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Q. (A) DEMOCRACY is the greatest revenge. Who is the proponent of this doctrine? Write a
paragraph of at least 75 words and comment on this doctrine.

Q. (B) Future wars in the world will be fought on WATER. Discuss this serious issue with
reference to Water apportionment between Pakistan and India.


01. Tower of silence is
(A) Cemetery in London built in the memory of dead of IInd World War.
(B) Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. U.S.A.
(C) Place where dead remains of followers of Zoroastrian are placed after funeral rituals.
(D) Another name of Eiffel Tower.

02. Who was Bismarck

(A) German Navy Destroyer. (B) German Politician and statesman.
(C) Orator (D) German Novelist

03. Hieroglyphics is the script of:

(A) Indus Civiliztion. (B) Gandhara Civilization. (C) Nile Civilization. (D) Roman

04. Davis Cup is associated with:

(A) French Open Tennis. (B) U.S. Open Tennis
(C) Wimbledon Tennis Championship. (D) UAE Open Tennis.

05. The third battle of Panipat was fought between:

(A) Marathas and Britishers. (B) Marathas and Rajputs.
(C) Marathas and Afghans. (D) None of these

06. The first AUDIO tape recorder was invented by:

(A) Charles P. Ginsburg (B) Peter Schultz (C) Marvin CAMRAS (D) Leo

07. General Sherman is:

(A) A retired French Army General. (B) One who commanded Allies Forces in IInd
World War.
(C) Is a living old tree in California State of U.S. (D) Inventor of Leaser Gun

08. The Roman abbreviation MMCDLXXII stands for:

(A) 5622 (B) 10802 (C) 9092 (D) 2472
09. The smallest sea of the world is:
(A) Red sea (B) Baltic sea (C) North sea (D) Bering sea

10. After persistent decay, radium would be finally changed into:

(A) Steel (B) Brass (C) Lead (D) Hydrogen

11. Worlds largest delta is in:

(A) India (B) Sri Lanka (C) Japan (D) Bangladesh

12. Panama canal links:

(A) Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea (B) Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean
(C) Mediterranean Sea with Baltic Sea (D) Mediterranean Sea with Black Sea

13. In violation of Indus Basin Treaty 1960, India has constructed Wullar Barrage on River:
(A) Indus (B) Jhelum (C) Chenab (D) Sutlej

14. Grand Canyon National Park in U.S.A, is located in the State of:
(A) Texas (B) Colorado (C) Arizona (D) Wyoming

15. Marseilles is the seaport of:

(A) Germany (B) France (C) Italy (D) Spain

16. Which process includes all of the other processes listed?

(A) Absorption (B) Assimilation (C) Secretion (D) Metabolism

17. Robindranath Tagore was:

(A) A Bengali musician (B) A Bengali politician
(C) A Bengali novelist (D) A Bengali philosopher

18. Who wrote Muslim Sufferings under Congress Rule:

(A) Maulvi Fazlul Haq (B) Sir Agha Khan
(C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar (D) Khan Liaqat Ali Khan

19. Bibi Khadijat-ul-Kubra is buried at:

(A) Jannat-ul-Baqee (B) Madina (C) Mecca (D) Uuhud

20. Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of:

(A) Indus and Jhelum (B) Indus and Chenab (C) Sutlej and Ravi (D) Ravi and Chenab

21. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by:

(A) Shrilal Patel (B) Nathuram Godsey (C) Shankar-dev Rathore (D) Sobhraj

22. Nanga Parbat is commonly known as:

(A) Killer mountain (B) Diameer (C) Sakardu (D) Koh-Sufaid
23. Ayat-ul-kursi is included in:
(A) Surah Al-Baqrah (B) Surah Younas (C) Surah Namal (D) Surah Maeda

24. Who invented C.D. (Compact Disc).

(A) David Nobel with IBM (B) Bob Meltcofe
(C) James T. Russell (D) Renold Johnson with IBM

25. The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was:

(A) Kundan Lal Gandhi (B) Thakkurdas Gandhi
(C) Moti Lal Gandhi (D) Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi

