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and I Finding
the World

for I Dialogue
'\Iy Class Sehedule keyinformation: newstudent's
class p.14
Whenandwhere schedule

Lr;sefulHobbies discussing
differentI p.22
of hobbies r

Listeninq forkev ,
i;;;.;,W-li." ' , 1 Interview
snowboar ding
,r l*fr .f


of pets

the , Dialogueabout
Animals [p Close speaker's
r looking
at animals

f eating

Worksheet p. 55

Phoneconversation ':
Culture ..i:.l..l,rl,.r'.

aboutbadrestaurant p. 56
t#: service

Worksheet p.61

i Review 4 p.62
Theme:Vacations :

and the
People opinions

Worksheet p.69

ldentlfying the
Leisure thespeaker's intention ''.1,Pl.,,70"
intention(1) (1)

Worksheet p. 75

Review 5 p.76
dentifying problems ;'r'."n
Technology problems
and lri .ri:v
Worksheet p.83

Technology intention
speaker's P.84 l

.l:W+l.l Worksheet p.89

Review 6 p,90

CDScript p.92
SchoolsAround the World

Findingthe main ideas [1J

Finding the mainideawhilelistening can be difficult. Unlikewith writtenLoxts,youusuallycannot
go backoverthe matenial to lookfor the mainidea,However, somespeakens makeit mucheasien
to find theinmain idea by usingphraseslike The/Mymainpoint is..., Thepoint / want to make
is ..., Theimportant thing is ..., / want to te// you/ta/k about... , /'d like to te// you/ta/k about ...
or Letb talk about..., Oftenspeakerswill saytheinmainideaearlyin a talk,then givedetailsto
supporttheinpoint.However, this is not alwaysthe case-somespeakens willsaytheir mainidea
nearthe endof a talk.
To helpstudentslearnwhichphnases to listenfonwhenfindinga mainidea,youcan givethem
severalwnittensentencesandhavethem identifythe onesthat looklikemainideas.Havethem
under"linethe phnases that introducethe mainideas.Forexamole:
' /'d like to talk about what students in other parts of the world wear at school.
[main idea]
. Not a// countries require students to wear a school uniform.
. ln Australia, there are usuallyiust two grade /eve/s.
' Thepoint / want to make is that in other countries, the school systems are different.

Q W"|rr" tolked o lot obout different schoolsoround the world. Now let's tolk obout how they're sometimes
different becouseof the woy peoplelive. For exomple,in someplocesfomilies move oround o lot, so
studentsgo to o "tent school"thot con be moved with them. And I've o friend in Alosko who's o "flying
teocher."His studentslive far from ony school,so he flies o smoll plane to their housesto teoch them.

@ 1.d 2.c 3.b

@ 1. Students who move a lot.

2. A teocher who flies to students' houses to teoch them.

A 1. Do you wonncl cometo the moll?

Sorry,I con't todoy. I hove to finish my homework.
2 . Why do you needso mony peopleon this project?
Well, there is q lot to do, ond I've only just storted.
3 . Aren't you too short to join the bosketbollteom?
No, I'm not. I om the tollestin my closs.
4 . Is thot fody'spointing? It doesn'tlook finished yet.
It is finished.I think it's omozino!

1. Sorry,I connot todoy. I hove to finish my homework. 3. No, I om not. I om the tollest in my closs.
2. Well, there is o lot to do, and I hove only iust storted. 4. It is finished. I think it is omozingl
SchoolsAround the World

X{*w d* ycexthimX*
y**xrschco8is differcclt Sror"!'!
schcols!stother eoaxratn'ies?
&iscussvs{rr answers.

F i n d i n gt h e m a i n i d e a s{ 1 J
Main ideasare the biggestand most important ideas.In a longer,formal talk, you can find the
main ideas by listeningfor phnasesspeakersusuallyuse to intnoducethem. Such phnases
include The main point is ..., fd /ike to ta/k about... and The important thing is ... .

and match the two parts of the staterments.

Listcmt* tlre Xeet*xre

Well, os you oll know, studentsdo not hove to weor

uniforms ... .
I'd like to tolk obout studentsof our schoolhove to weor
For exomple,in the United Stotes, whot studentsin other ports of the
world weor of school.
t"@ CD scripton p.92.

Listento the elassreport and take motesoma separate

piece of paper"Themwrit* tlre amswens.

Who is the speoker?


Whot phrose introducesthe moin ideo?

l'd like to tell y ou about

Whot is the moin ideo?


{# H* nst a classma'teand vuritewl'lat he/she usually has for lunch at sehool.


Name: Dylan Grode: Fi

Monday l,

pepperoni ,Il
b eef st eak wi1"hrice, ic ed t'e a

hot, do6, donul, orangejuice

cheeeeburger, apple juice

tuna sandwich, vanilla ice cream, waler

ffi r"tl the classahoutyour classmate's lunehes"


theaudiofor thisworksheet
Download at t
Closs: Dote: www.boostskr'flsseries,com

@ Listento the lectureand circlethe correctanswer.

1 Whot is the moin ideo of the lecture?
a different schoolsoround the world
b how studentstrovel to schooloround the world
c how peoplewho go to different schoolshove different woys of life
d how schoolsore sometimesdifferent becouseof the woy peoplelive

2 Which phrose introducesthe moin ideo?

a We'vetolked o lot obout
b Becouseof the woy peoplelive
c Now let's tolk obout
d For exomple,in someploces

3 Whqt two exomplesdoesthe speokergive?

a schoolsthot ore in tents ond plones
b tent schoolsond o flying teocher
c teocherswho teoch in tents ond in plones
d schoolsthot con be moved ond schoolsthot fly

@t Listenagainto the lectureand write the answers.

1 Whot kind of studentsgoesto o "tent school"?

2 Whot is o "flying teocher"?

Listento the dialoguesand underlinethe words that are contracted.

1 Sorry, I connot todoy. I hove to finish my homework.

2 Well, there is o lot to do, ond I hove only just storted.
3 No, I om not. I om the tollest in my closs.
4 It is finished. I think it is omozino!

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 Boost!Listening'1
My ClassSchedule

Listening for key information: When and where

Thisunitpnacticeslistening for keyinformationabouttimesand places. To listenfor^when
somethinghappens, it is bestto concentnateon listeningfonnumbens. Most timesanegiven
as numbens11.45,three ob/ock,the fifth dayl.To listenfor a location,listenfoncommonlyused
locationwondssuchas room or bui/ding.ltmay alsobe helpfulto listenfonmore specificlocation
wondssuch as centef park, /ibrary,gym and /ah Note that locationscan often be numbened
f4oom 11,Seat 2Q the second rowl.
Havestudentslistento Track7 from Unit2. Askthem to naisetheir righthandwhentheyheara
time [Answens:
1:20,1:30]andtheir left handwhentheyheara location[Answer : EastBuilding].

a Tino:
Hi, my nome's Tino R.ogers.I need to orronge my new schedule for Mondoys.
OK, let's see,you're in the eighth grode, so from 8:15 to 9:10 you hove longuoge orts in Room
12.Then from 9:15 to 10:10,you hove moth in Room 28, ond sociql studies is from 10:30
to 71:25 in Room 16. Then you'll need to go to the lob for sciencefrom 11:30 to 12:25. Thot's
over in the West Wing. After lunch, you hove reoding from 1:30 to 2:00 in Room 18. And from
2:05 till 3:00, you can choose either bond or leodership.
Tino: Um ... I hoven't been toking bond, so I guessI'll toke the leadership closs.
Teocher: OK, thot's olso in Room 18. And for the lost period, you con choose choir, ort or PE.
Tino: Oh, I definitely prefer PE.
Teqcher: OK, then. Your PE closs will be from 3:05 to 4:00, ond you meet in the gym.

Period1: Room 12 Period 5: 2:00 / reading

Period2'. math P e r i o d6 : 3 : 0 0 / R o o m 1 8
Period3: Room 16 P e r i o d7 : 3 : 0 5 - 4 : 0 0 / P E
Period4: 12:25/ WestWing

1. At 8:15. 3. At 4:00. 5. In the lob in the West Wing.

2. At 12:25-1:30. 4. In Room28. 6. In Room 18.

q 1. So,whot time'slunch? Thot'sat 72:75.

2. What's ofter moth closs? We've computer closs of 3:00.
3. Sorry,where'sthe history closs? It's in Room 20, in the South Wing.
4. And wherecon I get somesnacks? There's o cofeterio near the qvm.

1 . T h o t ' sa t 7 2 : 7 5 . 3. It's in Room20, in the SouthWing.

2. We'vecomputerclossot 3:00. 4. There'so cofeterionear the ovm.


:::i, ,,,,..I,.,,

6l# Ctroosetwo days of yCIurschool scheduleand complete the table"

--*--** -***\
r' _-;-::**'. t --- -
] DAY: Monday ; i DltY: Friday
1 ri-" (fromlto) i Subiect i I Time (from/to) Subject
I r i f
I BJ1 - 9 o5 gocialgtudies B - ' 1 -5 9 : O 5 Math
9:15-1O:O5 English '9:15-10f5 English
\ 1Ot3O-1120 .5cience illO:3O-11:20 SocialStudies
1 'l'7O-12oO
11,30_-12:20 Merh : 1 1 ' 7 0-12:20
11:30 -12:20 Mueic_
7 ;,,Matih i
| 12:20 -1:2O I Lunch \| | 12:20 -1:2O
12:20 -1:2O Lunch
ii -),to -2:1o
t a';;pri.,":s",i"n".111,,ro 9cience
2O-3:"lO :?.E.

il2:2O-3:1O HomeEconomics

Listento the diaNogue

and take notes" 2.

Time (fromlto) Subiect Ploce

8$O -1:Ot35 : MaNh I Room'17,Redfern fruilding

1 0 : 3 5- 1 0 : 5 5 Recegs I

si 1Ot55 -11:45 ; Socialstadies Room 11,New OakFuildlng



usingyour notesto guideyour"ThenNlsten
Completethe sentemees" again
to the dialogure your
to eheek answers.
1 Tom needsto go to Room 17 in the RedfernBuildino to studv
moth ot b:bO
2 Tom'smoth clossfinishes ot 10:35

3 Morning recessfinishesot 10:55

4 Sociolstudiesfinishes ot 11:45
5 Tom hos sociol studiesin Room 11 in the \ew Oak Buildinq.

Circlethe schoolsubjects. Thenlookat yournotes

t igm e sa n d p l a c e s .
a n df i n dt h e c o r r e s p o n d i n

When giving or osking for informotion, o speokermight stress(soy louder or more

slowly)somewords to show thot thesedetoils ore importont.

