Guidelines for IT Seminar(BCA)
School of Computer Science YCMOU, Nashik
Issued on 30th April 2009

1. Objectives of IT Seminar
• To train the student to independently search, identify and study important topics in
computer science. • To develop skills among students to study and keep themselves up to date of the technological developments taking place in computer science. • To expose students to the world of research, technology and innovation.

2. About the IT Seminar
• • • • • • • •
IT Seminar carries 4 Credit Points. It carries 100 marks. IT Seminar work is to be done individually by the student. The study centre shall assign an internal guide under which students shall carry out IT seminar work. In order to select a topic for IT Seminar, the student shall refer to various resources like books, magazines, scientific papers, journals, the Internet and experts from industries and research institutes. The topic selected for IT Seminar by the students shall be scrutinized and if found suitable, shall be approved by the internal guide. Student shall report the progress of his IT Seminar work to the internal guide three times during the tenure of IT Seminar Work. At the end of the work, student shall prepare written document of his work in the form of a Report.

3. How to begin IT Seminar Work?
• Attend the contact session organised by SC to describe the procedure of doing IT
Seminar Work • Refer to various resources like books, magazines, scientific papers, journals, the Internet and experts from industries and research institutes. • Discuss with Internal Guide and identify a seminar topic • Review the literature

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the initials and surname of the students * the degree for which the thesis is submitted : BCA * the year of submission Page : 2 www. on monthly basis. Preliminary pages * * * * * Cover Page Title page Approval Page (completion certificate) Acknowledgements Table of contents 7.Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM • Prepare the report • Submit the report to the internal guide 4. and Viva Duration (for 1 candidate) • Presentation 15 minutes • Viva 10 minutes • Report checking 10 minutes Seminar Work carries Total 100 Marks * Seminar Report * Presentation(PowerPoint based) * Viva 40 marks 40 marks 20 marks 5. Presentation. The body of the report * Chapters containing textual and graphical contents of the seminar 8. • At the end of seminar work. its progress will be monitored.microcomm. Format of Seminar Report The manuscript of the report should be organised in the following sequence: * Preliminary pages * The body of the report * The bibliography 6. one copy of IT Seminar Report to be submitted to SC • End Examination shall be based on the Report. Bibliography * List of references 9. Evaluation of IT Seminar Work • During the seminar work. by the internal . Cover Page The front cover should show: * the name of the university * the full title of the IT Seminar Topic.

permission to use copy-righted materials. Body of the Seminar Report * Chapters containing textual and graphical contents of the IT Seminar topic 15. trademarks. permanency. service marks. and opacity.microcomm. * The student may acknowledge financial support. 13. * Chapter should start on new page Running Text * Running text in the Repot should be printed in Times New Roman font in black color * Font size should be 12 points. Paper * To insure durability. Typeface and Printing Chapter/Section Titles * Should be printed in Times New Roman font in black color * Font size should be 16/14 points bold. seminar report should be printed on A4 size white bond paper 16. Approval Page * The approval page is also known as signature page or completion certificate * Internal as well as External guides should sign this page in order to assure that they have seen and approved the final version of the report 12. * The print should be best quality * Single line spacing for running text * Double line spacing between paragraphs * Printing on both sides 17. Margins Page : 3 www. Title Page This should show: * full title of the Seminar Topic * student’s names in full with PRN * the degree for which the thesis is submitted * the name of the school which has offered the program * the name of the university * the date (month and year) of submission. Times Roman 14 (student may use Table of content feature available in MS-WORD) 14. Acknowledgement * The acknowledgment should not be more than one page. personal assistance . 11.Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM 10. Table of Contents * It should be left justified.

1. 3) 4) 5) 6) Page : 4 www. 20. Page Numbers * The page numbers must be bottom-centered to the text (font Times New Roman : 10 points) * All preliminary pages should NOT be numbered. * The outside cover of the seminar report must follow the format described earlier. (bring data on CD or in printed format) Do the spiral binding.2). 18. 19.. * Nothing should appear in LEFT and RIGHT margins. Length of Seminar Report * In any case. text.Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM * Every page of the report. Binding * The seminar report must be spiral bound and must be in light gray or black color.1. and the bibliography must have a LEFT and RIGHT margins of 1½ inches (to allow room for binding) and TOP and BOTTOM margins of 1 inch. Then start your work. For final submission First Take approval. Submit 2 copies and 2 . tables. * The numbering should start from chapter-one (Introduction) * Chapter titles(Headings) start on a new page. * Leave an extra space after title * Since you will have several levels of subheadings.1. must not appear in the margin area. parts of illustrations.1. the length of the seminar report should not be more than 30 pages.1. 2. 2. 2. Approval & Submission Procedure 1) First Take approval for seminar Topic. Paste CD cover inside report on last page and insert CD.microcomm. 2. such as (1. * Avoid having more than three levels of subheadings. all notes. etc. distinguish one level from another in a consistent way.2. 2. 1.2. 1. 2) To take approval send email of brief or bring printed 2-3 pages. This means that all page numbers. including all appendices.

in .Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM Sample Title Page Title of the IT Seminar IT Seminar Report Submitted to the MICROCOMM INFOTECH School of Computer Science of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. Year Page : 5 www. Nashik. in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of BCA by Name of the Student PRN No.microcomm.

O.M.C.U.C.Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM Certificate of Completion This is to certify that following student of B.A. 1) STUDENTS NAME Signature of the Study Centre Coordinator Signature of the Guide Name of the Study Centre Coordinator Name of the Guide Signature of the Examiner Name of the Examiner Stamp of the Study Centre Page : 6 www. have completed the ‘IT Seminar’ report titled “Write Title of IT Seminar” under my guidance and . The project report has been written according to the guidelines given by the Y.microcomm.

in .microcomm.Guidelines_for_BCA_IT_Seminar MICROCOMM AKNOWLEDGEMENT This is opportunity to express my heartfelt words for the people who were part of this IT Seminar Report in numerous ways. (Student Name) Page : 7 www. for giving us permission to do our IT Seminar work in computer lab & thankful for giving us guidelines to make the project successful. Yours Sincerely. people who gave me unending support right from beginning the seminar idea was conceived. Finally. We are grateful to our Prof. my appreciation to my family for their encouragement & support during completion of this project.

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