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October 2009—Fall 1

This session, Advanced II students Haytham (Saudi Arabia), Vali (Russia), Viktor (Ukraine), and Janice (South Korea) interviewed Amy “Puma Girl” Chen (UP, Taiwan), a student who has contributed to the ELC Newsletter many times herself during the past two years!
From left: Viktor, Janice, Amy, Vali, and Haytham stand in front of Dragas Hall, the former home of the ELC.

ties between us and became a couple. It is interesting. Is he from Taiwan? No! He is from Germany. It is more interesting. Where will you have your wedding party and when? I think the first wedding party may be on the island Guam on 12 November. It is a very romantic place and near my country, and 12 November is the date of our first rendezvous. We are going to make a wedding after 2-3 years in Germany for his parents and in Taiwan for mine.

Hi Amy, we found out that it is your last session, and it probably will be difficult to find so kind a person like you here after you leave. So, standard question: why did you come to the ELC? Actually, I came to the ELC to learn English so I could be employed in my job. I came here just for three months; however, as you see, I have stayed here for more than one year.

I think one reason why he chose you is your lifestyle. Every time when I see you, you look young. What is your secret? Could you tell me your real age and how you keep yourself young? It is a funny story. As I said I had worked for the company We know some foreigners have a big problem with learn- Puma, and one of my liabilities was “be with it”. I had to find ing English. How did you achieve this level, and did the ELC what youth prefer, what kind of style and material, so I started to think and act like teenagers. Also, we ought to test our help you? Of course, when I came here I couldn’t speak at all. Now, as clothes before output, so all my family wore clothes from the Puma Company, even my ninety-year-old father. you can see, I am in UP. Also, a huge support was given to me by Bettye, who has spoken with me every time. Also, Your story so grabbed us, but we have to finish. Please don’t every Sunday we have had a little party which helped me change! Now, could you give some advice for the young genfind new friends and improve my English. eration? Mmm. Follow your heart and never stop your achievement of All the ELC has been known that you’re going to married. goals. Be sure in the future, when turning back, you will see Who is that lucky man, and how did you meet him? Here is one more benefit from Sunday’s parties. We came to many of your accomplishments and you will be proud of yourthe same party and he saw me there. Although he wasn’t my self. Also, do not ever forget who helped you: parents, friends type, after all his called and SMS me we found many similariand teachers.
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Computer Games in Korea
Yeyoung Park, South Korea

Many Korean young people do love computer games. When they have free time, they usually play the computer games such as Starcraft and Lineage. (They are the most popular games in Korea.) There are a lot of places for playing computer games in Korea. The computer game is a big industry in Korea. There are many TV channels just for computer games. These TV channels broadcast many game matches. People who win the games become stars and make a lot of money. Therefore, many teenagers want to be game players. WCG—World Cyber Games—has been held every year and 78 countries have taken part in it. In 2003, WCG was held in Korea. And, Korea is ranked number one now. So many people think that the computer game is not just a game and it is very important in the information age. There are many societies for the games. There is even a game high school and a game major in college. Of course, many teenagers are addicted to the games and it is a big problem in Korea. However, it is sure that computer games are still getting developed gradually because many people are enthusiastic about them. Vietnamese Coffee
Luan Tran, Vietnam

Khamchoo Pacharapol and Chor.nithi Petpaisit, Thailand

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

“Som Tam” or “Som Tum” is a famous salad in Thailand. Som Tam originated from Laos. It is also called “tam mak hoon”. There are the four main tastes in the dish: sour, salty, hot, and sweetness. They are derived from Thai herbs fish sauce, palm sugar, and lime. Ingredients: 1 medium dark green papaya. 4 garlic cloves. 6 green Thai chilies (Phrik Khi Nu) 2 tomatoes, cut into wedges ½ cup green beans, chopped into ½ in. (1cm.) pieces 2 tablespoons anchovy sauce ½ tablespoon palm sugar ¼ cup (2 fl.oz/60 ml.) lime or tamarind juice Method: Shell the raw papaya casing and clean it under running water. Split it and shred it until it is fibrous. Next, remove the seeds and set some ingredients. Then, put the garlic cloves, chili peppers, chopped green beans and cherry tomatoes on to mortar then pound them to a rough puree. After then, add the papaya, sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and dried shrimps. And then, keep pounding them until they’re roughly mixed. Finally, put the chopped peanuts and garnish with dried shrimps to the mortar; knead it together. Tip: serve cold with sticky rice.