26. Eugenics refers to:

(A) Crop improvement (B) Biological control of diseases in human
(C) Improvement of human race (D) Heredity

27. Highest peak in Sindh Province is roughly:

(A) 3900 feet (B) 7010 feet (C) 5500 feet (D) 7900 feet

28. The present President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai belong to:

(A) Uzbek tribe (B) Pashtun tribe (C) Hazara tribe D) Tajik

29. Rani Kot in Jamshoro district is most easily approachable from:

(A) Sehwan (B) Thano Bula Khan (C) Sann (D) Jhangara

30. The famous fort of Hyderabad was constructed by:

(A) Mir Ali Murad Khan (B) Sarfraz Kalhoro
(C) Ghulam Shah Kalhoro (D) Mir Karam Ali Khan

31. Which is the Rukn-e-Azam of Hajj:

(A) Waqoof-e-Arfah (B) Ihram (C) Twaf (D) Sayee

32. Bio-diesel is prepared:

(A) From oil refinery (B) From oilcake (C) From rapeseed (D) From Jet-rofa plant

33. Which of the following is not the source of Alternate Energy.

(A) Solar Energy (B) Thermal Energy (C) Bio-Gas Energy (D) Nuclear Energy

34. Digital Camera was invented by:

(A) Nikon Camera Inc (B) Steven Sasson (C) Eastman Kodak (D) Yahica Camera Inc

35. Jet fuel used in a jet engine is:

(A) Diesel oil (B) Benzene (C) Liquid paraffin (D) Kerosene

36. Magnot line:

(A) Border between Germany and Switzerland during Nazi Germany
(B) Defense barrier between France and Germany during IInd World War.
(C) Line dividing Austria and Germany. (D) Straight line which divides

37. Videotape used in camcorders to record audio and video signal employee:
(A) Fine grains of copper (B) Fine grains of Aluminum
(C) Fine grains of Silver (D) Fine grains of Iron oxide.

38. Mai Bhagi, a famous Sindhi folk singer, was resident of village:
(A) Islamkot (B) Bhalwa (C) Mithi (D) Vijoto

39. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the architect of:

(A) Lucknow Pact (B) Simla Deputation (C) Nagpur Session (D) Simon

40. Which creek is located in Thatta district:

(A) Gizri creek (B) Gharo creek (C) Sir creek (D) Sonmiani creek

41. The real brother of Hazrat Yousuf A.S. was:

(A) Younis (B) Bin-Yamin (C) Ebeel (D) Shees

42. The pilgrims throw pebbles at Satans. What is the name of this act:
(A) Rami (B) Sayee (C) Ziarat (D) Tawaf

43. Under 1973 constitution, if no political party commands majority in the Provincial Assembly,
then the Governor:
(A) Orders re-election (B) Dissolves Provincial Assembly
(C) Imposes Governor Rule (D) Refers to the President

44. The founder of Fatmid dynasty was:

(A) Al-Mansur (B) Al-Zahir (C) Ubaidullah (D) Al-

45. After Hijrat from Mecca to Madina, the Holy Prophet Muhammads (PBUH) camel kneeled
at the door of:
(A) Hazrat Amaar Yasir (B) Hazrat Aybu Ansari
(C) Hazrat Jabbar Ansari (D) Hazrat Jaffar

46. Small liquid drops assume spherical shape because:

(A) Of adhesion (B) Of the gravitational force (C) Of the pressure from all sides
(D) The liquid tends to have minimum surface area due to surface tension

47. Which date of Zil-Hajj is called Yaum-e-Arfat:

(A) 9 Zil-Hajj (B) 7 Zil Hajj (C) 10 Zil Hajj (D) 11 Zil Hajj

48. The first Atomic bomb (fission bomb) was detonated at:
(A) Hiroshima city (B) Nagasaki city (C) Alamogordo city (D) Bikini Islands

49. the natural water recharge of Manchur lake is:

(A) From Danister canal (B) From Aral Canal
(C) From Khirthar mountains (D) Indus River

