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“contact oura Wask—F3(E) ts ‘otal lecture Hous $38 ciemans: 50 “otal Tutral Hours SEE Mars: 50 Sub. Coe 2CHPS54, Module 1 Introduction:Orgin and theories of formation of peroeum reserves and deposis of word. Parleum Crude portion, [ntification of ste for taping ol. Types of ol welbOnshore an of shore and their operation. 01 well operation. lndan Petroleum Industry Prospects and fue, composition of cude and dassfcaion of crude ol. sur Module 1 Evaluation of petroleum: UOP - K factor, TBP Anayas, EFV onal. Average boling point, ASTM curves Clation based onthe above analysis. Thema properties of petoloum fraction. 7H Module — 111 Product properties and Test Methods: Gas: Various types of cases and LPG. Reid vapcur pressure anaiss Gasoline and Naphtha: Types and tests ASTM curves, Octane No: Oxidoton stably accaNe for gasotne ‘ation Turbine, Fue! (ATF; charactenzation; water analysts, octane rating, smoke point and ts effects eect of [ATF characterises on gas turbine performance Kerosene: Characterization for fash point pont, smoke point, volatty, burning qualty ete sur Module —1V Diesel: Characterization incides octane number testing, viscosty etc, Grades of dese £9. HSD, LDO, Diese ites. Lube olls: Types of lube ols and characterzaton tests for carbon resdue and Viscosty Indes ‘Transformer Ol: Varous electrical tess and corrosion tests Bitumen: Softening, dutty and penetration tess Ful Oi; Tests fr viscosity, ash. buming characteristics, types and grades of flo Hrs. Module V (Crude Pretreatment: Pumping of ude ol: Dehydration of crude by (1) Chemical, (2) Gout, (3) Centrifugal and (4) Eccl Desalter anc comparison of each. Heating of crude: Hester (Fumaces) Different types of pipe sil heaters incvang box type, cnc eteCalauston for determinng heat ld of pipe sil heaters Operation and rainterance of heaters. Crude Distillation: Avrangerent of towers for various types Of efx. Design aspects for tmossheric and vacuum column, Almospherc dilation unit internals and operational He Pevckewn Refinery Encinesring, °F, We, Gow Fa Hixdern Paoleum Refining Thsieages mn Gade Oi ean, Gas e Ga oLoiea Processing, Mc. Graw HI, 1587