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End-to-end mobile broadband solution for public safety

The public safety community has long called for mobile broadband to support its mission to save lives.
Nokia has been involved every step of the way helping to match the requirements with the
appropriate technical solutions.
Watch the video interview in which Nokia leaders discuss LTE for mission-critical services, spectrum
harmonization, smooth evolution path and technology innovation.

Nokia and partners unlock the full potential of LTE for public safety

Public safety authorities need an interoperable communication system, which offers them economies
of scale and broadband capabilities for more efficient communication and information services. They
also need a system that is affordable to construct and use while providing highest quality and reliability.
LTE mobile broadband brings all the needed capabilities and much more like real-time video
streaming and database access for greatly enhanced situational awareness.

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A broader view for a sharper response

Make your operations sharper with Alcatel-Lucent public safety communications solutions.

Coordinate seamlessly with other emergency services over public safety communications network that
give you full situational awareness and faster response time. Our solutions will help you be more
efficient and simplify your internal processes, while keeping your budgets under control and pulling the
maximum value from your investments and your existing assets.


Empower forces everywhere

Whether its traditional warfare, border control, or natural disaster recovery, defense forces operate in a
more efficient, synchronized way with Alcatel-Lucent military communications.

Our ultra-broadband network solutions handle the mission-critical, bandwidth-hungry voice, video, and
data traffic required by current and new military technology. It eliminates military information
technology silos that reduce response time. And it features robust security and high availability to carry
the rich multimedia information that empowers your forces everywhere.



Ensure a prosperous and sustainable future.

Build competitive nations, smart cities, and long-term sustainability with ultra-broadband
communication networks.

Ultra-broadband networks are at the heart of government modernization projects. They connect
citizens and businesses to the digital world and provide cities with smarter services that optimize
resource management and utilization.

At the forefront of IP, broadband and cloud innovation, Alcatel-Lucent brings its knowledge and
experience to help governments select the right business models and the best networking
technologies. With our comprehensive partner ecosystem, governments can deploy the ultra-
broadband communications infrastructure that ensures a prosperous and sustainable future for your



Reach natural resources faster, farther, and more safely.

Reach natural resources more efficiently in the digital era with Alcatel-Lucents all-IP, ultra-broadband
network for oil, gas and mining telecommunications.


Move power forward for a smarter grid.

Evolve how you communicate with the grid, and how it responds to you. Converge your communication
systems into a single IP/MPLS smart grid network that is intelligent, responsive, and adaptive.



New capabilities, new opportunities

Leapfrog the competition with financial services solutions from Alcatel-Lucent.

Our solutions empower financial services providers such as banks, insurance companies, and wealth
management firms to take on critical issues such as new competition, rapid globalization, and
increasing customer expectations.

We can help you address your challenges with powerful new capabilities and efficiencies. Whether you
need to build a private or hybrid cloud, offer on-demand customer services, or secure sensitive data, our
solutions will help you differentiate, leverage best-of-breed technologies, and extend the life of your