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the Shores Community?
Calendar of RSCA Events
We hope you will join us at Shores events!
Neighborhood Watch Information
ere’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activity required to make
and keep the Shores a great place to live and work.
In addition to administrative tasks, there’s maintenance like Tuesday, October 3rd at 7pm
the Annual Levee Cleanup in August (see details and photos at Redwood Shores Elementary School

Halloween Walk @ Marlin Park
on page 4), and safety issues unique to the Shores. is
month the RCPD will begin sharing neighborhood watch
information to help all of the Shores neighborhoods. Saturday, October 28th at 1pm

Show Your Cards Disaster Response Drill
And of course, there are the FUN community events

Saturday, November 18th
planned throughout the year; a highlight this month is our

(stay tuned for details)
Halloween Parade. RSCA invites you to bring your kids, in
their Halloween costumes, to Marlin Park on Saturday,

Santa Visits the Shores Library
October 28th from 1:00 - 2:00pm. We'll have treats for the

Sunday, December 10th at 1 - 3pm
little ones, so bring a goodie bag or bucket! (And PARENTS,
don't forget your cameras for photo opportunities with the Good

Light Up the Shores Contest
Witch.) Photos from 2016:

Photos due by Monday, December 18th at 7pm,
stay tuned for additional details!

2018 Annual Meeting @ RWS Library
Wednesday, February 7th at 7pm

You can always find more information about these
and other community events on our web site at

We hope all residents in the Shores will show support for
the community with RSCA Membership (see page 18).
Page 2 October 2017 e PILOT

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 was our Annual Levee Cleanup, RSCA is looking forward to our annual Halloween Parade
organized by the RSCA. e event went well with 112 in October, the Show your Cards Disaster Preparedness
participants. Everyone was great and seemed to have fun Drill in November and Santa’s Visit to the Shores library
connecting with neighbors and community members. Jeff in December. If you enjoy Shores events, are interested in
Gee, John Seybert and Diane Howard came at the beginning helping plan more, or support your community by
of the event. e fire department came and opened up the beCOMInG a MeMbeR of RSCA this year, see page 18.
truck for kids to go in and answered questions. roughout the fall there are many fabulous events in the
area. To stay current on events and news, please visit and JOIn OUR eMaIl lISt. You may also want
to join nextdOOR for community classifieds, conversations,
questions and answers.

Unlimited tasting of chocolate
confections from more than
20 different vendors
Live Jazz • Champagne • Prizes
Child care available at all sessions

We are so thankful for everyone who helps to keep these Order tickets now for the 35th
beautiful levees debris-free. is year RSCA received a
Community Improvement Grant from Redwood City,
a donation from the San MateO CRedIt UnIOn and
supplies provided by ReCOlOGy. Recology and the
Chocolate Fest
October 20 & 21, 2017
Redwood City workers were great about checking in and
picking up heavy garbage and heavy bags. RSCA Board Three sessions
Members were so helpful as always! Friday: 7:30 - 10:00 pm
Saturday: 1:30-4:00 + 7:30-10:00 pm
Entry fee includes everything!

$25 pre-paid; $30 at door
Seniors/children: $16 pre-paid, $25 at door
Families: $80 pre-paid, $100 at door.
Order online:

Congregational Church of Belmont
751 Alameda de las Pulgas
Call 650.593.4547
Fax 650.593.4552

Page 4 October 2017 e PILOT
274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173 |

2017 Board of Directors
Lynn Kathleen Adams Connie Munevar
Nina Boire Sue Nix
Jim Cvengros Ben Ploshay
Stacey Jamison Clemencia Rodriguez
Carol Ford Harris Rogers
Shannon Guzzetta Steven Tsujisaka
Don Long Bob Slusser
Mike Mancusi Andrew Young

