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What Is IMUs

Medicine Programme

The IMU Medical programme is structured into Medical Sciences and Clinical Training.
The rst 2 years focuses on the Medical Sciences and is undertaken at the Universitys
campus in Bukit Jalil. On completion of the Medical Sciences, students proceed to clinical
training. Students may choose to undertake this training either at the Clinical Campus
Seremban or at a Partner Medical School (PMS) overseas. The overseas duration varies
from 2 to 4 years.
The IMU has an integrated system-based curriculum for its medical programme and uses
a variety of approaches to its teaching-learning activities. These include lectures, problem-
based learning (PBL), task-based learning (TBL), practical classes, independent learning,
clinical skills sessions and clinical training with patient contact. Clinical training is carried
out at the Hospital Tuanku Jaafar in Seremban, Hospital Jempol, Negeri Sembilan, Hospital
Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Hospital Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Hospital Sultanah
Nora Ismail in Batu Pahat, Hospital Enche Besar Hajjah Khalsom in Kluang and other
teaching hospitals and healthclinics in Negeri Sembilan and the Klang Valley.
The early exposure of students to clinical experiences emphasises the importance of
clinical application of basic science and serves to stimulate students interest in Medicine.
degree / duration partner universities

MBBS (IMU) 5 years australia

Degree from partner
universities 4 6 years


February and August

united kingdom

ireland canada
How Does the
Programme Work?

Medicine Programme Structure

semester semester semester semester semester

Foundation Course
Cardiovascular System
Gastrointestinal System
GP Posting (1 week)
Community Health Survey
(20 weeks) (5 weeks) (6 weeks) Reproductive System (2 weeks)
Anatomy Respiratory System Renal System (4 weeks) (4 weeks) Clinical Integration Block
Physiology (5 weeks) Endocrine System Musculoskeletal System Clinical Attachment
Biochemistry Haematology System (4 weeks) (5 weeks) (4 weeks)
Genetics (5 weeks) Nervous System (5 weeks) Clinical Skills and
Embryology Clinical Rotation / Elective Integrated Medical
(4 weeks) Seminars (4 weeks)
Forensic Science
Immunology Basic Life Support (1 Week) (4 weeks)
Microbiology Clinical Skill Attachment
Parasitology (4 weeks)
Community Medicine

semester semester semester semester semester

Clinical Rotations in:
Clinical Rotations in:
Specialised Postings:
Clinical Rotations:
Senior Clerkship
General Medicine Orthopaedics (7 weeks) Obstetrics & Medical Block (6 weeks) (20 weeks):
(7 weeks) Psychiatry (7 weeks) Gynaecology (8 weeks) Surgical Block (6 weeks) Internal Medicine
General Surgery Surgical-Based Block Paediatrics (8 weeks) Family Medicine (5 weeks)
(7 weeks) (7 weeks) Elective / Selective (6 weeks) Surgery (5 weeks)
Family Medicine Medical-Based Block (8 weeks) Obstetrics &
(7 weeks) (6 weeks) Gynaecology (5 weeks)
Paediatrics (5 weeks)

The curriculum is reviewed periodically and is subject to change.

