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author title published call number

Abbott, Frank Frost History and Description of Roman Political Institutions Boston: Ginn & JC 83. A18 Rome--Politics a
Abbott, Frank Frost Roman Politics Boston: Marshall DG 81. A 1963 Rome--Politics a
Abbott, Frank Frost Municipal Administration in the Roman Empire JS 58. A2 Municipal govern
Abbott, G. Thucydides: A Study in Historical Reality PA 4461. A13 Municipal govern
Abhandlungen der Berliner Akademie 1940, 1941, 1942, Journal Shelf
Academic Priorities Report on Graduate Education at Duke University 1/27/1987 Documents Shelf
Dmocratie Athnienne et Culture Athens: Acadmie JC 79. A8. A3 1996
Accius LOEB: Remains of PA 6156. A1 1935 v.2
Achilles Tatius LOEB PA 3612. A16 1917
Musurillo, H. Acta Alexandrinorum Lipsiae: Teubner, PA 3404. A1 1961 Nationalism--Eg
Actes du Deuxime Congrs International dpigraphie Grecque Paris: Librairie CN 15. 158 1952 ?
Adams, C. Demosthenes and his Influence Cooper Square PA 3952. A6 1963 Demosthenes--I
Adams, Louise E. W. A Study in the Commerce of Latium from the early Iron Age Menasha, Wisc.: DG 107. A43 Lazio (Italy)
Adcock, F. E. Caesar as Man of Letters Archon Books PA 6246. A53 Caesar, Julius--L
Adcock, F. E. Roman Art of War under the Republic Martin Classical DG 209. C8 Military art and s
Adcock, F. E. Roman Political Ideas and Practice Ann Arbor: University JC 83. A19 Rome--Politics a
Adcock, F.E. Thucydides and his History Cambridge UP, 1963 PA 4461. A6. 1963 Thucydides
Adkins, A. W. H. From the Many to the One Ithaca: Cornell UP, B 187. M25. A3 1970. Philosophy, Anc
Adkins, A. W. H. Moral Values and Political Behaviour in Ancient Greece New York: W. W. BJ 182. A3 1972 Homer--Ethics
Adler, Ada Suidae lexicon PA 5365. A7 1928 v.1 Greek language
Adriana, A. Testimonianze e momenti di scultura Alessandrina Rome: "L'Erma", NB 90. A375 1948 Sculpture, Gree
Aelian Letters LOEB: Bound with PA 3612. A45 1949 Greek letters
Aelian On Animals LOEB PA 3612. A18 1958 v.
Aeneas Tacticus LOEB PA 3612. A2 1923
Aeschines Discours Bude: 1952 PA 3819. A15. B4
Aeschines Orationes ed. Fridericus Blass Lipsia: B. G. Teubner, PA 3404. A253 1978
Aeschines Speeches LOEB PA 3612. A2 1923 Speeches, addre
Aeschylus trans. Herbert Weir Smyth LOEB PA 3612. A4 1922 v.1 Aeschylus--Critic
Aeschylus Aeschyli Fabulae Berolini: 1885 PA 3825. A2 1885 v.1
Aeschylus Agamemnon Oxford UP, 1957 PA 3825. A8 1957 c.1 Agamemnon (G
Aeschylus Agamemnon PA 3825. A88. F8 v.1 Agamemnon (Ae
Aeschylus Agamemnon PA 3827. A8. L47 Agamemnon (G
Aeschylus Choephori 1986 PA 3825. C5 Orestes (Greek
Aeschylus Choephori PA 3825. C5 1893 Orestes (Greek
Aeschylus Eumenides PA 3825. E7 1908 Orestes (Greek
Aeschylus Orestia PA 3825. A6 1938 v.1 Orestes (Greek
Aeschylus Orestia University of Chicago PA 3827. A47 Orestes (Greek
Aeschylus Persae PA 3825. P377 1960 ?
