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"This is Constantine. Jonh Constantine, asshole.

To come through ( ) a portal
Spear ( ) a bet ( to risk money)
Sulfur ( ) take a soul to heaven or hell
Wager ( ) a sword
Half breed ( ) half-human, half-demon/angel
Doorway ( ) to enter a different world (here)
Collect a soul ( ) the smell of hell

Circle the expressions you hear

First come, First served.
What? I didn't catch that.
I'm not really in the talking mood.
Suit yourself.

Choose the best alternative to make the sentences true

The spear of Destiny is the last Jedi sword in the world / the sword that killed Jesus Christ.
Isabel can't have a Catholic funeral because she killed herself / was a psychic
Constantine has got cancer/ a cold.
Papa Midnite's is evil / is good / doesn't take sides (neutral).
God and the devil made a wager for the souls of mankind / for Contantine's soul.
Constantine tried to commit suicide when he was a teenager / an adult.
Mammon, the son of the devil, needs the help of Constantine / God to cross over.
Angela could / couldn't see demons when she was a child.
Constantine / Chas Kramer has the idea to put holy water into the fire alarm.
The devil comes to earth to collect Constantine's soul / Angela's soul.
Constantine sacrificed himself to save Angela's soul from hell / Isabel's soul from hell and bought his
way into heaven.
Where did Angela hide the Spear of Destiny?
Exercise by Danielle Carvalho