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Scenario Authors: Rose Bailey and Audrey Whitman

System Designers: Rose Bailey, Meghan Fitzgerald,
Jordan Goldfarb, and Danielle Lauzon
Editor: Dixie Cochran
Art Directors: Michael Chaney and Richard Thomas
Art: Chris Huth
Cartography: Rose Bailey and Mike Chaney

2016 Rose Bailey. All rights reserved. Text and illustrations are the property of
Rose Bailey. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is ex-
pressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and one printed copy which
may be reproduced for personal use only. The mention of or reference to any com-
pany or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright con-
cerned. This book uses the fantastic for settings, characters and themes. All mystical
and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes
only. This book contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised.

Introduction 5 Sample Characters 12
Ksenyia Malaya 12
Rules 6 Zillah 13
Characters 6 Sunny Lucio 14
Basics 6 Sisera Ipato 15
Actions 6
Lasting Consequences 6
Adventure 16
Exerting and Exhausting Traits 7 The City of Vance 16
Talents 7 Festival in the Plaza 16
Drama Points 7 The Plaza 17
Spending Drama Points 7 The Action 17
Gaining Drama Points 8 Searching the Dredge 18
Strain 8 The Dredge 18
Conditions 8 The Action 19
Combat 8 Cornering Ruvar the Blue 21
The Combat Round 9 The Crypts 21
Ranged Weapons 10 The Action 21
Combat Maneuvers 10 Resolution 24
Minions 11 Customizing the Adventure 24
The Map 11
Links 25

Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. In this adventure, youll find yourself in Vance at
A planet of flashing swords and choking sands, of festival time. When revolutionaries strike a visiting
winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities. Mars, prince, youll need to explore the citys dark under-
where fortune and death are two sides of the same belly, before racing across its towered tombs!
obsidian chit, where lost cities and dry oceans stretch Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red death
between the last bastions of civilization. Where the and strange mystery, a world of savagery and romance.
First Martians, the monument-builders, are but a
Welcome to the jumpstart for Cavaliers of Mars,
haunted memory. Where the Red Martians become
a roleplaying game of swashbuckling adventure on a
decadent and reckless in their last days. Where the
dying world. This book includes sample characters,
Pale Martians rule the wastes, remembering a history
the rules that power the game, and an action-packed
whose weight would crush a lesser people.
adventure to introduce the setting.

Cavaliers of Mars is powered by the DEIMOS ning, With Force, or With Grace). Add these two dice to
system, in which a heros motivations and approach your pool. Then, add one die each for any Trait which
to problems strongly influence her chance of success. would help you. The GM is the final arbiter of which
In combat, heroes face off with their enemies in con- Traits apply.
tests of tactics and chance. Another player can help by describing a way his
character helps yours, then contributing his highest
relevant die to your pool.
Characters The GM then picks two dice. If the opposition is
inanimate, then the GM picks two dice of the same
Your character is made up of Traits, each ranked size to represent the difficulty (2d6, 2d8, 2d10, or
as a die size from d6 to d12. For example, your char- 2d12). If the opposition is a non-player character or
acters Traits might include For Love d8, With Force creature, the GM takes the characters Resolve die,
d6, and Cavalier d8. and the die for the non-player characters most rele-
Traits include Motivations, Methods, Origins, Ca- vant Trait (like Stubborn as a Steppes Bear d8). The
reers, and Relationships. GM may also include one die for difficulty (d6, d8,
Your character also has a special Trait, Speed, d10, or d12).
which is rated as a number rather than a die type. You and the GM each roll your dice, then each of
Speed determines how many actions your character you add the two highest results. If your total is higher
can take per round in closely-timed situations, like than the GMs, your character succeeds, and the GM
combat. narrates your success. If the GMs total is higher, the
Finally, your character has Talents, which create opposition overcomes your character, and you narrate
exceptions to the normal rules. the result.
Basic actions can be used for fighting instead of the
combat system, in order to speed things up. But to kill
Basics (or inflict any other Condition on) a significant charac-
ter, you must call for a combat.

Actions Lasting Consequences

Basic actions are resolved by rolling a pool of dice Some actions have lingering consequences be-
against an opposing pool belonging to another player or yond their immediate effects. Examples include
the GM. To form your pool, first pick a Motivation (For astrological predictions, building or repairing
Honor, For Love, or For Self) and a Method (With Cun- equipment, inspiring or tricking people, political

manipulations, and infiltrating a group or place.
The GM is the final arbiter of what actions may
have lasting consequences. PLOT TWISTS
A successful action generates a Windfall die: a d4
added to a basic action or combat roll as a bonus die. Cavaliers of Mars is designed to
When a player earns Windfall, he holds it in reserve
be a game where everyone cooper-
ates to experience an entertaining sto-
until he chooses to use it. In basic actions, the Wind- ry. A lot of the time, the GM may just
fall die is rolled and added to the players result after want to ask players what happens, or
he selects his top two dice. For combat actions, the take suggestions. For example, looking
Windfall die is rolled and added to a single action die around a murder scene, the GM might
of the players choice. This must be done after action ask a player what his characters look-
pools are rolled, but before the Clash of Steel phase ing for, and go with that. The player
could say this guy was a champion pit
fighter; I probably know him from my
A failed action generates a Misfortune die, also Entertainer days. Spending a Drama
a d4. Usually the GM holds Misfortune in reserve Point, though, is for something weighti-
until she chooses to add it to a players pool for a er or more unlikely, like I turn over the
basic action or a non-player characters combat roll, body... and see my own brothers face
though some actions allow players to inflict Mis- staring blankly back at me!
fortune instead. If the Misfortune die matches any
other die in a basic actions pool, the GM or player
introduces some complication reinforcements ar-
rive, a sandstorm sweeps the area, a character dis-
covers that her coin purse is missing, etc. If nothing Talents give your character special abilities. Basic
matches the Misfortune die, the GM keeps it for Talents usually give you narrative effects without requir-
future use. ing you to roll a basic action. Careers also offer Talents.
In combat, Misfortune dice simply become Wind-
fall for the players opponent instead. Drama Points
Most Windfall and Misfortune dice can be used Drama Points are a player resource for influenc-
on any kind of action, although there are logical lim- ing the flow of the game. They let players achieve
itations on some of them. For instance, players must great deeds and insert plot twists, and compensate
use consequences generated by astrology on actions them when the tables turn.
relevant to the prediction.
Only one Windfall or Misfortune die can apply to Spending Drama Points
any given roll. All unused Windfall and Misfortune There are five uses for Drama Points.
vanishes at the end of the session, unless otherwise Exceptional Action: When rolling a basic action,
noted in a specific system. the player can add a third die to her total result.