Aeschylus Prometheus PA 3825. P8 1905 c.1 Prometheus (Gr
Aeschylus Prometheus PA 3825. P8 1891 Prometheus (Gr
Aeschylus Prometheus Bound PA 3827. P8. T5 Prometheus (Gr
Aeschylus Prometheus Desmotes Oxford PA 3825. P8 1834 Prometheus (Gr
author title published call number
Aeschylus Seven Against Thebes PA 3825. S4 1900 Seven against T
Aeschylus Seven Against Thebes PA 3825. S4 1887 Seven against T
Aeschylus Suppliants PA 3825. S7 1889 Danaus (Greek m
Aeschylus Suppliants, Persae, Seven Against Thebes, and Prometheus Bude PA 3825. A2 1920 v.1
Aeschylus Tragedies OCT PA 3405. S8. A4 Mythology, Gree
Aeschylus Tragedies PA 3405. S8. A4 Mythology, Gree
Aetna Bound with Minor Virgil
Aetna, ed./ trans. J. Vessereau Paris: Socit PA 6204. A3 1923 Virgil
Akurgal, E. Urartische und Altiranische Kunstzentren Ankara: Trk Tarik DS 170. A6 1968 Art, Urartian
Akurgal, E. Urartu Medeniyeti Ankara: Cografya DR 404. T8
Albore Livadie, C., et Il Museo di Paestum Propriet Letteraria DG 70. P3. A5 Paestum, Italy. M
Albright Art Gallery Master Bronzes Selected from Museums and Collections in Buffalo, NY: 1937 NK 7901. B8. B8 Bronzes--Exhibit
Alcaeus Fragments of the Lyrical Poems ed. Lobel Oxford PA 3861. A2 1927
Alciphron Teubner PA 3404. A2
Alciphron Letters LOEB PA 3612. A45 1949 Greek letters
Alexander, Paul J., The Ancient World: to 300 A.D. New York: MacMillan D 59. G6 1963
Couat, A. H. Alexandrian Poetry Under the First Three Ptolemies London: William PA 3081. C73 Greek poetry--H
Alfldi, Andreas Early Rome and the Latins Ann Arbor: University DG 231. A7 Rome--History--
Alfldi, Andreas Der Frhrmische Reiteradel und seine Ehrenabzeichen Baden-Baden: Verlag DG 85.3. A39
Alfldi, Andreas Origines de la rpublique Romaine Vanceuvres: DG 235.2. 07 Rome--History--
Alfldi, Andreas Trojanische Urahnen der Rmer Basel: F. Reinhardt, DG 221.5. A39
Allen, J. and G. Italie Concordance to Euripides PA 3992. Z8 1971 Euripides--Conc
Allen, J. H. and New Latin Grammar Boston: Ginn and PA 2087. A525 1888 Latin language--
Allen, J. T. First Year of Greek PA 258. A35 1931 Greek language
Allen, J. T. Stage Antiquities of the Greeks and Romans and their Influence PA 3201. A6 1963 Theater--Greece
Allen, W. Sidney Vox Graeca PA 267. A4 Greek language
Allen, W. Sidney Vox Latina Cambridge UP, 1965 PA 2117. A5 Latin language--
Alline, Henri Histoire du Texte de Platon Paris: Libraire AS 162. B6 no. 218 Plato--Manuscrip
Allinson, F. Lucian: Satirist and Artist PA 4236. A7 1963 Lucian, of Samo
Alpers, Paul Singer of the Eclogues: A Study of Virgilian Pastoral Berkeley: University PA 6804. B7. A79 Virgil. Bucolica.
