Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant – Chart 2

By Yenbeeyes, India
Copy Editor: Bhaskaran Natesan, India Manuscript Courtesy By: UpendraSingh Bhadoriya, India.
We have started the translations of the Saptarishis Nadi wherein for Each Ascendant there are nearly 1000 pages equaling 12000 pages in all. Though this is a herculean task & require a lot many contributors who would translate from Tamil language to English language but Shri Yenbeeyes & Shri Bhaskaran Natesan have done the auspicious act of initiating the work. We request all Tamil speaking scholars to come forward and help us in this herculean task. Normally we spend time reading analysis or a reading of a stalwart astrologer but when you get a reading from a Rishi as given in Saptarishis Nadi then astrologers should not miss it and use this space to read & understand their reading and try to decipher what technique they might have used to give such stunning predictions that we astrologers of today cannot give. We bow to Lord Ganapati & request the Saptarishis to guide us in this task so that our errors are minimum & the context is not lost. Note: The Chapter is in a Poetical form and is a conversation between Goddess Parvati, Consort of Lord Shiva and Athri Maharishi. Maharishi Athri replies to the queries raised by Goddess Parvati on various positions of planets in the chart at the time of birth.

Yenbeeyes hails from a Tamil family
wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he having retired in 2007 has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

1. Kindly tell me the results of a horoscope where Mercury, Mars and Sun in Libra, Venus and Rahu in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius, Saturn and Ketu in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini and Lagna is Gemini. 2. The native of this chart lives in a street running east to west and the main door of the house facing south. That is his father’s house. On the western side, there is a junction of four roads, a Shiva temple, a temple for Goddess Kali and a temple for Lord Ganesha. Nearby there is a garden and a large deep well. 3. To the south west side of the house there will be a Mariamman temple and a temple of Lord Vishnu. On the eastern side there will be another Vinayakar (Lord Ganesa) temple. On the opposite side of the house there will be no houses. In such a small place, this male native will give birth. We will tell about the fortunes and the previous birth details of his father, mother, coming wife and children. 4. While telling about the siblings of the native’s father, one brother and one sister will be there with long life. Details of the elder brother (of father): Black like the colour of Thirumal (Vishnu); Lean body; incapable of talking in public. 5. A modest person; A patient man; Filled with love and affection to others ; Will not talk insolently; not getting lazy in work; has good manners; devoted towards Lord Shiva; We will say that because of his wife good fortunes will come. 6. He will have one wife only. We will tell about the progeny (Puthra Bhava). There will be four male issues; there will be no female issues. One male child will be given in adoption to a person in father’s family because of his childlessness & it will be given in anger. 7. As he has to perform the last rites of the adopted parents, he goes and stays with them. Because of that there will be a big litigation; then he will get the estates. Has the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. We will tell about the native’s father. Mother! Listen.

8. An intelligent man; a patient man; has virtuous & charitable intentions; has devotedness; is black colored; can arrive at conclusions; has wisdom; has lean body; will be subjected to baseless and untrue bad reputation accepts unwanted praise; has good character. Oh! Mother! Further, listen. Publishers Notes:
One can see that 1H & 5H is ones name and fame, the Asc Lord is Mer sitting in the 5H of name & fame, spoilt by debilitated Sun, who additionally is the naisargika (natural) 5L of fame & name in Kal Chakra Kundali. This Asc Lord Mer is conjoined by Mars the 6L of disputes & also disposits Rahu the ‘False Allegation/Scam Indicator’. All this combination of Sun, Mer, Mars is in trine to Arudha Asc & Moon (2L) is to be further noted.

