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August 2017| Vol. 10

The Newsletter of IMI, New Delhi


Economies can either shape a country or bring it down to its knees, if not implemented in the
right manner. India has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world but there seems to be
a lot of work, which the country needs to focus on. In the current economic scenario, there is ample
potential for emerging businesses to flourish. With substantial improvements in ease of doing business
for new entrants, the future prospects look promising. To scale our economy to new heights, we
need to effectively exploit the advantages of rural sectors. The growth and expansion of rural
sector leads to significant increase in employment generation and in turn contributes to the
socio-economic development of the country. This edition of Interface sheds light on the
current economic implications on various Indian business sectors. Furthermore,
this edition will also showcase the second edition of TEDx IMI New Delhi, an
alumnus interview and the Convocation ceremony.
-Dr. D.K. Batra is Chairperson of Branding and Media Relations
Committee at International Management Institute, New Delhi

What, truly, could be a concrete cause of poverty? A compelling argument
could be made for the case of separation. With unequal resources to begin
with, mankind has been living collectively isolated in pockets, developing at disparate
paces. With policies for bulk provisions failing, it is imperative to opt for a more
comprehensive alternative. Inclusive development, being the need of the hour, forms the
SME Sector
theme of this edition. It talks of collaboration of the cache of opportunities an economy has, to
and the Rise in
Rural Economy provide. Involving everyone at every level and in every strata of the global economy would
Page 3 require openness and fair opportunities to all. Thus, participation, non-discrimination,
Convocation and accessibility are all key factors that would endorse the growth of up-and-
2017 coming entities. With ideas on small industries, liberal business
Page 5 opportunities and foreign trade, this edition strives to highlight
New Delhi the convergence of the ends of the economic spectrum.
Page 8-9
Life @IMI
Page 10
ITEC: A Feeling
Called Community
Page 11
Ease of Doing Business and its Impact
on Different Sectors in India
in EODB logistical costs are expected to go
Index by down, thus enabling the SMEs to
committing expand their operations in different
to increase its states without tax burdens. According
investment to the recent ASSOCHAM (Associated
in India. Chambers of Commerce & industry of
India) study, GST (Goods and Service
In case of the service Tax) can aid industry sector to
Ease of sector, the steps include curtailing contribute USD 280 billion to Indias
Doing Business lengthy approval procedures to GDP by 2026.
Is an annually released index started positively affect Ease of doing
by the World Bank. It ranks various business and therefore, attract foreign
countries on 10 parameters having investments. While the government is
equal weightage. In the year 2017, also organizing global services
India has been ranked 130th in the list exhibition to enhance services
consisting of 190 countries. exports, data for the FY 2016-17
suggests India witnessed $8.68 billion
The importance of Ease of Doing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow
Business (EODB) emerges when one in the service sector.
observes a potential investors plan to
invest in a country. An investor makes In 2017, the major parameter which
a decision based on the countrys really boosted the overall ranking of Despite all these reforms and plans,
performance in different parameters. India was the getting electricity India still lags many developing
Simple rules and regulations for a firm indicator. For the last few years, India countries and holds the lowest rank in
promote investments, while stringent has been growing significantly in the EODB among the BRICS nations (Brazil,
constraints demote it. field of Electrification owing to solar Russia, Indian, China, and South
power being pushed by the Centre as Africa). However, the recent G20
an alternate source of energy. This has Summit provided a sigh of relief,
helped our nation in terms of energy where India gained the appreciation
investment with a 7 percent increase of the G20 nations for facilitating
from 2015 to 2016. It is evident that External Commercial Borrowings
the states with 100% electricity, have (ECBs) by Start-ups and labour
been witnessing much more foreign reforms.
investments. This will prove to be a
game changer for the manufacturing A final glance at the figures for the
sector since the investors who are fiscal year 2016-17 reveal that the
With India seeking the construction of vary of investing due to poor FDI equity inflows to India rose 9%
a robust economy and increased infrastructure would now feel safe in to a record $43.5 billion. Thus,
investments, it has become going through with the transactions associating greater inflows of FDI
imperative that all major sectors due to significant improvements in with improvements in the doing of
impacted by the index be covered. infrastructure. business.

