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University of Delaware
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware 19717-
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Director: Dr. Tom
FAX: 302 – 831 – 6758 Sims

Web: Center Director: Dr. Tom Sims

Program Coordinator: Maria Pautler
The Delaware Water Resources Center (DWRC) has • The DWRC developed and supports a strong water
three primary goals: to support research that will provide resources undergraduate internship program. The
solutions to Delaware's priority water problems; to promote "hands on" internship projects address contemporary
the training and education of future water scientists, regional water quality concerns. During 2000 – 2007,
engineers, and policymakers; and to disseminate research 69 internships have been funded exploring diverse
results to water managers and the public. topics in water quality, modeling and monitoring;
wetland identification, protection, regulation and
Groups and Individuals Served remediation; water scarcity pricing; land use impact;
Since its 1984 inception as a member of the National and nutrient fates and nutrient management education
Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) - a national network for youth. Interns are mentored by university faculty or
of 54 state Water Resources Research Institutes affiliated technical staff employed by state water resource
with and sponsored by the U.S. Geological agencies. They prepare project reports and
Survey (USGS) – the DWRC has served the posters to be presented at university-wide
Delaware “water community” of individuals public research conferences. The process
and organizations interested in water affairs. fosters opportunities for students to learn more
The DWRC works with virtually every about their potential for future research,
organization and agency in the state of graduate school, and possible careers in water
Delaware that has an interest or responsibility science, policy, and management.
in the water resources arena in
order to develop a statewide
program addressing water
resource problems. DWRC’s Information Transfer
15-member Advisory Panel
represents a wide variety of • Newsletters: The DWRC
water resources related distributes two electronic
backgrounds. newsletters, one that presents the
most timely water news each
month, the other (twice a year),
Research providing more in-depth focus
on topics such as drought or
• The DWRC supports research by water quality.
matching, on a 2:1 basis, funds received
from USGS through the Water Resources • Research annual reports: Findings and
Research Act Section 104b of 1984. The progress reports for research projects are
federal funds are being actively leveraged made available to the public. Abstracts of
as seed money encouraging expanded current projects may be viewed on the
research activities co-sponsored with website.
academic, community or government agencies.
• Annual DWRC conferences: Researchers share their
• Since 2000 we have funded five graduate fellowships. findings with the public at annual DWRC conferences or
During the first three years, fellows researched topics in undergraduate poster sessions.
environmental soil chemistry, water quality modeling,
and water resource policy. Two more recently funded • DWRC web site: provides a
projects are exploring new technologies for the removal news source for DWRC information and publications,
and inactivation of water-borne viruses and the fate and water resources conferences, training and job
transport of arsenic in soils, both issues of major opportunities, grants and fellowships, teaching curricula
importance to water quality in Delaware. and activities, legislation, and other concerns. Links are
supplied to helpful state and national water-related sites.