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3P - Production Preparation
Autonomation describes a feature of machine design to effect the principle
5S - Workplace Organization
Activity Based Costing of "Jidoka" used in the Toyota Production System. Autonomation, or
Agile Manufacturing Jidoka, may also be described as "intelligent automation'" or "automation
Autonomation with a human touch."
Best Practices Autonomation transfers a level of The Gold Mine: A Novel of
Business Intelligence human intelligence to automated Lean Turnaround POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS
Competitive Intelligence machinery. Machines thus detect
Continuous Flow even a single defective part and by Freddy Balle Download PowerPoint training
Continuous Improvement presentations on over 50 topics.
immediately stop while asking for
Design for Manufacturing
Ergonomics help. The concept was pioneered by Lean Overview - 3P - 5S - Jidoka - Kaizen - Value
Heijunka Sakichi Toyoda at the turn of the Implementing World Class Streams - Visual Factory - Pull - JIT - Kanban - Quick
Changeover - Cellular Manufacturing - Theory of
Hoshin Kanri twentieth century. He invented Excellence Constraints - TWI - TPM - Lean Office - TQM - SPC -
Jidoka automatic looms that stopped Root Cause Analysis - Six Sigma - FMEA - Balanced
Just in Time instantly when any thread broke. by Larry Rubrich Scorecard - Competitive Intelligence - Knowledge
Management - Job Design - Outsourcing Strategy -
Kaizen This permitted one operator to Supply Chain Strategy - Strategic Management -
Kanban oversee many machines without risk Project Management - and many more
Knowledge Management More Information
of producing large amounts of
Lean Accounting Jidoka PowerPoint Presentation
defective cloth. Taiichi Ohno
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Supply Chain considered Jidoka (Autonomation is
Manufacturing Excellence ONLINE LEARNING
Mistake Proofing one variant) as one of the two pillars Presentations
One Piece Flow of the Toyota Production System.
Lean Toolkit Web-based online training on lean
Poka Yoke See also jidoka. manufacturing topics
Policy & Strategy Deployment Factory Toolbox
Pull Manufacturing The purpose of autonomation is the Lean Overview - 3P - 5S - Jidoka - Kaizen - Value
Quick Changeover / SMED rapid or immediate address, Streams - Visual Factory - Pull - JIT - Kanban - Quick
Detailed autonomation definition Changeover - Cellular Manufacturing - Theory of
Quick Response identification and correction of Constraints - TWI - TPM
Manufacturing mistakes that occur in a process. For Evolving Excellence Blog More Information
Safety & Health
instance rather than waiting until the
Six Sigma Events Calendar
Standard Work end of a production line to inspect a
Statistical Process Control finished product, autonomation may FACTORY TOOLBOX
Strategic Planning be imployed at early steps in the
Supply Chains process to reduce the amount of Over 500 forms, procedure templates, and
Takt Time work that is added to a defective tools for download.
Teams product. A worker who is Lean Toolkit - Procedures Toolkit - Quality Toolkit -
Theory of Constraints self-inspecting their own work, or Tools and Forms Toolkit - Engineering Toolkit -
Total Productive Maintenance Materials Toolkit - Safety Toolkit - HR Toolkit
source-inspecting the work produced
Training Within Industry More Information
immediately before their work
Value Streams
Visual Factory station is encouraged to stop the line
Work Cells when a defect is found. This
detection is the first step in Jidoka. A
LEAN ENTERPRISES machine performing the same defect Training and information videos on a wide
detection process is engaged in variety of lean manufacturing topics.
Lean Construction autonomation.
Lean Education Life in a Workcell - Batchin' - What Lean Means -
Lean Government Kaizen Blitz - Customer Satisfaction - Work Teams -
Once the line is stopped a supervisor or person designated to help correct
Lean Healthcare Velocity at Dell - Strategic Planning
Lean Job Shops problems give immediate attention to the problem the worker or machine More Information
Lean Manufacturing has discovered. To complete Jidoka, not only is the defect corrected in the
Lean Office product where discovered, but the process is evaluated and changed to
Lean Product Development remove the possibility of making the same mistake again. This
Lean Software & IT "mistake-proofing" of the production line is called Poka Yoke.

Taiichi Ohno and Sakichi Toyoda, originators of Lean philosophy and

practices in the manufacturing of textiles, machinery and automobiles
considered Poka Yoke & Jidoka (mistake-proofing and autonomation) the
pillars upon which Lean is built.

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Lean manufacturing game

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Supply Chain Optimization Lean Mfg. Workstations IM&C Profit Growth Study
multi phase reusable activity lean Optimize global value networks Modular workstations ideal for Download Complimentary White
processing, supply chains end to end, from supplier to Lean Production - Download White Papers On SAP Solutions For Your customer Paper! Industry.