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Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered quality

Oct. 4, 2017
education to prepare students to be life-long
Issue 576 Dates to remember
servant leaders.

Oct. 11 PTA meeting 12:10

As Days Oct 13 Thrivent Art Night
7:00 pm

Hello Parents, Oct 18 Hearing test

Thank you for your incredible participation with our Parent/Teacher Oct 19 & 20- No School PIR
conferences last Friday. Other schools would love to have the partner-
ship we enjoy with you and we don't take your involvement and invest- days
ment in our relationship for granted. Thanks for making communica- Nov. 3- Early Release 11:45
tion and connection with your teachers a priority. If you need to visit
with your teacher further, please make an appointment right away. end of 1st quarter

Are you concerned about your child's hearing or speech? We have

secured a grant to have an expert come and test our students Just a reminder that leggings are to only be
on Wednesday, Oct. 18th. You will receive a written report about the
findings and we will do our best to point you in the right direction if worn under a dress or skirt for modesty
your child needs further assistance in these areas. Annette Schiele
has done an amazing job acquiring grants for our school family and so sake. Thank you for helping keep the
please thank her for her contribution to this opportunity.
standard high!
Have you been using Jupiter grades as a way to stay current with your
child's progress? If you need help navigating the site or have mis-
placed your sign in information, please contact the office and we can
help you get set up. Thanks for using this important tool to be in-
formed about your child.
Friday Hot lunch
We are hosting a cross country meet and soccer games after
Macaroni and Cheese
school this Thursday at MVCA. Please come encourage and cheer on
all our students participating in this big day. It's always more enjoyable
to have positive reinforcement from friends and family during these
kinds of events. Coaches and students have put in a great deal of
time and effort so consider joining us on Thursday.

We have purchased MVCA t-shirts for events like serve projects, field
trips and times when our students are out in the community. This is a
great way for us to promote our school as well as keep track of our
students in large settings. We plan to use these from year to year but
if you would like to purchase one, please contact the office.

A BIG thank you to the Bontadelli
Christian Bumgarner and Terry families for hot lunch
and dessert!
October 2017
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Oct 1 2 4 5 6 Soccer 1:00 pm
Moms in Prayer Soccer 2:30 /4:30
8:15 am MT Acad. @ MVCA
Stillwater @ MVCA

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8:15 am Art Night 7:00 PSAT Test
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Soccer Summit PTA 12:10 Soccer7:00 pm Soccer 6:00 pm
Lucca Maddy Ianna Young @ MVCA 4:30 Board Meeting 5:15 MVCA @ T Falls MVCA @ St. Regis

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Soccer 11:00/1:00
Happy Birthday Community Serve Moms in Prayer Hearing test No School MVCA @ Stillwater
Lexi Stutzman Project 8:15 am PIR days for

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Happy Birthday Soccer Tournament
Moms in Prayer Happy Birthday
8:15 am Evelyn Eyre Jonah Brookman @ MVCA all day

Hearing Test given by St. Luke Community

October 18 @ 1:00 pm
If your child has experienced signifi-
cant ear infections, hearing loss or speech concerns please
let your childs teacher or Julie know so that the testing can
be adjusted for the childs needs. This testing is made pos-
sible by an awarded grant to MVCA.

The 9th & 10th grade Biology students have been studying
microorganisms. They wit- nessed and documented the
growth of bacteria (Kingdom Monera) in pond samples
they collected and prepared. The number of bacteria multiplied exponentially
as they fed on rice, egg, and grass added to the samples. They died off after eat-
ing (decomposing) all the food. The only thing they didn't seem to eat was soil,
why? It's already been decomposed! They also learned how important these
creatures are to the ecosystem. Viewing the microscopic world opened the stu-
dents' eyes to the wonder of God's creation. Written by Mr. Lutz

Hello MVCA,
Pastor Jerry Roylance, who is part of the RSN board, traveled over to Taiwan with me.
He and another pastor came along with me because part of what we were doing, was an
ordination service for 5 ministers over there. It was very special.
Pastors from about 20 Christian church backgrounds, came and participated in the ser-
This included pastors from several indigenous people groups. Following the ordination
service, we traveled through the mountains for a couple of days, visiting ministries
in several high mountain villages. We had no idea that there was such an extensive high
mountain range in Taiwan.
We challenged church leaders, and spoke on the importance of relying on the Lord,
and endeavoring to truly strengthen one-another as the body of Christ across Taiwan.
Thanks, Chuck

Prayer at the ordination service

Time spent at a high mountain
village church, with girls doing
hand weaving to raise money for
their schooling.
The picture of the church with the ray of sun going
through the cross was beautiful in person.
The storm clouds were moving around, but that ray of
light remained on the cross for about 10 minutes! It was
The mountains are at about 9000 feet. We were
amazed by how green it was at that altitude.
The picture is of Jerry teaching during a planning
meeting, being held by some missionaries from all over
Taiwan. Jerry's topic was practical things they can do to
strengthen the church.

Mrs. Browns 1st & 2nd Grade

Doing a science experiment regarding

We made our own
fresh lemonade after the effects of air!
writing the directions
for making lemonade
and reading a story about lem-
onade for sale.

Wednesday October 11th at 12:10 pm

Come be a part of the planning of future
events at
need and appreciate your involvement!