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Long-time organic gardening champion Bob Rodale once said “a garden’s best crop is happiness.” Now, even The Wall Street Journal agrees. “Vegetable Gardens Help Morale Grow,” proclaimed a Journal headline last August. Gardening is good for business. It lowers grocery bills, helps with employee recruitment and retention, and gives small companies an edge over competitors. A company garden is the office watercooler, employee fitness center and executive dining room rolled into one. Nationwide, some 7 million new gardens were planted last year, according to the National Gardening Association. That is no surprise. The case for seed saving and the mission of Seed Savers Exchange has never been more timely or compelling. As first-time gardeners dig up their backyards and existing gardens are enlarged, demand for vegetable seed is soaring. Seed houses throughout the nation could barely keep up with the demand last year. Many varieties sold out early, leaving gardeners scrambling for whatever seed they could scrounge. Happily, seed savers don’t have to worry as much about scant supplies. We produce much of our own garden seed. That’s why saving seed increases the innate happiness of gardening. It provides a great sense of personal satisfaction, food safety and security. Many other things are also growing happiness for Seed Savers Exchange members: Our online Yearbook is now a reality. The main headings on each variety in this catalog tell how many additional varieties our members offer in the Yearbook. Next online for members will be our classic Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, then the Garden Seed Inventory. Those books cost nearly $50, but Seed Savers members can access them online for free. Saving so much money should bring much happiness. New membership categories will let you spend more time in your garden and save even more money. A three-year membership saves $20 over annual renewals. Supply of many seeds is expected to be extremely tight in 2010, due to bad weather and crop failures.  So be happy about all of those wonderful heirloom seeds you saved this year.  And don’t wait for word from Wall Street to buy what seed you do need for the coming season. Order seeds early from this catalog and from the Yearbook. And, please, become a member of Seed Savers Exchange, so you can enjoy even more seeds from our Yearbook and offer your own seeds to other members. “Exchange” is Seed Savers’ last name. Thank you for your support. We wish you a bountiful 2010. Happy growing!

Featured Vegetables • for 2010 •

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George DeVault, President & Executive Director, Seed Savers Exchange
P.S. Twenty-five cents from every packet of seed you purchase goes into an endowment to maintain Seed Savers vast seed collection.

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Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory
Fourth Edition

Seed House


Lillian Goldman Visitors Center
Shirley Abbott, Assistant Manager Kathleen Rosendahl • Brenda Hanson Lindsey Harman

Renee Pereault • Jessica Babcock • Shannon Carmody Nancy Arrowsmith • Suzanne Ashworth • Clive Blazey Will Bonsall • Anthony Boutard • Dan Bussey Glenn Drowns • Joel Girardin • Laura Jackson C.R. Lawn • Craig LeHoullier • Laura Merrick, Ph.D. Jeff Nekola, Ph.D. • Michael Strauss, Ph.D. John Swenson • Mark Widrlechner, Ph.D. Garrison Wilkes, Ph.D.



This is the only book of its kind, a reference guide to the fruit, berries and nuts available to growers through mail order catalogs and websites in the United States. This fourth edition provides access to 275 mail order nurseries with 8,750 varietal descriptions, including 3,076 apples, 523 peaches, 327 plums, 757 grapes, 97 raspberries, 137 strawberries, 97 pecans and 105 bananas. At the end of each description is a coded source list. This book will prove to be of practical use to both hobbyists and agricultural professionals alike, as it builds on the heritage of plant breeding and seed preservation in the United States. Growers and breeders have developed regionally adapted varieties with superior taste, disease resistance and countless other virtues. Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory is a must resource for serious orchardists and horticulturists.

Seed Savers 2010 Calendar

Item # B1255 Softcover $24.00 Item # B1256 Hardcover $30.00

Celebrating our 35th Anniversary This special 35th Anniversary Seed Savers Exchange calendar offers a seasonal glimpse of Nature’s beauty and bounty at our Heritage Farm headquarters in Decorah, Iowa. Photography by Rosalind Creasy, David Cavagnaro, George DeVault and Jack Anthony is framed with favorite recipes and lyric descriptions of work and weather around the farm. A popular gift, the calendar is the next best thing to actually living and working on Heritage Farm. Large 11 by 13-inch format. Item # M3372 $13.95

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It doesn’t have all of the answers. So will talking to seasoned gardeners in your area. Plant at a soil temp of 60–70˚. with row spacing of 36".html). transplant to 24" with row spacing of 36". 12–18 days for germination. transplant to 15–24" with row spacing of 36–48". 50–65 days until edible. 60–85 days until edible. Information in this guide is based on our gardening experience at Heritage Farm in Decorah. Seed Savers Exchange was overwhelmed with questions from new gardeners. Plant at a soil temp of 65–85˚. transplant to 24" with row spacing of 36". Department of Agriculture’s plant hardiness zone map (usna. “How do I plant my seed potatoes? When should I transplant tomatoes?” To aid the bumper crop of new gardeners expected this year. 80–90 days until edible. then also account for your altitude. 75–100 days until edible. transplant to 24" with row spacing of 36". 80–90 days until edible. 7–12 days for germination. transplant to 12–15". Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. Plant at a soil temp of 80–90˚. Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. with row spacing of 18". we prepared this Garden Guide. transplant to 18–24" with row spacing of 36". transplant to 24" with row spacing of 36". and provide a refresher course for more experienced gardeners. 75–90 days until edible. 80–150 days until edible. Learn your growing zone. seed depth ¼". Zone 4b) Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Planting Dates  Transplant Dates Heritage Farm Notes Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Eggplant Kale Leek Onion Peppers Tomato HERBS Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. Oregano Rosemary Sage Thyme •2• Plant at a soil temp of 45–90˚. the U. 70–100 days until Don’t forget helpful resources such as your local Extension office. Plant at a soil temp of 70–79˚.garden guide With more than 7 million new gardens popping up around the United States in 2009. Iowa—in Zone 4b—where the average annual minimum temperature range is -25˚ to -20˚F. 60–85 days until edible. seed depth ¼". Start small. Iowa. Plant at a soil temp of 70–75˚. seed depth ⅛". seed depth ¼". 5–10 days for germination. 15–30 days for germination. transplant to 18–36" with row spacing of 24–36". and transplant to 8–12". seed depth ¼". 80–115 days until edible.seedsavers. 80–90 days until edible. 4–10 days for germination. (Brr!) Happy growing! key plant seeds indoors growing time indoors transplant outdoors growing time outdoors Start seeds indoors. transplant to 18–24" apart. seed depth ¼". 7–14 days for germination. seed depth ¼". but will help. 4–7 days for germination. seed depth ¼".org fax: 563-382-6511 . 80–90 days until edible. plant to 6" with row spacing of 24–30". seed depth ¼". seed depth ½". transplant to 12–18" with row spacing of 18–36". 14–21 days for germination. plan for success and enjoy your gardening experience and adventure.S. Plant at a soil temp of 61–68˚. 10–15 days for germination. and your local library. then transplant outside when danger of frost is past Transplant V EG ETA BL E S (Based on frost dates in Decorah. 6–12 days for germination. 5–7 days for germination. seed depth ¼". 60–100 days until edible. Plant at a soil temp of 55–80˚. transplant to 24" with row spacing of 36". seed depth ¼". weather and soils. seed depth ¼". seed depth ⅛". 75–95 days until edible.usda. Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. 8–10 days for germination. SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. 4–10 days for germination. Plant at a soil temp of 70–85˚. Plant at a soil temp of 55–75˚. 5–10 days for germination. transplant to 6" with row spacing of 12–18".

seed spacing 2". Plant at a soil temp of 65–85˚.Pole Beet Carrot Chard. Plant at a soil temp of 55–65˚.garden guide key plant seeds outdoors growing time outdoors Direct Seed when danger of frost is past Planting V EG ETA BL E S (Based on frost dates in Decorah. 6–21 days for germination. Swiss Corn. 65–80 days until edible. 4–10 days for germination. 85–90 days until edible. seed spacing of ½". 5–10 days for germination. 45–65 days until edible. seed spacing 4". seed depth 1". seed spacing 1". seed spacing 4". Iowa. 5–7 days for germination. 6 seeds per hill. seed spacing of 1". Plant at a soil temp of 70–85˚. 50–65 days until edible. Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. thin to 4–6" with row spacing of 24". Plant at a soil temp of 45–90˚. 5–12 days for germination. with row spacing of 4–8". 30–35 days until edible. 4–10 days for germination. seed depth 1". 55–75 days until edible. with hills 72" apart.Winter Turnip HERBS Basil Chives Cilantro Dill Parsley become a member—save 10% Plant at a soil temp of 75–85˚. 7–10 days for germination. Plant at a soil temp of 50–65˚. seed depth ½". seed depth ½–1". seed depth ½".Summer Squash. Plant at a soil temp of 55–80˚. 5–15 days for germination. thin to 3 plants per hill with hills 60–72" apart. seed depth ¼". 50–55 days until edible. 7–14 days for germination. seed depth ¼". 4–10 days for germination. Plant at a soil temp of 50–60˚. Plant at a soil temp of 65–75˚.org phone: 563-382-5990 •3• . 7–8 seeds per hill. Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. 10–20 days for germination. thin to 6–12" with row spacing of 2–4'. 7–14 days for germination. seed spacing ½". seed spacing 6–12". thin to 4–8" with row spacing of 20". thin to 3 plants. thin to 6" with row spacing of 10–12". seed spacing 3". Plant at a soil temp of 60–65˚. thin to 12" with row spacing of 20–24". Plant at a soil temp of 50–75˚. seed depth 1". with hills 36–72" apart. seed depth ¼". 45–60 days until edible. thin to 1–6" with row spacing of 10". thin to 8" with row spacing of 36–48". 6–10 days for germination. 75–100 days until edible. with hills 48–72" apart. seed spacing 4–8". Arugula Bean. Plant at a soil temp of 70–80˚. seed depth ½". seed depth 1". seed spacing 1". thin to 2–6" with row spacing of 3'. 14–21 days for germination. seed spacing 2" . thin to 3 plants per hill. seed depth ½". 60–70 days until edible. Plant at a soil temp of 45–80˚. seed depth ¼". Sweet Cucumber Lettuce Melon / Watermelon Pea Radish Spinach Squash. seed depth ¼". 90–100 days until edible. seed spacing 14–21". Zone 4b) Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Planting Dates Heritage Farm Notes Plant at a soil temp of 50–60˚. thin to 10–12" with row spacing of 15–18". 50–65 days until edible. seed depth ½". 55–65 days until edible. seed spacing 4–6". 6–14 days for germination. 65–90 days until edible. seed spacing 7–21". thin to 8–12". seed depth ¼". 7–14 days for germination. 50–60 days until edible. thin to 4–6" with row spacing of 20–24". Plant at a soil temp of 65–75˚. 7–14 days for germination. 70–110 days until edible. 6 seeds per hill. 6 seeds per hill.Bush Bean. 68–75 days until edible. seed depth ¼–½". seed depth ½–1". with row spacing of 4–6". seed spacing 2" . 7–14 days for germination. thin to 1–3" with row spacing of 24–30". 40–45 days until edible. thin to 6–12" with row spacing of 12–24". seed depth ½–1". 60–70 days until edible. 4–10 days for germination. Plant at a soil temp of 55–70˚. 4–12 days for germination. seed depth ½". with row spacing of 24–36". 7–10 days for germination. 75–80 days until edible. 45–70 days until edible.seedsavers. thin to 3 plants. Plant at a soil temp of 55–70˚. seed spacing 1". thin to 6–12" with row spacing of 12–18". www. Plant at a soil temp of 60–80˚. Plant at a soil temp of 65–75˚. thin to 3–4" with row spacing of 16–30". seed spacing 2". seed depth 1". fax: 563-382-6511 .transplants Buran Jimmy Nardello’s King of the North new new Orange Bell Sheepnose Pimento Sweet Chocolate Tolli’s Sweet Italian Wenk’s Yellow Hots Amish Paste Brandywine (Sudduth's) Cherokee Purple German Pink new Gold Medal Green Zebra Hartman's Yellow Hungarian Heart new Mexico Midget •4• Stupice Trophy Velvet Red SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.

org phone: 563-382-5990 •5• . April 19–21 . Satisfaction guaranteed. SSE is committed to providing the highest quality transplants for your garden. new photo All pepper transplants are $3. Plants are potted in large 2½" by 3" pots and will be shipped in sturdy cardboard containers. By hardening off the plants in this manner you can be assured transplant shock will be minimal. For complete shipping descriptions. April 5–7. by the same growers who have supplied Seed Savers with all of our transplants for the last seven years. Having a hard time deciding? Let us send you six plants of our choice for $15. A good value and a great way to try a full assortment. 2010. Plants are shipped every two weeks beginning in March and will arrive by Friday of the ship week. but make sure the totals are in increments of six to best utilize our packaging. become a member—save 10% www.00 plus shipping. • • Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry Heirloom Transplants Seed Savers is pleased to offer heirloom pepper. plus shipping. All plants are grown by Almost There Farms in Spring Green. see pages 56–63. if freezing weather does not permit shipping.00 each.00 each. Please order early for best selection. • • All tomato transplants are $3. For complete shipping description. May 3–5 or May 17–19.seedsavers. we will mail you details on how the ship date has changed.00 each. Wisconsin. plus shipping.00 plus shipping. see pages 32–37. see page 10. A good value and a great way to try a full assortment. 2010 Plant Shipment Dates On the transplant section of the order form (located in the middle of this catalog) be sure to indicate which ship date you prefer: March 22–24. Now the plants are moved from the greenhouse a week before the scheduled ship date and exposed to the real-world conditions of direct sunlight and cooler temperatures. Having a hard time deciding? Let us send you six plants of our choice for $15.transplants Pepper 647T-Buran (Sweet) 239T-Jimmy Nardello’s (Sweet) 1343T-King of the North (Sweet) 1044T-Orange Bell (Sweet) New! 45T-Sheepnose Tomato Pimento (Sweet) New! 1216T-Sweet Chocolate (Sweet) 1178T-Tolli’s Sweet italian (Sweet) 1398T-Wenk’s Yellow Hots (Hot) 1291T-SSE Pepper Sampler 107T-Amish Paste 427T-Brandywine (Sudduth’s) 253T-Cherokee Purple 440T-German Pink 825T-Gold Medal 443T-Green Zebra New! 1481T-Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry 444T-Hungarian Heart 109T-Mexico Midget 667T-Stupice 1183T-Trophy New! 1226T-Velvet Red 1292T-SSE Tomato Sampler Ground Cherry Cherry 912T-Aunt Molly’s Ground Ground Cherry transplants are $3. SSE constructed a new cold-frame and shipping facility in 2003 at Heritage Farm (pictured to the right). tomato and ground cher r y transplants for your gardens. plus shipping. For complete shipping descriptions. This is a great way to easily try several different varieties. Please mix varieties as you like.

days.75 best for baking and soups. SSE member from Hugo. 45 days.300 seeds/lb.75 members offer 1. Averages 4–5 seeds per won a $25. Used only as a dry in the Smoky Mountains to March 26. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Excellent fresh eating qualities.25 • 1 oz $9.arugula • Arugula • members offer 6 varieties 1353-Apollo Hi g h l y i m p roved D u tc h s t ra i n o f domesticated rocket.25 • ½ oz $7.25 • 10 lb $101. $12. Green 6" pods with purple overlay. Bush previously known as “Green Bush Bean habit. Good drought tolerance. Packet (500 seeds) $2. Excellent taste and rarely bitter. 85 days. Packet (500 seeds) $2. Kenney. who secured seed from a vendor bean over the Trail of Tears. Will produce 3–5 cuttings per year if kept well picked. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 70–90 days.00 Maine heirloom has a high vitamin and mineral content. 85-98 England. cool-season salad or sandwich green. B.75 • 5M $9.seedsavers.±1. Dr. this 250 seeds $5. rounded leaves are high in vitamin C.300 seeds/lb. Shiny black seeds and 6” that are 5" long.widely grown climbing French bean in black splash at the fax: 563-382-6511 .a. pods. Beautiful winter death march from October 1838 red striped pods. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C #1.200 seeds/lb.75 ¼ oz $5. bean. Massachusetts.50 • 5 lb $33. 40–45 days.00 grow 16" tall. 47–50 days. Bush habit.75 339-Burpee’s Stringless new Arikara Yellow Black Valentine Bountiful Brockton Horticultural new Bumble Bee •6• Burpee’s Stringless Calypso Cherokee Trail of Tears SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.300 seeds/oz. leaving a trail of 4. ±1.50 • 5 lb $56.50 25M $23.50 • 100M $50. Prolific plants produce yellow-tan Introduced in 1894 by W. Self-seeding and hardy. New! 1503-Bumble Bee C ertified O rganiC Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • 5 lb $33. Sharp distinctive nutty flavor is best when picked young. extremely productive. to all types of production areas.75 Prolific and dependable.50 • 5 lb $56.75 Lilac flowers.75 • 10 lb $60. Yin Yang) One of the all time 1 lb $7. use ±1. Shiny dark purple 1 lb. Gorgeous In the 1930s this was reportedly the most seeds are white ovals with a dark maroon. Strong 15" 337-Bountiful plants. Bush habit 80–90 days. 85 1839 in Oklahoma.75 Wyche. Shiny jet-black seeds.25 • ½ oz $8. brittle. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 stringless 6–7" pods. Packet (500 seeds) $2.25 • 10 lb $101. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 906-Brockton Horticultural Introduced in 1885 by the Aaron Low Wyche’s Cherokee ancestors carried this Seed Co.25 • 1M $18.300 seeds/lb. good for 1 lb. Packet (50 seeds) $2.k. Pole habit. ±15. Ontario contrasting eye. 4–7" stringless pods.75 • 1 lb $7. more deeply lobed leaves. 40–45 days. 1 lb $7. the infamous in Brockton. Produces pods & Company.75• 250 seeds $5. Slower to bolt. John 10 lb $60.75 • 10M $13. ±530 seeds/lb.100 seeds/lb. Bush habit. Very large. Known in Italy as Rucola selvatica or Wild Rocket.75 36(OG)-Cherokee Trail of Tears Given to SSE in 1977 by the late Dr.00 250M $77. according to The Beans of New York.00 prize for naming this new pod. C ertified O rganiC .” Heavy crops of excellent quality.200 seeds/oz. 49-55 1423(OG)-Calypso days. Atlee Burpee who obtained their stock seed from N.50 • 5M $74.75 602(OG)-Arugula or Roquette Fast-growing.75 (a.25 • 1 oz $10.50 • 5M $70.75 • 10 lb $60. Bush habit.000 days. ±99. wonderful flavor. 1171-Arikara yellow Seeds were originally obtained from the Arikara tribe of North Dakota and introduced in Oscar Will’s 1915 Pioneer Indian Collection of Seeds. ±1. OK. 46–50 days.50 A w ild ar ugula that is shor ter and smaller with tasty.477 varieties 603-Sylvetta • Beans • Several bean varieties are available as both conventional and certified organic. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±1.75 • 50M $33.75 • 10 lb $60. $12. adapts well variety from Peter Henderson & Company.25 seeds that are excellent for use as a dry bean.50 • 5 lb $33.75 for fresh snap beans or a dry soup bean.25 snaps and dry beans. Productive bush plants 1M $17.75 graves. Please check SSE’s website for a complete listing.75 1 lb $7. round black and white seeds with In 1897 Abel Steele of Ferguson. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Stout 16” plants produce 907-Climbing French 5” pods with 3-5 large seeds each. Pole habit. A great dual purpose variety.75 Named for the large size of its seeds.75 ¼ oz $6. At the time it was claimed to be the only absolutely stringless New! 201-Black Valentine Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson green-podded bean.50 • 5 lb $33.

Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1 lb. $12. Bush habit. delicious round slender pods. used as a shell bean or dry.50 • 5 lb $56. extremely crisp and juicy stringless pods. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1 lb. Best for eating when picked every 2 or 3 days while still very young and tender. beans and sunflowers in the Missouri River Valley of North Dakota. $12. great for soups. Shield Figure beans were grown in Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden (available on page 90). 80–90 days. squash.25 1M $17. A good choice for arid growing conditions.75 203(OG)-Hidatsa Shield Figure The Hidasta Indians were experts at raising crops of corn. meaty flavor. 5–6" stringless pods. Romania. Best used fresh. Sprawling bush phone: 563-382-5990 .seedsavers.bean seeds.25 • 10 lb $101. but will freeze too. Pole habit.50 • 5 lb $33. A great dry bean.75 • 250 seeds $5. always stringless. Pole habit. Packet (50 seeds) $2.100 seeds/lb. Wide. 1" wide. Commands a high price at market. green. 49–57 days.50 • 5 lb $33. Dark red seeds. One of the most productive dry beans.75 • 10 lb $60.50 • 5 lb $33. but also does well in Iowa. flattened golden Romano-type beans. will climb to 3' if given support.25 340-Dragon’s Tongue 1426-Good Mother Stallard 1181-Empress Incredible flavor.50 5 lb $56. Packet (50 seeds) $2.00 Apollo Sylvetta Climbing French Dragon’s Tongue Empress Fin de Bagnol Gold of Bacau Good Mother Stallard Hidatsa Red Hidatsa Shield Figure •7• become a member—save 10% www. Introduced to gardeners by the Oscar Will Seed Company. 85–95 days. ±680 seeds/lb.75 250 seeds $5.300 seeds/lb. Dual crops of beans climbing up corn stalks were often grown in their gardens.25 • 10 lb $101. Excellent sweet flavor. 55 days. ±1. ±1.25 Dutch wax bean that has large 6–8" creamcolored pods with thin purple stripes that disappear when blanched.25 • 1M $18. even when Originally grown by the Native Americans in the Dakotas.75 1 lb $7. 55-60 days. freezing or processing. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 6–10" long. Very attractive as tiny gourmet green beans.50 • 5M $70.75 1437-Hidatsa Red Old gourmet variety of French string bean. 65–75 days. Compact high-yielding plants.75 1 lb. straight.75 1 lb $7. 60-70 days. ±1. A true work-horse! Heavy yields of large. ±750 seeds/lb.50 • 5M $74. Pole habit.75 • 10 lb $60. tender and sweet.00 604(OG)-Fin de Bagnol 1185-Gold of Bacau Shared with SSE by friends in the northern city of Bacau. Family heirloom that has been enjoyed for generations. Ex tremely productive. Originally introduced by Gurney ’s as Experimental Bean 121 and then re-named Empress in 1979.75 10 lb $60.75 • 1 lb $12. 5–6 seeds per pod. wonderful rich. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Bush habit.25 10 lb $101.50 • 5 lb $56.75 the seeds begin to form they are still edible. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Our very best snap bean for fresh eating. Does well in cool soil. This variety was boarded onto Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste in 2005. $7.25 Introduced to SSE members over a decade ago by Glenn Drowns. Very productive. ±700 seeds/lb.300 seeds/lb. Bush habit. 90 days. C ertified O rganiC Packet (50 seeds) $2. Pole habit.

Heavy yields over an extended period. Pole habit. 58-64 days. an all-time favorite. fine quality and excellent flavor. makes it own thick sauce. greenish yellow seeds with a distinctive dark ring around the eye. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 First offered in 1864 as Texas Pole. reliable yields.75 1 lb. ±650 seeds/lb.25 1 lb $7.000 seeds/lb. Commodore) A standard for the home and market gardener.50 • 5 lb $33. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 65 days.200 seeds/lb. very hardy and vigorous. Pole habit.75 250 seeds $4. $12. ±900 seeds/lb. Bush habit.50 • 5 lb $33. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Excellent quality.25 908(OG)-Ideal Market 1173(OG)-Ireland Creek Annie Jacob’s Gold Kentucky Wonder Pole Kenearly Yellow English heirloom grown since the 1930s on Ireland Creek Farm in British Columbia. Alabama.bean 1438-Hutterite Soup One of the best heirloom varieties for making soup.75 • 1M $10.75 • 10 lb $60. Tender stringless round fleshy 8" pods. Great flavor.75 10 lb $60. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 10 lb $60. Vigorous 5–7' plants yield clusters of green flat-oval 7–10" stringless pods.75 • 1 lb $7. Bush habit. H. Vigorous 24" plants loaded with 5" pods each containing 6-8 seeds. ±1.seedsavers. Beans soak up water well and cook very quickly.a. great flavor. Easy to shell.75 205-Kentucky Wonder Bush 605-Kentucky Wonder Pole Royalty Purple Pod •8• Speckled Cranberry Tiger’s Eye SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Very productive. Early and productive small-podded 5–6" bean. Makes a truly excellent creamy white soup.50 • 5 lb $33. developed in Kentville. Nova Scotia. Became so popular by 1901 that it was listed by 287 companies.75 Hutterite Soup Ideal Market Ireland Creek new Introduced in 1914 as Black Creaseback by Van Antwerp’s Seed Store of Mobile. 85–90 days.75 One of the best and earliest for baking.k.75 250 seeds $4. 80 days.75 250 seeds $4.75 10 lb $60. stringless. Exceptional cooking qualities.75 • 1M $11. C ertified O rganiC . Stocky 24" plants produce fax: 563-382-6511 .75 • 250 seeds $5. Later renamed by Chris Reuter Seed Company as Reuter’s Ideal Market. Bush habit. Healthy plants produce excellent yields of white beans with yellow-brown eyes. Packet (50 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • 5 lb $33. 80-95 days.75 • 1 lb $7.25 new Lina Sisco’s October Pencil Pod Golden Wax New! 1504-Kenearly Yellow Eye Provider Rattlesnake Snap Red Swan (a.00 1439-Jacob’s Cattle Gold A stablized cross between Jacob’s Cattle and Paint.50 • 5M $42.70 • 5M $47.25 • 10 lb $101.50 • 5 lb $56. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Bush plants. ±1. then introduced in 1877 as Kentucky Wonder by James J. 65–70 days. Superb delicious flavor.75 • 1 lb $7. 70–75 days. Bush habit. Gregory & Sons.300 seeds/lb. ±1. fine texture.

50 • 5 lb $33. Pole habit.50 • 5M $74. Vines will grow to 10' tall.600 seeds/lb.75 • 10 lb $60.50 5 lb $33.00 New! 1506(OG)-Sultan’s Green Purple Podded Pole Identical to the Yellow Crescent in every way except the color.75 • 10 lb $60. 75 days.. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Prolific producer. Long thin pods are stringless and good for snap beans. stringless pods are 5–7" long with very good wax bean flavor. Packet (50 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC . Best described as dusty red-rose.25 Painted Pony 1440-October 1462(OG)-Painted Pony Bred at the University of New Hampshire by the late Professor Elwyn Meader. introduced around 1810.25 • 1M $18. Good resistance to drought.75 10 lb $60. Produces heavy crops of slender green stringless 7–9" nearly round pods until the first frost. Pole habit.75 Brought to America from England about 1825. C ertified O rganiC .70 • 5M $47.50 • 5M $74.75 • 1 lb $7. C ertified O rganiC . Very tender skins almost disappear when cooked. stringless ½" thick by 5–7" long reddishpurple pods that blanch to light green. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 1M $11.75 • 5M $62. One of the best for freezing and canning. Undoubtedly the best of the pole horticultural beans. Vigorous plants are 15–20" tall.75 Native American variety dating back to the 1830s from the Cherchei Nation in Tennessee.00 343-Royalty Purple Pod 208(OG)-Speckled Cranberry Lazy Housewife 1486-Pencil Pod Golden Wax Old time favorite introduced in 1900. meaty. SSE is pleased to reintroduce this variety. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 68 days. Wonderfully rich flavor and smooth texture.75 250 seeds $5. and most productive. The result of a life-long passion of bean breeding by the late Robert Lobitz (1941–2006). Very productive 24" plants. Germinates well in cool soil. Our seed comes from Beulah Hunn who was a nearly full-blood Cherokee. 52–58 days. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±750 seeds/lb.00 1M $15. C ertified O rganiC . Good for freezing or canning. Pole habit. Very fine flavor.00 Cresent new 1442-Tiger’s Eye Originally from either Chile or Argentina. Germinates well even in cold. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 60–90 days. ±800 seeds/lb. great winter phone: 563-382-5990 •9• . Packet (50 seeds) $2.300 seeds/lb.50 • 5 lb $33.75 Sultan's Golden and Green Crescent become a member—save 10% www.00 • 1M $15. well flavored and free of strings. Stringless 5" tender round pods that cook to green. Can also be used as a fresh shell bean. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Very productive.75 1463(OG)-Sultan’s Golden Crescent Known as the most dependable early green bean. C ertified O rganiC . used as a dry bean. Preferred by some growers as a green shell bean around 80 days or used as a dry bean if grown to full maturity. Distinctive purple foliage and purple flowers.50 New! 1505(OG)-Provider Rarely offered and almost extinct. stringless.75 1 lb.75 • 10 lb $60.50 1186(OG)-Lazy Housewife Distinctive 7–8" dark green pods that are streaked with purple. wet soil. Pole habit. Lina was one of the six original members of SSE. which seems discourteous. retains markings. 85–90 days.75 • 250 seeds $4.00 • 1M $15. One of the best for soups. Very distinct curly yellow snap bean.50 • 5 lb $33. Bush habit. which was founded in 1975. ±1. 80 days for dry beans. Bush habit. Packet (50 seeds) $2. $12. Pole habit.75 1 lb $7.75 250 seeds $5. Pole habit. Stabilized cross between a purple snap bean and a pinto. from its immense productiveness making it easy to gather. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1 lb $7.75 • 250 seeds $6. 60–90 days.75 1M $10. 75–80 days.seedsavers. Excellent quality. 80–90 days.. Great for chili or refried beans.75 • 250 seeds $4. 75 days. 50–65 days. Bush habit. prolific and very good taste.75 • 5M $62. C ertified O rganiC Packet (50 seeds) $2. High quality.” One of our oldest documented beans. Atlee Burpee’s 1888 catalog.50 • 5 lb $33.00 1M $15.50 102(OG)-Purple Podded Pole Heirloom variety discovered by Henry Fields growing in an Ozark garden in the 1930s. Bush habit. Horticultural type.bean Claimed to be the first completely stringless bean.75 • 10 lb $60. The compact plants are heavy croppers and disease resistant.75 A great dual purpose bean. Light buff seeds are splashed with dark brown. 48-54 days.100 seeds/lb.75 1 lb $7.25 • 1M $18. Bush habit. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Bush habit. Introduced by the Billy Hepler Seed Company in 1957. First listed in W. ±950 seeds/ lb.75 • 250 seeds $4. ±1.25 • 10 lb $101. Bush habit. 55 days.75 250 seeds $6.75 • 250 seeds $6.25 A unique development for snap beans. C ertified O rganiC . ±1.75 1 lb $7. Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • 5 lb $56. 60 days for snaps.50 37(OG)-Rattlesnake Snap 1441-Red Swan 1175-Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg These beans were brought to Missouri by covered wagon in the 1880s by Lina’s grandmother. Round pods are long and straight. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 5M $62. Bush habit.75 • 5M $62. “We presume it derived its name. Plants climb vigorously to 6' and are extremely productive.50 • 5M $42.75 250 seeds $6. 85 days. C ertified O rganiC . pods are 4–5" long.

75 CROP ILUR FA ILUR FA .50 • ½ oz $10. C ertified O rganiC .95 • 1 lb $92. ±2.00 • 8 oz $57.50 mild even when large. 60-65 days.00 • 1 oz $12. introduced in 1892. Excellent citrus fax: 563-382-6511 CROP Introduced to gardeners before 1828.300 seeds/oz. 70 days from transplant.75 • 1.00 Uniquely shaped beet that resembles a carrot and produces uniform round slices for eating and processing. Packet (100 seeds) $2. can be used for preserves.seedsavers.800 seeds/oz.75 ¼ oz $7. Canada.50 • 1 lb $28. Extremely productive plants have a sprawling habit and grow 18" tall and 24" wide.400 seeds/oz. sweet and easy to peel. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Good for canning. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Uniquely beautiful flesh has alternating red and white concentric rings that resemble a bull’s eye. Original selections were made from Early Blood Turnip by Mr. A spectacular variety. Hard-to-find. Tender.75 ¼ oz $7. 46–80 days. Stores 3-4 weeks in the husk.00 • 1 oz $12.00 • 1 oz $15.50 • ½ oz $10.50 • ½ oz $10. ±1. Dark red flesh is free from rings.700 seeds/oz.75 ¼ oz $7. Great for salads since the roots do not bleed. Remarkably sweet. Solid roots are great for canning and fresh eating.50 • ½ oz $10.75 500 seed pack $4.00 8 oz $57.50 4 oz $15. nice for eating and pickling. Excellent results at Heritage Farm when grown on landscape cloth which suppresses weeds and makes collecting the fruits easy. 35 days for baby leaf tops. 60 days. blood-red 3" diameter roots. ±1. Retains markings if baked whole and sliced just before serving.00 • 1 oz $15.00 • 1 oz $15.50 • ½ oz $10.50 First introduced to American gardeners in the late 1840s from Italy.75 1M $7. Excellent market and home garden variety for summer and autumn use. sweet roots.50 • 4 oz $15. This outstanding Polish variety is prized for its clean flavor. The juice from the beets is used to make the only red food coloring allowed by Swedish law. ±2.000 seed pack $7.50 • 1 lb $28. long.75 ¼ oz $7. This beet will never stain! Great for messy little kids. Reeves of Port Hope.95 • 1 lb $92.00 345-Chioggia 346-Cylindra The standard for beets.00 • 8 oz $17. turning golden yellow when cooked.00 8 oz $17.50 • 2.00 4 oz $36.00 4 oz $36.400 seeds/oz. pies.00 • 1 oz $12. extremely productive. Very prolific and a good keeper.00 • 8 oz $17.75 ¼ oz $7.50 610-Bull’s Blood Selected by seedsman Kees Sahin in the Netherlands from the French variety Crapaudine for the darkest-colored leaves.50 • 5M $21.300 seeds/oz. crisp and tender.50 • 1 lb. Productive in small areas because the roots can grow down instead of out.95 • 1 lb $92. Packet (100 seeds) $2.00 910-Detroit Dark Red 911-McGregor’s Favorite Ground cherries were recorded as early as 1837 in Pennsylvania.50 • 100M $175. 55–60 days.50 ½ oz $10. Very tender. Ontario. Packet (50 seeds) $2. $28. Nearly globe shaped.00 • 10M $31. Packet (100 seeds) $2.25 • 10M $34. or 55 days for edible roots. flavorful leaves. 50 days. Very ornamental and fine tasting. C ertified O rganiC .50 912(OG)-Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry (Physalis pruinosa) •10• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Tender and E 611-Burpee’s Golden E Scottish heirloom that is grown specifically for its profusion of narrow spear-shaped metallic-purple leaves. Sweet.50 25M $68.00 347(OG)-Early Blood Turnip A good all-purpose variety that dates back to 1825.5M $14.25 • 5M $21. over ice cream or in fresh fruit salads. Fruits are ½ to ¾" in diameter and are encased in a papery husk that turns brown when the fruits ripen. This is the most uniform strain available.300 seeds/oz. Starts fruiting by the end of July and continues until frost and a little beyond. Dark red flesh is sweet. 50 days.50 4 oz $15. Packet (100 seeds) $2. ±1.25 • 50M $109.00 • 4 oz $36. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 48–68 days. ±1. The greens are an excellent addition to salads. Roots are globe-shaped and orange. Dualpurpose beet for roots and greens. sweet roots.75 • ¼ oz $7.00 • 8 oz $57.beet Albino Bull’s Blood Burpee’s Golden Chioggia Cylindra Detroit Dark Red Early Blood Turnip McGregor’s Favorite • Beet • members offer 44 varieties 1189-Albino G o o d b eet f lavo r an d co m pl etel y white. ±1.

00 • ½ oz $19.75 • 1 oz $10. Widely grown and prized in Italy. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 58–90 days from transplant.50 • ¼ oz $12. almost spicy flavor. 200 days from transplant. Heavy set of firm sprouts over an extended period. 50-68 days.25 • ½ oz $9.25 • 1 oz $30.75 ¼ oz $5. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Does well in shallow or stony soil. Packet (50 seeds) $2.000 seeds/oz.75 1/8 oz $7. Sure to be the best-selling carrot at specialty and farmers’ markets. New York reported in 1924 that St. Uniform 6–8" by 2–2½" roots.75 Beautiful spiraling apple-green head.25 360-St. nearly coreless.75 ¼ oz $5.25 Highly sought after by gourmet restaurants.75 • 4 oz $98.00 • ½ oz $6. stores well. uniform.75 1 oz $10. Better taste and texture than the finest broccoli. Smooth 6–7" heads of tightly formed white curds are solid. ±7. ±26. Sweet. ±11.25 50M $47. ±25. Valery 350-Romanesco The finest.00 • ½ oz $19.600 seeds/oz.00 • ½ oz $6. 80–115 days from transplant.S. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 1 oz $15.CarrOt Calabrese Romanesco Long Island Improved Early Snowball new Dragon Paris Market Scarlet Nantes St. 65–70 days. Compact 24" plants yield 50–100 dark green 1¼–1½" sprouts.200 seeds/oz. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 ¼ oz $6. Compact 2–3' plant produces 4" central head.25 • ½ oz $9.75 • 1 oz $10.75 1 oz $14. Introduced in the 1890s.75 • 1 oz $10. Can also be grown in containers.900 seeds/oz. great flavor.500 seeds/oz. Widely adapted. ±8. sweet and brittle. great for freezing. ±7.500 seeds/oz.000 seeds/oz. After the central head is harvested.75 1/8 oz $7. Very desirable for private gardens as well as for markets.25 • 8 oz $157.25 members offer 14 varieties • Cauliflower • New! 1507-Paris Market • Brussels Sprouts • members offer 9 varieties Introduced to American gardeners in 1888 by Peter Henderson & Company. Popular market variety.00 Introduced in 1885. excellent quality. sweet and excellent for storage. 48–85 days from transplant.” Roots are 8–10" long. Winter-heading type ready in late winter or early spring. Leading main crop variety for home and market.00 357(OG)-Danvers and market gardener.200 seeds/oz.00 • 100M $75.50 • ½ oz $10. ±7. 50-80 days. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Very early.75 1/8 oz $5. excellent choice for the home become a member—save 10% www. Packet (250 seeds) $2.200 seeds/oz. Best planted in late fall in a coldframe and overwintered. freezing and for juice. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1/8 oz $7.00 • 8 oz $45. Good as baby carrots. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 913-Long Island Improved 613-Purple Cape 358-Scarlet Nantes Cylindrical roots are 7" long by 1½" wide. Dark bright-orange flesh. 90 days. crisp and tender.00 • 4 oz $30. Rich purple heads with excellent flavor. and very sweet.75 • ¼ oz $5.75 • ¼ oz $6. C ertified O rganiC . gardeners in 1890. Tight heads can grow up to 8" in diameter. fine-grained.25 348-Calabrese 349-De Cicco 1190-Dragon High yields in clay or heavy soils.75 ¼ oz $5. 60–85 days from transplant.00 • ¼ oz $7. Winter hardy in zone 6.900 seeds/oz. many side shoots will follow. fine grained.25 612-Early Snowball The chief commercial sprout until the development of more uniform hybrids.25 1 oz $30.75 • 1 oz $14. The reddish-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellowish-orange interior when peeled or sliced. 65–87 days.25 1 oz $30.50 • ¼ oz $12. nearly coreless. 75–100 days from transplant. James Vick & Sons Company of Rochester.75 Introduced to U.25 • 8 oz $157. ±22.75 Introduced from South Africa in 1808. most refined purple carrot available.00 • ½ oz $6. Packet (250 seeds) $2. side shoots follow.75 5M $9.50 ¼ oz $12.25 • 10M $ phone: 563-382-5990 •11• . 1-2" in diameter.seedsavers. Early red-orange carrots.50 • 25M $29. Well adapted for forcing or wintering-over for early crops in warmer regions. After the central head is cut. A great seller at markets. Grows exceptionally well in cool Northern areas. Bright reddish-orange flesh. Valery was “The best and most handsome main crop carrot… Enormously productive.00 • 250M $150.00 • ½ oz $19. ±26.75 4 oz $98.75 • 4 oz $98. ±9. Good for storage. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Valery members offer 15 varieties • Broccoli • members offer 52 varieties • Carrot • Brought to America by Italian immigrants in the 1880s.00 • ½ oz $6.25 • 8 oz $157. Sweet and tender.

Gregory & Sons of Marblehead. SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.50 • 10M $15.Cabbage • Cabbage • members offer 59 varieties Introduced by H. Conical. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 ¼ oz $5.25 • ½ oz $8.75 • 1 lb $12. ±7. J.50 • 1 oz $13.75 • 5M $9. Extremely hard. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Great for fall decorations. 63–100 days from transplant. Good drought tolerance. steelblue cobs that turn jade-blue when boiled.75 353-Early Jersey Wakefield 355-Mammoth Red Rock Late Flat Dutch Winningstadt Cabbage Bloody Butcher 356-Premium Late Flat Dutch Blue Jade Country Gentleman Golden Bantam 614-Winningstadt Mandan Bride Mixed Colors Oaxacan Green Dent members offer 195 varieties • Corn • new Grown in the U. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 ¼ oz $5.75 1M $ fax: 563-382-6511 . Medium-sized plants are ideal for small gardens. Solid heads reach 6–8" in diameter.600 seeds/oz. “This strain is the result of much care on our part to develop and maintain the good qualities that have made this sort so popular.700 seeds/oz. Ferry & Co.S. H. Upright and compact plants with a spread of 28–30". Thick firm leaves are dark bluish-green and wavy. 98 days from transplant. Plants grow 9-12' tall and have at least two ears per stalk.50 • 1 oz $13. 60–75 days from transplant. solid. by Francis Brill of Jersey City.75 • ¼ oz $5. tightly folded heads are 10–15" tall by 5–7" in diameter and weigh 3–4 pounds.75 In 1924 the catalog of D.seedsavers.50 • 1 oz $13.75 Introduced in 1889.25 • ½ oz $8.S. Red throughout. Good for flour. Mild flavor. cornmeal or corn-on-the-cob when young.75 • 8 oz $7. since at least 1845. The earliest market variety we offer. Hartman & Company in 1909. salads and pickling.600 seeds/oz.25 • ½ oz $8.50 863-Bloody Butcher 1194(Og)-Blue Jade or Blue Baby Reid's Yellow Dent •12• Smoke Signals Tom Thumb Miniature plants bear 3–6 ears of sweet. Packet (50 seeds) $2. M. fine flavor.00 352(OG)-Copenhagen Market Copenhagen Market Early Jersey Wakefield Mammoth Red Rock First grown in the U. excellent keeper. 80–90 days from transplant.” Solid flat heads are 7–8" deep by 10–14" in diameter. Packet (50 seeds) $2. sure cropper. reported that.75 First listed in America by J. Excellent for cooking. small to medium core. Solid round heads are 8" in diameter and weigh 7 pounds. C ertified O rganiC .25 • ½ oz $8.500 seeds/lb.800 seeds/oz. Massachusetts in 1866. ±8. weigh 3–4 pounds and rarely burst. pointed heads are 7–9" tall and 6–7" in diameter. 100 days from transplant.75 4 oz $4. vigorous and uniform. ±1. ±8. New Jersey in 1840.75 ¼ oz $5. each 8–12" long.50 • 1 oz $13. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±6. 100–110 days.

