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Oct. 3, 2002

Catherine Frymark Discovery Networks, Bethesda, Md. (Phone: 301/771-5938) RELEASE: 02-192 NASA'S HISTORIC RETURN TO HUBBLE LAUNCHES THE SCIENCE CHANNEL'S FALL SEASON Four times, NASA astronauts have serviced the Hubble Space Telescope. Each mission left the orbiting observatory better, stronger, and with sharper vision to scan the universe. The heroic efforts of NASA's latest servicing mission to Hubble will be featured on the newly revamped The Science Channel a Discovery Digital Network on Monday, October 7 at 8 p.m. EDT. Formerly known as Discovery Science Channel, the network has a new name, and spotlights its fall schedule with the dramatic mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia and STS109 with the world premiere of "Return to Hubble." The Science Channel program features dramatic interviews with the seven astronauts who risked their lives to rendezvous with, and repair, Hubble in March 2002. This one-hour special journeys into space with Commander Scott Altman, Pilot Duane Carey and Mission Specialists Jim Newman, Mike Massimino, Nancy Currie, Rick Linnehan and John Grunsfeld. Dubbed by some as "Mission: Impossible," the crew on STS-109 faced a difficult and comprehensive overhaul of what has become an icon of astronomy since its launch in 1990. For more than a decade, Hubble has been the source of some of the most breathtaking imagery of our universe as well as groundbreaking scientific discoveries. "Hubble is a marvelous blending of human and machine capabilities unmatched in history," said Dr. Ed Weiler, Associate Administrator for Space Science at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "The space telescope was the product of the best minds in science and engineering,

designed to reveal the most distant objects in the universe and provide the sharpest views of the cosmos ever seen. Because of the superb efforts of the Astronauts and the capabilities of the Space Shuttle, Hubble has been able to fulfill that vision." Through in-depth coverage of the mission, "Return to Hubble" brings you closer than ever to the events that make up a real space mission. The program features exclusive one-on-one interviews with each member of the crew, who in their own words takes you through every detail of their incredible story. In addition, dramatic onboard and "helmet-cam" footage puts you in the center of the action, showing in a very personal way the dangers and challenges of this extraordinary mission. "Since deploying the Hubble Space Telescope a decade ago, the human space flight team has been proud of its role in the previous four servicing missions while enabling the space science community to unravel the mysteries of the universe," said Associate Administrator for the Office of Space Flight William Readdy. " We look forward to continuing this relationship that enables world class research and discovery." "Return to Hubble" also features interviews with Hubble scientists and engineers all of whom shed light on the science behind the mission. Discovery Digital Networks, owned by Discovery Networks, includes The Science Channel, Discovery Home & Leisure Channel, Discovery Kids Channel, Discovery Civilization Channel, Discovery Wings Channel and Discovery en Espanol. Discovery Networks, U.S., a unit of Discovery Communications, Inc., also operates and manages the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel and Discovery HD Theater Additional information about the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Shuttle and the mission of STS-109 is available on the Internet at: -end-