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Energy Medicine

A Personal Journey to
Health and Vitality

Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine Glossary

This glossary includes definitions of Energy Medicine terms that are used in the
Journey to Vitality course. If you are looking for descriptions of an Energy
Medicine exercise demonstrated in one of the videos, please refer to the
corresponding handbook chapter.
The terms that are included in the Glossary are listed below, in groupings that can
help you explore related Energy Medicine concepts. If you want more information
on any of these terms, Energy Medicine (Donna and David's classic book) is a great
reference. You could also check the free resources in the Energy Medicine
Handout Bank at

The terms included in the Glossary are:

Nine Energy Systems
The Meridians Acupoints
The Chakras Neurolymphatic Reflex Points
The Aura Neurovascular Reflex Points
The Radiant Circuits Electric Points
The Triple Warmer Acupressure Strengthening and
The Celtic Weave Sedating Points
The Five Rhythms Meridian Beginning & End Points
The Electrics Assemblage Point
The Basic Grid
Energy Medicine Exercises Grounding
The DER (Daily Energy Routine) Energetic Polarities
Meridian Tracing Homolateral Pattern
Flushing a Meridian Belt Flow
Energy Testing Spinal Flush
Meridian Energy Tests
General Indicator Test
Spleen Meridian Energy Test
Energy Localizing

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Energy Medicine Glossary

Nine Energy Systems

Energy Medicine is based on the understanding that energy animates and acts as
a vital infrastructure for the physical body. How the body's energies flow and
interact affects your health and vitality. What's more, you can use Energy Medicine
techniques (as introduced in this course) to influence your energy systems for better

A variety of cultures have described the configuration and use of subtle energy
systems (think for example, of the meridian system that underlies the practice of
acupuncture). Many of these descriptions are now backed by electromagnetic
measurements. Those (like Donna Eden) who can clairvoyantly read these energies,
have detected and described systems that make up the anatomy of the energy body.

Although Donna sees and recognizes a wide range of energy systems, she has
identified nine with very important impacts on the health of body and mind.
These nine primary energy systems are the focus of learning and practice in Eden
Energy Medicine. They include:
The Meridians
The Chakras
The Aura
The Radiant Circuits
The Triple Warmer
The Celtic Weave
The Five Rhythms
The Electrics
The Basic Grid

The Meridians
The Meridians carry energy similar to the way your arteries carry blood. Each of the
body's fourteen meridians run along the skins surface and deep inside the body, to
support specific organs, muscles, and cells. Meridian pathways also connect
hundreds of tiny, distinct reservoirs of heat and electromagnetic energy along the
surface of the skin. These are your acupuncture points, and they can be stimulated
with needles or physical pressure to release or redistribute energy along the meridian.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

The Chakras
The Chakras are seven swirling pools of concentrated energy positioned at points
from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each of these major chakras
supplies energy to specific organs, corresponds to a distinct psychological theme
and aspect of your personality, and codes your memories energetically (just as
memories are chemically coded in your neurons). Clearing and balancing chakras
can release congested energies (including emotional blocks), or even free stored
memories to encourage deeper healing and personal growth.

The Aura
Like a personal atmospheric field, your aura is a multi-layered shell of energy that
emanates from your body and interacts with the energies of your environment. It
serves two major functions: Like a space suit, the Aura protects you from harmful
energies; and like a radio antenna, it broadcasts and pulls in resonant energies.
The Aura also enables transfer of energy to and from your chakras and the

When you feel healthy, happy, and spirited, your aura may fill an entire room.
When you are ill, sad, or despondent, your aura crashes in on you, forming an
energetic shell that isolates you from the world. Because support to the Aura
improves your ability to filter out disruptive energies and attract those you need,
it can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

The Radiant Circuits

The Radiant Circuits work to ensure that all the other energy systems are acting
for the common good. They redistribute energies to where they are most needed,
responding to any health challenge the body might encounter. Unlike the
meridians, which follow fixed pathways and fuel specific organs, the Radiant
Circuits operate as fluid fields and embody a distinct spontaneous intelligence.
Like hyperlinks on a website, they jump instantly to wherever they are needed,
bringing revitalization, joy, and spiritual connection.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

The Triple Warmer

Triple Warmer protects you by networking the energies of the immune system to
attack an invader, and mobilizing the bodys energies in an emergency for the fight-
or-flight-or-freeze response. As it carries out these critical functions, Triple
Warmer operates in ways that are so beyond the range of any other meridian that
Eden Energy Medicine treats it as an energy system unto itself. In addition to
commanding the body's immune system and stress response, Triple Warmer also
establishes and maintains your habitual responses to threat. Calming and
balancing Triple Warmer can loosen the hold of this 'habit field' making chronic
conditions and unwanted habits easier to change.

