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IRS e-file Signature Authorization coe awe +e» 8879-EO for an Exempt Organization orca you 218 otvetynrogenes OCT 1 aoismeeare SEP 30 _ 216 > Do not send tote RS. Keep fr your records, D> Information about Form 9579-E0 and its instructions is at www. gov/orm667900. Tia of exempt organzaton TEmiovarenieTon Ramber CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE Privacy Redaction ilame ano we ot otter" MARY M LASSEN MANAGING DIRECTOR Parti | Type of Return and Return Information (nol Dolars Oop) (Check the Box forthe return for which you are using this Form 8S78EO ang enter the appicabe arrount any, om the relurm, Ilyou check the box ‘online 18, 23, 83,43, oF 6a, below. and the amount on that ne forthe return Being le wth ths form was biank, then fave ine 18, 2,2, 4, or Sb, \whichover Is applicable, lank (20 not enter‘) But you entered 0 an the return, then arter-0- an the anpcable ne below. Da not complete more than 1 Ine in Par | 1a Form 990 check here P(X] __ & Total revenue, if any (Form 990, Part Vil, column (A), fine 12), we __ 13,612,355. 2a Fomse0ezcnecknere PL] b Totalrevenve, tay (Frm 99082, be 9) 2 a Form 1120 POL eckrere _(o] tb Totaltex Farm 11200, Ine 22) 2» 4a FormSG0PF cnecknereDeL—)_b Taxbared on investment income Form 90PF, Pat Vines) ab 2 Form 8868 chocknere DL] b Balance Ove Form $868, Par ine 9 or Pa. in 8) % [Parti |_Declaration and Signature Authorization of Officer ‘Under penalties of perry | declare that | am an officer ofthe above organization and that |ave examined a copy of he organization's B01 tlectronc return and accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge ano ele, they ae tru, correct, and complete, | turtner declare thatthe amount n Part above isthe amount shown on the copy othe organizations electronic “atu. consent to alow my Intermediate service provider, transmitter, or electronic retumn aiinatr (ERO) to send the organization's return tothe IRS and to receive rom the IRS {a) an acknowledgement of receipt or reason for rejection ofthe raremisson, fb) Ue reason for any celay in processing the return or refund, ano fe), ‘the date of any refund. appicable,| authorize the U.S. Treasury and ts designated Fiancal Agent to intate an electronic funds withdrawal (Sect {obit entry to the fnancial nsttution account indeates inthe tax preparation satware for payment othe organization's federal teres owed on Ys ‘etum, and the fhancial institution to debt the entry to this account. To revoke a payment, I must contact the US. Treasury Financial Agent at 11886 353-4537 no later than 2 business days pror to the payment (eettement] sta. Tals authore te nancial institutions volved in the processing of the electronic payment of taxes fo recelve confidential information necessary to answer niques anc resolve sues related to the Payment. Ihave selected a personal identification number (PIN) as my signature forthe organization's electron return and, F appcable, the ‘rganizaions consent to electronic funds withcrawal Officer's PIN: check one box only [Xl teutnoriee GELMAN, ROSENBERG & FREEDMAN FRO im Privacy Redaction as my signature onthe organization's tax year 2015 electronical fed retun. I Lhaveindicste Is being Mes wth a sate agencyles) regulating chartes as par ofthe IRS Fee/Sate program, |alzo authoraze the aforementioned ERO to {enter my PIN on the retum’s oisclosure consent screen. san officer ofthe organization, wil enter my PIN as my signature on the organizations tax year 2016 electronically fle return. have ingicatec within this return that a copy ofthe return is being fled with a state agencyfes) regulating charties ae part of the IRS FedlState Fovrem ney PI on eure cur consort Cheers sare Dy Leen owe 5 [12-107 Part] —CaRTTETTON ane AaREMTCRTION ERO's EFIN/PIN. Enter your sic e&tronic ting identification Privacy Redact number (EFIN folowes by your tvedigt sal select PIN, 526974 aT amet a eer |corty thatthe above numeric entry is my PIN, which f my signature an the 2015 electronica fled return fr the organization indicated above, Confirm that | am submiting this retum accordance with the requirements of Pub, 4163, Modernized ele (Me Information for Authorized IRS e-fle Prowders for Business Retums, 2 RO signature De Pichon A ate osni7 ERO Must Retain This Form - See Instructions: Do Not Submit This Form To the IRS Unless Requested To Do So LB, For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see instructions. Form 8878-EO (2075) rm 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax [Under section 501(c}, 527, oF 4947(a\1) of the Internal Revenue Code (except private foundations)| | 2015 __ 1 5 Open tty > Donct enter social securty numbers on tis form ast may be made public SNe eran see > Information about Form 990 ands instructions is at www gov/ormo00. A For the 2015 calendar