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The Undead Stormtroopers of Grunwald!

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Page 8

a WKH ZD\VLGH 6R ZH KLJKOLJKWHG VSHFL¿F VLWXD- smaller challenge the heroes must overcome. raid. an insight LWGLI¿FXOWWRHYDOXDWHWKUHDWOHYHOV:KDWPLJKWEH WKDW FKDQJHV WKH QDWXUH RI D ¿JKW ³+H\ ± WKDW challenging to one party might be a cakewalk to PRQVWHULVYXOQHUDEOHWR¿UH´. They may be just Scalability . there’s a 30 variety of character builds and powers can make foot tall monster attacking city hall!”).VIGILANCE PRESS BLITZKRIEG COMIC GROUP PRESENTS: LONDON AMAZING STORIES OF WORLD WAR TWO FEATURING: BLITZKRIEG LONDON By: Mike Lafferty and Chuck Rice of the Thames. tral to the adventure or scene. (See the Crown Guard or Vigilance Force pdfs ics Brigade. An other meta-humans associated with the Allied forc- attack by the vaunted Nazi super-team. Although role- go with a particular genre. the Crown Guard or some mission that strikes at the heart of London. the wide some basic tactical information (“Hey. Eugen- es. Premise Their target: Allied commanders at a secret meeting at an underground bunker in London to It’s spring of 1944 and the war has been going bad- ¿QDOL]HVWUDWHJ\IRU''D\7KHJRDOWRGLVUXSW$O- ly for the Third Reich. They are dramatic playing is always encouraged.With super-hero games.) IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS SOME IMPORTANT TERMS Roleplaying Opportunities7KHVHDUHVSHFL¿F opportunities for players who like to do “in-char- Mini-Challenges . it’s understand- moments or scenes that enhance the genre feel ably easy (especially in the supers genre) to fall of an adventure and that work regardless of the into the habit of using action to resolve every larger plot. few moments of role-playing. tions that lend themselves particularly well to a Plot Points .Classic scenes or tropes that acter” play-acting to really shine. at the GM’s discretion. Tens of thousands American lied plans and morale before the invasion of conti- troops are stationed in England while preparations nental Europe by eliminating as many senior gen- for Operation Overlord and the liberation of Eu- erals as possible in a lightning fast super-powered rope are underway.Tidbits of information that are cen. supported by diversionary attacks by from Vigilance Press or feel free to roll your own Luftwaffe squadrons and the Überfallkommando characters. In a desperate move to prevent the Allied inva- It is presumed that the PC are playing heroes sion of Europe. Another way to look at them at them is challenge and acting “in-character” can fall by as a mini-encounter within the main encounter. Hitler authorizes a super soldier from Vigilance Force. The characters in People’s Revolution squad as well as amphibious troops storming out might be viable as well.

These points.) We during gameplay. JAMES DAWSEY AND DAN HOUSER LAYOUT: JESSICA MCDEVITT WWW. provide ways for the GM to increase or decrease the challenge of encounters as needed.RUDELJUHYHDOWKDW DQRWKHU±HYHQLIERWKJURXSVZHUHWHFKQLFDOO\DW changes the nature or tone of the entire session the same level or built with the same number of (“Hey! That monster is actually my dad!”). ART: JACOB BLACKMON.RPGOBJECTS. (This situation can be even more prevalent will be grouped together for convenient reference in a game with random character generation.COM Page 1 .

) A member of the British super team. is involved in a slugfest with an Action unknown meta-human near London Bridge.) Amphibious Assault American super-soldier. 1. BLITZKRIEG LONDON IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS CONTINUED GAME AT A GLANCE The Nazi teleporter Götterdämmerung trans- SRUWVDVTXDGGLUHFWO\LQWRWKHIRUWL¿HGEXQNHU Plot Points where the Allied generals are meeting.) (Optional) Air Attack .) The unknown meta-human is a misinformed 2. 3.) Slugfest on the Thames 2. the Crown Guard. 1.

) (Optional) A Luftwaffe air raid ensues shortly after the amphibious assault.) Against the Eugenics Brigade! sault.5. Mini-Challenges 4. .1D]LIURJPHQKDYHLQ¿OWUDWHG/RQGRQYLDWKH 4.) Mutant Attack Thames and are launching a surprise as.

.) Airborne Objects V2 rocket that spewed mutagenic gas.) A London Police Station has been struck by a 2./RQGRQ%ULGJHLV)DOOLQJ'RZQ 5.

) The previous attack(s) were just diversions. Roleplaying Opportunity The Nazi’s true target was the conference of Allied military leaders meeting in London. rage-driven mu- tant. .) Trapped 7.) The gas from the V2 transformed anyone in 4.) Burning Building the immediate area into feral.)LUH¿JKWLQJ 6. 5.

one cloudy reply sarcastically that the Brits are: “underpaid. preparing for deployment to “watches” London during the night hours. the sights. It’s looking like a pretty boring tour of playing oversexed and over here” while the Americans nurse-maid to the upper brass. Hordes of American troops are a psychic and unusually strong telepath who billeted in the city.&DOPLQJ'RZQ&DSWDLQ/LEHUW\ ENTER THE HEROES The PCs have been stationed in the city for a week to provide superhuman security for the The PCs are superheroes associated with the Al. But. They’ve been assigned to rela- of the Crown Guard or Vigilance Force. Brits grumble that the Americans are: “overpaid. Her Europe. Sullivan is camp as a city. QLJKWLQ0D\$JHQW$UJXVQRWL¿HVWKHKHURHVWKDW undersexed and under Eisenhower.” something odd is happening on the banks of the Thames: Page 2 . else to do than patrol the city in shifts and enjoy don for the timeframe of the Allied leadership sum. The alert them of dangers to the city.) They’ve tively comfortable lodging and not given much EHHQUHFDOOHGIURPWKH¿HOGDQGVWDWLRQHGLQ/RQ. They’re regarded generally warmly by duty is to pass psychic news updates on to the the civilian population but there is some tension 5$)¿UH¿JKWHUVSROLFHDQGWKHVXSHUVROGLHUVWR between the American and British militaries. mit in order to provide extra security. They’ve been introduced to Lady Sullivan – Paraphrase the following section for your players: aka Agent Argus – a very special agent in the London during 1944 is as much a military employ of the British Home Guard. invasion force – and it has seemed a bit like a lied war effort. (Perhaps they are even members vacation so far.

