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Amity Law School – 2010 Session

Law of Emerging Technologies

Paper Code: LL.B 403
(Combined 1 Hour – A/B Section Class)


Class 1 (12th Aug)

Overview of Genetic Technologies and Issues

1. Vandana Sharma, The Future of Food available at

2. Glenda D. Webber, Insect-Resistant Crops Through Genetic Engineering, University of

Missouri, available at

3. Vandana Sharma, First Annual Hopper Lecture presented at the University of Guelph,
September 2l, 1993 available at

Genetic Regulation in India

4. A. Damodaran, Re-Engineering Biosafety Regulations In India: Towards a Critique of
Policy, Law and Prescriptions, 1/1 Law, Environment and Development Journal (2005),
p.1, available at

Genetic Use Regulation Techniques (Terminator Technology)

5. Frederic Forge, Parliamentary Brief for Terminator Technologies, available at (dated 22nd
March, 2006).

6. Canadian Institute for Environmental Law, Fact Sheet on Innovative Technologies –

2006 available at

7. Standing Committee Report (2006-07) on the Seeds Bill, 2004 available at

8. PRS Legislative Brief on the Seeds Bill available at

9. Indian Patents Act, 1970, Sec. 3 (b)

10. The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act, 2001, Sec. 18(c)
Class 2 (19th Aug)
Case examinations – BT Cotton

1. Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto available at

2. P. K. Viswanathan and N. Lalitha, GM technology and sustainable agriculture future:

Empirical evidences from Bt cotton farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat in India,
Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics Vol. 2(1) pp. 007-017, January,
2010 available at

3. Anitha Ramanna, Bt Cotton and India's Policy on IPRs, Asian Biotechnology and
Development Review available at

4. Shyama V. Ramani, After the Green Revolution, BT Cotton in India: Blessing or

Regulatory Headache available at

Case examinations – BT Brinjal

5. News X, Ramesh loses cool at Bt Brinjal public hearing available at

6. Minister for Enviroment and Forests (Jairam Ramesh), Decision on the

commersialisation for Bt-Brinjal (Feburary 09, 2010) available at

7. India Law and Technology Act, Public Consultation the Right Way available

8. Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education, Bangalore, Moratorium on Bt-

Brinjal available at

Draft National Biotechnology Bill, 2008

9. Draft National Biotechnology Bill, 2008 available at

10. Gene Campaigns Recommendation at National Biotechnology Bill, 2008 available at
Class 3 (26th Aug)
Overview of Medical Technologies

1. Tapan Trivedi, Artificial Insemination available at

2. Pushpa M. Bhargava, The social, moral, ethical, legal and political implications of today’s
biological technologies: An Indian point of view available at

Regulatory Structure for Medical Technologies

3. Eric Langer, Biologics Regulation in India, India Today available at

4. Malshekar Committee Report, A Comprehensive Examination Of Drug Regulatory

Issues, Including The Problem Of Spurious Drugs available at

5. Draft Medical Devices Regulation Bill, 2006 available at

Reproductive Technologies

6. Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994 available at

7. Law Commission of India, Report No. 228 available at

8. Draft Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill, 2008 available at
Class 4 (2nd Sept)

Narco Analysis, Lie Detectors and Truth Serum

1. Lawrence Liang, … And Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Science (Sarai Reader 2007)
availble at

2. Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Twenty Second Dr. Ramanadham Memorial
Meeting Lecture available at

3. Selvi & Ors v. State of Karnataka, Criminal Appeal No. 1267 of 2004 (Supreme Court of
India) available at

DNA Profiling Bill

4. DNA Profiling Bill, 2007 available at

Make Up Session for Classes 1 -4 (review and lagged up topics covered)