Exerting and Just a Scratch: After combat, the player may

Exhausting Traits
remove half of her characters current Strain.

Some rules, such as basic and career Talents, re- Lore: The character just happens to know an
quire you to exert a Trait, stepping its die size down obscure truth or rumor that helps in the current
by one until the end of a session. For example, a d8 situation. Her player can ask the GM, but its en-
Trait becomes a d6 when exerted. A Trait at d4 can couraged that the player make up the fact herself.
no longer be exerted.
Plot Twist: Fate intervenes in the characters
A Trait can also be exhausted, meaning that it im- favor. For example, an ally shows up just in
mediately becomes a d4 for the rest of the session. A time to help her fend off assassins, or she stum-
Trait must currently be d8 or higher to be exhausted. bles across a piece of critical evidence. As with

Lore, the player is encouraged to come up with being Taken Out. When a Condition disadvantag-
this themselves, subject to GM approval. es a player character significantly, or prevents them
from doing something theyd otherwise be able to,
Rally: In combat, the player may roll a d4 and the player gets a Drama Point.
add the result to any of her action dice.
As with Trouble, a player can only earn one Dra-
Second Wind: In combat, after making a Re- ma Point from Conditions per scene.
solve Roll, the player can roll a d4 and add it to Conditions usually last until the end of a game
the result of her Motivation die. session, although a player can choose for her charac-
ter to suffer the Condition for longer. Occasionally,
Gaining Drama Points it will make narrative sense to remove the Condi-
tion from play before the end of a session, such as
Players start each session with 3 Drama Points.
if enough in-character time passes for an injury to
The GM awards Drama Points, but players should
heal on its own. Just go ahead and do that if you
speak up when they think one of their peers ought
need to.
to earn points. Drama Points always reset to 3 at the
beginning of the next session. The available Conditions are:
There are four ways to gain Drama Points. Exhausted
Disaster: When something deadly or tragic be- Injured
falls the player characters, and they didnt have
a chance to prevent it, each affected characters In Love
player should receive 1 or 2 Drama Points.
Presumed Dead
Memorable Roleplaying: Particularly great
dialogue, moving character interactions, or an Trapped
ingenious response to a problem should earn a
Drama Point.
When non-player characters suffer Conditions,
Self-Sacrifice: When a character gives up some- they grant an extra d6 to non-combat rolls against
thing vital or puts themselves at great risk for oth- them that exploit those Conditions. In combat, when
ers, the player should earn 1 or 2 Drama Points. a player character exploits a non-player characters
Condition, the player chooses one of the non-player
Trouble: When a characters Trouble comes
characters action dice to discard, after rolling.
back to haunt him, his player should earn a
Drama Point. A character can only have one instance of a Con-
dition. If a player wants to choose Injured twice, then

Strain he should take Presumed Dead, instead.

Conditions expire for non-player characters as for
Strain represents the effects of injury and fatigue player characters, but the GM is encouraged to only
on characters during and after combat. very rarely clear a Condition for a non-player char-
After combat ends, a player can automatically re- acter before the end of a session, since that tends to
duce her characters Strain by half. After that, the make players feel cheated of their victories.

character needs a full nights rest to rid herself of the
rest of the Strain. Strain goes away completely at the
end of a session. In combat, your hero takes a number of actions

Conditions each round equal to her Speed rating. Each action

is represented by a single die. At the beginning of a
A conflict can inflict Conditions on a character, round, you decide which actions your character will
reflecting the emotional or physical consequences of be performing, and gather a hand of dice to repre-
sent them.

There are four types of action dice.
Red d10s: Strike dice, representing attacks and DO YOU WANT TO
aggressive actions. HAVE A FIGHT SCENE?
Black d10s: Parry dice, representing blocks and Physical conflicts can be resolved
as basic actions, which will speed
along the flow of the session. The com-
White d10s: Stunt dice, representing maneu-
bat rules are intended for dramatic du-
els and melees, and are only mechan-
vering around the battlefield, and sometimes ically necessary to inflict the Injured
other actions not specifically related to attack or Presumed Dead Conditions. If you
or defense. dont want to invest the time, or dont
need to inflict a Condition, use a basic
Blue d4s: Bonus dice from sources like Drama action instead.
Points and Scenery.

The Combat Round

Each round is divided into three phases: Taking When a Strike lands against a minion, the rolled
Up Dice, Clash of Steel, and Break. value of the Strike is compared to the minion groups
Strike Threshold. If the die is higher than the Thresh-
Taking Up Dice old, the minion is killed, knocked unconscious, or
You and the other players decide your characters otherwise removed from the conflict.
tactics. Fill your hand with as many dice as your char- When a strike lands against a player character or
acters Speed rating in any combination of Strike, significant non-player character, it inflicts Strain on
Parry, and Stunt dice. For example, a character with that character based on your characters weapons
a Speed rating of four might pick up two Strike dice, damage rating.
one Parry die, and one Stunt die. All players take
up dice simultaneously, and dont need to announce Stunts
what dice theyre choosing. For a Stunt die, you choose one of two effects. You
Then, roll the dice in your hand. Sort your dice may move one space on the map for each die you have
by action type, and then from highest to lowest. that matches the current count. Alternatively, you may
change the scene to your advantage. For example, you
Clash of Steel might knock a candelabra over on a foe, forcing them
In this phase, Strikes are compared to Parries, and to Parry your attacks between blazing candles!
Stunt dice are spent. Stunts are usually things your character does, but you
The GM counts down from 10 to 1. can use them to create events that benefit you, as well.
Your love might dash into the room to see you fighting
When the GM calls a number that you have a
the Count, distracting him at a critical moment.
Strike or Stunt die equal to, its your characters turn
to act. A Stunt gives you or an ally a +2 bonus to one
Strike or Parry die, in addition to the benefits of ma-
Strikes and Parries nipulating the scene. The bonus must be used before
For a Strike die, select a target within your weap- the end of the round. (Using the Stunt in this way is
on range. Compare your Strike die to the targets sometimes less advantageous than using it for move-
highest Parry die. ment, since movement can allow you to withdraw
If your Strike die is greater than his Parry die, the from striking range for the rest of the round.)
hit lands, and the Parry die is discarded. Stunts cant be Parried. The way to counter them
If your Strike die is equal to or lower than his is to pull off a Stunt that counters the narrative ad-
Parry die, both it and the Parry die are discarded, vantage gained. The GM may disallow a Stunt that
and no hit lands. doesnt make sense.