RSCA’s Board of Directors meet at the
Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of each
month at 7pm. Our next Board Meeting will be:
October 12th, 2017 • Support for the Shores Community ................Page 1
• Calendar of RSCA Events ...............................Page 1
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN REVIEW BOARD (non-HOA areas): • Levee Clean Up & Fall Festivities....................Page 4
Jim Cvengros Carol Ford Sue Nix • Chocolate Fest: October 20 & 21 ...................Page 4
For CC&R copies & information, email <> • From the Mayor / Redwood City Trivia ..........Page 6
• Roadwork Update & anks ..........................Page 6
• At Home in the Shores: Hardwood Floor........Page 8
DEADLINES for e PILOT • It’s Elementary School Update ......................Page 10
e deadline for space reservation is normally the end of the
• Memorial for Crossing Guard Ray Robinson...Page 10
first week of each month for the following month’s issue. • Synthetic Turf ...............................................Page 10
Please email <> for a precise schedule. • Library Events in October ...............................Page 13
PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association • Rotary Club Supports First Responders..........Page 13
e PILOT is the official monthly publication of • Redwood Shores Tennis Club .......................Page 14
the Redwood Shores Community Association. • You Did, Didn’t You .....................................Page 14
CIRCULATION: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses • Lynn’s Kitchen: Pot Roast ...............................Page 16
Opinions published in e PIlOt are solely those of the • Classified Ads ................................................Page 17
authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially
and expressly designated. • Your 2018 RSCA Membership .....................Page 18
e PILOT October 2017 Page 5
As someone who spends most of my week managing a In celebration of Redwood City’s
Facilities Department, safety is always at the forefront of my Sesquicentennial, I am going to post a
thoughts. ere is a sign hanging in my office that states, monthly trivia question about
“e door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense.” Redwood City. e first person to
As fall and winter approach us, I hope you’ll find the email the correct answer to
following common sense tips, originally printed one year <> will be
ago, to be worth repeating. recognized in the following month’s
PILOT and win a small prize (you may
SeRVICe yOUR FURnaCe: When is the last time you had only win one time).
your furnace inspected? A specialist should inspect the
furnace to make sure everything is in working order and that Congratulations to Michael G. who correctly guessed that
there are no dangerous leaks that can lead to deadly carbon- July 1968 was the year that Marine World opened in
monoxide releases. Redwood City. Here is this month’s trivia question:
USe CaUtIOn wItH SPaCe HeateRS: While a good space In 1926, the Chamber of Commerce
heater or electric-blanket can warm you on a chilly night, proclaimed Redwood City as the
you need to make sure they are in good working condition, (type of flower) Center of the World.
equipped with an auto-off feature, vented properly, and used What kind of flower was it?
correctly by everyone in your home. Any devices showing
wear-and-tear should be properly discarded.

exeRCISe Candle CaUtIOn: Candles can add a sense of
warmth and positive energy to a room in the dark days of
winter. However, knowing how quickly fires can start from When this edition of e PILOT reaches homes in October,
unattended candles or candles placed too close to flammable the Marine Parkway Repair Project should be totally
surfaces, I would urge caution when using candles and completed. e project engineers would like to thank
NEVER leave them unattended. residents for your patience and cooperation during this
CHanGe SMOke alaRM batteRIeS: As you set your clocks construction and repair in September.
back, take that opportunity to change the batteries in your e City’s Annual Sanitary Sewer Pump Station
smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly. Improvement Program along Redwood Shores Parkway is
Also use this time to make sure your family knows what to still in progress. Construction began in September 2017 and
do in case of a fire. What are the planned escape routes for is expected to conclude in January 2018.
each room? Where will you safely meet outside? Have you
had a home fire drill? Redwood City Police and Redwood Shores community
members request that all residents and visitors drive
Clean ROOFS & RaIn GUtteRS: Hire someone to clean carefully, respectfully and safely in our neighborhoods.
off your roof, clear your gutters and downspouts, and Please plan enough time in your commute to stay calm.
inspect them for damage that could lead to unwanted leaks
and dry rot on your home.
dRIVe SaFely: Additional school traffic, wet roads, darker
skies, and poor visibility are just a few added hazards that
present themselves when driving in the fall. Have you
checked your tires, brakes, vehicles
lights, and other safety features lately?
HOMe MaIntenanCe SaFety tIPS:
As you’re cleaning up around the
house, make sure you’re exercising
caution with ladder and tools.
Mayor John Seybert,
City of Redwood City