Beginning with the retail sector, it may India strives to make it to the top 50 in
be observed that the government is the index. Terming the EODB as a
aiming to relax norms and thus create valuable tool, any firm assisting
jobs, by attracting investments. For government policies improve this
multi-brand retailing, the govt. is index rank and enhance the
looking for an option to permitting development of different sectors of
overseas retailers setting up shop to For the Small and Medium Enterprises India. With this positive thought in
sell Make in India products. The (SME) sector, improvement in the mind, we draw the curtains today,
multi-brand giant, Walmart has Ease of Doing Business can be majorly vowing for a better economy, robust
acknowledged Indias improved status attributed to the GST. With GST, the growth prospects and a better life.

2 Article provided by Economics Club, IMI New Delhi

SME Sector and
the Rise in Rural Economy
Generation Program has been
exclusively aimed at generation of
employment. The Skill development
and entrepreneurship programs aim
at developing human resources and
empowering women.

As we move ahead, we would witness

Indias biggest tax reform, the GST.
With GST by our side, the largely
unorganized SME sector is expected to
be netted in the new tax regime. The
GST will increase the overall operating
efficiency while promoting growth.
Recent times have shown tremendous constitute almost two-third of our The industries that were maintaining
focus towards the SME (Small and population and almost one-third of price competencies due to tax
Micro Enterprises) and the rural sector our economy. These villages rely breaches can be trapped by one
by the Indian Government. The need largely on Agriculture and its related simple term- Digitisation.
arises with the world accepting Indias activities for livelihood. However, the
prodigious future prospects, and contribution of agriculture sector has The future can be amazing, only if we
multiplies with the hugely ignored been reducing over the years. execute our plans properly. We have
possibilities of our villages. an industry with an ability to turn the
The emergence of SME sector holds game around, both ways. We act with
Despite having a tremendous the key to the future. Some schemes caution, nurture the potential with
potential, our villages are unable to of the government aimed at grace, the world will definitely
compete with their urban optimizing this sector have been remember us as the greatest
counterparts. This points out described below. generation ever, a generation that
numerous critical issues. Among the cared. However, if we fail to act,
total population that lives below the Since quite a long time ago, the term history will remember us as the
poverty line, more than 80% lives in SFURTI was used by Indians for agility. people who stepped aside and
villages. The rural growth is limited by Now, it stands for Scheme of Fund for contributed to the increasing growth-
menaces like lack of electricity and Regeneration of Traditional gap. Remember, SMEs have the
poor sanitation. The situation worsens Industries. With this scheme in ability, but lack proper opportunity. It
when many of the schemes framed by picture, the traditional artisans and is all about utilising their resources,
the government are unable to industries will be assisted in order to providing some support, and
percolate these villages. However, a improve market reach and attain unleashing an unlimited potential.
holistic growth model of any economy sustainability. This includes reviving
must accept the development of every Khadi and setting up a proper market
sector as a filial duty, leaving no stone environment for coir and other SME
unturned. products. A cluster development
strategy has also been adopted to
As Mahatma Gandhi truly stated, India group the enterprises and address the
lives in her villages. Our villages common issues faced by them.

With time, e-commerce and m-

commerce have started operating
together. This has led to a relative
ease in technological advancements.
Where Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan
Yojna aims at providing affordable
loans to small scale industries,
Pradhan Mantri Employment

Article provided by Economics Club, IMI New Delhi 3

RERA A Catalytic Force to Transform
Indian Real Estate Sector
parliament last year and the Union Thirdly, since the project pricing is
Ministry of Housing and Urban required to be more transparent,
Poverty Alleviation had given time till current practice of post-sale and last
Dr. Arnab K. Deb May 1, 2017, to formulate and notify minute product price escalations by
Assistant Professor rules for the functioning of the developers on illogical grounds would
Economics regulator. RERA is supposed to protect be eliminated. In addition, since the
Outcome of Indian real estate sector the interest of the homebuyer and developers would lose the control
has been historically cited as a classic ensure timely delivery of projects. over prices they are expected to
example of market failure which is While the Act might change the practice better cost management and
primarily due to information modes of operation of various delay control mechanisms in order to
asymmetry present between buyer stakeholders in this sector, it would make profit out of this business. A
and sellers in this market. The definitely have a long run impact on system with better cost and delay
situation even became worse leading residential developers, who would management can only be developed if
to the current slowdown in this sector need to reorganize their business the developers are capable of
as the developers have been practices to stay competitive in the becoming more efficient in terms of
continuously failing to deliver the sector. procurement.
residential projects to the customers
and thus weakening the confidence of
the potential buyers.