Altheim, Franz Alexander und Asien Tubingen: Niemeyer, DS 99. D9. A47 Alexander the G
Altheim, Franz Griechische Gtter im Alten Rom Gieszen: Alfred BL 25. R37 Bd. 22 Cults--Rome
Altheim, Franz A History of Roman Religion London: Methuen & BL 801. A62 Rome--Religion
Altheim, Franz Romische Geschichte bis zum latiner Frieden 338 v. Chr. Frankfurt am Main: V. DG 209. A48 v.1-2 Rome--History
Altheim, Franz Rmische Religionsgeschichte Berlin: Walter de BL 801. A612 v.1-2 Rome--Religion
Altheim, Franz Ursprung der Etrusker Baden-Baden: Verlag DG 223. A47 Etruscans--Origi
Altheim, Franz Weltgeschichte Asiens im griechischen Zeitalter, vol. 1-2 Niemeyer: Halle, PJ 5201. A47 Asia--History
Altheim, Franz and Einzeluntersuchungen zur altitalischen Geschichte, Anfnge Frankfurt am Main: DG 13. A47 bd.1
Altheim, Franz and Asien und Rom Tubingen: M. D 99. D9. A48 Excavations (Ar
Altheim, Franz and Philologia Sacra Tubingen: Max PA 26. R58 Bible--Criticism,
Amandry, Pierre Mantique Apollinienne Delphes: Essai sur le fonctionnement Paris: E. de Boccard, BF 1766. A18 Delphian oracle
Ambrosch, Jul. Studien und Andeutungen im Gebiet des altrmischen Bodens Breslau: Ferdinand BL 805. A6 Cults--Rome
author title published call number
American Association of University Professors: Bulletin vol. 41.1 and 41.3 Journal Shelf ?
American Classical Review Journal Shelf Classical philolo
American Heritage Dictionary PE 1628. A6227 1993 English languag
American Historical Review Journal Shelf History--Periodic
American Journal of Archaeology 51.1 (1936)- 80.4 Journal Shelf
American Journal of Numismatics Vols. 7 (1995)-8 Numismatics--Pe
American Journal of Philology Vols. 78.1- Journal Shelf Philology--Perio
American Numismatic Society Museum Notes Vol. 26 (1981) Journal Shelf
American Research Center in Egypt: Newsletter Vols. 74 (1970)-78, Journal Shelf
American School of The Athenian Agora: A Guide to the Excavation and Museum Greece: Aspioti-Elka NA 283. A27. A43 Agora (Athens,
American School of Corinth: A Brief History of the City and a Guide to the Athens: Hestia Press, DF 261. C65. A43
American School of The One Hundred and Tenth Annual Report 1990-1991 Documents Shelf
Ammianus LOEB, trans. John C. PA 6156. A61935 v.1
Ammianus ed. Io. Augustin. Wagner Lipsia: Weidmann PA 6203. A2 1975 v.1
Ammonius De Adfinium Vocabulorum Differentia ed. K. Nickau PA 3404. A3855
Amy, Robert and Recherches dans la Necropole de Palmyre Paris: Libr. DS 67. F83
Anacreontea Bound with Elegy and PA 3611. A14 1931
Ancient History 1956-1957 Documents Shelf History, Ancient
Ancient History 1958-1959 Documents Shelf History, Ancient
Ancient History 1962-1963: Roman Empire I Documents Shelf
Ancient History 1962-1963: Roman Empire II(1) Documents Shelf
Ancient History 1962-1963: Roman Empire II(2) Documents Shelf
Ancient History Seminar 1960-1961 Documents Shelf
Ancient History Seminar 1961-1962: Ancient Religion Documents Shelf
Hardy, E. G. The Monumentum Ancyranum Oxford: Clarendon DG 279. A4 1923
Anderson, J. G. Hunting Magic in the Animal Style Stockholm: Bulletin of DS 340. A1
Anderson, William S. Art of the Aeneid Englewood Cliffs, NJ: PA 6825. A72 Virgil. Aeneis
Anderson, William S. Pompey, His Friends and the Literature of the First Century B. Berkeley: University PA 25. C3 ?
Andocides Discours Paris: Socit PA 3867. A3. F7
Andocides Orationes Teubner, 1913 PA 3404. A28 1913
Andre Emmerich Classical Art from a New York Collection Basel: Graphische DE 46.5. D87. A7 Sculpture, Class
Andreae, Bernard Motivgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zu den romischen Berlin: Gebr. Mann, NB 1810. A55 1973
Andrew, S. O. Macmillans Greek Course Greek Prose Composition PA 258. T5 1965
Andrewes, A. The Greek Tyrants New York: Harper & DF 222. A6 1963 c.1 Dictators.