9. Has the desire to offer food (to others) and has the capacity to do so; will protect those who went to him or supported him. Has friendship of the King’s officers; has no secrets; always talks high level words; has the habit of speaking the truth; will repeat the words often while speaking or while discussing. Will conquer enemies. 10. Will get enmity with relatives; will put in efforts to appear like Lord Shiva; has friendship of elders; has servants; a little short‐tempered; will walk fast; will not have much wealth; a compassionate man; has courageous mind. Publishers Notes:
As to why he would get enmities with relatives, we can see that the natural badhak (obstacle) of any horoscope which is Rahu is placed in the 6H of natural badha (fights) & also of relatives, hence he will have enmity with relatives.

Vishnu Rekha1 (Line of Vishnu) 11. Has the capacity to rule the earth; Has influence; Has hot type of body; not having much interest in sex; has ‘Vishnu Rekha’ (Line of Vishnu) in hand; does not want to do sinful things; the native will be born as a son to such a person of character. We will tell about the native’s character. 12. Has faded color; lean body; keeps secrets; will acquire education; does not have association of low class people; capable of getting into relationship;(can get in to close association with any one especially with women, confirmed in verse 13) gives alms and gifts; will get a good name from everybody; (good to everyone) capable of talking sweetly; has wealth like fine gold etc. 13. Interested in eating sour tasty foods; will increase the fertile lands; has no bad characters; has much cattle, sheep like quadruped animals; very much interested in prostitutes; will not speak unwanted words; dear to wife; liked by relatives. Very much, more on the side of adulation. 14. We will tell about the siblings of the native. We say that he will have one brother and two sisters. The brother is younger to the native. We will tell about his brother. Mother! Please listen.

Publisher: Pls refer to Appendix on detailed note on Vishnu Rekha by Rabinder Nath Bhandari


15. Has good luck. Is a good‐natured man. Has strong mind; will talk strictly; is capable of helping many people; will be modern; will perform the religious duties of his father and mother; about his wife and children‐ 16. We will tell at a later part. Listen to the sister’s matters. We will tell about the loving first sister. Lives without any difficulties; has less progeny ; (sons actually) words are sweet like sugarcane; dear to husband. 17. Will observe fast with piety; will help those in distress; a little short‐tempered; has no siblings of her husband; not done any sin – Like that when the Rishi was telling, Parvati started asking – What are the reasons for the ‘Putra Dosha’ – blemish of childlessness? 18. Because of the wrong deeds in the previous birth, she will not get children. If ‘Navagraha Shanti’ (Remedy for the Nine grahas) is performed and an amulet is worn, she will give birth to one male child and two female children and they will have long life. Publishers Notes:
Readers, who are averse to remedial measures, can observe that Rishi stresses on remedial measure of 9 planets yagya and an amulet for child birth.

Method Of Doing Shanti 19. Parvati asked, How to perform the Shanti? In the house where she was born (i.e. her parent’s house) after doing Puja, perform Navagraha Homam (casting of ghee, grain etc. into the sacred fire), perform Puja of Goddess Shakthi, perform meditation and then in a thin flat silver piece write the ‘Bijakshara’ (name) of Goddess Parashakthi.. 20. And then the balance letters must be meditated and recited and then if she wears that, all the bad karmas or deeds will leave and children will be born – Thus we say. She also can have a life of a long‐lived person. Oh! Parvati Devi! Listen. Translators Notes: Navagraha homa has the power to counter flaws in the horoscope and enable a person to prosper in life in case astrological defects are the main blocks to his well‐being. The homa is done to appease the nine planets i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Every planet has its own importance. Sun is the king of planets, which gives health. Moon is the planet, which rules over mind and gives success. Mars or Mangala is the planet, which gives prosperity and wealth. Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge, Jupiter gives education, Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Saturn gives happiness and also teaches vairagya. Rahu makes the life stronger. Ketu prospers the family. Navagraha homam is used to remove Doshas or reduce the effect by appeasing these planets. By doing this homa, navagraha doshas are removed and good results will accrue is what the Rishi wants to convey.