Break in this fight, the player doesnt have to make one. If
The final phase of the combat round determines she did, shed use the Apprentices For Self Motiva-
whos too injured or exhausted to continue. Each tion, at d8.
player makes a Resolve Roll, using their characters The boy, meanwhile, has a Resolve of d4. The
most relevant Motivation die. GM rolls the die and gets a 1, so the boy is Taken
If the die comes up greater than or equal to your Out. The boy stays on the ground, humiliated. He
characters Strain value, your character may partici- still gets water in the form of the Apprentices spit
pate in the next round. upon his cheek.
If the die comes up less than your characters The player chooses to inflict the Injured Condi-
Strain value, your character is Taken Out:She is tion though after this defeat, she doesnt expect to
wounded, unconscious, or otherwise removed from see the boy or his cronies again.
combat for the rest of the scene. At the end of the
fight, she receives a Condition. Ranged Weapons
Slightly different rules apply when a combatant is
Example using a flintlaser, sling, or other weapon intended for
The Apprentice, young ward of a cavalier, is sur- attacking at a distance.
rounded by a gang of boys demanding her water. She Most ranged weapons need to be reloaded be-
picks up a sharp rock and calls out their leader, who tween shots. This happens automatically in the Break
responds by drawing a crude knife. phase. Thus, they can only inflict a single successful
The Apprentice has a Speed of 3, and the boy Strike. However, ranged weapons can also be aimed,
has a Speed of 2. Shes in an aggressive mood, so essentially combining Strikes. Each Strike die in the
her player picks two red Strike dice and one black players pool can be spent to add +1 to the value of
Parry. The boy is wary of her defiant attitude so the the highest Strike die in the pool.
GM splits his pool between one red Strike and one Many ranged weapons cant be used to Parry,
black Parry. meaning that the character must Parry as if unarmed.
The player and the GM roll. The player rolls 8 Parry dice can still be used to dodge ranged Strikes.
and 6 on the Apprentices Strikes, and 7 on her Par-
ry. The GM rolls 7 on the boys Strike, and 4 on his Combat Maneuvers
Parry. Combat maneuvers are special moves that replace
The Clash of Steel begins. The GM counts down the effects of your regular action dice. Anyone can use
from 10. any maneuver, provided they meet the requirements
On 8, the Apprentice lunges, making a savage and pay any costs.
swing at the boys head with her rock. Since her You may use one maneuver per round. Except for
Strike die is higher than his only Parry, she connects, the basic Strike and Parry, you cant use the same ma-
sending him reeling. He takes 1 Strain. His Parry die neuver in two consecutive rounds.
is discarded. The variety of maneuvers can create some decision
On 7, the boy regains his footing and slashes with paralysis for new players. Feel free to stick to the basic
his knife. Since the Apprentice has a Parry of 7, she Strike, Parry, and Stunt until youre ready to experi-
leaps lightly out of the way. She takes no Strain. Her ment with fancier moves.
Parry die is discarded.
On 6, the Apprentice Strikes again, this time STRIKE
aiming to sweep the boys legs out from under him.
Since he has no more Parry dice, she succeeds, and You stab, slash, or bash your foe.
he lands unceremoniously on his backside. He takes Action: Strike
another 1 point of Strain.
At the Break, its time to make Resolve Rolls.
Since the Apprentice hasnt taken any Strain so far You deftly block or evade an attack.
Action: Parry

DISARM Requirement: Using a heavy swinging weapon
You knock your opponents weapon from their hand. Effect: Attack each enemy in space
Action: Stunt Drawback: -2 to highest Parry
Effect: Disarmed advantage; opponent cant use Mastery: No Parry penalty
maneuvers like Riposte or Moulinet until they Stunt to
retrieve a weapon. MOULINET
Requirement: Using a heavy swinging weapon
DRAW CORPS-A-CORPS Effect: Attack each enemy in space
You draw your opponent in, pressing body to body Drawback: -2 to highest Parry
as you grapple.
Action: Stunt Minions
Effect: Corps-a-corps advantage; only fists and dag-
gers can be used while advantage is in play. You or Since having the GM track a hand of dice for
your foe may use a Stunt to break free. each individual non-player character in a big fight
scene could get cumbersome, mobs of minor charac-
ters (minions) use a simplified set of rules.
Each minion group has a Strike Threshold: 2, 4, 6, or
You make a false attack, and your enemys defense
gives you an opening. 8. When an individual minion gets hit with a Strike equal
Action: Stunt to or greater than their groups Threshold, theyre killed,
Effect: Opponent is distracted until the end of the knocked unconscious, or otherwise removed from action.
round. One Strike against a distracted character The GM rolls one pool of dice for an entire group, with
counts as +2 higher than normal. a Speed rating equal to the number of minions in the group
who havent yet been defeated. Minions shouldnt usually
LUNGE Parry their dice should typically be Strikes and Stunt.
You thrust forward with your entire body, putting As the Clash of Steel resolves, the GM can use
devastating force behind your weapon but leaving any die for any minion in the group.
yourself open to attack.
Action: Parry
Effect: The Parry becomes a Strike.
The Map
Maps are simple flow charts showing the different
places characters can move in the current scene. Map
RIPOSTE spaces dont represent exact distances, but instead areas
Your opponents assault leaves her open, and you which require an effort to move through. For example,
strike back. in a theater, the stage might be a single space, since
Action: Parry bounding from one side to another is trivial, while the
Effect: If your successful Parry is higher than the seating might be two or three spaces, representing the
Strike it counters, promote one Strike to the level of challenge of pushing through the rowdy patrons.
the Parry and resolve it immediately.
SHOVE Two characters in the same space can attack each
You crash into your foe with great force, pushing other with close combat weapons, like swords. To attack
them into a less advantageous position. from further away, they would need ranged weapons.
Action: Stunt
Effect: Your foe is moved one space. Scenery Dice
Spaces on the map may have Scenery dice associ-
SWEEP ATTACK ated with them. These are d4s that represent features
like ropes to swing on, sandbags to knock over, cur-
You swing your weapon in a wide arc, sending your
enemies sprawling. tains to dodge behind, and so on. Once per turn, you
Action: Strike may describe how your character makes use of the
Cost: Exert Force Scenery, and add the result to one of your action dice.