Then it'6,social;ttvdis1;,Thratt in'Room II CIndl0sts until 11':45,

ffi*Lrsten. ln the...uh...ys,,in.the New Oak Buildtng;


KC#O@ Listento the dialoguesand underlinethe stressedwords.


I rhot's at 72:40'
,.:.....1i.;.1;1;11l @r@ CD scripton p.92.
2 on the grassbehind the sciencebuilding'
3 Youhovecomputer
clossot 1:30'
.l.1l.:lllll1tl Thot's in Room 14-C,in the South Wing.
theaudiofor thisworksheet at
Closs: Dote: w w w, b o ostskl'flsse r i e s, c o m

@ Listento the dialogue and completeTina'sschedule.

Schedule for Mondoys

Period Time (from/to) Subiect Ploce

I 8:15-9:10 Ionguogeorts

2 9:1.5-10:10 Room 28

3 10:30-11:25 sociol studies

4 11:3O- scrence lob

5 1:30- Room L8

6 2:O5- leodership

7 gym

@ write the answers.

1 When does Tino stort school?

2 When does Tino hove lunch?

3 When does Tino finish school?

4 Where does Tino hove moth closs?

5 Where does Tino hove science closs?

6 Where does Tino hove leodership closs?

Listento the dialoguesand underlinethe stressedwords.

1 Thot'sot 12:15.
2 We'vecomputerclossof 3:00.
3 lt's in Room 20, in the SouthWing.
4 There'so cofeterioneor the gym.

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008
!-istento the tecture and take notes on a separate-piiie of paper'
Then circle the correct answer"

Whot is the moin ideo?

a grodes1 to 3 hoving one teocher
b studentsof the some grode ond oge in one closs
country schoolscombining different grodesin one closs
d going to schoolin the country

Which phrose introducesthe moin ideo?

a The point I wont to moke
@ wnot I d like to tolk obout is
c In mony countries
d For exomple

Listento the dialoguesand underline the two rnroidsihit

are eontraeted.

1 fhonks, but I hove to go. I will seeyou ot schooltomorrow, OK?

2 I hove too much homework to do. We will tolk to her, but not todoy.
3 Sheis interested,but it is hord for her to find the time.
4 Oh, but I think you will like our school.It is the best schoolin the city.
Findingthe main ideas [21
Manyspeakens draw attentionto their mainideaby slowingdowntheir speaking
Somespeakens mayalsopauseshortlybeforesayinga mainideaand maysaytheir.mainideaa
bit louderand moneclearly.
By listening fonthesechangesin speedandtiming,youcan oftenpick
out the mainidea.
To intnoducestudentsto listening
for changesin speaking
speedto finda mainidea,youcan have
them listento Track16 from Unit3. Thenaskstudentsto naisetheir handseverytime it seems
lirethe speakerslowsdownhis/henspeechonpausesshortlyin the middleof a sentence.

Q Vonng condlesis o lot of fun ond con be very rewording. Candlescon be made using little equipmentond
the moteriolscon be eosily bought. However,the hord-ond dongerous-port to moking condlesis melting
the wox sofely.Melting the wox beyond the requiredtemperoturecon cousefire. Using o digitol olorm
thermometerto checkthe temperotureof the melting wqx is very importont to preventoccidents.

@ c

@ 1 . A lot of fun ond con be very rewording,but olso hord to do ond con be dongerous.
2 , Melting the wox beyond the requiredtemperoturecon cousefire.
3 . It is usedto checkthe temperotureof the melting wox.

Q, 1. I reolly wont to learn how to moke condlesbecouseI think they're useful,but my mom sqys,"Why
moke them when we con eosily buy them?"
2. Making condles cqn be risky. However, the risk con be reduced by using proper techniques ond
3. Here in our city we hove hobby clubs devoted to moking condles. Although, in other cities, condle-
moking is not reolly populor.

O 1. o+c,but
2. b+ c,however
3. o+b,olthough

o Stotement2

[Iseful Hobbies

What hobbiesdo you have?

triscussyour ansvvers.

F i n d i n gt h e m a i n i d e a s{ P }
Often speakersannouncethein main ideasby emphasizingkeywords fwords that explainan
idea or informationl.This means they pauseand then say the keywot"ds,usuallyin a slightly
. i s t e n i n gf o r t h i s c h a n g ei n s p e e da n d t o n e c a n p r e p a r ey o u f o t ' t h e m a i n i d e a
d i f f e r e n t t o n eL

@r@ CD scripton p.93.

Listento the nadioprogram and check [./] tlre wordslpl'lrases''{}i*it"are

2 somehobbies
3 cool



Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat
Closs: Dote: www,boostskilfsseries,com

listen to the classreport and circlethe main idea.

a Moking condlesis o lot of fun ond con be very rewording.

b Condlescon be mode using little equipment.
c The hord, ond dongerous,port to moking condlesis melting the wox sofely.
d Melting the wox beyond the required temperoturecon cousefire.

@ Listenagainto the classreportandwritethe answers.

I How does the speoker describe condle-moking?

2 Why is condle-moking dongerous?

3 Whot is o digitol olorm thermometerfor?

@ Listento the statementsand circlethe two contrastingideas.Thenwrite

the word that introducesthe secondidea.

1 a moking condles 3 a condle-mokingis not populor

b using condles b hobby clubs for condle-moking
c buying condles c hobbv clubsin other cities

2 a reducingthe number of condles

b using proper techniquesond moteriols
c condle-moking con be risky

@ Listenagainto the statementsand write the answer.

Which stotementsupportsthe moin ideo in Activity A?

Stotement I I

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 Boost!Listening


Listening for key infonmation: Who and what

To listenfondetailsnelatedto who is beingtalkedabout,youcantry to noticecommonnames.To
pickout names,you can listenfor nelationshiptenmsor titles that often come beforea namelmy
sisterAlicia,Dn Richardson]. Moneoften,speakerswill simplyuse a nelationship term without
actuallysayingthe penson's namelmy dad,my best friendl.Tohelpstudentspneparefor this unit,
havethem brainstorma listof nelationship tenmsandtitles.
To listenfor what someonedoes,first youneedto pickout the subjectof the sentence[who]and
then identifywhat they do lMy dad alwaystakes me surfingl. Youcan also listenfon pensonal
pnonounsU you,he,she,we,theyJ,whichmay be usedas sentencesubjects.

{-| Host: I'm herewith Emmo Wells,one of the best freestylebike ridersin the world. Emmo, tell me, whot
got you into bike riding?
Emmq: Well, my brothersand I usedto ride bikesto school,ond it olwoys turned into o roce.
Host: But there still oren't mony girls who competein freestylebike events.
Emmq: Well, I've two brothersond three boy cousins,so I'm the only girl in the fomily. We alwoys ployed
together,so now I neverthink twice obout competingin so-colledboys' sports.
Host: Are there other freestyleriderswho you look up to os role models?
Emmo: Sure.Cory Coffeyis omozing. Shewos the first womon to lond o bock flip in o competition.And
she con do bor spins,endosond toilwhips. I figure if shecon do it oll, so con I if I proctice

@ Emmo Wells-freestyle bike riding, competein freestylebike events

brothers-ride bikesto school;roce
two brothersand three boy cousins-ploy together
Cory Coffey-bqck flips, bor spins,endos,toilwhips

1. Emmo Wells. 4 . Rode/roced bikes to school ond played together.

2. Shecompetesin freestylebike riding events. 5 . Cory Coffey.
3. Her two brothersond three boy cousins. 6 . Bock flips, bor spins, endos ond toilwhips.

q 1. Well, my brothersond I usedto ride bikesto school.

2. I've two brothers ond three boy cousins.
3. She con do bor spins, endos ond toilwhips.

1. brothers
2. three
3. endos

Clqss: Dote:
Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat
w w w,b o ostskiflsse ri es, co m
@ Listento the interview and completethe table. Usethe words in the box
to help you.

bock flips bor spins compete Cory Coffey

Emmo Wells endos freestyle toilwhips

People Actions

?rt Listenagain to the interview and write the answers.

1 Who is being interviewed?

2 Whot does she do?

3 Who doesshe mention from her fomily?

4 Whot did she do with the fomilv members she mentions?

5 Who is her role model?

6 Whot con her role model do?

Listen to the statements and write the word that comes before or after the
quick n sound.

2 ond
3 ond

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 Boost!Listening1
Ltfe with Pets
." ------ "::ta^* .

Listening for key information: How and why

Speakersoften beginclausesthat explainhow somethingis doneusingbyor throughfDogscan
protect us by guarding the house./ Dogs can protect us through guarding the housel. Clauses
descnibing why somethingis true onwhy somethingis doneoften beginwith because,srnceor as,
or are followedby solDogs make great pets because theyhe friend/y./ Dogs are friendl1tso they
makegreat petsl. However,it is impontantto note that the wondsby through,so, sinceand as all
haveothenmeaningsas well,so seeingoneof thesewordsdoesnot alwaysmeana statementis
To helpstudentspnepareto listenfonkeyinfonmation abouthowandwhy,havethem listento
Tnack30 fnomUnit 5 and claptheinhandseverytime they heanthe wondsbecausefAnswers:
becausethey are friendly,becausethey are alwayshappylandby[Answers:by guardingthe
house,by nunning].

q Keeping fish is o greot hobby becouse there ore so mony interesting types of fish you con keep. The clown
fish is cl very good exomple. They protect themselves by living with onother onimol-the seo onemone. Seq
creotures don't eot seo onemones becouse they hove mony poisonous orm-like ports. However, the poison
doesn't offect the clown fish. By living in ond oround the sea onemone, the clown fish con ovoid being
eOten, too.

O "How" stotements
- clown fish / protect themselves / Iive with onother onimol-seo onemone
- clown fish / qvoid beinq eoten / live in qnd oround seo onemone
"Why" stotements
- keeping fish / greot hobby I many interesting types of fish
- seo creotures don't eot seo onemones / mony poisonous arm-like ports

@ 1. Becousethere are so mony interestingtypes of fish you con keep.