50. In Holy Quran Surah Anqaboot refers to:

(A) Honey Bee (B) Spider (D) Hud_Hud bird (D) Fish

51. Insulin drug was discovered by:

(A) Harold Edgerton (B) Louis Pasteur (C) Evangelista Torricelli (D) Paul

52. Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged from:

(A) Kabul (B) Jalalabad (C) Kandhar (D) Mazar Sharif

53. Largest coal deposits have been discovered in which Taluka of Sindh Province:
(A) Nangarparkar (B) Diplo (C) Chachro (D) Mithi

54. The largest lake of Sindh Province is:

(A) Hamal lake (B) Keenjhar lake (C) Haleji lake (D) Manchur

55 The last Kalhoro ruler of Sindh was:

(A) Janni Baig (B) Ghulam Shah Kalhoro

(C) Mian Sarfaraz Khan (D) Mian Ali Wardi Khan

56. The Governor under the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan takes oath before:
(A) Chief Justice of the respective High Court (B) Speaker of the Provincial Assembly

(C) President (D) Chief Minister

57. Hazrat Zakarya was contemporary of:

(A) Hazrat Haroon A.S (B) Hazrat Issa A.S (C) Hazrat Yaqoob A.S (D)
Hazrat Musa A.S

58. Teethes is the name of:

(A) Lower denture (B) Sea during continental drift (C) Japanese submarine
(D) Constellation

59. Which Congress leader thought after Lahore Resolution that partition was unavoidable:
(A) Abdul Kalam Azad (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) Raj Gopal Acharia
(D) Gandhi
60. The famous book History of Saracens was written by:
(A) Gibbon (B) T. Elliot (C) Sayed Mohsin Ali (D) Justice Ameer

61. Fullers Earth deposits in Pakistan are located in the District of:
(A) Chaghi (B) Makran (C) Dadu (D) Thatta

62. Before advent of Islam, the calendar year in Arabia was:

(A) Hijra (B) Aamul-Feel (C) Anno Domini (D) Nau-

63. Beta rays are:

(A) Fast moving electrons (B) Rays that cause bodily diseases in most

(C) Rays that cause head ailments (D) Rays that make photography possible

64. Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abitalib A.S. is buried at:

(A) Kufa (B) Baghdad (C) Najaf (D) Yazdan

65. The present Monarchy of United Kingdom belongs to the clan:

(A) Tudors (B) Hanovers (C) Mountbattens (D) Anglo-Saxons

66. Kalhora rulers of Sindh were originally:

(A) Hashmi Sayeds (B) Umayyads (C) Abbasaiyeds (D)

67. Nubian Monuments are located in:

(A) Saudi Arabia (B) Egypt (C) Syria (D) Iraq

68. The Pamphlet Now or Never was written in 1933 by:

(A) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali (B) Sir Agha Khan
(C) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (D) Allama Iqball

69. The book entitled Freedom at Midnight is written by:

(A) H.T. Lambrick (B) Eastwick (C) Larry Collins (D) Ch.
Muhammad Ali

70. Leukemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in number of:
(A) Platelets (B) Bone cells (C) Red blood cells (D) White blood

71. Pakistans largest oul fields are located in District:

(A) Badin (B) Hyderabad (C) Tando Muhammad Khan (D)
72. Sir Creek is important to Pakistan because:
(A) It is an access to drain L.B.O.D water to sea (B) It separates Rajasthan from

(C) It is territorial part of Pakistan

(D) It is environmentally important to prevent coastal wetlands from degradation

73. The first American Astronaut to go into space was:

(A) Allen Shepherd (B) Neil Armstrong (C) Walter Schiera (D) John

74. The scheme of partition of united India was sanctioned by Secretary of State of India:
(A) Lord Curzon (B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) John Brodrick (D) Lord Montague Chelmsford

75. Water flows of the river are diverted to Wuller Barrage through the construction of:
(A) Himachal Dam (B) Kishanganga Dam (C) Gangadal Dam (D) Bughlihar Dam

76. Which bird flew over the Island of Sheba (Saba) and noticed the Queen Balquis:
(A) Pigeon (B) Woodpecker (C) Indian Hopo (D) Dove