Page 6 October 2017 e PILOT









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“Working with Caroline was a pleasure. This was the 6th WANT MY TIPS ON SELLING FOR THE
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process. She was extremely professional - knowledgeable about the
Get my complete report on the 11 proven strategies
market, pro-active, and went above and beyond on many occasions. Most
for sellers on the SF Mid-Peninsula
importantly to me, she was always available to patiently answer questions
and/or get more information. I highly recommend her!”
- Carol Kadet (Former RSOA Board Member)

TOP 0.1% NATIONWIDE CalBRE# 01458457
650-773-2226 1250 San Carlos Avenue, Suite 101 San Carlos, CA 94070

e PILOT October 2017 Page 7
How to Choose Your Hardwood Floor
Many people love the idea of installing hardwood floors in
their home, but are daunted when it comes to choosing the
right one. With a little research, choosing the most beautiful
floor for your home is easier than you might think. Here are
some points to consider to help you install the hardwood
floor of your dreams.
1. Solid Wood vs. Engineered Wood
Solid wood offers the most flexibility in wood color and
finish. Since the floor is solid all the way through, it can be
sanded down and refinished when necessary, and can last
decades. On the other hand, solid wood may warp due to
moisture, and shouldn’t be installed in basements and
bathrooms. Additionally, it must be nailed in place so if you
want to install it on concrete, a wood subfloor must be
installed first.
Usually slightly cheaper than hardwood, engineered wood Walnut Flint Hill 5” Engineered Hardwood from Armstrong Flooring.
is made of a thin veneer of solid wood that’s adhered to a Photo courtesy of Armstrong Flooring:
plywood base. It comes pre-finished with stain, but the thin
veneer of solid wood means you can only sand it down and flooring store are pre-finished. ese pre-finished floors
refinish it once or twice. Because the plywood base of come in a wide variety of stains (colors). If you decide to go
engineered wood is more resistant to warping and moisture, the route of installing a custom finished floor, keep in mind
it can be used in basements and bathrooms, and it can also that different woods take stains differently. e same stain
be installed directly over concrete. Some people don’t like looks different applied on cherry vs. on white oak.
the look of engineered wood, as there’s almost always a slight 4. Picking Plank Width
gap between planks when they are fitted together. While 3” wide planks are one of the most popular choices
2. Choosing Your Species for hardwood floors, other sizes are available. Planks can be
e species of wood you choose dictates its cost, grain up to 7” wide, and may fit better with rustic or farmhouse
pattern and hardness. looks. inner planks work with modern or mid-century
decor. You can also use varied widths, a mix of 3”, 5” and
Red and white oak are common species that are affordable, 7” planks, for a more rustic aesthetic. Whatever width you
while popular though more expensive alternatives include pick, always choose the longest available planks to make
maple, mahogany, cherry and other more exotic woods. your room look more expansive; shorter floorboards create
Consider how much pattern and movement you want to a choppy effect.
have on the floor. Some woods, such as hickory, have a busy Whatever floor you choose, it’s important to get at least a 2’
grain pattern, while maple is more uniform and clean. x 2’ sample of the floorboards. is will give you an idea of
Hardness is also important. Generally, you want to choose the color and finish so you can make sure it blends with the
a harder wood because it stands up better to daily use. Some look and feel of your home before you finalize the purchase.
soft woods, such as alder, get nicked or scratched more easily.
3. Play with Stain Liza Riguerra is a technology professional
turned award-winning interior designer
ink of stain as a translucent color that is applied to who lives in Redwood Shores. Connect
hardwood. So, in addition to a wood’s natural grain, the with her on Houzz, LinkedIn or Twitter.
stain applied to it affects its resulting appearance. e
hardwoods or engineered hardwoods you find at a typical