Plants grow 2–3' tall, one of the only sweet corns that can be grown in containers. 70-80 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 366(OG)-Country Gentleman Introduced in 1890 by S. D. Woodruff & Sons of Orange, Connecticut. Standard lateseason white corn with deep, narrow, small “shoe peg” (non-rowed) kernels. Tapered ears grow 7–8" long on 7–8' stalks that often produce two ears. Standard home garden variety for fresh use or canning. 88–92 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 500 seeds $5.25 • 1M $8.75 • 5M $35.50 367(OG)-Golden Bantam Improved The original strain of Golden Bantam was introduced by W. Atlee Burpee in 1902. This improved strain was selected for longer ears and greater tenderness. Excellent sweet flavor, early main crop variety for home gardeners. Still the standard for home gardeners and market growers. Ideal for freezing and fresh eating. 70–85 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.75 1M $9.50 • 5M $37.50 616(OG)-Japonica Striped Maize Extremely beautiful ornamental corn from Japan. Listed in the 1890s as StripedLeafed Japanese Maize. Variegated leaves striped with green, white, yellow and pink. Tassels are dark purple, kernels are burgundy. Beautiful used as a border. Color develops better when plants are widely spaced. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seeds $12.25 500 seeds $21.50 • 1M $37.50 1355(OG)-Mandan Bride From the Mandan Indians of Minnesota and North Dakota. Extensive color range, including some beautifully striped kernels. Can be used as a flour corn or for highly ornamental fall displays. Ears are 6–8" long on 6' plants. 85–90 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $6.75 • 5M $27.50 Actually a type of sorghum. A diverse mixture of many colors including: gold, bronze, brown, black, burgundy, cream, plus many other shades. The seed heads at the top of the plant vary in length from 16–20". Many old varieties have been included in this mixture: Apache Red, Texas Black Amber, Tennessee Red, Nicaraguan Broom, Iowa Red, Hadley Kidd, Moyer Sonnen, Sattie Museum, Moyer Jensen Gold, Hungarian Red and Black, Ramirez South Chile and Kepley. As the seed-heads mature, the color deepens and the seeds become heavier and shiny. Nice for floral arrangements. 100 days. ±19,800 seeds/lb. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 1 oz $7.75 4 oz $12.25 • 8 oz $18.75 • 1 lb $25.00 used to make green flour tamales. Droughtresistant 7' sturdy plants. Traditionally grown with squash and beans which climb the corn stalks. 75–100 days. ±1,500 seeds/lb. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 4 oz $7.50 • 8 oz $12.75 • 1 lb $23.00 One of the most productive, hardy corns ever developed, this variety was a prize winner at the 1893 World's Fair. Developed by James L. Reid in northern Illinois from a Gordon Hopkins cross his father brought from Brown County, Ohio, in 1846. Vigorous 6-7’ plants with 9-10” well-filled ears. Very dependable and adaptive variety. 85-110 days. ±1,900 seeds/lb. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 4 oz $5.50 • 8 oz $9.50 • 1 lb $16.75 1465(OG)-Seneca Red Stalker One of the most distinct varieties of corn cultivated today. Originally from the Seneca Nation of Indians. Highly o r nam ent a l p u r p l e - red st a l k s an d husks. Large 8–9" ears of multicolor kernels. 100 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $8.75 • 5M $35.50 1488(OG)-Smoke Signals Beautiful 4–7" ears in a full range of colors. Prollific 8' plants. Great as both an ornamental and delicious, tender popcorn. 100 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $8.50 • 5M $27.50 368(OG)-Stowell’s Evergreen The original strain of this variety was bred by Nathaniel Newman Stowell, who was born May 16, 1793 in New Ipswich, Massachusetts. After years of refining this strain, Nathaniel sold two ears of seed for $4.00 to a friend who agreed to use it only for his private use. His “friend” then turned around and sold the seed for $20,000 and it was introduced to the seed trade in 1848. Still the leading white variety for home gardens and market growers. Ears grow 8–9" long and have 14–20 rows of kernels, 1–2 ears per stalk, holds well. 80–100 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $8.75 • 5M $35.50 864(OG)-Tom Thumb Popcorn The original breeding work on this particular variety was done by the late Professor Elwyn Meader at the University of New Hampshire. Dwarf 3½' plants produce 1–2 ears that are 3–4" long. Ideal moisture content for popping should be 13%. 85–90 days. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $8.50 • 5M $27.50 1195 (OG)-Two Inch Small red strawberry-colored and shaped ears are good for popping and gorgeous for fall decorations. Heirloom strain, 2–4 ears per stalk, 5–6' tall. 100 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seeds $5.25 1M $8.50 • 5M $27.50

New! 1496-Reid's Yellow Dent

Japonica Striped Maize

Seneca Red Stalker

933-Mixed Colors Broomcorn

Stowell’s Evergreen

Strawberry Popcorn

934-Oaxacan Green Dent

Smooth emerald-green kernels on 6–10" ears. Grown for centuries by the Zapotec Indians of southern Mexico where it is

Two Inch Strawberry

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• Cucumber • members offer 140 varieties
865(OG)-A & C Pickling (a.k.a. Ace)Introduced in 1928 by Abbott & Cobb of Philadelphia. Extremely productive, uniformly straight 8–10" fruits that hold their dark color for a long time. One of the best. Excellent variety for home or market gardens. 50–55 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.25 • 1M seeds $9.25 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 1357-Armenian
(Cucumis melo) Actually a melon, but used like a cucumber. Light green, heavily ribbed fruits can grow 24–30" long, but best used when 12–18". Nice mild flavor, easily digestible, skin and all. Fruits grow straight when trellised, but tend to twist when grown on the ground. 50–75 days. ±890 seeds/oz. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • ½ oz $6.25 1 oz $10.50 • 4 oz $35.75

An heirloom variety from the Boothby family of Livermore, Maine. Heavy producer of oval 6–8" creamy-yellow warty fruits with black spines. Excellent crisp sweet flavor, no need to peel. Best when eaten at about 4" long. Very good for bread and butter pickles. 55–60 days. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 111(OG)-Bushy Introduced to American gardeners by SSE in 1992. Well-known older variety that originated in the southern regions of Russia. Recommended for dacha gardens that surround Moscow because of its

916-Boothby’s Blonde

compact “bush” plants with 3–5' vines. Good production, for fresh eating or pickling. 4649 days. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.25 • 1M seeds $9.25 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 1443(OG)-Crystal Apple Originally from New Zealand, apple shaped when mature. Very tender, creamy white skin. Mild flavor, great for fresh eating, very prolific. Best used when small. 65 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M $9.25 • 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 617(OG)-Double Yield Developed by a home gardener and introduced in 1924 by Joseph Harris & Co. of Coldwater, New York. In the words of the introducer, “The remarkable thing about this new cucumber is its wonderful productiveness. For every pickle that is cut off, two or three more are produced.” Very productive pickling type. Slender fruits, 5–6" long by 2" diameter, symmetrical, smooth and uniform. 50–60 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.25 • 1M seeds $9.25 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 365(OG)-Early Fortune Introduced in 1910 by the Jerome B. Rice Seed Company of Cambridge, New York, who described it as “the earliest and best white spine cucumber ever offered.” Selected by George Starr at Royal Oak, Michigan from a single plant found in a crop of Davis Perfect (now extinct). Fruits are 7–8" long by 2" diameter. 55–60 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75• 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.25 • 1M seeds $9.25 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50

1191(OG)-Japanese Climbing

Introduced to American gardeners in 1892 by Thorburn from seed they obtained from Japan. Vigorous growth, strong grasping tendrils, the best variety we offer for trellises. Can also be grown on the ground. Fruits are 7–9" long by 3" in diameter, fine quality for both slicing or pickling. 58–65 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $9.25 • 5M $41.50 • 10M $66.50

1350-Jelly Melon

(a.k .a. Kiwano and African Horned Cucumber)(Cucumis metuliferus) Imported from New Zealand for specialty markets for over 25 years. Thorny oval fruits are filled with greenish-gold gel and lots of seeds. The flavor is reminiscent of pomegranate and citrus. The primary market niche is for garnishes and decorative fruits. 120 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $9.50 • 500 seed pack $12.50 1M seeds $18.75 • 5M $47.50 • 10M $76.00 866(OG)-Longfellow Introduced in 1927 by Jerome B. Rice Seed Company of Cambridge, New York. Preferred by market growers because the plants produce very attractive fruits that are ideal for the “straight pack” desired for shipment to high grade markets. Fruits are 12–14" long by 2½" in diameter. Limited availability this season. 62-80 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $9.25 • 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 (Melothria scabra) Newly rediscovered heirloom. Produces abundant crops of 1–2"

1192-Mexican Sour Gherkin

A & C Pickling


Boothby’s Blonde


Crystal Apple •14•

Double Yield

Early Fortune

Japanese Climbing


fax: 563-382-6511

fruits that have the appearance of miniature watermelons and fall off the vines when ripe. Sweet cucumber flavor, contrasted by a surprising sourness, as if they are already pickled! Great variety for growing on a trellis. 60–70 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $7.50 • 500 seed pack $12.50 1M seeds $20.00 • 5M $87.50 • 10M $150.00 Great miniature yellowish-white eating cucumber from SSE’s collection of over 250 cucumbers. Mild, sweet flavor, no need to peel. Very productive, vines rarely exceed 3' in length. Best eaten raw and used for salads when they are under 3" long. Extremely popular variety. 50–55 days. ±1,300 seeds/oz. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 ½ oz $9.50 • 1 oz $14.50 • 4 oz $46.50 C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $9.25 • 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 Originally from India, this very unusual cucumber matures into what looks like a large russet potato. Tender, crisp, and delicious, smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden yellow to russet brown and may be eaten at any stage, skin and all. Hardy, disease resistant vines produce early with good yields. 55 days. ±850 seeds/oz. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 ½ oz $6.25 • 1 oz $10.50 • 4 oz $35.75 Selected from Chicago Pickling by J. C. Snow of the famous Snow Pickle Farm located in Rockford, Illinois. Introduced in 1905 by Vaughan’s Seed House of Chicago. Slender fruits are 5–6" long by 1½–2" in diameter. This variety fit the niche for small pickle manufacturing at the time, as it was considered too short and chubby for a good dill. 50–60 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $9.25 • 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 Introduced in 1894 by Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. Similar in appearance and size to a lemon, averages 3" by 2". Was once a well-established variety in Australian markets. Used primarily for pickling, slicing and in salads. Very easy to digest. Rust and drought resistant, ex tremely productive. 58–70 days. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $5.00 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $9.25 • 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50

New! 1475-Poona Kheera

918-Miniature White

True Lemon

618(OG)-Snow’s Fancy Pickling


Popular Russian variety. Heavy set of uniform fruits that mature at relatively the same time, making it a good processing variety. Fruits are 5" long by 2" in diameter, one of our favorites at Heritage Farm. Resistant to extreme weather conditions. 50–60 days. Certified OrganiC. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.25 • 1M seeds $9.25 5M $36.00 • 10M $57.50 This French variety is known in Europe as Improved Bourbonne and was used extensively for the manufacturing of gherkins or cornichons in the late 1800s. First listed in America by J. J. H. Gregory in 1892. Fruits are suitable for fresh eating, or slicing when they become larger. Very hard to find. 50–60 days for cornichons, 70–80 days for slicing.

213(OG)-True Lemon

Snow’s Fancy Pickling

1356(OG)-Parisian Pickling

1434-West Indian Gherkin

(Cucumis anguria) Large vines with distinctive looking leaves, more like watermelon than cucumbers. Large crops of oval fruits 2-3" long and 1½" in diameter. Distinct flavor, used for making small pickles or relish. Very drought tolerant. This variety dates back to at least the early 1790s. 60–65 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $5.00 500 seed pack $7.50 • 1M seeds $10.00 5M $15.00 • 10M $35.00

Jelly Melon


Mexican Sour Gherkin

Miniature White



Parisian Pickling

Poona Kheera

West Indian Gherkin •15•

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75 1/8 oz $10. but used extensively in Asian cuisine.75 •16• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. ±890 seeds/oz. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 20–25" tall and fruits are set in clusters of 1/8 oz $10. Oval fruits are 5" in diameter with pale-green skin and mild white flesh. beautiful fruits are prized by chefs.00 • 8 oz $136.75 an d d ro u g ht re s i st a n t .00 • ¼ oz $16. C ertified O rganiC .75 everbearing. Excellent texture and flavor.00 • 8 oz $136. 80–90 days from transplant.eggplant Applegreen Casper Diamond Florida High Bush Goyo Kumba Lao Green Stripe Lao Purple Stripe Listada de Gandia members offer 134 varieties • Eggplant • Developed by the late Professor Elwyn Meader in 1964. Excellent Ukrainian variety. Packet (50 seeds) $2. mild flavor and almost never bitter. Hardy.75 in diameter.75 • 4 oz $114.00 • ¼ oz $16. Very meaty 4–6" round fruits. 70 days from transplant. fruits last for extended periods. Disease C ertified O rganiC .00 • 5M $49.a.a. Purple Tiger) Similar to Lao Green Stripe in all aspects but color. Compact plants produce snow-white 6" by 2" diameter fruits with mild flesh.00 • 8 oz $136. 62–70 days from transplant. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 earliness. Packet (25 seeds) $2. We can say with certainty this is the 370-Florida High Bush best strain available on the market.00 • ½ oz $25.75 • 4 oz $114. Does well in even cool and wet conditions.50 1 oz $40.k. Fruits are bitter. 1M seeds $19.00 • ½ oz $25.00 • 5M $49.seedsavers. Green Tiger) Heavy sets of 2" round fruits with green stripes on the upper half of the fruits. v igorous plants are disease resistant. 6–8" thin Large purple fruits with pure-white flesh skinned fruits. smooth. Plants grow ±890 seeds/oz. thorn-free stems and plants.00 • 8 oz $136. no need to peel.00 • ½ oz $25. pleasant eggplant flavor. Packet (50 seeds) $2.00 • ½ oz $25. great for Eggplant Parmisiana.50 4–6. ha rd y a n d 250 seed pack $9.00 • 8 oz $136. ±890 seeds/oz.00 • ½ oz $25.75 1/8 oz $10.00 • 8 oz $136.75 • 4 oz $114. Use for cooking when 34-Diamond the fruits are small.50 • 1 oz $40.75 250 seed pack $9. Taiwan.75 • 500 seed pack $13.00 • ¼ oz $16. 90 days from transplant. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±6.00 • ¼ oz $16. Dark purple fruits are 6–9" long by 2–3" 1 oz $40.75 1/8 oz $10. Productive upright 2–3' plants. Extra early and productive.75 1403-Red Ruffled Originally introduced as an ornamental in the 19th century.75 1M seeds $19.50 1 oz $40. Peeling is not necessary if eaten when fax: 563-382-6511 .50 1 oz $40. Pa c k e t ( 5 0 s e e d s ) $ 2 .25 1402-Lao Purple Stripe (a.5M $34. ±890 s e e d s / o z . nonacid flavor.75 1401-Lao Green Stripe Extremely beautiful eggplant that originated in Pingtung.75 • 4 oz $114.75 Beautiful purple striped Italian eggplant.00 • ¼ oz $16.00 • ¼ oz $16. Slender fruits up to 12" long and just slightly more than 1" in diameter.75 4 oz $114. Outstanding as an ornamental. 65–75 days from transplant.75 • 4 oz $114.75 • 4 oz $114.00 • ½ oz $25. ±890 seeds/oz. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 Vibrant bright red 2–3" slightly flattened fruits from Africa.25 • 2. Good for pots and in ornamental borders.00 8 oz $136.00 ¼ oz $16.50 strain out of 10 for consistent deep color and 1 oz $40. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 65–95 days from transplant. use as you would any eggplant. 1196(OG)-Listada de Gandia ±890 seeds/oz. Dark lavender fruits have an incredible shine that radiates off the skin. 7 5 1/8 oz $10.75 1304-Rosa Bianca Stunning Italian heirloom.25 Our favorite white variety for fresh eating in the early summer.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 620-Pingtung Long 369-Casper (a. Referred to as miniature pumpkins by florists.00 • 8 oz $136. never bitter.5M $34. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Reliable.00 • ¼ oz $16.75 • 4 oz $114. An abundance of 2" fruits are borne in clusters on 20" plants.50 1 oz $40. 70– 85 days from transplant.25 • 2. heavy yields of excellent quality.75 • 1/8 oz $10. Well suited for all of your cooking needs. 65–75 days from transplant. Very prolific 90–100 days from transplant.75 619(OG)-Applegreen 1399-Goyo Kumba ±890 seeds/oz. Productive upright 2–3' plants. 90 days from transplant.75 1/8 oz $10. Vigorous upright well-branched plants. are held high off the ground. Best eaten when small. this is the best 1/8 oz $10.50 1 oz $40. 76–80 days from transplant.k.00 • ½ oz $25. After selecting for over 5 years. 90 days from transplant.00 • 8 oz $136.75 • 1/8 oz $10.00 • ¼ oz $16.75 • 4 oz $114. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 New! 1508(Og)-Purple Pickling Traditional Italian variety used for making eggplant relish or for fresh eating.00 • ½ oz $25. ±890 seeds/oz.400 seeds/oz.50 • 1 oz $40.00 ½ oz $25. Gorgeous upright plants are loaded with 4-8" bellshaped fruits. Packet (25 seeds) $2.

5M $14.75 • 500 seed pack $4. From Tamil village in India. Unique 3" glowing yellow fruits. ±890 seeds/oz. Great for chutneys and curries.50 1M $38. not edible. Best when picked after berries turn from glossy to dull black. Tasteless when raw and unsweetened.00 • ½ oz $25.75 1.25 • 5M $122.seedsavers. but makes delicious mock blueberry pies and preserves.75 1/8 oz $10.75 • 4 oz $114.50 • 250 seed pack $14.75 • 500 seed pack $13.00 • 10M $31. but not bitter.25 621-Thai Green 622(OG)-Garden Huckleberry (Solanum melanocerasum) Native to western Africa.00 • 8 oz $136. 80–90 days from transplant.00 • 5M $49.eggplant new Pingtung Long Purple Pickling Red Ruffled Rosa Bianca Round Mauve Striped Toga Thai Green Udumalapet 1404-Round Mauve Nicely colored variety from China.00 • ¼ oz $16.00 • ¼ oz $16.75 • 4 oz $114. 70–85 days from transplant. Consistent heavy producer at Heritage Farm in northeastern Iowa.50 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 1 oz $40.75 • 4 oz $114. some garden writers still insist that gardeners are being tricked. Best eaten small.5M $34.50 10M $195. The fruits turn from two-toned green to two-toned orange.50 1400-Nipple Fruit C E (Solanaceae mamosum) One of the most curious plants. Use about 1 pound of berries to ½ cup of sugar for best flavor. Garden Huckleberries are not poisonous! Even after countless studies have proven their safety.75 • 1/8 oz $10. 70–80 days from transplant. Sprawling 3-4' branched plants produce hundreds of round ½-¾" shiny berries in clusters.75 1182(OG)-Udumalapet Another beautiful and edible striped eggplant.5M $76. Stems are highly sought for long lasting floral arrangements. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 Stunning striped fruits are 1" wide by 3" long.00 Garden Huckleberry ROP ILUR FA ILUR FA Nipple Fruit phone: 563-382-5990 •17• .75 100 seed pack $7.50 1 oz $40. 80–90 days from transplant. ±890 seeds/oz. It is a common misunderstanding that Garden Huckleberries are poisonous. Strong flavored fruits.75 250 seed pack $9. fine quality white flesh with mild pleasant flavor that absorbs spicy flavors well.75 1/8 oz $10. Holds very well in fresh or dried arrangements. Tender. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±890 seeds/oz. plants grow 4-5' tall. 75–80 days from transplant.25 • 2.000 seed pack $7. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 1M seeds $19.00 • ½ oz $25.75 1405-Striped Toga become a member—save 10% www. Heavy yields of teardrop-shaped fruits are green with vibrant lavender stripes and striking green calyxes. Compact plants do well in pots. Good for freezing and canning.25 • 2. at which point the seeds are almost absent. 100 days from transplant. when the fruits are about 3" long. Ripens to yellow. Best for eating when fruits are the size of tennis balls.00 • 8 oz $136.00 • ½ oz $25.00 • 8 oz $136. but this is absolutely not the case. Ornamental only.00 • ¼ oz $16.50 1 oz $40. Good for pots. C ertified O rganiC .org E CROP Used extensively in Thai cuisines. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Beautiful long slender 12" fruits have tender light green skin that does not require peeling. Prolific and drought resistant.25 5M $21. C ertified O rganiC .

Inchelium Red Music Pskem River Persian Star •18• Siberian SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. September 20–22.seedsavers.garliC Bogatyr Broadleaf Czech Chet’s Italian Red Elephant Garlic Chesnok Red Georgian Crystal German Extra Hardy Georgian Fire new Garlic Planting Guide. which will vary depending on where you live. Every package of garlic contains a detailed planting fax: 563-382-6511 . SSE reser ves the right to substitute in case of a crop failure or shortage. Shipping Instructions and Substitutions The best planting time for garlic is from September 1 5 u n t i l No v e m b e r 3 0 when the soil temperature is around 60°F. On the garlic section of the order form. be sure to indicate which shipping date you prefer: September 6–8. October 4–6 or October 19–21. 2010. located in the middle of the catalog.

50 • 10 Bulbs $32. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .seedsavers.00 become a member—save 10% www. Great for salsa and salads. Outside skin is ivory-white. 4–5 large cloves per bulb. C ertified O rganiC . and much milder flavor than regular garlic.a. Hardneck. 10–14 cloves per bulb. Pleasant flavor with a mild spicy zing. a savings of $11. 1lb $15.50 • 25 Bulbs $75. Bulbs average 4–6 cloves.50 1038(OG)-Georgian Crystal From the Gatersleben Seed Bank (#6819). herbicides. found growing wild in an abandoned garden along the roadside. Beautiful purple striped cloves. Heirloom variety from Chet Stevenson of Tonasket. Hardneck. Hardneck. 19 total bulbs for $60. Hardneck. Excellent storage qualities. As you peel away the bulb wrappers. 2 Bulbs $7. Raw taste is strong with a nice hotness that is not at all unpleasant.k.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. one of the very best for roasting.a. Softneck.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. very tight. Item #1040 $ phone: 563-382-5990 •19• . Huge cloves.50 5 Bulbs $17.00 1197(OG)-Elephant Garlic Not a true garlic. under ideal conditions.50 5 Bulbs $17.00 • 5 lb $70.00 New! 1199(OG)-Music Italian variety brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. 2 Bulbs $7. Sweet pungent flavor.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. Originally obtained from the Gatersleben Seed Bank (#146). mild flavor when raw. Hailed as one of the best varieties for consistent production of 2½" to 3" white bulbs with a hint of pink. Softneck. 1 Bulb $4.00 • 10 Bulbs $37. 2 Bulbs $7.00 • 10lb $130. 2 Bulbs $7.50 • 10 Bulbs $32.00 922(OG)-German Extra Hardy Vigorous grower with long roots that enable it to overwinter without heaving out of the ground. A good garlic for eating raw. not overpowering. durable heads. 12–16 cloves per bulb. but the clove skin is dark red. C ertified O rganiC . Compound bulbs have 8–10 large outer cloves and 10–15 small to medium cloves in the center of the bulb. 3 softneck and 1 bulb of Elephant garlic). 8–10 cloves per bulb. C ertified O rganiC . C ertified O rganiC .00 1198(OG)-Georgian Fire Obtained from the Gatersleben Seed Bank (#6822) in eastern Germany. 8–12 cloves per bulb. 2 Bulbs $7. Beautiful fat bulbs with large cloves. C ertified O rganiC .00 854(OG)-Inchelium Red Found growing on the Colville Indian Reservation in Inchelium.k. 2 Bulbs $7. Huge bulbs.00 Sustainably grown without the use of pesticides.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. Republic of Georgia.75.50 5 Bulbs $17. full flavor. Bulbs have potential to grow 3–5" in diameter and up to one pound dry weight. retains flavor well when cooked. 2 Bulbs $7.00 25lb $300.50 • 5 Bulbs $17. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Rated the best tasting garlic by the Rodale Institute in 1990. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .50 5 Bulbs $17. high sugar content.50 25 Bulbs $87.00 920(OG)-Chet’s Italian Red Highly productive and adaptable strain. Cooked flavor is very nice.00 922c-German Extra Hardy 1040-The Garlic Sampler Still not sure what to order? Let us select 10 varieties for you (6 hardneck. Light purple blotching on very large bulbs.50 25 Bulbs $75. Shvelisi) Originates from the village of Shvelisi.50 • 25 Bulbs $75. Washington.00 857(OG)-Chesnok Red (a. also known as Cichisdzhvari. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . but actually is a type of leek.50 • 5 Bulbs$17.00 856(OG)-Persian Star (a.50 25 Bulbs $75. C ertified O rganiC .50 • 25 Bulbs $75. Described by chefs as a truly “white hot” garlic.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. 4–6 cloves per bulb. described as mild and full. Hardneck. C ertified O rganiC . 4–6 cloves per bulb. Softneck. Extremely large size.50 • 5 Bulbs$17. Beautifully marbled brown or purple striped cloves.50 5 Bulbs $17. but originally from Moscow.50 • 25 Bulbs $75.25 • 5 Bulbs $20. 2 Bulbs $7. good full flavor.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. The raw flavor is best called hot. Hardneck.00 1373(OG)-Broadleaf Czech Nice big tan cloves with a hint of red. 2 Bulbs $7. 4-7 cloves per bulb. Good lingering taste.garliC members offer 359 varieties • Garlic • 1037(OG)-Bogatyr Obtained from the Gatersleben Seed Bank (#7204). 2 Bulbs $7. 5–7 cloves per bulb.50 • 5 Bulbs$17. 2 Bulbs $7. Nicely colored bulbs peel easily. 4–7 cloves per bulb. Hardneck. C ertified O rganiC . Good allpurpose variety that produces reliable yields year-after-year. smooth and buttery when roasted. 4–7 cloves per bulb.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. Good storage qualities. 2 Bulbs $7. the color changes from white to almost pure purple. Strong raw flavor.50 • 25 Bulbs $75.50 • 10 Bulbs $32.00 1473(OG)-Pskem River Originally collected by SSE member John Swenson in 1989 from the Pskem River Valley in Uzbekistan.50 25 Bulbs $75. Washington. Samarkand) This variety was collected in Samarkand.50 • 25 Bulbs $75.50 25 Bulbs $75. 12–16 cloves per bulb.50 25 Bulbs $75. Hardneck.50 • 5 Bulbs$17.50 • 10 Bulbs $32.50 25 Bulbs $75. because the flavor is not too strong. Consistently one of the largest garlics grown at Heritage Farm. Hardneck. or synthetic fertilizer.50 • 10 Bulbs $32. Uzbekistan by long-time SSE member John Swenson.50 • 5 Bulbs$17.50 5 Bulbs $17. C ertified O rganiC . Rated as one of the very best for baking or roasting.00 1200(OG)-Siberian One of the best and most popular garlics.

75 5M $9. ±28.75 50M $33. Hailed as “the finest.400 seeds/oz. Looseleaf.50 • 100M $57.50 380(OG)-Crisp Mint 381(OG)-Flame Pablo •20• Red Iceberg Red Leprechaun Introduced to gardeners in 1988 by Harris Moran. Pleasant.50 • 1 oz $20.75 • 1/8 oz $4. 45–55 days.50 • 250M $87. A real standout.50 • 25M $23. Slow to bolt.50 Awarded the bronze medal at the 1947 All American Selections.75 ¼ oz $7.50 • 25M $23.75 • 1/8 oz $4. Packet (250 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC .75 50M $33.50 • 100M $57. compact version of Green Oakleaf.50 • 1 oz $20.50 • 250M $87.00 • 8 oz $57. almost serrated leaves. sharp flavor. Romaine. Unique growth habit. Looseleaf. Looseleaf. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 4 oz $48.75 5M $9. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 4 oz $48.seedsavers. Sharply triangular green leaves with straight edges. 65 days. Holds for an extended period. Looseleaf. Similar to Slobolt. Unique. very tender texture. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Medium green oakleaf-shaped leaves with rounded lobes. but different in color and the plants are larger.75 • ½ oz $12. C ertified O rganiC .50 • 100M $57.75 50M $33. 50 days.50 Bronze Arrowhead Cracoviensis Crisp Mint 937(OG)-Baby Oakleaf A dwarf. Thick compact plant great for a cut-and-come-again lettuce. slow SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.75 • 10M $13. Unique color that is almost a neon chartreuse.50 378-Bronze Arrowhead Flame Gold Rush Green Oakleaf 1372(OG)-Cracoviensis Lolla Rossa Mascara Merveille French heirloom described in Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden (1885). Coloration like no other lettuce.75 • 10M $13.50 • 25M $23.75 • ½ oz $12.00 • 8 oz $57. C ertified O rganiC .50 • 250M $87.50 25M $23. excellent flavor.900 seeds/oz.50 626-Amish Deer Tongue 377(OG)-Australian Yellowleaf Australian heirloom. Introduced as Bronze Beauty by Germania Seed & Plant Co. most colorful and most delicious leaf lettuce for the home garden. one of our best varieties. 45–55 days. Rather quick to bolt. Thin midrib. Looseleaf.75 • 50M $33. Described as “distinctly red.lettuCe members offer 261 varieties • Lettuce • Amish Deer Tongue Australian Yellowleaf Baby Oakleaf Amish variety valued for its ruggedness and heavy production. 40–50 days.75 ¼ oz $7.75 5M $9.75 • 10M $13. slow to bolt.50 • 100M $57. Packet (250 seeds) $2. good fax: 563-382-6511 . C ertified O rganiC .50 250M $87. ±26.” Our favorite oakleaf-type lettuce. but the leaves remain tender and nonbitter the whole time.50 Compact heads grow almost straight up to a height of 10". 50 days.75 • 5M $9.75 • 10M $13.

gave this seed to SSE. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 • 8 oz $43.50 ¼ oz $7. Looseleaf. 50 days. Excellent quality ±25. 90 year-old Cloe Lowrey.75 • ½ oz $12.200 seeds/oz.75 • ½ oz $12. in color when compared to Lollo Rossa.75 ¼ oz $7. Cut-and-come-again.50 • 100M $57.50 • 250M $87.75 French heirloom described in Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden (1885). Smooth Lime-green loose thin leaves with deeply cut reddish-pink leaves with very frilly margins.75 5M $9. In 1977. 6" tall and 14–16" wide plants.75 • 10M $13.75 1 oz $20.25 • ½ oz $9. The dark red color develops best in cool spring or autumn weather. Looseleaf.50 • 100M $57. ±26. curly Nice sweet flavor. 60 days.75 50M $33. standing.50 105-Forellenschuss Bronze-tinged leaf lettuce that forms large loose heads. clean flavor. self-enclosing” meaning it’s a speckled romaine. Good texture. ±20. 217(OG)-Green Oakleaf Medium to large size.900 seeds/oz.00 • 8 oz $57.50 C ertified O rganiC .50 • 100M $57. oz. Mild.50 Large decorative plants with wide leaves that are crisp and delicious.75 • ¼ oz $7. excellent flavor. 60 days.50 845-Red Iceberg Finally. crispy. ±24. Mild fine E CROP 772(OG)-Gold Rush Our perennial favorite. Very slow-to- become a member—save 10% www.50 gorgeous as the most beautiful looseleafs. 12" tall and 10–12" wide. sometimes encircling half the head.50 • 1 oz $20.75 • ¼ oz $7. clean Excellent baby lettuce.75 10M $13.700 seeds/oz.50 • 25M $23. an iceberg lettuce that is as 100M $57. 50–60 days.50 • 100M $57.75 • 5M $9. By far the tallest and largest romaine we offer.50 • 25M $23. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Gorgeous romaine lettuce with medium green leaves and splotches of maroon. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 • 25M $23. Looseleaf.75 • ½ oz $12. hearts. Austrian heirloom that translates literally as “trout. oz $4.75 • ½ oz $12. 60–80 days. due to its ability to hold without bolting for an Looseleaf.500 seeds/oz. long.00 / 4 oz $48. Certified OrganiC. Nice mild flavor. Shiny dark purple 219(OG)-Lollo Rossa Beautif ul magenta leaves w ith tiny leaves are covered with large bumps. Similar to Tango.50 4 oz $48. Introduced to U. Grandpa Admire’s granddaughter. Romaine. Wavy-edged flat leaves are extremely wide. 1/8 oz $4. even in extreme heat. Nice. ±890 seeds/oz.50 bolt variety. 60 days. tender longer than most.75 • ¼ oz $7.25 • ¼ oz $6. Curly frilled oakleafshaped leaves retain dark red color in hot weather.75 • 50M $33. 70 days. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • ¼ oz $7.50 • 100M $57. C ertified O rganiC . 55 days.75 • 50M $33.00 4 oz $48.500 seeds/oz. ±28.75 1 8 oz $4.75 • 10M $13. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 250M $87. C ertified O rganiC . in the 1880s.75 18 oz $4.00 • 8 oz $57. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Red Coral is more pinkish and crinkled. flavor that has a slight bite.75 • 5M $9. Plants are resistant to bolting. Butterhead.50 Packet (250 seeds) $2. Crisphead.50 5M $9.75 1/8 oz $4.00 • 8 oz $57. frills.75 • 1/8 oz $4. 55 days.00 / 4 oz $36. ±34. 60 days.00 Looseleaf. Holds very well in the summer heat. Pretty reddish bibb-type rosette. Very slow to bolt.300 seeds/ C ertified O rganiC . Romaine. Red color develops best during cooler weather. Romaine. Crisphead. never bitter. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 50 days. 70–80 days.50 38(OG)-Grandpa Admire’s phone: 563-382-5990 •21• .75 • ½ oz $12.75 Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 5M $9. George Admire was a Civil War veteran born in 1822. Packet (250 seeds) $2. however it is offered by only a few companies today.lettuCe bolting.75 1/8 extended period in our climate.75 • 10M $13.25 • ½ oz $9. Looseleaf.50 25M $23.25 220-Merveille des Quatre Saisons Gourmet variety used as a colorful tangy addition to salads.75 • 1 oz $20. Nice sweet flavor.50 Beautiful upright paddle-shaped leaves with smooth edges.50 • 250M $87. a fast mover for markets demanding unique vegetables. 16" wide.” Flame is a relatively recent introduction.50 385-Red Rapids One of the most beautiful in SSE’s collection of 1.900 seeds/oz. crisp.50 • 1 oz $20.50 • 250M $87.75 629-Red Leprechaun 50M $33. 50 days. 65 days.75 18 oz $4. Adds unique texture to salads. Packet (250 seeds) $2.024 lettuces.800 seeds/oz.S.50 • 250M $87. margins.75 • 10M $13.75 • 10M $13. fairly Known as Baltimore or Philadelphia Oakleaf tight heads that hold well without bolting. Looseleaf. gardeners in 1955. light green bases and mild flavor. but we prefer Gold Rush which is one of the darkest reds we offer.75 • 5M $9.75 even in late summer. Superior flavor.seedsavers. Butterhead.50 1 oz $20. Deep-lobed bronze leaves. Distinct thin pinkish center rib.75 • ½ oz $12. 55 days. hard to find an all around better lettuce.00 • 4 oz $48.50 • 25M $23.Nice mild flavor. ±38.00 • 8 oz $57.50 1 oz $20.50 250M $87.50 938-Red Coral E CROP ILUR FA 384-Mascara Crisp ruffled looseleaf type with red tops and lime-green interior. Looseleaf. excellent mild flavor. Resistant to hot weather.75 • 1/8 oz $4.75 • 50M $33.00 • 4 oz $48. growing 13" across and 8" tall. C ertified O rganiC .00 • 8 oz $57.00 25M $23. slow to bolt.50 • 1 oz $20. One of our best performers. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 ILUR FA Beautiful heirloom that can be harvested leaf-by-leaf continuously all season. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 • 8 oz $57. 4 oz $48.75 50M $33. Good Small 5–8" heads. ±31.25 • ¼ oz $6. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Entire plant is extremely frilled.75 / 630(OG)-Red Romaine 222-Red Salad Bowl 627-Pablo Loose heads form beautiful upright rosettes that look almost like flowers.

6–8" tall and 10–12" wide. ±22.00 • 4 oz $48. Tops of leaves are solid reddish-maroon.75 50M $33. and the backs are green tinged with maroon. Looseleaf.200 seeds/oz.000 seeds/ oz.800 seeds/oz.50 A beautiful broad savoyed red-tipped cutting lettuce from Milan. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Extremely beautiful bright red color. Looseleaf. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 62 days.75 5M $9. 45–55 days.75 1/8 oz $4. 45–55 days.50 • 250M $87.75 5M $9. Tender texture and excellent quality.75 • ¼ oz $7. Curled and blistered leaf edges are tinged with red.50 Very hard-to-find French variety introduced in 1906 by C. C ertified O rganiC . blistered and heavily Uniform attractive plants form tight erect rosettes.50 • 250M $87.75 • 10M $13.50 1 oz $20. Large compact plants produce the entire summer.75 • 10M $13.75 • ¼ oz $7. Morse & Co. as Strawberry Cabbage Lettuce.50 • 100M $57. somewhat Red Rapids Red Romaine Red Salad Bowl Red Velvet Reine des Glaces •22• Rossa di Trento Rossimo Rouge d’Hiver SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Packet (250 seeds) $2. very few commercial sources still exist. summer and fall planting. 55 days. 50–55 days. Mild sweet pleasant flavor. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 12" across and 5–8" tall.75 • ½ oz $12. Marked with small deep reddish-brown mottling.75 • 10M $13.75 • ½ oz $12. Better color in cold weather. fairly wide mid-ribs.50 Slow-bolting variety.50 634(OG)-Slobolt A long-time garden standard. dark limegreen leaf centers.50 All American Selections medal winner in 1987 and although a rather recent fax: 563-382-6511 .75 • ¼ oz $7.00 • 8 oz $57. C.00 • 8 oz $57.50 Spectacularly colorful lettuce that has extremely dark red leaves with frilled edges.50 223(OG)-Rouge d’Hiver (Red Winter) French heirloom first described in the 1880s. Thick clusters of light green frilled leaves.75 • ½ oz $12. Backs of leaves are light green. Extremely slow to bolt and the taste does not turn bitter even while bolting.50 Upright growth habit. ±26. twisted. Resists bolting and is widely adapted for outdoor plantings. but also performs well when grown in a greenhouse. A widely adapted variety that is often used in lettuce mixtures for market. Similar to Rossimo.00 • 4 oz $48. SSE is proud to have re-introduced this variety in 2002. Deeply cut.00 4 oz $36.25 ¼ oz $6. ±24. Looseleaf. Heads are slow to bolt.50 1 oz $20.00 • 4 oz $48. ideal for summer plantings. Reddishbrown leaves are oval with wavy frilled margins. Looseleaf.75 50M $33. Plants are 6" tall and 12" wide. 55 days. 60 days. Extremely slow to bolt.00 • 8 oz $57.50 • 250M $87.25 977(OG)-Red Velvet 631(OG)-Reine des Glaces (Ice Queen) textured. 12" across and 6–8" tall.50 1 oz $20.75 50M $33. Dark green deeply-cut pointed lacy leaves.75 1/8 oz $4. Crinkled leaves are ideal for early spring salads and are very showy when mixed with other green lettuces. ±30. Produces a compact 10–12" head with a green heart and brownish-red leaves.75 • ½ oz $12. 45–60 days.75 • ¼ oz $7. Tender. Butterhead.50 • 250M $87. Packet (250 seeds) $2.800 seeds/oz.lettuCe Looking for the darkest red looseleaf that we offer? Look no further. but not quite as frilly.50 • 100M $57.75 • 10M $13.75 5M $9. C ertified O rganiC .50 1 oz $20. ±32.75 • 1/8 oz $4. Italy.000 seeds/oz.00 • 4 oz $48.00 • 8 oz $57. Darker green than most varieties of lettuce and very slow to bolt. because here it is. Medium to dark green crisp heart.75 5M $9. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 • 25M $23.50 • 25M $23. Looseleaf.75 • ½ oz $12.75 • ¼ oz $7.75 1/8 oz $4.00 • 4 oz $48.50 390-Sunset 387-Rubin 978-Susan’s Red Bibb 386-Rossa di Trento 388-Sanguine Ameliore 635(OG)-Tango 632-Rossimo Slow-bolting variety. Loose leaf. C ertified O rganiC . C ertified O rganiC . Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 • 8 oz $57. One of the most vivid deep red lettuces available to home gardeners and market growers.75 1/8 oz $4. ±26.50 • 100M $57.75 • 1 oz $20. Absolutely striking appearance that continues to amaze us each season. Developed by the USDA in 1946. Mild flavor.75 1/8 oz $4.50 • 100M $57.50 1 oz $20. Crisphead.800 seeds/oz.50 • 25M $23. Plants seldom exceed 7–9" in diameter.seedsavers. Stays crisp even on hot days. Looseleaf. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 50–60 days. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Use as a leaf lettuce after heads are cut. 60 days.50 • 25M $23.75 50M $33. pointed leaves resemble endive in appearance. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Romaine.00 • 8 oz $43. Upright wide leaves are frilled. For spring.25 • ½ oz $9.

75 • 10M $13. we have put together a mixture of cutting lettuces containing equal amounts of the following eight varieties: Amish Deer Tongue. ±26. 50 days.75 50M $33.75 ¼ oz $7. Packet (250 seeds) $2. and earlier from Holland in 1660.50 Lettuce Mixture Butterhead Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture Rubin Sanguine Ameliore Slobolt Sunset Susan’s Red Bibb Tango Tennis Ball Yugoslavian Red •23• become a member—save 10% www.50 • 100M $57.75 50M $33.00 4 oz $48. tennis ball lettuces were often pickled in salt brine during the 17th and 18th centuries. whose Mennonite family brought it to Waterloo County.50 • 25M $23. Forellenschuss.75 • 10M $13.75 • 1/8 oz $4. vitamin rich.lettuCe tangy flavor. A great variety for home and market phone: 563-382-5990 . Packet(250seeds)$2.75 5M $9.50 • 25M $23. 65–70 days.50 • 250M $87.50 • 100M $57. Cutting the head in half exposes solid green interior leaves and an almost white center. Crisphead. Pablo.75 5M $9. PA. Slow to bolt. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .50 • 1 oz $20. Looseleaf.50 • 250M $87.50 • 100M $57. Fine distinct flavor and good texture. Red Velvet and Reine des Glaces. Butterhead. Looseleaf. C ertified O rganiC . Start cutting at 40 days. Ontario in 1799 in a covered wagon from Lancaster County. 45–60 days.75 50M $33. The Martin family immigrated to America from Germany.75 • 10M $13. According to Heirloom Vegetable Gardening by SSE member William Woys Weaver.50 • 250M $87. holds at market stage well.50 391(OG)-Tennis Ball Introduced to gardeners in the 1850s and listed by 116 seedsmen in 1904. one of our most popular varieties of lettuce.50 636(OG)-Webb’s Wonderful English crisphead type. Bronze Arrowhead.400 seeds/oz. 40–55 days. Black seeded. The plants measure only 7" in diameter and form loose heads. Butterhead.50 • 250M $87. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 39(OG)-Speckled Speckled 1024-Seed Savers Due to numerous requests over the years from our customers. stands well in heat. 55 days.75 • 10M $13. Very large and robust heads with crumpled leaves.50 • 25M $23.50 Sent to SSE in 1983 by Mark Reusser. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 10M $13. Lollo Rossa.50 • 250M $87. Certified OrganiC.75 • 5M $9.50 • 25M $23.75 5M $9.seedsavers.75 50M $33.75 50M $33.75 • ½ oz $12.50 637 (OG) -Yugoslavian Red Red-tinged leaves form somewhat loose heads that can measure up to 12" across. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Australian Yellowleaf.00 • 8 oz $57.50 • 100M $57. recommended for planting in the South.50 • 25M $23. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (250 seeds) $2. Small tight rosettes of light green leaves. His father obtained it from Urias Martin.50 • 100M $57.75 5M $9. Excellent mild flavor.

50 • 1 oz $13. 80–150 days from transplant. up to 36". 9–15" long by 2–3" diameter. excellent delicious flavor that is enhanced by frost.50 624-Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Dwarf Blue Red Russian Blue Solaize Italian heirloom that dates back to the eighteenth century. 100–120 days from transplant. with thick solid pure-white stalks.700 seeds/oz.75 • ½ oz $15. sweet medium-long shaft. Heavily savoyed texture. Started appearing in American catalogs at the end of the 1880s. 62 days from transplant.000 seeds $5. Even with its extremely large size. Nice mild flavor. Best eaten when small and tender. Plants are very tall. medium dark blue-green fan-shaped leaves.75 • ¼ oz $5.50 638-Blue Solaize 639-Giant Musselburgh Charantais Crane Delice de la Table 640-Prizetaker Early Hanover •24• Early Silver Line Eden's Gem SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. ±10. the stalk retains its tenderness and mild flavor.75 1. ±12. good buncher. Packet (100 seeds) $2.50 • 1 oz $13. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Stands well and maintains its color. ±9.75 ¼ oz $5.50 • 10M $15.75 • 1.000 seeds/oz. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 5M $9.kale members offer 36 varieties • Kale • Low-growing plants are 12–15" tall with a 20–35" spread.50 • 1 oz $25.25 ½ oz $8. 53–65 days from transplant.75 • ¼ oz $5. A light frost improves flavor and sweetness. Tender white stalks.25 ½ oz $8. C ertified O rganiC .00 623(OG)-Lacinato 625(OG)-Red Russian Prizetaker Christmas Henderson Bush members offer 36 varieties • Leek • Sieva Banana Boule d’Or Beautiful French heirloom. Hardy to -10° F.50 • 1 oz $13. Very large. ±10.75 5M $9. Documented since fax: 563-382-6511 .50 An English heirloom.00 Vigorous 18–36" plants have frilly purpleveined blue-green leaves tinged with reddishpurple. Blue-green strap-like leaves that are 3" wide by 10–18" long. extremely hardy.50 • 10M $15.75 ¼ oz $9. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Scottish variety introduced in the early 1800s. High in vitamin A. truly bluecolored leaves that turn violet after a cold spell. mild sweet flavor. Packet (100 seeds) $2.seedsavers. Packet (100 seeds) $2. stands winter well.000 seeds $5.25 • ½ oz $8.600 seeds/oz.000 seeds/oz. 110–135 days from transplant. Very tender. C ertified O rganiC . Good for short-season areas and winter harvest. 50-60 days from transplant.00 Enormous size. 15–20" stalks. also known as The Lyon.