77. Old Testament is:

(A) Holy Bible (B) Holy book Injeel
(C) Holy book Zabur (D) Part of Holy Bible relating to early messengers

78. Give the name of the place where the pilgrims go from Arafat:
(A) Mina (B) Safa (C) Muzdalfa (D) Makkah

79. Portland cement is manufactured from:

(A) Mica (B) Sandstone (C) Limestone (D) Silica

80. The name of Indus river-course in olden times was:

(A) Arorh (B) Hakro C) Seendh (D) Mehran

81. Annual Census in Pakistan is carried out every:

(A) 10th year (B) 5th year (C) Alternate year (D) 6th year

82. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto became first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan on:
(A) December 2, 1988 (B) December 12, 1988
(C) November 8, 1988 (D) January 8, 1989

83. Khewara mines are famous for:

(A) Copper deposits (B) Uranium deposits
(C) Sodium Chloride deposits (D) Coal deposits
84. The D-Day operation during IInd World War was launched on the coast of:
(A) Dunkirk (B) Normandy (C) Gibraltar (D) Hamburg


Thursday, the 1st January, 2004

Time; 10.00.A.M. to 1.00.P.M. Maximum marks:


Note: Attempt 08 questions, question No. 1 & 2 are compulsory, total number of questions
attempted should not exceed 150 marks.

01. Write a short Essay (500-600 words) on the National Accountability Bureau. Your answer
should address the following specific aspect:

(a) Urgent need of eradication of corruption and corrupt practice.

(b) Impact on the National economic.

(c) Adverse effects on the National security due to corruption.

(d) Improve the efficiency and honesty of the government agencies/departments.

(e) To curtail the discretionary powers of the government officers, financial Institution, which
involved in the corruption.

02. Write a short note on Pakistan-India relations which have been deteriorated all the times due
to none resolving the core issue of Kashmir which effects the population and economy of both
the countries? (30)

03. Define the famous 14 points of March 1929 of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, while he rejected the
recommendations of Nehru report? (15)

04. Write the short notes on any three (30-50 words) on the following, highlighting the
achievements/claims to their fame. (20)

(i) Quaid-e-Azam (ii) Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

(iii) Shahbaz Qalandar (iv) Prof. Abdul Qadeer Khan

(v) Allama Iqbal (vi) Ubedullah Sindhi

(vii) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

05. Match the following:

Country name Head of the state/President/Prime Minister

(1) Afghanistan (a) Hamid-Bin-Essa

(2) Bangladesh (b) Hamid Karzai

(3) Bahrain (c) Khalida Zia

(4) China (d) Field Marshall Castro Ruz

(5) Cuba (e) Hu Jintao

(6) India (f) Jacques Chirac

(7) France (g) Altal Behari

06. Define the following abbreviation stand for what sports organization:

(i) AFC (ii) ACC (iii) BCCI (iv) PCB (v) ICC

(vi) FIBB (vii) FIFA (viii) WSF (ix) AHF (x) CBFS

07. Names of countries and their location having the following capitals:

(i) Kabul (ii) Sofia (iii) Copenhagen (iv) Cairo (v) Budapest

(vi) Baghdad (vii) Wellington (viii) Damascus (ix) Tashkent (x) Windhoek.

08. Give the list of 10 countries in ascending order having the largest population and also point
out approximately its population with the land area?

09. Give the names of the winner of noble prize 1901-2002 at least three names for each subject
and also the year of receiving prize:

(i) Peace (ii) Literature (iii) Medicine (iv) Physics (v) Chemistry
10. Give the detail of independence of the following counties along with their capital and
currency:- (10)

(i) Afghanistan (ii) Bosnia and Herzegovina (iii) Chile (iv) Cuba (v)

(vi) Indonesia (vii) Korea (South) (viii) Nepal (ix) Switzerland (x)

11. Give the name of Muslim dynasties in India along with their period and their achievement?

12. Give the History, function and achievement of the three from the following:

(i) UNO (ii) SAARC (iii) OIC

13. Fill in the blanks:

(a) The year of birth of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was _ _ _ _ _ and year of wafat _ _ _ _ _
as well as year ofnabuwwat _ _ _ _ _ year of Hijrat _ _ _ _ _ and Age at the time of Nabowwat _
_ _ _ _. (10)

14. Fill in the blanks:

(ii) . Holy Quran Sharif having number of Surah _ _ _ _ _ _ number of Paras _ _ _ _ _ _ number
of Ayats _ _ _ _ _ _, First surah _ _ _ _ _ _ last surah _ _ _ _ _ _ and longest surah _ _ _ _ _ _ as
well as shortest surah _ _ _ _ _ _.