DPQDU . Repeat – Code Theta Roleplaying Opportunity: situation on the east bank of the River Thames in Calming Down Captain Liberty WKHYLFLQLW\RI/RQGRQ%ULGJH6ZRUG¿VK$PHP- If the PCs try to talk Captain Liberty down. He’s Captain positive he’s stumbled onto an Axis plot.) Liberty is not the type to ask questions when D:LOOSRZHU7HVWZLWKDGLI¿FXOW\RIZLOOEHQHF. BLITZKRIEG LONDON “Code Theta situation.” or reason.  :KHQWKH3&VDUULYHWKH\VHH6ZRUG¿VKDQG this mysterious meta-human (who is dressed in a red. Liberty is ing a newspaper article about him. white and blue costume) trading blows on the banks of the Thames. soldier. 6ZRUG¿VK ± DND . is climbing out of the Thames from a scouting mis- sion when he is accosted by an unknown meta- human. Axis Scum!  6ZRUG¿VK <RX LQVXIIHUDEOH RDI ZH¶UH RQ WKH WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON same side! Captain Liberty is an American vigilante superhero Unknown Meta-human with Texan Accent: Nice who (in his “mundane” identity as Private Roger try. KHUHGLWDU\ monarch of the undersea kingdom of Oceania and member of the British Crown Guard super-team. Liberty had not familiarized himself with the west.. If all else fails. He will tend to respond with punches and catch-phrases (“Nothing can stop the march of ACTION 1: SLUGFEST Liberty!”) unless someone says something shock- ON THE THAMES ing enough to make him stop and reevaluate. he will ber of the Crown Guard.KHFRXOGEHSXQFKLQJVRPHERG\DQGVR¿VWLFXIIV essary. Their dialogue goes some- thing like this: Unknown Meta-human with Texan Accent: Sur- render. is under attack by an UHVSRQG EHVW WR DSSHDOV WR KLV SDWULRWLVP ³'RQ¶W XQNQRZQVXSHUKXPDQ6ZRUG¿VKLVUHTXHVWLQJ you realize you’re helping the Nazis?” will go a lot immediate backup from any available person- farther with Cap than any appeal to common sense nel…. they can remember see- out of the Thames near London Bridge. Heroes mistaking each other for villains and VOXJJLQJLWRXWZKHQWKH\¿UVWPHHWLVDQROGFRPLF Page 3 . When he encoun- human dressed in American colors.. they’ll take as he dismisses her psychic messages as have no choice but to battle the stubborn super.DQGKDVQRLGHDWKDW6ZRUG¿VKLVRQKLV tain Liberty and make him see the error of his ways side.) A suitable moment of roleplaying from the HQVXHZLWK6ZRUG¿VK/DG\6XOOLYDQLVXQDEOHWR PCs might be able (at GMs discretion) to convince telepathically persuade him that he’s made a mis- Captain Liberty of his error. He’s taken to patrolling London at night on The PCs do not know the mysterious meta- his own. Kraut! I ain’t buying that line! Nothing can stop Comisky) is a US infantryman who has been de- the march of Liberty! SOR\HGWR/RQGRQLQDQWLFLSDWLRQRIWKH''D\.just some kind of “Axis mind control voodoo”.Q- vasion.LQJ . a patriotic hero from the American South- nately. scouting for saboteurs. members of the Crown Guard before shipping out The PCs can either try to negotiate with Cap. If they make a ters something as bizarre as a merman climbing successful Intellect Test.WRWKH8. (Unfortu- Liberty.

to every squad.) To in- fallkommandos) shamble out of the Thames.) The Untersee-Überfallkommandos will engage Mini-Challenge: London Bridge is Falling WKH 3&V ZKLOH WKH 3DQ]HU RSHQV ¿UH RQ /RQGRQ Down ± . To decrease the challenge. if your heading up the Thames towards London right players defeat it very easily) bring out Mark II QRZ7KH\¶YHJRWDVTXDGRIDTXDWLFFRPPDQGRHV as a reinforcement. Mark I Reichbots. They will be here ‡ ³$OHUW $ VTXDG RI DPSKLELRXV 3DQ]HUV KDV any minute! “ surfaced and is rolling towards the National Gallery.) and several underwater tanks. Argus alerts them to a new attack. that is the Houses of  2QFHWKHFRQÀLFWKDVEHHQUHVROYHGRQHZD\ Parliament and Big Ben.” ‡ Attention please: A mixed force of Geman battle bots and Panzers is heading for Scot- ODQG<DUG3OHDVHDVVLVW´ (Note: At GM’s discretion. consider using the Lon- away for 4 to 5 panels unopposed). if they can hammer opposed or 4 to 5 panels. Increase Action 2: Amphibious the numbers for a greater challenge or reduce if Assault! your PCs are less combat oriented. crease the challenge dramatically.for enemies are found in the NPC section.I WKH DWWDFNHUV GR HQRXJK GDPDJH WR Bridge.” ‡ ³$ VTXDGURQ RI hEHUIDOONRPPDQGRV KDV OHIW the Thames and is en route to Buckingham Palace.” 'HIDXOWVXJJHVWLRQ RUDQRWKHU6ZRUG¿VKEOXUWVRXWKLVZDUQLQJ is for one Reichbot per two PCs. super-soldiers: A massive German WLDOO\6ZRUG¿VKFRXOGEHD3&LQWKLVDGYHQWXUH battle robot has climbed out of the Thames &DSWDLQ/LEHUW\LVGH¿QLWHO\EHWWHUOHIWDVDQ13& and is attacking the Palace of Westminster. Use the Soldier from the ICONS Stock Character section for Allied troops or MPs. BLITZKRIEG LONDON ERRNVWDSOH*HQHUDOO\WKHVH¿JKWVDUHQRQOHWKDO ter. use ¿HG IRU XQGHUZDWHU DQG DPSKLELRXV GXW\ 7KHUH the minion damage option for some opponents is one Untersee-Überfallkommando per PC and (such as the Untersee-Überfallkommandos or one Untersee Panzer in this group of attackers. For you Americans. (Statblocks A squad of Nazi frogmen (the Untersee-Über.) Scalability: The default suggestion is for 1 en- emy per PC in every group of attackers. Several possibilities are suggested below: NOTE: With some prior coordination. (If the tank is able to attack the bridge un- London Bridge (for example. We suggest “There’s an amphibious Nazi assault force you start with Reichbot Mark I and. the heroes may GRQ%ULGJHLV)DOOLQJ'RZQPLQLFKDOOHQJH. This can and forgotten quickly once the real threat is uncov. ‡ “Attention. fun.continue as long as your players are still having ered. add 1 Reichbot supported by Panzer tanks that have been modi. Allied soldiers or MPs can get involved (perhaps following the PCs or providing backup). poten.