year, or taxyear beginning OCT 1, 2015 andending SEP 30, 2016 B gee [Onane of rvantzaton Th Emoloveridentiication number weiss | CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE Privacy Redaction ar ‘Doing business as. [28 [number and street (P.O, boxmals not dvered wo ateetaddess) ] Romule E Telephone number (fe, [15360 STREET, NW 202-339-9300 EE [cy ortown stato or province, country, and ZIP or foreign posal code Gaueaus 13,902,338. WASHINGTON, DC 20009 Hie) sth group tum F Name and address of pincipaloffcerDEEPAR BHARGAVA for subordinates? [_lves EX]No ‘on | Sa ASC ABOVE He) stoners cacao CIN TTaxoonpt staus LK aie) Teorey at treeinoy Lear LTS27) No attach ait (90 rstrutors) J Website: » WWW. COMMUNI TYCHANGE . ORG Hic) Group exemption number D> i Form of organization: LX Corporation [| Tust_[_] Associaton [_] ote > [x Year ot formation: 196 8[M State of egal damicle DC [Part IT Summary @ | 1 Briefly describe the organization's mission or most significant activities; SEE PART IIT, LINE 1. E| 2 Ghecktnisbox B [Tithe ganization discontinued its operations or disposed of more than 25% ofits net asset, | 2 Nimver of voting members ofthe governing body Pa ne fa) 8 20 S| 4 number of ndependent voting members ofthe governing body Part Vine 19) 4 13 $ | 5 Total number of individuals employed in calendar year 2016 (Part V, ine 2a) 6 i174 | 6 Totalrnumber of volunteers (estimate if necessary) 6 19 | 79 Total uvelated business revenue from Part Vil cokumn (0), ine 12 7a OF 'b Net unrelated business taxable income from Form 990-7, line 34 7b | oO. Prior Year Currant Year 7,935, 500.| 12,263,293. | 8 Contributions and grant (Part Vl ne 1) £ | © Program sorviceravonuo Pat Vil ne 2) 2,422,471.| 1,340,292. 8 | 10. tnvastmont income (Pat Vil, column (ines 3, 4 and 70) 101, 404, 19,126. | 44 omer revenue (Part Vil, column (A), ines 8,60, 8c, 8c, 10¢, and 1 to) -17, 943.) 10,356. 42 Total revenue -addlines through 11 (must equal Part Vil column (ine 12) 10,441, 432.| 13,612,355. 15. Grants an similar amounts pad (Part X, column (nas 1-3) 3,178,238.| 4,376,473. 44 Benefits paid too for members Part, column (A) tne 4) On) o. | 15. Sasries, other compensation, employee banafts (Part X, calm 8, has 5:10) TT, 428,449. 9,261,039. B | 16a Protessional undrasing fees (Pat IX, column (A, ie 18) 0. o. B |b Total fundraising expenses (Part IX. column (D),line 25) PB __ 1,157,765. 5) 47. omer expenses (Part X, column (A), ines 11214, 111240) 6,316,510.| 4,822,694. 18. Tota expenses, Ad ines 1317 (must equal Part IK column (A) ne 25) 20,923,197.| 16,460,206. 19. Reverve lass expenses, Subtiact Ine 18 from ine 12 10,481,765.) -4,847,851. = Beginning of Coren veut | End of Year $8| 20. Total assets (Part x, tne 16) 22,510, 248.[ 18,402,946. 3) 21 otal tabities Part X, be 26) 751,714. 1,424,153. 35] 22 hot assets or fund balances, Subtract ine 21 fom ine 20 21,758,534.) 16,978,793. [Parti [Stanature Block Under penalties of perry, declare that have examined tis retum, incudng accompanying schedules and statements, nd othe best ofmy knowledge and bee is tue, coret and complete Declaration of preparer other than officer) is base on all information of which preparer has ay knowldoe. MARY M. LASSEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR Pte Prin Type preparers name Preparers signature a Fimsrane_ GELMAN, ROSENBERG & FREEDMAN use Ony |Femisaicessy 4550 MONTGOMERY AVE SUITE 650N BETHESDA, MD 20814-2930 Hay the IRS disuse this turn with the preparer shown above? (see instructions) ‘su00; tiie LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Tale Privacy Redaction [Prone ro. 302) ¥>1=y9U9U [Tes LIne For 980 2015) fom 990 2015 CENTER FOR COMMUT Privacy Redaction nments (Check # Schedule O contains a response or not 1o any ine inthis Part va] 1 Btiy describe the organizations mason THE MISSION OF THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE IS 10 BUILD THE POWER AND CAPACITY OF LOW-INCOME PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY LOW-INCOME PEOPLE OF COLOR, TO CHANGE THEIR COMMUNITIES AND PUBLIC POLICIES FOR THE BETTER. 2 Did the organization undertake any signficant program services during the year which were not sted on the prior Form 990 or 990-£27 Coves Gino If"Y9s," describe these new services on Schedule O, 8 Did the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducts, any program services? Coves Gxno If Yes," dacribe these changes on Schedule ©. 