Page 8 October 2017 e PILOT
e PILOT October 2017 Page 9
I T ’ S E LEMENTARY In Memory of
Ray Robinson,
Cheerful Shores
Crossing Guard
It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. e school year
is going quickly, and thankfully so is the construction at
Sandpiper! We expect the new two-story building to be
completed by December 4th. Call me at 650-620-2703 if Residents were saddened to
you have any concerns regarding our construction efforts. learn of the passing of
nO SCHOOl OCt 9—teaCHeRS leaRnInG! neighborhood crossing guard
On Columbus Day, the students will stay home and our staff Ray Robinson. Together
will do the learning that day. We will be focusing on the with community members,
new California science standards that day. See RSCA and the Parks & Recreation Department formed an to learn about them yourself. idea to accept donations for a bench, memorial plaque and a
tree planted for Ray on a nearby corner. ank you to those
State teSt SCOReS delayed who have contributed. us far, $1,330 has been received.
Each May, students in grades 3-8 and 11 take state tests in If you would like to contribute to this memorial:
English and Math (and Science in select grades) to assess the Send a check payable to “City of Redwood City”
progress of our students, schools, and school districts. Attention: Chris Beth
Normally, these scores come out in late August. is year, 1400 Roosevelt Avenue
the scores are delayed. However, the scores should be Redwood City, CA 94061
published in October, and they can be found online via the Make sure that the “memo” section or a note indicates that
California School Dashboard. We are proud of our students’ the check is for “Ray’s Memorial in RwS”.
high level of achievement on these tests. A Shores memorial will be coordinated in November.
dId yOU knOw?
In 2015-16, Belmont-Redwood Shores received the lowest CIty tO RePlaCe aGInG SyntHetIC tURF
state funding per student among all elementary districts in FIeldS at MaRlIn PaRk & SandPIPeR SCHOOl
the county. After factoring in our federal and local revenues wItH new tURF and nOn-RUbbeR InFIll
(parcel taxes and parent donations), our total revenue was
In 2007, in an effort for the City of Redwood City to reduce
14th out of all 17 elementary districts in San Mateo County.
critical water usage, a comprehensive plan was developed, with
at total revenue was $815 less per student than the
resident representatives, that included the passage of a water
California average for K-8 school districts. is low funding
bond fund. e bond funds helped build the infrastructure
is draining our reserves and challenging our ability to
for recycled water as well as converting natural grass fields into
provide a high quality program. I invite you to visit our
synthetic turf fields. By using synthetic turf for athletic fields,
website at to learn more.
it saves over 1 million gallons of water for each field per year,
Looking ahead, our significant upcoming events are a plus there is no need for fertilizers, weed abatement, nor
Walk-A-on at Redwood Shores Elementary School on mowing. Further, we have found that Canada Geese are not
Sunday, October 22nd; minimum days for parent conferences attracted to synthetic turf and this has provided cleaner
at Ralston Middle School on October 31st, November 2nd playing surfaces for children. In 2008, the City installed turf
and 3rd; as well as Halloween fields at Marlin Park and Sandpiper School. Typically,
parades on our elementary synthetic turf fields need to be replaced every 7-10 years, and
campuses on the 31st. Here there is significant wear on both Marlin and Sandpiper fields.
is a photo of me and Ralston
e City will be awarding a construction contract to
math teacher Wendy Lyn last
Sprinturf, LLC, and work is expected to take place from
Halloween. (She’s a coral
November 2017 to January 2018 on both fields. e City,
reef.) Be safe and have fun!
being mindful of the concerns expressed using rubber infill,
intentionally specified the use of non-rubber infill for the
Michael Milliken, BRSSD new turf for each field. We will be using Sand and TPE.
Superintendent For more information, contact the Project Manager, James
O’Connell at or 650-780-5923.
Page 10 October 2017 e PILOT
Page 12 October 2017 e PILOT
Rotary Club Supports First Responders
e Belmont Redwood Shores Rotary, along with the City of
Belmont, hosted a “Battle of the Badges” softball game between
Police and Fire Departments in order to show the community’s
thanks and appreciation for our First Responders.
Trash talk abounded right up to game time and even in the game.
One First Basemen was observed holding the shirt of a batter as he
attempted to take off for second base. A move that evidently escaped
the umpire, Belmont City Manager Greg Scoles who had recent
failed his eyesight test. Belmont Mayor Charles Stone called the
play by play in expert fashion and style.
Following the National Anthem
it was “game on” with the Fire
Fighters jumping out to an early
lead and soon Belmont PD was
playing catch up, which they
managed to do right to the last
inning but their valiant effort left
them three runs short with the
“Smoke Eaters” taking it 18-15. Oh well, just wait till next year.
Meanwhile, Rotarians were cooking up a storm. President Jennifer
Dicker marshaled the troops as we served Hot Dogs, Peanuts,