Page 4 . QHHGWREUDFHLWZKLOHWKHVSDUVHQLJKWWLPHWUDI¿F As soon as the heroes deal with the Nazis at.of cars and trucks drive off. After each encoun. Agent Argus contacts them required to hold the bridge up while the smattering with news of another assault.FOHDUVRII$6WUHQJWKWHVWDWGLI¿FXOW\ZRXOGEH tacking London Bridge.

Otherwise. Agent Argus orders them sage: to drop whatever they’re doing and immediate- $/XIWZDIIHVTXDGURQHVFRUWHGE\DVTXDGRI ly proceed to the directions she is psychically hEHUIDOONRPPDQGRVLVKHDGHGIRUFHQWUDO/RQGRQ sending them in order to stop a superhuman en- They appear to be splitting up and targeting famous emy from assassinating the top Allied generals. or when they’re trying to Either during or immediately after the last wave of contain a horde of feral. ODQGPDUNVLQ/RQGRQ5$)IRUFHVDUHUHTXHVWLQJ Faced with this dilemma. proceed to Action 4: Mutant Attack. The default way to run this short adventure is as a series of events that climaxes with the PCs battling Nazi super-soldiers while the generals escape. They are to cause a distraction from the true goal of the attack: as- sassinating the senior Allied military leadership. rage-fueled mutants amphibious Nazi forces (GM’s discretion). After this encoun- ter proceed with the other amphibious attacks listed on page 4. the PCs will have to immediate backup from any Allied superhumans PDNHFKRLFHVZLWKKDUGFRQVHTXHQFHV RU¿QGD ZLWKÀLJKWFDSDELOLW\ creative away to resolve the situation quickly) if 1RWH . An interesting variation would be to present WKH3&VZLWKDWRXJKFKRLFH'XULQJRQHRIWKH nastier bits of the preliminary encounters (say. Alter- QDWHO\\RXFDQPDNHWKHDGYHQWXUH¿WWKH3&VE\ explaining that the British government has several H[SHULPHQWDOMHWSDFNV )OLJKW'HYLFH-HWSDFN. Agent before they rampage across London) they get Argus contacts the PCs with the following mes- a psychic summons.I \RXU 3&V GRQ¶W KDYH ÀLJKW FDSDELOLW\ they’re going to save the day. THE TOUGH CHOICE All the attacks by the amphibious and airborne forces are for one purpose. proceed WR$FWLRQ$LU$WWDFN LI\RXU3&VKDYHÀLJKWFD- pability). Transition: After the amphibious attacks. Action 3: Air when they’re helping evacuate a burning hos- Attack (Optional) SLWDORUZKHQWKH\¶UH¿JKWLQJD5HLFKERWWKDW¶V threatening Big Ben. They run headlong into a squad of aquatic Panzers (1 per every 2 PCs) almost immediately. BLITZKRIEG LONDON TAKING THE FIGHT UNDERWATER If the PCs decide to head into the Thames to WDNHWKH¿JKWWRWKHHQHP\WKHZDWHULVYHU\ murky with limited visibility. you might want to bypass this encounter.

 that they can issue to the super-soldiers in order Page 5 .

A  5$)6SLW¿UHVDUHSUHVHQWGRJ¿JKWLQJZLWKWKH Strength of at least 6 is required to catch a car. A Strength of 4 will be adequate to their combat should serve as set dressing. they must make a Coordination 5$)DLU¿HOGDQGVWUDSLQWRD6SLW¿UH XVHWKHVWDWV WHVW)RUDERPEWKHGLI¿FXOW\ZLOOEHIRUDFDU for the Fighter Place provided in the Vehicles sec-or truck it will be 4. or else just take damage as though they were the target. /XIWZDIIH SODQHV DQG hEHUIDOONRPPDQGRV ± EXW 7 for a tank. a large object (such as a car) or a plane drops a tacks. If a PC wants to try and the PCs with the Pilot Specialty report to a nearbystop the object.) Strength to be able to lift the object.) A more interesting twist might be to have bomb towards a target. BLITZKRIEG LONDON to allow them to help defend London from air at. (The PC must also have the tion.) A failed coordination test means focus for this scene needs to be on the PCs with that the PC takes damage from the thrown object ÀLJKW RURWKHUDSSURSULDWHSRZHUV. The catch a bomb.