4 Describe the organization's program service accomplishments for each of ts three largest program services, a8 measured by expenses. ‘Section 501(6/3) and 501(0(4 oxganizations are required to report the amount of grants and allocations to others, the total expenses, and. revenue fay, for each program service reported a (cose (pores 7,472,689. canmgonat 2,382,500) fame’ 263,231.) ECONOMIC JUSTICE; OUR AREAS OF FOCUS ON ECONOMIC JUSTICE ARE CHILD CARE, CLEAN ENERGY AND REINVESTMENT ISSUES. OUR CHILD CARE TEAM FOCUSES ON WORKING ON ISSUES REGARDING MAKING CHILD CARE AFFORDABLE TO EVERYONE AND TO MAKING SURE CHILD CARE EMPLOYEES ARE PAID THE WAGES THEY DESERVE. OUR CLEAN ENERGY TEAM FOCUSES ON CLIMATE JOBS - HOW TO BRING THEM INTO COMMUNITIES. OUR REINVESTMENT TEAM LOOKS AT WAYS TO REINVEST IN THE LOW-INCOME COMMUNITIES WE SERVE. WE ALSO HAVE A RACE AND GENDER JUSTICE PROGRAM. MHACTION IS A GROWING NATIONAL MOVEMENT OF MANUFACTURED HOME OWNERS WHO ENGAGE IN PUBLIC POLICY ISSUES THAT ADDRESS THEIR INTERESTS AND CONCERNS AS HOMEOWNERS ON THE LOCAL AND STATE LEVELS, AS WELL AS LARGER ISSUES OF RETIREMENT AND ECONOMIC SECURITY ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL. THE HOUSING TRUST FUND PROJECT (HTF) IS 2 (Cote pene 3,837,119. vanngunnais L,T52, 213- ) onnns 701,709.) DEMOCRACY AND CIVIC PARTICIPATION: THE IMMIGRATION WORK AT THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE CONSISTS OF THE FAIR IMMIGRATION REFORM MOVEMENT (FIRM) AND MULTI-RACIAL/MULTI-ETANIC ALLIANCE BUILDING. FIRM 1S THE NATION'S LARGEST COALITION OF IMMIGRANT RIGHTS GROUPS, FIGHTING FOR IMMIGRANT RIGHTS AT THE LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LEVEL. IT IS HOUSED RT CCC_AND STAFFED BY THE CCC IMMIGRATION TEAM. THE WORK OF FIRM INCLUDES BASE-BUILDING, PRODUCING POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS, DEVELOPING CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS, AND MOBILIZING AROUND STRATEGIC GOALS, ALL WITH THE LONG-TERM GOAL OF ACHIEVING COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM WHILE BUILDING IMMIGRANT POWER. THE COMMUNITY VOTING PROGRAM WORKS TO EQUIP LOW-INCOME PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE OF COLOR, WITH THE SKILLS, STRATEGIES AND ALLIANCES TO BUILD OPPORTUNITY AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT 4 (coe ) (eperess 1,273, 733- wannogonects 325,000. ) frennns 147, 784.) (CCCINSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT: DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS AREA ARE COMMUNICATIONS, INCLUDING DIGITAL MEDIA ACTIVITIES, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, AND PROGRAM SUPPORT. WORK IS ALSO CONDUCTED TO SUPPORT THE INCUBATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW PROJECTS FOR THE ORGANIZATION, AS WELL AS A MULTI-TIERED SOCIAL JUSTICE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM. “4d_ Other program services (Describe in Schedule 0) 1,648,484. curs gues 517, 760+) trees 227,568.) (coe de Total program service expenses Pe 14,232,025. Form 890 (2075) Pa SEE SCHEDULE 0 FOR CONTINUATION(S) 2 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 orm 990 (2015) CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANG! eras fart \eKlist of Requit jules ‘Yes | No. 1 Is the organization described in section 5016} or 4947(a}) (other than a private foundation)? Yes," complete Schedule A 1 |x 2 othe organization required to complete Schedulo 8, Schedule of Contributor? 21x 3 Did tne organization engage in director indirect pottical campaign activities on bens of orn opposition to cancksates for public office? I "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 3 x 4 Section 01(c)3) organizations. Did the organization engage n lobbying atte, or have a section 501(h election in effect Enterthe number of voting members included nine 1a, above, who ae independent » 19 2 Did any officer, crector, trustee, of key employes havea family relationship or a business relationship with ary other officer, director, trustee, or kay employee? 2 x 3 Did the organization delegate contol over management duties customarily performed by or under the direct supervision of offcers, directors, or trustees, or key employees to a management company or other person? 3 x 4 Did the organization make any significant changes tits governing documents since the prior Form 980 was fied? 4 x 5 Did the organization become aware dung the year of signcant version of the rgarization's assets? 3 x 6 Did the organization have members or stockholders? 6 x 7a. Did the organization have member, stockholders, or other persons who had the power to elector appoint ane or more members ofthe governing body? a x > Ave any govemance decisions of the orgaization reserved to (or subject to approval by) member, stockholders, or persons other than the governing body? » x {8 Didthe organizaoncontemporaneosl document he meetings ldo writen actions undeaken during the year bythe folowing: 1 The goveming body? ea |X Each committee wth author to act on behal of te governing body? | x 8 Is there any officer, drector, trustee, or key employee sted in Pat Vil, Section A, who cannot be reached atthe ‘organization's maling address? If "Yes," provide the names and adresses in Schedule O 2 x ‘Section B. Policies (This Section & requests information about pocies not required by the Internal Revenue Code.) Yes | No. 408. Did the organization have local chapters, branches, or affilates? 