The biggest issue being faced by

buyers is deferment in the date of
possession. Over last one decade,
many projects have seen delays of up
to 7 years. Diversion of funds to other
projects, changes in regulations by Given the key provisions of RERA Finally, since RERA is expected to
authorities, the environment ministry, one could expect Indian real reduce the risk perception
national green tribunal etc. and other estate sector to change in multiple tremendously due to rigorous
bodies like those involved in ways. First, increased level of disclosures and penal provisions. At
infrastructure development and disclosure for registering the the initial investment stage capital
governing transport are found to be project and associated rigid penalties pricing is always dependent on
the major reasons behind the on default would compel the perceived riskmarket, regulatory,
deferment. developers to commit realistically to execution and counter party.
the buyers on project specification, Therefore, once RERA is implemented
provision of amenities and date in full-fledged manner pricing of both
of possession. In addition, the debt and equity instrument are
developers would exhibit more expected to come down.
efficiency in Project configuration,
planning and execution. Given the provisions of RERA and
expected implication of these for the
Secondly, mandatory requirement of real estate sector it is not
all approvals before launch is overambitious to predict that only
expected to longer gestation period serious and strong players will survive
To regulate the real estate sector, the prior to a project launch. As a in this sector. Therefore, the future
government has come up with the result, instead of funding the possibility of collusion among the
idea of Real Estate Regulatory working capital required for land efficient players in this sector cannot
Authority (RERA) Bill which is procurement, architects, consultants be ruled out. However, to what extent
expected to help buyers. RERA seeks and regulatory approvals by Indian real estate sector and especially
to bring clarity and fair practices that customers through hurriedly done the potential customers in this sector
would protect the interests of buyers half-baked project launches, the would reap the benefit of RERA is
and also impose penalties on errant developers are expected to finance it quite dependent on implementation
builders. The act was passed by through promoter equity. of it by various state governments.

Convocation 2017

The 33rd annual Convocation at IMI, hard-earned diplomas that included placement of 248 students from the
New Delhi illumed the pride and nine gold medallists, four for campus with an average salary
affection within the IMI family. academic and five for Scholastic/other package 12.54 lakh per annum, with a
Attended by several notable guests achievements across programmes rise of four percent in salary this year
and luminaries, the event was graced including PGDM, PGDM-B&FS, PGDM- compared to last year.
by Shri Onkar Singh Kanwar, Chairman HRM, Executive PGDM and FPM.
and Managing Director, Apollo Tyres Prof Arvind Chaturvedi, Dean-
Ltd. and Dr D H Pai Panandiker, Senior Dr. Debashis Chatterjee in his speech Academic Programmes and Alumni
Member- Board of Governors - addressed the gathering regarding the Relations, IMI New Delhi said it was a
IMI New Delhi and President - RPG various exchange programs with top proud moment for the institute and
Foundation, Chairman- International European B-schools along with the wished the future leaders of IMI, New
Life Sciences Institute-India and expectation of significant increase in Delhi the very best for their future
Advisor - Confederation of Asia-Pacific the number of students, with the endeavours.
Chambers of Commerce and Industry. college actively seeking collaborations
In his speech, Dr. D H Pai Panandiker with more business schools across Also, highlighted was the substantial
congratulated the batch of 2015-17 different geographies for researches, contribution of the esteemed IMI,
and spoke about the expected GDP training and student exchange New Delhi faculty members in the
rate for 2017-18 and considering new programs. year 2016-17. They have published
businesses as a career option. On this in highly rated National and
occasion, Dr. Debashis Chatterjee, Some of the many noteworthy International journals. Apart from
Director General- IMI-New Delhi achievements were brought to the these contributions, they have also
congratulated the students and attention of the attendees present published six books, six chapters
inspired them to be the future leaders regarding IMI, New Delhi. Milestones in various books, presented 34
of tomorrow. like the significant growth in the papers in international conferences,
number of Executive PGDM students 10 papers in National Conference
The event saw 102 young women and rising from 26 students last year to 35 and 9 case studies in various National
197 young men graduating with their candidates to the current year and; Dailies.