The ‘Bijakshara’ means the seed Mantra. The continuous chanting of this seed mantra bestows great benefits. Bijakshara Mantra is different for different deities. It consists of a single syllable or a combination 2 or more syllables like – Ohm, Hrim, Kleem etc.etc. This is always followed by other letters like nine syllable or ten syllable or even 30 syllable mantras. What the Rishi states here is that the Bijakshara Mantra as applicable to Goddess Shakthi should be inscribed in the Silver plate selected for the purpose and the remaining mantras should be recited. Mantra Shastra is a vast subject, my job is only translation, and so I cannot transgress my limitations. Just for the knowledge of the readers, I pointed out some of the meanings as available in Mantra Shastra. 21. We will tell the news of the second sister. She is deceitless; living comfortably in her birth house; walks fast; has much wealth; No cheating ideas in mind; after marriage will go with her husband and live separately. (Means he will leave her parent’s house and will live with her husband) 22. While looking at the ‘Putra Bhava’ i.e. issue of children, she will have two sons and two good‐natured daughters and will live with perfection. We will say that she will have long life. Oh! Penance doing Parvati! (It appears that one line in this verse is missing) 23. We say that the age of marriage of the native is 21. His wife will come from the northern direction from his house. We will tell about her character. She is a true‐minded person; will be with virtue and follow rules; she has a lot of luck. Publishers Notes:
The age of marriage Rishi says is 21, which as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi is the 9H & 9H is the house of marriage/dharma where the Moon (woman) the ruler of 2H of family life is located. Moon is ruled by Cancer and as per Parasara’s BPHS Cancer denotes the North direction, maybe that is the reason Rishi is indicating that she (wife) will come from the Northern direction. Regarding luck, having virtue being possessed by the wife, maybe it is due to the aspect of Jupiter on Moon which is giving that but at the same time, Jupiter is badhak lord and Saturn also aspects this Moon, so how this is being indicated is a mystery like many other readings of Sages. To add further thought why badhakesh Jupiter sitting in the 1H has given early marriage at age of 21 is a mystery but on second thoughts maybe 21 was a late marriage scene in those olden days.

24. Will have the habit of offering food to the poor; She will be behaving with goodness with all. Dear to her husband; has good manners and conduct; has all sorts of happiness and prosperity; after her marriage and when she reaches her husband, incomparable wealth will be accumulated. 25. We will tell about native’s progeny. Will have two sons and two daughters and they will be with long life. Further three will be born but will pass away. Oh! Mother of Lord Ganesha! Listen. Mother Of Native 26. Mother will be of faded color; has no secrets; bilious body; faultless; has the good habit of behaving according to the wishes of her husband. (in this verse also one line appears to be missing)

27. We say that mother’s family will be wandering one. Out of three siblings two will die. One will be steady. (will have longer life)He will go to a foreign country via ship. We will tell about her previous birth. Mother! Listen. 28. In a big place to the west of Kancheepuram, born in a potter’s family, gave birth to children, worshipped Shiva, the eater of hala poison, lived without difficulties, died before her husband; 29. created by Brahma again and she was born – we say like that. Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva asked: You said that her siblings would be lost. You also said that she would be wandering. What is the reason for that? Oh! Parvati! Listen (Rishis started telling) 30. In the previous birth, when she was living comfortably, one day a Rishi came and asked for a vessel for cooking food. She also gave a vessel made of pot (mud pot) Rishi also cooked in that vessel. When the rice was boiling, the vessel broke. 31. All the boiled rice fell to the ground. When seeing this, the Rishi cursed that her house will be destroyed and her lineage will not prosper. That curse continued and reached her in this birth. 32. In the next birth, to the south of Thirukazhukundram (a place) in a big place she was born in this race (in this caste or a particular family/lineage). Will live by getting lot of wealth. We will tell about the history of the previous birth of the father. Oh! Parvati! Listen. Previous Birth Of Father Of Native 33. In the previous birth, he was born in the same race in Puducheri town (Now called as Pondicherry). When he was living with wife and children, after constructing a big house, having done big business in the world and praised by all people in the world, 34. We will tell about the curse that came upon him. One businessman had borrowed money from him (native’s father) and was doing business. He incurred heavy loss in the business and hence could not repay the debt and with grief‐filled mind, he went to another place. 35. The native’s father took all his house and lands and constructed a place for the pilgrims (those who do penance). The businessperson’s wife suffered without a house and she cursed. Oh! Mother! Further, listen. 36. While leaving this birth, she said that in the next birth, I would take birth in your race; I will quickly create enmity, and will create great loss (of money). In the last days after getting easy death, (spontaneous death without prolonged illness or suffering) 37. She was born again – like we said. That girl also gave birth in this race, later became enemy. However, whatever is the enmity or displeasure in the end the native’s father will be victorious. 38. As we said, father will be a wise man. A pious man; will have mature understanding; interested in sustaining and protecting dharmic thoughts, controls his words; has submissive qualities. Oh! Mother! Further, listen.

