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A solar power generating Chinese owned company, BXC, has completed work on a $30 million solar

plant at Oyandze near Winneba in the Central Region.

The plant is expected to add 20 megawatts of energy to the national electricity grid.

Mr Daniel Azu, a consultant for BXC and an Electrical Engineer, in an interview with journalists
during a tour at the plant, said despite a few challenges, the project had been successful.

He said the facility has 40,480 pieces of polycrystalline silicon panels, 20 invertor rooms attached to
transformers and one out-going feeder to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) main sub-station
near the Winneba round about, amongst other facilities.

He said power generated from the solar plant, feeds the ECG sub-station at Winneba, which
supplies power to Aoam, Winneba, Swedru and some parts of Kasoa.

Mr Azu said the government had passed the renewable energy law, which allows private people to
enter the renewable energy sector.

Touching on some key advantages of solar energy, he said apart from its initial high cost of
installation, solar energy is cheap.

We have a lot of sunshine during the day. The panel therefore generates free electricity during the
day, which in the long term makes the investment absolutely worthwhile, he said.

Mr Azu added that although solar energy could not be generated during the night, a lot of solar
power generated during the day leads to the saving of a lot of energy on the national grid.

This plant was connected to the national grid last November and we have had no challenges so
far, he said.

A release from BXC, expressed satisfaction to the Energy Commission, and the chiefs and people of
the Oyandze township, for their support towards the project, which occupies 100 acres of land.

BXC is a subsidiary of Beijing Fuxing Xiao-Cheng Electronic Technology Stock Com Ltd.