Many Vietnamese like to drink coffee. We plant a lot of coffee in the middle of our country. Every year, we export coffee to many countries in the world. Vietnam is the second largest exporter in the world. With the young Vietnamese, they like to go to the coffee shops with their friends to hang out or just enjoy themselves. That’s why there are many coffee shops in my country. The popular coffee in my country is icy black coffee. Sometimes, we add more condensed milk into the coffee. It makes the coffee sweeter. There are not many people who like to drink hot coffee because the weather is so hot in my country. Icy black coffee is a good drink for us. But you have to be careful when you drink Vietnamese coffee because it’s stronger than American coffee. Don’t drink coffee at night because you can’t sleep. But if you need to be wide awake, you can try it. There is a Vietnamese coffee shop in Virginia Beach. I think you can come to that shop to try it. I hope you will like it. THE ELC NEWSLETTER STAFF: ADVANCED II WRITING, FALL 1, 2009 HAYTHAM ALSULIMI, MAZIN AL THUNAYAN, ABDULAZIZ BIN TALEB, EUN YOUNG CHOI, EUNJIN JEONG, SANJAY KATWAL, PACHARAPOL KHAMCHOO, EUNHEE KWON, MIHYE LEE, LOI NGUYEN, PHUONG NGUYEN, TAEWOO PARK, YEYOUNG PARK, CHOR.NITHI PETPAISIT, VALI SARKIEV, ROKHAYA SECK, XIN TIAN, LUAN TRAN EDITOR: JAMIE STURGES PHOTOS AND PICTURES: BETTYE HUSSEY, LAURA RAY

Fall I Mid-Session Event: Virginia Zoological Garden September 24, 2009

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If you can be anything or anyone, what or who do you want to be? I want to be Obama because he is an aggressive and peaceful man. Also, he is frank. (Sarah, Saudi Arabia) I like pandas. A panda is adorable! (Yilin, China) I will choose a bird because I want to fly in the sky. In addition, I want to see the world. (Hyongsil, South Korea)

Do you think it is a good idea to give teenagers a lot of freedom (example: come home whenever they like, etc.)? Depends upon what you intend about to do with freedom. If a lot of freedom is given it will hamper one’s future. Too much freedom will give rise to destruction. (Maria, Italy) No, I don't think so, because the teenager doesn't care about what they do. They just enjoy the movement. Too much freedom will make lots of problems. (Yuelong, China) No, because they don't have enough capacity or sufficient maturity to make decisions by themselves. Not many of them know the difference between good and bad. (Maritza, Puerto Rico)

ELC students say...
Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job? Enjoying my job is the most important. It will not be a good idea to make more money, but I need to spend my money to see the doctor because I get stress from my job. (Janthana, Thailand) I think making enough money is good. But, making a lot of money can bring more troubles. I think what’s more important is enjoying my job. (Suayip, Turkey) These both are so important as good job aspects. I will say in the early age it's better to look for a good salary job. Then as you are getting older, a satisfying job is better for the long term. (Khalid, Libya) Do you think it is okay for a couple to live together before getting married? Why or Why not? Yea, I think it's okay because I can understand and know about my girlfriend, what she thinks about or what she hates. So, I think a couple may get closer then than during any other time. (DJ, South Korea) No, I think people should keep their purity till they get married because I think it's really hard to keep it if they live together. (Joe, South Korea) Difficult to choose only one answer—young people are changing their lifestyles about marriage. However, the elders are still stubborn about it. I'm in the middle. (Youngsoon, South Korea)

If you won a lottery, how would you want to spend your millions? If I won a lottery, I will spend my money helping others and definitely for learning how to cook because I haven’t eaten great food since I left my country: no women, no good food. (Anass, Morocco) If I won a lottery, first of all, I’d want to get a Lamborghini and get 2 houses in Las Vegas, and I also want to buy so many shops. (Amir, Iran) I would spend my money buying a house for my parents, save a lot of money and keep around $10,000 to buy whatever I want, like my own house and cars, and go for a very long and wonderful trip around the world. (Adelaide, France) I would want to use paper money as tissue paper, haha! (Ikumi, Japan) I wouldn't have to try to find a job. (Tetsu, Japan) What is the most different thing between the people in your native countries and Americans? The American people enjoy the moment, but they are superficial with others. In France, friendship is strong. If you are with Americans, they are happy, but if you aren't here, they don't think of you. (Thibout, France) Americans never sell alcohol after 12:00 a.m. It is so crazy. You know that a real party is started at that time. (Jin Sung, Korea) The people in USA are freer than in China. For example, China is blocking ‘YouTube’ and ‘Face book’! However, the USA is not blocking any websites. (Caroline, China) In my country, we drink tea almost every day. However, in America, I found most people like drinking coffee. You can see coffee shops like Starbucks everywhere. (Yao, China)

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