The Celtic Weave

Like connective tissue that keeps all the energy systems functioning as a single unit,
the Celtic Weave winds and spins through and around the body in spiraling
figure-eight patterns. Whereas meridians can be compared to streams and chakras
to pools, the Celtic Weave is comparable to a web. It draws all of our energy
systems together into a network of communication through its crisscrossing dance
of large and small figure 8s (and sometimes other geometrical shapes as well).
Because the Celtic Weave aids communication between energy systems, it enables
integrated support to your body. As the criss-cross pattern of your Celtic Weave
grows stronger and more vibrant, you (as a whole) grow healthier and more vital.

The Five Rhythms

Moving through all of the bodys energies is a complex set of pulses called the Five
Elements or Five Seasons or Five Rhythms. These are underlying energy patterns
that flow through and leave their imprint on all of the other energy systems. The
Five Rhythm Model, based on ancient Chinese medicine, reflects the rhythmic
pulse of all life that influences human events and cycles. Each meridian vibrates
according to one of these Five Rhythms or Elementsrepresented by the
metaphors of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. The Five Rhythms provide a
lens for understanding and working with chronic health issues, behavioral patterns,
and emotional challenges.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

The Electrics
The Electrics, like the Celtic Weave and the Five Rhythms, is a system that acts on
all the other energy systems. Thats because the Electrics are comprised of the
electrical dimension of each of the other energy systemsfrom the Aura down
to the Basic Grid. The Electrics help to charge and connect the cells, organs, and
other energy systems at an electrical level and both affect, and are affected by, the
nervous system and the heart. Electrical energy is the densest and most easily
measured of the bodys energies.

The Basic Grid

Embedded throughout the body is a matrix or grid pattern of energy. Dense and
slow-moving, The Basic Grid is the foundation of the other energy systems and the
innermost energy of them all. Just as the skeletal system provides the bodys basic
structure, the Grid provides the basic structure for the bodys energy systems. It
also directly supports the bones. If there is a break in the Grid, people cannot fully
thrive and will have a difficult time mustering their energies or healing completely,
physically or emotionally. If the Grid is healthy and strong, all the bodys energies
are supported.

Energy Medicine Exercises

The movement of energy in the body is governed by habits. Optimum flows and
connections may become blocked or scrambled due to stress or illness, and these
damaged patterns may become habitual. Energy Medicine exercises can change
energy habits and restore healthy energy flow, easing everyday discomfort, acute or
chronic illnesses, and mental or emotional distress.

The exercises you learn in this course are designed to:

Reinforce EEM as a learning process that increases awareness of your bodys
energies and energetic needs.
Empower you with tools you can use right away to help yourself feel better.
Build healthy habits through exercises that are easy to do at home.
Translate complex Energy Medicine principles into easily learned activities
that invite your consistent practice and continued learning.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

Help you communicate with and influence your bodys energy systems.
Support your own healing through direct dialogue with your body and a better
understanding of what is happening energetically.

The DER (Daily Energy Routine)

The Daily Energy Routine is a set of exercises designed to help you develop a
stronger energetic core (see Chapter 1 for demonstrations and instructions). Most
people can feel an immediate difference in their energy level or sense of well-being
after doing this set of exercises. Doing the DER can be a 'quick win' in bringing
your basic energies into better integration, coherence, and flow at least
temporarily. It may take time to shift entrenched patterns, but persistence will pay
off. As you continue to do the Daily Energy Routine regularly, you are
strengthening the Nine Energy Systems and building up communication between
all of them. At the same time, the exercises each work on their own to address
individual energy imbalances within the body.

Meridian Tracing
The energies coming off your hands are electromagnetic. This means that when you
trace the pathway of a meridian, the energies on that meridian will follow as if you
had a magnet in your hands. Tracing a meridian in a forward direction along its
pathway will strengthen its energy. Tracing a meridian backwards from the end point
to the beginning point will sedate or reduce its energy flow. Remember that you
never trace Heart meridian backwards.

You will become more attuned to the flow of your meridians if you trace them
regularly, and you will also be encouraging energetic balance throughout the entire
Meridian system. Before tracing your meridians, do the Four Thumps. This insures
that the meridians are flowing in the right direction and gives you a jumpstart. Then
lightly trace, with your full open hand, the meridian pathway from the beginning
point to the end point of the meridian. You can touch the surface of the body or
trace slightly above the skin. Diagrams for tracing or flushing Spleen and Triple
Warmer meridians are shown in the third chapter of the handbook for this course.
You can find similar diagrams for all fourteen meridians in Energy Medicine (Donna
and David's classic book).