15. Fill in the blanks with appropriate choices:

(i) The process of bond formation between two atom is _ _ _ _ _ _ .

(i) Exothermic (ii) Endothermic

(ii) In nomenclature of alkanes, the name of the longest chain is the basic part of name called _ _
_ _ _ _ (i) Stem name (ii) Basic name

(iii) Aldehydes give characteristic _ _ _ _ _ _ precipitate when heated with Fehling's solution.

(i) Red (ii) White

(iv) The process of addition of hydrogen into a molecule is called

(i) Hydrogenation (ii) Hydration

(v) The shape in which a crystal usually grows is called its

(i) Growth (ii) Habit



Maximum Marks

Note: Attempt 8 questions. Question Nos. 1 and 2 are compulsory. Total of questions attempted
should not exceed 150 Marks.

1. Write a short essay (500-600 words) on the issue of Privatization in Pakistan. Your answer
should address the following specific aspects:

(a) Impact on the National economy.

(b) Adverse effects, if any, on National Security.

(c) Effect on employment in the country.

(d) Mechanics of Privatization as promulgated in Governments policy papers.

(e) Effect of market economy on consumer prices and cost of living.

Your answer should be cogent, brief and relevant to the point.


2. Pakistan-U.S. relations have deteriorated to an all time low following the short visit of
President Clinton Briefly comment on the above statement. (200-300 words) (25)

3. With reference to Computer, what is: (05)

(i) E-mail (ii) CAD/CAM (iii) Internet (iv) e-commerce (v) virus

4. Match the following to make pairs from List I & II. (10)

List-I List-II





5. Match the correct name of the Scientist associated with the following inventions.

Invention Scientist

1. Diesel Engine A. Waterman

. Electric Bulb B. Alfred Noble

3. Fountain Pen C. Fahrenheit

4. Dynamite (TNT) D. Rudolph Diesel

5. Mercury thermometer E. Thomas Edison

6. Match the following: (10)

List-1 List-II

1. Apartheid A. Castro

2. PLO B. Nelson Mandela

3. Russian Revolution C. Madam Curie

4. Cuban Revolution D. Yasir Arafat

5. Radium E. V. Lenin

7. Choose the correct answer. (15)

(a) Earthquakes are measured in:

(i) Decibels (ii) Isobars (iii) Richter Scale.

(b) You would measure earthquakes by a:

(i) Galvanometer (ii) Seismometer (iii) Geiger counter.

(c) Corrosion is a process of:

(i) Oxidation (ii) Photosynthesis (iii) Hydrogenation

(d) Synchronous Geostationary satellites (Communication satellites):

(i) Rotate with the earth (ii) Rotate at twice the speed of earth rotation (iii) Move at the
speed of sound

(e) Heavy Water is used in:

(i) Steel making (ii) Copper-alloying (iii) Nuclear plant

8. United Nations organs/divisions have headquarters located worldwide.


Match the headquarter city with the relevant Organization.

List-I List-II

1. International Court of Justice A. Paris

2. Environment B. Jamaica

3. Education (UNESCO) C. Washington

4. Food and Agriculture (FAO) D. Geneva

5. Maritime (IMO) E. Montreal

6. Human Rights (ICRC) F. New York

7. Civil Aviation (ICAO) G. The Hague

8. Seabed (laws of the Sea) H. Rome

9. Financial (IBRD, IMF) I. London

10. Secretariat (UN HQ) J. Nairobi

9. Write short notes (20-30 word) on the following, highlighting their achievements/claims to
fame: (15)
(i) Obaidullah Sindhi (ii) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (iii) Sachal Sarmast

(iv) Maulam Qasim Nanotvi (v) Syed Ahmed Shaheed

10. What do you understand by the following proverbs/terms/classifications? Answer briefly (20

(i) Trojan Horse (ii) Aedipus Complex (iii) Fascism (iv) Prodigal
Son (v) Fission

11. What or Who is:


(i) Rooh-ul-Amin (ii) Hateem (iii) Saifullah (iv) Rizwan (v)


15. Fill in the blanks.


(i) Nazool-e-Vahi Continued for _ _ _ _ _ _ years.