Leaders @IMI

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a leader DR. SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY Today, the implication of Artificial
who has revolutionized Indian politics, Intelligence and its impact is the core
was the esteemed guest at the objective of every business strategy
program commencement ceremony created by organizations. The
for the 2017 2019 batch. The ideas, students of IMI, New Delhi had an
thoughts and lessons learnt during opportunity to attend a thought
this event set the tone for the provoking seminar on Managing
educational and professional Change and Transformation in Digital
challenges that one might face head Age: Implications for HR Managers
on during the next few years. Dr. delivered by Mr. Vijay Velamoor,
Subramanian Swamys strong oratory the esteemed speaker for the event.
and experiences helped build a strong An alumnus of TISS Mumbai, he is an
foundation of learning for the new acknowledged innovator in business
batch. strategy, HR strategy and is an
exemplary thought leader who has
MR. M. DAMODARAN gained expertise across industries and
Recognizing our Benefactors
geographies. Mr. Velamoor operates
IMI, New Delhi has been at the as an independent consultant in
centre of the origin of thoughts, Washington DC and advises several
ideas and innovation since its leading US corporations. The students
establishment. One of the most gained valuable insights into a subject
important aspects that has helped that is gradually turning into a
us constantly achieve our goal necessity of expertise.
of creating the torchbearers of MR. VIJAY VELAMOOR
tomorrow is the conglomeration of
ideas and thoughts gained from
leaders and pioneers across industries.

The Leaders visiting the campus have

not only helped students gain
knowledge regarding prevalent
The power of knowledge and learning business practices but have also
cannot be emphasized upon enough. enabled them to equip themselves
The newly inducted batch of IMI, New with skills, thoughts and ideas
Delhi had a profound learning required as one slowly climbs the
experience during their induction jungle gym of ones professional
seminar delivered by Mr. M. career.
Damodaran. Mr. Damodaran was an
officer of the Indian Administrative PROF. DEBASHIS CHATTERJEE Leadership style and problem-solving
Service (IAS), Manipur cadre and has techniques are two aspects of
served as the Chairman of the potential development that every
Securities and Exchange Board of leader wants to hone so as to inspire
India (SEBI), Industrial Development and create value at every step of the
Bank of India (IDBI) and the Unit Trust business process. The Leadership
of India (UTI). His experience, Clinic workshop by the Director
knowledge and words of wisdom General IMI, New Delhi Professor
helped the students create a road Debashis Chatterjee was held with the
map to achieve their learning above objective to help achieve the
objectives along every step of the goal of creating transformative leaders
learning curve. It was truly an who can respond to problems faced in
enlightening experience for the the dynamic business environment of
students of batch 2017 2019. today.

SIP Highlights
Kushagra Gupta

I had a great learning experience during my internship in Reliance. It

helped me learn the fundamentals taught in college from an
organizational perspective. I believe that its extremely important for
interns to avoid being myopic in their views, network with people and
explore different opportunities within the organization in order to add
value to the organization and achieve holistic development.

Sarthak Mehandru

I thank IMI, New Delhi for my 2 month stint at HUL was an

exceptional experience. I was given complete project autonomy
and got an opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the
country. It is a great company to start your management career
with and will play a huge role in shaping my corporate journey.

Smriti Singh

I express my heartfelt gratitude to IMI, New Delhi for giving me the

confidence to be a part of a prestigious company of the scope of CRISIL.
The innovative and independent work environment along with the
guidance from seniors and mentors throughout the internship was
enriching. My biggest takeaway would be the new relationships and
connections I built with my colleagues and fellow interns at CRISIL.

Roopali Sharma

IMI, New Delhi gave me an opportunity to work amidst scintillating

cars and some of the brightest minds in the corporate world. My
internship at BMW was truly a dream come true, its diversified
culture helped me leverage my understanding of the HR landscape in
local and global context. These 2 months of immense learning and
networking have indeed given a head start to my corporate career.

Vanchha Chaudhary

My dream of working with an FMCG giant was realised when IMI New
Delhi provided me the opportunity to intern at Nestle. My term at Nestle
provided me with hands-on experience in FMCG sales and build new
relationships. The constant support and inspiration from my mentor at
Nestle along with the support and learnings from IMI faculty helped me
perform well in my projects.

