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Instituto Politcnico Nacional

Centro de Investigacin y Desarrollo de Tecnologa Digital

Opto-digital methods for image processing and three-

dimensional scanning

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Operator-based homogeneous coordinates: Camera calibration by multiplexed phase
Dr. Victor H. Daz Ramrez
application in camera document scanning encoding of coordinate information

Dr. Rigoberto Jurez Salazar

and digital
This paper provides mathematical principles for young Calibration of cameras is addressed using gratings as projection
students interested in computer vision problems such phase encoding devices. Thus, the coordinate technology
as camera calibration, pose estimation for augmented transformation induced by the imaging process is
reality, and three-dimensional surface imaging. exploited to estimate the camera parameters.

Single-shot camera position estimation by The inverse ray-tracing

crossed grating imaging Ronthi test

systems for

3D Image Technologies Workshop

Phase-unwrapping algorithm by Phase-shifting interferometry based on the

rounding-least-squares approach lateral displacement of the light source

Thesis in progress
Real time optical metrology
for discontinuous surfaces (Doctoral Thesis).

Available thesis themes

Hough transform for robot navigation using
visual grid detection.
Calibration of multiple camera/projector
Visual navigation for autonomous vehicles.
Advanced fringe analysis algorithms for
Phase-unwrapping is an essential procedure of fringe Interferometric measurements are possible without the
phase demodulation.
analysis routines. The proposed algorithm operates use of expensive and complicated phase shifters. Phase
over the gradient of the phase jumps by a robust and shifts are induced in the Twyman-Green Interferometer Automated Ronchi test for evaluation of
noniterative scheme. by lateral displacements of the laser source. mirrors and lenses.

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