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Name of lesson: Book Report

Grade Level Appropriateness: 3rd Grade
Technology Content Standard Addressed: The Book Report Lesson Plan is going to meet
the ISTE standard for teachers by designing and developing digital age learning experiences and
assessments through a software resource called, The Duck Software Book Reporter. Using this
software, it will address the ISTE standard of modeling digital age work and learning by
demonstrating fluency in the software and transferring knowledge into that software. The ISTE
standard for students it will be addressing is research and information fluency.
Other Content Standard Addressed: A standard from Reading that this lesson plan will
address is being able to describe feelings of characters in a story and how their actions impact the
story. Another Reading standard, the lesson plan will address is writing informative texts to
examine a topic and using that writing by language skills that include: spelling correctly and
using nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs correctly.
Objective: The student will learn how to use a computer generated book report system to
create creative and thoroughly researched book reports. They will use this as a guideline to make
physical book report poster boards as a visual representation. (They will learn how to input
information they have gathered through typing it into the book report program, and how to create
a digital book report)
Materials needed to facilitate the lesson: Book of choice, notebook, pen, Duck Software
Book Reporter, Computer.
Suggested group size: 25-35
Procedures: 1. Choose a book to do a book report on. 2. Research information about the
author, the summary, and the theme of the book. 3. Record the information in a notebook with a
pen. 4. Download the Duck Software Book Reporter from the school computer lab or classroom
computers. The site is found here: 5. Make a
new page by clicking the above left hand corner side button titled Students, and click the option
for Enter New Report. 6. A student Sign-In box will pop up; enter in your first and last name. 7.
A book report fill in box will show, type in your name, the author, the chapters and in the blank
box, type in your summary (label it as summary on the top of your paragraph) and your theme
(label it as theme on the top of your sentences) 8. Save the page and print one copy of the book
report page to be used as a guideline for the visual portion of the project.
Assessment: Read through each students book report. Check if the steps of the procedure have
been thoroughly followed. The summary and theme should reflect the childs comprehension of
the main idea of the book and the ability to express it in words and sentences that are
grammatically correct and spelled correctly.