2. By Iiving with onother onimol-the seq onemone.
3. Becousethey hove mony poisonous orm-like ports.
4. By living in ond oround the seo onemone.

A 1. Keepingfish isn't very difficult.

2. You hove to feedyour fish regulorly.
3. Clown fish ore also known os qnemonefish.
4. Wqtching fish swim is so reloxing.

o 1. Informol 2. Formol 3. Formol 4. Informol

ffi Completethe sentences.

I relox exercise tokecore happy l

Wolking your dog A pet con moke you

is good woy to hqP?v

When you hove 4 Being with o pet con

o pet, you need to help you
take care relax
of it

Listento tl'reclassreport and take notes. CD script on p. 9,

tlhgygg! us lo e-xercis9 mor9

- p-gc,4uge-
$ __?vwalkirsJr
-e_?!? ffi {w"'evelu:
-,b-ec-a e-we q,91Vt'r ege ed ou!; when healthy)
1o ffi -bykeepinsu
t;hink1b o.1ur'- 9me (f o r etli1 9
p r gblll
ffi relax,ex:pla,
- bgcayeeo-ldpeoplefeellong,\y a1! p-qyp probtems)
- bysivinspet
cqt be f rigndo (make r)'tem ha7pi9-r) ffi
- bec auee we have I o learn a'b-o
ffi -havinspetsl
a;t ocllool\undgrej'andl;ng71!e is ffi
ueefq!) ff -

Closs: Dote:
Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat
www, b o ostskilfsse r i es, c om
Listento the classreport and write the details.

"How" stotements "Why" stqtements

@ write the answers.

1 Why is keepingfish o greot hobby?

2 How do clown fish protect themselves?

3 Whv do seocreoturesnot eot onemones?

4 How con the clown fish ovoid being eoten?

Listen to the statements and circle Formal or lnformal

1 Formol / Informol 3 Formol / Informol

2 Formol / Informol 4 Formol / Informol

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 Boost!Listening'1
Animals tlp Close
. , ,.,,,r,tt:;tli::



Guessing the speaker's feelings

Speakersoften state theinfeelingsusingwor"dssuch as bored,interested,sad,happy scareo,
excited angry,nervousandcurious.When speakensdo not actuallystate how they feel,you can
oftenguesstheirfeelingsbasedon howtheyspeak:speaking slowlymayindicatefhe speaker"
boredor sad,speaking quicklymaybe a signof excitementor happiness,
speakingloudlymaybe a
signof anger.
Topneparestudentsfor this unit,separatethe classintotwo groups.Havethe groupstaKeturns
callingout wot'dsthat describefeelingsuntiltheycannotthinkof anymoneandwritethe wonds
on the boand.Thenreviewthe wordsto makesunethat studentsknowtheir meanrnos.

q Julie: Hey, Mark. How ore you doing? I hoven,t seen you oround for o while.
Mork: Hi, fulie. Yeah, I wos on vocotion.
fulie: Oh, I see.Where did you go?
Mqrk: My fomily went to Kenyo. It wos so cool!
Iulie: Kenyo? Wow! Whqt did you do?
Mqrk: We drove oround in o jeep ond tried to get reolly close to the wild onimols, Iike lions.
fulie: Reolly? Weren't you scored?
Mork: No, not reolly. It wos quite sofe inside the jeep, ond our guide wos very experienced.
Hm ... I wish I were still there. It wos so much fun.

@ 1.c 2.b

@ 1. excited 3. puzzled
2. surprised 4. sod

A 1. Hey,Mork. How ore you doing?

2. Oh, I see.Where did you go?
3. Wowl Whot did you do?

1. How ore you

2. Where did you
3. Whot did you

Animals tlp Close

Guessingthe speaker'sfeelings
Peopleoften show theinfeelingswhen they speak.Theyshow these feelingswith the words
bheyuse and the way they saythem.

Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat (^tH
Closs: Dqte: www,boo.stskr'llsse

@ Listento the dialogueand circlethe correctanswer.

1 Where did Mqrk go on his vocotion?

a o wildlife pork
b o conyon
c Kenyo
d Conodo

2 Whot does fulie think obout getting closeto lions?

a She thinks it is cool.
b She thinks it is dongerous.
c She thinks it is omozing.
d She thinks it is fun.

@t Listenagain to the dialogue and circle how the speakersfeel when they say
the sentences.

1 It wos so cool! scored / excited / curious :.i

2 Kenyo?Wow! surprised I happy / nervous
3 Reolly? bored/scored lpuzzled
4 I wish I were still there. angrylsod/bored

@ Listento the questionsand write the missingwords.

1 Hey,Mork. doing?
2 Oh, I see. go?
3 Wow! do?

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Findingword meanings
Whenyouheana wondor phnaseyoudo not know,youcan oftenguessits meaningfr^om
the wondsanoundit. Oftennewwords are definedbythe speaker. Speakersmaybeginsuch
definitionsusingwords like which is/meansl... a gaod diet, which is what you eat regu/arly,/ ...a
ba/anceddiet, and that means eating the right amounts of different foodsl. Sometimes a speaker
will givea definitionfir"st,then saythe new word or phnaseafter calledlThingsmade from mtlk,
like cheese,yogurt and buttec called dairy products, ..1
Sometimesspeakerswillalsogiveexamples to helpmakenewwordsonphrasescleanListsof
examplesoften come after for examp/e,such asor lrke[dairyproducts such as mi/k,cheese,
yogurt and butter ..1.Also,speakersmaysaya seriesof similarthingstogether,so you mightbe
ableto guessthe meaningof a newword by other similanwords arounditl...butter or margarine
...].lt mayalsobe helpfulfor studentsto guesswhichpart of speechthe wondis [noun,verb,
adjective, adverb,etc.]by where it comesin a sentence.

Q Vony people choose to be vegetoriqns. But if you don't eot meot, you hove to moke sure to eot the right
kinds of vegetobles to get oll the nutrients you need. For exomple, legumes like beons ond peos ore high
in protein. Vegetorions con get the fots their bodies need by eoting milk products, eggs ond foods rich in
vegetoble oils. Some vegetorions, colled vegons, ore very strict with their diets. They won't eot onimol
products of ony kind. Vegons con get the fots they need from vegetoble ond nut oils.

vegetorians ' don't eot meot / eot right kinds of vegetobles to get nutrients needed
legumes ' beons ond peos / high in protein
fots the body needs- milk products, eggs, foods rich in vegetoble oils
ve9clns - vegetorions / strict with diets I won't eot onimol products / get fots from vegetoble ond
nut oils


@ somevegetorians
Knowyour nutrients!
ffix' about the pictures"
Wnitea semtence

E__Ali! g1t kinds of f ood 4 i\ e

g d:it-t_e-y EaAingbreakfastgivesus enough
yight,amoun;t,helps kgep u9 heatthy a1d energy19 s-!7rt_oyyfu-y-g;n!!9 ou1
stron.g.... work

CD script on p. 9'5.
4ffi'ffiO@Listento the classneportandtakemotes.
lir 't,r lir, 'ii 't, lir,. jt,, 1r 'i r.:
.' tr

Words/Phroses Detoils
balanceddiet * eatingrightamounbs o1different,food

qrainfood ** madefromwheatlriceloatslcarn


skippinq br e akfa st / lunch {> not,,eatinqinihe mornin4learly



Closs: Dote:

@ Listento the classreportand completethe table.

Word/Phrase Detoils

O Circlethe correctanswer.

Whot is o vegetorion? Whot con we get from milk products

a o personwho doesnot eot meot ond eggs?

b o personwho needsmore nutrients a onimol products

c o personwho eotsmeot ond b the fots thqt our bodies need
vegetobles c oll the nutrients thot our bodies need
d o personwho eotsthe right kind of d foods rich in vegetoble oils
Whot is o vegon?
Whot ore legumes? a o person who does not eot meot
a peoplewho eot o lot of protein b o person who eots vegetoble ond
b ony food thot is high in protein nut oils
c peoplewho eot beons ond peos c o person who is very strict with
d vegetobleslike beons ond peos his/her diet
d ct person who does not eot onimol

@ Listenagainto the classreport and checkt/lthe word/phrasethat starts

a new topic.
but if for exompl.O somevegetorio.r,O ,r.gomo

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Sequencing actions/events
In casualconvensations, venyoftenspeakersmaynot sequenceeventsin the orderthey
occumed.To helpyou keeptrack of the actualsequenceof events,you can listenfor
suchas then,before[that) andafter[that).Youcan alsolistenfor wondswith similar
For example,similantothe word then,a speaKen may use nexto? followedby.Insteadof before,
a speaKenmay say previous to, ear/ier than, sooner than or prior to. And r-atherthan
aftec a
speaker might say late4 fo//owingor afterward
To helpstudentspnacticelistening foneventsequences, havethem listento Tnackbo
UnitI andpointa fingerfonwand everytime a speakerdescribessomething that happened after
somethingelse[Answens: then my favonite-abigsteakwith fnies,after that was dessertl.

fo b Friend: Hi, Som. How wos your summer?

Som: Oh, it wos greot! We went to Beijing.
Friend: Reolly? I didn't know you were going to Beijingl whot did you do there?
Sqm: Well, we ote a lot! The food there wos especiolly good. We went to the most
restouront. I usuolly don't like seofood much, but it wos so fresh qnd delicious.
Thei they brought
us some pears.for dessert-yum! oh, ond before thot we were ot o fomous peking
auct restourdnt.
It wos so good!
Friend: Oh yeah. I've heord of peking duck.
Som: It reolly wos greot. Then ofter thot, before we got bock to the hotel, we wolked
by some street
vendors. They were selling o lot of interesting inocks.
Friend: Reolly? Did you try any of them?
Som: Yeoh, I'd heord of Beijing's street food before. I definitely didn't wont to leove without
trying them.

o. went to seofood restouront (2)

b. hqd peors for dessert (3)
c. ote ot Peking duck restouront (1)
d. got bock to hotel (5)
e. wolked by street vendors selling snocks (4)

o 1. True 2 . Folse 3 . False 4. True

@ 1. then 2 . before thot 3 . then ofter thot 4. before

g 1. He hosn't paid for the food yet.

