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A1 beautiful adjective PLEASANT A1

because conjunction A1
about preposition SUBJECT A1 bed noun FOR SLEEP A1
about adverb A1 bedroom noun A1
above adverb, preposition HIGHER beer noun A1
POSITION A1 before preposition EARLIER A1
address noun BUILDING DETAILS A1 begin verb START TO HAPPEN A1
adult noun A1 behind preposition BACK A1
after preposition TIME/EVENT A1 below adverb, preposition POSITION
afternoon noun A1 A1best adverb MOST A1
again adverb ONE MORE TIME A1 better adjective HIGHER
all determiner, pronoun EVERY better adjective HEALTHY A1
ONE A1 between preposition A1
all right adjective, adverb WITHOUT big adjective SIZE A1
PROBLEMS A1 bird noun A1
all right exclamation A1 birthday noun A1
also adverb A1 biscuit noun A1
always adverb EVERY TIME A1 black adjective COLOUR A1
a.m. adverb A1 blue adjective COLOUR A1
an determiner A1 board noun CLASSROOM A1
animal noun NOT A HUMAN A1 boat noun FOR TRAVEL ON
answer noun REACTION A1 WATER A1
any determiner, pronoun A1 body noun PERSON A1
anything pronoun IN book noun FOR READING A1
QUESTIONS/NEGATIVES A1 bored adjective A1
anything pronoun NO MATTER boring adjective A1
WHICH A1 both determiner, pronoun A1
apple noun A1 bottom noun LOWEST PART A1
April noun A1 box noun CONTAINER A1
arm noun BODY A1 boy noun A1
as adverb; preposition JOB A1 bread noun A1
as well A1 breakfast noun A1
ask verb QUESTION A1 brother noun A1
at preposition PLACE A1 brown adjective A1
at preposition TIME A1 bus noun A1
at preposition DIRECTION A1 business noun SELLING A1
at preposition EMAIL ADDRESS A1 but conjunction DIFFERENT
August noun A1 STATEMENT A1
baby noun CHILD A1 butter noun A1
back adverb RETURNING A1 buy verb A1
bad adjective UNPLEASANT A1 bye exclamation A1
bag noun A1 caf noun A1
ball noun ROUND OBJECT A1 cake noun FOOD A1
banana noun A1 be called sth A1
band noun MUSIC A1 camera noun A1
bank noun MONEY A1 can modal verb ABILITY A1
bar noun DRINKING PLACE A1 cannot modal verb A1
basketball noun A1 car noun A1
bath noun WASH A1 carry verb HOLD A1
bathroom noun ROOM A1 cat noun A1
there is/there are/there was, catch verb TAKE HOLD A1
etc. A1 catch verb TRAVEL A1
be verb POSITION A1 CD noun A1
beach noun A1 CD player noun A1
beard noun A1 chair noun A1
beautiful adjective ATTRACTIVE A1
change verb START SOMETHING die verb STOP LIVING A1
NEW A1 different adjective NOT SAME A1
cheap adjective COSTING difficult adjective NOT EASY A1
LITTLE A1 dining room noun A1
cheese noun A1 dinner noun A1
child noun A1 do auxiliary
chocolate noun FOOD A1 do verb ACTION A1
choose verb A1 do verb STUDY A1
cinema noun BUILDING A1 do the cleaning/cooking,
city noun A1 etc. A1
class noun TEACHING GROUP A1 what does sb do? A1
class noun LESSON A1 doctor noun A1
classroom noun A1 dog noun A1
clean adjective NOT DIRTY A1 doll noun A1
clean verb A1 dollar noun A1
clever adjective ABLE TO door noun A1
LEARN A1 down adverb SURFACE A1
clock noun TIME A1 draw verb PICTURE A1
close verb DOOR/WINDOW A1 dress noun A1
close adjective NEAR A1 drink noun LIQUID A1
closed adjective NOT OPEN A1 drink verb LIQUID A1
closed adjective BUSINESS/SHOP drive verb USE VEHICLE A1
A1 driver noun A1
clothes noun A1 DVD noun A1
coat noun A1 each pronoun A1
coffee noun A1 each determiner A1