±1. 3–5 pounds.25 • 4 oz $28. Dates back to the 1840s. a Civil War General and U. these melons have a crisp.040 seeds/oz. Packet (50 seeds) $2. $75. Unusual dark green freckles dot the lighter green skin. so big that you will not believe it is real! Loaded with 12–14" long by 9" wide fruits weighing 12–16 pounds each. Golden Perfection) Famous French melon listed by Vilmorin in 1885.25 • 4 oz $28.75 Giant Musselburgh Introduced in 1895 by T. Reportedly attained “immense popularity” in that region.75 1 lb.25 Introduced in the 1920s by Oliver Crane whose family has farmed for six generations near Santa Rosa. Virginia. Dark green 9–10' vines. ±10. 65–80 days. 60–75 days. 75–85 days. Small fruits weigh 1–2 pounds. about 1 pound.00 Good in the South. 60–75 days. but also grows well in the North where it matures in cooler conditions. Sweet orange flesh is very juicy with full muskmelon flavor.” Ribbed fruits have sweet orange flesh and weigh about 1–2 pounds. 80–100 days. sugary flavored flesh that can be eaten right down to the rind. Sweet orange flesh. An enormous melon.00 • 10 lb $75.25 • 4 oz $28. ±10. Bush habit. W. refreshingly sweet flesh.00 1031(OG)-Eden’s Gem Early maturing variety developed in 1905 at Rocky Ford. Excellent home and market variety.00 927-Early Hanover Amish Bidwell Casaba www. Colorado as a “crate melon.25 932-Banana 1204-Bidwell Casaba This melon hails from Chico. Used as a green shell lima or dry.75 250 seed pack $7. Very adaptable variety.00 • 5M $64.75 1 lb $8.00 1M seeds $20. Packet (25 seeds) $2. perfect for two people. $8. Excellent flavor. Light orange flesh.25 • 4 oz $20.50 • 1 oz $10. 90–95 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2. $45. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Woods & Sons of Richmond. 70–85 days.50 • 5 lb.25 • 4 oz $28. California. spicy flavor. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 ½ oz $6.a. white.75 • ½ oz $6.00 • 10 phone: 563-382-5990 •25• . Good sweet spicy flavor.75 ½ oz $6.00 Introduced as Wood’s Prolific Bush in 1885 by T.000 seeds/lb.50 1 oz $10. Grown by John Bidwell (1819–1900). Ripe melons have a heavenly fragrance. The seeds were then sold to Peter Henderson of New York and renamed in 1887. Produces nice crops under almost any conditions at Heritage Farm. juicy. Woods & Sons. Crenshaw-type.75 ½ oz $5. ±360 seeds/lb.25 • 1 oz $7. Rich flavor with heavy yields. Pole habit.75 1207(OG)-Early Silver Line One of the most productive melons we grow at Heritage Farm. salmon flesh.5M $40.00 • 10 lb.50 • 5 lb $45.75 become a member—save 10% CROP 1408-Delice de la Table French heirloom listed by Vilmorin in 1885.00 According to The Cucurbits of New York. California. Produces large quantities of 2–3 pound melons. teardrop-shaped. broad flat medium-green 3–4" pods. Translates as “Delight of the Table. ±530 seeds/oz. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Bears even during extreme heat. ±820 seeds/oz. 16–24" long by 4" diameter.00 • 2. 80–90 days. ±900 seeds/oz.25 • 500 seed pack $12. Smooth yellow skin. Sweet. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $40. great sweet flavor. C ertified O rganiC .00 • 5M $64.25 • 4 oz $20.k.25 • 1 oz $7. Senator who procured his stock-seed from the USDA in 1869.75 ½ oz $6.75 1 lb $8. 5" long by 6" diameter.50 • 1 oz $10. lightly netted. W. salmon-pink flesh.75 • 250 seed pack $7. 75–80 days. Hard yellow skin. 75–100 days. Sure cropper even in the North and during adverse weather.00 1M seeds $20. 75–90 days. ±930 seeds/oz. Packet (25 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC .000 seeds/lb.00 • 1M seeds $20. this variety has been listed as a novelty for as long as American seed catalogs have been in print.00 • 2.75 608-Henderson Bush Considered by many to be the most divine and flavorful melon in the world.50 • 5 lb $45. Sweet.25 • 500 seed pack $12. Smooth round melons mature to a creamy grayish-yellow with green stripes. Very hard to find. pale-green flesh is an absolute delight.00 • 5M $64.” Amy Goldman. Ready for picking when the freckles turn orange. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 2. 95–110 days. almost extinct.75 Lacinato 926-Crane 609-Sieva E CROP ILUR FA E • Melon • members offer 161 varieties 40(OG)-Amish Heirloom from the Amish community.00 ILUR FA 1407-Boule d’Or 607-Christmas 1206-Charantais (a. rather thick rind.75 ½ oz $5. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $7.” Softball-sized. Sure to be favorably received. Oval fruits are 8–9" long and weigh 4–7 pounds. 85–90 days. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Typically the size of a grapefruit and weighs about 2 pounds. extremely popular with members of SSE for many years. Pole habit. Not a typical muskmelon. Fruits will keep for several weeks if kept cool and dry.25 500 seed pack $12. $75. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Very hard to find.seedsavers.5M $40. author of Melons for the Passionate Grower (available on page 89) claims this is one of her all-time favorites and “may cause drooling. netted fruits.melOn • Lima Bean • members offer 113 varieties Produces beautiful large quarter-size flat white seeds with maroon spots and swirls.50 • 1 oz $10. Complex. Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±820 seeds/oz.S. Long banana-shaped melon tapered at both ends.

00 • 2.00 • 5M $ fax: 563-382-6511 .5M $40.00 2.5M $40. 1914. high sugar content. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Great flavor and texture. C ertified O rganiC . SSE is pleased to re-introduce this great old melon back into the seed trade.5M $40.25 4 oz $28. Wonderful aroma. ±990 seeds/oz. ±790 seeds/oz.00 • 2. Heavy producer. Francisville. 80 days. C ertified O rganiC . described 12 varieties suitable for the garden.00 In 1863 Fearing Burr. sweet orange flesh. Round 2–4 pound fruit with yellow-orange rind and slight ribs that are green and very attractive. thick golden yellow flesh. Fruits typically weigh 2–3 pounds and have firm. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Canada. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .25 • 4 oz $28.50 • 1 oz $10.00 1464-Healy’s Pride Known in the Philadelphia markets before 1840 and named after a popular singer of that era. ±870 seeds/oz.75 Introduced in 1952 by Elmer James Healy of St.25 • 500 seed pack $12. 70–90 days. high quality flesh. juicy.75 One of the easiest to grow and most luxurious of all melons. seed was offered to gardeners in 1924 by Joseph Breck & Sons of Boston. hailed as “altogether unapproached in delicious flavor and luscious beyond description. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Tender skin. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Round 3-4" fruits.50 • 1 oz $12. ripening to mostly orange mottled with green. The most popular melon of that period.25 • 4 oz $20. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Vines seldom over 3' long. 70–90 days. handle with care. After a few years of refining.75 211-Jenny Lind Bred around 1912 by Father Athanase of the Trappist Monastery at La Trappe.75 Introduced in 1905 by T. 75–80 days. exceptional when grown on landscape fabric or plasic mulch. sweet and juicy. Oka was a cross of the green-fleshed Montreal Market and Banana.75 ½ oz $6.00 • 1M seeds $20. of MN in 1948. ±850 seeds/oz.50 • 4 oz $32. Superbly sweet. highly flavored and aromatic. Jr.25 • 1 oz $7. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 •26• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.75 861(OG)-Emerald Gem Developed by Roland Morrill and introduced about 1895 and its name was granted a trademark on December 15.75 ½ oz $8. spicy green flesh.5M $40. W. ±1.” High yields of melons that weigh 2–3 pounds. almost black when immature.25 • 500 seed pack $12.040 seeds/oz. Sweet. Sweet old-time muskmelon flavor.melOn Emerald Gem Green Nutmeg Ha'Ogen Healy’s Pride Hearts of Gold Hollybrook Luscious Jenny Lind Minnesota Midget by Univ.00 • 5M $64.25 500 seed pack $12.75 969-Oka (Bizard Island Strain) 1476 (OG)-Petit Gris de Rennes 362(OG)-Minnesota Midget Extra-early variety.75 ½ oz $5. Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • 4 oz $28.75 250 seed pack $7.” Pale orange rich juicy flesh is sweet and somewhat spicy in flavor. Illinois. Fruits weigh 2–3 pounds. 80–85 days. highly flavored. Very productive.00 • 2. and Nutmeg was ranked as one of “the very best. year after year. 70–80 days. orange flesh. very reliable. 90–110 days from transplant.75 250 seed pack $7. 2–3 pound fruits.25 364-Hearts of Gold 1208(OG)-Noir des Carmes 210-Green Nutmeg 928-Hollybrook Luscious 1032-Ha'Ogen Israeli variety.00 1M seeds $20. Quebec. Virginia. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 80–90 days. Resistant to fusarium wilt. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 1M seeds $20. aromatic. flavorful. Sure to be a new family favorite. sweet flavor described as having a unique spiciness. noted in the garden of Bishop of Rennes nearly 400 years ago.00 Introduced by W. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 60–75 days. Whitishgreen flesh. Small 2–2½ pound fruits are slightly ribbed and have a striking small button or knob on the blossom end. weigh 8–10 pounds. Rediscovered on the Island of Bizard. pale orange thick sweet flesh is fine textured. Large.00 • 5M $64. Hearts of Gold was the most popular variety grown for market in the entire Midwest region. 80–85 days. Edible to the rind.25 • 500 seed pack $12.50 • 1 oz $10. Vigorous plants with coarse heavy vines and large leaves. Woods & Sons of Richmond.75 • ½ oz $6. In the 1930s. Introduced Excellent French melon. Dark-green oblong melons are 9½" by 8" in diameter. Good quality. Grey-green rind.seedsavers. aromatic. Extremely dark green skin. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 • 1 oz $10.00 • 5M $64. C ertified O rganiC .00 1M seeds $20.75 ½ oz $6. heavily netted melons weigh up to 10 pounds. Atlee Burpee in 1886 from seed sent by William Voorhees of Benzie County. 75 days. Quebec. juicy.75 250 seed pack $7. Michigan.75 • 250 seed pack $7.

75 • ½ oz $6. Originated in Armenia. sweet flesh. softball-sized melons have phone: 563-382-5990 •27• .25 • 4 oz $20. Plum Granny or Dudaim Melon) Almost spherical fruits are 3½" long by 2½" diameter. The fragrance is powerful. Almost round 6½" fruits weigh 5–8 pounds. 85 days.75 A fabulous Midwest heirloom originally introduced to the seed trade in 1937 by Robert Buist Company.50 1 oz $10.00 931-Schoon’s Hard Shell 1209-Pride of Wisconsin New! 1509(OG)-Sweet Granite Pride of Wisconsin new 929-Queen Anne’s Pocket Melon 1370-Tigger 1210-Sakata’s Sweet This type of melon has been grown in the East for centuries and is now just starting Our thanks goes to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds who brought this stunning variety to our attention.270 seeds/oz. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 • 5M $64.75 • ½ oz $6. 80–90 days. ±780 seeds/oz. Unique for specialty markets. The fragrance when fully ripe is incredible. 90–100 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 Sweet Granite become a member—save 10% www.25 • 4 oz $28. Like all rock melons. Hard shelled with firm. Woodruff and Sons of Milford. The fruits are vibrant yellow with dark orange zigzag stripes.75 to appear in American markets.970 seeds/ oz. Fruits weigh 4–9 pounds and have beautifully warted skin and dense.a.50 • 4 oz $32. refreshingly sweet flesh. orange-fleshed fruits have light netting and weigh 2-3 pounds.260 seeds/oz.25 • 500 seed pack $12. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • ½ oz $5. 88–95 days. Small golden yellow. 85–95 days. sweet. H. ±850 seeds/oz. but Tigger weighs about 1 pound and the white flesh is semi-sweet. sweet flesh.00 1M seeds $20. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 • 2.25 • 4 oz $28. ±760 seeds/oz. ±2. Oblong. Grown for its powerfully fragrant fruits.75 Introduced in 1947 by F. great shipper. similar to Queen Anne’s.25 1 oz $7. Thick apricot-colored flesh.50 1 oz $12.50 1 oz $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 1 oz $10. ±2. A good variety to trellis. Prescott will not slip. Victorian women carried these in their pockets for the perfume-like qualities.75 • ½ oz $8.75 250 seed pack $7. ±1. keeps well.25 • 4 oz $28.75 • ½ oz $6.k.75 • ½ oz $6. Velvety skin has jagged orange and yellow stripes. Fruits keep 1-2 days after slipping. C ertified O rganiC . coastal and mountain climates.25 Released in 1966 by the late Professor Elwyn Meader. If you only have room to grow one melon and do not want to be disappointed.25 • 4 oz $28.melOn Noir des Carmes Oka Petit Gris Prescott Fond Blanc Queen Anne’s Sakata’s Sweet Schoon's Hard Shell Tigger 1034-Prescott Fond Blanc Unique French melon documented before 1850. this is the variety to grow. Connecticut. but bland. Heavy yields of footballshaped 4–8 pound fruits. sweet and highly flavored. Thin white flesh is edible.75 (a. Very hard shell. Well suited for direct seeding in far northern. 85–95 days. Very beautiful appearance and almost too pretty to eat! Good drought tolerance. Great old-fashioned flavor long associated with roadside stand melons.seedsavers. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 1 oz $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Excellent for home and market gardens.5M $40.

An exhibition variety. Developed by growers in Wethersfield. ±350 seeds/oz. one of the earliest garden writers. Tender 6–8" pods. If harvested when small (2" diameter and ¾" thick).25 • 1 oz $10. Mentioned as early as 1734 by Philip Miller. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 392-Ailsa Craig A top-quality. Packet (100 seeds) $2. ±7. Plants grow 6–7' tall.50 1347-Yellow of Parma First listed in 1834 by Hovey & Co. 60 days from transplant.25 • 1 oz $10.75 643-Star of David milder climates. Best used fresh during the summer.25 • 1 lb $14.00 Beautiful 5-6’ red-stemmed plants do well in summer heat and drought. An excellent pickling variety. Firm. globe-shaped variety. Nice long bottleshaped bulbs. 100–120 days from transplant. 100 days from transplant.25 1 lb $14. ±8. Average size is 1 pound. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 60–75 days. Very nice for using fresh.75 ¼ oz $4. Delicate and sweet even when the seeds develop. Grows to 3–4" diameter and skin will turn yellowish-bronze color.75 395-Red Wethersfield New! 1510-Hill Country Red • Onion • members offer 46 varieties Introduced in 1887 by David Murray. not extended storage. Named because pod cross-sections look like the Star of David.75 • 8 oz $9. Attractive 4' plant with green leaves and burgundy stems. Can be sown in spring and fall in Superb snap pea that was being grown in the Amish community long before present snap pea types. ±790 seeds/lb. ±500 seeds/oz. Vigorous plants grow 3–5' tall. 60-70 days. Full of the good okra flavor popular in the hill regions of the south. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Vines grow 5–6' tall and are heavy producers of 2" pods. A cross between Danver’s Yellow and Cranston’s Excelsior.75 4 oz $5.000 seeds/oz. Yellow 642-Silver Queen (a . 110 days from transplant. Imported from Italy.50 • 1 lb $12. AAS winner in 1939.75 ¼ oz $8. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 60 days.25 • 10lb $101. best for fresh use. described as “Handsome. Connecticut. 80 days. branches and leaf ribs. golden.00 • 1 oz $22. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Light whitishgreen pods grow to 7" long. One of the best for storage. ±7.75 • ¼ oz $4.75 • ¼ oz $4. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 8 oz $9.200 seeds/oz.75 • ½ oz $7.50 • 1 lb $12.50 5lb $56. Yields over a 6-week period if kept picked. Packet (100 seeds) $2.00 One of the most unique varieties in SSE’s okra collection of 129 varieties.k . ±480 seeds/oz. Purple coloration on top of leaf petioles and major leaf veins. Tender when young.000 seeds/oz. Snap. fairly firm pink-tinged white flesh with red concentric circles. Extremely fat pods grow 5–6" long and 1½" across. large. good flavor. The pods are best when eaten small (under 1") and are Clemson Spineless Red Burgundy Silver Queen Star of David Ailsa Craig •28• Red Wethersfield Borettana.75 4 oz $4. Excellent mild flavor.25 1 oz $10.75 • 4 oz $5. fine flavor.75 • ½ oz $7.75 • 8 oz $7.75 399-Red Burgundy members offer 547 varieties • Pea • 394-Borettana.a . straw color. Large flattened globe.25 939-Amish Snap 940-Asparagus Pea or Winged Pea 1454-Long Red Florence (Lotus tetragonolobus) This legume is not related to either asparagus or peas.25 • 1 lb $14. ±5. ±500 seeds/oz. Fine quality. 50–64 days. solid. sweet flesh. upright globe-shaped bulbs. deep purplish-red skin. it is ideal for kabobs.Okra • Okra • members offer 64 varieties Still the most popular open-pollinated variety on the market. 100 days from transplant.75 • ½ oz $14. with small neck. Yellow Yellow of Parma SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.75 Hard-to-find Italian heirloom. Packet(100seeds)$2.75 • 8 oz $ fax: 563-382-6511 . Great producer at Heritage Farm. 55– 60 days. Fat 3” pods are green with red tips and ribs.75 4 oz $4.700 seeds/oz. exceptionally uniform straight deep-green spineless ribbed pods are ideally harvested when 3" long.75 • 1lb $12.75 4 oz $5. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Best picked about 3" long. Cipol lini) Italian heirloom traditionally pickled.75 Bred by Leon Robbins at Clemson University after eight years of careful selection. ±500 seeds/oz. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 8 oz $9.” Averages 2 pounds. late-maturing onion with handsome. gardener for the Marquis of Ailsa.75 • ½ oz $7. North Carolina. Vigorous branched 6' tall plants.seedsavers. productive.75 397-Clemson Spineless Heirloom variety from Hyde County.

a standard home and market variety. beautiful two-toned purple flowers and bright lemon-yellow pods. 62–70 days. Crossed the Atlantic in 1903. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Pods are almost always borne in doubles. reportedly down to 20˚ F. C ertified O rganiC . A great tasting little piece of the past that’s still available today. Shell. 50–55 days.75 • 1lb $9.75 • 1M $15. ±790 seeds/lb.50 400(OG)-Green Arrow An English main crop variety. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .50 Introduced in 1892 by D. great for your guests to snack on! Plants are able to withstand hard frosts. of which many strains of Tom Thumb peas have existed in the past. well suited for steaming or in stir-fry. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Shell.75 • 5 lb $26. Shell. Edible podded. Excellent quality eating pea.75 1M $10. Sent to the USDA for trial in 1903 and introduced by W.25 1346(OG)-Blue Podded Shelling S o u p p e a s h av e b e e n e n j o y e d a s a winter staple in Europe for centuries. Atlee Burpee in 1904. Plants are low growing and spread laterally along the ground. The only yellow-colored edible podded pea in SSE’s collection of 1. reliable production. Good for cold-frame production. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $15. Tom Thumb. Soup. Thrives in poor soil. 52–60 days. 60–75 days. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 • 10 lb $47.pea good steamed or added to other vegetables. Productive Dutch strain known as Blauwschokkers.75 1M $15. can be dried and added to soups.50 10M $121.50 • 5M $41.50 new Hill Country Red 941-Sutton’s Harbinger 229-Dwarf Gray Sugar 1177-Tom Thumb This group of peas.25 1M $15. Very heavy. Spectacular plants are beautiful enough to grow as an ornamental.50 10M $121. Packet (50 seeds) $2. M.00 • 5M $67. Very early. Medium-size vines grow 24–28" tall. Edible podded. Plants 28–32" tall. Excellent yields of sweet green peas. Perfect for indoor or outdoor table centerpieces. We think this pea from the 1800s still has great value today for gardeners as the most dwarf pea for pot culture. Best eaten when small.50 Introduced in England in 1898 and received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1901. 60 days. refers to extreme dwarf plant habits. excellent for stir-fry. 50–55 days. Slim pointed pods are 4–5" long and contain 8–11 small deep-green peas. heavycropping variety.50 1176(OG)-British Wonder Introduced in England by Taber and Cullen in 1890.75 • 10lb $82.75 1 lb $5. Limited supplies this season.200 peas.75 • 250 seeds $5. ±790 seeds/lb. Shell.00 • 5M $67. Broad pale-green 3–4" pods are stringless and fiber-free.50 230(OG)-Golden Sweet Collected at a market in India.50 • 10M $66.25 5lb $43. or plant them along the edges of pots or containers. Soak dry seeds overnight before cooking. C ertified O rganiC .org phone: 563-382-5990 . Edible podded. 80–85 days. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Seeds are tan with purple flecks. Vines grow 24–30" and do not require staking.75 • 5M $55. Ferry & Co.50 • 10M $121. Vines grow from 2–3' tall and require trellising.seedsavers. Beautiful purple flowers. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Vigorous 5–6' tall plants. 60–70 days. beautiful purple blossoms. Tall 6' plants.75 Long Red Florence Green Arrow Amish Snap Asparagus Pea Blue Podded Shelling British Wonder Dwarf Gray Sugar Sutton’s Harbinger Golden Sweet Tom Thumb Tom Thumb •29• become a member—save 10% www. Packet (50 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC .00 • 5M $67.

C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . New Brunswick in 1969. High mineral content. 2½ lb bag $10. red-skinned variety. 95 days. blue flesh with a thin white line just under the skin. Heavy yields of medium-sized.00 • 5 lb bag $16. Excellent when harvested as young new potatoes.00 5 lb bag $16. Consistently a good producer at Heritage Farm. baking or frying.25 25 lb bag $62. 90–110 days. an excellent choice for a general cooking potato. regardless of the weather conditions. so please order early! 95 days.00 5 lb bag $16. A good choice for baking and frying. 95–100 days. Good disease resistance. 2½ lb bag $13. 2½ lb bag $10. C ertified O rganiC .25 • 25 lb Bag $62.50 924(OG)-Caribe French Fingerling German Butterball Kerr’s Pink 925(OG)-Carola La Ratte Purple Viking Red Gold 1490(OG)-Desiree Rose Finn Apple •30• Yellow Finn Yukon Gold Popular red skinned mid-season variety from Holland introduced in 1962.75 5 lb bag $23. 2½ lb bag $10.25 • 25 lb bag $62. Widely used in potato salads.00 5 lb bag $16. Maintains new potato qualities for months in root fax: 563-382-6511 .50 Our most popular variety. When boiled the color turns to a light blue. very reliable and easy to grow.pOtatO members offer 483 varieties • Potato • All Blue All Red Austrian Crescent Deep blue skin. nice for making colorful chips.25 • 25 lb Bag $62. Introduced to SSE members by Robert Lobitz in 1984. Snow-white flesh. Quite large in ideal conditions. good keeper. rich flavor. relatively low starch. great for soups. Deep golden flesh with moist creamy texture. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . delicate flavor. This variety is always in high demand and our supply is never enough. Yellow-tan skin with light yellow flesh. good yields. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .00 5 lb bag $16. 2½ lb bag $10. Considered the best producing redfleshed. boiling or fried. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Creamy yellow flesh. rounded oval potatoes with straw-beige skin.50 Red skin with delicate pale pink flesh.00 Bred by AgCanada and selected at the Fredricton Research Station.25 • 25 lb bag $62. Low starch content makes this variety a good boiling potato for salads or any dish that requires potatoes to retain their shape. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .50 846(OG)-All Blue 847(OG)-All Red Caribe Carola Desiree 1409(OG)-Austrian Crescent A good choice for boiling.75 • 25 lb bag $100. Prolific yields of 4–8 ounce fingerlings that can reach up to 10" long. 90–110 days. roasting or steaming. 90–110 days.seedsavers. good for boiling.50 SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. 2½ lb bag $10.

C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Perfect for German potato phone: 563-382-5990 •31• . mashing.50 Scottish variety that was introduced to Ireland in 1917. March 29–31. not recommended for ex tended storage. steaming or roasting. Very good yields.00 5 lb Bag $16. Rumored to have been smuggled into America in a horse’s feedbag in the 1800s. C ertified O rganiC . 2½ lb bag $10.50 USDA Certified Seed Potatoes. 2½ pounds of fingerlings will plant 50' or more. Please call or check the website for end of the season specials. 1363(OG)-La Ratte 851(OG)-Yukon Gold A favorite among gardeners. Depending upon how well the potatoes store. but in a good year it can produce even larger tubers. Excellent variety for baking. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Commands a high price both in the restaurant and fresh market trade. 90–110 days. Potato Planting Guide and Shipping Instructions SSE offers only USDA Certified Seed Potatoes. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . roasting and chipping.75 5 lb bag $23. it may be possible to ship after the April 26–28 shipping date. snow-white flesh is excellent for mashing. 2½ lb bag $10.50 Long prized by French chefs as a top quality fingerling. We find that steady watering throughout the season will minimize knobbiness. You will get 20 pounds of potatoes for $67. or April 26–28. so they can more easily find their way from Seed Savers' vast collection to your garden.” A good choice for roasting. Good keeper. frying.00 849(OG)-Rose Finn Apple 1410(OG)-Kerr’s Pink 1491(OG)-Yellow Finn Exceptional buttery sweet flavor sets it apart from all other potatoes. Excellent yields and a great keeper. Long uniform tubers. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . general purpose potato. best when used fresh.75 • 25 lb bag $100.00 5 lb bag $16. 100–120 days. Good for boiling.50. Always one of our favorite allpurpose potatoes. perfect for baking and mashing. 2½ lb bag $13. Excellent for long-term storage. which represents a $20.50 1367(OG)-Purple Viking Quickly gaining the reputation of a great tasting. Potatoes can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. 80–90 days. Then you can start your own list of favorites and share your comments with us! Item # 1047 $67. Each package of potatoes contains a detailed planting guide. waxy texture and a nice nutty flavor. baking. boiled. grilled. 80–100 days. Yellow flesh actually appears to be buttered.00 5 lb bag $16. mashing. tubers are spread out over larger area than most potatoes. consumers and chefs.00 5 lb bag $16. A choice variety for any preparation. Delicious flesh is drier than most other yellow varieties.25 • 25 lb bag $62. Good disease resistance. frying and especially for mashed potatoes. Bred and selected by AgCanada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food in 1966.50 1047-The Potato Sampler Still not sure what to order? Let us select 8 varieties for you (6 standard and 2 fingerling). become a member—save 10% www. We cannot recommend this variety highly enough.50 First place winner in Rodale’s Organic Gardening “Taste Off.75 • 25 lb bag $100. 95–100 days. lightpink skin.25 • 25 lb bag $62. steamed. One of the best for boiling.50 How do you safely store rare and unique seed potatoes for many years? The most reliable way is as tiny plants in test tubes in a growth chamber.25 • 25 lb Bag $62. 2½ lb bag $10. Productive plants.seedsavers. On the potato section of the order form (located in the middle of this catalog) be sure to indicate which shipping date you prefer: March 15–17. 90–100 days. Excellent storage qualities.pOtatO 1361(OG)-French Fingerling This is a wonderful variety! The rose-colored skin covers its creamy yellow flesh. 2½ lb bag $10.00 1368(OG)-Red Gold 1362(OG)-German Butterball Bred by Ag-Canada at the University of Guelph in 1970.25 • 25 lb bag $62. or extremely low in disease. 2010. Excellent keeper. Average tubers are 3½–4" in diameter. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Especially good for potato salad or as a boiled potato.00 5 lb bag $16. frying or baking. A good standard variety with excellent flavor. semi-moist flesh. 100–120 days. A 2½ pound bag of regular potatoes will plant 25' of row.25 • 25 lb bag $62. Peeling is not necessary or recommended. Certified crops are inspected during the growing season and in post-harvest tests to confirm the seed potatoes are free of.00 5 lb bag $16.75 5 lb bag $23. 2½ lb bag $10. an absolute delight to cook with. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 • 25 lb bag $100. yellow flesh with firm. This is the classic European gourmet potato. 100–120 days. golden-yellow.00 savings. Russeted skin and buttery yellow flesh.25 • 25 lb bag $62. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . holds together very well.00 Exceptionally waxy texture. Beautiful reddish orange skin with creamy. slightly sweet. 2½ lb bag $13. 2½ lb bag $13. Very versatile and good for any style of preparation. 80–100 days. SSE reserves the right to substitute a similar variety in case of a crop failure or shortage. An excellent yielder for us at Heritage Farm. Round tubers.75 5 lb bag $23. roasted or fried. fine-grained white flesh and red eyes. April 12–14. 2½ lb bag $10.

90 days from transplant. but also a great sweet pepper. heart-shaped. Fruit ripens from green to yellow-orange.75 250 seed pack $6.25 • 500 seed pack $9.50 • ½ oz $27. tapered fruits 1½" long.50 645(OG)-Aurora 1041-Beaver Dam Extremely productive 18" tall plants.75 Hungarian heirloom brought to Beaver Dam. sturdy plants. Heat •4 • Packet (50 seeds) $2. Very heavy set of 1" by 3½" fruits on large 3' plants. ±4. ±3. Wisconsin in 1912 by the Joe Hussli family. Heat •2• Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $7. 70–80 days from transplant. Slightly warm and very sweet.50 • ¼ oz $13.600 seeds/oz.50 ¼ oz $13. Very nice for containers.75 250 seed pack $6. Heat •4• Packet (50 seeds) $2. 80 days from transplant. Sturdy plants grow 30–36" tall.50 • ½ oz $27.75 250 seed pack $7.75 ¼ oz $16.75 • 1 oz $38.75 • 1 oz $38. great for salsa. ±13.50 • 500 seed pack $8. Ripens from creamwhite to orange to red.75 • ½ oz $22.50 • 500 seed pack $8. or for fresh eating. He at • 0 • Packet (50 seeds) $2. Green foliage is highlighted by purple veins and beautiful purple flowers.50 ¼ oz $13.75 • 250 seed pack $6.200 seeds/oz.25 647-Buran 233-Black Hungarian 648-Candlelight 1213-Ancho Gigantea 1466-Bull Nose Large Bell Grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson and listed in 1863 by Fearing Burr.25 • 500 seed pack $9. Cal led Poblano w hen fresh and green. Waxy fruits ripen light green to yellow to light reddish-orange.25 320-Bulgarian Carrot 1212-Alma Paprika One of our favorites.75 1(OG)-Chervena Chushka The best performing pepper during the record-setting cold and wet summer of 2004 at Heritage Farm. Heat •2• Packet (50 seeds) $2.00 • 2.50 1M seeds $20. Chile. and Ancho when red and dried. 3" by 4" almost black f r uits. ±4200 seeds/oz. very thick-walled peppers.50 ¼ oz $13. 80 days from transplant. Heat •1• Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 Extremely sweet and productive Polish heirloom. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2. 9 0 0 seed s / oz .75 1 oz $38.75 942-Aji Cristal Small 10–12" plants. Produces abundant yields of 3–4" fruits similar in shape to jalapenos. Good flavor.000 seeds/oz.75 • ½ oz $22.75 1 oz $38. Great flavor! Medium-sized plants grow 18-24" tall. Upright fruiting habit. 70–80 days from transplant.75 250 seed pack $7.25 Highly ornamental and useful in the kitchen.25 Ornamental 12–16" plants completely covered with thin tapered fruits 1" long by ¼" wide. or for stuffed peppers.75 250 seed pack $7. Fruits are borne in clusters of 4–6.75 • 1 oz $38. The standard Mexican variety for sauces and stuffing.300 seeds/oz.75 ¼ oz $16. ± 3 . 60–75 days from transplant. Excellent flavor. adds color and texture to chutneys and salsas. Packet (25 seeds) $2. distinctive rich flavor.50 • 1 oz $45.75 • ½ oz $22.75 • ½ oz $22. ±4. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2. ±4500 seeds/oz. Productive.75 • ½ oz $22. almost candy-like. Heat • 3 • Certified OrganiC.50 • 1 oz $45.50 • ¼ oz $13. Nice for containers. Bulgarian heirloom traditionally used for roasting.50 • 5M $63.50 • 500 seed pack $8.600 seeds/oz. Excellent when roasted. ±4.75 • 1 oz $38.seedsavers. Flesh is brightred and very sweet. 90 days from transplant. Fruits are 3-lobed and measure 4" long by 3". Crunchy flesh. Fruits are almost equally sweet when either green or red. purple and green foliage.50 500 seed pack $8. The best for drying and grinding for paprika. •32• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.50 • 500 seed pack $8. Extremely productive plants are loaded with round. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.5M $39.50 • 1 oz $45.200 seeds/oz.75 250 seed pack $6. 70–80 days.50 ¼ oz $13.25 • 500 seed pack $9. ripen from green to yellow to orange to brilliant red.50 • ½ oz $27.25 Dark green. ripens from lavender to deep purple to orange and finally to red. Sure to be a favorite. Good flavor.75 ¼ oz $16.75 • ½ oz $22.75 250 seed pack $6. 90 days from fax: 563-382-6511 . Florence Hussli recommends adding sliced raw rings to a cheese and bologna sandwich.75 • 250 seed pack $6. crisp fruits ripen from green to red. quite hot. but shiny black ripening to red. Crunchy fruits are mildly hot when seeded.75 • 500 seed pack $12.50 500 seed pack $8. Excellent hot citrus flavor is best when immature.pepper Aji Cristal Alma Paprika Ancho Gigantea Aurora Beaver Dam Black Hungarian Bull Nose Large Bell Buran members offer 859 varieties • Pepper • Peppers are rated on a heat scale of • 0 (sweet) through 5 (hot) • Originally from Curico. ±3.

500 seeds/oz.50 • 500 seed pack $8.75 235(OG)-Cyklon 1042-Garden Sunshine Extremely productive. 85 days from transplant. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $6.5M $34. Sturdy plants grow 24–30" tall and are loaded with habanero-type. ripen from green to brown to red.75 • 250 seed pack $7. Extended harvest period.seedsavers. tapered.75 250 seed pack $6.00 • 500 seed pack $16. Heat •5• Packet (25 seeds) $2. 80 days from transplant.25 Polish pepper that is quite hot with good flavor.75 • ¼ oz $16.75 • 1 oz $38.50 • 5M $ phone: 563-382-5990 •33• .75 • ½ oz $22. Best used when creamy yellow or orange. The ripe fruits hold for weeks on the plants.75 500 seed pack $10.50 • 5M $63. Great for pots. 70–75 days from transplant. ±4. 90 days from transplant. providing a nice long display.000 seeds/lb. dependable sweet pepper. slightly curved fruits are 2" at the shoulder by 4–5" long. Heat • 0 • Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 1M seeds $25.75 • ½ oz $22. Heat •0 • C ertified O rganiC . 80–100 days from transplant. Heat •4• C ertified O rganiC .75 • 500 seed pack $12. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2. Excellent sweet flavor when fully ripe and average flavor when green.75 Fish become a member—save 10% www. shiny green fruits ripen to a rich chocolate brown. Very productive variety for home and market.pepper Candlelight Chervena Chushka Chinese Ornamental Chocolate Beauty Cyklon Tapered fruits are 2" at the shoulder by 6" long.900seeds/oz. Red.25 2. Excellent citrus flavor. 80 days from transplant. Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $54. Pendant fruits 2–3" long. 80–85 days from transplant. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2. before turning to orange and then red.75 All-around excellent paprika pepper for quality and performance. Creamy yellow fruits hold for weeks on the short 12–16" plants.50 ¼ oz $13. 90 days from transplant.25 236-Feher Ozon Paprika Bulgarian Carrot 1342-Chocolate Beauty Dark.75 • 1M seeds $17.50 • ½ oz $27. ±3.75 250 seed pack $7.50 • 500 seed pack $8.50 The hottest pepper we offer. Extremely productive plants produce 3" by 4–5" long fruits that have exceptionally sweet flesh.75 971-Fish Pre-1870s African-American heirloom.50 Fatalii Feher Ozon Paprika Garden Sunshine 1214-Fatalii 1444(OG)-Chinese Ornamental Literally hundreds of fruits per plant. up to 12 fruits per plant. Very few seeds.50 1M seeds $20. ripen from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to all red. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 1" wide by 3" long topshaped golden-yellow fruits.5M $51.25 500 seed pack $9. ±5.50 1 oz $45. Excellent choice for pots.00 • 2. Tiny ½" long fruits all point up and ripen from green to red and hold on the plants for an extended period. Traditionally used in oyster and crab houses around Chesapeake Bay. can be kept alive for several seasons.75 250 seed pack $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. nice for drying.75 • 2. Used extensively by the spice industry in Poland because of its ease of drying. but very hot. Perfect for salsa.5M $39. Heat •4• C ertified O rganiC . Beautiful variegated foliage on 18–24" plants.50 ¼ oz $13.75 250 seed pack $6.75 • 1 oz $38.

75 651-Healthy SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Developed at the Institute of Vegetable Breeding and Seed Production on the west edge of Moscow. Plants grow 24" tall and produce heavily over a long period.75 ¼ oz $16.50 • 1 oz $45.50 Habanero.50 2. specimen plants. Pennsylvania. Fruits are 2" at the shoulder by 6–8" long. Red Our favorite habanero for pots.50 • ¼ oz $27. Mustard Excellent Italian heirloom variety. An excellent pepper to use for salsa. Heat • 5 • Packet (25 seeds)$2.800 seeds/oz. 2½" at the shoulder by 4" long.75 ¼ oz $16. ±5000 seeds/oz. ±6.50 Joe’s Round King of the North Marconi Red Maule’s Red Hot •34• Miniature Bell Napoleon Sweet Early maturing 24–30" plants are loaded with sweet wedged-shaped fruits.25 • 500 seed pack $9. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2. or pots.75 250 seed pack $7.75 • 1 oz $62. From SSE member James Weaver. 80 days from transplant. not for the timid! 95–100 days from transplant.50 ¼ oz $27. Packet (25 seeds) $2. good for pickling or drying.75 • 250 seed pack $9. crunchy flesh. 90–100 days from transplant.50 • 1M seeds $22.50 • ½ oz $27. 95–100 days from transplant. Plants 36" tall and produce enormous amounts of fruits.75 • 5M $68. Large tapered fruits are 8–9" long and 2" at the shoulder. Productive 32" plants.300 seeds/oz. Beautiful ornamental variety for borders.50 • ½ oz $45. Ripens from green to shiny yellow. hundreds of golden yellow fruits.50 • ½ oz $27. Peach Habanero.50 ½ oz $45. 70 days from transplant.75 250 seed pack $9.75 • 250 seed pack $9.75 500 seed pack $16. ±7.75 500 seed pack $16.5M $42.75 Caribbean favorite reportedly 15–20 times hotter than jalapenos.200 seeds/oz.75 • 1 oz $62.25 • 500 seed pack $9. ±4.75 This unique colored habanero showed up as an off-type in the garden of SSE member James Weaver of Kutztown. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.600 seeds/oz. Thick. Heat •4• C ertified O rganiC . 90 days from transplant.50 237(OG)-Georgia Flame Georgia Flame Golden Nugget Golden Treasure 1445-Golden Nugget Originally from Martha Perry of Pontiac.seedsavers.75 500 seed pack $12. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2. compact 16–18" plants are absolutely loaded with peach-colored fruits.75 • 250 seed pack $7. Variegated fax: 563-382-6511 . Michigan. ±6. Heat •5• Packet (25 seeds) $2. 75–85 days from transplant.75 • 500 seed pack $16. ripening from yellow to orange to red. Red Hinkelhatz 1306-Habanero. Peach 484-Habanero.50 650-Golden Treasure Healthy Hot Portugal Joe’s Long Cayenne 1305-Habanero.pepper Peppers are rated on a heat scale of • 0 (sweet) through 5 (hot) • From the Republic of Georgia. Sweet medium-thick flesh and tender skin. Heat •5 • Packet (25 seeds)$2.50 • 1 oz $45.75 250 seed pack $7.

75 250 seed pack $7. Short and stocky 16" plants covered with 2" fruits that have 2–3 lobes.50 The seeds for this variety were given to SSE by Jimmy Nardello who lived in Naugatuck.75 250 seed pack $9. Productive 24" plants are loaded with 10–12" long peppers.75 1431-Maule’s Red Hot From the William Maule Seed Company of Philadelphia. fiery hot fruits taper to pointed tips. Nice blocky fruits. ±4200 seeds/oz. Heat •3• C ertified O rganiC . Excellent for using green.200 seeds/oz. Heat •4• Packet (50 seeds) $2. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • ¼ oz $16.50 ¼ oz $27. ovoid. ±4.300seeds/oz.50 • 1/2 oz $27.75 ¼ oz $11.75 250 seed pack $10.50 • 1 oz $45. in 1887 with her husband Guiseppe from the Basilicata region.50 • ½ oz $27.25 • 500 seed pack $9. in fresh salads and also for frying. great sweet flavor.50 1 oz $45. L.100 seeds/oz. Connecticut until his death in 1983.25 500 seed pack $9. Packet (25 seeds) $2. ±4. Ohio SSE member who has grown these little sweet peppers for years. Clusters of ¾" fruits that ripen from deep green to bright red. Early. Olds Seed Company and decribed as: “Possibly the most productive of all the large peppers.5M $42. bears consistently until frost.75 ¼ oz $16. and then sold pint jars each year at their church fundraiser. 90 days from transplant. ±5. 7 5 250 seed pack $5.50 phone: 563-382-5990 •35• . Traditionally used extensively for pickling and making pepper vinegar. Nardello’s mother originally brought the seeds with her when she immigrated to the U.75 500 seed pack $12. ±5. Large. which they pickled and canned. great for hot sauce.75 Jimmy Nardello’s 1043(OG)-Napoleon Sweet 1343-King of the North Listed in 1923 by L. fruits measure ¾" wide by 1½"–2" long.75 239-Jimmy Nardello’s Bird Pepper Habanero. sweeter when red.S. 65–75 days from transplant.75 • 250 seed pack $7. standing upright until they get so heavy they sometimes droop. 65 days to green and 85 days to red from transplant. ±4. bright-scarlet. 80–90 days from transplant.25 • ½ oz $18. Heat •4• C ertified O rganiC .50 1 oz $45.75 1430-Joe’s Round Family heirlooms from Lucina Cress.50 • 1 oz $45.400 seeds/oz. “If you want a large hot pepper.75 • 2.50 • 1M seeds $22. Maine.50 McMahon's Bird Pepper become a member—save 10% www.75 • 1 oz $62.25 • 5M $54.50 • 1 oz $30. Peppers are about ¼" long.” Sturdy upright plants.75 250 seed pack $7. Mr. very heavy yields. Originally from Italy. Our stock is from Fedco Seeds in Waterville. 70–90 days from transplant.75 • 500 seed pack $10. smooth. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.5M $34. heirloom from the Joe Sestito family of Troy. Great for salads.pepper 1446(OG)-Hinkelhatz Cultivated by the Pennsylvania Dutch for over 150 years. Fruit about 8" long and 4" in circumference.25 • 2. bright red.75 • 250 seed pack $7. His family had been growing these peppers ever since coming to the U. plants can be dug up over wintered. Plants produce 3-lobed tapered blunt-tipped fruits that measure 3" at the shoulder and up to 12" long. Heat • 0 • Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 • 500 seed pack $9.00 • 500 seed pack $16. ±3. Great for pickling or for chopping to use for fresh salsa. reported in 1935. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 44-Marconi Red 403-Hot Portugal Italian heirloom prized for extremely sweet.25 • 500 seed pack $9. He a t • 0 • Pa c k e t ( 5 0 s e e d s ) $ 2 .50 • 1 oz $45.50 • 1 oz $45. 70–90 days from transplant.50 • ½ oz $27. 842 -Miniature Red Bell 873 -Miniature Yellow Bell 1299-Joe’s Long Cayenne Extremely heavy sets of finger-thick.50 • ½ oz $45.75 ¼ oz $16.75 250 seed pack $7.50 • ½ oz $27. large red fruits.400 seeds/oz.75 • 500 seed pack $16. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2. excellent fresh flavor.75 ¼ oz $16. Great for fresh eating or drying for hot pepper flakes.800 seeds/oz.25 500 seed pack $9.75 • 250 seed pack $7.75 Joseph Harris & Co.” Good flavor when green. they look lovely strung up like cranberries. 10– 12" long peppers. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 80 days from transplant.75 • ¼ oz $16. Remarkably early for a large fruited pepper.50 • ½ oz $27.75 1478(OG)-McMahon’s Introduced to the seed trade by Bernard McMahon in Philadelphia from seeds he received from Thomas Jefferson in the early 1800’s. NY.75 250 seed pack $7.5M $51. Mild as an apple. One of the very best for frying.75 • 5M $68. Ripens from green to red. Heavy yields of 6–10" cayenne type peppers.75 250 seed pack $6. glossy. 90 days from transplant.50 Also from the Sestito family.75 ¼ oz $16. 90 days from transplant.75 • 500 seed pack $7.25 1M seeds $25.75 1M seeds $17.S. The best hot pepper we know.50 • ½ oz $27.800 seeds/oz.75 Arguably the best red bell for northern gardeners where the seasons are cool and short.800 seeds/oz.25 • 500 seed pack $9. Lucina and her friends stuffed these peppers with cabbage. ±5.50 • 5M $82. you should try the new Hot Portugal.seedsavers. Heat •0• C ertified O rganiC . Heat •4• Packet (50 seeds) $2. grow 6" or longer.800 seeds/oz. 70 days from transplant. ±4. Mustard 402-Miniature Chocolate Bell ±4. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.