Annales de lInstitut Kondakov Vols. 9 (1937)-10, XI Journal Shelf
Annales Universitatis Scientiarum Budapestinensis de Rolando Vols. 5 (1977)-6 Journal Shelf Philology--Collec
R. Cagnat and Alf. LAnne pigraphique Paris: Librairie Enrest CN 1. A65 1935;
LAnne Philologique Vols. 2 (1927), 1928, and through 1973 Paris: Socit Journal Shelf (1928),
Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research Vols. 5 (1923-1924); Journal Shelf Palestine--Antiqu
Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e della Missioni Bergamo: Instituto Journal Shelf Archaeology--P
Blake, W. E. Anonymi Vitae SS. Faustini et Iovitae Martt. Fragmentum Ann Arbor: R. A. PA 6203. A25 1961
Anouilh, J. Antigone PN 6120. A75. A5 Antigone (Greek
author title published call number
Stadtmueller, Hugo Anthologia Graeca Teubner PA 3458. A3 v.1-3 Greek poetry
Riese, A. Anthologia Latina Lipsia: B. G. Teubner PA 6102. A5 1964
Diehl, E. Anthologia lyrica Graeca Teubner PA 3404. A40. D1 v.1 Greek poetry
Buchholz, E. Anthologie aus der Lyrikern der Griechen PA 3404. A40. B1
Antike Welt Vol. 5 (1997) Journal Shelf Civilization, Anci
Antiochos , Life, of?? Dissertation by ? from ? date? Documents Shelf
Antipolis Vol. 1.1 (1974) Journal Shelf
Wilamowitz- Antigonos von Karystos Berlin: PA 3868. A47. Antigonus of Ca
Antiquaries Journal 8-31 (1928-51) Missing: 18.1, 19.1 Journal Shelf
LAntiquit Classique Vols. 11.1 (1942), Journal Shelf
Antiquity and Survival: Archaeological Reports Vols. 1.1 (1955)-6, Journal Shelf
Anzeiger?? 1935; 1937; 1946; Journal Shelf
Apelt, Otto Platon-Index als Gesamtregister Leipzig: Verlag Von B 395. A65 1923
Goodspeed, Edgar J. The Apocrypha: an American Translation New York: Random BS 1692. 1938
Apollodorus, The Story of ?? PA 3612. A5 v. 1-2
Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica OCT PA 3405. S8. A6 Argonauts (Gree
Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica LOEB PA 3612. A6 1912 Argonauts (Gree
Apollonius Rhodius Scholia in Apollonium Rhodium Vetera ed. Wendel PA 3872. Z3 1974 Apollonius, Rho
Lake, K. Apostolic Fathers LOEB PA 3611. A7 1912 v.1 Fathers of the ch
Apostolicorum Opera ed. Oscar de Gebhardt et al. J. C. Hinrichs: BR 60. G37 1902
Appel, Georgius De Romanorum Precationibus New York: Arno BL 25. R37 Prayer--Rome
Appian Bellorum Civilium Liber Primus ed. Emilio Gabba Firenze: La Nuova PA 3873. A22 1970
Appian Roman History trans. Horace White LOEB PA 3612. A64 v.1-4 Rome--History, M
Appleton, R. Euripides the Idealist PA 3978. A65 Euripides--Philos
Bowersock, G. W., Approaches to the Second Sophistic University Park, B 505. A66 1974
Apuleius ed. R. Helm Teubner PA 6104. A7 v.1-2
Apuleius LOEB PA 6156. A7
Apuleius The Golden Ass trans. E. J. Kenney London: Penguin PA 6209. M3. K3 Mythology, Clas
Apuleius Metamorphoses ed. Paul Vallette Paris: Socit PA 6207. M3
Apuleius Story of Cupid and Psyche ed. L. C. Purser London; George Bell PA 6207. C9 1910 Cupid (Roman d
Aratus ?? Bound with
Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity Society of Antiquaries Journal Shelf Archaeology--P
Archaeological Digest/Bibliography/ News 1946-1952 Journal Shelf
Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Volume V. 1886-1890 Documents Shelf
Archaeological Reports Vols. 37 (1990-1991) Journal Shelf
Archaeology Journal Shelf
von Zabern, Phillip Archologische Entdeckungen Deutsches NA 310. D3 2000 v.1
Arethusa 1.1 (1968), 3.1 Journal Shelf
Arethusa Vols.20.1-20.2: PA 4004. H25 1987
Arias, P. E. Teatro greco fuori di Atene NA 278. T5. A7
Arion Vols. 1.1 (1962), 1.2; Journal Shelf
Aristias Ad Philocratem Epistula 1900 Microfiche
author title published call number
Aristides ed. Dindorf PA 3874. A6 1829 v.1
Aristides LOEB PA 3612. A68 v.1
Aristophanes LOEB PA 3612. A78 v.1-3
Aristophanes OCT PA 3405. S8. A69 v.1