0a. x bb If-Yes,” cd the organization have written policies and procedures governing the activites of such chapters, affiates, and branches to ensure their operations are consistent withthe organizations exempt purposes? 100 “11a. Has the organization provided a complete copy of his Form 990 to all members of its governing body betore fing the form? [ata] Describe in Schedule © the process, any, used by the oxganizaton to review this Form 960, +128 Did the organization have a waten conf of interest policy? I "No," go to ne 13 s2a| X bb Were offices, dectors, o tutte, and kay employees required to dsloseannlly interests that coud give rise to cones? 125 | X © Did the organization regularly and consistently monitor and enforce compliance with the policy? IF"Yes," describe In Schediue O how this was done s2e| X 18 Did the organization have a witen whistleblower policy? 13 |X +4 Did the organization have a wien document retention and dastruction pokey? [x 45 Did the process for determining compensation ofthe following persons include a review and approval by independent persons, comparability data, and contemporaneous substantiation ofthe deliberation and decision? ‘The cxganization’s CEO, Executive Director, of top management offal 15a| X bb Other officers or key employees ofthe organization 150 | X 18°Y05" tone 18a or 155, describe the process in Schedule O (se instructions). ‘6a Did the organization investi, contbute assets to, or patina ina Joint venture or sinar arrangement wth a taxable entity during the year? wa) | x » 1f*¥es," ali the ergantzation foto a written policy or procedure requiring the organization to evaluat ts partpation in joint venture arrangements under applicable federal tax law, and take steps to safeguard the organization’ exempt status wih respect to such arrangements? 100 Section C. Disclosure “7 List the states with which a copy ofthis Form 990 is requred to be fied SEE SCHEDULE O- 18 Section 6104 requires an organization to make its Forms 1023 (or 1024 appicabe), 990, ane 990" (Section 501(8/@s ony) avaiable forpuble inepection.ncicate how you made these avaiable. Check al that app CX) own website UX] another's website LI] upon request. © L_] other (explain in Schedule 0) 19 Deserbe in Schedule O whether (andi co, how) the organization made its governing documents, confict of interest policy, and financial statements avalable to the public during th tax yer. 20. State the name, adress, and telephone number ofthe person who possesses the organization's books and records: > RYAN YOUNG — 202-339-9300 1536 U STREET, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20009 me 8 Fern 880 (2H) 6 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 orm 990 2015) CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANG! cae linnaecen ‘ompensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors {Check if Schedule O contains response or note to any nein this Part oO Section A. Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees ‘18 Complete this table forall persons required tobe listed, Report compensation forthe calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year. Lista ofthe organization's current officers, directors, ustess (whether individuals or organizations), regardless of amount of compensation. Enter-0-in columns (B), () and (F) tno compensation was paid * List al ofthe organcation’s current key employees, any. See instructions for detition of "key employee” List the organization five eurenthighest compensated employees (other than an officer, director, trustee, or key employes) who received report able compensation (Box 5 of Form W2 and/or Box 7 of Form 1098 MISC) of more than $100,000 from the organization and any related organzatios. © List al of the organization's former offcers, key employees, and highest compensated employees who received mors than $100,000 of ‘reportable compensation from the organization and any related orgarizations. ‘List al of the organization's former directors or trustees that received, nthe capacity as a former directo or ustee ofthe organization, ‘mere than $10,000 of reportable compensation from the organcation and any related organzations, List persons in the folowing order: individual trustees or rectors: institutional trustees: officers: Key employees highest compensated employee: ‘anc former such persons, TF check tis box nether the organization nor any related organization compensated any curentofieer, director. or trustee “ ® © o © Gy Name and Tile avera9¢ | geet ranom | Reportable Reportable | Estimated hours per |e. nserpesersecsae| compensation | compensation | amount of ‘wook ‘rom ‘rom related ther (ist any the cxganizations | compensation nurs for le cxganzation | w2rr099misc) | ~ trom the rolated | | warosemisoy crganization nizations| ale ‘and rlated below ele le cexganzatons ne) els lef Ti) BREE BEARGRTR 23.00 PRESIDENT T.00|x| |x 205,704. o.