75 250 seed pack $7.75 • 1 oz $62.00 • 500 seed pack $16.300 seeds/oz. Loaded w ith 2–2½" long finger-shaped fruits. Greenhouse owners are sure to profit from selling as small potted plants around the holidays. Plants are loaded with 1½" fruits. Grown in his family for more than 100 years.600 seeds/oz.75 ¼ oz $11. 70–75 days from transplant. 70–80 days from transplant. Cheese pimento-shaped fruits are 3" deep and 4" in diameter. ±3.25 • ½ oz $18. 90 days for orange. Enjoys long growing seasons and cooler temperatures. Fruits ripen from green to red on 24–30" plants. 80-90 days from transplant.75 Beautiful and useful ornamental. mild sweet flavor. good for canning. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seed pack $7. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2. 90–100 days from transplant.75 Hot conical blunt-tipped fruits.50 Rare pepper from Virgil T. Heat •4• C ertified O rganiC .50 • ½ oz $27. Green peppers ripen very slowly to goldenyellow.50 • 1 oz $45.5M $34. Heat •4• Packet (25 seeds) $2. Heat •3• Packet (50 seeds) $2. Best grown in pots. Mississippi.75 ¼ oz $16. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 1396-Red Cap Mushroom 45(OG)-Sheepnose Pimento •36• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.300 seeds/oz. 70–80 days from transplant. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 • 1 oz $45.50 • 5M $82. originates from Peru. canning and salsa. medium-thick walls.75 250 seed pack $9. ±5.75 250 seed pack $7.75 ¼ oz $16. Fruits are edible. heavy yields. Capsicum pubescens. Does very well in pots.5M $51. thin walled fruits are ideal for pickling or drying. sweet thick juicy flesh.50 Unbelievable small ornamental pepper with foliage that looks like bay leaves.50 1448-Red Rocoto The most unique pepper that we offer.50 • ½ oz $45.50 ½ oz $45. but hot near the seeds.a. 75–80 days from transplant.pepper Nepalese Bell Orange Bell Orange Thai Purple Beauty Red Cap Mushroom Peppers are rated on a heat scale of • 0 (sweet) through 5 (hot) • Red Rocoto Rooster Spur Santa Fe Grande 1215(OG)-Orange Thai 1450-Nepalese Bell First offered by SSE member Ulrike Paradine from England.75 • 500 seed pack $10.25 • 500 seed pack $9.600 seeds/oz. Good for pickling. ±4.75 406-Quadrato Asti Giallo 408-Santa Fe Grande 1044-Orange Bell The best-tasting orange bell pepper we have grown.25 • 500 seed pack $9. ±4. hot flavor.25 • 5M $54. Blocky 4" by 3½" fruits are 3–4 lobed.75 250 seed pack $10. Red Squash Pepper) Abundant. Great for pots.75 250 seed pack $7. Holds in the purple stage for some time. blocky bell pepper from Italy.75 • ¼ oz $16. Ainsworth of Laurel. Very nice for fax: 563-382-6511 . 24" tall. and heavy yields. Ripe fruits hold well for weeks. Heat •4• Packet (25 seeds) $5.25 1M seeds $25.50 • 1 oz $45. ±9. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 2. 1½" wide by 3½" long. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • ½ oz $27. Tender crisp texture. before ripening to a deep purplered. a real show stopper when all the fruits turn from green to orange. Keeps for an extended period when refrigerated.75 • 500 seed pack $16. Tiny 6" plants are spectacular when grown as a border in your garden or in window boxes.50 • ½ oz $27.seedsavers.75 • 1 oz $62. 90 days from transplant. but hot.75 • 250 seed pack $7. Heat•3• Packet(25seeds)$2. ±4.500 seeds/oz.50 ¼ oz $27.75•250seedpack$9. Introduced in 1965 by Peto Seeds.50 1 oz $45.25 500 seed pack $9. extremely thick-fleshed with excellent sweet flavor. Heat • 0 • C ertified O rganiC .50 • 1 oz $30.75 (a. Sweet around the outer edges.200 seeds/oz.50 • ½ oz $27.75 500 seed pack $16. drying and using for seasoning.75 ¼ oz $16. Ripens from yellow to orange to red.50 • ¼ oz $27.75 250 seed pack $6. Fruits are 3–4" across and have thin crisp flesh that ripens from green to red.25 • 500 seed pack $9.k. 95 days from transplant.25 • 2. ±4. Beautiful purple flowers are followed by 1" round green fruits that ripen to red and have black seeds. thick-walled meaty fruits. 95–130 days from transplant.75 An Ohio heirloom from the family of Nick Rini. Very meaty. Start early. 60 days from transplant for green peppers.75 250 seed pack $5.900 seeds/oz. 70–80 days from transplant.75 Large. Traditionally used to make Rooster Pepper Sausage.00 1300-Purple Beauty 1467(OG)-Rooster Spur 874-Nosegay Sturdy compact plants are loaded down with large 4-lobed. Unique. Sturdy 24" tall plants. Extremely flavorful. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Original seed source was SSE member Alex Heklar in 1989. Thick crisp flesh with delicious sweet spicy flavor when either green or yellow.75 1M seeds $17. Heat • 4 • C ertified O rganiC .

Medium hot transplant. Fruits are slightly ¼ oz $16. Carrot-shaped 2.5M $44.00 • 5M $70.5M $44.400 seeds/oz.50 • ½ oz $27. A great variety 1 oz $38. averages 200 2.50 ripening from green to red. 90 days from transplant.900 seeds/oz.00 • 5M $70. Heat •0• C ertified O rganiC . 500 seed pack $12. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 2.50 • 2. 75–85 days from transplant.50 of thick-walled.50 12–16" tall by 12" wide.50 2.50 • 1 oz $45. Heat •3• Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 maturing bell type pepper. blunt tipped fruits.75 • 500 seed pack $12. fruits that ripen 1307-Tobago Seasoning from green to phone: 563-382-5990 •37• . Tobago in 75–85 days from transplant. Excellent market variety.75 • 1 oz $62. Combs.50 • ¼ oz $27.75 O.50 1M seeds $22.5M $44. Jeff Nekola. Heat •0• Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • 1M seeds $22.75 • 250 seed pack $7.25 • 500 seed pack $9. Heat •4• of Wisconsin at Madison by Professor C ertified O rganiC .75 flavor. great for northern gardeners.75 long.75 1178(OG)-Tolli’s Sweet Italian Nosegay Quadrato Asti Giallo become a member—save 10% www.50 ½ oz $45. 85 days from transplant.50 • 1M seeds $22.75 • ½ oz $22. 4–6 oz.75 652-Tequila Sunrise Ornamental peppers on sturdy plants. ±4. used extensively in the local cuisine 250 seed pack $7. Thick.seedsavers.50 1216(OG)-Sweet Chocolate Bred by Elwyn Meader and introduced by NH/AES in 1965.50 This sweet red Italian heirloom is one of our all-around favorites for fresh eating and canning recipes. Very nice seeds/oz.00 • 500 seed pack $16. Reliable yields 1M seeds $25. Heat • 0 • fruit with thick. A great choice for an early250 seed pack $10. Absolutely loaded with little ½" fruits 500 seed pack $12. sweet flesh. a good variety for pots.00 • 5M $70.25 for canning and pickling. ±3.50 variable. 1301(OG)-Thai Hot A great little pepper to grow in pots or in the Packet (25 seeds) $2. Very sweet and delicious.75 • 250 seed pack $7. Collected at a market in Scarboro.75 as a seasoning pepper. Heat •3• C ertified O rganiC .75 • 250 seed pack $9. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seed pack $6. a nice second 1432-Wisconsin Lakes crop will set on just in time for your holiday Developed in the 1960s at the University decorations.pepper Sheepnose Pimento Sweet Chocolate Tequila Sunrise Thai Hot Tobago Seasoning Tolli’s Sweet Italian Wenk’s Yellow Hots Wisconsin Lakes 250 seed pack $7. dependable yields of 4–5" long tapered fruits.50 to bright orange and then to red. 4–5" long and 1" at shoulder. Ripens from green to chocolate on the outside and brick-red inside.50 • ¼ oz $13. 80 days from transplant. slightly of the last large local truck farmers in sharp flavor when ripe. B. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $44. Heat •0• C ertified O rganiC . Fruits 1398(OG)-Wenk’s Yellow Hots ripen from deep green to golden-orange.50 fruits.50 • 1M seeds $22. one Firm crunchy flesh with sweet. Grown by the late Erris Wenk . ±7. 2–4" 500 seed pack $8. ripening Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 500 seed pack $16. 58–86 days from transplant.00 • 5M $70. Large. Great added to tomato sauces.5M $51.75 • 250 seed pack $7.75 garden. 60–78 days from Albuquerque’s South Valley. waxy yellow walls.900 March of 1999 by Dr.50 fruits per plant.75 500 seed pack $12. If picked clean.50 • 5M $82.

75–85 days. This strain is less affected by warmer temperatures and is a prolific bloomer.50 • 5M $21. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 • 1 lb $10. heavily crumpled leaves. and C). Historic heirloom from New Mexico introduced in the 1930s. ±3. very hard-to-find variety.75 25M $75.00 members offer 98 varieties • Gourd • members offer 118 varieties • Soybean • 1202-Apple 1187-Agate • Runner Bean • members offer 35 varieties 319-Painted Lady Improved Incredibly beautiful bi-colored blossoms are extremely attractive to hummingbird moths. gardeners in 1857.50 5lb $50.00 Unique variety with salmon-pink blooms. 50–60 days.75 • 1M $31. ±1.50 • 10 lb.25 • 5M $27.00 (Lagenaria siceraria) Apple-shaped gourds are dark green with patches of lighter green and dry to all brown.50 • 10M $38.75 1 oz $8.50 • 1M $8. nice crops of short and very flavorful beans throughout the season. 75–80 days.700 seeds/ lb. sliced pods or green shells. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Easy to grow. 50–60 days.seedsavers.00 5 lb $112.5M $79. One of the most diverse ornamentals that we offer.50 100M $175. $ Chard • Swiss Chard • members offer 22 varieties 46(OG)-Five Color Silverbeet Thompson & Morgan offered Rainbow Chard from 1970 through 1989 and then dropped the variety after the number of colors began to decrease.50 • 50M $123.50 207-Scarlet Runner abundance of all-green beans.75 • 1 lb $25. C ertified O rganiC .00 1468(OG)-Fiskeby Swedish variety bred by Sven Holmberg that thrives in northern climates.25 1298-Autumn Wings 860-Envy Great short-season variety.00 (Cucurbita pepo) A great mixture of winged. up to 40% protein. of NH. 60–65 days.75 • 1M $35. brightly colored fruits.75• 1M $7.60 • 5M $28.00 • 2.50 One of the oldest runner beans now in existence. Use fresh or dried. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 90–100 days.S. ±320 seeds/lb.75 O ILUR FA ILUR FA . Broad dark green heav ily crumpled leaves w ith white veins and stalks.50 • 5 lb $35.50 • 4 oz $24. Packet (25 seeds) $2. ±2. Large pale green seeds.400 seeds/lb. First introduced to U.75 • 1 lb $10.75 417(OG)-Rhubarb Chard Deep crimson stalks and leaf veins contrast sharply with dark green. Upright 24" plants produce an Fordhook Giant Rhubarb Chard Painted Lady Improved Sunset Runner Agate •38• Envy Fiskeby Shirofumi SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. $112. ±410 seeds/lb.75 250 seeds $13.50 • 8 oz $34.75 • 1M $8. Packet (25 seeds) $2. An SSE member reported that one 100' row produced 38 pounds of unshelled pods! 80–90 days. 360 seeds/ pound. $65.00 • 10 lb $95. ±410 seeds/lb.50 • 10 lb $202.50 5lb $50. Fortunately Digger’s Garden Club in Australia still maintains a nice selection. Packet (100 seeds) $2. B1 .75 250 seeds $4. Pole habit. Packet (50 seeds) $ fax: 563-382-6511 E CROP 415-Fordhook Giant 1030-Sunset Runner CR E This variety is gaining popularity as the best P green soybean available. Excellent for freezing. Highly ornamental.00 Described by Arrabida in Flora of Rio de Janeiro in 1827. Atlee Burpee. 80 days. Developed by Professor Elwyn Meader at the Univ. Abundant crops all season and even after the first light frosts. Packet (25 seeds) $2. $25.50 1188-Shirofumi Introduced in 1934 by W.00 • 5 lb. Re-selected strain. 65 days. First documented in 1750. Packet (100 seeds) $2. extremely durable fruits. Very early blossoming and maturing. seed crops of all the different colors grown in isolation to maintain a proper balance of colors.50 • 25M $68.75 250 seeds $12. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Pole habit.50 • 100M $225. Pole habit. 295 seeds/pound.25 10M $34. Flat bottoms. used in place of limas in cooler climates. Packet (50 seeds) $2. the best for gourd crafts and birdhouses.5M $62. C ertified O rganiC . iron.00 • 10 lb $95. Fruits are 6–8" tall and 4–6" across. extremely productive. 50–60 days.25 • 50M $109. high in calcium.75 • 1 lb $7. highly nutritious. Plants grow 24–28" high with 2½" wide stalks.00 10 lb. 68 days. and vitamins (particularly A. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 100–120 days. 385 seeds/pound.25 • 2. excellent qualit y.75 1 lb. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Good for use as either small snaps.750 seeds/oz. B12 . High yields of medium-sized yellow seeds with reddish brown saddles. good eating quality.

org phone: 563-382-5990 . Flat Striped. long keepers. 125 days. C ertified O rganiC . pepo) From Ohio SSE member Ken Stoller.75 • 250 seeds $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 95 days.50 • 2. Ten Commandments.75 • 2.5M $26. Extremely hard shelled when dried.00 1M $19. Nest Egg. Entire gourd is covered with small warts or tooth-like bumps. pepo) Sent to SSE by member Junior Gordon from Hickman County in TN. A standard.75 770-Birdhouse 104-Dinosaur 936-Bule (L.75 250 seeds $7.00 (C. siceraria) Light-green fruits with rounded necks and bowls range from 7–14" in diameter and are full of seeds. Packet (25 seeds) $2 .50 1053-Ten Commandments Five Color Silverbeet (C.25 1M $30. pepo) Softball sized fruits have five pairs of protruding prongs that point towards the blossom end. Varying sizes of gourds can be used for making small wren houses to large purple martin houses.25 • 1M $45. mottled.50 1055-Warted Mixture (C. perfect for gourdcraft swans.50 867-Dancing or Spinning (C. Good range of colors and many multicolors. Solid-green fruits have curved necks and wing-like projections. Orange Warted.75 • 2.seedsavers. siceraria) Pronounced “boo-lay.50 • 1M $11. Small fruits.25 1M $20. Extremely sturdy stems. Seed originally obtained from China in 1982. Nice mixture of bright striped. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 1049-Gourd Mixture 1406(OG)-Chinese Miniature (C. Years ago children would carry these gourds in their pockets to play with at school where they would spin them on their desks.50 • 2. 4–5 ounces and about 3" across.75 1M $30. Spinning Gourd and Warted Mixture. Excellent mixture with equal portions of: Cou-Tors Hative. Vigorous 15–35' vines.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2 .50 Gourd Mixture Apple Autumn Wings Birdhouse Bule Chinese Miniature Dancing or Spinning Dinosaur Ten Commandments •39• become a member—save 10% www. siceraria) Given to SSE years ago by a Cherokee member from Louisiana. Total length of 18–24" with an 8" bowl and unique serpentine projections.75 • 250 seeds $9. 6–8" tall and 5–6" across. Orange Ball.5M $30. Striped Pear. 90–100 days. multicolored fruits.75 (L. Guaranteed not to disappoint. 100 days.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Nice when grown on a trellis.gOurd (L.5M $43.75 250 seeds $16. pepo) A top quality mixture. pepo) Mixture of well-warted 3–4 ounce fruits.75 250 seeds $5. great ornamental. Vigorous 15–35' vines.25 • 1M $13. Good for roasting as miniature squash or used as long lasting table or holiday decorations. 90–100 days. Similar in shape to a large apple.5M $67.5M $46. Great moneymaker for roadside stands.75 • 250 seeds $12. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 100–120 days. Traditionally used to decorate sweat lodges.5M $67.75 • 250 seeds $9. 90-100 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $90.” Unique hard-shelled French gourd for drying. 100–120 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 • 2.

Wyoming in 1943.5M $76. C ertified O rganiC .25 • 2. C ertified O rganiC . C ertified O rganiC . excellent keeper.00 • 1M $36. Developed from a cross of Cocozelle and New England Pie by the USDA Field Station in Cheyenne.50 • 2.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Massachusetts who received seeds from a friend in 1831. Extremely sweet flesh. maxima) Buttercup has set the benchmark over the years for all other small winter squash. Thick. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Hard-shelled fruits weigh 7–15 pounds.25 1433(OG)-Boston Marrow (C. 85–100 days. Ives of Salem. maxima) Australian heirloom from our friends at Diggers Garden Club. small seed cavity. medium-orange. 90–100 days.75 250 seeds $10. sweet flesh. 80–90 days. AAS in 1957. high yields of 5–8 pound pumpkins. Excellent eating qualities. Slightly variable in shape. Considered a medium length keeper.5M $76.50 1303(OG)-Black Beauty Zucchini (C. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Long. One of our all-time favorites.5M $76.00 1M $36. maxima) Originates from J.00 • 2.seedsavers. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Fruits have a thin but very hard dark green rind. Fair table quality.00 1M $36. dry orange flesh is excellent for baking and a great keeper. Compact bush habit.50 1344(OG)-Burgess Buttercup (C.00 • 1M $36. 90–110 days.50 1218-Australian Butter (C. 44–64 days. Striking reddish orange skin. or in large pots.50 • 1M $28.75 250 seeds $10.5M $76.50 SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.00 • 2.5M $54.75 • 250 seeds $7. very fine eating qualities. cylindrical fruits are best eaten when 6–8" long.5M $63.00 • 2. 90–100 days. High quality flesh is the color of sweet potatoes and has a similar flavor. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Compact spiny everbearing bush with dark greenish-black skinned fruits.50 1M $25. M. Extremely hard-skinned fruits weigh 5–8 pounds. Typical fruits weigh 3–5 pounds. pepo) Extremely early bush pumpkin especially useful for small gardens where space is at a fax: 563-382-6511 .squash • Squash • members offer 374 varieties Anna Swartz Hubbard Australian Butter Black Beauty 241(OG)-Anna Swartz Hubbard (C. Anna loved this variety because of its extremely hard shell and excellent storage ability.50 Boston Marrow Burgess Buttercup Cheyenne Bush Chirimen Cornfield Pumpkin Fordhook Acorn Golden Hubbard Golden Zucchini Kikuza 1048-Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin Long Island Cheese •40• Marina di Chioggia Musquee de Provence (C. Packet (25 seeds) $2. maxima) Family heirloom given to Anna Swartz by a friend in the 1950s.75 • 250 seeds $10. fine grained. average fruits weigh 10–20 pounds. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seeds $10. pepo) The standard summer squash. Originally this variety was obtained from Native Americans in New York State. Excellent variety for freezing.75 250 seeds $9.

Packet (25 seeds) $2. Sweet dry flesh. In a normal season this can be done at Heritage Farm.00 • 2.50 (C. hulless. France. Atlee Burpee from genetic material supplied by Dr. France in 1996. greenish seeds.25 • 2. 90–95 days. One of our best varieties for eating. 90–100 days.75 250 seeds $9.5M $57. pepo) Developed by breeders at W.75 250 seeds $7. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . sweet flesh. Vining plants with long fruits similar to acorns. flavor improves with storage. Packet (25 seeds) $2. maxima) Beautiful heirloom winter squash from Italy. Large grey-green bumpy turbans average 10–12 pounds.75 • 250 seeds $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Sweet.75 250 seeds $7. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $54.00 1M $36. because the peanut-like warts continue to grow and will cover the entire fruit.50 (C. but they do make nice Jack-O’-Lanterns. Oved Shifriss at Rutgers. Great keeper. 6–10 pounds and a good keeper.50 • 2. the perfect size for baking and roasting.50 1219(OG)-Guatemalan Blue Banana 972 -Cornfield Pumpkin (C. 100–110 days. M.50 • 1M $27.50 1M $45. Traditionally grown by farmers as a dual crop when planted with their field corn. Needs a long growing season to mature. orange flesh. 90–95 days.50 (C.5M $76.seedsavers.00 • 2. which is on the Iowa-Minnesota border. Flattened fruits are buff-colored with deep orange flesh. cylindrical fruits on productive. Perfectly shaped 12–15 pound fruits are 12–16" wide and 10–12" tall. Fruits seldom weigh more than two pounds. phone: 563-382-5990 •41• .50 (C. 90–100 days.75 • 250 seeds $9. Deep orange flesh.50 • 1M $27. 95–110 days.50 • 1M $28. Nice 4–7 pound fruits.25 • 2. Ferry in 1898. Can be eaten fresh around 56 days and used for baking after 85 days.50 • 1M $28.5M $57.50 1309-Musquee de Provence 1345-Golden Zucchini Lady Godiva become a member—save 10% www. Seeds are nutritious and rich in protein.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) 1293-Kikuza Galeux d’Eysines 1458(OG)-Lady Godiva (C. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Gorgeous. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 90–100 days. moist.5M $76.50 1M $25. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (25 seeds) $2. maxima) Pale blue striped fruits are 16–20" long.75 • 250 seeds $7. pepo) This variety is specifically grown for its naked.50 1050-Long Island Cheese Guatemalan Blue Banana 1308-Marina di Chioggia 410-Golden Hubbard (C. very thick-fleshed with excellent eating qualities.20 875-Chirimen yellow.75 250 seeds $9. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $63. maxima) Introduced by D. big flat fruits are reminiscent of big wheels of cheese. Packet (25 seeds) $2. pepo) Our top choice for use as both carving pumpkins and for fall decorations. Marthe. Fruits average 20 pounds. Typical hard-skinned hubbard. Very unique.00 • 2. Flesh is not suitable for eating.5M $95. moist.25 • 2.50 876(OG)-Fordhook Acorn (C. 95–100 days. We like to keep this one in the refrigerator after the initial cutting and continue to slice off small rings that can be either baked or roasted.50 (C. Introduced to American gardeners in 1899 by Vaughan’s Seed Store in Chicago. Up to 3 ounces of seeds per fruit and 12–15 fruits per plant. Very sturdy stems rarely break off. Fruits weigh 5-8 pounds on average and have deep-orange. Beautiful enough for table centerpieces. Atlee Burpee of Philadelphia and named for their Fordhook trial grounds at Doylestown. C ertified O rganiC . 90 days. Pennsylvania.00 • 2. Named for its resemblance to a wheel of cheese.5M $76. 6" in diameter and weigh 5–8 pounds. Very hard to find.75 • 250 seeds $12. moschata) Traditional variety from southern France. A great addition to any farm market stand or to the home garden.25 973(OG)-Galeux d’Eysines (C. Seed collected by Amy Goldman from La Ferme de Ste. A standard for American market stands.75• 250 seeds $10. Thick. but the shell color is a beautiful deep orange. One of the best varieties we offer for baking. moschata) First offered by the Aggeler & Musser Seed Company of Los Angeles in 1922.50 1M $28.00 1M $36. C ertified O rganiC . introduced to gardeners in 1973. compact bush plants. Packet (25 seeds) $2. firm flesh.50 • 1M $27. Fruits weigh 10–20 pounds and should be harvested before overly mature. very fine flavored. maxima) First seen at the Pumpkin Fair in Tranzault. great for baking and also used in soups. very good keeper. Fruits weigh from 8–12 pounds and have thick dry sweet fine-grained golden-yellow flesh.00 1M $36. rich brown when fully ripe. moschata) East Coast heirloom long remembered as a great pie squash by people in the New York and New Jersey areas. Glossy golden- (C. moschata) Introduced to the American seed trade as Sweet Kikuza in 1927 by the Oriental Seed Company of San Francisco.5M $63. 50–55 days.squash (C. green when immature and ripen to a deep. Good for baking and roasting.00 • 2. A sure seller for farm and market stands. pepo) Introduced in 1890 by W. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seeds $10. Good keeper and consistently a good producer.5M $57. First offered by SSE member Glenn Drowns in 1984 Yearbook from seed he obtained from the USDA. great roasted or raw.00 • 2. 90 days.5M $63. Beautiful dull bronze-orange skin. good keeper.75 250 seeds $7.

org fax: 563-382-6511 .75 • 250 seeds $10. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 • 250 seeds $5. baking. semi-sweet.00 • 1M $36.75 • 250 seeds $7. Just cut into rings and bake. Very easy to prepare since the curved neck is completely filled with sweet dark orange flesh.75 1M $35. Atlee Burpee long. 60–70 days.5M $54.25 1222(OG)-Pattison Panache. white seeds. The name is derived from potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). Introduced by Hiram Sibley & Co.00 1M $27.00 • 1M $36.5M $76. pepo) Semi-open bush plants produce 250 seeds $10.00 • 2. Skin is predominately smooth but Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 660-Sibley •42• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. compact vines produce round. Serve steamed at 1" diameter or stuffed at 4". Teardrop-shaped slate-blue fruits have very shallow ribs. moschata) Enormous fruits weigh 10–20 pounds.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Keep picked clean for best yields.00 1M $36. with firm. very flavorful 250 seeds $10.75 (C.00 • 2.5M $76. skin is deeply ribbed all around the sides. sweet mild flesh has in 1883. C ertified O rganiC . Verte et Blanc new Pennsylvania Crookneck Potimarron Queensland Blue Pink Banana Jumbo Rouge Vif d’Etampes Sibley 1221(OG)-Pattison Panache.5M $54. Long.00 • 2. maxima) Famous winter squash from France. Fruits weigh richer in storage. Very aromatic and chestnut-like in taste.5M $54. maxima) Beautiful variety of winter Incredibly hard skin.5M $78.50 Verte et Blanc 1359-Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck (C.75 • 250 seeds $7. maxima) Popular in American pioneer gardens during the 19th century.00 • 2. dark green stripes appear as the fruits continue to mature.00 • 1M $36. Size of the fruits can vary from 10–25 244-Table Queen pounds. 100–120 days. green and cream streaked zucchini fruits with fine flavor and delicate skin.50 • 2. bumps develop 411-Rouge Vif d’Etampes (C. (C. Excellent summer squash. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Creamy white.75 • 250 seeds $11. Red-orange fruits are 6" deep by 18" excellent flavor.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Good keeper. (C. Iowa in 1913. 85–95 days. Flesh is New Year. excellent for shipping. 100-120 days. Good eating qualities when young.squash Pattison.50 • 2. and this variety is believed to have New! 1511-Round de Nice (C. Seeds are all contained neatly in the bottom bulb of the fruit. 55–70 days. scallops should be eaten when seafoam green. maxima) Also known as Pike’s Peak. pepo) French heirloom that was listed by Vilmorin in the 1800s. excellent keeper. sections. One of our all time favorites for both baking and roasting. Hubbard-type with moderately vigorous 12–15' vines. Banana-shaped fruits New! 1498-Pink Banana Jumbo (C. Packet (25 seeds) $2. and canning. Best eaten when 5–6" offered for sale in America by W.5M $76. Iowa who had grown it for more than 50 years in Missouri. New York in 1887. Jaune et Verte Pattison. prolific vines produce squash 2-3’ long and weigh 10-40 pounds. Blue Medium-thick sweet flesh.50 1M $25. Spectacular for fall decorations. 110–120 days. Flesh becomes drier and but flat on the top and bottom. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Keep picked clean to enjoy all in diameter with narrow shallow-ribbed season.00 1M $36.50 extended heavy crops of smooth light yellow fruits with curved necks.5M $57. pepo) Italian heirloom.25 netting. 95 days.75 (C. 100–110 days. Bowl-shaped bush scallop with good yields of yellowish-cream fruits with bands of green. 877-Queensland Blue (C.50 The Arikara tribe grew a similar heart-shaped squash. Jaune et Verte turn pinkish-orange when mature. cracking and 1M $25. great for pies. great flavor.50 1M $25. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Vigorous. of Rochester. and weigh 8–10 pounds. sweet.50 usually has some rough bumps.75 Company of Des Moines. pepo) Introduced by the Iowa Seed table quality.seedsavers.75 • 250 seeds $10. 250 seeds $10.50 and of the best quality. Excellent winter 412(OG)-Summer Crookneck storage.00 • 2. attaining its peak after the 12–20 pounds when fully mature. 55–60 days. 10–12" long by 8–9" in diameter.75 • 250 seeds $7.5M $76. perfect squash been developed from the Arikara strain.50 1352-Potimarron for stuffing. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Excellent choice for making pies or soups. Fair (C. Excellent for pies.75 thick and dense. rock-hard ornamental when fully mature.5M $76.25 (C. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Obtained from an elderly woman in Van Dinam. yellow-orange flesh. maxima) Beautiful French heirloom first after edible stage. Nice-sized 3–4 pound fruits store well into the winter. pepo) Sent to SSE by French member Bruno Defay. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 • 2. C ertified O rganiC . squash procured from Australia in 1932.

50 • 1M $$25.5M $76. Good keeper. maxima) (a.25 www. Gregory of Marblehead. Australia. 10–20 pound fruits are best for extremely long-lasting decorations.50 • 250 seeds $27. Fruits are 3–6 pounds and exceptional keepers. but also good for use as a summer squash. Packet (10 seeds) $2. hence the higher price. 80–100 days. in 1932 with seed obtained from Arthur Yates & Co. C ertified O rganiC . Our favorite two-serving baking squash. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Very thick flesh.25 100 seed pack $17.50 new 1224(OG)-Thelma Sanders (C. A great family heirloom. Packet (25 seeds) $2. One of the most recognized types of baking squash. AAS winner in 1970. Massachusetts.75 250 seeds $7.25 413-Turk’s Turban Sweet Potato Round de Nice New! 1512(OG)-Tours Squash (C. pepo) Named for its place of origin in France. hard to beat for baking. Great as an ornamental.75 250 seeds $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. dry and thick.00 • 2.00 • 2. pepo) This variety came into SSE’s collection from Ohio members Tom and Sue Knoche who are squash collectors and two of the earliest members of SSE. Triangle. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Distinctive large oil seeds with wide margins were once used in the preparation of sugarbecome a member—save 10% 245(OG)-Waltham Butternut (C. pepo) Introduced to American gardeners as “Pineapple” in 1885 by James J.75 • 250 seeds $7.75• 250 seeds $7.00 • 2. Excellent storage over long periods.50 1M $25. At long last.squash Summer Crookneck Table Queen Tennessee Sweet Potato Thelma Sanders Triamble Turk’s Turban Waltham Butternut Yugoslavian Finger Fruit Typical dark-green acorn. Durable if not bruised. good drought tolerance.75 • 50 seed pack $11. Excellent flavor.5M $38. nutty flavor and high-yielding vines. C ertified O rganiC . Great decorative squash for fall displays.50 • 2. enormously productive.5M $54.50 (C. For nearly a decade we have been working to re-introduce this great historic variety. a standard in American roadside markets. 58–90 days. mixta) First listed in 1847 by New York seedsman Grant Thorburn as Green Striped Bell and most likely renamed by Burpee in 1883 as Tennessee Sweet Potato. Does well in cooler weather.75 • 250 seeds $4. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Great for displays and car ving. Vines grow 6–8' long. 90-100 days.5M $54. with uniform creamy white fruits and distinctive wings.75 1415-Yugoslavian Finger Fruit 1054-Triamble 1223-Tennessee Sweet Potato ( new Tours phone: 563-382-5990 •43• . Dark olive green fruits striped with deep golden yellow average 17 pounds.a. Tristar or Shamrock) Extremely rare. true-to-type strain to offer. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 • 2.S.50 1M $27. of Sydney. 83–100 days. rich dry yellow-orange flesh. Massachusetts. maxima) Introduced in 1869 as American Turban.75 • 250 seeds $11. Fair table quality. one of the largest-fruited pepos. 90–100 days. Wonderful cream-colored acorn-type squash.25 (C. 85–90 days. Packet (25 seeds) $2. The result of years of patient refinement and selection by Bob Young of Waltham.25 coated pills and as a remedy for tapeworm. moschata) Prized for its uniform shape. Fruits grow 8–12" in diameter and up to 5 pounds.25 1M $18. Poor eating qualities. First grown in U.5M $57.00 • 1M $36.50 (C. Packet (25 seeds) $2. H. Quite unique.50 • 2. excellent quality pie or vegetable squash.seedsavers.50 1M $99. we have a pure.5M $210. 110–120 days. Very few seeds per fruit. 95–100 days. Forms a distinctive cap or turban.50 • 2.75 1M $32.5M $73. Deep orange flesh is sweet.

org fax: 563-382-6511 . ±3.50 • 1 lb. A garden standard since the 1880s.25 • 4 oz $29. and mild.50 • 10M $12. Nice for home gardeners and early harvest. Exceptional variety for the novelty market and also for the home gardener.. crisp flesh.75 • 1 lb. Pale yellow. 25–30 days. sow in early spring or early fall. sweet and mild all season.25 4 oz $14. Deep red radishes are 6” long and tapered. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 8 oz $20. Most likely the same variety described in Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden (1885) as “Small Early Yellow Turnip Radish. Landreth Seed Company (the oldest seed house in the U.25 • 10M $10.” 30–35 days. Packet (250 seeds) $2.00 • 50M $40.50 • 50M $50.75 New! 1513-Cincinnati Market Early Scarlet Globe French Breakfast Helios Early forcing radish for home or market gardeners.25 • 4 oz $29. deep-globe shape.200 seeds/oz.seedsavers. $75. C ertified O rganiC . top quality. ±3. or chopped in salads. 2530 days. Sow in the spring or fall. $75.50 • 1 lb.25 • 8 oz $46. listed by D. 50 days. Pods can be eaten raw.25 • 8 oz $46. sweet spring radish with white flesh. Flesh is tender.75 Unique deep purple round roots.25 4 oz $14. ±1. 20–28 days. Not grown for the roots. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 1" diameter.radish members offer 112 varieties • Radish • Pre-1870s heirloom that is fast becoming rare.00 Named for the Greek God of the sun. Packet (250 seeds) $2. white flesh. Nice and mild.75 5M seeds $6. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1 lb. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Plant in the spring or fall.00 654-Rat-Tailed Radish SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. hardy and adaptable. White. $28. mildly pungent flavor.700 seeds/oz. never pithy.75 1 oz $18.75 • 8 oz $20.00 1429-Helios America Bloomsdale New Zealand Spinach 1302(OG)-Philadelphia White Box Historic radish from the 1890s. crisp.75 5M seeds $7.75 419-Early Scarlet Globe 420(OG)-French Breakfast Philadelphia White Plum Purple Rat-Tailed Radish Oblong and blunt. established in 1784) in 1938 as a good variety for open cultivation or forcing in boxes.75 • 1 oz $5. Wyche’s Yellow Green •44• Purple Purple Top White Native to South Asia.75 • 1 oz $5. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Bright red skin. 30 days. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . 30 days. pick when small. Very reliable and nice for bunching. rose-scarlet with a white tip. Firm white flesh. C ertified O rganiC . $28.800 seeds/oz.S.75 1 oz $18.00 1310(OG)-Plum Purple Red Malabar Spinach Strawberry Spinach Dr. Pods should be gathered before fully grown. Plants are literally covered with crisp fleshy edible tapered seedpods that are thicker than a pencil and 4–6" long.

50 • 5M $31. Wyche’s Yellow Given to SSE by the late Dr.25 • 1 oz $9.75 250 seed pack $5.75 • 10M $68.75 • 250 seed pack $9. AAS in 1952. twisted.5M $21. 90 days from transplant. free-branching climber. slow to bolt. stores extremely well. Fruits are 1–1½" and have a sharper flavor than most other varieties.25 • 4 oz $14.75 • 5M $38.5M $21. $29.50 • 5M $87. Hard to phone: 563-382-5990 •45• .50 774(OG)-Green new 775(OG)-Purple 1411-Red Malabar Spinach (Basella rubra) Heat-loving perennial from India. Best when 4" tips of branches are picked all summer and fall. $29.50 Heirloom variety.50 • 5M $12.turnip members offer 21 varieties • Spinach • 1225-Prickly Caterpillar Long-standing compact Bloomsdale type. ±440 seeds/oz. crumpled.500 seeds/oz.50 (Chenopodium capitatum) Also referred to as Strawberry Blite. regrows rapidly.00 656(OG)-Bloomsdale Vigorous upright plants. heavy yields. Small brittle fleshy green leaves.75 • 1 oz $5. Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 Purple de Milpa become a member—save 10% www. great for fresh summer greens. Annual. Introduced before 1908.5M $14. but similar in flavor and usage. great grilled. Typically does not burst through husk when ripe. very sweet. grown in Europe for centuries. Sharper flavor than green tomatillos.75 • 1 lb.00 655-America 657-New Zealand Spinach (Scorpiurus muricatus) Native of southern Europe.00 500 seed pack $7. 90 days from transplant. 8" tall plants. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 8 oz $20.50 (Tetragonia expansa) Not a true spinach. thick deep-green savoyed leaves. 39–60 days. Unique yellow colored tomatillo with contrasting purple blush.75 ¼ oz $4. Sweet mild fine-grained white flesh. will not bolt or get bitter like true spinach. Certified OrganiC. Blended with hot peppers to make traditional Mexican green sauce. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 • 500 seed pack $7. suited for spring sowing in long-day areas.75 • 5M seeds $6. Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 • 50M $52.75 • 1 lb. Shiny red mulberry-like fruits are edible. C ertified O rganiC . 70–90 days from transplant.50 • 5M $19.00 • 2. Packet (250 seeds) $2 .75 • 250 seed pack $5. very tender. no other companies bothered to maintain these novelties. smaller 1½–2" fruits with dark purple skin. mostly because they are so hairy. listed by Vilmorin in the 1800s along with several other varieties. if space is tight.75 1M seeds $9. C ertified O rganiC . 50–70 days. Seed is very hard to extract from the tight pods and.50 1M seeds $15.50 • 10M $166. prolific bushy plant 3–4' tall and across. In days past.25 423-Purple Top White Globe Widely used since before 1880. Pods are narrow and twisted like a caterpillar rolled upon itself. 43–55 days. Good source of vitamin C. caterpillars were added to salads to surprise unexpected diners. heat and drought resistant. slow-growing. Red leaf veins and stems. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Quick-growing variety.75 10M $12. Fresh use or can or freeze. Try growing in containers.50 1M seeds $10.50 1217-Strawberry Spinach 1413(OG)-Purple de Milpa This is the smaller purple variety that grows in cornfields. John Wyche.50 Mexican husk tomato. Uniform 6" smooth white globes are best for eating when 3–4" in diameter. well adapted for late spring or summer plantings. Self-seeding annual. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 8 oz $20.50 • 1M seeds $15.75 500 seed pack $12. blistered and savoyed. 50–70 days. We were thrilled to find an entire collection of caterpillars is being maintained by a European seed company.50 • 10M $18.75 250 seed pack $9. so be patient. Great historic novelty that should be grown in every garden.75 1M seeds $6. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Excellent quality.50 • 5M $31. Dark glossy green leaves are thick. can be added to salads or used for dying.75 1 oz $5. used in salads or steamed. Low-growing plants make a nice ground cover and are sure to be the best conversation piece in your garden. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Fine quality. New Zealand native brought to Europe by Captain Cook in the 1770s. but not meant to be eaten. Seeds are slow to germinate. slow-bolting. Fine quality.75 • 1M seeds $25.25 Cincinnati Market members offer 24 varieties • Tomatillo • members offer 53 varieties • Turnip • 1412(OG)-Dr.00 • 2.25 • 4 oz $14.25 • ½ oz $6.00 2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Large strong spreading plants branch freely.25 2. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . excellent flavor.C ertified O rganiC . Green 2" sweet fruits are ripe when the fruits burst through husks. Very productive. cut sprouts to eat as greens. 90–100 days from transplant. nice sweet flavor. Packet (100 seeds) $2.seedsavers.5M $52.75 • 500 seed pack $12. ±13. 45-65 days. and for that reason. Very showy compact 16–18" plants are grown for their nutritious triangular toothed leaves and tender shoots. Thrives in hot weather.

•46• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE become a member—save 10% . Many have intense flavor.000 gardeners who have been passing on our garden heritage since 1975. global family of more than 11. Through our members. conserving. Whether they came to the United States from the far corners of the Earth or were native to the Americas. and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. Others are high in nutrients. are heat.and drought-tolerant. Since 1975. Seed Savers' mission is to save the world’s diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations.Welcome to Heritage Farm Home of Seed Savers Exchange a growing. They knew that nature’s abundant biodiversity would provide a safe haven against: hard times • changing climates • food shortages Heirloom food crops have stood the test of time. we are building a network of people committed to collecting. they always saved their very best seeds. or resist pests and diseases. our members have shared hundreds of thousands of seed samples. Heirloom seeds breed true and can be passed down to the next generation. Our ancestors knew the wisdom of saving seed.

Lucas. still grows German Pink tomatoes for local markets. But when they At age 89. Reprinted with permission from Nature's Garden Magazine © Copyright 2009 Meredith Corporation. Comfort food for body and soul. He gave some of his treasured tomato and flower seeds to his granddaughter. He is standing in a bower of "Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory"at Heritage Farm.. these seeds represented security. Michael and Margaret's varieties are known as German Pink tomato and Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory. then out onto the two-pound fruits with few seeds. canning and freezing. one. Grandpa Ott’s health was failing. It produces meaty. then built a log cabin where their nine children were born. and very little cracking or blossom (turn to next page) Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory page 73 German Pink Tomato page 58 •47• phone: 563-382-5990 . One of their sons. Michigan and Minnesota. In 1972. Baptist John Ott. Germany back in 1883.. father of Seed Saver's Co-founder Diane Ott Whealy. they carefully stowed seeds from their homeland among their meager possessions. Kent Whealy. The newlyweds soon read early warnings from leading geneticists about the increasing erosion of our genetic resources.A tale of two seeds left their homes and families in Dusseldorf. Diane Ott. pink tomato. German Pink is a potato-leafed tomato with full. Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory is a self-seeding hardy annual that climbs more than 15 feet if given support. To them. All rights reserved. Our story begins with… Michael Ott and Margaret Ertle were immigrants. Michael and Margaret finally settled in St. They were married. year after year on his 40-acre farm. They landed at Ellis Island. They traveled westward by boat and train through New York. Iowa. 2009. They passed through Burr Oak. three years before Lady Liberty raised her torch over New York Harbor. they realized they had been entrusted with a treasure—and an awesome responsibility. summer. continued to grow those seeds. one of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s hometowns. and her new husband. Like most immigrants and pioneers. The answer surprised them. “Is anyone else interested in saving—and sharing—family heirlooms?” they wondered. Jay Wilde photo from Nature's Garden. It is excellent for slicing. not horticulturists. Iowa. www. Suddenly. A showy. Dale Ott.seedsavers. sweet flavor. they carried something very special with them…two varieties of garden seed: A plump. deep-purple morning glory with a red star in its throat.

more and more people recognize the importance of saving seed and passing on our garden heritage to protect the source of our food supply for future generations.” genetic engineering and “terminator technology. the Exchange had grown to 142 members in 40 states.” Diane recalls. the basement and spare rooms became offices. They became wary of “food from afar. the Whealys floated the idea of an heirloom seed exchange in letters in Mother Earth News and other backto-the land magazines. barn and Visitors Center •48• Now in our 35 th anniversary year. Seed Savers Exchange was granted non-profit status in 1981. They worked out of their home. Guatemala and Ecuador. become a member—save 10% SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE . Today. At the same time. jet-lagged grocery store produce. but surely. security and sustainability. Only a handful of gardeners responded. The Whealys were not deterred. As their family grew to include five children. American consumers tired of tasteless. The economy sank and food was dubbed “the new gold” on Wall Street. Promotion. printing and mailing cost $35 more than the newsletter brought in. filling up with a rapidly growing seed collection. Canada. Then.” adds Diane. Then came so-called “Frankenfoods. bathroom and shower with the garden crew. By the end of 1975.Seed Savers Exchange is born Homesteading in Missouri with two small children.” The seed collection “was a small box of jars and envelopes filled with seeds we had collected or requested. Seed Savers Exchange grew slowly. a total of 29 “members” were receiving the couple’s homey newsletter called the “True Seed Exchange. Seed Savers' Trial Gardens.” Concern grew over food system safety. the Internal Revenue Service later agreed.” plant patents along with proposed repressive new legislation. sharing their refrigerator. The W healys moved to Iowa in the mid-1980s. cookbook authors and food critics. membership in Seed Savers Exchange is rapidly growing. They planted gardens on rented ground. “We started out in the red. A year later. organic farmers and gardeners all discovered the incredible taste of heirloom vegetables. Eliot Coleman & Co-founder Diane Ott Whealy It was a true labor of love. The newsletter was mimeographed in a back bedroom of the Whealy's house. pioneering chefs.