Ksenyia Malaya
Killer of Thoughts
Motivations Methods
For Honor: d8 With Cunning: d10
For Love: d6 With Force: d6
For Self: d10 With Grace: d8

Slum Rat of Vance d8 I was a dock daughter, fishing for rich mens trash; too ambitious to stay.
Assassin d10 My sharp eyes won me a patron, who taught me her ways.
Scholar d8 My skill won me another, who taught me his reasons.
Patience d10 A good plan requires care and diligence to see it through. Im more careful
than most.
Member of a d6 Now and then I take a contract to kill knowledge, and not just its bearer.
Secret Society
Trouble Im patient, but not always silent.
Equipment Subtle poisons, books of forbidden lore, letters to be lost forever.

Speed: 3 (roll 3 dice per round)
Weapons: Small blades
Damage: 1

By taking advantage of distraction or the cover of You are able to remember obscure information
darkness, you can slip your blade through the best youve read previously.
of defenses. Cost: Exert Scholar
Cost: Exert Cunning Effect: You can ask the GM to give you a single
Effect: This Talent can only be used when previ- piece of information that your character would have
ously hidden, or after maneuvering behind your read pertaining to a particular situation or plot.
opponent. When applying your Strike die to an
opponent, you choose which Parry die they use
against your attack. TASTE OF POISON
You know the tools of your trade well enough to
SLIP THE KNIFE DEEPER recognize poisons.
Cost: Exert Assassin
You use precision instead of force when striking, Effect: You are able to identify any poison, includ-
able to find vulnerable areas or vital organs in a ing knowing where it came from and who is likely to
swift strike. use such a poison.
Cost: Exert Grace
Effect: Deal 1 additional Strain with close combat

The Rising Fifth
Motivations Methods
For Honor: d8 With Cunning: d8
For Love: d6 With Force: d6
For Self: d10 With Grace: d10

Merchant Class d8 I am the fifth daughter of a fecund but unremarkable accountant.
of Vance
Adept d10 And Ive had the gift as long as I can remember.
Astrologer d8 It wasnt long before I began using it to track the heavens.
Numerology d8 I know the best days, now. For starting a journey, for meeting a lover, for
ending a life. Each day is full of little threads, and I know just where to cut
each one.
Trouble Unreliable. So much time spent looking inward has left me less attentive
than others. Without a guiding hand, Im apt to get distracted.
Equipment Charts of the heavens, maps of the Princess Invincibles palace, a list of

Speed: 3 (roll 3 dice per round)
Weapons: Debris, furniture, discarded weapons, and anything else my telekinesis can pick up
Damage: 1

Your mental strike is powerful enough to move oppo- After speaking with someone for a short amount
nents as well as deal damage. of time, you can do a quick reading, giving you an
Cost: None advantage over them.
Effect: When using telekinesis to strike in combat, Cost: Exert Astrologer
also move the opponent up to one space in any Effect: After having a conversation with someone,
direction. This is not limited to once per round, as the you can quickly consult the stars to gain a single
Shove maneuver is. piece of information about them.

You predict someones doom.
Cost: Exert Astrologer
Effect: You make a prediction of doom about your
subject, which then comes true before the end of the

Sunny Lucio
Bitter Young Soldier
Motivations Methods
For Honor: d10 With Cunning: d6
For Love: d6 With Force: d10
For Self: d8 With Grace: d8

Tailors Son d8 I grew up in the terrible shadow of the great Cydonian tombs.
from Chiaro
Soldier d10 I fancied that so much majesty would make me brave and strong.
Thief d8 But not even a lords soldiers can make him pay his due.
Entertainer d8 His city will love your picture of glory, though, and stories are safer than battles.
Sharp Eyes d6 Spot the arrow with your number, or pick a mark; but youd best keep an eye
Trouble My lord owes me money and I owe many others.
Equipment Soldiers greatcloak, lockpicks, a charming smile.

Speed: 3 (roll 3 dice per round)
Weapons: Stolen bastard sword of Deimos steel, forged with a foreign familys crest
Damage: 1

Your training makes you a deadly combatant. You put on a performance that distracts those watch-
Cost: Exhaust Soldier ing you.
Effect: Gain a +1 bonus to all Strike dice this ac- Cost: Exhaust Entertainer
tion. This Talent is activated after the dice are rolled, Effect: You entertain a group of people, which
but before Clash of Steel begins. distracts them from noticing other actions. Allies
acting outside your performance gain a Windfall die
to their actions.
Your training allows you to direct others in combat. KEEPING UP WITH THE NEWS
Cost: Exert Grace
Effect: You may lend a single Strike, Parry, or Stunt You are a source of news, and it finds its way to you
die to a nearby ally, or you may allow an ally to quickly.
donate any one of his dice to another ally. Cost: Exert Entertainer
Effect: You learn the latest and most up to date
news for the area you are in.

Sisera Ipato
Desert Cavalier
Motivations Methods
For Honor: d10 With Cunning: d6
For Love: d8 With Force: d8
For Self: d6 With Grace: d10

Scion of the d8 I was born into a house of merchant lords, fat with water.
House of Ipato
Noble d8 And so I might have remained, a lawyer with a proper wife and a legion of
Cavalier d10 Until I heard the call of the desert, and never stopped walking.
Perfect d6 All cavaliers can navigate the shifting sands; I have never lost my way.
Trouble Broken home. The sand has ground away my feelings for a life abandoned, but
I cannot say the same for the family I left behind.
Equipment An abandoned estate and tomb, a broad black hat, a faded childs drawing.

Speed: 3 (roll 3 dice per round) (4 while using Grand Entrance)
Weapons: Short sword and knife, nicked and stained with blood
Damage: 1

You are able to move quickly across the battlefield You are a trusted confidant to important people.
Cost: Exert Grace Cost: Exert Noble
Effect: You can move up to two spaces on the map Effect: You can gain a single piece of information
for each Stunt die. pertaining to the nobility in the area.