We are all in a rat race, with
no sense of direction. Rather
than following suit one must
try to enjoy the journey and
live each day to the fullest.

The only key that remains is

the instinct within you. The
only person you have to
change is the person you
look in the mirror.

Life is never meant to be

simple , it keeps throwing
conflicts and giving choices,
what you have to do is focus
and take what you want in life.

We dont want to be selfish

with our art. And that's why we
can't afford to be shy. Because
shy is selfish.
When we zoom out, we look
at the whole picture. When I
zoomed out, I saw my future.
If I can do it, anyone can do it.

When I started my Talk show

Seedhi Baat , one journalist
asked me that how do I choose An illustrious
my guest for the show, I said I affair. A spectacle
never choose a guest, I choose
worth witnessing.
a target!
- PRABHU CHAWLA A gathering of the
inquisitive lot, TEDxIMI
New Delhi offered the
attendees a new perspective
to look at the world. With
Zoom Out as the theme, the
talks focused on the reality
we choose to ignore. The
speakers, driven to
inspire a movement,
drew from their lives
For young people at IMI New
Delhi, it is not just about what
to assist the growth
is taught, but also the ideas you of the leaders of
are exposed to and the thought tomorrow.
processes you are developing.

You need to look at the positive

side of life, it makes you see
what you are today and guides
the path forward.
Life @IMI

Life at IMI, New Delhi not only batch of students. IMI, New Delhi
revolves around case studies and welcomed back Mr. Nipun Mehta,
presentations. We at IMI also know Emami and Mr. Ayush Kumar Agarwal,
how to incorporate fun activities along Shopclues of the Batch of 2016. Both,
with a subtle dose of management the alumni had an instant connect
knowledge. The campaign called with the current batch. They stressed
Campus Diaries does exactly that, it upon applying the theoretical
acts as a bridge between the knowledge in the practical world and
entertainment and managerial the importance of being proactive
education. Be it Faculty Nights, Movie during the guest lecture sessions as
Nights or even Alum Nights, each well as asking questions. Due
event inculcates a sense of interaction importance was given to the Summer
among students. Internship Programme and its impact
on the final placements. Having made
After slogging the entire day amongst us aware of the impact that IMI, New
quizzes and assignments, Thursday Delhi students were having in the field
were turned into one of the most of management , they wished us the
thrilling days of the week with the very best and brought the session to a
introduction of Movie Nights. IMI, close .
New Delhis own movie event allowing
the students to pick a movie and The Faculty Nights provided the
showcasing it with a twist. The idea of students with an opportunity to drink
this event was to see movies through from the ocean of knowledge,
the eyes of a management student. provided by one of the best group of
Movies like Steve Jobs and The faculties in the country with respect to
Imitation Game told us about the management. The idea behind this
sacrifices and the human resource initiative is to provide the platform for
management skills that these useful insights on the current topics
enigmatic leaders had to make for the and to help the students in cracking
world to revere them and their the all-important group discussions.
achievements. Professor Prasant Gupta was kind
enough to share his take on the much-
It is always great when the alumni heated topic of GST. As it happens
come back to their colleges, flooding with many curious minds in a single
them with a sense of nostalgia and a room, the students debated and asked
sense of responsibility, of providing question, quelling their doubts about
the right knowledge to the current the topic at hand.

ITEC: A Feeling Called Community

The Indian Technical and Economic campus. The Global Ambassador at lives. Shared experiences create
Cooperation (ITEC) Programme is the end of the programme is stories and narratives, an important
essentially bilateral in nature, fully evaluated on various terms and is component in todays business
funded by Government of India. awarded with the best global environment. Diversity in thoughts
Under ITEC and its sister program ambassador award. The batch is made and ideas are the foundation of
SCAPP (Special Commonwealth to feel at home by the various learning today in a world where
African Assistance Programme), 161 activities arranged such as, Campus businesses are gradually becoming
countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Tours, Hindi Classes, Dance Classes increasingly globalized in their
Latin America, the Caribbean as well and the Global Ambassador philosophy and work mandate.
as Pacific and Small Island countries Programme. Networking and understanding people
are invited to share in the Indian and their distinct identities is of prime
developmental experience acquired The ITEC programme is a learning importance as it enables us to tailor
over six decades of Indias existence as experience not just for the and target our messages and
a free nation. IMI, New Delhi hosts a participants but the students at IMI as strategies according to the listeners of
number of batches each term well. Diversity in any form helps our communication. Thus, the ITEC is
accommodating participants from students learn from experiences of an enriching experience that helps
various countries. Certification different cultures, traditions and ensure holistic development and aids
courses are undertaken in the Incorporate them in their day to day in value creation.
programme which are conducted by
the IMI Faculty. IMI, New Delhi under
the ITEC program holds a number of
activities in their induction ceremony.
The college organises interactive
sessions for the participants to make
them at ease and assure them a
hospitable stay. Each ITEC participant
is allotted a global ambassador, which
is chosen on a first come first serve
basis. The Global Ambassador
Programme facilitates the comfortable
stay of the ITEC participants in the