Online Yearbook—New in 2009. Helianthus annuus page 81 Members enjoy a growing list of benefits including: Ten percent discount on all purchases through the Seed Savers phone: 563-382-5990 •49• . Online Forums on Seed Saving and Gardening. Retail cost of those two books is about $50. Special Invitations to (and savings on) Seed Savers' events throughout the year. web site and at the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center at Heritage Farm in Decorah. included 13. All Seed Savers Exchange members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping save the world's diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations. Alerts about GMOs. The flagship of member publications is the printed edition of our encyclopedic Yearbook. Quarterly garden magazine. plant patents and "bio-pirates" are a standard feature in the “Seed Watch” section of our member publications. The 2009 Yearbook. without charge to members.indd 1 Access to thousands of Rare Seeds. (See Calendar of Events on Page 51. AM 6/19/2009 8:34:52 2009 Summer Edition Cover. www.263 unique varieties. the online edition makes it easy to research members’ seed offerings all the way back to 1975. It is the tool that members use to actively exchange seeds.seedsavers. Seed Savers’ classic reference texts—Fruit. Berry and Nut Inventory and the Garden Seed Inventory—will soon be available online. all 500-plus pages of it. not available to the general public. nge Seed Savers Excha n 2009 Summer Editio Teddy Bear sunflower. Iowa.) Lots of good eating.733 varieties offered by members.Membership Has Its Benefits The very act of joining Seed Savers Exchange serves members–and the public–through fulfilling Seed Savers’ charitable mission of saving the world’s diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations. and a total of 20.

But. about the time he started collecting heirloom crops. our member magazine brings the latest seed saving advice and news right to your home four times a year. shallots and other alliums. you don’t have to travel to the far ends of the Earth to enjoy the full benefits of Seed Savers membership. Seed Savers is my second family. His primary focus was on garlic. bringing me an appreciation of the interconnectedness of everything on our planet and in our universe. and Heritage Farm is my second home. become a member—save 10% •50• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE . growing and eating wonderful plants. which is offered in the Seed Savers catalog. The next year. Pskem River. membership has brought me lifelong friendships with some of the finest people on our beleaguered planet. Illinois. Tadzhikistan and Kazakhstan.What Seed Savers Membership Means “Membership in Seed Savers Exchange is a passport to a world of knowledge. he convinced Keith Crotz (now a Seed Savers Board Member) to drive six hours to attend his first conference. He attended his first conference and listed his first garlics in the 1985 Seed Savers' Yearbook. With the addition of the new Spring Edition last year. Uzbekistan. collecting garlic from its native habitat in the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan. unlike John. John took part in an historic Allium Collecting Expedition to Central Asia. and sharing the plant material embodying this knowledge. It has given me abundant knowledge of our food and nutrition systems and the personal joy of collecting. and Samarkand are two of John’s Uzbek varieties. “My own experience has been lifechanging. In 1989. which do not cross-pollinate. who joined Seed Savers in 1984.” says Lifetime Member John Swenson of Glenview. Lifetime Member John Swenson beams as he receives a plaque honoring him as an Honorary Board Member at Seed Savers’ 2009 Annual Conference.” John first learned about Seed Savers through a short item in Organic Gardening magazine in 1975. Much of the delight in acquiring this knowledge is in sharing it with others." “Just as importantly.

You never know what traits may someday be needed to keep our food supply going. Last year drew a record crowd of more than 400 from throughout the country." a separate conference— just for children • July 16–18 • • September 4 (Labor Day Weekend) • Tomato tasting & Salsa Contest Diane Ott Whealy.” as we call it at Seed Savers. The highlight of every season is our Annual Conference & Campout in mid-July. The Rodale family gave Seed Savers one of its very first grants in 1981.” She described the thousands of seeds in our collection as. A handful of mostly strangers gathered for a weekend chicken barbecue and seed swap at the Whealys’ rural Missouri homestead. Maria’s grandfather coined the term “organic agriculture.” read the headline in The Washington Post a few days later.” and founded Organic Gardening magazine way back in 1942. July 16-18. Post garden columnist Barbara Damrosch. They left as lifelong friends. • October 2 • Harvest Festival • December 18 • Inc.seedsavers.seedsavers. will recount all that and much more in her keynote address at this year’s campout. was held in Diane Ott Whealy Winter on the Farm Horse-drawn sleigh rides down the valley at Heritage Farm. will also talk about the growth of Seed Savers Exchange and organic farming in general over the past 35 years. “A hedge against disaster.” The first “campout. visit our web site at www. Seed Savers’ cofounder. chairman and CEO of Rodale. learners of all ages can enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities at Heritage Farm. Throughout the year.Sowing the Seeds…of Knowledge Eliot Coleman at the Annual Conference 2010 Calendar of Events spring plant sale Heirloom Apple Grafting Workshops Bird & Wildflower Walk Pancake breakfast with fresh local maple syrup Learning opportunities abound at Heritage Farm. That long-ago “seed money” is still producing a bumper crop. • April 5–June 13 • • April 10–11 • • May 1 • Annual Conference & Campout plus "Dig & Discover. For phone: 563-382-5990 •51• . Attendance was more than double that of previous years. who was also one of our featured national speakers.. reported Heritage Farm to be “in fine fettle and busier than ever. Maria Rodale www. Maria Rodale. “Sow What? Saving Seeds Ensures Plenty.

describing his land in Texas County.” •52• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE become a member—save 10% . like most of his Ozark neighbors. I might be a plant mechanic.Member & Grower Profiles Larry Pierce prefers his okra fried. You can bet he will find it. a creation that was born out of practicality—preventing cracking in tomatoes so that they would be more suitable for canning. meaty melon. But he still wasn't satisfied. He began crossing a green Evergreen tomato with a good-flavored red one that didn't crack.” Tom said. “I take pride in growing seeds for Seed Savers. and is still on what he calls the quest for the Holy Grail: finding a tomato variety for the Pacific Northwest that is tolerant of cooler temperatures. lives in Washington state. Iowa. He called the resulting green tomato Glamour Evergreen. Pierce figures a watermelon this size will yield about a cup of seeds. Pioneering Member & Breeder Chris Cross produces reliable yields in the 15 to 20 pound range. Tom began working on the basis for the Green Zebra tomato at the age of ten. “Watermelon grows well here because of the mix of soils. Larry calls farming a labor of love.” Larry says. but he knows that others like it just as well in gumbo or soup. “It was time to bring in a new bull. He wanted a harder skin and better flavor. Tennessee Sweet Potato squash. Tom brings the same passion to the Lumper potato that he did to the Green Zebra tomato. Larry knows that the reward from the garden comes at the dinner table when that seed planted in spring brings tasty satisfaction the rest of the year. with seeds about the size of a man's pinky fingernail. Triamble squash. Kansas. Breeding plants came naturally to Tom. And Green Zebra was born. By his own account. I am not a mechanic. and that will ripen in the shorter growing season. noting that the blight was so bad that it wiped out most varieties. As a farmer producing seed for Seed Savers Exchange.” Tom said. “The blight happened when the potatoes were put into storage. “Even though my dad was a mechanic. he caught his stride with potatoes. Chris Cross is a sweet. He is now in his early sixties. eventually crossing lines of four tomatoes. so the land is well-drained and suitable for melons. with additional flavor and late blight disease resistance. Tom Wagner started breeding plants more than 50 years ago as a boy growing up on a farm near Lancaster. After all. the Lumper fed 90 percent of the people of Ireland up until the famine of 1846. resistant to late blight.blogspot. Tom has had certified organic Lumpers for a couple of years. He posts his latest research on both vegetables on a blog on his Tater-Mater web site (http://tater-mater.” Pierce says. descended from the original variety. I can pull them apart and put them back together and have them run better than before. A great family heirloom variety that originated in Montrose. about 80 miles east of Springfield. so they rotted. An Irish staple. Missouri. perfect for that summer picnic to bring sweet relief on a hot humid day in summer. and has developed a new variety called Lump O' Gold. The fruit is a washed-green color with jagged dark green stripes. produced a flavorful green tomato with 60-percent stripes that didn't crack. They're always true to type. Prescott Fond Blanc melon and Chris Cross watermelon for Seed Savers Exchange.” Larry picks up a Chris Cross watermelon from his garden patch that weighs just over 29 pounds. that is a labor of love. Meet One of Our Growers Larry Pierce. “because they grow the best seeds and never disappoint. Missouri " Tater-Materman" Tom Wagner. Wagner says that you learn so many things when you are a seed saver. He grows Hill Country Red okra. referring to his grandfather and father's cattle breeding practices that brought new genetic traits to the herd. Trial and error. He would like to introduce the Irish people to a new generation of heirloom potatoes. Twenty feet below ground is an old creek bed. If Tom cut his teeth on tomatoes.

The garden center offers seeds. They usually calve without assistance. houses a large garden center and informational exhibits. open to the public from April through December. one moveable with solar electric power. To halt this constant genetic erosion. more than 80-percent of the apple varieties in North America have been lost. The breed thrives on grass pasture. The breed tolerates weather extremes well. The cows are good mothers. built by local Amish craftsmen.   Hiking Trails www.000 years ago in the British Isles. and gifts. Seed Savers Exchange hosts a new collection of heirloom chickens. Brochures for self-guided tours are always available. Group tours can be arranged by writing or calling Seed Savers' office at 563-382-5990. books. along with many hardy grape varieties bred by Seed Savers member Elmer Swenson. that meander along trout streams. Hours are 9am to 5pm weekdays. geese and turkeys from the 230 breeds at Sand Hill. Heirloom Poultry • High Tunnels • Seed Savers recently built two high tunnels. and produces delicious beef. • Tours • Visitors are welcome to tour Heritage Farm's gardens and orchards from April through December. Lillian Goldman Visitors Center • Heirloom Poultry • Heritage Farm is a seasonal home to heirloom poultry provided by the Sand Hill Preservation Center in southeastern Iowa.All Around Heritage Farm Ancient White Park Cattle Originating some 2. ducks. this rare breed holds great promise of solving some problems of industrial agriculture. • Hiking Trails • Heritage Farm has more than eight miles of hiking trails. plants. The Visitors Center is open daily from April into December. Hundreds of pre-1900 apple trees are on display here. • Historic Orchard • Since 1900. • Lillian Goldman Visitors Center • This oak post-and-beam structure. limestone cliffs and pastures dotted with Ancient White Park Cattle. Seed Savers Exchange has developed the most diverse public orchard in the United States. Some 120 Ancient White Park cattle live on the farm. Call Seed Savers at 563 382-5990 for details. Breeding herds of at least 10 head are usually for sale.seedsavers. and 10am until 5pm on weekends. phone: 563-382-5990 •53• . for use in extending the growing season for many crops. Each year.

horseradish and shallots. This keeps the varieties “true to type”. Our collection includes many thousands of varieties. Artificial barriers. are also used to prevent unwanted insect pollination. This open-pollinated seed can be saved and replanted for generations and still maintain most of the traits from long ago. Passed from generation to generation. The 890 acres at Heritage Farm allows isolation by distance and by natural barriers such as terrain. trees. Preserving and regenerating rare and unique vegetable varieties in the gardens is at the center of what we do at Heritage Farm. The Preservation Gardens offer a glimpse of our ongoing efforts to save this garden heritage from extinction. and potato varieties are also grown here to ensure that gardeners receive heirloom plants that will live up to their expectations. turnips and peas.Preservation Gardens Preservation Gardens With Isolation Tents  Preservation Gardens  Seed Savers Exchange is the largest non-governmental seed bank of its kind in the United States. and open grasslands. such as screen isolation tents. We permanently maintain thousands of rare and unique vegetable varieties at Heritage Farm.  Trial Gardens  These gardens also grow new varieties from our collection for later introduction through our catalog. squash. heirloom varieties produce seeds that are like the parent plant. Transplants. Germination is regularly tested in the laboratory. We use these gardens to regenerate seed from seed-producing varieties such as tomatoes. All our gardens also double as outdoor classrooms where we demonstrate organic growing and seed-saving techniques. many of which are available only to members through Seed Savers’ Yearbook. When necesary. Each of these seeds has a history as well as a story to tell. garlic. most having been brought to North America by members’ ancestors from around the world. There are nearly 60 garden plots that make up over 23 acres of certified organic land. We use the Trial Gardens to confirm that the seeds we offer for sale each year are true to type and consistent with their descriptions. we pollinate by hand to ensure seed purity. The Trial Gardens are the seed catalog come to life. we plan to offer more “certified organic” varieties each year! Germination Test Potato Collection in Tissue Culture •54• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE become a member—save 10% . Seed Savers plans to introduce at least 20 new heirlooms from our collection each year for the next five years—that's 100 new heirloom varieties! And. We use isolation to prevent varieties of the same species from cross pollinating with each other. We also use the gardens to maintain non-seed producing varieties such as garlic.

discover inner strengths and contribute to the beauty and grace of the entire neighborhood. one gift” continues to guide our work today.seedsavers. Chicago. out-of-the way Missouri garden with big ambitions.seedsavers.” -Soil Asylum Community Gardens.” In 2009. Petaluma. save some seed—and pass it on to another deserving gardener. appreciate and learn more about healthy food choices. IL Food Distribution “Many limited-resource gardeners in the area were excited to use this seed and we will be growing your melons in our gardens!” -Oregon Food phone: 563-382-5990 •55• . He believed in Seed Savers Exchange. Herman’s legacy of “one seed. OR Bringing in the harvest from a Herman's Garden in Wisconsin Photo courtesy of Bruce Defries Studio Group and La Crosse Magazine www. For details. We rented land and stored seed in volunteers’ basements and freezers around the country. Portland. too. this seed donation program supplied more than 35. see Herman’s Garden on our web site at www. CA  Community Gardens “Working in the garden provides each with an opportunity to build relationships. The financial and moral support of Herman and Maryanne literally planted our dream in the earth.Herman's Garden Herman believed in the power of one seed. The late Herman Warsh and his wife Maryanne Mott were among Seed Savers' earliest and most fervent supporters. Seed Savers began as a small.” -Petaluma City Schools. All Seed Savers asks of those who tend a Herman’s Garden is to share the harvest. Seed Savers honors the generous spirit of Herman and Maryanne with “Herman’s  Pass It On  Schools “These vegetables are helping to make our community healthier and stronger.000 packets of seed to some 300 community organizations throughout the United States.

Packet (50 seeds) $2. Packet (50 seeds) $2.400 seeds/oz.75 • 500 seed pack $13.25 • ¼ oz $18. Gold Rush SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Sweet juicy flesh.000 seeds/oz.75 250 seed pack $7. Indeterminate.75 ½ oz $27. End less su pply of 1½" pear tomatoes with great taste. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Meaty fruits are juicy and have outstanding flavor.25 • ¼ oz $18. Indeterminate.50 / A great heirloom from Ruby Arnold of Greenville.25 • 500 seed pack $10. red fruits that are oxheart to almost teardrop-shaped.75 250 seed pack $9. 80–85 days from transplant.50 / 249-Aunt Ruby’s German Green Beam’s Yellow Pear Black from Tula Black Krim 1227(OG)-Austin’s Red Pear A real standout among all of Seed Savers’ red pears. Indeterminate.25 • 2.75 • 250 seed pack $7.25 • 500 seed pack$10. ideal for salads. slightly flattened fruits on 3–4' plants.75 • ½ oz $27. Beefsteak fruits. ±16. 80 days from transplant. 80 days from transplant.75 1 8 oz $14. Produces 6–8 oz. ±13.tOmatO members offer 4.75 • 500 seed pack $13.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 661-Beam’s Yellow Pear 251-Black from Tula Brown Berry Cherokee Purple Cherry Roma 662(OG)-Black Krim Cream Sausage •56• Crnkovic Yugoslavian Currant. not look.639 varieties • Tomato • 107-Amish Paste Amish Paste Aunt Ruby’s German Austin’s Red Pear Rated as the second best tasting variety at the 2006 Heirloom Tomato Tasting at Heritage Farm. ±21.5M $34. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 69–90 days from transplant. great for slicing and fax: 563-382-6511 . introduced to SSE by Bill Minkey in 1993.75 • 1/8 oz $14. Excellent full flavor.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 • 2. Tennessee. Indeterminate.” Rich full flavor.75 1 8 oz $14. Very productive.75 250 seed pack $7. turns almost black with enough heat and sun.75 • ½ oz $27. good for sauce or fresh eating. Extra large 2" red tomatoes with excellent flavor.50 Named for the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea.25 • 500 seed pack $10.75 250 seed pack $9.25 500 seed pack $10. Packet (50 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC . C ertified O rganiC .75 1M seeds $19. Packet (50 seeds) $2.5M $34. Indeterminate.600 seeds/oz.seedsavers.00 • 5M $49. 85 days from transplant. Pick by feel. ready when soft to the touch. Indeterminate.000 seeds/oz. refreshing spicy flavor.50 / Russian heirloom described by an SSE member as “the ugliest.00 • 5M $49. 70–80 days from transplant.75 1 8 oz $14. 5" by 4" deep. occasionally a plant with yellow fruit appears. Amish heirloom discovered in Wisconsin.75 1M seeds $19. weigh one pound or more. ±11.75 250 seed pack $7. most delicious tomato I’ve ever grown. Good yields of 3–4".75 • ½ oz $27.25 Black Plum Brandywine Brandywine (sudduth's) This was our favor ite w hen we compared 25 different yellow pears in 1998. Slightly flattened 4–5" globes with dark greenish-black shoulders.

50 / 974-Cherry Roma Black Sea Man 1479(OG) Brandywine 1314-Cream Sausage 427-Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain) (a.5M $34. very productive bushy plants do not require staking.00 • ½ oz $33.75 250 seed pack $7. Developed by James Chalk of Norristown.25 • ¼ oz $18. Packet (25 seeds) $2. ±11. 75 days from transplant. Creamy white to light yellow sausage-shaped fruit.75 • ½ oz $27.75 250 seed pack $7. Packet (25 seeds)$2.75 250 seed pack $8.k.a. 75–80 days from transplant.75 250 seed pack $9.25 • 500 seed pack $10.25 • 2.75 • ½ oz $27.25 • 500 seed pack $10. extremely heavy producer. 90 days from transplant.5M $34.75 • ½ oz $27. Green. Gold Rush (L.k.25 (a. 80 days.25 • 1/8 oz $17. but determinate. C ertified O rganiC .900 seeds/oz.75 250 seed pack $9.500 seeds/oz.5M $34. excellent taste.25 • 2.25 • 2. pimpinellifolium) Chosen for its manageable growth habit and heavy set of ¼" fruits borne in trusses of 10–12. Large pink beefsteak fruits to 2 pounds. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 7 0 0 seeds/oz. main-crop variety.75 • ½ oz $27. 80 days from transplant.75 500 seed pack $12. Certified OrganiC.25 ¼ oz $24. seed originally obtained from J. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Potato leaf.75 18 oz $14.S. fruits.25 2. C ertified O rganiC . Fruits hold well for extended periods. Excellent tomato flavor. 75–80 days from transplant. C ertified O rganiC . 80 days. Little Blonde Girl) Small golden-yellow 1" fruits with excellent sweet taste. Indeterminate. ±7 .75 1M seeds $19.75 • 500 seed pack $13. Flavor rivals Brandywine.seedsavers. rich flavor. Indeterminate.75 • 500 seed pack $12.000 seeds/oz. ±22. Meaty.75 1 8 oz $14. Addictive sweet-spicy flavor. Pennsylvania. Productive plants. Banana Cream) A uniquely colored variety.k. Indeterminate.00 • 5M $49. Looks incredibly odd when blanched and peeled. phone: 563-382-5990 •57• . 80–90 days from transplant. introduced in 1910.25 • ¼ oz $24. large crops of 12 oz. 3 0 0 seeds/oz.25 • ¼ oz $18. Indeterminate.75 1M seeds $19. 80 days from transplant.a. Unique dusty rose color. great for salsa and for a fabulously colored sauce! Determinate. good for canning. ±11.00 • ½ oz $33.50 / 1480(OG)-Chalk’s Early Jewel A great standard. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 • 500 seed pack $10. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Pink Brandywine) Family heirloom passed down from mother to daughter in the Sudduth family of Tennessee. Indeterminate.25 1 8 oz $17. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $7.75 250 seed pack $9.00 • 5M $49.50 1229(OG)-Currant.5M $34. Large beefsteak fruits have perfect shoulders and almost never crack. by Yasha Crnkovic. Bred by Thomas Wagner. Great full tomato flavor.k. Heavy yields.50 / 19(OG) Black Sea Man 253-Cherokee Purple Small plants with medium-sized deep brown fruits. Packet (25 seeds) $2. ±10.25 • 500 seed pack $10.00 • 5M $49. Bears until frost.25• 500 seed pack $10.25 (a.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 18 oz $14. D. Our best selling tomato. C ertified O rganiC .75 • 500 seed pack $13. better color than other blacks.75 • 1M seeds $19. Warm.75 1 8 oz $14.tOmatO 18-Black Plum Oval 2" fruits ripen from deep mahogany to black-brown.25 1228(OG)-Blondkopfchen (a. ±16.25 • ¼ oz $18.50 / Blondkopfchen 663-Crnkovic Yugoslavian 1312-Brown Berry The first truly brown cherry available to gardeners. ±14.25 Our favorite large purple tomato.25 • ¼ oz $18. revealing skeleton-like veins under the skin. Packet (50 seeds) $2.700 seeds/oz. Incredibly rich. Fruits are borne in giant clusters. Good flavor balance. 70–80 days from transplant.75 • 250 seed pack $8. but actually has good flavor! Introduced to SSE by Meilie Moy-Hodnett of Maryland. great fresh or dried.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 Chalk's Early Jewel become a member—save 10% www. heavy yields of round. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Red Brandywine) The original Brandyw ine introduced by Johnson and Stokes in 1889.75 1 8 oz $14.75 • 250 seed pack $9.600 seeds/oz.75 250 seed pack $7. 75–80 days from transplant. nice sweet flavor. 4–6 ounce red fruit.75 • ½ oz $27. delightfully intense tomato flavor.25 • 2. the large vines produce fruit that are 8–12 ounces and deep red in color. Excellent sweet juicy flavor. 75 days from transplant. Similar in appearance to grocery store grape tomatoes. Some prefer this variety for spaghetti sauce because of the nice rich color.50 / Brought into the U. Very productive.00 • 5M $49.5M $34. Indeterminate. Packet (50 seeds) $2. enormous yields and never a cracked fruit.00 • 5M $49. extremely sweet.75 1M seeds $19.50 / Incredibly heavy set of 1" long plumshaped fruits. earthy brown fruits are a great color addition. Introduced to other SSE members by North Carolina member Craig LeHoullier in 1991. Indeterminate.75 1M seeds $19.75 250 seed pack $7. a colleague of SSE member Carolyn Male.a. Indeterminate. The seed of this strain was obtained by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens in 1980 from Dorris Sudduth Hill whose family grew them for 80 years. Plants do not drop fruit.75 250 seed pack $9. Indeterminate.a.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 500 seed pack $13.

Very good flavor.75 • 500 seed pack $13. 80 days from transplant.75 1M seeds $19.50 825-Gold Medal SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.75 664-Giant Syrian Sent by SSE member Charlotte Mullens of 500 seed pack $12.75 • 1M seeds $19. The finest ±10.25 • ¼ oz $18.00 • 5M $49.25 • ¼ oz $18.5M $34. especially good for salsa. ±12. Fruits up to one pound. tasted…a gourmet’s joy when sliced. firm and smooth. clusters of fruit. Determinate. each.25 • 500 seed pack $10. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Smooth. Healthy plants Very little acid. full-flavored. Wyche’s Yellow Earliana Eva Purple Ball Federle German Pink Giant Syrian 1230(OG)-Currant. Wyche used to own Cole Brothers Circus which overwintered in Hugo. Indeterminate. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 • 2.25 • 500 seed pack $10.800 seeds/oz. Indeterminate.75 • ½ oz $27. Indeterminate.75 • 250 seed pack $7. one of SSE’s earliest members.300 seeds/oz. Nice yields of deep pinkish.75 • 250 seed pack $8. Smaller 30–36" plants.50 started SSE. Wyche’s Yellow 1451(OG)-Earliana •58• Standard early variety developed by George Sparks of Salem. 1 8 oz $14. Full sweet Grape by Thomas Wagner.75 250 seed pack $7. bushy plants. blemish “Large. average 4–5 oz.75 • 250 seed pack $9. Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 / from transplant. 75–80 days from transplant. Stocky plants produce heavy yields of round 4–6 oz. free and very good flavor.5M $34.700 seeds/oz. nice for containers and tight spaces. Heavy yields of one pound tomatoes. 250 seed pack $7. pimpinellifolium) The best red currant tomato we can offer to gardeners. rich full flavor unlike most 430-Golden Sunray other banana pepper-shaped tomatoes.75 • ½ oz $27.50 / Packet (50 seeds) $2. 2 0 0 seeds/oz.300 seeds/oz.25 • 500 seed pack $10. Fruits borne in trusses of 10–12 and do not drop off the vine.25 440-German Pink One of the two original Bavarian varieties that ¼ oz $18. 90 days from transplant. Meaty and rich tasting for a yellow-orange tomato. streaked red.25 • 500 seed pack $10. John Wyche. Indeterminate.75 439-Federle 1 Beautiful. 80– 250 seed pack $7. Indeterminate.75 90 days from transplant.25 • 500 seed pack $10. red fruits early in the season. Indeterminate. few seeds.75 250 seed pack $9.¼ oz $24. Potato-leaf plants produce large 1231-Green Grape 1–2 pound meaty fruits with few seeds. Literally hundreds of fruits per fax: 563-382-6511 .seedsavers. 85 days from transplant. May need a small stake for support. crack.75 250 seed pack $7. Packet (25 seeds)$2.50 tomato. 80–90 days 1 8 oz $14.75 250 seed pack $7. Great to use as a garnish. C ertified O rganiC .75 18 oz $14.50 / Given to SSE by the late Dr. Hard ±12.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 • 500 seed pack $10.75 1 8 oz $14. rarely Indeterminate.75 500 seed pack $13.50 / ±13.50 / 1387-Eva Purple Ball 428-Czech’s Bush 975-Dr.700 seeds/oz.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 • ¼ oz $18.00 • 5M $49.” Our Indeterminate. Listed in Ben Quisenberry’s 1976 seed list as.75 • ½ oz $27. The sweetest tomato you ever and foliage.75 • ½ oz $27. excellent flavor.25 2. 85 days from transplant. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Excellent clean tomato flavor. Addictive. blemish-free 6–7" long paste /8 oz $14. Very meaty. Good flavor. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Indeterminate.75 • 1/8 oz $14. New Jersey and introduced Ger man heirloom f rom the 1800s.75 • ½ oz $27.25 West Virginia. does well in humid areas. Winner of the 2008 tomato 250 seed pack $7.400 seeds/oz.tOmatO Currant.75 tasting.50 / in 1900. Excellent full tomato flavor. Very few seeds. blemish-free.25 • ¼ oz $18. ±13.25 • 1/8 oz $17. ±13.75 250 seed pack $7. Unique grapeflavor. ±2 9 .75 time favorites.75 • ½ oz $27. extremely productive. Excellent for canning.00 • ½ oz $33. Sweet Pea (L. 75–85 days from transplant. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 Sent to Ben Quisenberry in 1976 by Milan Sodomka from Czechoslovakia. 70 days from transplant. freezing and like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes on slicing. spicy. Packet (25 seeds)$2. ±15.25 • 500 seed pack $10.25 red fruits often exceeding one pound. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Productive plants. excellent Golden-yellow fruits are uniform and virtually for processing.75 sweet 1" fruits. He fertilized his terraced mountain-top gardens with elephant manure and scattered lion and tiger waste to keep out deer and rabbits. Oklahoma.000 seeds/oz.700 seeds/oz. finest bi-colored tomato and one of our all±11.25 • ¼ oz $18. 1 8 oz $14.75 • ½ oz $27. Rugose. Sweet Pea Czech’s Bush Dr. 75 days from transplant.75 • ½ oz $27. C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2. round 4–5 ounce fruits. 85 days from transplant. Another great tomato from Ben Quisenberry.75 yellow tomato that we offer.75 to stop eating. Dr. yellow. very A selection made from Thompson Seedless little cracking or blossom scars.75 18 oz $14.25 500 seed pack $10.

Nice sweet flavor. beautiful elongated 4" fruits that are green with yellow stripes.00 • ½ oz $33. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Packet (50 seeds) $2.k. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Excellent full tomato flavor. Productive short bushy plants do not require trellising. ideal for slicing and canning. One of our favorites for fresh eating. ±13.25 • ¼ oz $18.50 / Hundreds of yellow cherry tomatoes per plant.50 / Beautiful. Rich flavor is a complex blend of sweetness and fruitiness.75 1M seeds $19. ±15. few seeds and almost no cracking. ±10.50 / in 1994 by SSE member Jerry Lee Bosner of Ohio. Indeterminate.75 • ½ oz $27. in 1901 from a village about 20 miles from Budapest. 75–80 days from transplant.S. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 75–80 days from transplant. Originally from the J.a.75 ½ oz $27.75 1 8 oz $14. very little waste.00 • 5M $49.25 • 2. Hartman and Daughters Seed Company.25 • 500 seed pack $10. Heavy producer. huge heirloom from Italy. Packet (50 seeds) $2.300 seeds/oz.25 500 seed pack $10. ±11.300 seeds/oz.300 seeds/oz. phone: 563-382-5990 •59• .500 seeds/oz. 75 days from transplant. Ver y productive plants. one of the most productive varieties we have grown. Easy to peel. canning and for making fresh roasted tomato sauce. 85 days from transplant.25 • ¼ oz $24.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 • 1/8 oz $14. 85 days from transplant. Each fruit has a spectacular cat ’s eye starburst on the blossom end. Sure to be a hit at farmers’ markets and valuable in the restaurant trade.75 250 seed pack $7. M.900 seeds/oz. Sent to SSE 979-Hillbilly Potato Leaf Green Grape become a member—save 10% www. firm fruits have a rich.75 • ½ oz $27. Indeterminate.75 18 oz $14.75 • 500 seed pack $12. Brought into the U.tOmatO Gold Medal Golden Sunray Green Sausage Green Zebra Hartman's Yellow Hillbilly Potato Leaf Hungarian Heart Italian Heirloom 1316-Green Sausage (a. Green Sleeves) Truly unique. Sweet juicy 4–6" flattened fruits about 1 pound each.75 250 seed pack $9.75 • 500 seed pack $12.50 Gorgeous fruits are marbled with red. 70–80 days from transplant. Indeterminate. C ertified O rganiC . Plants are completely loaded with fruits weighing over a pound. Indeterminate. sure to be a best seller at market. Introduced in 1985 by Tater Mater Seeds. ±8 .50 / 444-Hungarian Heart 443-Green Zebra Green 1½–2½" fruits with various shades of yellow to yellowish-green stripes. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 9 0 0 seeds/oz. ±11. Indeterminate.25 18 oz $17.25 Huge pink oxheart.50 / 1232-Isis Candy Isis Candy 1481(OG) Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry 826-Italian Heirloom Absolutely gorgeous slicing tomato.25 • 500 seed pack $10.25 • ¼ oz $18. 70–80 days from transplant.25 • ¼ oz $24.75 • ½ oz $27. sweet zing y flavor.75 250 seed pack $8.75 • 250 seed pack $7.75 • 250 seed pack $7. great for making sauces.5M $34. Plants are loaded with 1½" fruits on short trusses in double rows of 6–8.75 1 8 oz $14. Very productive variety. Packet (50 seeds) $2. sweet flavor.75 250 seed pack $8.00 • ½ oz $33. Bred by Thomas Wagner.25 • ¼ oz $18. Indeterminate.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 250 seed pack $9. Determinate.25 1 8 oz $17.25 • ¼ oz $18. First listed in 1988 by SSE member Ed Simon from Pennsylvania. Beautiful yellow fruits are streaked with red on the blossom end. adds good color to salads & salsa.

250 seed pack $7. One of the best. rarely cracks. Extremely meaty and typically crack free.±1 1 .50 / (a. potato leaf.75 1M seeds $19. ±13.00 • 5M $49. Great for fresh eating and canning. 80-90 days from transplant. retains deep orange color.75 • ½ oz $27. Produces fruits in clusters. heavy producer.k.50 Italian heirloom. Rugose.50 incredible flash of rich tomato flavor. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Indeterminate. 80–90 days from transplant. Large beefsteak-type fruits from 1–2 pounds. ±13. 250 seed pack $9.seedsavers.00 • 5M $49.75 • 250 seed pack $9. Indeterminate. 75–80 days. 80 days from transplant. Determinate.a. great for canning. Very heavy set of 2–3 ounce fruits perfectly suited for making sauce. Packet (50 seeds) $2. smooth fruits with very good flavor. high yields of blemish free fruits. available on page 89.. Packet (50 seeds) $2.Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • ¼ oz $18.000 seeds/oz.5M $34.25 • 500 seed pack $10.25 • 2. good yields. Michigan. Packet (25 seeds)$2.50 The “ultimate love apple” according to Amy Goldman's colorful story in The Heirloom Tomato. ±13.75 250 seed pack $7. Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • 500 seed pack $10. Certified OrganiC.25 • ¼ oz $18. Indeterminate.00 • 5M $49.5M $34.75 • 500 seed pack $13.600 seeds/oz.75 1M seeds $19. 80 days from transplant.75 clusters of up to six fruits.75 • ½ oz $27.Indeterminate. Large 1½–2" cherry tomato.25 • 2. 250 seed pack $9.75 • 1/8 oz $14.75 1 8 oz $14.00 • 5M $49. one of our all-time favorites. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Very adaptable variety.25 • 500 seed pack $10.tOmatO 1460-Japanese Trifele Black One of the best black tomatoes.25 ¼ oz $18. Delicious rich flavor.75 • 1/8 oz $14. Extremely productive plants. Ver y productive. Indeterminate 70 days from transplant.75 1 8 oz $14. Reliable producer of beautiful 3–4" round fruits with shiny orange skin and orange flesh. Great for drying.25 1057-Kellogg’s Breakfast Obtained from Darrell Kellogg of Redford.25 • 2. Rich full flavor. A favorite for salads and fresh eating.5M $34.25 500 seed pack $10. Indeterminate.25 ¼ oz $18. Certified OrganiC.25 the 1997 SSE Yearbook by Glenn Drowns.75 Winner of SSE’s 2007 Heirloom Tomato 1M seeds $19.5M $34. Plants require staking.000 seeds/oz.75 1 Hundreds of round ½" fruits give an /8 oz $14.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 250 seed pack $9. Packet (50 seeds) $2.50 / 827-Jaune Flamme Originally from the Ben Quisenberry collection.75 • 500 seed pack $13. The size of a Bartlett pear.75 • ½ oz $27. Packet (50 seeds) $2. fruits borne in clusters and weigh 2–3 ounces. 446(OG)-Moonglow Indeterminate. bred in Russia.25 New! 1380(OG) Mortgage Lifter (Halladay's) In a trial of 25 Mortgage Lifter types this Kentucky heirloom produced the best crops of 1-2 pound pink beefsteak fruits. 70–80 days from transplant. Has a tendency to fall off the vine when fully ripe. Great for markets.25 261-Nebraska Wedding Jaune Flamme John Baer Kellogg’s Breakfast Large Red Cherry Martino’s Roma •60• Mexico Midget Moonglow Nebraska Wedding SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.5M $34. very meaty. great 1237(OG)-Nyagous for salads or selling in pints.75 250 seed pack $9. few seeds and wonderful flavor.75 throughout the entire growing season. 3 0 0 seeds/oz. 85-90 days from transplant.75 • 250 seed pack$7.75 • ½ oz $27. Packet (25 seeds) $2. meaty. 75 days from transplant. Indeterminate. Flamme) Beautiful apricot-shaped heirloom from France.75 • ½ oz $27. Great black tomato that is virtually blemishIndeterminate. does quite well in the Midwest.75 250 seed pack $7.25 500 seed pack $10.00 • 5M $49. Certified OrganiC.300 seeds/oz. Ben preferred this variety for canning whole.25 • ¼ oz $18.75 • 1M seeds $19.75 • 250 seed pack $ fax: 563-382-6511 . juic y and meat y and truly orange in color. Medium-sized bright orange fruits. Extremely reliable variety for home or market.25 2. 60–70 days from transplant.75 Excellent full flavor. Mild-flavored meaty productive paste tomato with pretty rugose (puckered) foliage.75 500 seed pack $13. Solid C ertified O rganiC . very productive.75 orange meat. salsa and paste.25 • 2. Great old-fashioned tomato flavor. but typically are less than 36" tall. Excellent bitey flavor. Bright red. Certified OrganiC.Well-balanced flavor.Packet (25 Seeds) $2.75 259(OG)-Martino’s Roma 1435(OG)-John Baer From the Bonny Group of tomatoes.75 • 500 seed pack $13. weighing 4–5 oz. 70–80 days from transplant. 109(OG)-Mexico Midget Very prolific plants continue producing ±13. Great full flavor.25 828-Large Red Cherry Tasting. free! Baseball-sized fruits are borne in C ertified O rganiC . Introduced in 1M seeds $19.

25 • 500 seed pack $10. tends to do better than most varieties in humid areas.25 • ¼ oz $18. 85 days from transplant. ±10.tOmatO 447-Opalka Given to Carolyn Male by a Polish coworker.50 / 1483(OG)-Redfield Beauty Halladay's Mortgage Lifter 1452(OG)-Ponderosa Red Large. Indeterminate.25 • 2. ±11. Fruits hold well on the vine. Similar to Amish Paste.75 1 8 oz $14.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 1 8 oz $14.25 1235(OG)-Red Fig 1453-Powers Heirloom Grown in American gardens since the 18th century. Great mild and sweet flavor. Introduced to American gardeners in 1891. Vigorous.75 250 seed pack $7. sweet and meaty. 80 days.seedsavers. Very productive. One of the best purplish-black tomatoes for markets since it rarely cracks.25 • 500 seed pack $10.75 • 250 seed pack $9.5M $34.600 seeds/oz. Packet(25 seeds)$2. Heirloom tomato selected from Livingston’s Beauty in 1885. Indiana. Packet (50 seeds) $2. really resembles a lemon. Phenomenal set of red 3" by 5" paste tomatoes. brought to Amsterdam.50 / Heavy yields of 3–5 oz. Indeterminate. ±15.5M $34. great flavor.75 250 seed pack $9.75 1M seeds $19. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $7.25 2. very productive plants. sweet refreshing flavor. C ertified O rganiC . Indeterminate.75 • ½ oz $27.25 First offered in the 1990 SSE Yearbook by Bruce McAllister from Freedom. Wispy. Great taste. 85–90 days from transplant.25 Japanese Trifele Black Nyagous Opalka Plum Lemon Ponderosa Red Powers Heirloom Purple Russian Redfield Beauty Red Fig •61• become a member—save 10% www. 72 days from transplant.50 / new 1234-Purple Russian 25-Plum Lemon Original stock of this variety came from Irma Henkel in the Ukraine. Certified OrganiC.75 • ½ oz $27.25 • 500 seed pack $10.75 250 seed pack $7. 3–4" flat pink fruits. Excellent full flavor. 80 days from transplant. Indeterminate.00 • 5M $49. ±11.25 • ¼ oz $18. Indeterminate.25 500 seed pack $10. Fruit is 3" long with pointed end. Meaty. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • ½ oz $27.75 • 500 seed pack $13. 85 days from transplant.5M $34. Packet (50 seeds) $2.00 • 5M $49. great tomato for processing.900 seeds/oz. Indeterminate.75 • ½ oz $27.75 • 1/8 oz $14. New York around 1900.50 Collected by Kent Whealy from an elderly seedsman at Moscow’s Bird Market during the August 1991 coup. Plumshaped fruits are 3–4" long and weigh 6 ounces. yellow paste tomatoes. Very heavy yields of 1½" pearshaped tomatoes. phone: 563-382-5990 .25 • 2. Great for fresh eating but also used as a substitute for figs years ago by gardeners who would pack away crates of dried.75 • 250 seed pack $7.400 seeds/oz. His seed originated in Scott County in southwest Virginia over 100 years ago. C ertified O rganiC . meaty 10–24 oz. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 250 seed pack $9.25 • ¼ oz $18. 80–90 days from transplant.75 1M seeds $19. excellent fresh flavor.00 • 5M $49.75 • 1M seeds $19. preserved tomatoes for winter use. Packet (50 seeds)$2.75 500 seed pack $13.75 1 8 oz $14. vigorous vines.25 ¼ oz $18. beefsteak type fruits tend to be flat and fairly rough.300 seeds/oz. Very few seeds.

75 • ½ oz $27. Name translates as “giant bunches of grapes. ±9 . Packet (50 seeds) $2.5M $34. great for canning. Male by a co-worker.25 981(OG)-Speckled Roman •62• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Indeterminate. Large. 80 days from transplant. our favorite 1M seeds $ fax: 563-382-6511 .700 seeds/oz. Good flavor. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Sweet outstanding ½ oz $27. ±11.25 fruits. Very meaty with nice flavor.seedsavers.75 1M seeds $19. 80 days from transplant.75 • 500 seed pack $12. Pink paste type fruits have excellent flavor and weigh 4–6 ounces.75 • 500 seed pack $13. Excellent yields. Extremely ½ oz $27. 1M seeds $19.75 • 250 seed pack $7. ver y productive. rivals Brandywine. Top quality.75 globes up to one pound. Heavy yields all season. Pinkish-red flat 500 seed pack $10. dense and meaty.800 seeds/oz.25 to stuff with cheese. sets of fruits. large Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 500 seed pack $13. Indeterminate. C ertified O rganiC . Determinate. ±14. C ertified O rganiC . ±19. Indeterminate.00 • 5M $49.00 • 5M $49.75 varieties sent to the U. Indeterminate. Keeps 4 weeks when refrigerated.75 • 500 seed pack $13. 500 seed pack $10.5M $34.100 seeds/oz. 4 0 0 seeds/oz.S. To say that this variety is productive is an understatement.tOmatO Red Zebra Riesentraube Roman Candle Rose Sheboygan Siberian Silvery Fir Tree Soldacki 1317-Red Zebra Gorgeous 2½" fruits are fire-engine red overlaid with golden yellow stripes. 85 days from transplant. brought to Cleveland.00 • ½ oz $33.25 compact 24" plants. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 75–80 days from transplant. Great taste.25 good strong flavor.75 1 8 oz $14. Great for making salsa base or tomato sauce. great tomato taste.5M $34.75 1 8 oz $14.50 / 1395(OG)-Rose Heirloom from the Amish in New Holland.25 • 2.5M $34. Great sweet flavor. Introduced through SSE in C ertified O rganiC . Gorgeous 3" wide by 5" long fruits with jagged orange and yellow stripes.25 • 2. 55–70 around 1900.25 • ¼ oz $18. Pennsylvania. Indeterminate. Does extremely well in hanging baskets or on 667-Stupice patios.75 250 seed pack $9. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 1984 by Will Bonsall. meaty.50 / 1484(OG)-Sheboygan 263-Riesentraube Spectacular smooth iridescent yellow fruits that are 2" wide by 4" long.25 • 500 seed pack $10.75 Abundant. Extremely early.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 250 seed pack $9. dusty rose colored fruits. Indeterminate.” Produces tasty fruits in clusters of 20–40. blocky thick-walled 8 ounce red 250 seed pack $9.00 • 5M $49. 85–90 days. Indeterminate.50 decorative variety that is a real eye-catcher.75 • 1/8 oz $14. Meaty.100 seeds/oz.a . Potato-leaf 4' plants loaded with 2½" by 2" diameter fruits borne 1M seeds $19. Ohio northern climates.25 • 2. 58 days from transplant. 80 29(OG)-Silvery Fir Tree days from transplant. Originated as a sport from John Swenson’s Speckled Roman. Heavy crops of round.75 • 500 seed pack $13.75 250 seed pack $9.k .75 slightly flattened 3–3½" red fruits. because Siberian is superior (a . 1236(OG)-Siberian ideal for processing. given to SSE member Carolyn days from transplant.75 1M seeds $19.5M $34.25 • 500 seed pack $10.25 • ¼ oz $18. Schimmeig Stoo) Beaut i f ul in all qualities.25 • 2.75 Sodomka. Produces well in 125(OG)-Soldacki Polish heirloom. ±12. originally from the 250 seed pack $9.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 • ¼ oz $24. Indeterminate. Indeterminate. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Strong healthy plants with lots of leaf cover. Packet (25 seeds) $2. C ertified O rganiC . Potato-leaf plants.25 1 8 oz $17. great flavor.25 in clusters.75 Lowden Collection. 75–80 days from transplant. One of the few pure-yellow banana-shaped fruits available to gardeners. by Milan 250 seed pack $9.75 fruits with yellow stripes.75 • 1/8 oz $14. Packet (25 seeds) $2. One of the four Czechoslovakian tomato C ertified O rganiC .75 • 250 seed pack $7.25 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2.50 / European heirloom variety grown by Pennsylvania Dutch as early as 1856. few Dwarf sprawling plants with very early seeds. extremely uniform strain. Distinctive carrot-like silvery-gray foliage on Packet (50 seeds) $2. Bred by Thomas Wagner.75 250 seed pack $7.75 • ½ oz $27. 57–60 days. Not to be confused 448-Striped Cavern with Siberia. C ertified O rganiC . Very productive. stuffing tomato.25 980-Roman Candle Developed by SSE member John Swenson as a result of a stabilized cross of Antique Roman and Banana Legs.00 • 5M $49.75 • 250 seed pack $7.25 • 2.25 • ¼ oz $18.25 flavor. Round 1" fruit has a distinct nipple on the blossom end.75 • 500 seed pack $13. Wisconsin. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 80 days from transplant.5M $34.50 Grown since the early 1900s by Lithuanian immigrants in Sheboygan.75 1M seeds $19. Egg-shaped 2–3" fruits.00 • 5M $49.00 • 5M $49. Determinate.75 250 seed pack $8.