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Energy Medicine Glossary

Flushing a Meridian
Like backwashing a pipe, flushing a meridian clears out toxins and blockages and
creates a strong fresh flow. To flush a meridian, trace it backwards once and then
trace it forward three times (see Meridian Tracing in this Glossary for further
Important Note: Never flush or sedate the Heart meridian.

Energy Testing
Energy testing allows you to assess the flow and function of energies that most
people cannot perceive with their senses. It is a potent bio-feedback mechanism
that can show both you and the person you are working with what is happening
with the bodys energies. EEM uses a range of testing procedures to track energy
flow, blockages, and patterns. In this course the emphasis is on Meridian Energy
Tests (described in a separate Glossary entry). Chapter 4 provides more
information on this topic

Meridian Energy Tests

When you energy test a meridian, you are determining whether the energy in the
meridian has a strong enough natural flow to lock an indicator muscle. The
origins of this tool can be found in muscle testing as developed in the field of
Applied Kinesiology and popularized in the practice of Touch for Health.

A separate energy test has been devised for assessing the flow of energy in each of
the 14 major meridians. These energy tests are used in a variety of ways to assess
the flow of energy in meridians as well as other energy systems. If you are the
one being tested, you might pay attention to the nuances of how the energy feels
during the energy test. Meridian Energy Tests can also be used with energy
localizing to self-test your energies and systems.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

General Indicator Test

One form of energy testing uses a General Indicator muscle. As an individual
holds an arm out parallel to the floor, the tester presses down gently to see if the
arm stays steady (locked) or collapses downward under relatively gentle pressure
(unlocked). The General Indicator Test can be used to detect the need for specific
Energy Medicine exercises as well as the body's need for specific fools, supplements,
and other substances.

Spleen Meridian Energy Test

The energy test for Spleen meridian is used to determine if a substance can be
safely and harmoniously ingested. This test, used a great deal in EEM, specifically
helps to determine if something can be metabolized by the body. It is most often
used with substances, but has many other applications, as well.

Energy Localizing
Energy localizing involves touching a location on an individual's body, and then
(while still holding that point), using a General Indicator test to detect energy
imbalances. For example, energy localizing over an organ will provide information
about the flow of energy through that organ. Energy localizing can add much
greater precision to energy testing.

Just as there are locations along the blood vessels where the pulse is most clearly
felt, or where transfusions can most easily be given, there are points on the body
that act as portals to the various energy flows.

Acupoints (also called acupuncture points) are hundreds of tiny, distinct reservoirs
of heat and electromagnetic energy on the surface of the skin, located along your
meridian pathways. These points can be stimulated with needles or physical
pressure to release or redistribute energy through their meridian.

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Energy Medicine Glossary

Neurolymphatic Reflex Points

The Neurolymphatics are reflex points that facilitate removal of toxins from the
body, and regulate energy exchange between the meridian system and the
lymphatic system. Working these points can help detoxify the entire body or
specific areas of concern.

Clogged Neurolymphatic reflex points will be tender, so the soreness itself may
indicate problem areas. Clearing these points can enhance movement in the
lymphatic system and help balance the meridian and organ systems associated
with the specific reflex point. See Chapter 1 for a description of how to do
Neurolymphatic Clearing.

Neurovascular Reflex Points

Holding the Neurovascular reflex points bridges the nervous system and the
circulation system with the meridians. Because these points can be held to
influence the circulation of blood, you can also use them to reprogram emotional
and mental responses to stress and trauma. By gently holding specific
Neurovascular reflex points while bringing to mind a specific trauma or crisis, you
can train your body to keep blood in the forebrain rather than sending it to the
limbs and trunk in preparation for the fight-flight-or-freeze response. This can
lower overall anxiety level and reduce the number of situations that unnecessarily
trigger a stress response. Use of these points also helps to balance energy in the
specific meridian associated with points you are holding, and related organs.

Electric Points
The body's Electric system can be accessed by touching and holding points on
the body that activate specific electrical circuits. Two important Electric points
are located at the base of the skull (where the spinal cord comes into the brain
stem). Holding these points for an extended period of time can stimulate deep
healing. See Energy Medicine for further information on the use of Electric

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Energy Medicine Glossary

Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points

Located along each meridian are specific points that can be held to calm or
strengthen the flow of that meridians energies. Holding these points in a definite
order can stimulate redistribution of the bodys meridian energies to bring
balance. Chapter 3 includes a diagram and directions on how to use sedating
points to calm Triple Warmer, and Chapter 5 adds sedating point diagrams for
Kidney and Stomach meridians. Click on
to download Strengthening and Sedating point charts (as pdfs) for each meridian.