39. We will tell about the death time of native’s father. In the native’s 36th year, it will happen. For the mother the death will be in his 38th year. Oh! Giver of the elephant headed God to the world! Listen and oh! The most compassionate and merciful! Publishers Notes:
Father’s Death: The death of natives father is 36th year, now 9H is house of father, his lord Saturn goes into the 12H of exit along with Ketu (who is the exiter) and aspected by 12L of death Ven from 6H, so everything is happening at the 12H which as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi is the 36th year and also Saturn as per normal astrology gives results at the age of 36. Mothers Death: At the age of 38 the Rishi says his mother will die. This can be seen in many ways, first let us see the 4H stands for mother, take this as Mothers Asc, the 3H will be 36th year, 4H will be 37th, 5H will be 38th year, it being 2nd from 4th is the maraca (death inflicting) house for Mother, and it is placed with 8L Mars (from Mothers Asc) & 12L Sun (from Mothers Asc) in the 2H of maraca (from Mothers Asc). From Natal Asc: 38th year will be the 2nd house as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi and 2H stands for family, incidentally its lord here is Moon, natural significator of mother, this house is aspected by 8L of death Saturn from 12H of exit & this Saturn in turn aspects natal Moon too thereby indicating an event in family to the mother in the 38th year.

40. We will tell about the native’s death time. In his 60th year, in the month of ‘Purattasi’ (It is a Tamil month name, which falls between 15th Sep. to 15th Oct.) On the New Moon day, died because of bilious disease. Oh! Worshipper of the people doing great penance! Parvati! Listen. Publishers Notes:
Death Of Native: 8L of death Saturn who is natural karaka of death, it goes into 12H of Exit along with Ketu forming a very malefic combination, the 12house denotes 12th, 24th, 36, 48, 60th year hence death happened, also Saturn would have completed his double round.


41. We will tell about the previous birth of the native. In Thiruvalangadu (a place), took birth in the ‘Vanniar’ caste (a race prevalent in Tiruchirappalli and Madurai districts of Tamil Nadu) and lived with much landed properties and wealth and jewels. He was dear to the Brahmins, and was doing service to Lord Shiva. 42. On the roadside he kept water‐sheds (For quenching the thirst of pilgrims and travelers who passed by), solved the grievances of those who come there tired, did service to the Lord 4 Shiva the lord of Thiruvalangadu which was there and died, again because of Brahma’s designs?,


Bhaskaran Natesan on the word Purrattasi: Bhadra pada masa (and Kanya masa in solar calendar) Yenbeeyes: Since chandramana and Souramana and English months refer to different periods of time, I have simply mentioned the name of the month as mentioned in the verse and given the equivalent of it in English month 3 Copy Editor – Bhaskaran Natesan ‐There are two places in Tamil Nadu. One is located 15 Kms from Tiruttani (one of the Six abodes of Lord Subramanya). The other one is located near Mayiladuthurai (Probably it is now under Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu.) 4 Copy Editor: The Presiding deity in Thiruvalangadu is Lord Shiva. This is the place where Lord Shiva and Mother Kaali danced to find out who was the better among the two.