| 30,918. (2) _ RF BRO 2.00 ‘TREASURER & CHAIR, uNANCS conmrres[ —1.00|X| [x 0 0. 0 (3) _ JANE FOX-JORNEOR 2.00 SECRETARY & CHAIR, COMM. ON BOARD x| |x 0. 0. o TH) DORIA WARREN 2.00 CCHATR OF THE BOARD x| |x 0. 0. o 5) ARLENE HOUT BARKER 2.00 ECE CHAIR OF THE BOARD x| |x 0. 0. o Te) RELLY BROW 2.00 uae, auDre comezr7ee x| |x 0. 0. o 17) TIM SWEENEY 2.00 CO-CHAIR, CAMPAIGN COMMETTEE x| |x 0. 0. o 18) PETER COLAVITO 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o 19) DIANE FEENEY 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o TiO} Sax FUDWOOD =zz 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o Tit) Garcon GrncHRrs? Tz 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o (ER) gacKrE smNKINS-SCOTr 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o (23) DAvzD JONES 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o (ia) Donwa KATZIN 2.00 BOARD MEMBER x 0. 0. o (1S) ESTHER LOPEZ 2.00 BOARD MENEER x 0. 0. o (16) ceeruta ORTIZ 2.00 BOARD MENEER x 0. o. o (27) MANUEL PASTOR 2.00 BOARD MEER [Too] 0. o. o. or ae Few 990 2015) 1 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 Privacy Redaction Form 990 (035 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE Page 8 {Part Vil section Orcas, rectors, Toutes, Key ployee, ad Highest CanpensiedEnployensonthuod “ e) © o © © Name and tite average | 4, Poston, | Reportable Reportable Estimated hours par | csiespetensocssn | compensation | compensation | amount of wook | eierasaretr ‘rom ‘rom elated ther tetany TF te cexganizations | compensation hours for | F cxganzation | w2/iagemisc) | — fromthe ratsted |} |g w2rr099.ise) organization cganzations and related below . » cexganizations| tins) i i Ti8) SUDY PATRTGR 2.00 BOARD xexDER x 0 0. 0 Ti) WARY WICETS 2.00 BOARD xexDER x 0 0. 0 (70) QUINN DECANE 2.00 oARD_xexDER T.00|x 0 0.) o (21) WARY LASSEN 35.00 yannare DirecToR x 172,727, o.| 28,008. (22) DERPAK PRTERIYR 35.00 carer or stave x 144,727, o.| 13,129. (23) BYR YOUNG 35.00 DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS x 143,722. o.| 20,128. (24) TRFPREY PARCHER 35.00 DIRKCTOR OF CONMUNICATrONS x 139,929. o.| 19,560. (25) STR SAVER 35.00 DIRRCTOR OF POLICY x 137,500. o.| 19,373. (26) ANGELTER ¥ATOS 35.00 DIR, OF THAZGRANT RIGHTS ¢ JUSTICE x 134,670. o.| 26,528. 1b Sub-total > [_1,078, 979. 0.[ 157,644. € Total from continuation sheets to Part Vl, Section A > on) On) . 4 Total add tines tb and te) > | 1,078,979. 0.[ 157, 644. 2 Total umber of individuals including but nt inited to those sted above) who received more than $100,000 of reportable compensation from the organization De 18 Yes | No’ 3 id the organization Ist any former officer, rector, or trustee, key employee, or highest compensated employee on fine 1a? If Yes,” complete Schedule Jor such individual 3 x 4 For any indvidval sted on ine a, the sum of reportable compensation and other compensation from the organization and related organizations greater than $150,000" If "Yes," complete Schedule J for such inlvdual alx Did any person listed online 1a receive or accrue compensation from any unrelated orgarization or individual fr services Fendered to the organization’? If "Yes," complete Schedule J for such person 5 x Section B. Independent Contractors 7 Complete tis table for your ve highest compensated independent contactors that received mare than $100,000 of compensation frm the organization. Report compensation forthe calendar year ending with o within the orgaizations tax year. « @) © Name and business adress Descrintion of services Compensation DESIGN DATA, 610 PROFESSIONAL DR., #102, GAITHERSBURG, MD 20879 [tr SUPPORT 267,292. TOAL, GRIFFITH & RAGULA, LLC, 130 ADMIRAL COCHRANE DR., #200, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401 [ACCOUNTING SERVICES 196,491. 2 Total numberof independent contractors (including but not init to those Fated above) who received more than $100,000 of compensation from the organization De 2 con Foon 880 (2075) 8 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 om 960 2015) CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE [Partvi|StatementofRevenue Check if So Jule © contains a response or no t0“any line in this Part Vil Privacy Redaction Page 9 Tay Total revenue er Related or ‘exempt function or Unclates business gwen tciyded ‘romtax under SB 3 83 B H s 8 ied campaigns 12 Membership dues rn Fundraising events te ELSES Related organizations 16 Government grants (contributions) [4e| ‘other conto, ots, grants, and similar amounts natincuded above... [4 Total Addiings 1att Bp |__ 12,263,253 PROJECT CONSULTING PuR usiness Godel ‘Conreninice ‘aeABERSHT ‘other program serdice revenue Total Add