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The hilt of Keris Tajong has a very unique shape as a result of the consolidation of some of the
elements that helped bring dignity and a certain ideology. It is very popular in Pattani, Kelantan and
Terengganu. It is originally brought the idea to the Hindu deity, clearly visible through the shape of
the eyes, teeth and a long nose that were very similar to the characters in Shadow (Wayang Kulit) as
Deity and Admiral. Engraving on the body of the dagger hilt was carved with a variety of aggressive
behavior that appeared so bravely in accordance with the character of the Malay warriors. While Islam
began to spread widely in society at that time, indirectly, it also affected all forms of ideologies and
thoughts of the people. The hilt of Keris Tanjung also has been amended where the engraver is no
longer emphasized the gods, and they prefer to choose the shape of the plants as a motifs and all
forms that resemble gods were reduced.

The hilt of Keris Tajong is also displayed in a variety of patterns and shapes that vary slightly by
ideology and creativity of the sculptors. The selection of the pattern is still the same, using Langkasuka
motif which is plants based. Through that motif, sculptors will highlight the elements that are
synonymous with the Malay warrior characters. For example, Ketumbit leaf motif is shown in carving
and infused with some movement from hero during the battle. Nose or long and sharp nozzle as if
nozzle eagles also serve as a weapon to lock the neck of the bow when it is in a certain movement.


this keris tajong is synonym in the culture as the warrior armour. Its hilts usually come from a hard and
dark coloured wood. The choosing of this type of wood is because the hilt must have high durability
during fighting. Besides that, Malays ancient believe that this type of wood has a good spiritual and
mystique to the owner. The hilt will be full-craving with Langkasuka motive to ignite the present of
mystique and aggressive spirit. The craving also use luxurious element such as gold and silver as
symbol of vulnerability.


The hilt of keris tajong which is craved from ivory, whales teeth and white wood usually synonym with
Malay custom and tradition. This type of Keris usually not be used for a fighting or battle, it tend to be
body accessories and the symbol status for the owner. Due to this, the hilt usually craving with a
beautiful motive and high detailed art finishing. It is written in the history, the ancient Langkasuka not
only use the Keris as an amour, but they also adore it as the symbol of their high art gratitude and
their spirit of life.


Hulu Serindit was synonym with the ancient of Melayu Riau. The history impresses Hulu Serindit as the
symbol of intelligent, braveness, loyalty, status and kindness of Melayu Riau. The element of Serindit
(Hanging parrot) birds is adapted into the craving pattern of the hilt, the Riaus believe the myth that
Serindit birds was the Panglima Hijau. The Hilts is known as Hulu Keris Kepala Serindit, described
the symbol of luck and braveness of the user in fighting for justice. The Melayu Riau put the status of
the Keris Hulu Serindit as the main element in the custom clothing.

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