Cracker Jacks, Chips and Sodas. Devils Canyon Brewery of San
Carlos provided us with some excellent craft beers. Local Interactors
(a Rotary Sponsored club for students) were helping us serve food,
giving out free raffle tickets for prizes donated by Mistral, Rise
Above Performance Fitness, Goetz Brothers Sporting Goods, Sharrie
Kriger of Carlmont Gardens Care Facility and Sirinee Tippakorn
with Edward Jones, Belmont. Generous support also came from
local merchants, Van’s Restaurant, Safeway, and many of the
Belmont Redwood Shores Rotarians.
is event was not a fundraiser it
was strictly to reach out to show
appreciation for our First
Responders that keep our
communities safe and a good
place to live. Given that this was
held Sunday, September 10th, the
day before 9/11, it was indeed
significant as we look back at scenes of the Fire and Police men and
women running into those two burning buildings with little thought
of their own safety while everyone was running out.
Membership in Rotary is open to anyone regardless of race, gender,
religion or creed. It is not necessarily restricted to business men or
women, many Rotarians are retired and feel the need to make a
contribution to Community Service. If you would
like more information, contact Fred West at, visit our website, or please feel free to join us
at any of our regular lunches. Belmont
Redwood Shores Rotary meets every Monday at
e Van’s Restaurant, 815 Belmont Avenue.
e PILOT October 2017 Page 13
You Did, Didn’t You
by Harvey Radin
Bet you did something around Labor Day that you’ve
by Monique Seibel seldom -- if ever -- done before here in the Shores and
Fortunately, the heat wave of early September had broken, the Bay Area. If you stayed around home and weren’t out of
and we had a beautiful day of perfect tennis weather. e town over the long weekend, you perspired, didn’t you?
September 16th tournament was a mixed scramble, with Even when you were kicking back, totally relaxing, not
everyone assigned a new partner (and new opponents) for doing much of anything, you were actually perspiring. Just
each round. e draw was small, only twelve, and everyone like folks in the Midwest and other regions during summer
played five 8-game sets. months. Maybe you’ve heard Midwesterners grousing about
Micki Carter and Mike Venturino hosted a Russian-themed sticky weather. About feeling all sweaty right after taking a
social to celebrate the publication of Micki’s book shower. Well, this past Labor Day, we sure got a taste of
From Under the Russian Snow, a memoir of her year in steamy Midwest heat.
Russia as journalist-in-residence for the U.S. Information Usually you’ve got to be doing something to seriously
Agency. Take a peek at the book’s website, perspire in our moderate Bay Area climate. You have to be e social was very well jogging. Or bike riding on Bay Trails, or playing tennis.
attended, with guests enjoying dishes such as pelmenyi Maybe working out on a treadmill, spinning on a stationary
(a ravioli-like dumpling), borscht, and assorted salads and bike or doing intense interval training at the gym. But
desserts. e featured drink was, of course, Russian vodka. sweating when you’re doing absolutely nothing!
e club’s two authentically Russian members, Natalie
Jordan and Valery Soloviev, were in attendance. After Well...the temperature did hit 107 degrees. And at times
dinner, tournament director John Hogan announced the we had 60+ percent humidity.
winners: first prize went to Hagop Manuelian and Robin You’ve got to consider the plus-side to uncomfortably muggy
George; they each received a bottle of Russian Standard weather. e plus-side when a friend walks up to you and,
vodka. Second prize went to Kristian Nergaard and Irene seeing you all sweaty, says, Wow, look at you! Were you at the
Muzio, who each received flavored Smirnoff vodka. ank gym? Even though you didn’t set foot in the gym and you
you to Robin and Steve George for courtside refreshments were about as active as a tortoise, that steamy, hot weekend,
and to Kathy Miles for shopping for prizes. you can’t resist telling your friend: Yup. Great workout! Spin
class. So intense! Keeps the old abs and glutes tip top.
Maybe T-shirt sales spiked during the heat wave. Especially
those T-shirts with stenciled messages like NO SWEAT,
Or maybe this message -- WHATEVER -- acknowledging
that no matter how much we grouse, nature takes its course.
Speaking of stenciled T-shirts, it’s kind of crazy, but do you
find yourself trying to speed-read shirts as people are passing
by? When someone’s heading your way on the sidewalk or
down a grocery aisle. Brief messages aren’t a problem. But
those long, involved ones... It’s awkward asking strangers
to slow down so you can finish reading their shirt.
After a career in corporate
As this issue goes to press, members are looking forward to communication, Harvey Radin wrote
the annual tennis weekend at Pajaro Dunes (September 29 books and articles about public opinion
– October 1). Look for that report in the November issue. and PR. His articles have been published
in Business Insider, American Banker and
Upcoming events are the open play on October 7 and the regional news media. He can be reached
tournament on October 14. You must be a member to play. at: <>.
For information, or to join, visit
Page 14 October 2017 e PILOT

