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Bell Bay Breasting Dolphin

Client: Rio Tinto

Value: $860,000.00
Completed: 2011

Rio Tinto Wharf is used to unload alumina powder, with a single point unloading powder, with a single
point unloading system (grab and hopper), that requires frequent shop warping movements alongside with
the wharf during unloading. A wharf upgrade and new breasting dolphin where required to increase the
capacity of the wharf for larger vessels.

The Project
VEC were successful in tendering to construct the new components were manufactured at the Ulverstone pre-
breasting dolphin and other associated works such as: casting yard and transported by road to Bell Bay.
Supply and installation of raked piles; To minimise the duration of the contract, the VEC site
Supply and installation of a reinforced concrete pile cap; foreman liaised regularly with the shipping co-ordinator to
Supply and installation of a new fender unit; and monitor shipping movements and adjust day to day or week
Supply and installation of wharf furniture such as access to week construction activities to accommodate shipping
ladders and handrails. and tides.
VEC proposed to use the Tasports barge for piling and The works were completed in accordance with both Tasports
crainage, however the capacity of the barge and frame was and Rio Tinto safety and environmental requirements and
insufficient for handling the size and mass of the required without any notable incidents or delays.
piles and pre-cast components.
VEC identified that the barge could be upgraded to suite the
task and engaged the services of a Navel Architect to assist
re-engineering the barge to increase the capacity from 20t
to 26t.
VEC also assessed the pile frame structure, winches, pin
connections and rear screw-drive mechanisms and
undertook in-house design to upgrade the equipment to the
required capability. This was proof checked and approved
by the vessels owners prior to VEC tradesmen making the
modification on-site.
The structural steel works and pile splicing were undertaken
by VEC on site at the Bell Bay Wharf. Local firms were
engaged to apply the protective coatings. Pre-cast concrete

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