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Open Mind
Digital features:
UNIT 9 OUR PLANET Suitable for any device that can access the internet,
including tablets and mobiles
XFBUIFS DMJNBUFDIBOHFBOEUIF A How do you feel about these places as holiday
Downloadable options so that most materials can
OBUVSBMXPSME destinations? Work in pairs and say what you like and be used offline
meaning from context
What do you do when

Fotolia, Tobias Stinner

MFBSOUPFWBMVBUFEJGGFSFOUQMBOT you find words you dont Provides instant feedback on student progress and
know in a text? How
do you work out the
meaning of new
performance to teachers and students

Students Resource Centre

SPEAKING Accessible through the Students Book Pack and
When is it OK to interrupt
people? How could you do
the Students Premium Pack, the Students Resource
it politely?
Centre includes the class audio as an MP3, online
videos and downloadable video worksheets and
workbook audio.

Teachers Resource Centre

Accessible through the Teachers Book, the Teachers
Open Mind on the web: Resource Centre includes class and workbook
audio, streamable video and video worksheets with
Talking about ideal
Id love to go to teachers notes, additional Life Skills lessons,
One place Ive always
wanted to visit is
Word lists (for Beginner and Elementary level) communicative wrap-ups, CEFR checklists, and
looks like an
interesting place, and PDF and Word progress tests, as well as placement
LIFE evaluating different plans Sample pages tests.
B What place in the world would you most like to visit? Why?
Tell your partner.
A: Id most like to go to India. It looks amazing.
CEF Mapping
WORK NBLFUIFSJHIUDIPJDF 8IBU B: Yes, it does. Id love to go to South Africa as well. Ive always wanted to visit Cape Town.

Our planet UNIT 9 105

Self and Society

LifeSkills Work and Career
Study and Learning
Open Mind (British English edition) EVALUATING DIFFERENT PLANS Plan B
t &TUBCMJTIXIJDIGBDUPSTBSFJNQPSUBOU The council is going to create a large park for people to enjoy. They plan to clean
up the area and provide facilities such as picnic tables, barbecues and a playground for
t &WBMVBUFIPXFBDIQMBOBGGFDUTUIFTFGBDUPST children. They are going to build several new roads to the park, but they wont allow the
t 1VUUIFQMBOTJOPSEFSPGQSFGFSFODF construction of houses, schools or shops in the green area.

A Work in groups. Think about the people who live in your town or city. 5IJTQMBONFBOTy
Which of these factors do you think are most important to them? Tick four. 4 MPDBMQFPQMFXJMMIBWFBQMBDFUPSFMBY 5'

B You work for your local town/city council. The council is considering
Plan C
Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode three development plans for the green area in the picture. Read the The council is planning to sell the green area to private developers.
information about each plan. Choose T (true) or F (false) about each plan. The developers want to build a small number of large, expensive houses. They are going to
(incl. MP3) + Online-Workbook (incl. MP3) + Online-Workbook (incl. MP3) + Online-Workbook (incl. MP3) + Online-Workbook build new streets and a small park. The park will be exclusively for residents. The council is
going to provide a bus service to the area for people who work in the houses.
25,99 (D) / 26,80 (A)
25,99 (D) / 26,80 (A) 25,99 (D) / 26,80 (A) 25,99 (D) / 26,80 (A)
Open Mind is ideal for young adult learners who want a Step-by-step approach to grammar with grammar ISBN 9783190029839 ISBN 9783190329830 ISBN 9783190629831 ISBN 9783190929832 5IJTQMBONFBOTy
course to develop the skills they need for success in the sections that provide a clear focus on the meaning, Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode Students Book with Webcode 9 BMPUPGQFPQMFXJMMDPNFUPMJWFJOUIFBSFB 5'

21st century. form and function of the language (incl. MP3) and Print-Workbook (incl. MP3) and Print-Workbook (incl. MP3) and Print-Workbook (incl. MP3) and Print-Workbook C Write the four factors you ticked in Exercise A in the first column
of this table. Then look at plans AC again and follow these steps.
with Audio-CD and Key with Audio-CD and Key with Audio-CD and Key with Audio-CD and Key
These life skills include having a better awareness of Speaking and Writing Workshops with self- and 1 $POTJEFS1MBO"(JWFJUBTDPSFGPSFBDIGBDUPS