Aristophanes Acharnenses ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. A6 1901
Aristophanes Acharnenses ed. C. E. Graves Cambridge UP, 1961
Aristophanes Acharnenses ed. W. W. Merry PA 3875. A6 1901a
Aristophanes Acharnnians, ed. W. J. M. Starkie London: Macmillan PA 3875. A6 1909 Greek drama (C
Aristophanes Comoediae cum scholis et varietate lectionis ed. Immanuel London: Whittaker, PA 3875. A2. 1829 Athens (Greece
Aristophanes Aves ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. A8 1902 Birds--Drama
Aristophanes Clouds ed. KJ Dover Oxford UP; 1970 PA 3875. N8 1970 Rhetoric--Study
Aristophanes Clouds ed. Lewis Leaming Forman PA 3875. N8 Rhetoric--Study
Aristophanes Clouds ed. M. W. Humphreys Boston: Ginn & Co., PA 3875. N8 1885 Rhetoric--Study
Aristophanes Clouds ed. Benjamin Bickley Rogers London: G. Bell and PA 3875. A2 1911 v.1
Aristophanes Comoediae Oxford UP PA 3405. S8. A69
Aristophanes Comoediae eds. Hall & Geldart Oxford UP: 1907 PA 3405. S8. A69 Athens (Greece
Aristophanes Comoedia et Deperditarum Fragmenta PA 3875. A2 1877
Aristophanes Comoediae accedunt perditarum fabularum fragmenta ed. G. PA 3875. A2 1835 v.1
Aristophanes Ecclesiazusae ed. Blaydes PA 3875. E3 1881 ?
Aristophanes Ecclesiazusae ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. E3 1905 ?
Aristophanes Equites ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. E7 1900
Aristophanes Frogs ed. T. G. Tucker PA 3875. F7 1930 Voyages to the o
Aristophanes Frogs ed. Merry PA 3875. R30 1905 Voyages to the
Aristophanes Frogs ed. Dover Clarendon Press, PA 3875. F7 1993 Voyages to the
Aristophanes Frogs ed. Stanford PA 3875. F7 1963 Voyages to the o
Aristophanes Knights, ed. Robert Alexander Neil Cambridge University PA 3875. E7 1901
Aristophanes Lysistrata ed. Blaydes PA 3875. L8 1880 Lysistrata (Fictiti
Aristophanes Lysistrata ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. L8 1903 Lysistrata (Fictiti
Aristophanes Nubes ed. Blaydes PA 3875. N8 1890
Aristophanes Nubes ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. N8 1898
Aristophanes Pax ed. Blaydes PA 3875. P3 1883 Greek drama (C
Aristophanes Pax ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. P3 1906 Greek drama (C
Aristophanes Plutus ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. P7 1904 Hades (Greek de
Aristophanes Prolegomena ad Aristophanem ed. J. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. A2 1908
Aristophanes Ranae ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. F7 1896 Voyages to the
Aristophanes Thesmophoriazusae ed. Blaydes PA 3875. T5 1880 Thesmophoria--D
Aristophanes Thesmophoriazusae ed. Van Leeuwen PA 3875. T5 1904 Thesmophoria--
Aristophanes Vespae ed. Blaydes PA 3875. V5 1893
Paul Moraux, ed. Aristoteles in der Neueren Forschung Darmstadt: B 485. M39 1968 Aristotle
Aristotle Aristotelis De Anima Libri Tres ed. F. A. Trendelenburg Graz: Akademische B 415. B87 1957
Aristotle Aristotles Categories and De Interpretatione trans. J. L. Ackrill Oxford: Clarendon B 438. A5. A3 1963 Categories (Phil
Aristotle Ars Rhetorica ed. A. Roemer Lipsiae: Teubner, PA 3404. A88. A4 Rhetoric--Early w
author title published call number
Aristotle t"Art" of Rhetoric trans. John Henry Freese LOEB PA 3612. A8. R4 Rhetoric--Early w
Aristotle Analytica Oxford PA 3405. S8. A795
Aristotle Ars rhetorica Oxford PA 3405. S8. A792 Rhetoric--Early w
Aristotle Rhetoric--Early works to 1800 LOEB PA 3612. A8. R4
Aristotle Athenian Constitution Oxford PA 3405. S8. A887 Constitution of A
Aristotle Athenian Constitution, Eudemian Ethics, Virtues and Vices LOEB PA 3612. A8. A13 Constitution of A
Aristotle The Basic Works of Aristotle, ed. Richard McKeon New York: Random B 407. F56 1941 Philosophy
Aristotle Constitution of Athens, ed. Kenyon PA 3893. P6 1892 ?