(ii) Quran Sharif has _ _ _ _ _ _ Chapters.

(iii) Quran Sharif has _ _ _ _ _ _ Ayats.

(iv) Nazool-e-Vahi is spanned by _ _ _ _ _ _ years in Makah and _ _ _ _ _ _ years in Madinah.

(v) The longest Surah Baqra has _ _ _ _ _ _ ayats and the shortest Surah Kausar has _ _ _ _ _ _

13. Select the correct answer.


(i) Green house gases are regulated by

(a) Kyoto Agreement (b) Rio Pact (c) Havana Conference

(ii) Sun Spots are

(a) Escaping gases (b) Fusion reaction (c) Fission reaction

(iii) Plastic money means

(a) Liquid assets (b) Credit Cards (c) PLS account

(iv) Ultrasound Technology is a military spin off from

(a) Nuclear missiles (b) SONARS (c) RADAR

(v) HAMAS is a

(a) Religious Sect (b) Terrorist gang (c) Freedom fighters group



Tune: 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Max: Marks


1. What is the contribution of the following scientists towards our day to day life. Mention
their period, discoveries/inventions. (Attempt any Six).

(i) Archimedes (ii) Roger Bacon (iii) John Baird (iv) Graham Bell

(v) E. Berliner (vi) Sir H. Bessemer (vii) SirJ.C. Bose (viii) E. Cartwright

(ix) S. Colt (x) Sir Isaac Newton (xi) Louis Pasteur (xii) Pythagoras

2. Give a brief account of any 6 (Six) of the following.


(i) Triglycerides (ii) Almamator (iii) Metabolism (iv) Fundamentalism

(v) WHO (vi) Radio (vii) Micro oven (viii) Yawning

(ix) Aerial (x) Kaleidoscope (xi) Refrigerator (xii) Stethoscope

3. In which country the following places are situated.


(i) Ajanta (ii) Pisa (iii) Auckland (iv) Shansi

(v)Chalna (vi) Tabrez (vii) Baltimore (viii) Razmak

(ix) Detriot (x) Ghazni (xi) Lusaka (xii) La-Paz

4. What are the natural divisions of Sindh Province? What is the most fertile area, mention
districts of the areas of different nature. What are its rivers, mountains, lakes, deserts, natural
canals in the past, and where are these all
located? (24)

5. Write critical and brief notes on any TWO of the following topics.

(i) Sectarian problem in Pakistan.

(ii) Gwadar issue with its background.

(iii) Recent rush of foreign investment in Pakistan.

(iv) Dilemma of Iraq.

6. Write brief notes on the following wars and battles.


(i) Indian "Mutiny" ( ii) Russian-Japanese War

(iii) Battle of Panipat (iv) Battle of Plassey (v) Crimean War

7. What are the sources of development of Pakistan? Discuss the major industries, small
industries and trade of
Pakistan. (24)

8. At what places the following are situated.


(i) Largest Museum (ii) Tallest Building (iii) Biggest Park (iv) Largest Railway

(v) Biggest Ocean (vi) Highest Peak (vii) Highest Town (viii)Largest Continent

(ix) Largest Diamond (x) Largest Library (xi) Most Populous Country(xii) Most Populous

9. Write an essay on Kala Bagh Dam, mentioning its main features its favourable points, its
drawbacks. Who is favouring it, who is opposing it, what are their reasons? Discuss its location,
the alternatives suggested. Can the alternatives serve the
purpose? (24)

10. Write down the names of the following. Any twelve

(12). (24)
(i) President of Indonesia

(ii) Emperor of Japan

(iii) Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team

(iv) Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party

(v) Sneaker of National Assembly of Pakistan

(vi) Prime Minister of India

(vii) Governor of Punjab. (Pak.)

