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UiPath Robotic Process Automation Online Training Platform

RPA Developer Foundation Training

Welcome to the free UiPath Academy Online Training Platform, where virtually anyone
in the world can self-learn to master the fundamentals of working with UiPath and
prepare for new opportunities in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) field.

RPA plays a critical role in helping organizations run operations better, faster and with a
higher degree of reliability, while relieving employees of their most boring duties. This
technology is likely going to redefine the way we understand and carry out work, and
those who learn to become proficient in RPA today, could be at the forefront in the

The RPA Developer Foundation Training consists of 13 sessions that will cover all the
practical knowledge you need to get onboarded with UiPath. These are followed by an
end-to-end recap and a knowledge verification test. We have applied ourselves to
create and deliver the ultimate learning experience: comprehensive curriculum packed
with exercises and tests aimed to accelerate learning, meticulous guides and rich,
self-explanatory demos and video support.

Each module includes:

An Advanced Video Tutorial

Guides from the User Manual
Practical exercises
Final quiz