Class 5 (9th Sept) – Intermediary Liability

The Basics

1. Ronald Mann, The Promise of Internet Intermediary Liability available at

2. Apar Gupta, Intermediary Liability in India : From Troubled Waters to Safe Harbours
available at http://www.ebc-

The Application

3. Sec. 79 of the Information Technology Act, 2000

4. Avnish Bajaj v. NCT Delhi (2004) available at

5. Avnish Bajaj v. State (2008) available at

6. Aditya Gupta, The Scope of Online Service Providers Liability, Vol. 15 JIPR 35 (2010)
available at

7. Amlan Mohant’s Post on SPICY IP,

Recent Foreign Precedent

8. Viacom v. Youtube, United States District Court Decision available at

9. Cyberlawcases Blog, Case background of Viacom v. Youtube available

10. Bryan V. Swatt, perfect 10 v. visa, mastercard, et al: a full frontal assault on copyright
enforcement in digital media or a slippery slope diverted? available at
Class 6 (16th Sept) – Technology and Privacy

The Basics

1. Daniel Solove, The Taxonomy of Privacy available at

2. Apar Gupta, Balancing Online Privacy in India available at

Private Actors

3. The Beast File: Google available at

4. Eben Moglen, Freedom in the Cloud, Talk at NY-Law Center, available at

5., Terms of Service Agreement, available at!/terms.php?ref=pf

6. The Rumpus, Conversations About the Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee,
available at

7. Channel V, Axe Your Ex, Episode 1, available at

State Interference

8. NDTV, Is phone tapping India's worst kept secret?, available at

9. National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010 available at

10. Graham Greenleaf, India’s national ID system: Danger grows in a privacy vacuum,
(2010) Vol 26 No 4 Computer Law & Security Review available at
Class 7 (23rd Sept) – Network Neutrality

The Basics

1. Rich Green field, The Net Neutrality Debate: The Basics available at

2. Wu and Yoo, Keeping the Internet Neutral?: Tim Wu and Christopher Yoo Debate
available at

Its Happening in India

3. Medianama, MTS MBlaze, Tata Docomo And The Neutrality Of Wireless Internet Access
In India available at

4. Digital Inspiration, YouTube Bonanza for Airtel Users in India available at‐airtel‐broadband‐upgrade‐for‐youtube/13045/

Statutory support beams ?

5. Subhashish Gupta, Competition Policy in Telecommunications in India available at

6. TRAI, Consultation Paper on Interconnection Issues relating to Broadcasting & Cable

Services, Interconnection Issues relating to Broadcasting & Cable Services available at

Recent Updates

7. Google, A Joint Policy for an Open Internet available at

8. Lawrence Lessig, Another Deregulation Debacle, available at
Class 8 (30th Sept) – Free Speech

From Shiv Sena to NDTV

1. Gauravnomics, Shiv Sena’s Orkut Campaign: The Limits to Freedom of Expression in an

Intolerant India available at

2. The National Interest, NDTV's Assault on Free Speech available at

Blocking Websites

3. Shivam Vij, the Discreet Charms of the Nanny State available at

4. Ministerial Order on Blocking of Websites, Dated 7th July, 2003

5. The Information Technology (Procedure and Safegaurds for Blocking Access of

Information by Public) Rules, 2009 available at

6. ILTB, the utilitarian critique of E2 Labs v. Zone-H available at

Zittrain Wraps it up

7. Jonnathan Zittrain, The Future of the Internet and how to stop It available at

Make Up Sessions for Classes 4 -8 (review and lagged up topics covered)

Class 9 (21st Oct) – Models of Licensing and Free Software

The Basics

1. The Open Source Initiative, The Open Source Definition (Annotated) available at

2. List of Open Source Licenses available at

Richard Stallman

3. Richard Stallman, What is free software? available at

4. The GNU General Public License, available at

5. Brett Smith, A Quick Guide to GPLv3 available at


Creative Commons

6. Lessig Remix available at

7. Choosing a license, available at

Sita Sings the Blues

8. Sita Sings the Blues Post in the Wall-Street Journal available at

9. SCO-Linux Controversies available at

Class 10 (28th Oct) – Recent/ Proposed Enactments

1. National innovation act available at

2. Personal data protection bill available at

3. Energy conservation (Amendment) bill, 2010 available at

General Discussion and a Recap of the Classes

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