2 . You shouldn't eot so much junk food.
3 . He couldn't reserve a toble for us.
1. I don't know how to get to the restouront.

O z,s
theaudiofor thisworksheet
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@ Listento the dialogue and completethe table.

Order of events os
they hoppened

O Circle Trueor False.

1 Som ote seofood before hoving peor. True / Folse
2 Som went to o Peking duck restouront ot the end of the doy. True / Folse
3 Sqm went bock to the hotel before seeing the street vendors. True / Folse
4 Som tried street vendor snocks ofter eqting peor. True / Folse

@ Listenagainto the dialogueand write the keywordsthat showthe order

of eventsas they happened.

1 3
2 4

\ Listento the statementsand checkt/lityou hear a f sound for the


1 He hosn't poid for the food yet. o

2 You shouldn't eot so much junk food. o
3 He couldn't reserveo toble for us. o
4 I don't know how to get to the restouront. o
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ldentifying the speaken's opinions
Recognizing whena speakeris givingan opinionis a venyimpor"tant
listening skill.Youshouldbe
ableto tellthe differencebetweenopinions andfacts.Speakensoftenshowtheyare givingan
opinionusingphrasessuch as /fdon'tJthink..., Youshould/shouldn't..., / [don'tJbe/ieve.,., ltb a
good/bad idea ..., Maybeyou could...or ln my opinion....
Sometimesspeakens do not usethe abovephraseswhengivingtheir opinions.
Todecideif a
statementis an opinionor a fact,youshouldthinkaboutwhethermost other peoplewouldagree
wrth the statement.Somephnasessuch as, for example,for instanceandsuch a.scanshowthat
speakersare givingexamples onfactsto supponttheir^

Q t believe it's a good ideo for fomilies to vocotion ot o ploce thot everyone con enjoy. Otherwise someone
might get bored ond could stop the others from hoving o good time. I think thot on crmusement pork is o
good choice for fomily vocotions. Most porks hove ottroctions for children of oll oges, os well os for odults.
And if your grondporents ore going with you, most porks will hove ottroctions thot they con enjoy, too, Iike
shows or gordens.

Opinion Detqil

It's o good idea for fomilies to vocation ot o ploce someone might get bored ond stop others hoving
thot everyone con enjoy. good time

An omusement pork is good choice for fomily ottroctions for children (oll oges) ond odults /
vocotion. grondporents enjoy shows or gordens

1. It is o good ideo for fqmilies to vocotion ot o ploce thot everyone con enjoy.
2. Becouse otherwise someone might get bored and could stop the others from hoving o good time.
3. An omusement pork.
4. Becouse most porks have ottroctions for children of oll oges ond odults, and grondporents con enjoy
ottroctions like shows or qordens.

@ L. I believe 2. I think (thot)

A 1. Most porks stoy open ot night in the summer.

2 . Moke sure you check the weother before you go.
3 . Find out if there ore shows to wotch.

O 1. porks 2. check 3. shows

A Well-plannedVacation

Listento the classreport and complete the sentences.Then

sentencesthat show opinion.

t --, - --l thil,! it is importont for fomilies to go somewhere--.*.- lgw-

2 | ----hg-\g:y*e------- - exploring new ploces con be very ___exci9i:ng----*. {)
3 My . 4ga ond brother hod o greot time skiing . -.

could go wrong when you're on vocotion, so it's a good
to plon well.
ffi eomplete the semtencesusing the plrrases.

: visit cl museum go hiking ploy o gome

He'sbored.He should Shecon't go the beoch. There isn't enough snow

play a game Moybe she could for skiing.He should
visitamuseum go hiking

W* Listento the elassreportand take notes" CD script on p. 97.

'i:r li:, i:t t:, il ,lt

!l :, it, if ,,,

Opinions Detoils
family vacationetobe planned Ex: don't planto ao scula d i v i n a i f
cq! eful$' decid lyin
g w\qye_t o_99 ig - gA,hgyo_yyaS.!_o-goaiglhN1oeeing;.
important choos e plg g9,tef -e.
vqfy 9 ne,! 9 7yrjo-y &
impgrt arytto finl Ef y f &|\ gy chayge.ry9!,9aq\a.go;t 9
otherthingstodo videoarcadeI p arkl museum,c an't sdi
** {'
-think abouthikina $l
7z.Lgu.g,llon9N,iryg,y3ry.?79y E1'g]ec!;yenic

:,..,,...'..a.'.,. a:.::a
::...., ..,a:

ffi- vouThen
Whot ore the speoker'sopinions on Whot ore the speoker'sopinions on Iong
deciding where to go for o vocotion? trips?
a You must go scubo-diving. a You must hove on electronicqclme.
@ lto.r your vocotion corefully. @ X""p busy to ovoid getting bored.
c Do not go sightseeing. @ Vo.rshould toke books with you on
o trip.
@ Cfroot" o ploce thot everyonecon
enjoy. d You hove to trovel for to hove o good
Whot ore the speoker'sopinions on
vocotion plons?

@ fina out about other things you con do.

b You could go to the beoch. Don'tmistakethe examoles or
c Sometimesthe weother con turn bod reasonsfor the speaker's opinion.
on o vocotion. Examples and reasons arespecific
s s e dt o s u p p o rat n o p i n i o n .
@ r""p your plonsopen. Lookfor the generalideas.

Somewords sound very alike, ond this con moke you misunderstondwhot the speokeris
soying. When you ore not sure which word you heord, Iisten for senseor meoning.

Listento the statementsand circle the correct word. @lo@ CD scripton p. 97.
r h e r e i s o (b o n d I p a n / @ ) o n . . . I h e ( s h e e p/ @ I zip1...
r h e r e o r e (f r e e/ @ / t r e e s) . . . (@ I Freeze
/ Police)

CD script on p. 9

to the classreport and take notes on a separatepiece of paper" Then

cheehthe correctansvuer{s}"

Whot is the clossreport obout? Which two detoils dces the speoker
expresson opinion o n?
a swimming
a going swimming
b onimols
b going to the mour .toins
c mountoins
c Aoing hiking
d summer vocotion ,/'
d seeingonimols

fffi t-"gine that yCIuhave a clroieeof spendins yCIurvacation in th a rainforest or

on a tropical island.Chooseone and write about it. --,4'

Iil7liNtr\l'|| fr:

: tt

I wont to go to lhera|infoY-es'L-t !:l

^inal al n c l o s e . l h o t rctofind out,

(#{F retl the classaboutyour vacation,
Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat (tH
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@t Listento the classreport and completethe table.

Opinion Detoil

@ write the answers.

1 Whot is the speoker's opinion on deciding where to go for fomily vocotions?

2 Why doesthe speokerthink this?

3 Where does the speoker think is o good choice for o fomily vocotion?

4 Why does the speoker think it is o good choice?

\!tD Listenagainto the classreport and write the phrasesthat showwhen the
speakeris giving an opinion.

1 2

@,Listento the statementsand circlethe correctword.

1 Most ( pegs / pocks / porks ) ...
2 Moke sure you ( trek / kick / check ) ...
3 Find out if there ore ( shoes / shows / showls ) ...

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St"dy andplry!

ldentifying the speaker's intention (1J

Sometimes youcanfindthe speaken's the kindof text youanelistening
intentionby discovening to.
Forexample, whenyoulistento an adventisement, the speaken tr yingto get youto buy
is obviously
a pnoductonsenvice. Howeven,whenlisteningto a newsneport,the neporten's intentionis to let
you knowthe latest news.
Thisunitintnoduces studentsto listeningfor"the speaker''sintentionin an adventisement.
To help
studentsdo this,havethem listento Track64 fnomUnit1Oandtry to guessthe following:
. What doesthe speaken assumeis tnueaboutthe listenens? [Answer':Theywantto get thein
homeworkdoneovenvacation, but theyalsowantto havefun,]
. What productor senviceis the speaker" tr yingto sell?[Answer: vacationstudyprognamat
Bnian's Sur"fandStudySchool.]
. What doesthe speaken sayto makethe productor servicesoundgood?[Answen: Thenewill
be fun teachensto helpthem with theinstudiesin the morningandtheyanefree to sunfin the

@ Hey,kidsl Whot ore you going to do over summer vocotion?Let me guess,your porentswont nt you to
study but vou don't wont to spendsummer qt home or in q clossroom.Wel'I,whv not ioin the
re Wild
English summer compl At Wild English, you won't spend ony time in o clossroom. Our comp rp is set in the
mountqins by o loke, ond here ot Wild English, we leorn English by doing o lot of fun croftss cond octivities,
ploying exciting outdoor gomes ond singing songs oround o big compfire! Give us o coll now tw at 555-2267.
Thot's 555-2267. Remember, you hove to be between 10 and 15 yeors old to ioin.

Kind of product/service: English summer camp

Nqme of product/service: Wild English
Interesting things qbout the product/service:
- Children do not spend ony time in o clossroom.
- The summer comp is set in the mountoins by a lake.
- Children learn English by doing crofts ond octivities, ploying outdoor gomes ond singing songs around
Requirements: 10-15 yeors old
Contqct number: 555-2267

@ 1.c 2.b

A 1. Do you wont to go on on exchongeprogrom?

2. Doniel is going to stoy with o fomily in Scotlond.
3. Most of my clossmotes hove gone to summer comp.
4. I hove to renew my possport before I con go obrood.

O 1. wontto 2. goingto 3. most of 4. hove to

St"dy and plryl

ldentifying the speaker's intention (1J

Sometimes youcanfindthe speaker"s ingthe kindof text youanelistening
intentionby discover to.
For"example,whenyoulistento an advertisement, the speaken tnyingto get youto buy
is obviously
a productor senvice.However',
when listeningto a newsnepont,the neponter's intentionis to let
you knowthe latest news.
Thisunitintroduces studentsto listeningfonthe speaken's intentionin an advertisement.
To help
studentsdo this,havethem listento Track64 from Unit1Oandtry to guessthe following:
. What doesthe speakerassumeis tnueaboutthe listenens? [Answer: Theywantto get their'
homeworkdoneovervacation, but theyalsowantto havefun.]
. What pnoductonsenviceis the speaken tnyingto sell?[Answer':vacationstudyprognamat
Bnian's SunfandStudySchool.]
. What doesthe speaken sayto makethe productor servicesoundgood?[Answen: Thenewill
be fun teachersto helpthem with theinstudiesin the morningandtheyanefree to surf in the

{-) Hey,kidsl Whqt ore you going to do over summer vocotion?Let me guess,your porentswont nt you to
study but you don't wont to spendsummer ot home or in o clossroom.Well, why not join there Wild
Englishsummercompl At Wild English,you won't spendony time in o clossroom.Our comp np is set in the
mountoins by o loke, and here ot Wild English,we leorn Englishby doing o lot of fun crofts c
s ond octivities,
ploying exciting outdoor gomesond singing songsoround o big compfirel Give us o coll nowcw at 555-2267.
Thot's 555-2267.Remember,you hove to be between10 ond 15 yeorsold to ioin.