Aristotle Constitution of Athens, ed. Sandys PA 3893. P6 1912 ?
Aristotle De anima Oxford PA 3405. S8. A884 Psychology--Ear
Aristotle De Arte Poetica, ed. Guilelmus Christ Lypsiae: B. G. PA 3404. A88. A7 c.1
Aristotle De Arte Poetica Oxford PA 3405. S8. A887
Aristotle De Caelo Oxford PA 3405. S8. A891 Astronomy, Gree
Aristotle De Generatione Animalium Oxford PA 3405. S8. A889
Aristotle Ethica Nichomacea Oxford PA 3893. E6. 1894
Aristotle Ethica Nicomachea, ed. Franciscus Susemihl B. G. Teubner. 1887 PA 3404. A88. A12
Aristotle Fragmenta selectae Oxford PA 3405. S8. A893
Aristotle Generation of Animals LOEB PA 3612. A8. D28 Zoology--Pre-Lin
Aristotle Historia Animalium LOEB PA 3612. A8. H4
Aristotle Introduction to Aristotle, ed. Richard McKeon New York: The B 407. M22 1947 Philosophy
Aristotle Metaphysica, ed. W. Christ Lipsiae: B. G. PA 3404. A88. A23 Metaphysics
Aristotle Metaphysics, Oeconomica, Magna Moralia LOEB PA 3612. A8. M47
Aristotle Metaphysik, trans. (German) Eugene Rolfes Leipzig: Verlag von PA 3893. M3. R5
Aristotle Meterologica LOEB PA 3612. A8. M47
Aristotle Minor Works LOEB PA 3612. A8. A15
Aristotle A New Aristotle Reader, ed. J. L. Ackrill Princeton UP, 1987 B 407. A24 1987 Philosophy
Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics LOEB PA 3612. A8. E6 Ethics
Aristotle On Sophistical Refutations. On Coming To Be and Passing LOEB PA 3612. A8. A16
Aristotle On the Art of Poetry, ed. Bywater PA 3893. A6. B4 Poetry--Early wo
Aristotle On the Heavens LOEB PA 3612. A8. D4 Astronomy, Gree
Aristotle On the Soul, Parva Naturalia, On Breath LOEB PA 3612. A8. A17 Psychology--Ear
Aristotle Opera, ed. Immanuel Bekkeri Berlin: Walter de PA 3890. A2 1960 v.1
Aristotle Organon LOEB PA 3612. A8. O7
Aristotle Organon or Logical Treatises PA 3896. O7 1853
Aristotle Parts of Animals, Movements of Animals and Progression of LOEB PA 3612. A8. D3 Zoology--Pre-Li
Aristotle Physica Oxford PA 3405. S8. A927
Aristotle Physica, trans. Francis M. Cornford LOEB PA 3612. A8. P3
Aristotle Poetics LOEB PA 3612. A8. P5 Poetry--Early wo
Aristotle Poetics, ed. Margoliouth PA 3893. P5 1911 Poetry--Early wo
Aristotle Poetics of Aristotle, notes and trans. by. S. H. Butcher Macmillan & Co.: PA 3893. P5 1929 c.1 Poetry--Early wo
Aristotle Poetics, "Longinus": On the Sublime, and Demetrius: On Style, LOEB PA 3612. A8. P5
Aristotle Politeia Athenaion, ed. F. Blass and T. Thalheim Lipsiae: Teubner, PA 3404. A88. A45
author title published call number
Aristotle Politica, ed. O. Immisch Lipsiae: B. G. PA 3404. A88. A41 Political science
Aristotle Politica Oxford PA 3405. S8. A931 Political science
Aristotle Politics LOEB PA 3612. A8. P8
Aristotle Posterior Analytics, Topica, trans. Hugh Tredennick LOEB PA 3612. A8. P67