You burst onto the scene riding a local beast, whose
loyalty you won by whispered promises and secret
Cost: Exhaust Cavalier
Effect: You begin the scene with a mount, which
gives you +1 Speed until an opponent lands a Strike
and forces you to jump off.
Recommended Mount: An oleph, a sort of
six-legged cross between an elephant and a camel.
Its two heads whisper incessantly to each other in
a sibilant half-language. This one has, oddly, been
taught to climb.

The adventure begins at a Vancian festival. Assas- term flight. The city does have several towers with
sins strike at a visiting dignitary, prompting the heroes sky docks for visiting dignitaries from Zodiac and Il-
to action, each for their own reasons. The defeated as- lium. A few merchant houses own sky-yachts, but so
sassins reveal that they were hired in the Dredge, a low- far none have replicated the technology.
er-class district in the depths of Vance. Investigating The Prince of Vance is chosen from among the
the Dredge uncovers that they were in the employ of merchant houses. The city employs a regular and
llium and its goddess-queen, the Princess Invincible. professional fighting force, the Princes Hounds. The
The heroes follow that trail up into Vances towers, master of this force is the Dog of Vance, who is nearly
and face off against the leader of the assassins, Ruvar as powerful as the Prince himself. In matters of war,
the Blue, as he tries to make his escape. his power becomes supreme. However, since compa-

The City of Vance

nies of Hounds are sponsored by the merchant hous-
es, their loyalty quickly returns to the commercial
In the central portion of the land of Meridian, establishment when peace returns.
Vance lies at the intersection of several canals. It is Many con artists, mercenaries, and outright
thus rich in Mars most valuable commodity: water. thieves people the lower quarters of Vance; such peo-
The city is actually built on top of the canals. At the ple flock to wealth. It is not unusual to see an urchin
surface, this creates a network of sub-canals. These loosening the pockets of a group of Red cavaliers
carry freight and people like roads. who are drinking alongside a Pale tribal chief.
The city is monumental in scope, carved from The crypts in the city are in its highest towers.
huge blocks of red and white rock. It reaches nearly a Soldiers refer to watching from the towers as crypt-
dozen stories towards the sky. The locals enjoy shade, watch, and civilians sometimes use the term to refer
sweet water, and the produce of the farms along to any tedious nocturnal task.
the canals. Trade also brings exotic goods and great Poor or criminal dead are placed in the outgoing
wealth by canal and caravan. canals to be swept away forever.

Festival in
At night, the city is lit with many-colored lanterns,
according to a superstition deeply held but long since

the Plaza
forgotten. Windows are made of glass salvaged from the
Prismatic Wastes, fit together into intricate patterns.
Vance does not possess a sky-navy as such, though During a festival, assassins make an attempt on
its greatest scholars are working long and hard at the the life of a visiting dignitary. The heroes are spurred
problem, and have perfected other means of short- to action.

The Plaza The Action
The Plaza Arez is never quiet at night. The famous Depending on your groups playstyle, the charac-
songs of the gondoliers echo throughout the forest of ters can either spend some time socializing and gen-
bronze statues, muffled slightly by the small, expen- erally attending the party or you can skip straight to
sively-maintained trees some of the last on Mars. the assassination attempt.
Never quiet, but always dark, The Plaza, built to
Enjoying the Party
commemorate a long-forgotten achievement, is fa-
mously dangerous at night. It is ill-lit, as the buildings Socially, the characters might do any of the fol-
that surround it tower ever upwards. It is a dark pit lowing:
at the heart of the city where only thieves and the Join the drunken philosophical argument
unwary walk...on any night but tonight. among the Zaius.
Tonight, though, lanterns of every color fill the
Plaza to celebrate the Small Moon festival, when the Acquaint themselves with the Wyeth woman
moon Deimos passes closest to the surface. On the and discover what brings her to Vance.
outskirts of the city, youths hang from kites to try
Hob-nob with the upper class. On this occa-
and reach the moon. They are lured by the thought
sion, even the highest aristocrats are likely
of easy riches waiting for the brave and strong in Dei-
to talk to their lessers, particularly if they are
moss mines. Not even the best sky-ships of Illium
and Zodiac can breach the atmosphere, but children
everywhere have heard of the Dawn Runners -- the Engage in one of the contests of skill be-
foolhardy pilots who fling rattletrap ships toward ing waged around the square, such as tight-
Deimos tonight, bringing back precious metals, and rope-walking between the statues.
the men mad enough to mine them.
As the night deepens, the Plaza fills with people of Find a glass of cool wine and a perch from
every description. Throngs of Red Martians of every so- which to people-watch and listen for gossip.
cial class, a drunken party of ape-like Zaius en route back After everyones settled into their character,
from Chiaro... and a lone plant woman from the Wyeth abruptly move on to the assassination attempt.
rainforest who simply got caught up in the crowd.
All are gathered to witness the brightest night The Assassination Attempt
of the year, and all are masked. Some wear simple Among all this color and festivity, there is a small
yummoc-leather domino masks, others ornate woven contingent of men in black cloaks embroidered with
facades covering all but the merest hint of the own- fanciful golden designs. They sport black-and-gold
ers form. At the end of the Small Moon festival, the masks to match, and have casually integrated them-
years slate is wiped clean, and no one need know selves into the mob around the Lady and the Prince.
who you were last year. Tomorrow fresh star charts Approaching the Prince of Coronal just as he
will be drawn, and new treaties will be signed; but drains his glass, they shout Vance for Vance! and
tonight Vance says goodbye to last years secrets. draw their knives to attack him. As the Lady Aldon-
Among the richer attendees are the Lady Aldonza za fumbles for her sword (entangled in the elaborate
Arez, whose old-blooded family sponsored construc- sash she wore over her gown), they stab him several
tion of the statues and the Plaza itself, and her con- times and then move to escape.
sort, the Prince of Coronal. Coronal is a smaller city- There are cries of murder and general chaos erupts.
state to the north of Vance that controls a number of Within seconds, the Plaza is on the verge of a riot.
radium mines. The affair between Lady Aldonza and
the Prince has potentially far-reaching consequences Character Hooks
for the balance of power among the Red Cities. But Kseniya Malaya
like so many others in the plaza, Lady and Prince play
I didnt know about this. An assassination that
the part of young lovers tonight, intoxicated by the
Im not part of could mean Im getting edged out of
freedom afforded them in the last hours of an old year.