b R e t e Va n S
282 Redwood Shores Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065
Broker Associate
CalBRE# 01223530
(650) 722-6555

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of your choosing and push the green button. DRYV app. with the locker number and a 4-digit code. your code and pick up your clothes.

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e PILOT October 2017 Page 15
(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)
– Lynn Kathleen Adams

Autumn is time for Yankee Pot Roast!
When the cool weather begins to set in, and we are
outdoors tending to our autumn gardening chores, or
merely relaxing on a weekend afternoon, watching college
and NFL football games, nothing smells more wonderful
than a nice pot roast cooking in the oven. Aside from the
initial preparation, it really cooks itself and only needs an
occasional “chef check” to flip it over a few times to make
certain it is browning properly.
We like to make Yankee Pot Roast for a family Sunday beef stock (start with one quart), bay leaf and thyme sprigs
dinner, but with a California twist to the more New England (don’t worry, the little thyme leaves will fall off during the
traditional recipes. Pick up a beautiful grass fed 2 lb. cooking process and you can extract the bare sprigs along
boneless chuck roast, and an assortment of root vegetables with the bay leaf before serving!) and the roast. Bring to
and other autumn favorites to serve with the tender pot boil, and then cover the pot and place in oven on middle
roast. Select an assortment of parsnips, carrots, fingerling rack. You will need to cook the pot roast for 2 – 2 ½ hours,
potatoes, shallots, butternut squash, turnips, Brussels until meat is fork tender and almost falling apart. If
sprouts and/or sweet potatoes but roast them to sweet necessary, add a bit more beef broth. e goal is to only
deliciousness! Comfort food at its best, especially with a have about 1 or 2 inches of the roast above the liquid.
glass of your favorite Pinot Noir!
Check the roast when you come in from the garden for a
yankee POt ROaSt Preheat oven to 350 degrees glass of water or at half-time during the game, and flip it
2 LB Boneless Chuck Roast over so the bottom becomes the top. When cooked, remove
1/3 C. Unbleached All Purpose Flour roast from pot, set onto platter and cover with foil to rest.
Fresh ground Black Pepper Strain the liquid into smaller pan to remove any thyme
Kosher Salt sprigs, or bits of carrots and onions. Bring liquid to boil
I Large Yellow Onion, chopped into small pieces and then lower heat to slow boil, stirring to reduce and
2 or 3 Carrots, peeled and chopped into small pieces concentrate the flavor. (You can thicken by adding
2 or 3 Cloves Garlic, peeled and diced 1 teaspoon cornstarch to 1/3 Cup cold water, stirring, and
Olive Oil then adding to hot liquid.). To serve, arrange the roasted
root vegetables on the platter alongside the pot roast and
1 Cup Red Wine
pour some of the juices over the roast and sprinkle with
1 to 1 ½ Quarts Beef Stock (Low Sodium)
fresh parsley. Enjoy!
1 Large Turkish Bay Leaf (California Bay Laurel
is too strong/aromatic for this recipe) ROaSted ROOt VeGetableS
6 Sprigs Fresh yme is is so easy – just take an assortment of your choice of
Fresh Flat Leaf / Italian Parsley – parsnips, carrots, fingerling potatoes, shallots, butternut
about ¼ Cup chopped and for garnish squash, turnips, Brussels sprouts and/or sweet potatoes –
whatever is local and just harvested at the farmer’s markets!
Season the chuck roast with salt and pepper, then dredge
with flour until evenly coated. Place Dutch Oven (we Peel (or not depending upon selection), slice into similar
always use “Big Blue” our favorite 4 ½ Quart Le Creuset sizes, toss with olive oil and salt & pepper, and place in
dutch oven and yes, I do name my pots and pans!) on stove separate roasting pan in the oven for approximately 60
top and add 2 Tablespoons of olive oil – heat on medium minutes, stirring once or twice when you check on the pot
and brown the roast on all sides. Remove roast from pan. roast. You can increase the oven temperature to 375 degrees
Add chopped onion, carrots and garlic. Sauté until onions after removing the roast to brown the vegetables if you wish.
are translucent, and carrots slightly softened. Add red wine, (Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)