cold adjective TEMPERATURE A1 ear noun ON HEAD A1
colour noun RED/BLUE, ETC. A1 early adverb BEGINNING A1
colour verb A1 easy adjective A1
come verb MOVE TO SPEAKER A1 eat verb SWALLOW FOOD A1
come verb GO WITH SOMEONE A1 eat verb HAVE MEAL A1
come verb ARRIVE A1 egg noun FOOD A1
come from swh/sth A1 eight number A1
computer noun A1 eighteen number A1
conversation noun A1 eleven number A1
cook verb A1 email noun SYSTEM A1
country noun POLITICAL UNIT A1 email noun MESSAGE A1
course noun CLASSES A1 end noun FINAL PART A1
of course A1 enjoy verb PLEASURE A1
cow noun A1 evening noun A1
credit card noun A1 every determiner EACH A1
cross noun MARK A1 every determiner HOW OFTEN A1
cup noun DRINKING example noun TYPICAL CASE A1
CONTAINER A1 for example A1
dad noun A1 excited adjective A1
dance verb A1 exciting adjective A1
dance noun MOVING A1 Excuse me A1
dancing noun A1 expensive adjective A1
dark adjective NOT PALE A1 eye noun BODY PART A1
date noun PARTICULAR DAY A1 face noun HEAD A1
daughter noun A1 factory noun A1
day noun 24 HOURS A1 family noun RELATED PEOPLE A1
dear adjective IN LETTERS A1 famous adjective A1
December noun A1 farm noun A1
desk noun A1 fast adjective A1
dictionary noun A1 fat adjective A1
father noun A1 go shopping A1
favourite adjective A1 go out LEAVE A1
February noun A1 good adjective PLEASANT A1
feel verb EXPERIENCE A1 good adjective HIGH QUALITY A1
fifteen number A1 good adjective PLEASED A1
film noun MOVING PICTURES A1 good adjective HEALTHY A1
find verb DISCOVER WHEN good adjective SUCCESSFUL A1
SEARCHING A1 good adjective KIND A1
fine adjective WELL A1 good for you A1
(that's) fine A1 good afternoon exclamation A1
finish verb COMPLETE A1 goodbye exclamation A1
finish verb END A1 good evening exclamation A1
first adjective BEFORE A1 good morning exclamation A1
first adverb BEFORE A1 good night exclamation A1
fish noun ANIMAL A1 grass noun A1
fish noun FOOD A1 great adjective EXCELLENT A1
five number A1 green adjective COLOUR A1
flat noun A1 grey adjective COLOUR A1
floor noun SURFACE A1 group noun SET A1
flower noun A1 group noun MUSIC A1
fly verb TRAVEL A1 guitar noun A1
food noun A1 hair noun ON HEAD A1
foot noun BODY PART A1 half past one/two/three,
football noun GAME A1 etc. A1
football noun BALL A1 hand noun BODY PART A1
for preposition GIVEN/USED A1 happy adjective PLEASED A1
for preposition TIME/DISTANCE A Happy Birthday/New Year,
1 etc. A1
Don't forget... A1 hard adjective DIFFICULT A1
four number A1 hard adverb USING EFFORT A1
fourteen number A1 hat noun A1
Friday noun A1 have verb POSSESS A1
friend noun PERSON YOU LIKE A1 have verb BE ILL A1
from preposition STARTING have verb EAT/DRINK A1
PLACE A1 he pronoun A1
from preposition ORIGIN A1 head noun BODY A1
from preposition TIME A1 hear verb RECEIVE SOUND A1
from preposition DISTANCE A1 hello exclamation GREETING A1
fruit noun FOOD A1 hello exclamation ON PHONE A1
fun noun PLEASURE A1 help verb DO PART OF WORK A1
funny adjective MAKING YOU her pronoun A1
LAUGH A1 her determiner A1
game noun ACTIVITY/SPORT A1 here adverb THIS PLACE A1
garden noun BY HOUSE A1 here adverb ON THE PHONE A1
get verb OBTAIN A1 hi exclamation A1
get verb RECEIVE A1 him pronoun A1
get here/there/home/to work, his determiner A1
etc. A1 holiday noun NO
get a bus/train/taxi, etc. A1 WORK/SCHOOL A1