ines 2324 Other Revenue Investment income (ncluding dvidends, intrest, and ‘other similar amounts) Income from investment of tax-exempt bond p Royalties roceeds vv |v Real Persona Gross rents 39,033, Less: rental expenses o Rental income or (oss) 052 Not rental Income oF (oss) > 13,032 Gross amount from sales of [() Securtios other assets other than inventory [__ 247,082 Less: cost or other basis ‘and calos expanses 249,134 Gain or floss) 7283, Nat gain or (oss) Gross income from fundraising events (not inclucing $ contributions reported on ine 16) See Pat I, tne 18 a Less: dract expenses » Net income or los) from fundraising events Gross income om gaming activites. See Pat I, tne 19 a Less: dract expenses > Net income or ss) from gaming activities Gross sales of inventory, less returns and allowances a Less: cost of goods sold > Nat income or dss) from cals of invanto 3,750, 7,845 | > 31,033, 31,099, > Miscellaneous Revenue Business Codd 2 300099 ama 171. ‘other revenue Total Add tines 118-110 “Total revenue, See instructions > p [aaa Ta as, ai, 16190511 745960 03815 9 Form 990 (2075) 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 Privacy Redaction Fox 800 2015 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHAN age 10 [Part x] Statoment of Functional Expenses Section 50116) and S011) egancatons must molt cola: Alot erantatons must Gonplte COL ‘Check if Schedule O contains a response or note to any line in this Part IX. I slude amounts | ‘on lines | (Ay By (CJ D) De eae ates Seem nea Tol drtenes | Progalttevce | Momagtmatane | rulitena rans ardor xtc doa orator and domestic governments. See Part IV, 4,316,473.| 4,316,473. 2 Grants and cer assistance to domestic individuals. See Part IV, line 22. 60,000. 60,000. 8 Grats and cher asetance to freon organizations, orgn goverment, and orn individual, See Part Wy nes 1S and 16 4 Benet pido or or manbers 8 Compensation of curent fcr, directors ‘trustees, and key employees: 393,069.| 256,086. 68,137. 68,846. @ Conperston otocuded above, su ns ened und scion 8581) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) 7 Other salaries and wages: 7,199, 823.[ 5,173,059.] 1,454, 403.) 572,361. 8 Penson an eccuals and contin dude ‘section 40 1(k) and 403(b) employer contributions) 493,673.| 341,818. 108,030. 43,825. 9 Other employee benefits 643, 223.| 445,015.| 140,618.) 57,590. 10 Payroll taxes: 531,251.| 366, 340.| 115, 347.] 49,564. 11. Foes for sericea (non empoyees 2 Management b Legal 107, 895.| 5,556. 101,506.| 833. ‘© Accounting: 177, 466.| 90. 177, 376.| @ Lobbying 25,000.| 25,000. o Proessoalturdcsing serdces Se Part iin 17 1 tnvestmont management oes Other. (ine tip aroun exceeds ii of ine 28 ‘column (A) amount, list ine 119 expenses on $Sch0.)|_1,686,183.| 1,170,814.) 300,045. 215,324. 12 Advertising and promotion 5,847.) 5, 487. 360.) 13 Office expenses, 257,235. 157,534.) 83,612.) 16,089. 14 Information technology. 69,624. 16, 877.| 50,183. 2,564. 18. yates 16 Occupancy 713, 889.) 490,711.) 157, 932.| 65,246. 17° Travel 724,072.) 621,999.) 71, 672.| 30,401. 18 Payments oftvavelorentertanment expences tor any federal, state, ral publ ofiis 19 Conferences, conventions, and meetings 560, 807.) 509, 062.) 45,945.) 5,800. 20 test 21 Payinens to atiates 22 Depreciation, depletion, and amortization 35,563.| 24, 263.| 7,944.) 3,356. 23° Insurance: 88, 767.| 60, 347.| 20, 227.| 8,193. 24 Oto oxpenss ie eapeses ol coved howe fctensetnene pense he 2. ie Se inode fle 3 coun A) droit ea Siegen or Scot) a JANITORIAL /MAINTENANCE 100,598.) » FEES & REGISTRATIONS 48,261. ¢ AWARDS/HON. /CONTRIB. a7, 882.) a SUBSCRIPTIONS & PUB'L 43,801. @ Allother expenses 132,804 25. Total ncional pense. hailns Thome [18,460,206] ‘25 Joint eons Corl is re ony te organization tepredin ar (int cits roma coed educa canpsign ard unig sociation orwcx ne > [_ trotoning So? 36.2,ase sus-723) 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815__- 10 For 990 2015) Privacy Redaction Form 990 2015 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANG: age M4 [Pan'x [Balance Sheet (Check f Schedule O contain aeaponse or note fo any nein tis Part =) “ ® Beginning of year Endof yar 1 Gash nonintestbeaing 6,376,516[ 7 | 5,812,354, 2 Savings and temporary cash investments 7,756,151. 2 886,481. 3 Pledges and grants receivable, net 7,590,280. s | 4,266,511. 44 Accounts receivable, net 434, 267.[ 4 352,020~ 5 Loano and other receivables fom curent and former oftce, directors trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees. Compete Par lof Sched A © Loans and other receivabes from other diqualifed persons fs defined under section 4858), persons decribed in section 4858/0188), and contibuing ‘employers and sponsoring organizations of section 801(0) voluntary g | __ employees’ beneficiary organizations (ee inst). Complete Par Iof Sch 8 B | 7 Notes and oars receivable net 50, 020.