The MPU modules are compulsory modules imposed by Ministry of Higher Education under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555).
All students must take these modules and pass as a prerequisite for the award of the degree.
Assessment The School of Medicine was granted a 5-year accreditation
from Malaysian Qualications Agency (MQA) for its medicine
A variety of assessment methods are employed in the medical
curriculum to assess the learning outcomes. This includes various
types of:
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) Career Pathway
Modied Essay Questions (MEQ)
Medicine offers a vast variety of career choices. Most doctors
treat patients full-time, while others also teach, conduct research,
manage hospitals and clinics, or develop healthcare policy.
Clinical Training A doctor can work in private hospitals, or start a private practice,
Clinical exposure to patients starts as early as Semester 1 and either with the basic degree, or after specialisation. A doctor may
throughout the integrated system modules in Semesters 2, 3 and also choose to remain working with the Government. Doctors can
4. In Semester 5, students spend 4 full weeks in hospital postings. join an academic institution, teach or do research. Doctors can
In the clinical years from Semester 6 to Semester 10, students are combine medical knowledge and IT skills to develop e-learning
posted to the full range of major medical and surgical specialties. modules: the future of medical education.
Clinical and hospital postings are conducted in hospitals and Medicine has diversied. Increasingly the focus is on preventive
community clinics including: healthcare and the management of chronic diseases and ageing.
These are also the areas that many doctors serve.
Hospital Tuanku Jaafar
Hospital Port Dickson
Hospital Kuala Kubu Bharu
Hospital Orang Asli, Gombak
career paths for doctors
Hospital Kluang
in malaysia
Hospital Jempol, Negeri Sembilan
Hospital Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan Basic Medical Degree
Hospital Batu Pahat MBBS, MD, MB BCh BAO, MB ChB
Several community clinics in Negeri Sembilan
and the Klang Valley
Currently, Semester 10 students undergo their 6 months of 2 years
Senior Clerkship at Hospital Batu Pahat or Hospital Kluang.
During this semester, students work in wards as shadow house
Medical Ofcer
ofcers under the supervision of senior clinicians, in order to
prepare them for their housemanship. This is important for the
students as they will be provided the opportunity of hands-on
incremental responsibility for patient management. General Practitioner Postgraduate Degree
Private Master, MRCP, FRCS, etc
Medical Ofcer
Government Service
Recognition of Degree Advanced Training /
The IMU will award the Medical degree of MBBS (IMU) to students Cardiology, Nephrology,
Urology, Neurology, etc
upon completion of the IMU 5-year Medical programme. This
degree is recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)
and accredited by the Malaysian Qualications Agency (MQA).
Please note that in order to work with the Government, graduates will be required
The degree is listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO) to have a pass in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.
directory of Medical schools. International students are advised to check with the professional bodies for
internship / practising opportunities.
The Partner Medical Schools (PMS) will award their respective
Presently, non-Malaysian students are not eligible for housemanship positions in
degrees to students upon satisfactory completion of their Malaysia.
Graduates from IMUs Medical programme and PMS are working
in various healthcare facilities in Malaysia and other countries
including Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia.
Duration of Study and Transfer Requirements

track 1 track 3

University Duration of Medical Programme University Duration of Medical Programme

Phase 1 Phase 2 Total Phase 1 Phase 2 Total
(IMU) (Years) (Years) (IMU) (Years) (Years)
(Years) (Years)

Malaysia United Kingdom

International Medical University 2 2 5 University of Warwick, England 3 2 or 3 3 5 or 6

track 2 track 4

University Duration of Medical Programme University Duration of Medical Programme

Phase 1 Phase 2 Total Phase 1 Phase 2 Total
(IMU) (Years) (Years) (IMU) (Years) (Years)
(Years) (Years)

Australia Australia

University of Adelaide 2 3 5 Australian National University 4, 5 3 2 5

University of Newcastle 2 3 5 University of New South Wales 3 3 6

University of Tasmania 2 3 5

University of Western Sydney 2 3 5


Dalhousie University, Canada 2 2 4

United Kingdom Full duration of study for the Medical programme (undergraduate and graduate
entries) is 4 to 6 years, depending on the university of choice.
University of Aberdeen, Scotland 2 3 5 The list of partner universities is subject to change.
University of Dundee, Scotland 2 3 5
Graduate Entry
University of Edinburgh, Scotland 2 3 5 3
For University of Warwick, student with a first degree on entry may transfer
University of Exeter, England 2 3 5 after 2 years. Students without a first degree will have to spend another year to
complete the IMU Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Hons) and obtain a Second Class
University of Glasgow, Scotland 2 3 5 Upper to be eligible to transfer. The IMU Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Hons) is a
1-year programme. Tuition fees for this programme is RM24,300 per semester.
University of Leeds, England 2 3 5 4
For Australian National University and University of New South Wales, students
are required to have a Second Class Upper for the IMU Bachelor of Medical
University of Liverpool, England 2 3 5 Sciences prior to transfer.
The fee for the bridging course varies and is dependent on the institution of
University of Manchester, England 2 3 5 choice.
University of Nottingham,
2 2 5
England 2
Queen Mary University of London,
2 3 5
Queens University of Belfast,
2 3 5
Northern Ireland
University of Southampton,
2 3 5
National University of Ireland,
2 3 5
Why Study Medicine
at IMU?