75 1 (in today’s dollars this would be roughly /8 oz $14. Flesh and gel remain green inside when ripe.75 stop over an extended season.tOmatO Striped Cavern Stupice Tommy Toe Trophy new Trucker's Favorite Velvet Red Wapsipinicon Peach Wisconsin 55 1900s. C.a. produces non. Unique. originally introduced by Glecklers Seed Company in 1956. Jr. 265-Tommy Toe Occasionally a non-silvery plant will appear.k . from Dennis 250 seed pack $7.75 • 500 seed pack $13. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . 75 days from transplant. 70 days from transplant. 80 days from transplant.75 Schlicht. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Becoming hard to find. of 1" apricot-sized fruits.75 • ½ oz $27. excellent flavor and good yields. 2. named after the Wapsipinicon 1 8 oz $14. dusty miller type foliage. strong sweet flavor.25 First introduced to gardeners in the early 2.00 reward for the largest specimen Bred by J. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Skin ripens from green to light yellow-brown.75 in the Madison area. Medium-large fruits.75 250 seed pack $9. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00).900 seeds/oz.75 1485(OG)-Trucker’s Favorite 500 seed pack $13. Does best in rich seed company was carrying Trophy. Indeterminate.25 434(OG)-Tasty Evergreen Speckled Roman Tasty Evergreen become a member—save 10% www. 80 days 500 seed pack $13. Sweet excellent flavor. remembered from transplant.25 • 500 seed pack $10.00 • 5M $49. round tomatoes canning.00 per packet 250 seed pack $7.75 250 seed pack $9.75 • 500 seed pack $13.000 seeds/oz. Sweet.25 (a. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Winner of / SSE’s 2006 Heirloom Tomato Tasting. Evergreen) A favorite of Ben Quisenberry. are ideal for slicing.5M $34.25 • 500 seed pack $10. C ertified O rganiC . Uniform 3" fruits. 1183(OG)-Trophy Introduced in 1870 by Colonel George Indeterminate. Indeterminate. C ertified O rganiC .75 1M seeds $19. excellent sweet flavor. Indeterminate.25 Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • ¼ oz $18. Purchased by many in pursuit of 1059(OG)-Wisconsin 55 the $100.75 • 1M seeds $19. Within a year. nearly every American Wisconsin in the 1940s. This is the best of strain of Trucker’s Favorite in SSE’s tomato collection.25 • 2.00 • 5M $49.75 • 250 seed pack $9. Packet (25 Seeds) $2.75 • 1M seeds $19.75 • ½ oz $27.5M $34.5M $34. yellow fruits.50 $70. Luscious and tender. Excellent all-purpose tomato. 80 days fruits. soils. 75-80 days from transplant.00 • 5M $49.75 • 250 seed pack $9. E. Our ±13. Extremely vigorous plant yields hundreds Indeterminate. Indeterminate. Superb flavor. as one of the best home and market tomatoes Packet (25 seeds) $2. of Newport.25 from transplant.50 River in northeast Iowa.25 New! 1226(OG)-Velvet Red Winner of the 2009 Tomato Tasting at Heritage Farm.C ertified O rganiC . Good flavor and yields of 5–8 oz. Walker at the University of tomato. 5–7 ounce. silvery-gray.75 at the enormous price of $5.25 • ¼ oz $18.5M $34. Heavy yields of 1" cherry tomatoes.00 • 5M $49. 75 days from transplant.25 • 2. Heavy producer of 2" peach-shaped fuzzy Indeterminate.75 favorite “peach” tomato. hard to beat! Won an Australian 1058-Wapsipinicon Peach taste test w ith 100 other phone: 563-382-5990 •63• .seedsavers. very productive. great for mild flavor.75 1M seeds $19. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Rhode Island ±11. Waring.

The result of a cross between Hawksbury and Dixie Queen made by Chris Christensen in 1950. 4–10 fax: 563-382-6511 .seedsavers. where summer nights average 43° F. Will keep for several weeks once picked. The sweet pink-fleshed melon with white seeds was served unrefrigerated to customers who sat on rough wooden benches. only larger quantities. cookies and puddings. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 1M $27. SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Red Seeded Cream of Saskatchewan Golden Midget 1239-Chris Cross Moon & Stars (Cherokee) Moon & Stars (V Doren) an Moon & Stars (Yellow) A great family heirloom from Montrose. 90–100 days. This red-seeded variety of citron has been grown for centuries and used to make preserves and “sweetmeats” that are added to fruitcakes. The production field at Heritage Farm this summer was filled with fruits weighing 15–20 lbs.5M $61. customers must sign and return a waiver before shipment. Red Seeded Mountain Sweet Yellow Orangeglo Osh Kirgizia 778-Cream of Saskatchewan Picnic •64• Small Shining Light Sweet Siberian Round fruits up to 8–10" in diameter.50 • 2. black seeds.75 • 250 seeds $13. Iowa. Packet (25 seeds) $2. The best fruits can be stored for up to a year and these should be the fruits that you save seed from for future planting. if you have any questions.85 Not your typical watermelon. scarlet flesh.5M $61. Sweet. members offer 108 varieties • Watermelon • 967(OG)-Blacktail Mountain Blacktail Mountain Chelsea Chris Cross Developed by SSE member Glenn Drowns when he lived in northern Idaho.85 1240-Citron. Thought to be lost. humid climates too. C ertified O rganiC . Today SSE member Marvin Kucera is the only person growing this melon in Chelsea. Pale-green skin with dark stripes. Please call for more information. exceptional flavor. thin ¼" rind.75 In the early 1900s Chelsea.75 1238(OG)-Chelsea Citron. Marvin remembers at least 20 local sheds set up for melon sales.50 • 2. Iowa was famous for melons grown on the sandy hills north of town. Round 9" dark green fruits weigh 6–12 pounds.00 1M $27. haul them to town and then sell the melons right from the wagons. white solid flesh is inedible raw.watermelOn Due to concerns about Watermelon Fruit Blotch. crunchy. Does well in hot. Packet (25 seeds) $2. 70–75 days. sweet white flesh. Packet (25 seeds) $2. juicy. Reliable yields of 15–20 pound almost round fruits with jagged stripes. Certified OrganiC. Extremely productive.75 • 250 seeds $13. Reliable crops. This does not apply to packets of 25 seeds. 90–100 days. but preserved by SSE for future generations. With such a thin rind. this one must be handled with care and is only suited for home gardeners and local markets. 85–90 days. Farmers would fill their horse-drawn “triple box” wagons in the field. on all orders other than packets.

C ertified O rganiC .5M $61. 90–100 days.5M $36. The entire plant and fruits turn golden-yellow when ripe. Truly a historic variety. Reintroduced several years ago by SSE member Glenn Drowns. Packet (25 seeds) $2.00 1M $27.5M $26. elongated fruits.75 • 2. light green. 80–85 days. this is an excellent market variety. holds for several weeks after picking.5M $29.25 • 5M $21. Garden Huckleberry.75 • 250 seeds $13. as a new plant. Jones’ Jumbo. This is the yellow-fleshed strain of Mountain Sweet which was so popular in the 1840s in markets throughout New Jersey.75 • 250 seeds $13. slightly sweet and slightly larger than a pea.75 1M $7.50 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. just like the original Van Doren strain. Light green with jagged dark green stripes. black seeds. 88–90 days.50 become a member—save 10% www.S.75 1M $16. Missouri.20 Like other varieties of icebox watermelons. Nice and sweet.75 • 250 seeds $13. Keep plants continuously well watered to achieve uniform.75 • 250 seeds $9.5M $61. Packet (25 Seeds) $2.25 • 2.35 Foliage and fruits are spotted with yellow. nigrum.00 • 2. gardeners by SSE in 1992.75 268-Osh Kirgizia New! 1500(OG)-Petite Yellow Petite Yellow Foliage and fruits are spotted with yellow.seedsavers. oblong melons weigh about 8–10 pounds. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 2. Round 10–15 pound fruits have light-green skin with uniquely jagged dark green stripes. Bright pink. 95 days. Burbank said it was the result of many years of crossing of Solanum guinense (a species native to Africa) and S.00 • 1M $24. who called it Sunberry and lamented it being renamed Wonderberry by the dealer who purchased and introduced it. The medium-sized oval dark green fruits are covered with peasized bright yellow “stars” and usually one larger “moon. ripening in just 70 days. Long . C ertified O rganiC . Packet (50 seeds) $2. Sunberry’s fruits are blue.50 32-Small Shining Light 1045(OG)-Sunberry 454-Sweet Siberian 881-Mountain Sweet Yellow Eva l u ated by t h e New Ham p s h i re Agricultural Experiment Station in 1901 along with Green and Gold. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 250 seeds $6.50 This is truly one of the jewels in SSE’s watermelon collection.5M $61.00 • 2.75 • 250 seeds $6.75 250 seeds $13. Only Sweet Siberian and Kleckley Sweet still survive today. Nebraska) both offered it during the 1930s.00 1M $27.75 • 250 seeds $6. Productive variety with sweet pink flesh. 95 days.75 • 1M $10.75 1M $13. Peacock type with more uniform flesh quality.5M $24.watermelOn a good “slow food” variety! Does well in cool northern climates.00 Old traditional Russian variety with round 10–12" fruits. Packet (25 seeds) $2. just like the original Van Doren strain.75 • 250 seeds $6.85 new 1241-Moon & Stars (Cherokee) Russian variety introduced to U.50 1M $11.50 (Solanum Burbankii) Bred in the early 1900s by Luther Burbank. Pennsylvania and New York.50 1M $11.00 Large 20–30 pound oblong fruits. Salmon-pink flesh is pleasantly sweet. Introduced to American gardeners by SSE in 1991.75 • 2. The product of a cross between New Hampshire Midget and Pumpkin Rind. although a relatively recent introduction. Well adapted to the north.60 • 2. Henry Fields (Shenandoah. Foliage is also spotted.75 250 seeds $ phone: 563-382-5990 •65• .25 1M $20. and introduced in 1959.25 • 2.75 1108-Orangeglo 1107(OG)-Golden Midget Bred by Elwyn Meader and Albert Yaeger. deep orange flesh that is crisp and flavorful.5M $26.50 • 250M $562. Extremely early variety.85 968(OG)-Moon & Stars (Yellow) 1242(OG)-Picnic 266(OG)-Moon & Stars (Van Doren) Nice 8-14 pound fruits with sweet red flesh and small black seeds. Bred by Asgrow Seed Company in 1972. Packet (25 seeds) $2. juicy apricotcolored flesh. no wholesale sources exist besides the seed SSE offers. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Packet (25 seeds) $2.85 Members of the Seed Savers Exchange searched for almost a decade before Kent Whealy rediscovered this legendary watermelon on Merle Van Doren’s farm near Macon. Dark-yellow flesh and black seeds. 95–100 days. Great little icebox melon.5M $34. 65-80 days. gardens and high altitudes. Fruits are 20–24" long and can weigh 10–16 pounds.5M $45.00 10M $31. (Waterloo. Aromatic fruits have sweet bright yellow flesh with small seeds. but have yellow flesh and white seeds. Packet (25 seeds) $2. villosum (indigenous to Europe). black seeds. very sweet. where it had been brought from Tennessee.50 • 2. Excellent producer at Heritage Farm and always one of our favorites.50 • 2. very dark green rind and sweet red flesh. Extremely durable rind.50 • 2. Very high sugar content.S. The early history of Moon and Stars is unknown. well suited for shipping to market. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .5M $55. 90–100 days. Limited supply this season. Unique.C ertified O rganiC . Said by its admirers to rival and even surpass blueberries. at 6-10 pounds these fruits are ideal for small families and fit easily into a refrigerator.75 • 500 seed pack $4.75 • 250 seeds $8. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Resistant to fusarium wilt. Extremely sweet.5M $14. Iowa) and Robinson Seed Co. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Brought to Saskatchewan by Russian immigrants. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Reliable yields at Heritage Farm. 80–90 days. small brown seeds. who obtained seed from the USDA. Fruits are 18–24" long and weigh 10–16 pounds.50 • 50M $132. Early maturing variety that will ripen successfully in the middle territories of the former Soviet Union and also is well suited for northern U. C ertified O rganiC . 90–100 days. 20–35 pound fruits. Medium-sized. Ruby Gold and Kleckley Sweet. 80–85 days. sweet flesh.” The fruits have sweet pink flesh and brown seeds.00 1M $15. Quite productive when grown at Heritage Farm.00 1M $27. Critics immediately claimed Burbank had simply reintroduced S.

C ertified O rganiC . This is the variety of choice for pesto. popular for vinegars and seafood dishes. Extremely uniform strain. Packet (250 seeds) $2. similar to dill in habit. Bees love the abundant bright flowers.75 1.k. neat habit. Packet (100 seeds) $2. americanum) Heirloom strain from New Mexico. Excellent contrast with green in America in the late 1700s. Large Leaved Italian) Classic basil described in Vilmorin’s The Vegetable Garden (1885). in salads.000 seeds $4.000 seeds $5. spic y flavor is great when matched with fruit. basilicum) Spicy anise-clove scent and Africa and Asia. aromatic and colorful in fall. basilicum) The classic large-leaved Italian sweet basil prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. Annual. Plants grow 2–3' tall and self-sow.75 272(OG)-Basil. Annual.25 • 10M $12. Graceful plants are 12–20" 12–18" tall with medium-green leaves. Attractive plants are medieval England. Citrusflavored leaves can be minced and added to fruit and used for jellies. The finest strain of lemon basil available.75 (O.25 • 10M $12.000 seeds $5.25 • 10M $12.25 • 5M $7. or spread 2–3' when mature. with small green leaves.75 811(OG)-Chamomile. Plants are 12–18" tall. First grown red stems.000 seeds $4.75 fax: 563-382-6511 .25 • 5M $7. Lettuce Leaf 270(OG)-Basil.75 5M $12. Intense sweet basil scent with spicy flavor.75 269-Anise (O.75 1. Annual. Beautiful purplish bracts. Excellent bee forage plant. Intense citrus aroma. slow to go to seed.000 seeds $4.25 • 5M $7.a.75 Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 10M $12.25 • 5M $7. that first appeared in the Grocers’ Company of London. Genovese (O. Added to bread and sausage in Italy for centuries. which are great for floating in cool drinks at summer parties.herbs • Herbs • members offer 200 varieties (Pimpinella anisum) One of the oldest known spices in England. culture. basilicum) (a. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Mrs.25 • 10M $12.75 Packet (250 seeds) $2. Make successive sowings for continuous summer supplies. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Chamomile has a very nice flavor. Hardy perennial in zones 5-9.75 274(OG)-Basil. pinkish flowers and glossy dark green leaves.000 seeds $4. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $7. Packet (250 seeds) $2. attractive 24" plants have purple-red stalks. very good for pot like flowers. Purple Dark Opal (O. 24–30" tall.75 Anise Cinnamon Basil Globe Basil Lettuce Leaf Basil Mrs. Thai (Matricaria recutita) Native to Europe.75 • 1. Annual. dries nicely.75 • 1. Burn’s Lemon (O.75 271(OG)-Basil. Cinnamon (Ocimum basilicum) Cinnamon-scented.25 • 5M $7. Burn’s Lemon •66• Purple Dark Opal Thai Basil Bee Balm SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.75 1. white flowers.000 seeds $4. Annual. The leaves are covered with stiff white hairs and appear to be almost wooly. in zones 3–4.50 • 10M $17. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 5M $7.50 1. Sturdy 18–24" plants.75 809-Basil.50 810-Bee Balm or Lemon Mint 1243(OG)-Chives (Monarda citriodora) Used by Native (Allium schoenoprasum) Great ornamental 457-Borage Americans to brew a tea. Very easy to grow. (O. our best seller.75 5M $12.25 • 10M $12. C ertified O rganiC . Ideal for pots or as borders in gardens.25 • 5M $7.75 • 1. Large crumpled fluted lettuce-like leaves that are 3–4" long. thin leaves. spectacular as a garnish. Bushy plants basil.75 1. Fragrant plants grow 18–24".25 • 10M $12. Globe (Borago officinalis) Beautiful blue starshaped flowers hang in clusters. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 5M $7.75 1. Packet (250 seeds) $2. replaced black tea during the Boston Tea Party. harvest seeds when dry.000 seeds $4.25 • 10M $12.75 1. Annual. German 829-Basil. basilicum) Most likely the same basil 459(OG)-Catnip Vilmorin referred to in 1885 as “Large Purple (Nepeta cataria) Euphoric effect for cats Sweet Basil. Stems tall with endless masses of 1" attractive daisyand blossoms are purple. Packet (100 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $7.000 seeds $4. Sweet.75 1. all purple Italian strain.25 • 10M $12.000 seeds $4. Most commonly used in Thai or fragrance and was a popular strewing herb in Vietnamese cooking. Annual.seedsavers.” Forms a perfect 12–18" globe bush with very small. minimum) Referred to as “Greek Basil.000 seeds $4. C ertified O rganiC . C ertified O rganiC .75 • 1. Perennial uniform. Wonderful strong licorice flavor.” Beautiful lilac flowers with dark and a mild sedative for humans. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 10M $12. Annual. C ertified O rganiC . Extremely tolerant once plants are established. Annual. Annual.50 • 10M $17.000 seeds $4. Very droughtfor adding color to basil vinegars.

too. slow bolting strain.a. A low-growing plant. Good ornamental value. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Plants grow to 3' tall.25 • 5M $7. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 90–120 days for seed. and still being used in the manufacturing of some liqueurs. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Plant resembles dill in appearance. Perennial in zones 4–8. white. curry powder.75 • 1.herbs herb for fresh eating or cooking.75 • 5M $12. Permanently maintained at Heritage Farm. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 325(OG)-Fennel.75 275(OG)-Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) No Mexican meal is complete without fresh cilantro.25 • 10M $16. Tender perennial grown as an annual. C ertified O rganiC .75 1.75 5M $10.25 • 10M $12.75 • 1. Nice. Smokey or Bronze 1245-Black Cumin Grandma Einck’s Dill Borage Catnip German Chamomile Chives Cilantro Cumin Black Cumin Florence Fennel •67• become a member—save 10% www.75 1. The fresh leaves are called Cilantro and the seeds are used as a spice called Coriander.75 462-Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) Native to Egypt. Dead-head spent flowers for an extended blooming period. great for canning or fresh phone: 563-382-5990 .000 seeds $4. seldom exceeds 4–6" high. Annual. 50–55 days to first leaf harvest.000 seeds $4. Florence (Foeniculum vulgare) Called Finnocchio in Italy.25 5M $7. summer and fall. Iowa since 1920 by Katherine Einck’s family (Diane OttWhealy’s grandmother). Celery-like stalks need a steady supply of consistent watering and have mild licorice flavor. instead it is used as a garnish or added to salads. Does not form an edible bulb like Florence Fennel.000 seeds $4. Broad overlapping leaf bases form large bulb-like enlargements at base of the stem. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 Sweet Genovese Basil 830-Fennel.25 5M $7. Tender perennial grown as an annual.seedsavers. Feathery dill-like leaves. Garlic (Allium tuberosum) Nice mild garlic-flavored flattened leaves.50 are ground and used like pepper.000 seeds $5.25 • 10M $12. Abundant long-lasting foliage.75 (Foeniculum vulgare) Attractive plants grow 3–4' tall.25 • 10M $12. Feathery plants have bluish-white flowers that are followed by inflated ornamental pods. Beautiful.25 • 10M $12.75 (Nigella sativa) (a.25 • 10M $12.75 • 1. Large fragrant heads.75 • 1. Plants will self seed. excess freezes well. stews. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Perennial in zones 3–9. Roman Coriander) Grown for its aromatic black seeds that 277(OG)-Dill. Selfseeding annual.000 seeds $5.000 seeds $4. C ertified O rganiC .75 1244(OG)-Chives.25 5M $7. lacy foliage with a bronze cast.000 seeds $4. Self-seeding annual. A nice ornamental. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Germination is erratic. pastries. so please be patient. We like to make successive sowings to ensure a continuous supply all spring. Grandma Einck’s (Anethum graveolens) Iowa heirloom grown near Festina.k. star-shaped flower clusters are a pleasant surprise in late August.75 • 1. Seeds are used as a flavoring in soups. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .50 • 10M $17. Packet (250 seeds) $2. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Annual.25 5M $7.

Perennial in zones 4–9. Perennial in zones 3–8.50 • 10M $57. Still used extensively in preparing soups and salads.000 seeds $4.75 5M $39.50 (Lavandula angustifolia) Essential herb.000 seeds $8.25 • 5M $20. stems and seeds of the lovage plant taste like celery. clean. John’s Wort Sweet Mace Sweet Marjoram •68• Thyme Wormwood (Levisticum officinale) Extremely uniform selection of Lovage.seedsavers.50 1247-Lavender. butterflies and hummingbirds.000 seeds $9. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 (Melissa officinalis) Strong lemon-scented leaves are used for making tea. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Perennial in zones 5–9.50 816-Lovage “Magnus” SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Plants grow 18–24" and can be divided in the Spring.75 1.75 5M $12.75 • 1. Great for plant sales. Attracts bees.000 seeds $5.25 • 10M $12. True or English Rosemary Russian Tarragon Sage 1248-Lavender.75 1. Used by settlers to bandage wounds because leaves are absorbent. Cut off stalks when blossoms fade for a second bloom in late summer. Fragrant plants. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . Plants grow 18–24". Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 464(OG)-Lemon Balm Spearmint St.75 Dyer’s Chamomile “Kelway’s” 815-Hyssop Golden Marguerite Hyssop Lamb’s Ears 460-Lamb’s Ears Greek Oregano Giant Parsley Triple Curled Parsley (Stachys lanata) Beautiful silvery-grey felt-like foliage and tiny purplish flowers. Perennial in zones 5–9.000 seeds $5. Plants grow 12–20" tall. Grows 18–24" tall.000 seeds $5. great ornamental border plant. Long-lasting cut flower.25 5M $7. Essential oil used in perfumes.25 • 10M $32. Hidcote Blue (Lavandula angustifolia) Very compact silver-grey foliage with dark blue flowers. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. with greenish-yellow flowers. 2" daisies above fern-like foliage. Perennial in zones 4–9.75 5M $12. Plants grow 10–12" tall. A favorite in Heritage Farm’s perennial border.75 • fax: 563-382-6511 . Extremely uniform strain.herbs 1246-Golden Marguerite or (Anthemis tinctoria) Easy-to-grow bushy plants covered with crisp. Hyssop leaves are used to flavor salads.75 • 1. Perennial in zones 4–9. Perennial in zones 3–7. liqueurs and stews. Said to have a calming effect on children and also is soothing for upset stomachs. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Highly valued for cutting and drying and for the aromatic fragrance and essential oils it produces.75 (Hyssopus officinalis) Used as early as the 7th century to improve the smell of kitchens and hospitals. a favorite of French King Charles V in the 14th century. The leaves. soups.000 seeds $4.50 • 10M $17. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 1.50 • 10M $17.75 • 5M $34. goldenyellow.25 • 10M $12. grey-green foliage in clusters with short spikes of violet-blue flowers.25 • 5M $7.75 • 1.50 • 10M $62.

Used extensively in fish and poultry dishes. grown as an annual in the North. oval.75 • 1. claimed to be better and sharper than true oregano.75 • 1. Perennial in zones 3–8.75 • 1.25 • 5M $93.25 5M $7.50 820-Thyme 1256-Wormwood 982-Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) Nature’s sweet secret.50 1254-Sweet Mace (Tagetes lucida) Beautiful.50 (Hypericum perforatum) Highly esteemed medicinal herb since ancient times. Green Culinary Rue 1253-Spearmint (Mentha spp) Dark-green.000 seeds $4. Perennial in zones 4–8. Perennial in zones 5–10. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 5M $7. but hard to beat fresh. The darling of many renowned Southwestern chefs.75 100 seeds $7. grown as an annual in the North.75 5M $12. Prized by Italian cooks.75 • 5M $12. Currently in high demand for its antidepressant qualities. C ertified O rganiC . Perennial in zones 8–10.50 • 10M $17.75 (Petroselinum crispum) Large bushy plants produce a continuous supply of large flat leaves with strong parsley flavor. Used in Japan since the 1970s when the safety of artificial sweeteners came into question.25 • 10M $12. pointed leaves that are slightly wavy at the edges.75 1. Packet (250 seeds) $2. with small yellow flowers.000 seeds $4. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 • 10M $17. freezes and dries well.25 • 10M $12. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Perennial in zones 3–8.000 seeds $5.25 • 10M $12. Good for laying on the grill and flavoring meat with its smoke. The FDA has approved its use as a dietary supplement. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $7. Excellent with chocolate.25 • 5M $7.000 seeds $4.50 • 1M $38.000 seeds $5. Shrubby plant with yellow flowers.000 seeds $5. Should be protected when temperatures fall below 50 degrees F. glossy leaves with small anise-scented orange flowers.50 • 10M $17.75 • 1. Triple Curled (P. some even make a pesto from it! Thrives in warm. Biennial in zones 6–9. Sub-tropical plant grown as an annual or perennial to zone 11.50 and all natural.75 • 1. Classic herb has a spicy flavor used extensively to season meats and vegetables. small white flowers. Perennial in zones 6–8.25 • 5M $7.75 • 1.50 • 500 seeds $24.75 1. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 • 10M $17. Perennial in zones 4–9. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (25 seeds) $ phone: 563-382-5990 •69• . Packet (250 seeds) $2. Productive. C ertified O rganiC . Stevia extracts are 200–300 times sweeter than sugar. toothed leaves are used extensively as garnishes and in the food industry for flavoring in candies and toothpaste.75 or Spanish Tarragon True Lavender 465(OG)-Sweet Marjoram 1251-Rue (Origanum majorana) Highly esteemed for a variety of seasoning needs.25 • 10M $12.50 • 10M $150. Plants grow 16–24" tall with a sprawling habit.000 seeds $4.000 seeds $4.75 5M $12. 85–90 days. Pungent bitter leaves are used sparingly in salads and oriental dishes. High in vitamins and minerals.25 • 5M $7. Packet (250 seeds) $2. well-drained. Perennial in zones 4–10. Attractive grey-green woody/shrubby plant with beautiful mauve flowers.25 • 10M $12. Attractive 12–24" plants. but noticeably sweeter.00 (Ruta graveolens) Small grey-green leaves in clusters.000 seeds $4. John’s Wort 280(OG)-Parsley.000 seeds $4.75 279(OG)-Parsley.75 1. Greek (Origanum heracleoticum) Essential garden herb. Attractive specimen plants.75 1250-Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Attractive evergreen shrub with grey-green pinnate leaves. Great for pots.75 1255-Tarragon.75 1. 68–75 days. Plants grow 12–24" tall. Biennial in zones 6–9.herbs 1249-Oregano.75 (Salvia officinalis) Classic culinary herb for flavoring meat. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Perennial in zones 5-8.75 Stevia become a member—save 10% www.25 • 10M $12. Perennial in zones 8–11. Grows to 12–16" tall and flowers early.75 1. pungent flavor. grown as an annual.50 (Artemisia dracunculus) Prized for its sweet.000 seeds $4.000 seeds $4.75 5M $12. sunny areas. depending upon your climate.25 5M $7. Perennial in zones 4–9. Fast growing uniform strain.75 1. C ertified O rganiC . cheese and bean dishes.75 (Thymus vulgaris) One of the most versatile herbs used in cooking and can be used to season any meat or vegetable.25 • 10M $12. anise-flavored leaves. extremely low in calories (A r te mi s ia abs inthium) L eaves are successfully used to ward off insects and to stimulate the appetite and digestion. Light green. Russian 1252-Sage.000 seeds $5. hortensis) Closely curled dark green leaves. delicious. Similar to oregano. Giant from Italy 832-St. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 1.seedsavers. Attractive shrubby plants with greygreen fine foliage and numerous yellow flowers in spires. grown as an annual.25 • 10M $12.25 • 5M $7. Holds for a long time at harvesting stage even in warm weather.

5M $8.75 growing in an Amish garden near Arthur.5M $7. 24–26" tall.000 seeds $4.5M $11. 5–6' tall. great for cut flowers or fax: 563-382-6511 . Hardy John Parkinson in 1629. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • Flowers • members offer 1. Packet (100 seeds) $2.25 (Achillea millefolium) This amazing perennial with purple Verbena bonariensis).75 833-Radio Calendula Extremely easy to grow and dries well.” Appears black on overcast days. scarlet. hardy annual.000 seeds $4. Self-seeding biennial. Years ago. Certified OrganiC.25 • 2. Beautiful a cereal and in ancient religious ceremonies.75 • 5M $14. 18–24" 1257-Summer Pastels Yarrow Great for long-lasting displays. sturdy plants.75 • 1. European native.25 • 5M $12. on tall. Packet (500 seeds) $2. Plants will bloom throughout the growing season. Blooms and plants 1. 2. have been cultivated by Thomas Jefferson first year in more moderate.50 • 5M $20. 1258-Hot Biscuits (Callistephus chinensis) Superb semi-double containers or borders. This European magenta and burgundy. blue. Self-seeding. blush.75 variety was given to SSE by longtime members Orral and Joan Craig who discovered it 2.flOwers referred to as Inca Wheat. 1064-Nigra Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Tender annual. hardy annual in the North.000 seeds $6.75 blackblood. Hardy perennial. Wide annual.50 in his gardens at Monticello.75 crimson.000 seeds $4.5M $7.035 varieties Summer Pastels Yarrow Nigra Hollyhock Outhouse Hollyhock Love-Lies-Bleeding Hot Biscuits Amaranth •70• Snapdragon Mixture Calendula Mixture Radio Calendula SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. 292-Love-Lies-Bleeding (Calendula officinalis) Calendulas have been Self-seeding hardy annual. 54(OG)-Outhouse Hollyhock 1066-Calendula Mixture Illinois. long-seasoned Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 5M $18. We cannot imagine not growing (Alcea rosea) This classic variety has graced (Calendula officinalis) Spectacularly this variety each season. perennial in the introduced to Europe in the 1570s.75 • 1.25 • 2.5M $7. climates. light blue.75 • 1. Used fresh or dried.75 • 1. and yellow. pinkish-red. Packet (500 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $12. Packet (500 seeds) $2.25 • 2. Annual.75 but will have a hint of red in the bright sun. refined native has been used for thousands of 780-Blue Boy Bachelor’s Buttons ladies just looked for the hollyhocks and years in creams to soothe irritated skin (Centaurea cyanus) Brought to America from didn’t have to ask where the outhouse was. almost the complete spectrum of 1. Tender 2.25 America before the 16th century. rose. for pots. 2. red.75 “Matsumoto Mixture” pastels.25 • 2.25 • 5M $12.75 ginger-colored spikes. pink tipped with white.000 seeds $5. 30" (Amaranthus cruentus) Impressive upright mixture with a full range of colors and tall. borders or mass plantings.5M $7. Single in many shapes and colors. white.75 century. Try mixing with Japonica Heat and disease tolerant. blue tipped with white. 18–20" tall.75 flower. great for 1. orange flowers have quill-like petals.000 seeds $5.5M $12. Packet (250 seeds) $2.5M $8.000 seeds $4.75 violet striped. Self-seeding (Celosia cristata) Native to the tropics and contrast. who described this 331-Snapdragon Mixture single hollyhock as being “of a darke red like (Antirrhinum majus) Rainbow mix of colors annual. unusual.000 seeds $4. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Suitable for pots.00 blooms of white. Beautiful as long-lasting 834(OG)-Amish Cockscomb Plant next to a white fence for a spectacular cut flowers.25 • 2. apricot.75 • 1.25 Well maintained strain with all blue flowers. 3–4' tall. Packet (100 seeds) $2. grows 2–3' tall.25 • 5M $12. pink.000 seeds $4. 12" tall. light pink. 4 ' tall.75 1. salmon. Grown for use as 1930s and is now quite hard to find. often Radio was introduced to gardeners in the 2. outbuildings on Iowa farmsteads for over a colorful and diverse mixture of varieties C ertified O rganiC .75 flowers just 4 months after sowing. Colors include: Striped corn for a show-stopping display. and other inf lammator y problems. (Amaranthus caudatus) Recorded in South referred to as Pot Marigold for centuries. Europe in the 17th century and known to Blooms the second year in the North or Self-seeding hardy annual. (Pictured tall.5M $17.75 1260-Chinese Aster color range. Self-seeding biennial. This Packet (100 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Monticello.5M $7.seedsavers.50 • 5M $13. A favorite at Heritage Farm. 20–24" tall. 6–9' tall.75 South. Well suited plants an ornamental and graceful appearance. Blooms Long rope-like red seed-bearing trusses give from early summer until frost.25 • 5M $12.000 seeds $8. but mentioned even earlier by 1. tolerate a light frost. excellent as a cut bicolors.75 • 5M $28.

white flowered variety. Plants will When the polished grain-like seeds are bloom throughout the season. Referred to for centuries as Dwarf Morning Glory. Captivating flower that has inspired many artists.75 (Cobaea scandens) This large climbing annual produces large.000 seeds $8.25 • 2. great for mature.25 2. Self-seeding hardy annual. long of food. white. bell-shaped flowers on vines up to 20'.5M $16. C ertified O rganiC .75 • 1. Once an important source Button! Extensive range of colors.5M $101. Rare. The thorny stems resemble those of a rose bush.5M $7. Half-hardy annual. Extremely low maintenance. Packet (250 seeds) $2.flOwers 1322-Mixed Bachelor’s Buttons 1417(OG)-Job’s Tears (Centaurea cyanus) For those who cannot (Coix lacryma-jobi) Used for beads since at stand to just have one color of Bachelor’s least 2. red and white. Excellent mixture.75 for making rosaries and for musical African 1. Extremely large leaved variety in a complete range of colors.50 • 5M $26. Packet (100 seeds) $2. stems are great for cutting. Annual.75 • 250 seeds $16.5M $7. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Plants prefer sunny areas and a nice light. Packet (250 seeds) $2. 30–36" tall.75 1M $54.75 shaker gourds.000 seeds $4.75 • 250 seeds $16. Half-hardy annual.000 B.25 • 2. literally nature’s perfect bead. Self-seeding. Used grows 2–3' tall.75 • 5M $175.00 (Cleome hassleriana) Cleome or Spider Flower was introduced from the West Indies to England in 1817.25 2. Flowers are followed by narrow 4–5" intriguing seedpods which resemble spider legs. half-hardy annual. middle. 12" vining plants. Extremely handsome flowers often planted in beds or mixed in borders.25 • 5M $12.5M $101. Half-hardy annual.25 • 2.75 1323-Helen Campbell (white) 1324-Cherry Queen (rose) 1325-Pink Queen (pink) 1326-Violet Queen (purple) 1489-Giant Exhibition (Coleus blumei) Known for centuries as Painted Nettle. Hardy annual.75 1M $54. 4–5' tall.25 • 2. remarkably showy blossoms are open all day.75 • 1.75 Sea Shells Mixture 1261-Cup and Saucer Vine (Convolvulus tricolor) Beautiful free-flowering mixture.000 seeds $4. rich soil.50 Cup and Saucer Vine Chinese Aster Amish Cockscomb Blue Boy Mixed Bachelor’s Buttons Spider Flower Mixture Job’s Tears Giant Exhibition Ensign Mixture •71• become a member—save 10% www.25 • 5M $12.seedsavers. A real eyecatcher in any garden. 1065-Spider Flower Mixture Packet (25 seeds) $2. Extremely easy to grow from seed.5M $7. 2' tall bushy plants.75 302-Ensign Mixture 1327-Sea Shells Mixture (Cosmos bipinnatus) Exotic tubular flowers in shades of pink.000 seeds $4.25 • 5M $12. Packet (10 seeds) $2. Prolific grain-like plants. most likely originating in India. there is a perfect hole through the mass plantings. Packet (10 seeds) $2. Multiple tendrils grasp easily to rough surfaces like stone walls or a trellis.C. 3–4' tall.75 1. Can also be grown in large phone: 563-382-5990 .

k. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Native to Mexico. Half-hardy annual. lilac. Half-hardy annual.00 986-California Poppy Mixture (Eschscholzia californica) First noted on the Pacific coast by Dr. Packet (250 seeds) $2.5M $7. Large. Half-hardy annual. The entire plant is purple! Seed pods and beans are poisonous at certain stages! In Asia and Africa. Hardy annual.000 seeds $4. Vines can grow 10–15' if given support.75 837-Sensation Mixture Ernst Benary and received an AAS in 1939. Heavenly fragrant fringed flowers in mixed colors of pink.000 seeds $4. 3–4' tall. AAS winner in 1936. We do not recommend growing for food. Grows well in light.75 • 1. Perennial.25 • 5M $125.75 • 1M $37. Perennial. Introduced by the German company (Dianthus hybridus) A greatly improved form of this garden classic.25 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Half-hardy annual. Plants thrive in sun and well drained soil.75 • 1M $117. Plants.50 (Echinacea purpurea) Beautiful 4" flower with a center cone that is tipped with green and gold. A good cut flower and an eye-catching addition to borders. Long sturdy stems.50 2. 14–16" tall. Packet (10 seeds) $2. white and carmine. Frequently v isited by hummingbird moths. hyacinth beans are grown for food and can be eaten if prepared properly. leaf veins and pods with beautiful lilac-colored blossoms extending above the foliage on long straight stems. 28–36" tall. impressive dark foliage.5M $78. This scarlet strain is beautiful when planted in a random pattern. Great cut flower.a. Thrives in poor soil with minimal care.5M $7.50 2. Flowers first year from seed.50 (Dolichos lablab) Striking dark violet colored stems.k.5M $16. please use caution! Biennial.25 • 5M $12. seeds and foliage are all poisonous.75 1. 12–15" tall. Superior large-flowered strain with spotted white and pink bells along 5–6' stalks. 2–3' tall bushy plants.25 836-Amado Coneflower 1269-Rainbow Loveliness 1328-Drumstick (Craspedia globosa) (a.25 • 2. 3' tall plants.75 1. edging beds/borders and containers. Striking mix of rich colors. Excellent for pack sales.25 • 2.a Chinese ForgetMe-Not or Hound’s Tongue) Masses of small star-shaped powdery-blue blooms contrast nicely on deep grey-green foliage. Good for cut flowers.000 seeds $5. Perennial. ball-shaped.75 • 100 seeds $5.25 • 5M $12. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 (Cynoglossum amabile) (a.75 250 seeds $11.75 1. Blooms the first season if sown early. not until 1872 was a box of tubers sent to Europe.000 seeds $22.25 • 5M $41.75 • 1.75 • 100 seeds $18.000 seeds $39.25 • 5M $12. Grown as a half-hardy annual in the North. introduced into English horticulture late in the 18th century.75 • 5M $65. Straight stems with beautiful. dry soils. midblue flower heads.25 • 2. sturdy plants have beautiful ferny foliage and a wide mixture of colors. but rather as an ornamental.25 • 5M $12.000 seeds $20. Packet (50 seeds) $2. AAS winner in 1974. and lasts up to a week when cut for arrangements. introduced in 1927.flOwers Sensation Mixture Diablo Drumstick Firmament Bishop’s Children Rainbow Loveliness Ruby Moon Amado Coneflower (Cosmos bipinnatus) One of the earliest blooming cosmos mixtures which gives northern gardeners a great new choice for their gardens.25 250 seeds $36. Australia and Tasmania. Packet (500 seeds) $2. Billy Button) A perennial that is native to New Zealand.000 seeds $4.25 • 5M $72. Bishop’s Children is a seed-grown descendant of Bishop of Llandaff dahlia. C ertified O rganiC .75 (Cosmos sulphureus) Diablo in Spanish translates as the Devil.50 (Digitalis purpurea) Popular cottage garden flower from England. 4–5' tall. Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz. Blooms in July and August.75 474-Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean 1069-Bishop’s Children 788-Diablo Cosmos (Dahlia variabilis) Although dahlias were discovered in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadores. A classic for cut flower arrangements and unmistakable when grown in the perennial border or as specimen plants in any garden. who was the leader of a Russian •72• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.5M $7. Very nice when mixed in garden borders or with plantings of purple coneflowers. Packet (50 seeds) $2. 2–3' tall. Brilliant 1" yellow spheres are striking in the garden or in fresh or dried bouquets.5M $7.75 1. A great choice for mixing into borders or mass plantings.seedsavers.75 • 1.5M $45. Hard to find.5M $40. Packet (50 seeds) $ fax: 563-382-6511 .25 2.75 1330-Platinum Blue 128(OG)-Giant Spotted Foxglove 1264-Firmament (Echinops ritro) Handsome plants have silvery stems and a mound of foliage.75 • 2. Packet (25 seeds)$2.000 seeds $4.75 1.

25 • 2. Highly sought-after old heirloom that was unavailable for many years. Baptist John Ott. Large papery flowers used extensively in dried arrangements and as a long-lasting cut flower. Very easy to grow from seed.000 seeds $4.75 1. Normally only available in red. but recently brought back into circulation. 12–16" tall.25 2.5M $7. Sure to attract attention. Annual. Bright cardinal-red blooms from early summer until frost.50 50-Grandpa Ott’s (Ipomoea purpurea) One of the original Bavarian varieties that started SSE.50 • 5M $13. 1890.75 • 5M $57. For sunny spots. Self-seeding annual.75 Giant Spotted Foxglove become a member—save 10% phone: 563-382-5990 •73• .75 • 5. Packet (100 seeds) $2. long-lasting display of lively colors.000 seeds $17. and very early.75 • 5M $275.75 1272-Sunrise Serenade 1073-Cardinal Climber (Ipomoea purpurea) Very unusual double ruby-red flowers. Vines 8–12' tall. (Ipomoea quamoclit) This annual plant produces masses of five-pointed small white flowers. Halfhardy annual.000 seeds $5. Officially designated the state flower of California on December 12. Irresistible to hummingbirds. 30–36" tall. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Finely cut emerald-green leaves.5M $171. Cutting promotes bud formation. Packet (25 seeds) $2. if given support.000 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $12. Beautiful deep-purple flower with a red star in its throat.25 • 2.000 seeds $5. Lucas. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Truly the most dramatic morning glory available to gardeners. Feathery or fern-like foliage reaching a height of 15–20'.75 1. extremely productive and nice when dried.25 • 5M $12. Spectacular. Packet (50 seeds) $2.00 Frequently visited by night pollinators. Balanced mixture of 5–7 colors.50 10M $10. Half-hardy annual.75 • 1. Packet (1. releasing one of the most fragrant perfumes in the summer garden. so cut often. a favorite with hummingbirds. Mix of 8–10 colors. but thrives almost anywhere. unique within the genus. fences or pots. who lived on a 40-acre farm near St.25 • 5M $12.000 seeds$85. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Given to Kent and Diane Ott Whealy in 1972 by her grandfather.000 seeds $4.75 2. Half-hardy annual. Packet (100 seeds) $2.5M $7. if given support.75 • 1.75 • 1. Self-seeding hardy annual at Heritage Farm. 24–30" tall.5M $8. Iowa.75 California Poppy Mixture 1072-Strawflower Mixture (Helichrysum bracteatum) Australian native that was introduced to Europe in 1799. Best sown in place. strong climber.75 1071-Globe Amaranth Morning Glory (Gomphrena globosa) Native to Brazil. perennial in milder areas. Hundreds of blooms throughout the season.5M $7.00 1274-White Cypress Vine 784-Moonflower (Ipomoea noctiflora) Beautiful 5–6" blossoms are closed all day until sunset when the flowers open. Plants will climb 15' or more.00 • 50M $25. Reliably self-seeds each year. Suitable for pots. Annual in the North.000 seeds $7.seedsavers.25 2.75 1. attracts butterflies like crazy.25 • 2.50 • 2. Vigorous vines will climb 10–15' if given room on trellises and arbors.flOwers Platinum Blue Globe Amaranth Strawflower Mixture Cardinal Climber Moonflower Grandpa Ott’s Sunrise Serenade White Cypress Vine expedition in 1815.75 1.5M $8. Half-hardy annual.75 (Ipomoea multifida) Grown since the 1800s.50 • 5M $13.5M $35.000 seeds $4.

