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Originated : Juni Prananta (Arrad Site Engineer)

To : Bpk. Febri Wahyudi (SRU Proc. Engineer)

Cc : Bpk. Suratno (Proc. Engineering Asst. Manager)

Bpk. Chasril Hanif (Regasification Proc. Engineer)
Bpk. Hidayatullah (Utility Proc. Engineer)
Bpk. Jusli (Arrad Acc. Manager)

Subject : Technical inspection report due to corrosion ocured on LPC pump G-2707

Dear All,
As the actually condition on G-2707A that has look corroded in maintenance shop. Arrad team and PAG
process engineer perform the inspection. As the view of corrosion that occur, there is suspection as
pitting and cavity corrosion on the pump block.

The Problems
As the system overview of condensate, steam
and BFW in SRU plant, that the G-2707A in order
as low pressure steam condensate distribution
pump. This pump is working with pressure
setting 20,3 bar steam condensate from D-2705.
Steam condensate on D-2705 (LPC storage
drum) as storage system of steam condensate
before distributing to E-2807, E-2804A/B/C/D &
E-2901 as boiler feed water. There is has no
treatment anything to oxygen dissolve
prevention. As we know the possibilities source
of oxygen in condensate can entry from
entrussion of air around leaky pump seal oxygen
can leak into a system via absorption into the
condensate in atmospheric systems (vented
receiver tanks), with raw water in leakage, and
as air drawn in through small leaks, when the
system is under a vacuum or operates
intermittently and pulls a vacuum as the equipment cools (e.g., at threaded joints, heat exchangers,
faulty steam traps, packing glands, and vented receivers).

The Reaction of oxygen attack :

4Fe + 6H2O + 3O2 4Fe(OH)3 (1)
The ferric hydroxide then generally reverts in the condensate to form particulate iron oxyde :
2Fe(OH)3 Fe2O3 + 3H2O (2)
Severe pitting caused by oxygen attack can
frequently be found at or just below the liquid
surface in partially filled vessels and pipes, and
at points above the surface where condensate
droplets are formed. Although chemical
solutions to this problem exist, air in leakage
should be solved first by making the required
system repairs.

E-2705 Sampling Point at SRU


There is unproperly sampling skid on D-2705 sample point to

check oxygen content. The analysis of oxygen in steam
condensate return storage (D-2705) is important to know
how much oxygen that dissolve in steam condensate. ARRAD
team has reported the unproperly sampling point to oxygen
content check on D-2705 to PAG (PE and Operator) since
2013 Deaerator A Sampling Point at Utilities


Possibilities of other equipment damage by oxygen corrosion that may be occur by oxygen attack is high,
due to there is no treatment of oxygen anything in condensate return system inlet to D-2705. Addition
of oxygen removal equipment or oxygen scavanging system is important to considered

Corrosion cell mechanism