Aristotle Problems and Rhetorica ad Alexandrum, trans. W. S. Hett and LOEB PA 3612. A8. P9
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Owen, ed. Aristotle on Dialectic: The Topics (Proceedings of the Third Oxford: Clarendon B 485. S95 1963 Aristotle. Topics
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Arnold, W. T. Latin language--Composition and exercises. London: Macmillan & JC 85. P9. A7
Arrian Anabasis LOEB PA 3612. A83 v.1-2 ?
Arrian Quae extant, ed. A. G. Roos Lipsiae: B. G. PA 3404. A94. A6
Arrian LInde, ed./trans. Pierre Chantraine Paris: Socit PA 3935. I6. C2 1952
Asclepiodotus ?? Bound with Aeneas
Asconius Orationum Ciceronis Quinque Enarratio, ed. Albertus Curtis Oxford PA 6105.38. A78 c.1
Ashburner, W. Rhodian Sea-Law JX 2014. R5 1976 Maritime law--R
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Ashmole, Bernard Olympia: The Sculptures of the Temple of Zeus London: Phaidon NB 87. O5. A8 1967 Temple of Zeus
Athanasius I The Correspondence of Athanasius I, Patriarch of Locust Valley, New BX 395. A71. A4 ?
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Athenian Studies presented to William Scott Ferguson (HSCP Cambridge: Harvard Journal Shelf c.1-2
Binder, Judith Athens Survey 1975: A Concise Survey of the Monuments, NA 280. A1 1975
Atkinson, B. F. C. Greek Language PA 227. A87 Greek language
Atti dell'VIII Congresso Internazionale di Storia delle Religione Firenze: G. C. BL 21. I61 1955
Atticus Fragments, ed. / trans. douard Des Places Paris: Socit B 536. A77. A2 1977 Philosophy
Audollent, August Defixionum tabellae...Luteciae 1904 Microfiche
Auge, Claude and Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustre Paris: Librarie Reference AG 25. Encyclopedias a
?? Augustan Age, Vols. 1 (1980-1981) - 10 Journal Shelf
?? Augustan Age: Occasional Papers, Vol. 1 Journal Shelf
Augustine City of God LOEB PA 6156. A82 Kingdom of God
Augustine Confessions, trans. William Watts LOEB BR 65. A6 1931 v.1 Augustine, Sain
Augustine De Civitate Dei Libri XXII, ed. B. Dombart Lipsiae: B. G. PA 6104. A82 v.1-2
author title published call number
Augustine De Magistro - De Vera Religione, ed. P. Domenico Bassi Firenze: Propriet BR 65. A9. D488 Teaching
Augustine Select Letters LOEB PA 6156. A83 1930 Augustine, Sain
Augustus Acta, Pars Prior Rome: Ex Officina DG 279. A4 1945
Augustus Res Gestae divi Augusti, ed. Gag DG 279. A2. A9 Rome--History--
Aurelius Antoninus, trans. C. R. Haines LOEB PA 3612. A98 1916 Philosophy--Ear
Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations, ed. A. S. L. Farquharson Oxford: Clarendon PA 3939. A2 1944 v.1 Ethics--Early wo
Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations, trans. G. M. A. Grube Indianapolis: Bobbs- B 580. G77
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