Meridian Beginning and End Points

The beginning and end points of each meridian segment are particularly powerful
points. They can be tapped, held, or pressed to shift the energies associated with
that meridian. Consult the meridian tracing diagrams in Energy Medicine (Donna
an David's classic book) for the location of these points.

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is a sphere of energy that acts as a bridge between your
deepest being and your consciousness. It assembles information from your life
experiences according to the lens of your souls deepest understandings and val-
ues. The Assemblage Point is a palpable energy that sits in front of your Heart
chakra so you literally walk toward what your soul knows. Your sense of reality is
assembled around what is needed for your souls journeypulling in surrounding
energies that will reinforce the perspective your Assemblage Point holds. If your
Assemblage Point shifts physically, your perceptions of reality can shift along with
the realities you draw to yourself. Conversely, if your perceptions shift, the physi-
cal location of your Assemblage Point may also literally shift.

Like a vacuum, your Assemblage Point magnetically sucks into your life the
required people, events, opportunities, and connections needed for your souls
journey. Work with the Assemblage Point may be appropriate when there is a
sense of disconnection, a crisis of faith, a loss of hope, confusion about identity
and personal values, or after a sudden shift in perspective that seems ungrounded.

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An electrical device is grounded when it is connected to the ground in a way
that allows excess energy to leave the system. For people, energetic grounding
supports the natural exchange of energies with the Earth, and enables us to send
energetic roots into the Earth so that they hold us steady. The energies of your
body are interacting with the energies of the Earth in a way that you are built for
them to interact.

Being grounded affects you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It

allows you to withstand lifes challenges at each of these levels. It is also important
when you interact with others, helping you relate openly without picking up too
much of the other's energies. See Chapter 2 of the course videos and handbook
for instruction on exercises that can keep you grounded on a daily basis.

Energetic Polarities
At the bottom of each foot is an energy vortex that pulls energy in from the Earth.
When an individual's energetic polarities are aligned with the field of the Earth,
energies are aided in entering through the base of his or her feet (at the beginning
point of Kidney meridian). These energies rise through the legs to the pelvic
floor, and then separate into two streams. One stream continues to rise through
the central column of the body to emerge at the top of the head, spilling down
like water in a fountain; another spirals down from the sacrum and back to the
Earth. Both energy streams help ground people.

When an individual's energetic polarities are reversed or out of alignment,

energy exchange between the feet and the Earth can be significantly hampered
or blocked, and an adequate flow of energy cannot be drawn up into the body.
Chapter 2 of the course videos and handbook show and tell how to correct this
condition, and reset or reconnect the magnetic polarities of the feet with the field
of the Earth.

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Homolateral Pattern
When your energies are homolateral, they are not crossing over well, and the body
cannot adequately access or move the energies it stores. This is a pattern designed
by nature to slow you down when you are tired or ill so that you can rest, heal, or
re-group. It becomes a problem, however, if the homolateral pattern becomes a
habit. Rather than helping to restore strength, the habitual Homolateral Pattern
interferes with optimal functioning.

All oppositional exercises that involve using the left arm with the right leg and
the right arm with the left leg (such as swimming or walking) can strengthen the
necessary crossover patterns in the brain if those crossover patterns are active. If
they are not (which means you are in a homolateral state), then crossover activities
will cause fatigue and further disorganization in your energies. See Chapter 2 for
instruction on the Homolateral Repatterning exercise.

Belt Flow
The Belt Flow surrounds the waist, and connects the energies of the top and
bottom parts of the body. Its vital health task involves distribution of the energies
up and down the body. It also helps all of the meridians to move in harmony, and
orchestrates the chakras. Psychologically and spiritually, the Belt Flow is involved
with: How grounded we are; how inspired we are; and how grounded we can stay
when reaching to our spiritual heights.

Spinal Flush
This exercise is a form of Neurolymphatic Clearing. Starting at the top of the
spine and continuing all the way down to the sacrum, press in deeply on the
fleshy tissue on both sides of the spine. Do NOT press directly on the spine itself.
At each spot, make a few tiny circles with strong pressure and then move down
about an inch or two. You are moving lymph to help the body release toxins and
are, at the same time, calming the nervous system (Bladder meridian, which
governs the nervous system, runs through this area).

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