some For intercepting bombs before they reach their tar. Agent Argus will damage purposes. SODQHRUhEHUIDOONRPPDQGRSHU3&ZLWKÀLJKWSRZ. Increase this number or add in Reichbots for a Strength check to keep from passing out from an even greater challenge. in just a few minutes the en- and Trapped! mini-challenges.HQJDJLQJ1D]L (or bomb) as if they were the intended target. Please intercept. Paul’s Cathedral. treat bombs as a Blast 7 (Ex- alert the PCs to unopposed Nazi planes making plosive Blast) power. best intentions of the PCs and the RAF. ‡ $WWHQWLRQ$VTXDGURQLVHQURXWHWRWKH5R\DO Hospital Chelsea. To decrease the chal.smoke inhalation. EXLOGLQJVRQDEORFNFORVHWRWKH3&VD¿UH8QOHVV LQJDWWDFN±VHHWKHFire Fighting. Burning Building fast action is taken. Nazi incendiary JHW±VHHWKHAirborne Objects mini-challenge. bombers have made it through. tire city could be burning.  )URP WKH WLPH WKH\ DUH QRWL¿HG RI DQ DWWDFN the PCs will have 5 to 7 panels (GMs discretion) Mini-Challenges: Fire Fighting ± 'HVSLWH WKH to destroy the planes before they launch a bomb. Give the players leeway to deal with this situation and creative use of ap-  6WDWV IRU *HUPDQ ¿JKWHUV DQG GLYH ERPEHUV SURSULDWHSRZHUVWRSXWRXWWKH¿UHLVHQFRXUDJHG are provided in the NPC section. ‡ A single dive bomber has broken away from its escort and is making a run on St. setting several dealing with the aftermath of a successful bomb. divebombing runs on these famous buildings. lenge (and possibly increase the cinematic feel of Mini-Challenges: Burning Building ±6W%DU- WKH¿JKW. For planes and jetpack commandos. James Pal- ace. For example: ‡ $OHUW$QXQRSSRVHGVTXDGURQRIGLYHERPE- ers and jetpack commandos is preparing to make a dive bombing run on St. For bombs have found their mark. 0DNLQJDWHVWDJDLQVWWKH¿UH 'LI¿FXOW\WRDW Scalability: The default suggestion is for 1 Nazi GM’s discretion) will be required to extinguish it.(YHU\RQHLQFORVHYLFLQLW\RIWKH¿UHVPXVWPDNH ers.

the battle. The main exits are blocked by aircraft.FRQVLGHUXVLQJWKHPLQLRQGDPDJHRS- tholomew’s Hospital has been set ablaze by an tion for the Überfallkommandos and/or the Nazi incendiary bomb. ÀDPLQJUXEEOHDQGXQIRUWXQDWHO\VRDUHWKHRWKHU Mini-Challenges: Airborne Objects ± 'XULQJ exits. a combatant (such as a Reichbot) hurls Page 6 .

they see the V2 embed- building braced will increase by 1. It impacted into the Wood Street Police Station. These noises are immediately been injured when falling debris from a bombed followed by the splintering of the heavy oak HQ building collided with his taxi.) way while residents evacuate. An ambulance crew doors as a horde of bestial. However. All commu- nication stopped with Wood Street shortly thereaf- ter. We received initial re- ports from the station that the rocket was spewing some sort of yellowish chemical gas. proceed to Ac- tion 4: Mutant Attack. deserted. the gas has dissipated FKHFNZLWKDGLI¿FXOW\RIWREUDFHWKHGRRU- and there is no threat to them from that. pounding and growling from in- Mini-Challenges: Trapped ±$ FDE GULYHU KDV side the Police HQ. (Note that ded into station roof. enraged mutated po- is trying to extricate him to no avail as the doors licemen storm out. It will take a Strength investigating. have been damaged and are unusable. observers within a few blocks tell us they didn’t see any police leave the building and chemical gas was seen leaking from the doors and windows. However. it appar- HQWO\ ZDVQ¶W HTXLSSHG ZLWKDFRQYHQWLRQDO H[SOR- sive payload. however the exit is (Gas Masks can be provided to the PCs before threatening to buckle. BLITZKRIEG LONDON ‡ &OHDULQJ DQ H[LW RI ÀDPLQJ UXEEOH UHTXLUHV the situation at Wood Street. Every two panels the Strength needed to keep the When the PCs arrive. Strength level of 6 (or some clever thinking) is required to pull the door open. We’d like you to investigate Page 7 . a major or better success lets you lift The streets in this area are silent and largely something one category higher for one page.)) frantic scratching. London the City Police HQ. ‡ It will take 3 to 6 panels (GMs discretion) to Please proceed with caution and investigate. WKH ¿UHV RU ¿QG D ZD\ WR PRYH WKH UXEEOH The reports from Greece indicated that the gas without touching it. A word of caution: a Strength level of 5 and the PC will take 3 we’ve had reports of the Nazi’s using weaponized 'DPDJHIURPWKHÀDPHVXQOHVVWKH\GRXVH mutagenic gas against partisan forces in Greece. Shortly after the PCs arrive they hear (See the Lifting table in ICONS. savage beasts. If using powers to open the GRRUXVHDWHVWZLWKDGLI¿FXOW\RI Transition: After this encounter. Barely visible from the street you can increase the amount you can lift with are the words stenciled on the side of the rocket: a Strength test against your own Strength ³&RXUWHV\RI'U(XJHQLN´ level. evacuate the building. However. The chemical cloud around the stations seems to have dissipated now. We assumed they had evacuated. devolved humans into primal. ACTION 4: MUTANT ATTACK Agent Argus contacts the PCs with the following message: A German V2 rocket slipped past our radar and detection screens.