the business, or that other players are entering the Dangers
field. Either way, I have to know who they are. The Prince is unconscious and dying. His shallow
Sunny Lucio wounds might be treatable with a supply of healing
Theres no doubt that most royal types deserve as gum from the Wyeth rainforest, but someone would
much, but they didnt look like any soldiers I know. have to find it and get it to him. Worse, the knives
And if the lady isnt grateful? I know men who could were poisoned. Unless someone finds out what was
use a cloak like that. Maybe a rich man can do a poor on those blades, he could die at any time in the next
man a service tonight after all. few minutes or hours.
The crowd is fighting and stampeding. People are
Sisera Ipato being crushed underfoot. Characters trying to make
Theyre killing civilians; I cant stand for that. Its their way across the scene might be better served
terrible when a man dies for no reason; worse when to run across the forest of statues, or even atop the
one dies simply for being in the way. heads and shoulders of the crowd.
Zillah The assassins themselves are sparing no violence
The stars spell disaster if a Prince dies tonight. in making their escape. Theyre headed for the widest
And they werent thinking about Vance at all. Who nearby canal, which is filled with boat traffic. Once
would benefit from altering the map of Vances heav- there, theyll leap across and crash through gondolas,
ens? merchant boats, and pleasure barges on their way to-
wards the Dredge.
The Assassins The characters can attempt to subdue the assas-
Black masks cover their faces, while black cloaks sins or kill them outright. If theyre captured, the
enshroud their bodies. Gold embroidery traces fanciful
patterns over both, while their daggers sport matching Lady Aldonza will have her personal guard come to
golden hilts. collect and interrogate them, and will be furious and
Minions indiscreet enough to do it in public. Rattled by the
Resolve: None (a single Strike fells each minion) events, she wont be visibly grateful to the characters,
Strike Threshold: 4 but will distractedly commend them for their loyalty
Damage: 1 to the city.
Action Points: 1 (for entire group) If some of the assassins survive, they can be per-
Each remaining assassin contributes 1 die to the GMs suaded to reveal the poison used. Whether captured
pool, which can be spent on the actions of any of the or killed, one of them will, with his last words, reveal
assassins. that they were hired in the Dredge.
The assassins begin at the Pavilion, with numbers
equal to the heroes. They spend their dice on Strikes The Lady never directly requests assistance, but
(to ward off the heroes) and Stunt (to escape towards she implies that someone who happened to uncover
the Canal). a traitor would be well-rewarded.


Cost: 1 Action Point
Effect: One assassin who would otherwise have Dredge
been eliminated by a successful Strike returns to Led by the words of one of the assassins, the he-
action. roes enter one of Vances more dangerous districts in
search of clues.
The Map
The assassins start in the Pavilion. The heroes The Dredge
start among the Statues or the Vendor Stalls.
Through some quirk of the architecture of the
Place one Scenery die among the Statues, another Vancian canals, the waters in the Dredge move slowly
among the Canal spaces, and the third in the Vendor and murkily. Boats float sluggishly through the mud-
Stalls. dy waters, and the gondoliers here sing lower, more
ominous songs. The area rarely sees the sky, having

been covered over by other construction in the cen- Sisera has been away from Vance for a long time,
turies since the canals were built. In many ways, it but a cavaliers broad, black hat is easy to spot from a
resembles a great, dark tunnel one with hundreds distance, and most people will assume he is looking
of people packed inside. for work. If he indulges this assumption, he can find
The Dredge covers slightly more than a square out which noble houses have been hiring killers late-
mile. Living in the area is considered less than desir- ly and how well thats turned out for them. He may
able, so the population tends to be mostly laborers, also be called upon to calm down a dyspeptic beast
servants, and unestablished immigrants. The district and learn more about its former owner.
is near some of the citys major barracks, meaning
The Truth
that off-duty soldiers come here to drink, and often
end up moonlighting as security officers. The result Ultimately, the heroes will find out that a man
is something between a depressed residential area called Ruvar the Blue recruited the assassins from the
and a raucous red-light district, choked by the sting- area. Hes planning on going to a particular tower
ing miasma of the filthy and slow-moving waters. crypt tonight in order to somehow make his escape.
They can find this out using their own methods,
The Action such as those suggested above, or they might find in-
formation at the following establishments.
The heroes have their work cut out for them,
looking for someone who might have seen the as- The Winking Lapis
sassins be hired. The Dredge is always rowdy, but at Khaamat Istra knows what the body wants and
festival time, its downright chaotic. the soul fears. Her large, two-story house caters to
This segment of the story is designed for inves- both. The front door is flanked by two blue torches:
tigation. Its a good opportunity for basic actions In Khaamats native Chiaro, these are said to keep
using the heroes careers, as well as plain old ques- ghosts and the dreaded tomb stalkers at bay. Blue
tion-and-answer storytelling. There are also a number lights and paints appear throughout the house. They
of locations within the Dredge that stick out as places play to the common fear of Earth, the blue star of
to go for information. ill omen, and of the blue dust halo the sun shows at
dawn and dusk.
Investigation Hooks
The Winking Lapis is a fortune tellers shop,
If your players are stuck for investigation tactics,
where all the fears of ancestors and looming mor-
suggest some of the following.
tality can be conjured and put to rest. Most of the
Zillah and Kseniya are used to working as a unit. first floor is devoted to Khaamats reading chambers,
They take up an inconspicuous position, arguing where she slashes palms, leaves ash marks, and per-
over dice, while Kseniya picks out targets for Zillah forms the rituals of divination. Many a soldier dread-
to read. Kseniya keeps Zillah on task by challenging ing his next campaign will stop the night before to
her to find the best moment to read a given target. see Madame Khaamat.
Zillah relies on Ksenyias familiarity with the Dredge
Yet fortune telling is not the only service on offer.
and superior grasp of their surroundings to keep her
The Winking Lapis is also a brothel. That same sol-
out of harms way.
dier might stop to enjoy one last embrace with one of
Sunny has friends in this neighborhood and a few Khaamats Chiaran prostitutes. The Winking Lapis
cloaks to sell. (Sunny can be moved by other former is a place of sex and death, a place where any kind of
soldiers, and will give up cloaks to those who look catharsis can be had for a few obsidian chits.
like they could use something to keep off the chill of
Trouble: Madame Khaamat is gracious to visi-
night.) Sunny is not, by nature, subtle; he will show-
tors, but not at the expense of her strange trade. If
boat as much as the other characters let him, and is
the characters come looking for information too un-
prone to concocting stories that exaggerate his skill
subtly, or address her as a charlatan or whore, they
or accomplishments. But his chummy bonhomie will
will find she is also a potent adept. Her calm demean-
hold the attention of a shop owner long enough for
or conceals a deadly temper and a storm of psychic
him to get a solid look around and pick out any de-
tails of interest.