[7 50,0205 | 6 inventories or sale oruse e 8 Prepaid expenses and deferred charges 57, 952.| 9 30,920. 4a Land, bulcings, and equipment cost or other basi, Complete Pat of Schedule D 402 206, 061. Less: accumulated deprecation 10 87,119. 125,382.) 106 118,942. 11 tnvestmens publ traded securtes a1] 4,654,185. 42 investments other secures. See Part WV, ne 11 nz] 2,851,833. 48 investments programlated. See Part, ne 11 48 4 rtangible assets 8 18 Other assets, See Pat ine 11 119, 680. 15 119, 680. 16 Total assets. Add nes 1 hough 1 (rust equal ne 3) 22,510,248.[ | 18,402,946. “7 Acoounts payable and acorved expenses 751,714. 7] 1,424,153. 18 Grants payabie 8 19 Delered rovenve 70 20 Taxexempt bond bites 20 21 Escrow or custodial account labity. Compieto Pat iV of Schedule 0 2 g |22 Loans and other payables to curent and former ofcers,crectors,ustos, | key empioyees, highest compensated employees, and isqualied persons. 3 | Complete Part of Schock 2 3 | 25 Secured mortgages and notes payable to unelated thd partes 2 24 Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated third partes 28 25. Other tbe inctusing federal income tax, payables to relate third partes, and other abies nt included on ines 1728) Complete Pat X of Schedule O 2 26 Total iaiites. Add ines 17 trough 25 751, 714 26 | 1, 424,153. ‘Organizations that follow SFAS 117 (ASC 968), check here> LX and g | _ complete tines 27 through 29, andtines 33 and, B | 27 unesticted net assats 11,481,550.| 2| 9,660,250. | 28 temporary restricted net assets 10,276, 984.| 28 | 7,318,543. $ | 29 Permanent resticted net assets 2 F | organizations that do not follow SFAS 117 (ASC 968), check here bel] 5 | __and-complet tines 30 through 34 B |.90. Capita stock or rust pancpa, or eurent funds 2 3 | 82. Retained eanings, endowment, accurate income, or thar unas 3 2 | 59 Totainet assets or tnd balances 1,758, 534.| 5 | 16,978,793. 34 Total abies and net assatsund baanoes 22,510,248.) s4| 18,402,946. Form 890 (2015) 11 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 16190511 745960 03815 Page 12 i) 1. Totalrevenue (must equal Part Vil, column (A), ine 12) 4 13,612,355. 2 Total expenses (must equal Part IX, column (A), line 25) 2 18,460,206. 8 Revenue less expenses, Subtract line 2 from line 1 3 =4, 847,851. 4 Net assets or fund balances at beginning of year (must equal Part X, ine 33, column (A)) 4 21,758,534. 5 Net unrealized gains (losses) on investments 6 68,110. 6 Donated services and use of facies 6 7 Investment expenses ie 8 Prior period adjustments 8 8 Other changes in net assets or fund balances (explain in Schedule O) 2 o 10 Net assets or fund balances at end of year. Combine lines 8 through 9 {must equal Part X, ting 33, ‘column (8) 1o| 16,978,793. Part Xil] Financial Statements and Reporting ‘Check if Schedule © contains a response or note to any line in this Part Xil O ‘Yes | No 11 Accounting method used to prepare tne Form 980; [_] cash CX] Accrual [] other If the organization changed its method of accounting from a prior year or checked “Other, " explain in Schedule O 2a Were the organization's financial statements compiled or reviewed by an independent accountant? 2a x IF "Yes." check a box below to indicate whether the financial statements forthe year were compiled or reviewed on ‘Separate basis, consolidated basis, or both Separate bass — L_] Consolidated basis [_] Both consolidated and separate basis 'b_ Were the organization's financial statements aucted by an independent accountant? 2» | X If "Yes," check a box below to indicate whether the financial statements forthe year were audited on a separate basis, ‘consolidated basis, or both: Separate bass LX] Consolidated basis [_] Both consolidated and separate basis If "Yes" to ine 2a oF 2b, does the organization have a committee that assumes responsibilty for oversight of the auc, review, or compilation of its financial statements and selection of an independent accountant? 2c| X If the organization changed either its oversight process or selection process during the tax year, explain in Schedule O. 3a_As aresut ofa federal award, was the organization required to undergo an audt or audits as set forth in the Single Audit ‘Act and OMB Circular A133? 