At this point the German ÀHHLQWRWKHVWUHHWVDQGDOOH\VRI/RQGRQ7RFRP. Montgomery and their col- Götterdämmerung. If you want to increase have this assault force simply be a crack squad of WKH GLI¿FXOW\ RI WKLV HQFRXQWHU XVH WKH 0DVVLYH Überfallkommandos who were teleported into the Mutant (statblock in the NPC section) for one of underground bunker network by Götterdämmer- the mutated policemen. super-soldiers will retreat into a teleportation por- plicate matters. If the PCs hold the Germans leagues have been killed by the Nazi super-men. proceed to Ac. after a panel or two of combat. tal and vanish. The Germans will attack until half their num- If the PCs are defeated. tion 5: Against the Eugenics Brigade.I\RX¶GUDWKHUQRWXVHWKH(XJHQLFV%ULJDGH± using the minion option. Their security detail has already been eliminated while buying the gen- erals some time to get away. the others attempt to an undisclosed location. The default bought Eisenhower. they are awarded for informs the PCs that they must hold off the Nazis WKHLU YDOLDQW VHUYLFH ± SHUKDSV HYHQ LQ D SXEOLF long enough for the generals to escape to safety. ceremony with Prime Minister Churchill. as the British government hopes their scien- the Eugenics Brigade from Vigilance Press. They need immedi- ate superhuman protection to cover their escape! Argus directs the PCs to a secret access tun- nel in the London subway system that allows them to intercept the Nazi force.) For tists can reverse the mutation process. (Consider using the minion option for the mutants. She is able to guide the PCs so expertly that they arrive in an underground tunnel seconds after the Allied generals have de- SDUWHGWKURXJKDKHDY\IRUWL¿HGGRRU7KH1D]LVX. XQJ'HIDXOWVXJJHVWLRQLVRQHhEHUIDOONRPPDQGR Transition: After this encounter. CONCLUSION per soldier squad shows up moments later.per PC. elect to use the minion option for the mandos. If Eisenhower. (See force. it’s up the GM whether ber is defeated and will then withdraw into a tele- the Allied generals survive the Eugenics Brigade’s portation portal opened by the Nazi super-soldier assault. they’ve to represent the unfortunate mutants. Argus If the PCs are successful. Lady Sullivan contacts the PCs and asks them Scalability: The default suggestion is for one to try and subdue the mutants with a minimum of member of the Eugenics Brigade per PC. it Page 8 . About half of the Allied upper brass enough time to escape to the Mutants attack the PCs. You might even consider increasing the Überfallkommandos in this situation. Action 5: Against the Eugenics Brigade! Agent Argus contacts the PCs with the following bulletin: It appears all the attacks up to now were MXVW D GLYHUVLRQ$ 1D]L VXSHU VROGLHU VTXDG KDV teleported directly into the underground facility in the Whitehall district where the Allied leadership conference was taking place.) number of the mutants to 2 or 3 per PC if you’re  . Montgomery and the rest of suggestion is for one Mutant per PC. a tougher challenge have the Eugenics Brigade Scalability: If you want a quicker and easier accompanied or reinforced by 2 or 4 Überfallkom- encounter. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Use the Mutant statblock from the NPC section off for 10 to 15 panels (GM’s discretion).

it would be simple enough to ex. NPC SECTION Überfallkommando “Flying Squad” Background: These crack stormtroopers have EHHQ RXW¿WWHG ZLWK WKH EHVW HTXLSPHQW WKDW WKH mad scientists of the Third Reich could devise. they all volunteered for the job and knew the risks they were taking to ensure the safety of the Allied leadership. Their true iden- tity was tightly guarded secret and even the PCs could not be trusted with it. Überfallkommando Prowess 4 Coordination 3 Strength 4 Intellect 3 Awareness 3 Willpower 3 Stamina 7 Specialties Aerial Combat Weapons (Guns) Military Powers %ODVW'HYLFH 'HYLFH(OHFWUR%ODVWHU3LVWRO. BLITZKRIEG LONDON will be a great blow to Allied morale and organiza. 36 pts ployed during this series of high level of talks as a necessary security precaution. Although the death of these patriots is regrettable. :LWKWKHLUMHWSDFNVEODVWHUVDQGIRUFH¿HOGVWKH\ are a highly agile super-powered commando force that can change the tide of a battle. Challenges plain that the Eugenics Brigade only killed a group of doubles (actors made up to resemble the famous Enemy: Allied super-soldiers generals) who the British High Command had em. Qualities tion. 1D]L-HWSDFN&RPPDQGR Alternately.


Page 9 .

. Their crew has the same stats as the Soldier Stock Character in ICONS. with the excep- tion that their helmet has had a basic scuba appa... They provide ground and sea support to the Untersee Uberfallkommado on their raids. bringing their total character cost Awareness 0 to 40 pts. They serve as a 2 man amalgam of a submarine and light tank..” Powers Invulnerability 3 ..Attack. Page 10 . BLITZKRIEG LONDON Untersee-Überfallkommando “Swimming Untersee-Panzer Squad” Prowess 5 Background: These commandos have the same Coordination 3 stats as the Überfallkommandos.blub. Willpower 0 Quote: “Blub blub. Strength 7 ratus installed and their jetpacks have been modi- Intellect 0 ¿HGIRUDPSKLELRXVGXW\7KH\DGG$PSKLELRXV to their Powers.pattern delta! Stamina 7 Blub blub..Armor Plating Aquatic 2 Untersee-Panzer Blast 6 (Explosive Blast) Tank Shell Background: These armored vehicles have been 29 pts RXW¿WWHG E\ 7KLUG 5HLFK VFLHQWLVWV WR VXUYLYH DQG operate amphibiously and even at depths of up to 50 feet underwater.