Kind of product/service: English summer comp

Nqme of product/service: Wild English
Interesting things obout the product/service:
- Children do not spend ony time in o clossroom.
- The summer comp is set in the mountoins by o loke.
- Children leorn English by doing crofts ond activities, ploying outdoor gomes ond singing songs oround
Requirements: 1O-15 yeors old
Contoct number: 555-2267

(E 1.c 2.b

q 1. Do you wont to go on on exchongeprogrom?

2. Doniel is going to stoy with a fomily in Scotlond.
3. Most of my clossmotes hove gone to summer comp.
4. I hove to renew my possport before I con go obrood.

@ 1. wontto 2. goingto 3. most of 4. hove to



theaudiofor thisworksheet
at t^tH
Closs: Dote: wwwhoostskiffsse ries,com


Listento the radio advertisementand completethe table.

Kind of product/service

Nome of product/service

Interesting things obout

the product/service


Contqct number

@ Circlethe correctanswer.
1 Whot doesthe speokerwont the listenersto do?
a Spendsummer of home.
b Studyin o clossroom.
c foin their summer comp.
d Leorn wild English.

2 Whot detoils doesthe speokeruse to persuodeyou?

a spendingtime in o clossroom,leorning to swim ond moking compfires
b leorning Englishby doing fun things ond without spendingtime in o clossroom
c spendingsummer vocotion singing songsond living wild in the mountoins
d hoving to be 10 to 15 yeors old to join ond not doing whot your porentswont

@t Listento the statementsand write the missingwords.

1 Do you go on on exchongeprogrom?
2 Doniel is stoy with o fomily in Scotlond.
3 my clossmoteshave gone to summer comp.
4I renew my pclssport before I con go qbrood.

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ldentifying problems and solutions

Oftenthe mainideaof a listeningincludes botha pnoblemand its solution, In suchlistenings,
findingthe problemsandsolutionsstatedwillhelpyoufindthe mainidea.Usually, speakerswill
start by speaking aboutthe pnoblem. Thenat somepoint,theywillswitchto suggesting a solution
to the problem.Sometimesspeakerswillsaysomethingllke...can fix thisprob/em,but the switch
from problemto solutionis not alwaysso easyto find.
To helpyourstudentsget startedin listening for whichpar"tof a talk is abouta problemandwhich
part is abouta solution,havethem listento Track73 from Unit 11.Havestudentsmaketheir"best
"wornied" facewhenthe speakeris talkingabouta problem[Answen: Studentslosetheir booksor
fongetto takethem homeonto school.], but then naisetheir eyebrowsand holdup a fingerin the
ainin an "l'vegot an idea"gesturewhenLhespeakerswitchesto talkingabouta solution[Answer:
Doinghomewonk onlinehelpsfixthis problem.l.

fi) I don't think teochersshould give studentshomeworkthot requiresthem to use computersor the Internet.
@ Not oll fomilies hove o computerot home, ond somestudentslive in ploceswhere itt not eosyto get online.
I think it's fine for teochers to hove students do some of this work of school becouse we hove o computer lob
here. But I think it should olso be possible to do homework on poper.

@ teochers, homework, computers, fomilies, home, ploces, eosy, fine, students, work, computer, possible, poper

o 1 . Not oll fomilies have o computer ot home ond some students live in ploces where it is not eosy to get
2 . To hqve students do some of the work ot school in the computer lob, ond olso to hove homework thot con
be done on poper.

q 1. I do o lot of reseorchfor homeworkon the Internet.

2. lt's useful to be oble to chot with clossmotes online.
3. Teachers con send students homework by emoil.
4. I think we should do oll our homework on comDuters.

1 . I de o lot of reseorch fur homework on the Internet.

2 . Itrs useful to be ab*e to chot with clossmotes online.
3 . Teochers eon send students homework by emoil.
4. + thh+ we should do oll ettr homework on computers.

ffi Wrlte the nressagethe four words are conveying.


WH\r '' W*i

Qo il g \ om gyu
o nl1yi
1ne s aves aime. Yo u ca n ea eily f ind th e inf or mat io n y o u wa nt .

q#CI@ Listento the ctassreport and take notes. CD script on p. 9 8.

- finish home;w
ork f aster - find grammariipsluse
- homew i
9rk |9s s ol c_h
ore onlinedict ionary (not,

-moreinterestinglwe ::. sure about grammarl

canbe more creative spgllingylhenwr!1e l.
report) :
- ygt-maqyhaue
- findinformation on
d;ifferent subjgcts t
quicklyand easily
..,rlll::il ',r:l::li:
, l:lil:i:l::r:i::r:li:iii:

Downloadthe audiofor this worksheetat
Closs: Dote: www,boostskillsseries,com

@ Listento the classreport and completethe paragraph.

I don't think teochersshould give students thot requiresthem

to use or the Internet. Not oll

hove o computer ot ond some students live in

where it's not to get online. I think

it's for teochersto hove do someof
this of school becouse we hove o

lob here.But I think it should olso be to do homework on

O write the answers.

1 Whot doesthe studentthink ore problems?

2 Whot doesthe studentthink ore solutions?

@) Listento the statementsand crossout the wordsthat are not stressed.

1 I do o lot of reseorch for homework on the Internet.
2 It's useful to be oble to chot with clossmotes online.
3 Teochers con send students homework by emoil.
4 I think we should do oll our homework on computers.

O PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 BoostlListening1
Internet Cafes

ldentifying the speaker's intention [2J

Thisunitpnactices tellingthe diffenence betweeninstnuctionsandrequests.When a speaken's
intentionis to makesureyoudo somethingconrectly, theytendto speakin commandsnather'
than requests.Becauseinstructions are usuallygivenas commands, theyoftenstart with venbs.
The subjectyou is left out becauseit is a command,e.9.,Enteryour user name.
Instnuctions alsooften includenegativesentencesstantingwith Don'tlDon'tloseit./ Don'tclick
on anything.]. To helpyounstudentsbeginlisteningfoninstnuctions, havethem listento Tnack79
from Unit '12and naisetheir handeverytimetheyheana command[Answers: Goto Computer'
10./ Login usingthe usernameand passwor"d on the card./ Clickon the "Start"buttonatthe
bottom left of your^scneen./ Clickon the "logoff" button ...].

q Boy: Um ... excuse me. Con you help me with somethingi

Monoger: Of course. How con I help you?
Boy: Well, I don't know how to use this new Web browser ond I'd like to print this page.
Monoger: Oh, sure. It's eosy. There ore two woys. Click on the File menu ond choose "Print Window"
ot the bottom. Don't releose the mouse button until you're over thot option. The print window
will then oppeor. And then there's the foster woy. Pressthe Control ond "P" keys ot the some
time. You'll get the some print window.
Boy: Oh, yes. Thonks.
Monoger: Woit! Pleose check the "Groyscole" box before you print. I don't think you need to print this
in color.
Boy: Oh, right. OK.

1. Click on the File menu ond choose "Print Window" ot the bottom.
2. Do not releose the mouse button until you ore over the "Print window" option.
3. Pressthe Control ond "P" keys of the some time.
4. Check the "Groyscole" box before you print.

O 1. Printing o webpogeusing o new web browser. 2. Block ond white.

q 1. Don't eot while you're using the computers. 4. Checkyou hoven't deletedit by mistoke.
2. Pleose finish your drink before you use the computer. 5. Don't print pogesyou don't reolly need.
3. Moke sure you hove entered the correct possword. 6. When you're done,rememberto log out.

@ 1. Commond 3 . Request 5 . Commond

2. Request 4 . Request 6 . Commond

ffi lnnaginethat you are !n an Internet eafe" Write a senteneeabout eaehpicture

1 2

Mostlnternet cafee do not, allow

com?uler game6. eaLl|nga1d drinkfig wf;illgusliqg-4

$q$fff0\6oJLlstento tne dlalogue and take notes. CD script on p.98-9'.


Usinc o comouter: go Ao Computer 4,login card, don't lose it &.


Eating/Drinking:leave drink,eatingldrinking not-allowedin comput

er room, caneat in
loungenextto maindoor

enter nametpassword,run now,redloadinabar-wait until oroaramfinishes.don't click

-Wgq!?m willl!ye_9;7e,
mainmenu-choose soLli.e;y
Vyl ye?po-y

ffi *rlu* aboutyounfavoritecomputer

Gcme 1i11",O-p,er
a;t1i9yDeadl o clk

How to the ploy the gome:

a .c*|i9\9;yluh9,,||qyGame,'iconi;n!h9st7yj,;y
a Toet_a;rt,
a otgyy,l;iyg
a Chooseyou;y.team9l gpiesanl!,tte-irweap91g,

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{4#u Writ" about your classmate's

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the audiofor thisworksheetat (R
Closs: Dote: www,boostskr'llsseries,com

@t Listento the dialogueand write the instructaons.

O write the answers.

1 Whot ore the instructions for?

2 Whot do you think "groyscole"meons?

@ Listen to the statements and circle Requestor Command.

1 Request/ Commond 4 Request/ Commond

2 Request/ Commond 5 Request/ Commond
3 Request/ Commond 6 Request/ Commond

@ PearsonEducationAsia Limited2008 Boost!Listening'1
Listento the elassneportand take notes on a separatepiece of
paper.Then eircNetfie eorreeta*rswer{s}.


Whot problem doesthe speokermention?

(f Leorning o longuoge is difficult without the chonceto procticeit.

b Online forums ore difficult for somepeople.
c Leorning o foreign longuoge is expensive.
d Communicoting is difficult becouseof different cultures.

