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Alexander Troutman

11, Sep. 2017

English 102
Mr. Parker

Hashtag Diagnostic

The Best Way to Honor our Fallen Soldiers is to stop creating so many of them.

In this image we have a father holding out his hand to the fallen soldiers, of the Vietnam war,

nearly 60,000 lost their lives, and this memorial in Washington D.C. is a reminder to all the cost

of war and the horror it brings. As I have grown up in this country I see America and its forces as

a necessity to keep world power balance, especially with other world powers rising, Russia,

China, North Korea, and the Middle East. I personally do not agree with the statement above.

America is the Greatest Country because we stand united. The land of the free and home of the

Brave. Francis Scott Key. So do I believe Its wrong for men and women to want to fight for

their Family, and Country, no I do not. I am a firm believer in showing the utmost respect to our

soldiers, veterans and retired military. I think that statement is complete bullshit. Freedom does

not come without a price, and if those who support this do not realize the freedoms they enjoy,

they can go to North Kora, because that unpatriotic. If we as a country stopped training soldiers,

and stopped protecting our allies in Europe, there would be a vacuum open for terror, or other

nations to impose there agenda. America would not be #1 and thats a world I do not want to live

in. My father retired from the air force, and my oldest brother is currently serving in the United
States Navy. War has always been the way of the world, but you can choose what you die for.

No one forces young men and women to sign up and work for Uncle Sam. Only those who have

a heart to fight and protect this land. So the best way to honor our fallen heroes is to keep

fighting and never give up.