Conflict with Khaamat works best as a basic ac- on the premises out of an odd streak of mercy; he
tion. She has a Resolve of d8 and a Hidden Adept knows that many of them have nowhere else to go.
Trait of d8. If the heroes lose, theyre driven back At any given time, the cloisters are temporarily oc-
into the streets. cupied by a dozen addicts. Some of these are destitute
Information: An employee of Khaamat believed and simply need a place to spend the night; others ply
that one of the assassins would marry him. He was illicit trades in a place where few would care to follow.
being taken advantage of, but he did learn that the With the festival at its height tonight, nearly three
apparent revolutionaries were in the pay of the city- dozen people are packed into the Cavern, including
state of Illium. six soldiers. The air is thick with sweat. At least two
people are rutting somewhere in the cloisters.
The Cavern
Trouble: The addicts and revelers in the Cavern
The Cavern is, literally, a hole in the wall. Cracked
just want to be left to enjoy their highs (or lows, as
masonry between two abandoned buildings allows
the case may be). Theyll quickly turn rowdy if they
entrance into a small network of cloisters. These tiny
suspect the characters of being dangerous. Azanza
chambers, once open to the sky, are all that are left
will incite them if he thinks hes being investigated by
of a star cult that flourished in the area a hundred
authorities or suspects the heroes are there to muscle
Princes ago.
in on his business.
Now the chapel and cloisters host devotees of a
As with Khamaat, treat conflict with Azanzas cus-
different sort. The Cavern is a drug den, where a tall,
tomers as a basic action. The crowd has a Resolve of
pudgy man named Azanza plays host to those who
2d6, and a Riotous trait of d8.
find themselves in need of untroubled sleep or un-
ending wakefulness. He allows his customers to stay Information: A mysterious new customer showed
up just last week. He was most recently seen yester-

day, mentioning something about a meeting in the The crypts have also been put to practical use.
sky crypts during the festival. Most nights, soldiers keep watch from the towers
over the surrounding canals and desert, alert for any
Barillas danger. Particularly fleet-footed messengers have also
When people are down on their luck, they come been known to leap across the crypts as shortcuts to
to Barilla, and they bring the things they prize most. other high points in the city.
His pawn shop is among the few buildings in the As a result of these activities, as well as ongoing
Dredge that are well-kept. In fact, its immaculate. construction, the grand tombs are connected by
Even most wealthy shopkeepers cant boast a shop ropes, narrow bridges, and scaffolding. Traversing
as clean as Barillas. The walls are lined with objects the tombs is quite possible, if vertigo-inducing.
that once meant everything to someone. Jewels,
swords, stone cameos of loved ones... theyre all here. The Action
Barilla hires off-duty soldiers as security, and he Tonight, the mausoleum-towers are almost empty
keeps three of them around at any given time. Hes of lookouts. The Small Moon festival is a compelling
well aware that his valuable merchandise is in a dan- distraction, and the dutiful few who remain are easily
gerous place. Still, the soldiers dont see too much persuaded by Ruvars cruel reputation and his naked
action. At least two usually play cards out front on efforts at bribery. A few truly honest soldiers have
any given night. Tonight, however, they play inside, crawled into the tombs of the wealthy, preferring to
and with the door barred. share a dead mans bed rather than face the blade of
Trouble: Barilla isnt seeing customers or any- one of the traitors.
one else tonight. Unfriendly attempts to enter will Ruvar is secretly in the employ of Illium, and a
be met with force by his soldiers. personal agent of that citys Princess Invincible. He
In a conflict, the soldiers roll Resolve at d8, and plans to escape before the Hounds of Vance can be
Off Duty and Punchy at d6. mobilized to track him down. Knowing that Vances
Information: Barilla recently accepted an object few sky docks are more thoroughly guarded than the
even he had some reservations about: a bas relief crypts, his plan is to meet an Illium sky-ship atop the
clearly chiseled off of a tower crypt. Enough of the crypt of the recently-dead Magister Marcellus Tertias
inscription was even left to make out that the crypt Tegallianus. From there, he will make his escape.
belonged to Magister Marcellus Tertias Tegallianus. Ruvar is accompanied by a small group of trusted
Barillas had a lot of second thoughts about keeping agents. Their motivations range from Illiums coin to per-
the item. Everyone knows that wealthy men leave sonal loyalty to Ruvar. These men and women have ac-
the most dangerous curses. companied Ruvar as security only. Once he has made his

Cornering Ruvar
escape alone, they will fade back into the Vancian pop-
ulation, waiting to be activated again at some later date.

the Blue
Ruvar and his agents are surprised by the heroes,
but they wouldnt have been traveling in force if they
The heroes ascend to the sky crypts to confront werent ready for trouble. After any initial surprise
the master of the assassins. attacks, they rally and take on the heroes.
When Ruvars Strain reaches 4, his sky-ship arrives.
The Crypts While it appears to be one of the yachts sometimes sold
In the highest towers of the city rest the bodies to rich Vancian merchants, it is actually a military craft,
of Vances wealthiest citizens. To be interred close to appropriately armed and armored. Unable to board via
the sky is a sign of status. the usual gangway, Ruvar will attempt to leap atop the
The ornate tombs haunt the citys skyline. Their craft. One of the heroes might follow him and continue
architecture is intricate, by turns baroque and goth- the duel on a sky-ship thousands of feet above the ground.
ic, chiseled with great and precarious care out of the If Ruvar is killed or captured, most of his hired
white rock from which so much of the city is built. help scatters and runs.

