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Food Fair (Text Book pg 11)

- to raise funds for the Sunshine Orphanage write an e-mail to a friend to describe the project that you
have carried out in school.

#1. Past Tense :

is was advertise advertised buy bought
are were divide divided sell sold
is selling was selling decide decided hold held
are cleaning were cleaning put up put up

#2. Structures to use:

There was There were
The Food Fair It was
We We were
The students ... The students were
The school The foods sold were , , and many more.

Point 1 posters and flyers around school advertise fair

When : Tuesday, 10.1.2017 8.00 3.00 p.m. last month

______________, our school organized a Food Fair. It was on __________ , 10.1.2017. It began at
_________ and ended at ___________.

When : two weeks before the Food Fair

Who : the students some of them everyone.
How : paste the posters distribute flyers at the nearby house areas
What : posters and flyers
Where : in every class
Why : advertise the fair

___________________ (when), the ___________(who) ___________(how) in _______________(where).

____________(who) ______________ (how). The ____________ (what)___________ (why).