2 Which two solutionsdoesthe speokergive?

@ leopte con chot online obout onything.

b Peoplecon osk questionsto get o fosterresponse.

O leople con post messclges on online forums.

d Peoplecon tolk obout their fovorite hobbies.

Listento the statements and crossont the words that are

not stressed,
rtiiltt,'l:ilr:rrll::l:lltr:,:::.1. 1 Studentscon listen te speciolpodcostse*tle Internet.
l,r:,il i::r':ir::r:i: al':i'.la:
2 T+ese-d6ys{iemyoung children find computers very eosyte use.
.utjrt,:rrr:. 4:.:l,lll,

3 Notebook computerse+e reolly eosy+e corry oround.with-ye*.

4 Downlooding files fronn+he Internetis getting fosterertd foster.
We con choose things like chicken, rice, soup, solod, hom or
breod. The menu's o littte bit different eoch week. Sometimes
we get o speciol treot for dessert,Iike mongo pudding.
Listen to the lecture.
Well, os you oll know, students ot our school hove to weor
uniforms. I'd like to tolk obout whot students in other ports
of the world weor ot school. Not oll countries require siudents @"8
to weor o school uniform. For exomple, in the United Stotes, Listen to the dialogue.
students do not hove to weor uniforms in elementorv school.
junior high school or even in senior hiqh school. Boy: Hey, ]ody! Where ore you going? We hoven,t finished
our gome.
fody: I hove to get to closs.
Boy: But it's only 1,:20.Clossesdon't stort until 1:30,
Listen to the lecture. remember?
Port A fody: I know. But I hove sciencecloss, ond it's over in the
Well, you know the school system in our country ond the Eost Building. It's o long walk, so I need to go now.
grade levels. The point I want to moke todoy is thot in other
countries, the school systems ore different. For exomple, did
you know thot in the United States there ore four grode levels @"@
before university? These ore kindergorten, elementory school, Listen to the dialogue.
junior high school ond senior high school. Sometimes the Tom: Hi. I'm o new student, but I forgot to bring my
Iost two ore colled middle school ond high school. And in schedule with me todoy.
Austrolio, well, there ore usuolly just two grode levels. They,re
Clerk: Uh-huh. Okoy, I con help you with thot. Whot,s your
colled primory school ond secondory school.
Port B
Tom: Iom Smith.
In the United Stotesyou need to be obout six when you go to
Clerk: Whot grode ore you in?
elementory school, and obout 11 when you go to junior high.
In Australio, kids con stort when they,re five, ond they go to Tom: Grode 6-8.
secondory school when they're obout 12. My moin point here Clerk: Right. Let's see now ... Yes,your first closs todoy is ot
is children oround the world stort school or o qrode level ot 8:50. It's moth, over in Room 17.
different oges. Tom: Um, whot building is thot in?
Clerk: The Redfern Building. Know where that is?
Tom: Yes,I think so. Whot's ofter thot?
Listento the dialogues. Clerk: Well, your math closs doesn't finish until 1O:35.Then
Girl: Aren't they too young to go to school? you hove morning recessuntil 1O:55.Ihen it,s sociol
studies. Thot's in Room 11 ond losts until 1.1:45.In the
Boy: No, they're not. They ore six yeors old this yecrr.
. . . u h . . . y e s ,i n t h e N e w O o k B u i t d i n g .
Girl: Isn't your cousin Tony excited obout moving here Tom: Moybe I should write thot down.
next yeor?
Boy: He is excited, especiolly becouse he'll be going to
Rivertown School.
Girl: Do you wont to go to the movies tonight? Listen to the dialogues.
Boy: Sorry, we're leoving for New York tomorrow ond 1 Girl: So whot time's lunch?
I hove to finish pocking. Mon: Ihot's at 72:40.
Girl: I don't understond why you wont to move to the 2 Girl: And where con I ploy soccer?
Mon: On the gross behind the sciencebuilding.
Boy: Well, it is boring to live in this town. I think l,ll
3 Girl: Whot's qfter lunch?
hove more fun in the citv.
Man: You hove computer closs ot 1:30.
4 Girl: Sorry, where's the computer closs?
Man: Thot's in Room 14-C, in the South Winq.
Listento the classreport.
Hi. I'm Ano, from Voncouver, Conodo. I'm in the seventh
grode ot the Little Rock Acodemy. I'd like to tell you obout
school lunches ot my school. The school prepores lunch for us.
Girl: Whot time doesmy PEclassstort?
@"@ Womqn: Ihot clossstortsot 1O:30ond finishesot
Listento t h e d i a l o g u e . It:2O.
Girl: So whot ore you doing ofter school todoy, Ben? Boy: Whot time doesthe schoolopen?
Ben: I hove tutoriol closs ot 4:00 ot the Moth Center. Then Woman: You con enterthe buildingsfrom 8:00 in
I hove boseboll proctice ot Green Pork ot 5:00. Thot the morning.
tokes on hour. Girl: Sorry ... Whot obout my locker?
Girl: Are you going home ofter thot? Womon: Yoursis number 182 in the moin corridor
Ben: Yeoh, it's o 10-minute wolk from the pork to our of the EostBuilding.
house. I'll probobly ploy computer gomes in my room
until 6:45. Thot's when mv fomilv hos dinner.

Listen to the radio program.
In todoy's show, we'll be tolking obout hobbies. A lot of
In mony countries, students ore usuolly in clossesof the some people choose expensive hobbies like photogrophy ond golf.
grode ond obout the some oge. Whot I'd like to tolk obout
But, some hobbies don't cost o lot of money-they con be
is how, in some smqll schools in the country, o closs con useful ond even kind ofcool. A greot exomple ofo cheop but
have students ofmore than one grode ond different oges. For cool hobby is plone spotting. How this works is people go to
exomple, students from grodes 1 to 3 ore oll in one classroom oirports ond wotch the plones toke off ond lond. They like to
together. guessthe model of the plone ond the yeor it wos built.

Listento the dialogues. Listento the radio program.

1 Girl: Mom soid you may stoy for lunch if you wont. Welcome back to the progrom. Now let's tolk more obout
Boy: Thonks, but I hove to go. I'll seeyou ot school whot you enioy doing in your free time. Moybe you like
tomorrow, OK? inline skoting. Perhops you enjoy listening to music. Almost
2 Girl: Didn't you soy we would tolk to Miss Roy? everyone hos o hobby. However, some hobbies ore, well, let's
soy, more useful thon others.
Boy: I've too much homework to do. We will tolk to her,
but not todoy. Toke bird-wqtching. Moybe you don't think this is o very
useful hobby, but it is. Bird-wotching storted os o woy for
3 Girl: I thought she's interested in toking up bodminton.
people to enjoy noture, but over time it become more useful.
Boy: She is interested, but it's hord for her to find the Bird-wotchers become very interested in protecting noture.
trme. They formed groups to find woys to protect wildlife ond the
4 Girl: I reolly don't wont to move to your school, but my environment.
dod soys I hove to. Then there ore those who ore interested in computers. Before
Boy: Oh, but I think you'll like our school. It is the best computers become populor, mony people thought thot
school in the city. computers were very difficult to use. Now, almost everyone
uses o computer. But some people ore more skillful ot it thon
others ond hove token up computer work os o hobby. In fact,
@"@ some seorch engines ond o lot of websitesstorted os o hobby.
Listen to the dialogue.
Abby: Hey there, |osmin. Whot's your first closs?
fosmin: Oh ... Hi, Abby. I hove science ot 9:00, over in Listen to the statements.
Room 213.
Michoel wonts to go rock-climbing every doy, but he con
Abby: I don't hove scienceuntil 2:30, in thot new lob in
only do it on weekends, when his dod hos time to toke
the South Wing. Room 312, I think. Anywoy, con
I borrow your moth book? I left mine ot home.
Hobbies con help us become more creotive. However, some
fosmin: Sorry, but I hove moth ot 11:00. I hove to study. I
of us hove so much homework thot we hove little time for
think we hove o test.
Abby: Whot? A test?
fosmin: Whot's wrong?
Abby: You have moth in Room 142,right? I'm in the some
closs!I didn't study! Listen to the passage.
The word "hobby" is soid to hove come from ploying with pet
birds, but actuolly it comes from the nome of o smoll horse-
@"@ colled o hobby. People mode wooden "hobbies" for children to
Listen to the dialogues. ride on ond ploy with. Thot's how the word become to meon
I Boy: Wherecon I buy snocks? o fun octivity.

Womqn: Overin the schoolcofeterio,behind the

moin office.
2 Peoplesoy ploying sport
sportsis o good hobby,olthough for
le watching sportsis justos good.

Listen to the dialogue. @@
Boy: So, how did you become such o fontostic surfer?
Listen to the interview.
Girl: It wos my dod. He olwoys took me swimming ond Alex: Welcome bock to SportsNet TV. Let's see whot our
surfing when I wos very little. And he tought me reporter Teddy Miller hos for us todoy.
o lot of good tricks, too. Teddy: Thonks, Alex. I'm with chompion soccerployer,
Boy: Does your sister surf, too? Mory Willioms. Hi, Mory.