Self-seeding hardy annual.25 • 5M $12. rust and bronze flowers.25 • 5M $27. 8–10" tall.75 1. very drought tolerant once established.75 (Moluccella laevis) Great conversation piece in any garden.25 2. Packet (250 seeds) $2. “Perfect Mix” of fuchsia.5M $7.75 282-Bells of Ireland 1277-Himalayan Blue Poppy 1075-Tall Russell Lupine 15(OG)-Perfect Mix 1078-Sensitive Plant 294-Zebrina (Mimosa pudica) Discovered in Brazil.000 seeds $8.5M $9. 5–6' tall. Sweetly fragrant flowers open each night and release what could be one of the sweetest fragrances in nature.flOwers 1275-Bunny Tails (Lagurus ovatus) Great ornamental grass for children and adults alike. Dwarf habit. plants can be cut back to the ground and allowed to grow new foliage. white. 4–5" tall.75 • 1.” Woodland Tobacco. Annual.75 1. production of seedpods.75 288-Four O’Clock 1077-Night Scented Stock 985-Sweet Alyssum “Aphrodite Mixture” (Lobularia maritima procumbens) Colorful range of low-growing. Packet (100 seeds) $2.000 seeds $19. Tolerates full sun to partial shade and poor soil. Vigorous selfseeding annual in the North. as soft as a bunny’s tail! Easy to grow. 12–18" tall. Packet (500 seeds) $2. Excellent variety for Flowers open in the evening releasing an (Nicotiana alata) Lots of showy trumpetshaped 3" flowers. Tender annual. C ertified O rganiC . extremely nice for cutting. and 52(OG)-Night-Scented Tobacco water from below.50 enjoy a second bloom in mid-to-late summer. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 4' tall. Interesting spikes of green bellshaped calyces surrounding the insignificant white flowers. Perennial lupines are found growing wild from California to British Columbia.000 seeds $7.25 2. A great example of how flower breeders have taken a native species and selected for as many different color combinations. stunning blue flowers make this one of the most sought-after plants in the gardening world. ground covers.75 2.5M $7. Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 1. Hardy annual. Half-hardy annual. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $33.75 Bunny Tails Sweet Alyssum Zebrina Night Scented Stock Blue Poppy •74• Sensitive Plant Four O’Clock Bells of Ireland SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Short-lived perennial. pink and white.000 seeds $10.5M $21.5M $39.75 ( M i ra b i l i s j a l a p a) D i s c o v e r e d b y Conquistadores in the 16th century.75 (Meconopsis betonicifolia) Unique.000 seeds $7. and attract hummingbird moths. Tender perennial. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Showy free-flowering plants.25 • 2. 6–12" tall. do not overwater.50 2.5M $17.75 • 2.75 greenhouse sales. purple. When flowers fade. but success can be achieved almost anywhere with a little practice and patience. Spectacular in areas where it has naturalized such as Alaska.000 seeds $4. Best suited for cooler climates.m. Packet (250 seeds) $2. compact plants.75 • 1. prune back to enjoy a second display. so make sure to plant where the fragrance will be enjoyed. Also called Marvel of Peru.75 (Malva sylvestris) Beautiful long-blooming flowers. Steady improvements of the wild strains have been in progress by breeders for centuries.5M $9. ornamental pinnate leaves close when touched by children (or adults). It is hard to resist touching the fluffy flower head.000 seeds $4. Attracts lots of bees and hummingbird moths.5M $13. 30–35" tall. 18–36" tall. Abundant flowers open after 4 p. Acts as a biennial or short-lived fax: 563-382-6511 .75 • 1.75 • 5M $21.000 seeds $6.75 1. Self-seeding annual.50 • 2. Extremely tough but (Nicotiana sylvestris) Often referred to as you must be careful not to “tickle-to-death.25 • 5M $12. salmon. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Very intriguing plant.75 • 5M $14. 2–3' tall.25 • 5M $12.75 • 1.75 • 5M $15. Blends well in borders. rockeries or containers. To (Matthiola longipetala) Exciting mixture includes lilac. lavender. but will bloom nearly year-round in mild climates.75 • 5M $98. this 5' tall plant has 3–4" Lilac-pink globular flowers precede the hanging trumpet-shaped white blossoms. purple.5M $7.seedsavers.25 • 2.75 (Lupinus polyphyllus) Nice well-balanced mixture of lupines with a full color range. Wide range of beautiful colors. 3–4' tall. grown as an annual. Native to the Mediterranean region.25 • 2. Very easy to grow. Excellent for pot culture (3–4" pots are ideal).75 1. Blooms six weeks from seed. Developed at The Institute of Vegetable Breeding and Seed Production west of Moscow. Color and shape are preserved nicely when dried.000 seeds $4.

So m e v e r y imaginative folk names include LoveEntangle and Jack-in-Prison.75 • 100 seeds $6. Intriguing striped seedpods dry well.50 • 1M $68. C ertified O rganiC . Tender annual. iridescent. Finely cut feathery green foliage. Grown as a half-hardy annual in the North.75 (Osteospermum ecklonis) White daisies with strongly contrasting. 20–24" tall. Most of the previous strains of Osteospermum could only be propagated by cuttings. Strong plants have trailing 2–3' stems and combine nicely when mixed in with other similarly sized plants. or dried for arrangements. Packet (250 seeds) $ phone: 563-382-5990 . C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 • 1. as a cut flower.50 10M $12.75 (Osteospermum ecklonis) Beautiful daisy-like flowers with jewel-like centers are borne in great numbers in a mix of pink.25 500 seeds $24.000 seeds $6.75 • 100 seeds $10. Grown as a half-hardy annual in the North.000 seeds $4. Fragrant blossoms from June until frost and beyond.flOwers extremely sweet fragrance.75 500 seeds $42. pots and spring plant sales.75 987-Ladybird Poppy 1281-Curiosity 1282-Ballade Mix 53(OG)-Old-Fashioned Vining Petunia (Petunia multiflora) Aromatic single petunia that was common in Iowa gardens a century ago.75 (Papaver commutatum) Bright fire-engine red with conspicuous black spots. because they pop like little balloons! Self-seeding. Very hard to produce seed on this variety.25 • 5M $12.25 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Nice when in borders. shiny blue centers and dark-green foliage.5M $7. 12" tall.000 seeds $4. seedpods should be picked off before they mature and shatter.75 1. lavender and purple flowers. 10–16" tall.5M $7. A mixture of white. hardy annual.75 • 1. Self-seeding.000 seeds $7. Performs well in warm weather. 12–18" tall. To avoid self-seeding. Plants begin blooming 75–100 days from seeding at Heritage Farm and then continue until frost. 18–24" tall. Self-seeding annual. one of our favorites at Heritage Farm each summer.seedsavers.25 • 5M $12.5M $12.25 • 2.75 • 5. Packet (250 seeds) $2.50 Tall Russell Lupine Perfect Mix Night-Scented Tobacco Oxford Blue Curiosity Ballade Mix Sky and Ice Ladybird Poppy Vining Petunia •75• become a member—save 10% www.50 • 50M $32. Always a favorite at Heritage Farm. Free branching plants are great for bedding.000 seeds $4.75 (Nigella papillosa) Large violet-blue flowers are followed by deep purple spider-like seedpods.50 • 5M $17. pink. Works well in hanging baskets and borders.25 • 2. Always the first flower to sell out at our spring plant sale.25 • 5M $12. but Sky and Ice will produce seed in mild climates. purple and white. rose.5M $7. It is hard to resist popping the seedpods when they are green. Packet (1000 seeds) $2. hardy annual.25 • 1M $38. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Easily distinguishable poppy.50 304-Sky and Ice 291-Love-in-a-Mist “Oxford Blue” (Nigella damascena) First appeared in Eng l a n d a ro u n d 1 5 7 0 .75 2. Very easy to grow.75 1. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Selfseeding annual.

Packet (25 seeds) $2.000 seeds $4.00 • 10 lb $200. continues until frost. but nice as cut flower too.5M $7.75 • 1 oz $4.75 129-Painted Tongue Black-Eyed Susan Vine Milkmaid Black Velvet Empress of India •76• Ladybird Tip Top Mixture 1082-Jolly Jester Marigold (Scabiosa atropurpurea) Color mixture of white.5M $7. C ertified O rganiC . Annual. referring to the velvet-like blossoms. Packet (100 seeds) $2. & J.00 51(OG)-Kiss-Me-Over-the(Polygonum orientale) Hard-to-find heirloom. Self-seeding. Self-seeding annual. Benefits from partial shade in the South. a real head-turner.00 (Salpiglossis sinuata) Spectacular Chilean relative of the petunia. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 4 oz $10. becoming hard to find.000 seeds $14. Packet (1. Great long-lasting cut flower. Lovely silk-like petals. or planted into a rock wall.” Subtle lavender-blue flowers with curved spikes that are absolutely covered by many different species of bees.5M $125. Salpiglossis comes from two Greek words meaning trumpet and tongue. Farquhars.00 • 1 lb $28.000 seeds $4.75 (Tagetes patula) Brightly striped 2" single 791-Color Mixture SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. introduced in 1824.25 • 5M $12. Exotic and beautiful when the plants are swaying in the summer breeze.75 1.50 • 8 oz $ fax: 563-382-6511 .75 1.25 • 5M $12.75 1. Packet (250 seeds) $2.25 • 2.25 • 2. Volunteers every year at Heritage Farm.000 seeds $62. 6–8' tall.25 • 5M $12. Branching 12–24" stems with 2" striped trumpet-shaped flowers in a wide range of almost metallic colors.45 • 2. hard to transplant. Flowers stay open almost all day.00 • 5M $200.000 seeds per ounce. maroon. Excellent results when used as an annual cover crop.seedsavers. Slender branching 6–9' eye-catching plants heavily laden with pendulous dark pink catkins.75 787-Single Moss Rose 472-Gibsonii Castor Bean Jolly Jester Red Marietta Starfire Signet (Ricinus communis) Introduced into English gardens in the 16th century. red and others.25 • 2.50 • 2.000 seeds) $2.5M $7.flOwers (Phacelia tanacetifolia) Can be used to strongly attract bees to your garden. Packet (500 seeds) $2.75 1. Approximately 16. sow in place. Annual.75 • 5M $46. Stately quickgrowing ornamental plant with tropical appearance. Low-growing plants are excellent in beds and borders. Sweetly scented blooms attract many butterflies and hummingbirds.000 seeds $4. Makes handsome dried bouquets.75 5 lb $120. Annual. blue. 12–24" tall. 4–6" tall.5M $28. Blooms early. 24-30" tall. large reddish-tinged foliage and brightly colored seedpods.75 1. Listed in 1896 catalog of R.25 786-Bee’s Friend Bee’s Friend Kiss-Me-Over-the-Gate Single Moss Rose Garden-Gate Gibsonii Castor Painted Tongue Color Mixture (Portulaca grandiflora) Beautiful oldfashioned moss rose with single blossoms. halfhardy annual. Seeds and seedpods are poisonous! Annual. “Bienen-freund” in German translates as “bee’s friend.

25 1288-Ladybird 1081-Red Marietta Marigold 1133-Starfire Signet Marigold (Tagetes patula) Continuous succession of beautiful 2" blooms provide a spectacular splash of color all summer. Packet (100 seeds) $2.000 seeds $4. Tolerant of heat. but will also thrive in normal garden conditions. Sweet spicy-scented foliage associated with older marigolds. Originally discovered growing in Caracas. Edible flowers.5M $7.25 • 5M $12. Extremely hard to produce viable seed.25 • 2. Blooms from early summer until frost. Hardy annual. Drought tolerant. Plants climb 6' or more with proper support. Clockvine) Native to tropical Africa.000 seeds $4.75 • 100 seeds $10.00 • 250 seeds $185.25 • 5M $12. Blooms in early spring. or potted. try adding blossoms to your fresh spring salads.75 (Tagetes tenuifolia) First introduced to gardeners in the 1930s.5M $56.75 • 2.50 • 2. Hardy perennial.75 1.25 • 5M $90. Packet (5 seeds) $5. 2' tall. the colors tend to increase in intensity and provide a fiery display. Dwarf 10–12" plants are ideal for containers.5M $65.75 • 1M $70.5M $50.50 • 5M $78. containers or in the garden on a trellis. 24–30" tall.000 seeds $28. A great conversation piece in any garden.50 993-Empress of India Fuji Dawn become a member—save 10% www. Venezuela. Packet (100 seeds) $2.25 2. Vines in tropical regions can reach 20'.25 (Venidium fastuosum) Also known as Monarch of the Veld. Annual. Massive explosion of longlasting 2½" golden flowers. then later to uniform dark green. Blooms mid-season until frost.000 seeds $4.00 Snail Flower 994-Fuji Dawn (Tropaeolum minus) A classic Victorian nasturtium with dark blue-green foliage. Perfect for edging paths and borders or scattered throughout the garden. sun and drought.75 316-Orange Prince Daisy 306-Zulu Prince Daisy Orange and Zulu Prince Daisy 1085-Snail Flower 1287-Black Velvet (Tropaeolum minus) Intense velvety-black flower. traditional scent widely valued for nematode control.25 • 5M $12. Does best in warmer.5M $7. fast growing and quick to bloom. Packet (25 seeds) $2. goldenorange with black centers.75 • 1. When the nights start to cool. Beautiful. Well suited for the garden and excellent for containers. pure yellow. like all other nasturtiums. atop silvery foliage.50 • 2.00 100 seeds $85. gold. Annual. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Incredible in rock gardens and borders. golden-orange. Packet (25 seeds) $2. seldom offered. extremely fragrant.000 seeds $24.00 • 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Tolerates poor conditions. spiral shaped. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Very easy to start from seed.75 1. Hardy annual. For a great contrast.75 1. Hardy annual.seedsavers.25 • 2.5M $7.00 (Viola mandschurica) Incredibly beautiful. phone: 563-382-5990 •77• .00 (Vigna caracalla) Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.a. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 500 seeds $43.50 1334-Tip Top Formula Mixture Star of the Veld 1470-Star of the Veld 1285-Black-Eyed Susan Vine 1286-Milkmaid (Thunbergia alata) (a. more intense the second season.50 • 5M $12.75 • 5M $62.75 2.00 (Tropaeolum minus) Unique strain of nasturtium that holds its blooms above the foliage and is classed as top-flowering. Silver-tinged foliage is finely lobed and silky in appearance. gold.000 seeds $5.00 (Ursinia anethoides) Beautiful annual from South Africa. Annual. Extremely dwarf plants are ideal for container gardening and pots.000 seeds $19.25 • 2. unique.75 1. eyecatching orange-yellow flowers with bright red central markings. Tender shrub grown as a perennial in the South and an annual in the North.5M $17.75 1. dry conditions.25 • 5M $32. Brilliant crimson-scarlet flowers on plants seldom over 12–14". Bright green leaves and masses of single orange.000 seeds $19. Many years of selection have gone into producing this variety which is pale-cream to yellowishwhite. The flowers and leaves are a peppery addition to salads and pastas or when used as a garnish. another completely unique color within this genus. Hardy annual. 12–18" tall.00 • 50 seeds $45. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Variegation slowly turns to green and white.75 • 1. This formula mixture has equal amounts of the following colors: apricot. A great money maker for greenhouse sales.flOwers flowers in alternating red and orange.75 2. Very easy to overwinter in pots and the blooms the second season are very numerous. Packet (250 seeds) $2. where space is limited.5M $7.00 • 5M $80. 16" tall.75 (Tropaeolum majus) This is the closest to white of any nasturtium available to gardeners.000 seeds $8. Annual. Suitable for containers.000 seeds $40. 3–4" tall.5M $49. maroon and lemon flowers make this 12" bushy plant excellent for borders and a great filler. Formula mix of colors includes: pure white.75 1. Great for hanging baskets.00 • 5M $120. mahogany and scarlet.75 • 5M $62. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Classic marigold aroma.75 1. rare viola. 8–10" tall. unique within the genus. palepurple flowers with cream and yellow markings. Packet (20 seeds) $2.75 • 1.5M $38. Emerges in early spring with masses of pink-tinged variegated foliage and hundreds of purple flowers. Prefers a sunny protected area and well-drained loose soil.000 seeds $25. this difficulty is reflected in the higher priced seed. Grown as an annual in the North.50 • 2. Ideal for container gardening.75 1. Hardy annual. Can also be successfully grown in pots with adequate support.5M $38.75 (Tropaeolum minus) Beautiful. and yellow with contrasting black eyes. 8–10" tall.k.

First offered in the U.75 • 2. Ernst Benary. Extremely fragrant and one of our best selling varieties. seedsman Kees Sahin kept a collection of 13.25 1471-Night Phlox 996-Johnny Jump-Up (Zaluzianskya capensis) Easy. Through his incredible knowledge of historic varieties. 3–4' tall.000 seeds $8. Annual. Self-seeding biennial. a wide range of colors. none of the original pansies introduced in the 1800s by the Vilmorin Company of Paris still exist by their true names. 4–6" tall. The most popular pansy 995-Bowles’ Black we offer.75 2. Kees selected a mixture closely resembling those grown by gardeners more than 150 years ago. can be used as an edible garnish with cheeses or salads. Obtained during the 1991 coup from breeders at the Moscow branch of the Vavilov Institute and grown at Heritage Farm every summer since. Truly a classic garden flower that never seems to go out of fashion. large-flowered strain of zinnia from one of the oldest German seed companies.00 • 5M $40. C e r t i f i e d O r g a n i C . self-seeds freely and comes back true-to-type each year at Heritage Farm in enormous numbers. Annual. gold.00 841-Benary’s Giant 998-Red Spider 80(OG)-Gift (Zinnia elegans) Upright 3' plants. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 2. 4–5" across. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 250 seeds $8.5M $17.00 (Zinnia x haageana) Listed by many companies earlier this century as Mexican Hybrids. Very good for cutting. Native to Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains. very unique.5M $11.75 • 1. 4' tall.75 (Zinnia tenuiflora) Beautif ul zinnia mentioned in botanical documents as early as 1801. Fortunately for gardeners.25 • 2. Great for starting in packs.75 1.5M $7.25 • 5M $32.5M $15. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Sturdy habit. cream and many bi-colored blossoms.00 • 5M $40.S. 2' tall.000 seeds $12. extra-long stems ideal for cutting and arranging spectacular bouquets.000 seeds $12.25 • 5M $12.00 • 1M $22.50 999-Azureus (L. fax: 563-382-6511 .25 2.25 • 5M $12. variable 3–4" flowers (singles and doubles) are brilliant red with an occasional orange blossom. Attractive 1" blooms from midsummer until frost.75 1.000 seeds $4. by Morse-Vaughan in 1896. Blooms open in the evening releasing their sweet.5M $25.75 • 1.75 annual from South Africa. 2' tall. Plants are exceedingly free-blooming from spring through late autumn. Packet (100 seeds) $2.5M $25.50 2. Packet (25 seeds) $2.25 • 5M $32. A true garden classic. Packet (100 seeds) $2. 5–6" tall.75 (Viola x wittrockiana) Unfortunately. single spider-like bright red flowers.000 violas in the Netherlands. Plant close to your patio to fully enjoy.75 • 5M $24.5M $7.50 • 5M $18. This vigorous self-seeding biennial has settled in nicely at Heritage Farm and we look forward to it coming back to life every spring. orange. Packet (250 seeds) $2. Biennial. sure to be a new favorite.000 seeds $4. Annual. Blooms are extensive and extend until the first frost.50 796-Persian Carpets 997-Historic Pansies Mixture (Zinnia elegans) Beautiful. Commonly grown in China Bowles’ Black Johnny Jump-Up Historic Pansies Night Phlox Benary’s Giant •78• Gift Red Cap Persian Carpets SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.seedsavers.75 (Viola x williamsiana) Sometimes referred to as Hearts-ease. Annual. Like all violas.25 thick cap.000 seeds $12.75 • 1. Annual 12–14" tall. Grows 6–8" tall.000 seeds $7.00 303(OG)-Red Cap (Zinnia elegans) Unique Russian variety with brilliant red flowers that are less than 2" across with tiny petals that form a tight members offer 6 varieties • Sweet Peas • 480-America (Lathyrus odoratus) Beautiful ivory blossoms striped with crimson-red. Excellent for borders.75 • 500 seeds $14. founded in Erfurt in 1843.50 • 2.flOwers (Viola tricolor) Velvety dark purple (almost black) flowers with pale yellow eyes.00 • 5M $40.5M $17. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Beautiful semi-double flowers with mahogany. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Blooms are fully double.75 1. Blooms from spring until frost.000 seeds $5. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Magnificent when in bloom. sativus) Hundreds of beautiful electricblue blossoms.75 1. Does well in pots. AAS winner in 1952.75 • 2.75 • 1. honey-like fragrance.000 seeds $8. The flowers are reminiscent of little smiling faces.50 • 2.5M $25. Annual. A mainstay at Heritage Farm. C ertified O rganiC .

low-growing 1–2' plants.75 New! 1502-Yellow Sweet Pea Yellow Sweet Pea Red Spider America Azureus Cupani’s Original Dorthy Eckford Everlasting Grandiflora Mixture Matucana •79• become a member—save 10% www.seedsavers. where over 4 million acres are in cultivation. Powerful scent. Rarely offered. loaded with blossoms for an extended period of time. 5–6' tall. like all other sweet peas.50 250 seeds $30. 5' tall. but researchers are working to develop strains that will be edible for humans in drought-stricken countries. If you have space for only one sweet pea. pink and magenta.50 (L. Strongly scented old varieties that were introduced before 1907. 5–6' tall. Perennial.00 (L. Packet (10 seeds) $2. Annual. Annual.sweet peas and India as a grazing crop for animals. 4–5' tall.00 • 1M $22. Arguably still the best pure white grandiflora sweet pea available.00 • 1M $22. Annual. Grown as an Annual.75 • 250 seeds $8.75 • 500 seeds $14.75 500 seeds $14. Extremely tolerant to summer heat. Annual.50 483-Painted Lady 1336-Everlasting or Perennial Sweet Pea (L.00 • 1M $22.75 • 100 seeds $18. This was the first bi-color sweet pea available to gardeners.50 (L. 4-5' tall. obv iously more recent because of its four relatively large flowers on each stem.50 • 1 M $25.00 • 1M $22. Incorrectly cited as the original sweet pea.75 • 250 seeds $9. Extremely good performer.75 500 seeds $ phone: 563-382-5990 . native to India and Turkey. a Sicilian monk. Toxic. odoratus) Mixture of 25 named varieties with some bi-colored and striped varieties.75 • 500 seeds $48. Plants produce flowers over an extended period. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Seeds were sent to him by Franciscus Cupani. Colors include white. Packet (25 seeds) $2. a teacher in Middlesex.50 (L. Somehow naturalized in Peru or Ecuador and then reintroduced to Europe. 5–6' tall. chloranthus) The only lemonade-yellow sweet pea known to exist. Packet (10 Seeds) $2. Packet (50 seeds)$2. Grown in England in 1699 by Dr.50 (L.75 • 250 seeds $8.75 • 250 seeds $8. odoratus) The purest white selection introduced by Eckford in 1902 and named after his granddaughter. Does well even in the heat of summer. odoratus) The original maroon-purple strain from which all other sweet peas have been developed. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 250 seeds $8. odoratus)Discovered growing in a planting of Cupani Original in the 1730s. a great addition to bouquets. Annual.75 250 seeds $8. 5–6' tall. Painted Lady Packet (50 seeds) $2. Great for filling in borders where early flowering plants and bulbs have faded.75 new 500 seeds $14.75 • 500 seeds $14. Packet (50 seeds) $2. Uvedale.50 807-Grandiflora Mixture 801-Cupani’s Original 1101-Matucana 1097-Dorothy Eckford (L. odoratus) Striking bi-color w ith maroon-purple standard and purpleblue wings. latifolius) A European native introduced into cultivation in 1596 and has now naturalized in many areas. this would be the one! Good tolerance to heat. Annual.00 • 1M $22.75 500 seeds $14.

Packet (100 seeds) $2. Collected by Melvin Gilmore from the Arikara tribe at The Fort Berthold Reservation. 65 days. very nice for cutting.75 1.75 • 1.50 (H.50 • 2.25 • 1M $30. Packet (25 seeds) $2.5M $9. Plants grow 6–8' tall. Extremely dark center.75 323-Aztec Sun 476(OG)-Evening Sun Lemon Queen Mongolian Giant Orange Sun (H. annuus) Multi-headed flowers range from bright yellow to gold to dark burgundy.50 • 2. Multiple heads. Packet (100 seeds) $ fax: 563-382-6511 . Flowers have soft.50 Evening Sun Giant Primrose Irish Eyes (Tithonia rotundifolia) Also known as Yellow Mexican Sunflower.75 • 1.25 2. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Plants grow 5–8' tall. flowers are single to multiheaded. annuus) Consistently one of our favorites in the trials at Heritage Farm. 70 days.75 • 5M $14.sunflOwers • Sunflowers • members offer 17 varieties Arikara Autumn Beauty Aztec Sun 601(OG)-Arikara (Helianthus annuus) Sturdy plants grow up to 12' tall.00 • 5M $33. 75 days. Will in 1930. pale-yellow petals with a dark chocolate center. One of the best for pot culture and cutting. cucumerifolius) Multiple 4" flowers on sturdy branching plants.75 1. annuus) Large flowers in shades of orange.75 250 seeds $11.000 seeds $10. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Plants grow 24–30" tall. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Great when used as a living screen or windbreak. Some single heads grow 12–16" across.00 (H. Packet (50 seeds) $2.25 2.5M $22.75 • 500 seeds $19. annuus) Multiple blossoms high on sturdy top-branching 8–12' tall plants.000 seeds $6. 60 days. 60 days. Traditionally grown for its masses of edible seeds. One plant can have up to two dozen flowers open at the same time under ideal conditions.75 • 5M $36. C ertified O rganiC . extended bloom period.seedsavers. Dark chocolate centers are surrounded by a thin inner r ing of butter y yel low surrounded 308-Italian White Tarahumara White •80• Torch Valentine SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www.000 seeds $6. great for cutting. Excellent for hedges and attracting butterflies.000 seeds $11. creamy. 70 days.5M $21. One of our favorites due to the extremely long bloom period. with some bi-colors. C ertified O rganiC . Plants will grow 3–4' tall and bloom until killed by frost.75 307(OG)-Autumn Beauty (H. red and burgundy. Dwarf plants loaded with multiple blooms that have golden pointed petals with green centers.75 • 5M $14. First offered by Oscar H.50 799-Giant Primrose Ring of Fire Rostov Taiyo 1088-Irish Eyes (H.5M $9.

Hungary.25 2.75 • 1. Plants grow 5–6' tall. biggest-headed and largest-seeded varieties available to gardeners. annuus) Classic Russian sunflower. Bred by Dr. C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C .75 • 5M $41.5M $27.50 1461-Mongolian Giant (H. If you can only plant one packet of seeds.75 • 250 seeds $13.25 773(OG)-Tarahumara White (H. annuus) Produces an abundance of multiple blooms w ith large lemonyellow petals and dark-chocolate centers.000 seeds $25. Packet (50 seeds) $2.5M $28.00 (Tithonia rotundifolia) Also known as Mexican Sunflower.50 • 5M $43. Packet (100 seeds) $2.50 • 10M $15. Plants can grow 12–14' tall with large yellow heads reaching 16–18" across! 90 days. Certified OrganiC.75 1. Huge centers are covered with chocolatecolored velvet quite similar to fur. later adopted by the Tarahumara tribe.5M $9.50 2. dark mahogany-red petals with an almost black center.000 seeds $12. Packet (100 seeds) $2. annuus) Extremely uniform variety.75 1.25 become a member—save 10% (H.75 • 250 seeds $10. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1.seedsavers.25 2. Branching plants 4–6' tall.75 1. 75 days.000 seeds $13.5M $9. 75 days. Kovács of Budapest.75 2.75 • 250 seeds $6. Starts blooming at 60 days. C ertified O rganiC . 75 days. Well branched.000 seeds $6. many side branches also produce 5–6" flowers. 75 days.000 seeds $6. 60 days. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Plants grow 6–9' tall.50 Teddy Bear 312(OG)-Taiyo (H.50 • 5M $43.75 Sunflower Mixture 313-Torch 310(OG)-Rostov (H. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 5M $14.75 • 5M $9. Dwarf plants grow only 18– 24" tall.5M $27. Plants grow 5–7' tall. annuus) Beautiful soft primrose-yellow petals with rounded tips. Heads grow up to 12" in diameter on 6' stalks.25 • 500 seeds $13. 70 days. dark-brown central disk.25 326(OG)-Teddy Bear (H. be sure to pick heads that are just about to open. 80 days.5M $9. seeds up to 1½" long.50 1289-Sunflower Mixture A complete mixture of species and forms. Plants grow 6' tall. 60 days. annuus) One of the tallest-growing.25 • 1M $16. Branching habit with long side stems. Makes an excellent border in front of larger sunflowers. Tolerant of poor conditions. one of the best varieties for cut flowers. annuus) Beautiful double 4–6" goldenyellow blooms are great for cut flowers. Plants grow 5' tall.75 132(OG)-Velvet Queen (H. Plants grow 6–8' tall.75 250 seeds $8. Nice for fresh arrangements.25 • 1M $33.sunflOwers by pure white outer petals. Packet (100 seeds) $2. Very good variety for seed production.75 • 5M $14. this would be the one! Extended bloom period provides a nice supply of flowers for cutting from July until frost.000 seeds $14.50 2.000 seeds $11. Sturdy plants grow 7–8' tall.25 500 seeds $16.25 • 5M $45.50 Seeded 131(OG)-Lemon Queen (H. Dark-centered blooms are 4–5" across with petals that gradually fade from a dark red base to golden yellow tips. plants can grow 12' tall with large yellow heads reaching 18–24" across! 75 days. Grow your own backyard giant this year. annuus) Striking sunflower has velvety. A favorite because of its extremely long bloom period. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Fiery orange 2–3" flowers attract lots of butterflies all summer long until frost.25 500 seeds $21.75 • 5M $36. Large plants are very sturdy and withstand wind well.50 • 2. Always a favorite. annuus) Bright calendula-orange flowers explode with a flash of color. Solid-gold flowers that are 8–10" in diameter. 75 days. A favorite with little children. annuus) One of the largest-seeded varieties available to gardeners. 70 days.75 • 1.00 • 5M $81. most likely of Canadian Mennonite origin. Plants grow 5–6' tall with large 10–12" heads and short golden-yellow petals.5M $22. C ertified O rganiC .25 (H. Packet (25 seeds) $2. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75• 1. Packet (25 seeds) $ phone: 563-382-5990 •81• .75 1.50 • 1M $27. which can last 7–10 days. Primarily ivor y-colored seeds with an occasional striped seed.5M $50. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 5M $14. annuus) A favorite old Japanese heirloom variety.75 • 1.50 500 seeds $10.50 2.25 • 2.5M $25.75 Italian White 1090-Orange Sun 1290-Titan 1091-Ring of Fire (H. For longer lasting bouquets of flowers. Packet (100 seeds) $2.000 seeds $4. C ertified O rganiC . C e rt i f i e d O r g a n i C . Almost entirely double flowers have a unique outer row of single petals surrounding large 5–6" heads.000 seeds $6.25 1M $21.50 (H. This is the one for impressing your neighbors and winning awards at county fairs. One of the very best for cut flowers. Packet (100 seeds) $2.50 479-Valentine Titan Velvet Queen www.25 • 2.75 • 1. annuus) A well adapted introduction. 70 days.000 seeds $13. freeflowering plants with strong stems make this an ideal sunflower for borders or cut flowers.

prairie seeds and plants Black-Eyed Susan Butterflyweed Big Bluestem Cupplant Downy Sunflower Lavender Hyssop Little Bluestem Lupine New England Aster Ox Eye Sunflower Purple Coneflower Purple Prairie Clover •82• Red Milkweed Prairie Blazingstar SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE fax: 563-382-6511 .

prairie seeds and plants

• American Prairie Seeds and Plants •

American Prairie Seeds • These are the showiest, yet easiest to grow of the prairie flowers and grasses from Prairie Nursery in

Westfield, Wisconsin. These local strains have been selected for their brilliant blooms, fine textures and ability to attract butterflies and birds. Each seed packet contains detailed instructions on germination and cultivation. Plant many different species together to create a colorful wildlife haven of native plants that are well adapted to handle heat, drought and the cold of winter. Start your own prairie planting this Spring with the finest seeds from the American prairie! Plants are sold in 3.5" deep pots mailed just when coming out of dormancy or slightly green. This years shipping dates are March 22–24, April 19–21 and May 17–19, 2010. Please mix varieties as you like, but make sure the totals are INCREMENTS OF SIx. Please see the Prairie Plant Order Form for more details.
(Agastache foeniculum) Masses of purple flower spikes atop lush deep green foliage. Acts as a biennial and self-sows readily on open ground. Leaves emit a potent licorice odor when crushed and can be used as a flavoring for cooking and for tea. Plants grow 1–3' tall on rich, well-drained soil. Hardy to zone 4. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $5.50 2.5M $12.25 • 5M $24.75 • Plant $4.75

(Andropogon gerardii) The monarch of the prairie! Largely responsible for the formation of the famous prairie sod. Lush green 3–8' plants change color at first frost to an attractive reddish-copper that lasts well into the winter. Thrives in almost any soil. Hardy to zone 3. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $5.50 2.5M $12.25 • 5M $24.75 • Plant $4.75 (Rudbeckia hirta) Best known of all the prairie flowers and the easiest to grow. A single plant can produce hundreds of blooms over the summer and into the fall. Selfseeding biennial, tolerates almost any site and most soils. Plants grow 2–3'. Hardy to zone 3. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $5.50 2.5M $12.25 • 5M $24.75 • Plant $4.75 (Asclepias tuberosa) Covered with beautiful, bright orange flowers from mid-summer until early in the fall. Blooms reliably from seed the first year if sown early enough. Plants will reach 2–3' tall in dry sandy soil and in well-drained loams. Hardy to zone 4. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $20.00 2.5M $45.00 • 5M $90.00 • Plant $4.75

957-Big Bluestem

960-Lavender Hyssop

in clay, loam or moist sand. Hardy to zone 4. Packet (150 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $13.00 2.5M $29.25 • 5M $58.50 • Plant $4.75

283-Black-Eyed Susan



(Silphium perfoliatum) An excellent species to plant for birds and pollinators. The large leaves surround the square stems to form little cups that hold rainwater for days, and the birds are quick to devour the seeds. Plants grow 5–10' tall on fertile medium soils. Hardy to zone 4. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $35.00 2.5M $78.75 • 5M $157.50 • Plant $4.75 (Helianthus mollis) This robust sunflower spreads slowly by rhizomes. An abundance of butter-yellow flowers are borne on soft, hairy stems. A favorite with many birds, so hurry to save seeds! Plants often grow 6' tall and thrive even on poor, dry soils. Hardy to zone 4. Packet (100 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $13.00 2.5M $29.25 • 5M $58.50 • Plant $4.75

958-Downy Sunflower

(Liatris pycnostachya) One of the most spectacular and majestic of the prairie plants. Large spikes of tightly bunched magenta flowers never fail to elicit comments. An excellent cut or dried flower. Grows 3–4' tall in rich loam and clay in full sun. Hardy 961-Little Bluestem to zone 4. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $8.00 (Schizachyrium scoparium) A clump- 2.5M $18.00 • 5M $36.00 • Plant $4.75 forming shorter prairie grass. Thick plants turn a striking orange-red in the fall and are 300-Purple Cone Flower topped by fluffy silvery-white seedstalks. (Echinacea purpurea) One of the very best Plants grow 2–3' tall on well-drained soils, for attracting butterflies, this showy and ranging from medium to dry. Hardy to easy-to-grow plant adds a flashy touch to the zone 3. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $5.50 late summer landscape. Grows well in full 2.5M $12.25 • 5M $24.75 • Plant $4.75 sun or light shade and blooms heavily from July through September. Will tolerate clay 962-Lupine (Lupinus perennis) Lupine’s dense spires soils. Plants reach 3–4' tall. Hardy to zone 4. of bright blue flowers signal the coming Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $7.00 of spring. Lupine is the only food plant 2.5M $15.75 • 5M $31.50 • Plant $4.75 for the larvae of the endangered Karner 965-Purple Prairie Clover Blue Butterfly. Plants grow 2' tall on sandy loams to very dry sandy soils. Will (Dalea purpurea) Bright purple and yellow not grow in clay soils. Hardy to zone 4. flowers begin to bloom in mid-summer Packet (25 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $60.00 through fall. Stunning when planted with Butterflyweed, Black-Eyed Susan and any 2.5M $135.00 • 5M $270.00 • Plant $4.75 of the shorter prairie grasses. An important 296-New England Aster prairie legume that fixes nitrogen in the soil. (Aster novae-angliae) One of the tallest Grows 1–3' tall on most well-drained soils and truly most magnificent of the fall ranging from dry sand to clay. Hardy to zone 4. asters. Serves as an important late-season Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $5.50 • 2.5M (after frost) nectar source for a variety $12.25 • 5M $24.75 • Plant $4.75 of butterflies. Plants grow 3–6' tall and require fertile soil with adequate moisture. 1106-Red Milkweed Hardy to zone 4. Packet (250 seeds) $2.75 (Asclepias incarnata) Preferred food source 1M $5.50 • 2.5M $12.25 • 5M $24.75 of Monarch caterpillars. The bright pink Plant $4.75 and red flowers appear in June and July. Grows 5' tall on moist soils that dry out 963-Ox Eye Sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides) Produces copious in the summer. No butterfly garden is quantities of brilliant yellow-orange flowers complete without Red Milkweed. Hardy from June-September. Very easy to grow. to zone 4. Packet (50 seeds) $2.75 • 1M $15.00 Seeds are great for the birds! Grows 2–5' tall 2.5M $33.75 • 5M $67.50 • Plant $4.75

964-Prairie Blazingstar

Year Old Prairie Plants become a member—save 10%

phone: 563-382-5990


seed COlleCtiOns


Double Yield

Heritage Farm Favorites
Six of the most popular vegetable varieties we offer. Each collection contains six packets of each variety (plus growing and seed sav ing instructions) in an attractive, resealable envelope (pictured by each collection). These collections make excellent presents for your gardening friends or a great value for yourself. Item # 1419 $13.50

Dragon Carrot

Dragon’s Tongue

German Pink

SSE Lettuce Mixture

Chioggia Beet First introduced to American gardeners in the late 1840s from Italy. Uniquely beautiful flesh has alternating red and white concentric rings that resemble a bull’s-eye. Very tender, nice for eating and pickling. Retains markings if baked whole and sliced just before serving. A spectacular variety. 50 days. 100 seeds per pack. Double Yield Cucumber Developed by a home gardener and introduced in 1924 by Joseph Harris & Co. of Coldwater, New York. In the words of the introducer, “The remarkable thing about this new cucumber is its wonderful productiveness. For every pickle that is cut off, two or three more are produced.” Very productive pickling type. Slender fruits, 5–6" long by 2" diameter, symmetrical, smooth and uniform. 50–60 days. 25 seeds per pack. Dragon Carrot The finest, most refined purple carrot available. Sure to be the best-selling carrot at specialty and farmers’ markets. The reddish-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellowishorange interior when peeled or sliced. Sweet, almost spicy flavor. 90 days. 250 seeds per pack. Dragon’s Tongue Bean Dutch wax bean that has large 6-8" cream-colored pods with thin purple stripes that disappear when blanched. Wide, extremely crisp and juicy stringless pods. Compact high-yielding plants. Bush habit, 55–60 days. 50 seeds per pack. German Pink Tomato One of the two original Bavarian varieties that started SSE. Potato-leaf plants produce large 1–2 pound meaty fruits with few seeds, very little cracking or blossom scars. Full sweet flavor. Excellent for canning, freezing and slicing. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant. 50 seeds per pack. Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture Mixture of lettuces containing equal amounts of the following eight varieties: Amish Deer Tongue, Australian Yellowleaf, Bronze Arrowhead, Forellenschuss, Lollo Rossa, Pablo, Red Velvet and Reine des Glaces. A great way to try them all. 250 seeds per pack. Amish Deer Tongue Amish variety valued for its ruggedness
and heavy production. Thick, solid, compact plant. Sharply triangular green leaves with straight edges. Unique growth habit. Thin midrib, good texture. Pleasantly sharp flavor. Looseleaf, 45–55 days. 250 seeds per pack.

Amish Deer Tongue

Bronze Arrowhead Awarded the bronze medal at the 1947 All American Selections. Introduced as Bronze Beauty by Germania Seed & Plant Co. Hailed as “the finest, most colorful and most delicious leaf lettuce for the home garden.” Looseleaf, 40–50 days. 250 seeds per pack. Crisp Mint Compact heads grow almost straight up to a height of 10", excellent flavor. Unique, almost serrated leaves. A real standout, one of our best varieties. Romaine, 45–55 days. 250 seeds per pack. Forellenschuss Our perennial favorite, hard to find an all-around
better lettuce. Austrian heirloom that translates literally as “trout, self-enclosing” meaning it’s a speckled romaine. Gorgeous romaine lettuce with medium green leaves and splotches of maroon. Superior flavor. Holds very well in the summer heat without bolting. Romaine, 55 days. 250 seeds per pack. maroon, and the backs are green tinged with maroon. Most likely the darkest of all the red lettuces available. Looseleaf, 55 days. 250 seeds per pack.

Bronze Arrowhead

Heirloom Lettuce Collection
A great selection of our most popular lettuce varieties. Each collection contains six packets of each variety and contains growing and seed saving instructions in an attractive, resealable envelope (pictured by each collection). These collections make excellent presents for your gardening friends or a great value for yourself. Item # 1420 $13.50

Crisp Mint


Red Velvet Striking appearance. Tops of leaves are solid reddish-

Red Velvet

Susan’s Red Bibb Upright growth habit. Curled and blistered

leaf edges are tinged with red, dark lime-green leaf centers, fairly wide mid-ribs. Mild flavor. Looseleaf, 50–60 days. 250 seeds per pack.

Susan’s Red Bibb



fax: 563-382-6511

seed COlleCtiOns

Autumn Beauty (Helianthus annuus) Multi-headed flowers range

from bright yellow to gold to dark burgundy, with some bi-colors. One plant can have up to two dozen flowers open at the same time under ideal conditions, very nice for cutting. Plants grow 5–8' tall. 100 seeds per pack.

Taiyo (H. annuus) Plants grow 5-6' tall. Large 10–12" golden-yellow
heads. Centers are covered with chocolate-colored velvet. Traditional Japanese variety. 100 seeds per pack.

Autumn Beauty

Teddy Bear (H. annuus) Beautiful double 4–6" golden-yellow

blooms are great for cut flowers. Makes an excellent border in front of larger sunflowers. A favorite with little children. Dwarf plants grow only 18–24" tall. 75 days. 100 seeds per pack. Fiery orange 2–3" flowers attract lots of butterflies all summer long until frost. A favorite because of its extremely long bloom period. Nice for fresh arrangements. Branching plants 4–6' tall. 60 days. 100 seeds per pack.


Torch (Tithonia rotundifolia) Also known as Mexican Sunflower.

Teddy Bear

Valentine (H. annuus) Beautiful soft primrose-yellow petals with

rounded tips, dark-brown central disk. Plants grow 5' tall; many side branches also produce 5–6" flowers. One of the very best for cut flowers, which can last 7–10 days. For longer-lasting bouquets of flowers, be sure to pick heads that are just about to open, not ones that are already open. Bred by Dr. Kovács of Budapest, Hungary. 50 seeds per pack.


Velvet Queen (H. annuus) Striking sunflower has velvety, dark

mahogany-red petals with an almost black center. Well-branched, freeflowering plants with strong stems. Great for birds. Plants grow 5–7' tall. 100 seeds per pack.


Velvet Queen

A fine selection of sunflowers that look great planted together in a patch, or separately. Each collection contains six packets of each variety (plus growing and seed saving instructions) in an attractive, resealable envelope (pictured by each collection). These collections make excellent presents for your gardening friends or a great value for yourself. Item # 1421 $13.50

Sunflower Collection

California Poppy Mixture (Eschscholzia californica) First

noted on the Pacific coast by Dr. Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, who was the leader of a Russian expedition in 1815. Spectacular, long-lasting display of lively colors. Best sown in place, and very early. Self-seeding annual, 12–16" tall. 1,000 seeds per pack. nasturtium with dark blue-green foliage. Brilliant crimson-scarlet flowers on plants seldom over 12–14". Suitable for containers. The flowers and leaves are a peppery addition to salads and pastas or when used as a garnish. Hardy annual. 25 seeds per pack. mixture, remarkably showy blossoms are open all day. Extremely handsome flowers often planted in beds or mixed in borders. Referred to for centuries as Dwarf Morning Glory. Captivating flower that has inspired many artists. Hardy annual, 12" vining. 250 seeds per pack.