Page 16 October 2017 e PILOT
Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant
Providing tax preparation and planning,
accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience Shores Resident
Call Kerman at 650-291-4219
High Quality Licensed Child Care & Preschool in the Shores.
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RSCA: What We Do Our database of Shores residents and businesses is quite
large… approximately 5,400 residences and 600 businesses
Do you really realize how fortunate you are to live in the
in the Shores. We’ve been looking for almost six years for
Shores? It wasn’t always that way… an affordable (we are a non-profit organization) web-based
Since 1970 (almost 50 years now!) your Redwood Shores system that could handle our large data set AND maintain
Community Association has worked to make and keep the the privacy of our residents and businesses. Well, finally, we
Shores a GREAT place to live and work! RSCA has fought have a solution! RSCA has moved its data files to
many battles, big and small, to maintain the quality of life
we enjoy here on “our little island.” We keep you informed If we have your valid email address — check the address card
through e PILOT, our email list, with our new roadway we mailed — you’ll soon receive an email with a link to log
signboards, and on our web site. on to our new database where you can update all of your
e primary purpose of RSCA is to be THE advocate on contact information and make your 2018 Membership
issues that affect the quality of life in the Shores. Our payment online. Of course you can always send a check as
mission is to represent the interests of both residents and you’ve done in the past using our return envelope.
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Our many activities are only made possible by your financial have “unsubscribed” in the past and want to make your
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RSCA continues to be the strongest advocate on issues that for reminders of community events and other important
affect the Shores; we want you to join and support these information just for Shores residents.)

RSCA Membership is Now ONLINE!
important efforts. ere is no perfect solution. ere will be some hiccups as
we make the transition to our new, web-based membership
system. ere will also be a link to let you contact us if you
is month we begin our Membership drive for 2018. (And spot any problems.
as you’ve requested, we moved up our schedule to avoid the In case you do not receive our Membership letter in the next
November-December Holiday season.) week or so and wish to help us before the holidays, there is
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Welcome to this light and bright sunny home located on a waterway in Lighthouse Cove. Offering a
fabulous remodeled kitchen with stainless steel appliances, you will love the double glass sliding
doors leading you to a spacious sun-lit deck overlooking the water with views of the neighboring
wide water. Enjoy the cozy fireplace for those cooler evenings and the convenience of a one car
garage plus guest parking. This one bedroom, one bathroom condo is situated in between Redwood
Shores' award winning elementary schools and is close to transportation and the Nob Hill Shopping
plaza. The Lighthouse Cove community offers a lovely pool for your enjoyment, clubhouse and boat
dock and is just steps away from greenbelts, walking trails and The Bay Trail. Offered at $725,000.

Collectively known as The Gable Team, Naomi and
Maureen are a mother and daughter who share a strong
commitment to quality real estate service. Their combined
energy, care and focus make them a reputable resource in
this diverse Peninsula home market. They are a family
helping families. Naomi is a third generation Realtor and
currently resides in Redwood Shores with her husband
Bobby and their two daughters Callie and Taitym who
attend RWS Elementary School. With her intimate
knowledge of the community and involvement in the
school Naomi has built many friendships and a wonderful
reputation in serving their clients. They would love to hear
from you if you are thinking of buying or selling your home!