Girl: No, she isn't into surfing at oll. She'sinto rock Mory: Hello!
climbing. Teddy: So tell us, how did you become o soccerployer?
Mory: I ployed soccero lot ot school when I wos young.
I even ployed on the boys'teom. But my PEteocher
@"@ helped me o lot. He olwoys told me I could be
Listen to the interview. o greot soccerployer.
Host; Next up on Tolk-Bock Rodio, we hove the fomous
snowboorder Bobby Dovis right here in the studio.
How ore you, Bobby?
Bobby: Yeoh, not bod. And how ore you?
Listento the statements.
Host: I'm greot! I wont to stort by osking how you storted 1 She'sreolly into collecting gome CDs ond comics.
snowboording. Who got you into the sport? 2 His fother tought him how to ploy footboll ond his mother
Bobby: I guessit wos my good friend Donny. He sow some tought him the piono.
snowboorders on TV ond thought it would be fun 3 When they were young their porents bought them inline
to try. So he osked me to go snowboording in the skotes ond skoteboords.
mountoins one winter. We tried it out ond. well, 4 Meet me ot the pork ot 5 o'clock and pleose don't forget to
I wos pretty good ot it. bring the kites.
Host: And whot did your porents think of your new
Bobby: They didn't like it much ond thought it wos too
dongerous. But ofter o while they bought me
o boord ond some boots.
Host: Do you troin o lot? Listento the classreport.
Bobby: Yeoh, I go to o snowboording comp. There, my I'd like to tell you obout how dogs ore speciol pets to hove.
coach gets me to do o lot of free-riding on the slopes Dogs moke good pets becouse they ore friendly ond keep us
ond o lot of jumping. compony. Ihey con protect us by guording the house ond
borking if strongers come too close.They ore olso fun to ploy
with becouse they ore olwoys hoppy. They ploy by running or
@"@ cotching o stick.
Listen to the statements.
I Like, you know, kite-flying, basketball ond roller skoting.
2 I talked to her ond she soid it wos o lot of fun.
Listento the classreport.
3 I went to the store ond bought o new gome.
Some people think pets ore just fun to ploy with. But pets con
4 Do you wont to ploy boseboll with me ond my friends? reolly help us in o lot of different woys.
First, pets ore greot becouse they con get us to exercise more.
By wolking or running oround with the dog every doy, well,
we're moving ond using our muscles. It helps us stoy heolthy.

6["@ Second,pets help us relox lust by being with us ond keeping

us compony. For exomple, ploying with our cot con help us
Listen to the radio program. forget our problems. This is good becouse when we think too
You're listening to StyleBuzz Rodio. Iodoy's progrom focuses much obout problems, we might get stressedout ond this is
on hobbies thqt ore more obout collecting things thon doing bod for our heolth.
something useful. Comic collecting is one exomple. Comic Third, by giving o pet to on elderly person, we con mqke that
collectors buy os mony comics os they con. They moke sure person feel hoppier. Ihot's because elderly people feel loneiy
they get o complete set ond never miss o new issue when it sometimes, ond pets con be their friends.
comes out. The oldest comics or o complete set of comics con
Lost but not leost, hoving pets ollows us to leorn obout
be sold for o lot of money, usuolly to other collectors.
onimols firsthond, not just from books or TV. Ploying with
them ond toking core of them properly moke it eosier to
@"@ understond them. This is useful becouse we hove to leorn
obout onimols ot school, too.
Listen to the statements.
Flying oirplonesis o fun hobby for some.But it is
.*p..sive ond tokeso lot of time.
94 \
Boy: Poor you ! Lucky you don't go to our school then...
@"@ You know, one summer we found o boby snoke in
Listen to the statements. the hollwoyl

We con leorn more obout onimols bv seeino them ot the Girl: Oh, wow! Whot did you do with it?
zoo. Boy: Woit-you're scored of mice but not snokes?
We con learn more obout onimols bv seeino them ot the
3 Animols ore greotbecousethey ore so interestingto study.
4 Animols ore greotbecousethey ore so interestingto study.
Listento the classreport.
GD"@ Iguanos ore speciol pets to hove, but you need to toke core
Listen to the classreport. of them well. You con moke o nice home for your iguono by
putting sticks, leoves ond rocks in o gloss tonk. You should
My nome's Scott. Let me tell you about o pet I'd like to hove.
put o lomp next to the tonk, too, because iguonos need to
It's o tiger. I'd like to hove it os o pet becouse it looks fontostic
stoy worm. Iguonos only eot plonts. So you con keep them
ond is so fierce. It could protect me by growling ot people who
heolthy by giving them vorious kinds ofvegetobles.
ore dongerous. It could olso keep me worm on cold nights
becouse it hos thick fur.

Listen to the statements.

Iguonos con grow very lorge ond this mqkes it hord to
@"@ toke core of them ot home.
Listen to the dialogue. 2 We wonted to get o kitten os o pet, but Dod didn't wont to.
Boy: Ugh . .. OK ... Here ore the monkey coges. 3 Where do you think we could find out something obout
Girl: Whot's wrong? You don't like monkeys?
Some people soy thot pets ore friendlier thon humons.
Boy: They're okoy, I guess.But I've seen them so mony
times before.
Girl: Look ot thot little monkey over there ... ot the bock. He
looks so lonely in there. Poor thing. Listen to the dialogue.
Girl: Isthot thespiderroom?
6\@ Boy: You bet! Come on, let's get in there so I con see the
Listen to the dialogue. torantula.

Boy: OK, where do we go next? Girl: I'm not going in there! You con go by yourself!

Girl: How obout the snoke enclosure? Boy: Whot's the problem? AIl the spiders ore in gloss coses.
They con't hurt you, you know.
Boy: No woy! They're so cold ond slimy, ond... ugh!
Girl: No! You'll hove to oo in there olone! I'll woit here for
Girl: OK, OK! Well, we could go ond see the tigers ...? you.
Boy: Ugh! No thonks. Seen them oireody o hundred times
Girl: Ihe pondos? They're so cute, let's go see them!
Boy: No, they're boring, too.
Listento the questions.
Girl: Well, whot do you wont to see? L Where did you go while we werelooking ot the snokes?
Boy: I think the penguins would be fun to look ot. Whot do 2 Whlyore you coveringyour eyes?
you think? 3 Why om I so scoredof lions ond tigers?
Girl: Yeoh! Penguins ore cute! Let's go! 4 When did you buy the ticketsfor the elephontshow?

Listento the questions.
I So how ore you going to get to the pork? GD,@
2 Where do you wont to go next? Listen to the classreport.
3 Why did you run owoy when the giroffe come out? Doiry foods ore on importont port of o good diet, which is
4 Who ore you going to meet ot the pork? whot you eot regulorly. These include things Iike milk, yogurt,
butter ond cheese.Doiry foods ore high in protein-o kind of
nutrient thot helps your body grow.
@"@ Another kind of nutrient is carbohydrote, which gives you
Listen to the dialogue. energy. Corbohydrotes ore found in breod ond rice.
Girl: We found o mouse in our clossroom once. I wos

[ane: Hi, Liso.
@"@ Liso: How wos your birthdoy lunch yesterdoy?
Listen to the classreport. fone: Oh, it wos terriblel Ihe restouront wos so bod. I don't
Let's tolk obout two things thot I think ore very importont wont to go bock there ogoin.
when we tolk obout heolthv eotinq: whot we eot ond when we Liso: Reolly? Whot hoppened?
[one: There wos o deod fly on my birthdoy coke! I couldn't
So, looking first ot whot we eot, we must remember thot we believe it!
oll need o bolonced diet, ond thot meons eoting the right
Liso: Thot's terrible!
omounts of the different food groups. I'll give you some
exomples. We need more groin food-which is food mode fone: But things got bod even before thot. After we ordered,
from wheot, rice, oots ond corn-becouse it gives our bodies the woiter spilled lemonode oll over my shoulder.
energy ond helps them grow. But our bodies don't need much Lisq: Reolly? Thot's so bod!
fot, so we need to eot Iesssweetsond not use too much butter Yeoh, ond then they brought out chicken soup for
or morgorine on our breod. Mom, when she ordered vegetoble soupl Oh woit, but
When we eot is olso importont. Skipping breokfost or lunch is thot wos after we moved to o new toble becouse the
never o good ideo. We need to eot in the morning ond in the tqblecloth wos dirty!
eorly ofternoon so thot we hove the energy to study, do our Lisa: Which restouront wos it?
homework or ploy sports during the doy. At night we con eot
Iessbecause we don't need much energy for sleeping. fone: The Lotus Seed.Don't go there ... ever!

@"@ @"@
Listen to the statements.
Listen to the statements.
1 You reolly shouldn't poy if the food is so bod.
L Cereol ond rice ore exomples of breokfost foods. For
lunch, there ore mony heolthy foods you con eot. You con 2 We hoven't eoten yet.
hove sqndwiches, fruit or yogurt. 3 I don't know why the service here is so slow.
2 Our bodies don't need much fot, so we shouldn't eot o lot 4 They couldn't hove dessert.
of fried foods. Now, we should be coreful ot whot time
we eot these foods, becouse when we're osleep our bodies
con't use the energy made by fats. @"@
3 So eoting the right kinds of foods is very importont. It Listento the classreport.
helps you keep o bolonced diet. Exercise is olso very Lost yeor I tried three new restouronts. My fovorite wos the
importont for good heolth. It helps you burn energy. Diomond Restouront. I went there with my closs in fuly ond
we hod roast duck. Before thot, in Morch, my uncle treoted
me to curry prowns ot Lucky's Restouront. The food wos so
spicy-l dronk woter ofter every bite. For New Yeor's Eve,
Listen to the passage. my family ond I went to Pizza Poloce. We ordered o lorge
Eoting o voriety of food gives you o more bolonced diet. Here mushroom pizzo.
ore some woys to do it. For breokfost, odd sliced bonona to
your cereol. If you're hoving o sondwich for lunch, put some
vegetobles in it, Iike pickles and olives. For on afternoon
snock, odd fruit to your yogurt, such os strowberries or sliced
peoches. For dinner, hove some pototoes with your meot. @"@
Listen to the classreport.
Sondwiches con be nutritious becouse you con put different
kinds of food in them to help keep you heolthy. You con odd
vegetoblessuch as sliced lettuce ond tomoto. By odding meot
@"@ Iike hom or solomi in your sondwich, you get protein. Doiry
Listen to the dialogue. products olso give you protein. You con spreod butter on the
Boy: Hey there,Tony.SorryI couldn'tjoin you for your breod or odd o slice of cheese.Breod is groin food, which gives
birthdoy lunch lost week.Wos it good? vou corbohvdrotes for enerov.
Tony: Oh yes!Therewerenochoswith o lot of cheese,then
my fovorite-o big steokwith fries!
Boy: Wow,soundsnicer Listen to the statements.
Tony: After thot wos dessert.They brought out o huge ice 1 So children need to leorn obout food thot is heolthy for
creom coke.I wos very full! them. Now, one problem is oll the odvertising on TV
showing junk food.
@"@ 2 You need o lot of energy from food. Just think obout not
Listen to the phone conversation. eoting breokfost-you won't hove energy during the doy.
3 Soft drinks ore not good for you ot oll. This brings us to
fone: Hello?
sugor. Mony drinks hove o lot of sugor, but now you con
Liso: Hello, ]one? It's Liso get drinks thot ore sugor-free.