Mr. Jagvinder Singh
VP & Head of Resource Practice (Business Analysis)
Wholesale and Market Risk, HSBC
Batch 1996-98
Q1) What are the most important me discover and hone some of these The Banking Industry has over the
leadership traits that a company traits as I got to learn from shared recent past seen a huge change
looks for in a manager? How did IMI, experiences of fellow students and my impact attributable to more stringent
New Delhi help you to develop the professors. The institute also provided compliance, risk and legal
same? me an opportunity to organize and requirements. This is being further
Organizations today need managers manage key events and activities compounded by more protectionist
capable focusing on and delivering which allowed me to practice some of regimes as well as uncertain credit off-
effectively and efficiently against these traits in real life. take and market action related
strategy. They require managers to be aspects. Banks have over the last few
able to navigate the complexity and Q2) What vision did you have for quarters started focusing on Fintech-
ambiguity that any change creates. your career, how did IMI, New Delhi led transformation and adopting AI,
Managers are also expected to shape it or help in achieving it? Digital, Block-chain etc as enablers of
communicate effectively and mobilize I have always aspired to influence their change strategy. Another critical
a broad set of change stakeholders organizational change and impact real area of focus is better control and use
while ensuring available business outcomes. My stint at IMI of their data. The search for better
organizational resources are allowed me access to an eco system returns is also created a focus on
channelized optimally. To be able to which coupled with the pedagogy resource optimization/streamlining
meet these expectations managers helped me hone my networking, operations while rationalizing
would require a strong belief in the organizational navigation and deployed capital. All this requires
change agenda which comes with an communication skills which have experienced managerial staff who can
ability to understand the big strategic made me better at influencing change. drive the change agenda effectively. I
picture. Key stakeholders also look up strongly believe that with a focused
to managers to be decisive while Q3) How do you think the Banking curriculum and pedagogy IMI is in a
expecting a sense of empathy around industry has changed since the last unique position to meet this need of
change impacts. My IMI years helped year? the Banking Industry.

Management Development Programmes (2016-17)

The Leadership Clinic: Solving Your Most 1 day

1. Prof. Debashis Chatterjee
Persistent Problems 5th May, 2017
Certificate Course in Operations 14 days Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi/
Management March 14 - May 27, 2017 Prof. Siddharth Varma
Developing Wealth Creating Mindset - for 2 days
3. Prof. Sanjay Dhamija
Senior Executives of NLC June 2-3, 2017
Developing Wealth Creating Mindset - for 2 days
4. Prof. Sanjay Dhamija
Senior Executives of NLC June 5-6, 2017
3 days Prof. Arun K Rath/
5. Building Corporate Strategy for Effective CSR
June 28-30, 2017 Prof. Shailendra Nigam
Certificate Course in Performance 12 days
6. Prof. Shailendra Nigam
Management Systems: A Strategic Tool July 10-21, 2017
Leadership Skills for Middle Management - 3 days
7. Prof. J P Upadhyay
for GAIL July 12 - 14, 2017
Management Development Program on 2 days Prof. D K Batra/
Accelerating Sales Team Performance July 13 - 14, 2017 Prof. Nalin Jain
For registration/enquiries, please contact:
Mr. Sat Prakash General Manager (MDP)
International Management Institute
Tara Crescent, B-10, Qutub international Area, New Delhi 110016
12 Phone: (011) 4719 4100/4719 4200 (Extn. ) Fax: 011 4168 8439, 2686 7539
Email:; Website:
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