loss of weapons use. The exact result of this (immedi- I is only 21 feet tall with an Invulnerability of 5. -DQXDU\7KH8QWHUVHH5HLFKERWLVWKHDP. The Mark trol center. Our default sug- ability of 8. very few Enemy: Allied super-soldiers have been produced.) 31 pts Untersee-Reichbot Mark I Prowess 2 Coordination 2 Strength 4 (5 with Growth) Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Willpower 0 Stamina 8 Specialties Aerial Combat Underwater Combat Powers Aquatic 4 Blast 6 (Shooting) . A successful Awareness test is necessary phibious variant on this design. A called shot to the eye (see page 67 in ICONS) will hit the robot’s con- Two models are presented below. to notice this. Weakness has been given to the Reichbots to pro- vide one possibility for defeating them.QYXOQHUDELOLW\RI'HIHQVHLV. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Untersee-Reichbot Qualities Background: These massive battle robots have 21 Foot Tall Nazi Mechanical Menace been constructed by the fevered minds of the Challenges Third Reich’s mad scientists. (Having an Invulnerability score that gestion is that any successful called shot to high in ICONS means that a creative approach will the eye has a +1 to damage and ignores the likely be required to defeat the Mark II.Heavy Machine Guns Untersee-Reichbot Mark II Flight 4 Prowess 2 Growth 5 (Permanent) (Strength goes to 5. ate shutdown. An optional Reichbot’s Invulnerability. Coordination 2 JLYHV. loss of while the Mark II is 30 feet tall with an Invulner- mobility) is left up the GM. Thankfully. They have been observed FKLHÀ\ VXSSRUWLQJ hEHUIDOONRPPDQGR RSHUDWLRQV (Optional):HDNQHVV'HVLJQÀDZ7KHURERW¶V although one did slug it out with the Royal Navy control center is accessible via the weak destroyer HMS Resilient in the English Channel in coverings over the robot’s optical sensors.

Strength 4 (8 with Growth) Page 11 .

) Willpower 0 Background: Lady Sullivan’s mutant powers Stamina 8 (which manifested immediately after a horseback riding accident when she was 19) are wide-ranging Specialties ESP and psychic communication. Through- DELOLW\RI'HIHQVHLV. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Intellect 0 course. rule that the PCs have advanced portable communicators from the British government that Awareness 2 will serve the same purpose. She has been Aerial Combat drafted into the British defense infrastructure and Underwater Combat serves as a sort of super-powered early warning DQGGHIHQVHV\VWHPIRUWKHFLW\RI/RQGRQ'XULQJ Powers the nightly air raids of the Battle of Britain in 1940 Aquatic 4 she passec her visions onto the Royal Air Force (and to Allied superheroes) to give them early Blast 6 (Shooting) . deal with the bomb damage in the city.Heavy Machine Guns warning on impending attacks as well as helping Flight 4 WR GLVSDWFK ¿UH¿JKWLQJ FUHZV DQG DPEXODQFHV WR Growth 8 (Permanent) (Strength and Invulner.

(You could. “mundane” iden- ate shutdown. Roger Comisky) gestion is that any successful called shot is a US infantry- to the eye has a +1 to damage and ignores man who has the Reichbot’s Invulnerability. out the adventure. The exact result of this (immedi.QYDVLRQ Captain Liberty Prowess 7 Lady Victoria Sullivan aka Agent Argus Coordination 5 Note: There is no statblock for Lady Sullivan be- cause she is strictly a plot-device character. Her Strength 7 purpose is to pass psychic news updates on to the Intellect 3 PCs to keep the adventure moving. hero who (in his trol center. Captain Liberty A successful Awareness test is necessary is an American to notice this. been deployed to London in an- 34 pts ticipation of the ''D\. she will contact the PCs (intro- ducing herself if the PCs are unfamiliar with her) and giving them fresh information as new threats Qualities arise. A called shot to the eye (see vigilante super- page 67 in ICONS) will hit the robot’s con. of Page 12 . loss of weapons use. Our default sug. 30 Foot Tall Nazi Mechanical Menace Challenges Enemy: Allied super-soldiers Captain Liberty (Optional):HDNQHVV'HVLJQÀDZ7KHURERW¶V control center is accessible via the weak Background: coverings over the robot’s optical sensors. loss of tity as Private mobility) is left up the GM.

Since then he Stamina 10 has allowed commando units to appear behind enemy lines. shortly Willpower 3 after his ascension to Chancellor. causing chaos. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Awareness 3 Almost nothing is known about this character. ex- cept that he began to assist Hitler in 1933.DPSIJUXSSH(XJHQLNJUHZKHEHFDPHWKHLUSHU- /LEHUW\KDVQR'HWHUPLQDWLRQDVKHLVDQ13&. As the ranks of the Determination 'HVSLWH EHLQJ D ³IULHQGO\´ &DS .

sonal mode of transportation. Invulnerability 4 5HÀHFWLRQ 'HYLFH6KLHOG. This tactic is dev- astating in combination with a full-scale Blitzkrieg Military attack. Athletics Expert decapitating German opponents. allowing them to as- Specialties sassinate world leaders and military commanders. The best defense is old-fashioned intelli- Powers gence: make sure the Germans are never 100% sure of the location of an important individual.

Note anywhere on Earth) that these gates are two-way and Götterdämmer- ung can open a gate to allow someone to escape %ODVW'HYLFH 6KRRWLQJ. and then retreat DIWHUWKHEDWWOHLVRYHU'HSHQGLQJRQZKDWWKHDG. he can create gates allowing up Creates a Point to Point teleportation portal. Quote: “Ragnarok is upon us Mein Fuhrer. US Infantryman Prowess 4 Challenges Coordination 4 Enemy: Axis Super Soldiers Strength 4 Social: Impulsive and quick to anger Intellect 4 40 pts Awareness 4 Willpower 4 Stamina 8 Götterdämmerung Specialties Götterdämmerung is a plot-device character. his agent on Qualities Midgard.DPSIJUXSSH(XJHQLNDXQLTXH Weapons (Guns) threat. use. to 100 men to appear anywhere in the world. Odin has commanded me to assist you. Military IXOIRUPDNLQJWKH. His power to create gates allowing him- self and his allies to appear anywhere around the Occult Expert ZRUOGDOORZVWKH. 7HOHSRUWDWLRQ  'HYLFH 5LQJ RI WKH $HVLU  venture calls for.” (SLWKHW7ZR)LVWHG%UDZOLQJ'HIHQGHURI/LEHUW\ Götterdämmerung Identity: Roger Comisky.DPSIJUXSSH(XJHQLNWRDWWHPSW Powers assassinations of world leaders.