California Poppy

Empress of India (Tropaeolum minus) A classic Victorian

Empress of India

Ensign Mixture (Convolvulus tricolor) Beautiful free-flowering
Ensign Mixture

named varieties of sweet peas. Includes some bi-colored and striped varieties. Strongly scented old varieties that were introduced before 1907. If you only have space for only one sweet pea, this would be the one! Good tolerance to heat. Annual, 5–6' tall. plants. 50 seeds per pack.

Grandiflora Mixture (Lathyrus odoratus) Mixture of 25
Grandiflora Mixture

the Bavarian varieties that started SSE. Beautiful small deep-purple flower with red star in throat. Climbs 15' if given support. Self-seeding annual. 100 seeds per pack.

Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea) One of

Grandpa Ott’s

Red Marietta Marigold (Tagetes patula) Continuous

succession of beautiful 2" blooms provide a spectacular splash of color all summer. Perfect for edging paths and borders or scattered throughout the garden. Classic marigold aroma. Annual, 12–18" tall. 250 seeds per pack.

Marietta Marigold

A great selection of flowers for your summer cottage garden. Each collection contains six packets of each variety(plus growing and seed saving instructions) in an attractive, resealable envelope (pictured by each collection). These collections make excellent presents for your gardening friends or a great value for yourself .

Heirloom Flower Collection

Item # 1422 $13.50

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transplanting seedlings and collecting and storing the seeds. Fully illustrated. . A popular book at Heritage Farm’s gift shop and a great addition to any library to ensure success in starting seeds. . plus cooking and eating qualities. Softcover.Item # M1206 $20. Expert gardeners from seven regions of the U. . .Item # M121 . berries. 168 pages. . . .org fax: 563-382-6511 . . . .Item # M843 .seedsavers.50 Tomato Poster Features 25 life-size tomatoes and sources for each variety. Softcover. . trees and houseplants. . For easy reference. plus where they are grown and planting tips. .S.Offers expert •86• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. . (24" x 36") Item # M125 $20. . which has turned the book into a complete growing guide. .95 Edited by Karan Davis Cutler. 112 pages. . . gardening materials.00 explains everything you need to know on starting seeds successfully. Complete seed-saving The New Seed-Starters Handbook Apple Poster Exquisite photos of 38 heirloom apples accompanied by date of origin.Item # M1648 .00 garlic varieties with descriptions of taste and temperature.95 By Tanya L. . taste. .00 $20. . More than 50 color photographs.00 $20. . . . Item # B202 $19. plus organic remedies for 201 garden pests and diseases. . fruits. . K.seedsavers. Item # B211 $9. Includes a chapter by Kent Whealy on the importance of genetic preservation. Culinary Herbs . Root Vegetables . . .Item # M160 . (12" x 36") Item # M119 $12. . . . . vegetables. . . Item # B137 $18. shrubs.95 Secrets of Plant Propagation Starting From Seed More Large 24" x 36" Posters Are Available at www.gardening bOOks The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food book provides in-depth information about growing. . many taken at Heritage Farm. plants and pests are arranged alphabetically. . 496 pages. .95 By Suzanne Ashworth. Pick out your favorites and then grow them yourself. have shared their seed-starting techniques. . best growing media.95 By Nancy Bubel. A fully illustrated and easy-to-use guide for germinating seeds. . . . This easy-to-use reference book Corn Poster “Indian Corn of the Americas” Features 30 different life-size ears. . Voted one of America’s 75 best garden books by the American Horticultural Society. Softcover. Salad Greens . fruits. (24" x 36") Item # M167 $20. Pepper .00 advice on how to grow hundreds of vegetables. . . . . Softcover. . ( 24" x 36") Item # M117 $20. This updated and greatly expanded Second Edition now includes how to start each vegetable from seed. This comprehensive Seed to Seed (Second Edition) guide that describes specific techniques for 160 vegetables. herbs and nuts. and storing 765 varieties of vegetables. Item # B762 $24. ornamental plants and wildflowers from seed.Item # M845 . . . 385 pages. Softcover. herbs. . .00 Garlic Poster Includes 43 life-sized Sunflower Poster (Narrow Format) Full-color narrow vertically formatted print features 8 sunflowers with short descriptions.00 $20. . . . . harvesting.00 $20. plus country of origin. . Grain . . . Gardeners find stepby-step instructions for propagating flowers. . . plus sources for seeds and hard-to-find gardening supplies. Chapters on grafting fruit trees and seed starting provide dependable techniques for gardeners trying to propagate heirloom plants and trees. .00 $20. including the latest research. . (24" x 36") Item # M124 $20.00 By Lewis Hill. 228 pages. . . . . . . Denkla. Item # B579 $24. .

  Illustrated with color on every page and shares exquisite gourd craft styles from around the world. WI . 219 pages. . For farmers and fanciers alike. This A to Z directory of species provides appropriate techniques for propagating aquatics. A complete easy-to-use By Carol Ekarius.95 John A. shrubs. Gourd Carrots Love Tomatoes By Louise Riotte.95 By Eileen Powell. planting instructions. Item # B833 $24. IA. SSE with assistance from The National Agricultural Library identified early seed catalogs from the Midwest including the Adams Seed Company located in Decorah.95 Currie Bros. brief breed histories.. Softcover. Salzer Co.95 Antique Tin Signs The Plant Propagator’s Bible The colorful and intricate covers of seed catalogs found in the early 1900s were used as an enticement for customers to buy from their catalogs. . 528 pages. . no matter what their level of knowledge. 192 pages. dried gourds.95 become a member—save 10% www.95 By Ginger Summit. Laying hens and heritage turkeys. Illustrations throughout. The images have been reproduced as tin signs and as magnets. .. ornamental plants. Item # B1236 $24. trees. houseplants. Milwaukee. with more than 120 breeds strutting their phone: 563-382-5990 •87• . If it's poultry-fair or fowl-it's in this book. Item # M3347 $12. Item # B521 $14. An essential reference tool Gourds in Your Garden guide for all gourd growers. 128 pages. and thorough descriptions of identifying physical characteristics.95 Elgin Seed Co. prepare and carve gourds. Item # B1141 $21. Item # B102 $17. Step-bystep illustrations and photographs make starting plants from seed less intimidating and increase the diversity in your garden. Please check our online catalog for more signs. IL . A step-by-step guide + Set of four magnets(2" x 3").. A quick reference on each plant’s characteristics and requirements. Check for More Signs at www. . Item # B841 $24. This A-Z guide is an encyclopedia of 600 plants and used as constant reference for SSE throughout the year.seedsavers.95 Story's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds new The Complete Book of Gourd Carving crafters will be delighted with the comprehensive book that introduces every tool and technique associated with gourd carving. Item # M3344 $14. Co. Item # M3342 $14.95 By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Softcover. Iowa. Softcover. Item # M3343 $ Adams Seed Co. vegetables and flowers. suppliers of seeds. 192 pages. First published in 1975. . here is the definitive guide to North American poultry. .  This book shows how to choose. this much-loved classic has taught generations of gardeners how to use plants to provide protection from pests and use beneficial relationships to produce bigger and better harvests. techniques for controlling diseases and pests. harvesting.95 By Miranda Smith. . including practical information on soil improvement and garden plans using vegetables and herbs as companions.gardening bOOks The Gardener’s A-Z guide to Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom for gardeners who grow flowers from seed..seedsavers. Softcover. one each of the four images . exotic pheasants and giant ostriches are represented here with color photography. Elgin. This book was long overdue! Color photos. A complete reference guide for gardeners on companion planting. LaCrosse. .95 to propagating every plant in your garden. WI . Includes botanical descriptions.  Hardcover. Decorah. . All signs measure 12" by 16" and the magnets 2" by 3". curing and simple gourd crafting. Item # M3345 $14. Full-color photos of more than 550 plants.

95 The Backyard Berry Book Great GardenCompanions By Sally Jean Cunningham. Chapters on organic soil. Herbs & Fruits: An Illustrated Encyclopedia grown herbs come the promise of flavor. store. 448 pages. Male. A home gardener’s manual for growing strawberries. gooseberries. blueberries. Brambles & Vine Fruit in the Home Garden By Stella Otto. and covers every aspect of growing and saving seed. 60 color photos and 200 illustrations. Gardeners and farmers can use the innovative. Written by long- By Lee Reich. organic produce—with little or no energy inputs. large or small.95 By Betty E. Softcover. Provides a thorough guide to the important first step of preparing the site for berries. An extraordinarily complete. A revolutionary guide to year-round harvests of fresh. raspberries. and sell 64 of the most popular herbs. plus a complete resource list.95 101 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden The Pruning Book By Caroyln J. Item # B1250 $21. This indispensable encyclopedia is a must for gardeners who want to make the most of their plot. Item # B1248 $29. The extraordinary book describes 100 of her favorites. dry. propagate. 246 pages.95 A Hands-On Guide to Growing Berries. 240 pages. Softcover. attracting beneficial insects and companion plants. testing and mulching. Jacobs. this essential reference walks gardeners through the process of pruning for healthy growth and good form. Item # B118 $14. With over 250 photographs. Item # B766 $17. Item # B1220 $29. Item # B239 $ fax: 563-382-6511 . rhubarb.95 •88• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. The new edition of this award-winning book explains the do's and don’ts of cutting back. grapes and kiwi fruit. Charts to find the best combinations of plants. 240 pages. Hardcover. A practical book teaches gardeners a companion planting system for chemical-free vegetable gardens.  Comprehensive growing.With very new Winter Harvest Handbook By Eliot Coleman. Softcover. everything edible grown in a traditional garden can be raised in a container. From humble houseplants to the most amazing exotics. Softcover. every time. This book features superb color photographs of more than 100 herbs.95 By Rose Marie Nichols McGee and Maggie Stuckey.seedsavers. including their histories. who has grown more than 1. 640 pages. 288 pages.  Softcover.gardening bOOks Bountiful Container few exceptions. Carolyn is now sharing her vast knowledge of heirloom tomatoes as she has always shared here seeds. readers learn how to make the right cut the first time. harvest. Jekka McVicar and Bob Flowerdew. and beauty. plant-byplant guide that covers vegetables for every season including 17 terrific tomatoes and 21 different beans plus herbs. this book belongs in every gardener's library. 288 pages. Item # B501 $17. fruits and edible flowers. currants.000 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Pruning can confound time active SSE member Carolyn Male. pest control. This illustrated guide teaches you how to plant. Item # B328 $18.M. With home- By Matthew Biggs.95 new Growing & Using Herbs Successfully new Vegetables. More than 75 illustrations. Updated with the latest information. harvesting and preserving tips and a wealth of recipes are a boon to gardeners and cooks alike. Two-color line art and halftones throughout. 256 pages. highly successful methods described in this comprehensive handbook to raise crops throughout the coldest winters.95 even the most competent gardener. and 135 drawings. scent. plus gives valuable details on soil nutrition. Each tomato is accompanied by a stunning color photo. Softcover. healing. freeze. blackberries. Softcover. 70 vegetables and 100 fruits organized in an easy-to-use A-Z directory.

nectarines. the heirloom tomato. Everything the dedicated amateur or professional horticulturist wants to know about grafting is found here. A complete and practical guide to growing apples. controlling pests and diseases. and practical growing and marketing advice for organic farmers. Amy adds detailed descriptions of the tomatoes themselves: “portraits” in both word and photograph of 200 heirloom tomatoes (culled from 1000 varieties tested in Goldman’s garden over the past 35 years). Softcover. Item # B1151 $25. 2 1 6 page s. pruning. growing trees successfully in containers. The book is the distillation of Garner’s lifetime of careful research and is written in a concise and straightforward style. Written The BackYard Orchardist By Stella Otto. This highly informative book includes chapters on selecting the right site. Published in association with The Royal Horticultural Society. Item # B1194 $35. harvest and storage. Item # B745 $19. This classic text has long been established as the encyclopedia of plant propagation by grafting. Discover the benefits of composting and learn how to maintain an organic garden year-round. recipes and seed sources. Rombough shares his 35 years of experience and offers thorough information on establishing a vineyard. Softcover. Fascinating stories of apple traditions and antique varieties. Foreword by Kent W healy. 160 pages. basic pruning techniques.00 The Grafter’s Handbook By R. herbs. Many full page color illustrations. 288 pages. Item # B815 $40. Item # B648 $25. seed saving techniques.seedsavers. The book pays homage to many original members of SSE who bred and introduced these wondrous fruits. Once expanded edition. Each melon is showcased with stunning full-color photographs. Item # B240 $16. apricots and plums in the home garden. Garner. with expert growing tips. Amy has grown hundreds of varieties of heirloom melons and has written the definitive book on the subject. which includes detailed descriptions of 150 squashes (and gourds). sources for seeds. rootstocks. Long awaited book for backyard and commercial organic grape growers. 70 black-and-white photographs. recipes and seed sources. Flexible hardcover.gardening bOOks The Apple Grower A Guide for the Organic Orchardist By Michael Phillips. Another absolutely gorgeous book by SSE member Amy Goldman. Photographer Victor Schrager captures the beauty of the tomato with his sumptuous full color still lifes. hand-pollination and seed saving techniques. J. planting. organic nurseries and supplies. combined with history. controlling insects and pests. Ha rd c ov e r. eco-friendly gardening for the beginner or experienced grower. 344 pages. plus an 8-page color section. growing tips.00 become a member—save 10% www. This book combines the tomato’s history. The complete guide to natural. growing information. Nea r l y 2 0 0 c o l o r p h o to s . Stunning full-color photographs by Victor Schrager illustrate this large format book. and phone: 563-382-5990 •89• .95 by an SSE member whose devotion to melons has created a true work of art.00 Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening again. Item # B679 $35. This book provides o r ga n i c s o l u t i o n s f o r c o m m e rc i a l orchardists or backyard gardeners. Softcover. Amy grew and evaluated hundreds of heirloom and foreign squashes to write this definitive book.00 By Anna Krugar.95 The Grape Grower: A Guide to Organic Viticulture By Lon Rombough. 340 pages. SSE member Amy Goldman has created a compendium that is practical. featuring Amy’s skillfully written histories. Softcover 416 pages. beautiful and inspiring centered on the world’s most beautiful fruit. 323 pages. fruits and vegetables. Illustrated with very clear line drawings and photographs. propagation. caring for the trees. cherries.00 by Amy Goldman. Contains tips and the latest techniques needed to produce chemical-free flowers. Lists sources for orchard equipment. Revised and The Heirloom Tomato by Amy Goldman. seed saving. pears. Nearly 150 color photographs. Hardcover. winter protection and breeding new varieties. Item # B104 $40. 250 pages.00 The Compleat Squash Melons for the Passionate Grower By Amy Goldman. Softcover. peaches.

prune flower stalks and harvest. Softcover. Wilson who describes a year in the life of Buffalo Bird Woman. Softcover. or herb planted in smaller quantities. Softcover. to recognize. Illustrated with lyrical watercolors. Item # B515 $13. tools. Item # B146 $14.seedsavers.95 The Definitive Guide for Organic Gardeners and Small Scale Farmers By Ron L. This book provides How to Grow More Vegetables easy garden plans for pizza patches. 213 fax: 563-382-6511 . Item # B329 $13. Two each of ten images (not pictured: Apples. Item B289 $19. crafts. The book offers rich histories. Instructions on building a series of 1-foot squares without the need for elaborate structures. fruit. She tells of breaking the soil with digging sticks.95 Color Postcards-Vivid postcards share the beauty of the genetic diversity being maintained at Heritage Farm and by the members of the Seed Savers Exchange.99 written by a farmer who makes his living growing over 450 strains of garlic. zucchini “fish” and why every garden needs a swing. Peppers. Presents 12 spirited. Shoots. 144 pages. Softcover. celebrate and conserve diversity of the foods that gives North America its culinary identity. 127 pages. Filled with botanical lore and hundreds of simple pleasures you can create in your garden. Softcover.gardening bOOks Renewing America’s Food Traditions Saving and Savoring the Continent’s Most Endangered Foods Edited by Gary Paul Nabhan. A call new Herb the Vegetarian Dragon By Jules Bass and Debbie harter. Hardcover. which is largely responsible for the rapid growth of the heirloom seed movement.95 Sunflower Houses Roots. Berries. Rev ised and ex panded. market and process the crop. The world’s leading book on biointensive growing practices based on the work by Alan Chadw ick . Eggplant. This book tells which strains to choose. Foreword by Deborah Madison. Grains.95 Square Foot Gardening By Sharon Lovejoy. Zuni waffle gardens and bean tunnels that children and parents can grow together. Item # B1167 $35. dried. including sunflower houses. Engeland. recipes and folk traditions associated with these rare plants and animals. A new way to garden in less space with less work. and Other Crops) Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine By John Jeavons. 159 pages. how and when to plant them. 268 pages. The 7th edition with new foreward by Alice Waters. or equipment. Softcover.95 (And Fruits.00 Growing Great Garlic In a faraway forest live Meathook and his band of carnivorous dragons who love feasting on tasty princesses. 346 pages. describes the seed varieties grown and how each was harvested. A book for children and their grown-up friends. Each square holds a different vegetable. 304 pages. Nuts. seed saving tips. easy to implement ideas for theme gardens complete with a plan and planting instructions. Beans. Extensive illustrations.00 •90• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. a Hidatsa Indian born in 1839 in North Dakota. Herb is the only dragon in the Forest of Nogard who grows his own vegetables. A grower’s guide By Mel Bartholomew. Ancient White Park Cattle). with seed starting and planting instructions. cooked and saved. Thi s hear t war ming stor y rai ses interesting questions about accepting other people's lifestyles and being open to change. Tips on how to store. Softcover. Illustrated throughout with watercolors. Item # B107 $16. 32 pages. Item # M1178 $10. fertilize. Item # B103 $19. Buckets & Boots By Sharon Lovejoy. A primer for green-thumbed adults on how to garden with children. activities and recipes. properly cure.95 Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians First published in 1917 by anthropologist Gilbert L. B1075 $16.

95 By Barbara Kingsolver with Steven L. “This is the story Bringing it to the Table By wendell berry.95 Historic Lippincott Postcards-Beautiful catalog covers from “The Pioneer Seedswoman of America.99 By Harriot Ziefert. Saving our children from nature-deficit disorder. 370 pages. Item # B1252 $15. Softcover. Vegetable.seedsavers. Softcover. Softcover. Long before new organic produce was available at your local supermarket. marketed to women. Item # B1251 $14. 334 pages. The essays in this book address such concerns as: How does organic measure up against locally grown? What can you do to support sustainable agriculture? This book is essential reading for anyone who cares about what they eat. Both books are hardcover and 20 pages. Full-Size Item # B133 $16. adults and children have been intrigued by the profusion of heirloom flowers and vegetables in the cottage gardens surrounding her hand-hewn house in the Vermont countryside.30 pages.000 in 1896.95 Mini-Size Item # B134 $9. Item # M1188 $10. The Root Children spend the winter asleep underground before they wake up to a new spring. new Tasha Tudor’s Garden With charming and colorful illustrations this lively story delivers an important message of acceptance to young readers as Cauliflower and Carrot decide to go to the Flower Ball together. Wendell Berry was farming with the purity of food in mind. meadows and streams all summer long. Links the absence of nature to some of the disturbing childhood trends: obesity. 36 pages Item # B1249 $16.gardening bOOks The Flower Ball By Sigrid Laube and Silke Leffler. Reprinted from the Robert Becker Memorial Library at Seed Savers’ Heritage Farm. and finally to a new apple.000 orders in 1891 to phone: 563-382-5990 •91• . Item # B302 $35. Follow the life cycle of an apple: from fruit growing on the tree to market. to picnic. This simple book with radiant illustrations introduces children to the amazing way the earth provides food. Five each of the four images above. attention disorders. 160 pages. Hardcover." he writes.95 By Tovah Martin. until Mother Earth welcomes them back to their underground home in the autumn. The miracle was realizing she could change and embrace this sustainable way of life.00 Animal. illustrated by Karla Gudeon. Richly illustrated with colorful drawings. Full page color photographs and Tasha’s beautiful watercolors and enchanting anecdotes color this beautiful book . Hardcover. For decades. Hardcover. and depression. "Eating is an agricultural act. then play in the fields. “Paradise on One Red Apple comes one red apple. Practical solutions on how to introduce children to nature and heal the broken bond. 192 pages. Item # B176 $14.95 Last Child in the Woods become a member—save 10% www.” Carrie Lippincott dealt exclusively in flower seeds. From one small seed new earth” is how Tasha Tudor describes her garden.95 of a year in which we made every attempt to feed ourselves animals and vegetables whose provenance we really knew…” With poetry and humor Kingsolver takes readers along on their journey away from industrial food to a rural life where they only buy food raised locally. Exposure to nature is essential for the physical and emotional health of children. Miracle The Story of the Root Children By Sibylle von Olfers. to sapling and tree.00 By Richard Louv. and grew her business from 6. Hopp & Camille Kingsolver. Item # B1210 $14. Originally published in German in 1906. to seed.

Item # B652 $14.  This book also includes 35 recipes using stevia powder or leaf water extract. Softcover. pests. with instructions on propagating. This is the definitive stevia guide from garden to table. and seafood. This comprehensive guide offers more than 200 lively recipes by this award winning chef that the whole family will enjoy. This book contains detailed profiles of the 100 most popular chile varieties along with information on how to grow them. Color photos throughout.95 By Andrea Chesman. More than 150 straight-forward recipes for oven roasting everything from artichokes to zucchini and using these vegetables in pasta. The versatile Lost Recipes new The Complete Chili Pepper Book share with friends and family. 416 pages. 88 fax: 563-382-6511 . Softcover. but muffins. Hardcover. harvesting. selecting. stocks and broths. Historical information and stories accompany each recipe. The book Beans new Growing & Using Stevia guide to identifying. Recipes for dips. 336 pages. Item B1008 $10.95 Vegetable Soups begins with a soup-making primer and streamlined recipes for vegetables. Perhaps more responsible By John E.95 By Deborah Madison. 501 pages.00 By Marion Cunningham. Softcover. inexpensive dishes from the past. sandwiches and salads. and post-harvest processing and preservation. how to diagnose and remedy problems. growing. harvesting. Item # B1247 $35. preparing and storing rhubarb and 200 recipes for this delightful pie plant.00 By Jeffery Goettemoeller and Karen Lucke. risotto. Item # B1120 $16. Follow the planting. and processing stevia. Seasonal recipes for 175 in-season vegetables. stewing. Softcover. and responsibly raised meat. side dishes. 245 pages Item # B886 $12.Celebrating the The Joy of Rhubarb Cookbook summer delight is not just for pies. Organized by seasons and presents more than 100 straightforward vegetable soup recipes. Illustrated with lovely color reproductions of memorabilia. rhubarb salsa. preserves and of course desserts. This book is the complete home Serving up the Harvest goodness of fresh vegetables.seedsavers. storing. Serves up a selection of soups from first courses to substantial one-bowl meals. main dishes and baked beans.95 By Aliza Green. salsa. 143 pages. Softcover. pizza. dips. Over 100 recipes for good-tasting. Item # B1246 $29. simple-to-make. Item # B837 $22. Interesting facts and fiction are scattered throughout. It concludes with 85 mouth-watering recipes that make use of the heat of chile peppers and of their more subtle flavor qualities. Withee. Item #B864 $22. Roasting intensifies new The Art of Simple Food Growing and Cooking Beans than anyone for the revolution in the way we eat. Softcover. storing and cooking of heirloom beans as seen through the eyes of an experienced horticulturalist and collector of heirloom beans. stirfrying and baking fresh and dried beans and all other legumes imaginable. Softcover. still contains John’s passion and knowledge. Originally written in 1980.95 By Theresa Millang. indoors and out. soups. Hardcover. Meals to By Dave DeWitt & Paul W. Chile peppers are hot-in every sense of the word. Item # B1035 $19. growing. Alice Waters has "single-handedly changed the American palate" according to the New York Times.95 By Andrea Chesman. Includes tips for growing. All chapters begin with information about growing and harvesting each vegetable with kitchen notes. healthful grains. and diseases. cook. 225 pages. poultry. 374 pages.95 •92• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. A beautiful bound book with a pocket for your own lost recipes. Written by the late John Withee over 30 years ago.00 ByAliceWaters. 50 stunning full-page color photos. soaking. Bosland. then embark on a voyage of culinary rediscovery that reminds us that the most gratifying dish is often the least complex. Item # B1152 $19. 230 pages.COOkbOOks The Roasted Vegetable the flavors and natural sweetness of vegetables and can be the main ingredient in a variety of dishes. 230 pages. main dishes. slow-cooking. and think about food. Hardcover.  Fill your market basket with pristine produce.

More than 200 delicious recipes using dried foods in nutritious snacks. indoors and out. Item # B1093 $22. Stepby-step instructions on how to dry vegetables. Item # B120 $14. grains. and safety is followed by essential recipes such as Apple Butter. Newly revised naturally cool. They’re also inexpensive and. cold storage. Item # B1219 $17. Softcover.00 by the Gardeners and Farmers of Terre Vivante. freezer pickles.95 presents 225 recipes for pickles made from all types of phone: 563-382-5990 •93• . the most complete guide to drying foods at home. Softcover. drying. Use the earth’s Root Cellaring How to Dry Foods and expanded. stable temperature to store perishable fruits and vegetables. and even pickled meat.seedsavers.95 By Nancy and Mike Bubel. Homemade Everyone starting out canning remembers the Ball canning book. Root cellars provide a simple. alcohol.95 Making & Using Dried Foods way to preserve food.95 By Deanna DeLong.95 By Phyllis Hobson. canning convenience foods and canning and preserving for a small family. 192 pages.95 Edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine.00 By Linda Ziedrich. a thorough guide to equipment. Softcover 376 pages. Softcover. seafood and eggs. Softcover. techniques. Softcover 420 pages. Move beyond dried known French techniques using salt.95 By Linda Ziedrich. Softcover. 396 pages. The Joy of Pickling new The Joy of Jams & Jellies preserves are the perfect way to enjoy a favorite fruit all year long. chutneys. For beginners. sweet pickles. This 2nd edition is fully revised and updated and is a practical guide for the latest and safest methods of making preserves. Item # B835 $19. 448 pages. squash and beans. fresh pickles. and Concord Grape Jelly as well as innovative recipes like Brandied Peaches with Vanilla. fruits and make fruit leather. butters. Information for reconstituting dried fruit and more than 100 recipes. This updated edition new Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning Food Drying With An Attitude apricots and jerky into an amazing world of healthy and delicious dried foods. Item # B548 $19.95 By Judith Finlayson. Produce purchase guide and extensive glossary for canning equipment. Over 300 delicious recipes for jams. 208 pages. oil. A revised Complete Book of Home Preserving edition of the best-selling classic. relishes. Softcover. miso and soy pickles. Softcover. This offers straightforward and practical instructions for drying everything from apples to zucchini plus a unique focus on dried corn. Softcover. are made without commercial pectin or other artificial ingredients. Complete plans for building your own food dryer. 142 pages. Item # B201 $14. A very timely topic with the renewed interest in knowing where our food comes from. Color illustrations. vegetables. liqueurs and freezer preserving. the little blue book. 320 pages. Item # B1145 $17. Now it has grown to include 400 userfriendly recipes and step-by-step canning techniques. 428 pages. soups and entrees. quick pickles. Item # B1209 $14. sugar. The newest old-fashioned become a member—save 10% www. Softcover. Included are chapters on fermented pickles. This new “old school” version is the best and most complete book on preserving with updated information on using less sugar and salt. energy-saving way to keep food all year long. Black and white illustrations. Step-by-step instructions on choosing the best varieties and storing requirements for nearly 100 crops safely. vinegar.COOkbOOks Putting Food By By Janet Greene. pickles. 197 pages. Combine all the By Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard. Item # B425 $18. specialty vinegars. Item # B 1207 $17. Item # B403 $25. 189 pages. jellies. in this book. Ruth Hertzberg and Beatrice Vaughan. new forward by Deborah Madison Celebrating traditional but little- The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving 125 Best Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes advantages of eating more vegetables and grains with the convenience of the slow cooker. nuts. Extensive tips and techniques for foolproof dishes using the slow cooker. and lactic fermentation. cabbage pickles.95 By Mary T. family favorites and more than 60 vegan-friendly recipes. appealing to a wide range of tastes to inspire full-time and occasional vegetarians. freezing for the microwave. Helpful charts. Offers more than 250 easy recipes featuring locally grown and minimally refined ingredients. The array of dishes includes 45 recipes created exclusively for this book. meats and herbs. updated information about equipment and food safety tips. salsas. Simple step-by-step instructions for drying and storing more than 100 different kinds of fruits. herbs. Bell.

Certified OrganiC. 12 oz bag $4.00 25 lb bag $100. 12 oz bag $4. Beautif ul burgundy markings are retained when cooked.00 Originally grown by the Native Amer icans in the Dakotas. Fresh culinary beans for your kitchen…(not intended for sowing) m2998-Dutch Brown m3201-Hidatsa Red new New! m3407-Arikara Yellow Originally from the Arikara Tribe of North Dakota and offered by Oscar Will in the early 1900s.00 m188-Good Mother Stallard Introduced to SSE members more than a decade ago by Glenn Drowns. By working closely with traditional family farmers we have increased both pole and bush types. great flavor. A stablized cross between Jacob’s Cattle and Paint.25 • 5 lb bag $25. but not a true lima. 12 oz bag $4.00 m831-Christmas Lima Dates back to the 1840s.25 • 5lb bag $25.25 • 25 lb bag $150.25 • 25 lb bag $150. 12 oz bag $4.000 years and are one of the most economical sources of protein.00 25 lb bag $100.25 • 5 lb bag $25.00 m2114-Jacob’s Cattle The result of a cross between Jacob’s Cattle and Mex ican Black Turtle. Prized by many chefs.25 • 5 lb bag $25. 12 oz bag $4. A winter staple for soups. Originally offered by Abundant Life Seed Foundation in the 1980s. 12 oz bag $4. Attractive and flavorful dry bean. Reported to cause half the flatulence of regular Jacob’s Cattle. C ertified O rganiC .00 •94• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. For the past five years we have been preparing to introduce a wider range of colorful cooking beans.00 • 25 lb bag $100. cooks down into a creamy white sauce.00 m3202-Hutterite Soup O n e o f t h e best heirloom var ieties f o r mak ing sou p. Beans have been an important part of the human diet for nearly 10.00 m3203-Jacob’s Cattle Gold Similar in all aspects to regular Jacob’s Cattle except for the color.00 25 lb bag $100. Certified OrganiC.25 • 5 lb bag $25. 12 oz bag $4. In Holland many consider this to be the only bean needed. stews and side dishes. One of the best dry beans for fax: 563-382-6511 .00 25 lb bag $100. Makes a truly excellent creamy white soup. drain and serve topped with butter.25 • 25 lb bag $150. A recent study found that colorful beans have higher levels of antioxidants. Exceptional cooking qualities. 12 oz bag $4. Doubles in size when cooked.00 25 lb bag $100.95 5 lb bag $31.00 25 lb bag $100.25 5 lb bag $25. Excellent flavor.00 A true Dutch treat! Small round beans with delicate flavor. Boil until they just begin to split. 12 oz bag $4. Dark red seeds. Yin Yang) One of the all time best for baking and soups. baked beans and soup.eating beans Cultivating certified organic pole beans frOm planting tO plate… Please join us in supporting these family farmers with your purchase of heirloom beans.25 • 5 lb bag $25. Family heirloom that has been enjoyed for generations.00 • 25 lb bag $100. 12 oz bag $4.95 5 lb bag $31. Beans soak up water well and cook very quickly. 12 oz bag $4. used as a shell bean or dry like a kidney.00 • 25 lb bag $100. Wonderful rich. meaty flavor.a.25 5 lb bag $25.00 m2996-Calypso m2200-Golden Lima Similar in appearance to limas. 12 oz bag $4. Excellent smooth texture and nutty flavor.00 (a.00 m2997-Dutch Bullet Bean m1175-Green Flageolet Famous dr y bean f rom the south of France used in classic cassoulets.00 Traditional brown bean from Holland. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals.k. Introduced to gardeners by the Oscar Will Seed Company. Excellent with meats. Will retain color if cooked in plenty of water.95 5 lb bag $31. Quartersized beans are richly flavored and have the texture of baked potatoes and chestnut taste.25 5 lb bag $25.seedsavers.

Great for salads and relishes. $19. founded in 1975.25 • 25lb bag $150. nutty flavor. 12 oz bag $4.00 new New! m166-Tiger's Eye Bean Sampler will include six individually packaged varieties. bags.A great winter staple. full-bodied. 12 oz bag $4. Lyamungo) m1671-Runner Cannellini Larger than the traditional Cannellini.00 25lb bag $100.25 • 5lb bag $25. whisk together the vinegar. 12 oz bag $4. refried beans. This rare heirloom is now common in Montana Native American communities.00 • 25lb bag $100.a.25 • 5lb bag $25.00 25lb bag $100.00 m3023-Bean Sampler A great way to compare several of our favorite varieties. Steam green beans until tender but still crisp.m3410-Swahilinat ive (a . 12 oz bag $4.00 Gray new New!. This large beige speckled bean is used in Africa for bean soup.seedsavers. 1½ cups Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg Bean or any combination of dried beans ½ pound green beans or mix of yellow wax beans 1 small red onion. olive oil.a Kijiv u)In its Tanzania. Stays nice and firm when cooked. chili and soups.00 Speckled (a.00 m3204-October Native American variety dating back to the 1830s from the Cherchei Nation in Tennessee.eating beans This was a favorite salad served at the Seed Savers Annual Convention this summer at Heritage Farm. Heritage Farm Bean Salad Heritage Farm Bean Salad new New! m3408-Kilimanjaro Originally from the region of Tanzania famous for Mount Kilimanjaro. Excellent sweet flavor. Texture is potatol i k e . 12 oz bag $4. drain and cool. cut into thin rings 3 tbsp chopped fresh basil (could use fresh parsley or cilantro) salt and pepper to taste Balsamic Vinaigrette ¼ cup balsamic vinegar ½ cup extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup sugar 2 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp salt ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper Cook dry beans according to directions.00 One of the most beautiful of all the dry beans.00 25lb bag $100. 12 oz bag $4.00 new New! m3411-Yellow Indian Woman Originally brought to Montana by Swiss Immigrants. s m o o t h a n d s t a r c hy. In a small bowl. resembles the flavor of Pinto or Black beans.25 • 5lb bag $25. C ertified O rganiC .95 • 5lb bag $31.00 • 25lb bag $100. Holds its shape very well. C ertified O rganiC .25 25lb bag $150. Excellent for soups.k . onions and fresh herbs.00 25lb bag $100.12oz bag$4.00 new New! m3409-Snow Cap These large kidney-shaped beans are mottled beige and maroon on one side and white on the other. Ideal for slow cooked dishes. Nice and creamy. Serve chilled or at room temperature. great for stews. Toss well.00 • 25 lb bag $100. in separate 8 oz. 12 oz bag $4.25 5 lb bag $ .25 5lb bag $25.00 m165-Vermont Cranberry m3000-Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg These beans were brought to Missouri by covered wagon in the 1880s by Lina’s grandmother. 12 oz bag $4. set aside. They retain their markings after cooking. Garnish with fresh basil leaves. A great source of protein and very easy to digest.25 • 5lb bag $25. Add to warm cooked Lina Cisco’s beans. mustard.k. Very tender skins almost disappear when cooked. salt and pepper. Serves 6. A perfect holiday gift. this vitamin rich bean is ground into flour and added to drinks. toss well and let cool. sugar. preferred by chefs for its outstanding.95 5lb bag $31.25 • 5lb bag $25.12oz bag$4.00 25lb bag $100. endless uses including chili.50 See pages 92-93 for bean cookbooks phone: 563-382-5990 •95• become a member—save 10% www. Add green beans. Lina was one of the six original members of SSE. dips and soups. known before 1876. Great for chili or refried beans. Each m3349-Pinto Used extensively in Mex ican cooking for centuries.25 5lb bag $25.00 Old-time nor thern New England variety.holdsitsshape well. Wonderful rich flavor and smooth texture.

Kyrl Henderson. •96• SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE www. Bruce Defries and La Crosse Magazine. Madison. Wisconsin.” and The Flower and Herb Exchange are trademarks of Seed Savers Exchange.” Heritage Farm. poses great biological risks as well as economic. Seed Savers Exchange. Do What Feels Right Help insure the survival of our diverse. Sincere thanks to the following photographers for their beautiful images: Ian Adams. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Inc. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera. Rosalind Creasy. Saf e S e e d P l e d g e Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend.retail seed raCks Become a Seed Savers Exchange Seed Rack Retailer Be a Participant … You’ll Get Rave Reviews Offer the trusted value of Seed Savers Exchange seed with its old-time taste and beauty and you’ll get lots of attention. “Passing On Our Garden Heritage. Aaron Whaley. Seed Savers. Sonya Luse. Henk van der Velde. better tasting and higher quality food are primary reasons people fax: 563-382-6511 . We have a folder of information on our seed rack program waiting for you. Neil Diboll. Becky Whaley. Bruce Fritz. Contact Us Get started today. by offering unique varieties of heirloom seeds to your gardening customers. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. Save the World. David Cavagnaro. Please email seedracks@seedsavers. we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. After all. “Save a Seed. For the benefit of all farmers. genetic heritage.seedsavers. families or kingdoms. Catalog design & layout by Cricket Design Works. Gardening is expected to continue to expand in 2010 (seven million NEW gardeners started working the earth in 2009) which means growing sales for you. Cover image by Digger’s Club. Tom with your contact information and we'll send a packet your way. gardeners and consumers who want an alternative. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. Jay Wilde and Nature’s Garden Magazine. John Torgrimson. Clive Blazey. Kent Whealy. political and cultural threats. Julie Berg-Raymond and the Decorah Journal. Seed Savers Exchange “logo” (hands sharing seeds). George DeVault.

. . An invaluable. . 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Seed Savers Exchange. . . . . Jon Penner and JT Bates. . . . . . . . . . 44 Retail Seed Racks . . . . 11 Cabbage . 106 graphs of losses. . . . . This book will prove to be of practical use to both hobbyists and agricultural professionals alike. . 32–37 Postcards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .seedsavers. . . . . This updated and expanded Sixth Edition lists 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Iowa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Garden Seed Inventory (Sixth Edition) Comprehensive inventory of 274 U. . . . . 97 Soybean . . . . 94–95 Eggplant . Vegetable gardeners can search everything commercially available to locate varieties perfect for their climate and resistant to local diseases and pests. . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 No longer do Greg Brown fans have to wait a year to enjoy one of his legendary benefit concerts for Seed Savers Exchange. . . . . . . . . . . . . Sixth Edition. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . At the end of each description is a coded source list. . . . . . . . . . . the calendar is the next best thing to actually living and working on Heritage Farm. . . . . . . . . . . and Canadian mail-order seed catalogs with varietal descriptions and ordering information for 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CD of Greg Brown Concert Benefits Seed Savers Item # M3351 $14. . . . . . . 96 Seed Savers Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This updated and greatly expanded Second Edition now includes how to start each vegetable from seed. have shared their seed-starting techniques. . . . . 228 pages. 6 Bean. . . . 38–39 Ground Cherry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Softcover. Children . . . . Item # M3372 $13. . . . George DeVault and Jack Anthony is framed with favorite recipes and lyric descriptions of work and weather around the farm. . . . . . . 97 raspberries. . . 70–78 Garden Huckleberry . . . . . . . . . 327 plums. . . . . . . . . . . . flower structure and pollination. . . 496 pages. Fruit. . . . . . . . . cleaning and storage. . . . . . . . . . . .494 standard (non-hybrid) vegetables. . 86 Potato . . . . . anywhere. . . 92–93 Corn. 97 pecans and 105 bananas. . . . 64-65 Softcover Item # B1255 $24. . . . . . . . . . . . . 46–55 Seed Savers Publications. 24 Leek . . . and techniques for caging. larger 8½" by 11" format. . Photography by Rosalind Creasy. . . harvesting. . . . . . . . 96 Runner Bean . . as it builds on the heritage of plant breeding and seed preservation in the United States. . 78–79 Swiss Chard . 40–43 Sunberry .seed saVers publiCatiOns This is the only book of its kind. . . . . . 45 Tomato. . . . . . . . . . hand-pollination. . . . 14–15 Eating Beans . . . . including 3. . . . . . . . . . David Cavagnaro. 45 Watermelon . . . . . . 18–19 Gift Seed Collections. . . . . Berry & Nut Inventory (Fourth Edition) INDEX Arugula . . . many of which are heirlooms obtained from Seed Savers Yearbook or Heritage Farm’s seed collections. . . . 2007 concert at Heritage Farm are now available on one compact disc. . .00 Hardcover Item #B1256 $30. . . . . . . . . . . . .org phone: 563-382-5990 •97• . 757 grapes. which has turned the book into a complete growing guide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28–29 Pepper . 80 black-and-white photos. . . 45 Squash . . . . . . . 11 Broom Corn . . . . . . . . 43 Cauliflower. . David Moore. . so order extra copies for friends and relatives. . . . . . . . . . population size. . . 11 Caterpillars. . 11 Cookbooks. . . . . . . . . . 86–91 Broccoli . . . . . . . . . 20–23 Lima Bean. . . . . . . 28 Onion. . . . . 38 Tin Signs . 84–85 Gourd. . . 17 Garlic . . 137 strawberries. . . including botanical classifications. drying. . . . 10 Herbs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .076 apples. . . . . . berries and nuts available to growers through mail order catalogs and websites in the United States. . . . . . . . . . . . .657 newly introduced varieties. . This fourth edition provides access to 275 mail order nurseries with 8. Bo Ramsey. 12 Carrot . . . . . . . . . Large 11. . 25 Melon. . . . . . . . . . 66–69 Kale . . . 38 13-inch format. . . . Growers and breeders have developed regionally adopted varieties with superior taste. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thirteen select tracks from their July 7. . . . . . 13 Brussels Sprout . . Fruit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90–91 Books. . Softcover Item # B778 $26. . . . . . . . 65 Sunflower . . 24 Lettuce . . . . . . . . 523 peaches. . . . . . . . . 38 Safe Seed Pledge . . . . . . . . . . . . .99- . . 82–83 Radish . . . . . . . . become a member—save 10% www. 25–27 Okra. . . Now you can enjoy the down-home music of Greg and musical friends Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman. . . . . . . . . . . A popular gift. comprehensive reference book for maintaining heirlooms and preserving our vegetable heritage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .S. . 10 Books. 87 Tomatillo . . . . . . . .00 Seed Savers 2010 Calendar—Celebrating our 35th Anniversary This special 35th Anniversary Seed Savers Exchange calendar offers a seasonal glimpse of Nature’s beauty and bounty at our Heritage Farm headquarters in Decorah. . . Expert gardeners from seven regions of the U. . . . . . . . . . . .750 varietal descriptions. . . . . . Gardening . . . Complete seed-saving guide that describes specific techniques for 160 vegetables. . . 30–31 Prairie Seeds and Plants . 80–81 Sweet Pea . . 28 Pea . . . . . anytime. 16–17 Flowers . . 56–63 Transplants . . . . . disease resistance and countless other virtues. . . . . . . . . . Berry and Nut Inventory is a must resource for serious orchardists and horticulturists.95 by Suzanne Ashworth. . . .00 Seed to Seed (Second Edition) Item # B579 $24. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .S. a reference guide to the fruit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90–91 Posters . . . . . . . . . Unique sourcebook widely used by gardeners and plant breeders as a preservation tool to purchase endangered varieties while sources still exist. 12–13 Cucumber . 4–5 Turnip . . 6–9 Beet . . . . . . . . isolation distances. . . . .

Iowa 52101 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Non-Profit Org. complete details inside. U.000 members who are saving the world. Wisconsin  J Oin s eed s aVers e XChange  Help Pass On Our Garden Heritage You already know our seeds Now meet the rest of Seed Savers Exchange… Join more than 11. Postage Paid Presorted Standard Permit No.S. one seed at a time. plant patents. "bio-pirates" and more • Access to thousands of Rare Seeds • Lots of good eating Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping save the world's diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations. starting on Page 46 . 25 LaCrosse. Benefits of membership include 10% Member Discount • Quarterly Garden Magazine Seed Savers photo by John Torgrimson (not available to the general public) • Online Forums and Publications • Alerts about GMOs.Seed Savers Exchange 3094 North Winn Road Decorah.

"bio-pirates" and more • Access to thousands of Rare Seeds • Lots of good eating Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping save the world's diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations.000 members who are saving the world.S.Seed Savers Exchange 3094 North Winn Road Decorah. Postage Paid Presorted Standard Permit No. Iowa 52101 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Non-Profit Org. U. Benefits of membership include 10% Member Discount • Quarterly Garden Magazine Seed Savers photo by John Torgrimson (not available to the general public) • Online Forums and Publications • Alerts about GMOs. complete details inside. plant patents. 22 Decorah. starting on Page 46 . one seed at a time. Iowa  J Oin s eed s aVers e XChange  Help Pass On Our Garden Heritage You already know our seeds Now meet the rest of Seed Savers Exchange… Join more than 11.