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Anxiety of pregnancy will give bad impact for the baby and the mother herself it is
not seriously handled. It will cause pre-eclampsia for the mother and the baby is highly risky
of getting BBLR. If the coping of pregnant mother in overcoming the anxiety tends to be
maladaptive, then it increase the anxiety. The medical practisers must know the anxiety
condition and how the mother overcome her anxiety to prevent the risk. It can be used as the
data basis in making the treatment planning. The research is to identify the coping
mechanism to pregnant women in facing the anxiety.
The research design used descriptive quantitative. The research was carried out at
Puskesmas of DTP Jatinangor with the total population of 159 pregnant women and the
number of research sample was 62 respondents by using Purposive Sampling and the Solvin
formula. The instrument used in the research was STAI and Brief Cope. The data analysis
used in the research was Mean value and Frequency distribution.
The research result showed that over 62 respondents, 50% respondents had low
anxiety, 40% respondents had medium anxiety and 10% respondents had high anxiety.
Coping mechanism which was mostly used by the pregnant women was problem-focused
rather than emotion focused. The coping mechanism of problem-focused which was mostly
used was use of instrumental support and the coping mechanism of emotion-focused was
The result of the research showed that there were still pregnant women with high anxiety,
but more than a half has alreday been able to use the adaptive coping. However, there were
still pregnant women who tended to be maladaptive so that it is necessary to do some efforts
to overcome the anxiety by improving the ability of coping to be more adaptive with the
appropriate intervention