self and society, handling the demands of study and peer-assessment features of alternating units
26,99 (D) / 27,80 (A)
26,99 (D) / 27,80 (A) 26,99 (D) / 27,80 (A) 26,99 (D) / 27,80 (A)  UIFQMBOXJMMIBWFBWFSZHPPEFGGFDUPOUIJT
ISBN 9783190229833 ISBN 9783190529834 ISBN 9783190829835 ISBN 9783191129835 o UIFQMBOXJMMIBWFBWFSZCBEFGGFDUPOUIJT
learning, and dealing with challenges in their work 2 8SJUFZPVSTDPSFTJOUIFA1MBO"DPMVNOPGUIFUBCMF
Language sub-skills coverage with strategies to Teachers Book with Class- Teachers Book with Class- Teachers Book with Class- Teachers Book with Class-
and career. Factor Plan A Plan B Plan C
support the development of the four skills Audio-CD, DVD and Webcode Audio-CD, DVD and Webcode Audio-CD, DVD and Webcode Audio-CD, DVD and Webcode 
Talking about effects and
Open Mind offers integrated and flexible online 55, (D) / 56,60 (A) 55, (D) / 56,60 (A) 55, (D) / 56,60 (A) 55, (D) / 56,60 (A)  consequences
Independent learning features throughout the ISBN 9783190129836 ISBN 9783190429837 ISBN 9783190729838 ISBN 9783191029838  What effect will Plan A have
components including the Online Workbook for self on ?
course such as Notice!, Reflect and How are you 
With Plan A, there will be a lot
study and assessment, a classroom presentation tool of / they will create
doing? boxes to encourage learners to analyse their D Add up the total score for each plan and write it in the Plan A will have a (very) bad/
and Students and Teachers Resource Centres Plan A table in Exercise C. Your preferred plan is the one with the good effect, so lets give it
own progress The council is planning to use this area for urban development. They are going
to build a large number of new houses as well as other facilities, such as schools and a highest score. Complete this list. minus one / plus two.

Life Skills syllabus recycles language while giving Upper Intermediate and Advanced level are available 2015. shopping centre. They are also going to create more roads and provide public transport to 'JSTUDIPJDF 1MBO
the area. They will allow a few companies to build facilities near the new development. 4FDPOEDIPJDF 1MBO
A range of video material and worksheets to support
students an opportunity to learn transferable skills 5IJSEDIPJDF 1MBO
the themes and key language from the Students Book 5IJTQMBONFBOTy E Work with another group. Compare your
How can the
which are vital in todays world 1 BMPUPGQFPQMFXJMMDPNFUPMJWFJOUIJTBSFB 5' answers in Exercise D. Did you put the plans in the
skill of evaluating different plans be
useful to you in Study and Learning
2 UIFSFXJMMCFNPSFKPCTJOUIFBSFB 5' same order? What is different? and Self and Society?
Focus on functional language to help learners with
fluency and to improve their speaking Teachers book available free to teachers who adopt Open Mind. 112
112 Our planet UNIT 9 113
Macmillan English
Every student needs top-class reading, writing, listening
and speaking skills to succeed at higher-level academic
study. Skillful focuses on each of these skills to present, New!
practise and immerse the learner in that area of language.
The comprehensive digital component includes an online
Digibook and practice area with interactive activities
and video material. The teacher has access to even more
material, including tests and supplementary worksheets
Each unit provides opportunities to engage critically
with issues raised in the texts and to consider concepts
beyond their surface meaning, helping to develop skills
such as evaluating and synthesising information.
Practical study Skills are systematically developed
through realistic scenarios and materials.
Each Students Book is divided into Reading & Writing
skills and Listening & Speaking skills.

Level 4
Reading and Writing Listening & Speaking
Student's Book with Digibook (ebook with Student's Book with Digibook (ebook with
additional practice area and video material) additional practice area and video material)
112 pages 112 pages

27,99 (D) / 28,80 (A)
27,99 (D) / 28,80 (A)
ISBN 9783194225763 ISBN 9783194125766

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Teacher's Book with Digibook access and Key Teacher's Book with Digibook access,

What are Life Skills and why are they 37,99 (D) / 39,10 (A)
ISBN 9783194425767
Key and 2 Class Audio-CDs
37,99 (D) / 39,10 (A)

important for the ELT classroom?

ISBN 9783194325760

Levels 1 3 are already available. For further information please visit our website
Employers and educational experts have long noticed as gain an awareness of their position within society. Each
in graduates and employees a widening gap between unit has a section that uses the language learnt to explore
academic results and an ability to interact successfully in life skills.
modern society. Modern students lack life skills those
transferable skills required for individuals to be successful The Life Skills strand is presented in three domains
in their academic, social and professional lives. So what within the course:
does this mean for language teaching and learning?

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Educators need to broaden their view of skills to include
these life skills and develop areas such as learner autono-
my; planning and organisational skills; collaboration and
teamwork; as well as creative and critical thinking and
problem-solving skills.

Open Mind recognises that students do not learn in a

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vacuum and that language is one of many skills that will Each unit introduces a life skill in one of these domains, DEUTSCHLAND Internet:
support their learning and their future. The Life Skills although it can be transferable to all three. The same life Facebook:
element in Open Mind helps students develop their soft skill is presented in the other two domains in the Teachers
skills (such as negotiation and time management) as well Online Resources, as an additional or alternative activity. 9 783191 203351