(viii) Airport of Karachi

(ix) Present spiritual leader of Iran

(x) Famous classical composer/ musician of Western World who was deaf.

(xii) King of Jordan

(xiii) Foreign Minister of Pakistan

(xiv) Chancellor of Germany

(xv) Queen of England


Time: 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Max:

Marks 30

Note: Select any FIVE questions in addition to question No. 1 (Compulsory).

1. Mention the names of any 6 (Six) Scientists among those who made the following inventions,
and also indicate the period.
(1) Electric Automobile (2) Electric Locomotive (3) Electric

(4) Electric Transformer(5) Electric Calculator (6) Transistor

(7) Radar (8) Radium (9) Photography

(10) Phonography (11) Steam Locomotive (12) Bicycle

2. Give a brief account of any 6 (Six) of the following:-


(1) Psycho-analysis (2) Psychopathic (3) Schizophrenia (4) Insomnia

(5) Neurosis (6) Hypertension (7) Cholesterol (8) Sneezing

(9) A.I.D.S. (10) Intercom (11) Deep Freezer (12) Television

3. Explain the terms 'Culture' and Civilisation. How do they differ from each other with regard
to their concepts?

4. State the number of Divisions and Districts existing in the Province of Sindh. What is the role
and position of Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan?

5. What are main items/products of Exports and Imports in Pakistan? Name the Countries to
which these are exported and from which imported.

6. Discuss critically the significance and performance of the Office of Ombudsman' with regard
to promotion of administrative accountability.

7. What are the 'Levels of Government? Describe their structure in Pakistan.


8. What role do the administrative Courts and Special Tribunals play in Pakistan? Examine it critically.

9. Write critical and brief notes on any TWO of the following topics:

(1) American Aid to Pakistan. (2) American Foreign Policy in Middle East.

(3) General Elections in Pakistan (Oct: 1990) (4) Controversy/public opinion about Shariat Bill
10. Name the author(s)/Philosopher(s) whose quotations are the following. Comment on the
school of thought.

(1) "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle".

(2) "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs".


Time: 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Max: Marks


Note: Select any FIVE Questions in addition to Question No: 11 which to compulsory.

1. Write short notes on any Six of the following:-


(i) Karakorum Highway(ii) NAM (iii) PL 480

(iv) Kinjhar Lake (v) Moen-jo-Daro (vi) Durand Line

(vii) Tarbela Dam (viii) Rainbow (ix) Ombudsman

2. Discuss some of the measures taken by the present Government to reduce the incidence of
unemployment among the Educated Youth and to ensure accountability of public
servants. (24)

3. What arc the strategic implications of Gulf War for the superpowers?

4. Identify any Six of the following:-


(i) Diego Cordovez (ii) Geraldine Ferraro (iii) WalidJ umblatt (iv) Kim II

(v) Hosni Mubarak (vi) N.T. Rama Rao (vii) GhulamI shaq Khan (viii) A G.N Kazi
5. What measures would you suggest to improve the status of women in our society?

6. State salient features of any three of the following:-


(i) The Sixth Five Year Plan.

(ii) Prime Minister's Five Point Programme.

(iii) The Ninth Constitutional Amendment.

(iv) Ideology of Pakistan.

7. In what 'unit' can the following be measured?(Answer any Four)


(i) Temperature (ii) Current (iii) Heat

(iv) Pressure (v) Force (vi) Atomic Energy

8. Explain the working of Radar.


9. What is the difference between 'Weather' and 'Climate? State the factors which influence
'Climate'. (24

10.. Explain the usefulness of O.I.C. State the respective position of Iran and Iraq in the War and
the inability of Muslim Ummah, so far in bringing about amicable
settlement. (24)

11. Associate and match the scientific work with the scientist concerned:-(Attempt any Six)


Moseley Telephone

Fahrenheit Gramophone

Thomas Edison Solar System

Alfred Nobel Current Electricity

Graham Bell Structure of D.N. A

Copernicus Mercury Thermometer

Robert Hooke Cells

Volta Fountain Pen

John Baird Dynamite

Watson and Crick Television

Waterman Atomic Number

12. Fill in the blanks.


(i) There are _ _ _ _ _ _ Districts in the Province of Sindh.

