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Social Class:

Aristocrats- Aristocrats are in the highset level of social class, they are just a step below the king.
They owned big mansions with nice things inside.

Farmers- Are in the lowest class, but help socitey in a very big way by growing crops. They lived
in terrible villiages with houses made of mud. The farmers needed to rent the land from the

Artisans\Merchants- They are right in the middle, they are treated still unfairly but not as bad as
the farmers. The merchants, artisans, Farmers all help each other out. They could become great
members of socitey if they made great grand objects


Censor- an official who watches others for correct behavior

Currency- somthing such as coins that is used as a medium exchange
Civil Service- The adminastrative service of a government
Tenant Framer- a farmer who works land owned by someone else and pays rent in cash or as a
share with crops
Water wheel- a wheel made to turn by the water flowing against it
Acupuncture- inserting needles in skin to treat disease or relieve pain
Qin Dynasty-
Qin Shihuangdi- Named the first ruker, who brought many changes to the government
Han Dynasty- A Dynasty that had peace and many new inventions, and a big growth of

1. To unfiy China Qin Shihuangdi took direct control of China's provinces, which is different from
the Zhou dyansty becasue they passed the provinces on from generatiion to generation.
Increased power of goverment by apponting Censors
Created money currency
Simplified chinease writing system
Alot of construction such as roads, tomb, and Great Wall of China

2.Created the wall for 2 reasons. One becasue he could take control and unify everyone in china,
and 2 so it would scare away people who want to invade.

3. Han Wudi made it possible for people to become government workers by Scholars selecting
people after taking a long very hard written test.

4. since the population was so large the farmers needed to grow more food but, since land is
supposed to be split up among all the children and grandchildren, the land just got to small, and
people became very poor. But on the other hand Han conquered more territory and after
conquering so much land he stopped and had almost 150 years of peace.

5. They invented a Cast Iron plow, Iron tools, a way to bring water to parched fields,
waterwheels, silk, paper, and Acupunture. All of these inventions we still use today, but now are
more advanced.

6. The silk road was a way to sell and trade goods, it is called the silk road becasue one people
first started selling silk in china on the road and two becasue it is what china is famous for. This
impacted China because they could get goods from all over the world and it brought new culture
to them. The Chinease spread Buddihism through the whole world.

The land of China:

1. The 2 rivers impacted china because of there great water. Even though the wtaer brought
them greatness it also brought them disppare. The rivers would over flood and distroy
everything, but soon they learned how to control it, by using canals.


Dont have worksheet about Shang, and Zhou


Simular- All have to do with how socitey should run or act.

Difference- Legalism is about how people should have harsh punishment after doing a bad duty
and confucisiam says that you have to do those duties in order to be a good person in socitey.