He also does not need Qualities to go with those he transports and almost never will. Enemy: Allied super soldiers dämmerung Page 13 . Catchphrase : For Odin! ous mover and shaker in the background. The goal is to keep this character a mysteri. Challenges Background: Reconnaissance Report Götter.0DFKLQH3LVWRO if the adventure calls for it.

Mutant (sometimes also called Verhexte or Quote: “The sea lanes are under my protection.LQJ. VZRUQHQHP\RI6ZRUG¿VK Background: 6ZRUG¿VK UXOHU RI WKH XQGHUVHD 49 pts . Allied scientists Coordination 5 KDYH EHHQ WU\LQJ ZLWKRXW VXFFHVV VR IDU WR ¿QG Strength 7 a cure. not completely Challenges trusted by his team-mates Enemy: Axis super-soldiers 42 pts Enemy: Nazi U-boats (QHP\'LVGDLQVWKH$PHULFDQKHUR6HD%HD as a “contemptible half-breed” (QHP\7KH6RYLHWVXSHUVROGLHU.” Jinx) 6ZRUG¿VK Background: When a normal human is exposed Prowess 6 WR 'U (XJHQLN¶V PXWDJHQLF JDV WKHVH VDYDJH bestial creatures are the result. Intellect 4 Prowess 7 Awareness 4 Coordination 8 Willpower 3 Strength 7 Intellect 1 Stamina 10 Awareness 2 Determination 1 Willpower 2 Specialties Stamina 9 Underwater Combat Expert Specialties Powers Athletics Aquatic 5 %ODVW 'HYLFH2FHDQLF:DU*DXQWOHW.DPQDU.. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Social: Tight-lipped about his past.DVDWNDLVD 6ZRUG¿VKDND.LQJGRPRI2FHDQLDLVDVWDXQFKDOO\WRWKH%ULWLVK and a member of the Crown Guard.. He is merely is trying to warn them on an impending attack when he is assaulted by Captain Liberty.


Cannot relate or speak. :HDNQHVV'ULYHQPDGE\UDJH 41 pts Page 14 . 5HJHQHUDWLRQ±+HDOLQJ)DFWRU Qualities Qualities (SLWKHW.LQJRI2FHDQLDDQG'HIHQGHURIWKH Feral mutated menace Seaways Challenges Staunch ally of Great Britain Social: Inhuman.

) Prowess 5 Massive Mutant Coordination 6 Prowess 7 Strength 5 Coordination 8 Intellect 0 Strength 7 Awareness 0 Intellect 1 Willpower 0 Awareness 2 Stamina 5 Willpower 2 Specialties Stamina 9 Aerial Combat Specialties Powers Athletics . Son- ic based attacks will be at +3 damage and will ignore the monster’s Invulnerability. Al- Massive Mutant (aka Atrocity) ternately. cluded an optional Weakness as one possible way Fighter Plane to do this. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Weakness (Optional): The mutant’s enlarged ear drums are very sensitive to noise. this and British aircraft.QYXOQHUDELOLW\ 'HYLFH$UPRU3ODWLQJ. ICONS with the addition of the Pilot Specialty. these unique individuals also gain the abil- ity to greatly increase their size and mass. We’ve in. (Note: Like the Reichbot Mark II. For the pilots of both of these NPC has a very high Invulnerability and will require vehicles. gas. Such VEHICLES SECTION mutants are colloquially called Atrocities. a coin WHUPHG E\ WKH 86 VXSHUWHDP WKH ¿UVW WLPH WKH\ These vehicle stats can represent both German fought one. Instead of being devolved into a feral mu- 50 pts tant. sonic based Background: In rare cases. us the Soldier Stock Character from some creativity for your PCs to defeat. individuals have an attacks will have an additional Nullify effect H[FHSWLRQDO UHDFWLRQ WR 'U (XJHQLN¶V PXWDJHQLF against the Monster’s Growth Power. at GM’s discretion.



Strength 5 :HDNQHVV'ULYHQPDGE\UDJH Intellect 0 Page 15 . Cannot relate or speak. Strike 5 (Slashing) 33 pts Regeneration 5 Growth 7 (Strength increases to 8 and Invulnerability JRHVWRZKLOH'HIHQVHJHWVDIHHW tall at Maximum size) Qualities Fighter-Bomber /Dive Bomber Feral mutated menace Prowess 5 Challenges Coordination 4 Social: Inhuman.



Stamina 5 %ODVW ([SORVLRQ.



Aerial Combat 36 pts Page 16 .

format. translate and otherwise cre- DWH'HULYDWLYH0DWHULDORI2SHQ*DPH&RQWHQW K. modify. BLITZKRIEG LONDON Open Game License edit.

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that the Open Game Content may only be Used XWHG2SHQ*DPH&RQWHQW E. Game Content that contains a notice indicating right and/or trademark owners who have contrib.´&RQWULEXWRUV´ PHDQV WKH FRS\.

you Use. You must af- means copyrighted material including derivative ¿[VXFKDQRWLFHWRDQ\2SHQ*DPH&RQWHQWWKDW works and translations (including into other com. No terms may be added to or subtracted SXWHU ODQJXDJHV.´'HULYDWLYH0DWHULDO´ under and in terms of this License.

from this License except as described by the Li- tion. abridgment or other form in which applied to any Open Game Content distributed us- an existing work may be recast. transformed or ing this License. upgrade. addition. DGDSWHG F. SRWDWLRQ PRGL¿FDWLRQ FRUUHF. extension. No other terms or conditions may be compilation. improvement. cense itself.

