968 9639916

LinkedIn: Ibrahim Trading & Services
6. Do you have an experience on maintaining or installing HVAC (ducting, central, Ventilation, AHU
Yes I have 5 years of experience.

7. How can we bring a job to us?

As a experienced HVAC technician I can do install, troubleshoot, maintenance, sales of all kinds of HVAC
things. Due to my multi language skills and fluency in English, interaction style, Workmanship I can
attract and gain customers during work and it will profitable for my compeny.

8. Can we replace a capacitor of single phase with 3 phases?

Yes we can

9. How can we decide to which tonnage we are going to fix in a room area (3m X 4m)?

It will take few parameters like length, width, height of room, number of windows in room, geographical
condition, number of people in room etc for approximate calculation.

But here I will assume height as 4m, No windows in room, number of people occupied in room 2, and 2
tubelights are used in building. And it's first floor.

Here we can use 1ton AC. It's sufficient.

Mobile: +968 9639916

LinkedIn: Ibrahim Trading & Services