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Drilldown Diagnostics Script


For Debugging Drilldown issues we are requesting user to get the data (from Different tables) for one
Journal Header Id, for analysis.

There are cases where the MO: Security Profile was implemented, and the user trying to drilldown and
the user not having access to the operating unit where the transaction happened, in this case user will
not be able to drilldown.

If the Profile Option SLA: Show zero amount journal lines is set to No then user cannot drilldown
Zero Amount Journal Lines.

To get the Diagnostics information for the drilldown the script Drilldown_Diag.sql


will be helpful in getting the data and it generates HTML Output.

Inputs for the Script

1. p_file_name : Pass the Out Put file name ( Ex. 12.html)

2. je_header_id : Journal Header ID for which the Drilldown having issue.
3. P_user_name : Application User Name from where the Drilldown performing.
4. p_resp_name : Responsibility Name from where the Drilldown performing.

Sample Output