symbols. lease. 7. names. the Contributors Product Identity and is an enhancement over the grant You a perpetual. environments. Grant and Consideration: In consideration for to the extent such content does not embody the agreeing to use this License. rent.GHQWLW\ DQG ZKLFK VSHFL¿FDOO\ H[FOXGHV WKH as to compatibility. includ- ing translations and derivative works under copy. prior art and any additional content clearly identi. enchantments. likenesses and special abilities. independent Agreement with the own- logos. incidents. 3. designs that are er of each element of that Product Identity. title. sell. and any other trademark or registered trademark clearly identi. procedures. 2SHQ*DPH&RQWHQW\RX'LVWULEXWH logos. non-exclusive license with the exact terms of this ¿HGDV2SHQ*DPH&RQWHQWE\WKH&RQWULEXWRUDQG License to Use. Page 17 . personas. artifacts. dialogue. in conjunction with a work containing Open Game ³8VHG´RU³8VLQJ´PHDQVWRXVH'LVWULEXWHFRS\ Content except as expressly licensed in another. names and descriptions TICE of any Open Game Content You are copying.GHQWLW\ are contributing original material as Open Game (e) “Product Identity” means product and product Content. royalty-free. equip. License. photographic and other visual to include the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NO- or audio representations. concepts. processes and routines 4. language. and You must add the teams.Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You ULJKWODZEXWVSHFL¿FDOO\H[FOXGHV3URGXFW. spells. 5. the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion of this License themes and graphic. of characters. 6. thematic elements. sign. sto. the copyright date. motto. mark. ¿FLHQW ULJKWV WR JUDQW WKH ULJKWV FRQYH\HG E\ WKLV ries. likenesses. broadcast. worldwide. formats. poses.Notice of License Copyright: You must update depictions. plots. locations. means any work covered by this License. ³'LVWULEXWH´ PHDQV WR UHSURGXFH OL- cense. publicly display. the Open Game Content. or graphic designs. including as an indication XFW . except as expressly licensed Open Game Content. (d)”Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms Content” means the game mechanic and includes of this License. and the copyright holder’s places. logos and identifying marks including are Your original creation and/or You have suf- trade dress. creatures. magical or supernatural abilities or effects. agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptabil- ucts or the associated products contributed to the ity with any Trademark or Registered Trademark Open Game License by the Contributor (g) “Use”.Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game transmit or otherwise distribute. designs. any Product Identity. the methods. storylines. (f) “Trademark” means the in another. symbols. modifying or distributing. creatures characters. personalities. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use ¿HGDV3URGXFWLGHQWLW\E\WKHRZQHURIWKH3URG. name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original ment. You used by a Contributor to identify itself or its prod. You represent that Your Contributions line names. artwork.

11. Mike Lafferty. Andy Skinner. Sedge Lewis. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1.I\RXGLVWULEXWH2SHQ*DPH&RQ- tent You must clearly indicate which portions of FATE (Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertain- the work that you are distributing are Open Game ment). Shawn Garbett. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. All other text is open content. Gordon Mc- used in Open Game Content shall retain all rights. or governmental Designation of Open Gaming Content: The fol- regulation then You may not Use any Open Game lowing sections of Amazing Stories Of World War Material so affected. You may use any authorized version of this Hicks. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License.0 Copyright 2000. and Leonard Balsera. Designation of Product Identity: The following terms are designated as product identity as out- 12. Use of Contributor Credits: You may not mar- ket or advertise the Open Game Content using the Open Gaming Content name of any Contributor unless You have written permission from the Contributor to do so. RPGObjects. Termination: This License will terminate auto.HQVRQ SXEOLVKHG Game Content originally distributed under any exclusively by Adamant Entertainment in partner- version of this License.. Inability to Comply: If it is impossible for You line in section 1(a) of the Open Gaming License: to comply with any of the terms of this License with 35'$DQG6SOLQWHU5DGLFDOV respect to some or all of the Open Game Con- tent due to statute. -RKQ8JKULQ'PLWUL=DJLGXOLQ . judicial order. Fudge System Reference Document. pictures. 10. Stephan Szabo. Copyright 2003 by Evil Hat Productions Content. Inc. Copyright 2006. WHUPVGH¿QHGDVSURGXFWLGHQWLW\DERYH$OOLOOXV- matically if You fail to comply with all terms herein trations. ship with Cubicle Seven Entertainment. modify and distribute any Open Icons &RS\ULJKW  6WHYH . 3URGXFWLRQV//&$XWKRUV5REHUW'RQRJKXH)UHG cense. The owner of any Product Identity Heil. Bernard Hsiung. and diagrams are Product iden- and fail to cure such breach within 30 days of be. Authors Steffan Trademark or Registered Trademark. Wiz- ards of the Coast. //&$XWKRUV5REHUW'RQRJKXHDQG)UHG+LFNV 9. Evil Hat Agents may publish updated versions of this Li. Ltd. thony Roberson.GHQWL¿FDWLRQ. Reformation: If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable. Ed Product Identity. &RUPLFN. Grey Ghost Press. Inc. coming aware of the breach. Updating the License: Wizards or its designated Spirit of the Century. 15. Copyright Page 18 . 14. Authors &RQWHQW<RX'LVWULEXWH Charles Rice.HQW0DWWKHZVRQ3HWHU0LNHOVRQV$Q- title and interest in and to that Product Identity. Steven Hammond. Two:the Undead Stormtroopers Of Grunerwald! is designated as open gaming content except for 13. The use of 2¶6XOOLYDQ DQG $QQ 'XSXLV ZLWK DGGLWLRQDO PD- any Product Identity in Open Game Content does WHULDO E\ 3HWHU %RQQH\ 'HLUG¶5H %URRNV 5HLPHU not constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Behrends. License to copy. Copyright 2010. Copy of this License: You MUST include a copy Amazing Stories Of World War Two: Blitzkrieg of this License with every copy of the Open Game London. tity and property of RPGObjects™. BLITZKRIEG LONDON independent Agreement with the owner of such 2005. The introduction is closed content.