Ruvar the Blue Resolve: d4
A handsome man, almost young, with unsettlingly blue eyes. Speed: 1
Resolve: d10 Damage: 1
Speed: 4 Action Points: 2
Damage: 2 Weapons: A repeating gun
Action Points: 2 Brennius uses ranged Strikes to discourage the
Weapons: A single-shot flintlaser (+1 damage on heroes, and he uses his Hail of Bullets Talent to slow
first Strike), a rapier of the finest Deimos steel their advance. All of the outdoor areas on the map
Ruvar begins on the crypt of Magister Tertius, are within his range of fire, but heroes can avoid
marked with his name on the map. Since thats where them
hes planning to escape from, hell initially favor
Strikes and Parries. After hes taken 4 Strain, the sky- ANTAGONIST TALENT: HAIL OF BULLETS
ship from Illium arrives, and he uses a Stunt die to Bullets from Brennius weapon pound the stonework
leap onto its open deck, where the fight can continue. ahead of you, chipping it and forcing you to choose
your steps carefully.
ANTAGONIST TALENT: Cost: 1 Action Point
EVASIVE FOOTWORK Effect: One space that Brennius targets requires 2
Stunt dice, rather than 1, to move out of.
Ruvars grace allows him to dance between your
strikes, denying you the advantage of numbers. The Map
Cost: 1 Action Point The heroes start on the Large Tower. The agents
Effect: Ruvar gains 1 additional Parry die for every start spread among the Crypts and Bridges. Colonel
enemy attacking him past the first.
Brennius also starts on a Crypt. Ruvar starts on the
Ruvars Agents crypt marked with his name.
The agents are dressed as a group of common ruffians, but Place Scenery dice on the Skyship (when it ar-
are actually highly-trained soldiers and assassins. All carry mili- rives), on two of the Crypts, on one of the Bridges,
tary-issue rapiers, which glint wickedly in the light of the moons. and on each of the Ropes.
Resolve: None (a single Strike fells each minion) Characters can move from the Crypts to Ruvar us-
Strike Threshold: 4 ing the Ropes with a single Stunt die, unless the Ropes
Damage: 1 are being affected by Brennius Hail of Bullets Talent.
Action Points: 2 (for entire group)
Each remaining agent contributes 1 die to the GMs Dangers
pool, which can be spent on the actions of any of the The agents fight as a group. While one might en-
agents. gage a single foe, her fellows will be ready to trip or
There is one agent for each of the heroes. backstab that enemy.
The fight takes place high above the city. Char-
MINION TALENT: MOB VIOLENCE acters must utilize all their agility to stay atop the
The agents close in around you, promising violence crypts and bridges, though they may also use the
from every direction. great heights and precarious positioning to their ad-
Cost: 1 Action Point vantage.
Effect: When the agents resolve multiple Strikes on More agents might spring from within the crypts
the same hero this round, the GM may activate this
talent to increase the value of the Parry result needed or drag their enemies inside to fight among the
to cancel Strikes by 1 for each Strike the agents have brown bones and funerary jewels.
already landed on that character. Each agent has spent time climbing the crypts,
and each is ready to fence on the narrow bridges or
Colonel Brennius
kick enemies down from towers.
The Zaius ape-like silhouette looms ominously over the
Even carrying his massive weapon, Brennius is
crypt on which he perches. He carries a large, repeating
capable of leaping from tower to tower without us-
projectile weapon.

ing the intervening bridges and ropes. The bullets he heroes trusted agents in future endeavors...including
fires can shatter the very stone on which the heroes in possible covert retaliation against Illium.

(or his fellow agents) stand.
Resolution Adventure
The sun rises with its eerie blue halo, and the
city begins to put itself back together. Hangovers are We expect youll tailor this adventure to your group;
nursed. Masons and other crafters go to work repair- none of us ever runs a published adventure just as
ing the results of the nights excesses. written. This particular story focuses mainly on swash-
buckling action, with a dash of investigation. The web
The heroes have thwarted a plot aimed at the very
of intrigues that occupy the Red Cities are only hinted
heart of Vancian power, and they have rescued (or
at, but could be expanded. Particularly, consider what
avenged) the Prince of a smaller state. While the mer-
the Lady Aldonzas family might think of her dalliance
chant houses arent going to be throwing any parades
with a foreign prince, and whether some factions might
in their honor, the characters are likely to receive
ally themselves with actual revolutionaries, such as the
quiet offers of lucrative employment, and not a few
Mongrels or the Twelve Dead Men.
admiring glances.
Its also a relatively linear story. This works well
With the traitor identified, the Lady Aldonza
for a crash course in the setting, but you might want
seems more confident and openly grateful. She of-
to try something a little broader. In this case, we rec-
fers honorary commissions with the Hounds spon-
ommend expanding the portion of the adventure
sored by her house. While these are little more than
that begins in the Dredge. Give the players freedom
titles now, they carry potential pensions and property
in their investigation, and give them the chance to
rights in the future. Shes also likely to consider the

catch Ruvar the Blue and his henchmen in ways oth- Wed love to hear what you think; you can e-mail
er than the set piece finale we provide. With the full with your thoughts.
game, you might take the action to the Hangmans Well see you again atop Chiaros pyramids, or per-
Garden or chase them across Mars and into the Lab- haps Illiums perch on the Radium Plateau. In the
yrinth of Night. meantime, hold your sword close, your flask closer,
You could also consider different ways of tying and keep an eye out for the full game!

the heroes into the adventure. Perhaps the Prince of
Coronal has important diplomatic business under
the cover of the party, and being left indisposed has You can always find the latest on Cavaliers of
jeopardized it. Now, one of the characters must don Mars at And while
his mask and take on his persona. youre at it, why not read The Apprentices Tale,
Or maybe youd like to play it from the other side. an in-character setting exploration at http://blog.
The characters could very well be the assassins them-
selves, facing off against the guards and soldiers of tices-tale/?
Houses Arez and Coronal. Are they true revolution- Check out Cavaliers and other projects on the
aries, or are they, too, in the pay of Illium? Onyx Path site at
However you choose to run it, we hope you have
an evenings fun getting to know our Mars.

Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A planet of flashing
swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities.
Mars, where fortune and death are two sides of the same obsidian chit, where
lost cities and dry oceans stretch between the last bastions of civilization.
Where the First Martians, the monument-builders, are but a haunted memo-
ry. Where the Red Martians become decadent and reckless in their last days.
Where the Pale Martians rule the wastes, remembering a history whose weight
would crush a lesser people.

In this adventure, youll find yourself in Vance at festival time. When

revolutionaries strike a visiting prince, youll need to explore the citys dark
underbelly, before racing across its towered tombs!

Live, fight, and love on Mars, a world of red death and strange mystery, a
world of savagery and romance.

A complete adventure set in one of dying Mars greatest remaining cities.

The innovative DEIMOS rules, for high-flying, swashbuckling adventure.

Four pre-generated player characters, ready to get into the heart of the

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