3a x b If "Yes," did the organization undergo the required audit or audits? If the organization did not undergo the required aucit or audits, explain why in Schedule O and describe any stops taken to undergo such audits 3b Form 990 (2015) 12 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1 SCHEDULE A (For Public Charity Status and Public Support |v roe mono OE ne ton SONS certain ten 2015 Sees Depacmantt Tas > Attach to Form 980 or Form 980-EZ. ‘Open to Public Frsnatenneesevee | "> information about Schedule A (Form 990 oF 980-E2) ands inswuctions is t Ww. goviform990. Inepection ame ofthe organization TEmplaver Identification number CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE PartT | Reason for Public Charity Status (al organizations must complete this part) See net ee een “The organization is nota private foundation because fis: (For lines 1 through 17, check only one Box) 1 2 sO 4 ‘A church, convertion of churches, or association of churches described in section 470(0K KAN. ‘A school described in section 17O(B\ NAMI. (Attach Schedule E (Form 990 or 9902)) ‘Anospital or a cooperative hospital service organization described in section 470(0N NANI, ‘A medical research organization operated in conjunction witha hospital described in section 47O{B\MAKii Enter the hospital's name, city, and state: 5 (1) An organization operated for the benefit of a college or university owned or operated by a governmental unit described in ‘section 170(b\ 1Aliv). (Complete Part Il) © (2) Atevera stat. olocl goverment or goveneental unt deserbensetion 170K KAN 7 Lil Ancrgaizaton ht nema ecelves a substantia part fs suppor fom a governmental unto om the general pub descbedn section {ANAK (Complete Part) © [1 Aeommunty mt desorbed section 17K THAN (Complete Pa 8 [J Ancrgariation that ermaly eceives: (1) more han 33-196 of supper om conto, membership fees, and gross receipts fom actin lated tots exempt tnctons- subject to eran exceptions, and (2) no mare than 3 79% ofits support rom gross invstent Income and ureated bushesstarable income fess secon S11 ta fom busheses acquled by he epanizaton after une 20, 1975. ee section 5090). (Complete Pa I) 10 1 Arovsanzatonerganed anc operated excl o test for ube sft. Se section Stash 11 Arorsancatonerganced ad operated oxo the beet oft pero he unto of oro cay ot the purposes fone o ore pio suppaedorganeatons described n section 60%) section S032). See section Sota}. Check the boxin Isa though 1c tat dsorbes te type supporting orgazaton and complet nes 0.11 ad 179, 2 (1 Type. supporting orpanzaton operated supersod controled bys supported arganzatons). pay by ving the supported organza) he power To ep appontor deta mary ofthe estos or tts of the supporting crcaniaton You must complete Part NV Sections And. 1» [1 Typelt. A supporting organization supervised or controled in connection with its supported organization(s), by having contol or managemet of he supporting egariatin vested inthe sao pasons hat onl or manaye tho Suppo crcaniatorsh You must complate Part W, Sections A and C ¢ [1 Type it functionally integrated. A supporting organization operated in connection with, and functionally integrated with, Is upported oganeaton) eo nstotons) You mst compete Pat, Section A, Dy and E. ¢ [) Type ttt non-tunctionally integrated. A supporting organization operated in connection with its supported organization(s) thats ot tanta integrate, The organization general must sat a sttoutonreqieret and an ttentveness recurrent ee structs) You must complete art WY, Sections AandD, and Pat. ¢ [1 Check this box if the organization received a written determination from the IRS that itis a Type |, Type Il, Type ill, funtnaly trated. e yl non funonaly tegrated suppring egarizaton 1 eertherumber of supported organizations Cc {1 Provide tho alowng nlomaton aout supped erarzaton) aieenaneeeee pes eae ERED WRT IS | —_ RT meen GCateosoninrts [tsetinger | umporice | oberempan me ‘Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 14 Public support percentage for 2015 (line 6, column (f) divided by line 11, coluenn (f)) 44 55.95 % 15 Public support percentage from 2014 Schedule A, Part Il, ine 14 16 56.81 % 160.89 12% support test = 2015. I the organzation cid not check the box on ine 9, and ne 14s 89 1/96 or re, Check is Bow and stop ere, The erprwaiin quaies a 8 puERo supported ennzalen > 39 1/0% support test 2014 the oganzation didnt check a box onine 18 16a andine 1816 38/29 or moe check ts box anc stop here. The opanzaton quis asa publ supported oranization Oo 1 10% -acta-and-crcumstances test - 2015 the organaton id ot check a box one 72, 1a oF 16 and na 1 10% oo, arc the organzaton meets the acs andccustances'tst, chek tis box and stop here Expan n Pat VI how the ogarizion meat the acter oreumstancestctTho organization que a pubic svppated orparizaen Oo 10% -tects-and-creumstances test - 2014 tho organzation dd not check a box on ine 9, 16a, 16, oF 7a and ne TBs 10% or tre andi the organization meets th Tact ard reamstances" et check the box an eap here Expan in Pat Vino the organization meets the “ats anc.ckeumstance" test. The arganizaton qualia 28a pub supported organization Oo 1. Private foundation, th organization didn check a box on ine 1,16, 10,17, 17, chock ston ands ebussors BL) ‘Schedule (Porm 900 a90-E2) 2015 14 16190511 745960 03815 2015.05070 CENTER FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE 03815_1

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