(ii) Two important Oil fields of Pakistan are located at _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _.

(iii) Gama Rays are similar to _ _ _ _ _ _. (Beta rays, Alpha rays, X-rays).

(iv)The names of five major mountain ranges of Pakistan are _ _ _ _ _ _.

(v) The important crops of Pakistan are_ _ _ _ _ _.

13. What is the contribution and impact on the history and culture of Sindh of any Two of the
following:- .

(i) Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai (ii) Sachal Sarmast.

(iii) Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi (iv) K B Hasan Ali Effendi.



Time: 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Max: Marks 150

1. Give a brief account of any six of the following:- (30)

(1) Atomic Energy (2) Refrigerator (3) Transformer (4)

(5) X-Rays (6)Pressure Cooker (7) Electric Bell (8)Radioactivity

(9)Dynamo (10) Desert Water Cooler

2. What do you know about the following:-


(1) RCD (2) UNESCO (3) PASSCO (4) CDP (5) WHO (6) ECM

3. What is the contribution of any three of the following:-


(1) Jabir Bin Hayyan (2) Sachal Sarmast (3) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (4) AllamaI qbal

4. Who invented or discovered the following:-


(1) Television (3) Radium (5) Telephone (7) Smallpox Vaccination

(2) Penicillin (4) Aero plane (6) Steam Engine (8) Simple

5. Write notes on any three of the following:-


(1) Ideology of Pakistan (4) Ombudsman

(2) Pakistan Steel Mill Corporation (5) Moenjodaro

(3) Important Crops of Pakistan (6) Tarbela Dam

6. Give the names of the present Ministers of Sindh along with the allocation of their perspective

7. Give salient features of the following:-


(1) Sixth Five Year Plan (2) National Science Policy (3) PCSIR (4)

8. Write notes on any Four of the following:-

(1) Suez Canal (2) Makli Tombs (3) Kinjher Lake

(4) Badshahi Mosque (5) The Great Wall of China (6) Oil Producing Countries



Time: 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Max: Marks 150

Note: Question No.1 is compulsory. Choose any FIVE from the rest ofthem.

1. Write explanatory notes on any Ten of the following (30)

(1) Telex (2) Origami (3) A.C/D.C (4) Anabolism

(5) Carbon-14 (6) Hovercraft (7) Mach Number (8) Geiger Counter

(9) Nucleic Acids (10) Schizophrenia (11) Photosynthesis (12) Quasars &

(13) Proxima Centauri (14) I.Q (Intelligence Quotient) (15) Alternating &Director

2. What is the Nature and functions of the following Agencies? (24)

Choose any Three for your answer.

(1) ICRC (2) Comecon (3) WCC (4) IAEA (5) EFTA

3. Write notes on the contribution of any three of the following: (24)

(1) Al-Khwarizmi (2) Ziryab (3) Andri Sakharov (4) Prof. Salam
(5)Rene' Guenon.

4. Write concise notes on any three of the following. (24)

(1) Imam Malik (2) Zakat (3)Khilafat/Imamat

(4) The Crusades (5)Fall of Baghdad

5. What are the salient features of the
following? (24)

(1) The Lahore Resolution (2) Wavell Plan (3) Cabinet Mission Scheme

6. Write an evaluation of the process of Islamization in Pakistan.


7. (a) Where the Olympic Games were held in the following years: 1896, 1936, 1948, 1968

(b) Who are the authors of the following books:-

(1) Alice in Wonderland (2) Gitanjali (3) Arabian Knights (Alf-


(4) Reconstruction of Religions in Islam.

8. What and where in the world are the following:- (24)

(1) Babul Mandab (2) Rio de Janeiro (3) Baikal (4)


(5) Mont Blanc (6) Ob-Irtysh (7) Bolan (8)


(9) Death Valley (10) Warsak (11) Strait of Harmuz (12)