1 2 3
An Established Private Build Your Future Healthcare Largest Private Medical
Healthcare University Professional Network School in Malaysia

IMU is Malaysias rst and most As IMU offers the widest range of IMUs MBBS programme was established
established private medical and healthcare programmes, our students are over 16 years ago and to date has the
healthcare university with over 24 fully immersed in a vibrant community highest number of faculty members,
years of dedicated focus in healthcare of students and practitioners from registered students and successful
education. IMU achieved a Tier-5 rating all healthcare elds. This allows for graduates of any other private medical
in the SETARA ratings of Malaysian the development of strong friendship schools in Malaysia. The School has been
Universities and University-Colleges amongst peers that will be the re-accredited by Malaysian Qualications
awarded by Malaysian Qualications foundation of an extensive healthcare Agency (MQA) and Malaysia Medical
Agency (MQA). professional network upon graduation. Council (MMC) for maximum duration
of 5 years (2015 2020).

4 5
Curriculum Benchmarked to Better Preparation for
International Standards Housemanship and a Career
as a Doctor
IMUs medical curriculum has been
developed to meet high international
With clinical exposure as early as
standards and is accepted by
Semester 1 and an intensive 6-month
23 international partner universities
Senior Clerkship at Hospital Batu Pahat /
for credit transfer into their medical
Hospital Kluang in Semester 10 (unique
in Malaysia), students are better prepared
for patient care, housemanship training
and to become better doctors.
How Much Does
It Cost?

Medicine Programme Fees

All fees quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia unless stated otherwise.

fees overview
Application fee is payable upon submission of application.
Fee Amount (RM) Registration fee and refundable caution deposit are payable upon acceptance of
the offer letter issued by the IMU Admissions Ofce.
Malaysian Student International Student
As stipulated by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, international students
Application Fee 300 950 will have to pay Student Visa Application fee of RM1,000 and Medical Health
Check fee of RM250 and Visa endorsement fee (depending on nationality) upon
Registration Fee 1,300 3,400 registration.
International students will also be required to pay Student Visa Renewal
Refundable Caution Administrative fee of RM140/year and Medical Health Check fee of RM250/year.
2,000 2,000
Students must adhere to the Policy on Payment of Fees.
Tuition Fee 490,000 543,500 All students are required to pay Student Association Fees of RM40 per semester.

fees by programme routes

Total Duration (years)

Programme Route At International Medical University (IMU) At Partner University (PU) At IMU + PU

Tuition Fee Tuition Fee ** Total Tuition Fees ***

Total Semesters

Total Semesters

Per Semester Total Per Year Total



Malaysian / Malaysian /
Malaysian International Malaysian International International International Malaysian International
Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student

MBBS (IMU) 5 5 10 49,000 54,350 490,000 543,500

Credit Transfer to
5 3 6 A$68,000 A$204,000 919,800 946,550
Universities in Australia *
Credit Transfer to
4 2 4 C$77,250 C$154,500 761,400 788,150
University in Canada *
Credit Transfer to 2 5 49,000 * 54,350 * 267,000 293,750
5 3 6 33,000 99,000 722,400 749,150
University in Ireland *
Credit Transfer to
Universities in the 5 3 6 49,900 149,700 1,030,470 1,057,220
United Kingdom *

Note The average total study duration varies with each

* Students who are transferring to partner universities partner university.
will be required to pay transfer fee of RM4,400 per Tuition and ancillary fees at partner universities
semester. overseas are subject to annual increases.
** Current estimates only. All fees are accurate at time of print. For latest fees
*** Based on exchange rates: A$1 RM3.2, and information, please visit IMU website at
1 RM4.6, 1 RM5.1, C$1 RM3.2, US$1 RM4.4
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