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That was totally wicked

New vocabulary
Are you kidding? You're very late!
I'm your number one fan! That was way too close!
Ladies first Lame
Match the underlined words with their definitions.

1. I'm sorry ma'am. I know you are upset. ( ) to be like everybody else.
2. You're a bit of a show-off. ( )can go to the bathroom alone.
3. The world wants us to fit in. ( ) pay a lot of money.
4. Dash got sent to the office again. ( ) very bad.
5. It is leftover night ( ) unhappy.
6. He's not even toilet-trained ( ) to start a fight.
7. I'm thirsty ( ) wanting to drink water.
8. They will pay through the nose to get it. ( ) the principal's office.
9. You're trying to pick a fight ( ) food not eaten at the end of a meal.
10. I've been a lousy father ( ) who tries to impress others.

Answer the questions

1. Incrediboy becames a) Frozone

b) Syndrome

2. Who creates the Incredibles super suits?

a) Mrs. Magoo
b) Edna

3. What happens to Syndrome's robot?

a) It gets out of control
b) It starts dancing

4. How do the Incredibles and Frozone destroy Syndrome's robot?

a) They find Syndrome's remote.
b) They freeze the robot.

Whose super powers are these?

Freeze To be flexible
Smash walls Became fire
Run really fast To be invisible
Create force fields Became a devil

Exercise by Dany