Listen to the dialogue. Listento the classreport,
Girl 1: How wos lunch yesterdoy? My fomily ond I ore plonning our summer vocotion. We're
Girl 2: OK, I guess.The best port wos dessert-we hod thinking of going to the beoch or the mountoins. Not
chocolote ice creom. First, we went to thot new everyone in our fomily con swim, so I think we should go to
restouront on Wilkins Drive. It wos full when we the mountoins. Dod ond Mom like fishing ond my brothers
got there, so we hod to woit for 30 minutes. Then and I like comping. Plus, we might see o deer-or o block
we found out thot the food wos more expensive beor! Who knows?
thon we thought, but thot wos ofter we sot down
ond Iooked ot the menu. So then we got up quietly
ond left. We ended up ot Dylan's Steokhouse.

Listento the radio advertisement,
Listen to the statements.
Let me guess,you wont to get your homework done over the
1 I wouldn't eot thot, if I were you. vocotion but you olso wont to hove fun, right? Brion's Surf
2 I didn't understond the menu becouse it wos in Sponish ond Study School is the onswer. At Brion's Surf ond Study
3 They shouldn't let pets into this restquront. School, you'll hove fun teochers to help you with your studies
in the mornings, then you're free to surf in the ofternoon. You
4 I couldn't decide whot to order.
need to be eleven or older, ond you hove to bring your own
Interested?Coll us ot 555-0090. Thot's 555-0090.

@u@ @["@
Listen to the classreport. Listento the radio advertisement.
When vocotioning, I think it's importont for fomilies to Are you trying to leorn English? Are you tired of reading
go somewhere new. I believe expioring new ploces con be English books ond toking o lot of tests oll the time? It's time
very exciting. For exomple, Iost yeor my fomily ond I went for you to leorn English the fun ond noturol woy! Sign up for
to o mountoin resort for the first time. My dod ond brother our Quick and EasyEnglishprogrom ond you're going to spend
hod o greot time skiing. My mom enioyed the spq. I went oll your time leorning English by speoking English. Yes,that's
sightseeing-l wonted to toke pictures, but I forgot to pock right-no study, no tests. For four weeks, you're going to live
the comero! Thot's onother thing to remember. Things could with on English speoking fomily in Son Francisco,USA! Not
go wrong when you're on vocotion, so it's o good ideo to plon only thot. We're going to toke you on shopping trips, teoch
weli. you how to ride the subwoy ond toke you on treosure hunts
oll over the city. You're going to wont to stoy in Son Froncisco
@"@ Remember,you need to be ot leost 12 yeors old ond you
Listen to the classreport.
should hove studied English for ot leost three yeors in your
I believe fomily vocations must be plonned corefully. I think home country. You'll olso hove to poss on interview.
deciding where to go is very importont. For exomple, don't Whot ore you woiting for? Sign up for this greot odventure
plon to go to o scubo-diving resort if some members of your now! Coll us now ot 555-9978.
family would rother go sightseeing. It's importont to choose
o ploce thot everyone con enjoy.
But, keep your plons open. I think it's importont to find @["@
out obout other things you con do in cose your plons foll Listen to the statements.
through. The weother could suddenly chonge, for exomple.
1 You hove to hove o possport ond o viso.
So ifyou con't go to the beoch, why not go to video orcodes,
omusement porks or museums? If you wont to go skiing, but 2 We're going to see the Golden Gote Bridge while we're in
there's little or no snowfoll, think obout hiking. Son Froncisco.
Vocotions often meon troveling for o long time. It's very eosy 3 Mony of my friends hove gone on study trips.
to get bored. It's o good ideo, then, to toke olong some books 4 Ihey wont to go to Conodo to study English.
to reod or some gomes to keep you busy. Like on electronic
gome...or o trovel chessset, if you like chess.

Listento the radio advertisement.

How would you like to combine study with fun? On our
Listen to the statements. speciol Studyand Cruisetour, there's no studying at oll during
1 There's o bon on fishing here so thot people con swim the doy-iust fun ond excitement. You moy choose to spend
sofely. the doy swimming in the pool or visiting islonds. You con
2 There ore three woys to get to the beoch from the hotel. olso loin our octivity clubs. Studying is done only ot night,
from 7 p.m to 10 p.m. The cruise losts for three weeks.
3 The ship leoves ot exoctly 2:30 p.m.
Coll us at 555-4692 ond loin now!
4 Pleose!I reolly wont to go surfingl

Through the Internet, we con find grommor tips or look
up words using online dictionories. Of course, this is good
because often we're not sure obout our grommor ond spelling
6h@ when we write o report.
Listen to the classreport. Not mony of us hove referencebooks of home to check or
Now, where to go on vocotion is o question most fomilies find informotion. The Internet hos o lot of informotion on
need to think obout. I think o long stoy ot the beoch is greot different subjects,which we con find very quickly ond eosily.
if your family lives in o big city. You would get lots of fresh The Internet olso gives us the convenience of emoil. We con
air ond sunshine. Most fomilies enjoy going to the beoch. It's emoil our teochers outside of closs. Thot's greot becouse there
fun-ond convenient too, becouse there ore usuolly mony isn't much time in closs to osk the teocher questions obout
qood hotels neorbv. our homework.

Listen to the statements. Listento the statements.
1 Moke sureyou toke o lot of cleonshirtswith you. The Internet helps connect students through chots ond
2 You con wqtch your fovoritegome ot the hotel. forums.
3 I hope you didn't leovethe keysin the room. 2 Online technology is getting better ond better oll the time.
4 I heordthot the sond is so white! 3 Typing essoyson o computer is eosier thon writing them
in o notebook.
Emails ore very convenient, that's why people don't wont
@"@ to Dost letters onvmore.
Listen to the radio advertisement.
Studying will be so much more fun if you're doing it in fresh
mountoin oir, don't you think? Tom's SwissHiking ond Study
Tours will toke you through noturol forests ond beoutiful Listento the passage.
volleys. Our fun ond friendly tutors will tolk to you obout I don't use the Internet very often. And I never use it to do
noture, longuoges ond science.Eoch tour losts for six doys. my homework. Not oll the informotion on the Internet is
You need to be 13 or over, fit ond heolthv. Coll 555-9823 for relioble. Some informotion is just not true. To be sure, I get
more informotion. my informotion from the librory. Also, I prefer to meet my
friends thon chat with them online. And I con olwoys get new
information by reoding mogozines ond newspopers.

Listen to the statements.

1 There ore o lot of different woys to leorn o languoge.
2 You should hove brought your cclmero with you.
3 I wont to see the old costle up on the hill.
Listen to t h e d i a l o g u e .
4 I think we're going to stoy ot o reolly nice hotel.
Boy: Hi. I'd like to useo computer.
Womon: Alright. Go to Computer10.Here'syour login card
Log in using the usernome ond posswordon the
@"@ Boy: Should I poy now?
Listen to the classreport. Womqn: No, you con poy when you're done. Pleose
Students usuolly do their homework in books. This con be remember to log off when you're reody to leove.
difficult becouse sometimes students lose their books or forget Click on the "Stort" button ot the bottom left of
to take them home or to school. Doing homework online your screen.Then click on the "Log Off" button-
helps fix this problem. Ioday, most schools ond homes hove it's ot the bottom, next to the "Shut Down" button.
computers with on Internet connection. Homework is never Boy: OK. Thonks.
lost, ond both students ond teochers con usuolly occess
o computer.
Listento the dialogue.
Mon: Hi there. Moy I help you?
Listen to the classreport.
Girl: I'd like to use o computer.
I'd like to tell you oll why I think we should do our homework
Mon: Sure. Pleosego to Computer 4. Here's your login cord.
using computers ond the Internet.
Don't lose it.
As you know, doing homework con toke o lot of time. With
Girl: Cool! Thonks.
computers, we con finish our homework foster. Homework
olso becomes less of o chore when we do it on the computer. It Mon: Sorry, but you hove to leove your drink here. Eoting
becomes more interestinq becouse we con be more creotive. ond drinking ore not ollowed in the computer room.
You con eot in the lounoe next to the moin door.
Girl: Oh, OK. Sorry. Uh ... do you hove ony new gomes I
con try? 6["@
Mon: Well, we hove the "Dinosour Soldiers" gome. Hove you Listen to the statements.
tried thot?
I Keep your oreo cleon ond tidy.
Girl: Uh ... nope.
2 Don't instoll illegol softwore on the computer.
Mon: Open the New Gomes folder on the desktop. To get the
3 Moke sure you log off the computer ond don't shut down.
gome running, find the "Dinosour Soldiers" icon ond
click on it. Enter your user nome ond possword, ond 4 Hond in your looin cord ot Counter B.
then press "run now" in the menu. You'll see o red
looding bor-woit until the progrom finishes looding
ond don't click on onything. Ifyou do, the progrom
will freeze ond you hove to stort over. When it hos
finished looding, you'll see the Moin Menu. Choose
your soldier ond weopon-ond you're reody to go.
Girl: Thonks!

Listen to the statements.
I Pleosetry not to hit the keys too hord.
J Do not remove the webcom from the monitor.
3 Use eorphones if you wont to listen to oudio clips.
4 Tell us whot you think of our new gomes.

Listen to the classreport.
Leorning o foreign longuoge tokes time ond effort. It gets
more difficult if people don't get o chonce to use it. Online
forums ond chot rooms con help with this problem. An online
forum lets people from different countries shore ideos. For
example, if you're trying to leorn French, you con proctice
by posting messogesin French. If you wont to get o foster
response,chot rooms might be better. You con chot obout
onything-the news or your fovorite hobbies. You con olso
leorn obout one qnother's culture.

Listen to the statements.
1 Students con listen to speciol podcosts on the Internet.
2 These doys even young children find computers very eosy
to use.
Notebook computers ore reolly eosy to corry around with
Downlooding files from the Internet is getting foster ond

Listen to the dialogue.
Boy: Hi. I con'tgetthecomputer
to stort.Couldyouhelp
Womon: Sure. Remember thot you must log in before you
con use our computers. Find the green box ot the
top right of the screen.Type in the four numbers on
the login cord you got from the moin counter. Hit
the enter key ond there you ore-you're logged in!
Boy: Thonks o lot!