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Alteration will prevent recovery if:

Warranty Includes:
fire(hostile), lightning, windstorm,
a. On the use or condition of the thing
a. Regarding the use and tornado, earthquake and other allied risks b. Use/condition is limited in the policy
b. Must not contain flammable c. Without the consent of insurer
substances unless incidental
d. Within the control of the insured
to the business
e. Increases the risk

Fire Insurance

a. War and Related Risks
(war, invasion, civil commotion, Prohibitions Measure of Indemnity:
abnormal condition, insurrection, a. Valued Policy, Option to
rebellion, theft clause) a. Non-alienation clause
Rebuild Clause
b. Transferee shall have insurable
b. Open Policy
b. Intentional Act interest over the insured
c. Indirect Losses (direct physical
damage, consequential losses)