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A Moment With(out) You

by Y. M. Nelson

As I stared at the waterfall, I wondered if you had ever been here. I wondered if you had
marveled at it like I am now, making the mile-long uphill hike in your younger days to see it.
When you made it to the top, I wonder if you had appreciated the effort to see the clear rushing
water, to hear the soothing whoosh over the cliff and the rocks, to smell the earthiness and the
freshness of the nature surrounding you.

But I won’t get to ask you. You’re no longer here. Or separation is permanent--spirits on
different planes of existence. Not knowing whether you visited this wondrous place brings tears
to my eyes and makes the view blurry shades of green, brown, and gray.

But then I think about where you are, and I feel your plane of existence intersect with mine in a
rush of warm wind. You’re beside me in an instant, separately enjoying the view together. The
tears melt away and I can fully appreciate it all: the hike, the falls, and the love you have for me.
And I am content for now.