43. We said that he took rebirth in this ‘Vellala’ (one of the agricultural tribe) race. We will tell about his re‐birth. He will take birth in the family of Brahmin knowing Vedas, in Kancheepuram. We will say he will live with nothing in want. He shall live With luck, 44. and good fortune, he will live, praised by his relatives, with good character and helpful to the people of the world. Will not go back on his promises. Will have eloquence, will have increased grains (from his field); doing agriculture, 5he will increase the wealth of his father.

Vishnu Rekha (Line of Vishnu) By Rabinder Nath Bhandhari, India. According to The Lal Kitab System Of Prediction, when planet Sun [Suraj – Tappasavi Raja] is placed in 1st house of horoscope of a person, which can be confirmed by looking at the position of Sun Line [Suraj Rekha] which is restricted to the mount of Sun [Suraj Ka Burj] only, or there is a sign of Star [Suraj Ka Sitara] on that mount, or by simply looking at that person, who is slim [not weak] in structure, wheatish [neither black nor white] in complexion with glowing attractive eyes with long face and all his body parts are present in perfect working condition, not disabled [Suraj Parbal Ka Insaan or a person who is governed by Sun], that person is empowered with a capacity to rule as a King, he will become rich with self efforts and still will have no attachment with money [Laxmi]. He will lend help to his father, follower of old ancestral traditions, will do all for his children, but will demand nothing from them in return. Native will live a happy prosperous life with very good health and all his body parts will be in working order till his end, will be benefited from Govt., owner of landed property, true in self and always truth lover and trust worthy. The native will be shining like the Sun in connection with his fate, will be blessed with the of habit of doing charity, which will be the foundation of his rising state, whereas on the contrary when he starts accepting charity, his downfall will start. He will be hot like Sun in his temper, and when pressed by worldly people by creating obstacles in his way to progress, he shines much more and becomes hotter but his enemies suffer a lot on the other hand. The native will be of good moral character and remain away from dirty love affairs and bad sexual relations [if such person performs sexual act during day time, this will give adverse effects on the health of that person]. He will be in habit of taking low salt [item of Sun] in food and will like to wear light color clothing’s instead of black and dark blue color [colors of inimical planets to Sun]. Furthermore, native’s house will also belong to planet Sun; a house facing eastward direction main gate and courtyard of that house will be in centre of that house. As lord Vishnu controls planet sun, so possessor of such signs of sun is blessed with the above qualities as quoted in Vishnu Rekha. If Vishnu Rekha is mentioned somewhere else


Copy Editor: Here we have to pause and think. In the previous verse, the Rishi states that the native will be born in a family of a Brahmana. A Brahmin does not cultivate lands. Yet the Rishi states that the native will cultivate in order to increase his granary storage. This needs thinking.


(by another authority), on any other part of body, that will also be the representative of planet Sun which is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. So, possessor of Vishnu Rekha will behave in this world just like Sun, which gives light to this world, is hot, well disciplined, very punctual, never deviates from its path and who never sets down, when we say Sun Set, it is the movement of Sun, just away from us, but Sun keeps shining always somewhere at another place.

Aphorisms from the Secretum Secretorum (1) If possible, the planets must be reinforced with a fixed star from the same nature, because it concentrates the power of the influx and the duration of the work. (2) When the request is from the same nature than the ascendant and the dominant star, and is reinforced with a fixed star, one can be sure that it will be obtained easily and the influx will be strengthened. (3) For dynamic the Eagle Star must be used, for the static the Lira Star . (4) Conjunction of celestial bodies is a great support that we have to take advantage of. (5) Positions are as fundamental conjunctions for talismans. as

(6) The dominant star being in the Midheaven, exalted or in its domicile and taking part of the ascendant.

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