get (sb) up A1 holiday noun VISIT A1
girl noun FEMALE CHILD A1 home noun A1
give verb PROVIDE A1 homework noun A1
glass noun SUBSTANCE A1 horse noun A1
glass noun CONTAINER A1 hospital noun A1
glasses noun A1 hot adjective VERY WARM A1
go verb MOVE/TRAVEL A1 hotel noun A1
go verb DO SOMETHING A1 hour noun 60 MINUTES A1
house noun A1 living room noun A1
How are you? A1 long adjective TIME A1
how adverb QUANTITY A1 long adjective DISTANCE A1
hungry adjective A1 look verb SEE A1
husband noun A1 look verb SEARCH A1
I pronoun A1 a lot/lots A1
ice cream noun A1 a lot A1
important adjective VALUABLE A1 love verb LIKE SOMETHING A1
in preposition INSIDE A1 love verb FRIENDS/FAMILY A1
in preposition DURING A1 love verb ROMANCE/SEX A1
inside preposition CONTAINER A1 lunch noun A1
interesting adjective A1 make verb PRODUCE A1
the Internet noun A1 man noun MALE A1
into preposition IN A1 many determiner, pronoun LARGE
invite verb SOCIAL A1 NUMBER A1
it pronoun THING A1 how many A1
it pronoun SUBJECT/OBJECT A1 March noun A1
its determiner A1 May noun A1
jacket noun A1 me pronoun A1
January noun A1 meal noun A1
jeans noun A1 meat noun A1
job noun PAID EMPLOYMENT A1 meet verb INTRODUCE A1
juice noun A1 meet verb COME TOGETHER A1
July noun A1 message noun INFORMATION A1
June noun A1 milk noun A1
key noun FOR LOCKS A1 minute noun 60 SECONDS A1
kick verb HIT A1 Miss noun A1
kind noun A1 mobile noun A1
kitchen noun A1 mobile phone noun A1
knife noun A1 Monday noun A1
know verb HAVE money noun A1
know verb ASK FOR month noun FOUR WEEKS A1
INFORMATION A1 more determiner, pronoun IN
H/JAPANESE, ETC. A1 more determiner, pronoun GREAT
last week/year/Monday, ER AMOUNT A1
etc. A1 more beautiful/difficult/easily,
last night A1 etc. A1
late adjective AFTER A1 morning noun PART OF DAY A1
late adjective NEAR THE END A1 (Good) morning A1
see you later A1 in the morning A1
learn verb GET KNOWLEDGE A1 mother noun A1
leave verb GO AWAY A1 mouth noun FACE A1
leg noun A1 movie noun A1
lesson noun TEACHING Mr noun A1
PERIOD A1 Mrs noun A1
letter noun MESSAGE A1 much determiner, pronoun QUEST
life noun TIME A1 ION A1
light adjective PALE A1 very much A1
like verb ENJOY A1 mum noun A1
would like sth/to do sth A1 museum noun A1
Would you like...? A1 music noun SOUNDS A1
listen verb HEAR A1 my determiner A1
little adjective SMALL A1 name noun CALL A1
little adjective YOUNG A1 nationality noun A1
live in/at, etc. A1 near preposition DISTANCE A1
need verb MUST HAVE A1 orange adjective A1
need to do sth A1 orange noun FRUIT A1
never adverb NOT EVER A1 other determiner ADDITIONAL A1
new adjective RECENTLY our determiner A1
CREATED A1 outside adverb NOT IN
new adjective NOT KNOWN BUILDING A1
BEFORE A1 page noun PAPER A1
new adjective DIFFERENT A1 paint noun A1
newspaper noun TO READ A1 paint verb MAKE PICTURE A1
next week/year/Monday, pair noun TWO PEOPLE A1
etc. A1 paper noun FLAT MATERIAL A1
nice adjective PLEASANT A1 parent noun A1
nice adjective KIND A1 park noun A1
night noun DARK PERIOD A1 part noun PIECE A1
night noun EVENING A1 party noun EVENT A1
nine number A1 past preposition, adverb TIME A1
nineteen number A1 pay verb BUY A1
no adverb NEGATIVE ANSWER A1 pen noun A1
no determiner NOT ANY A1 pencil noun A1
noise noun A1 people noun MORE THAN ONE A1
nose noun ON FACE A1 person noun HUMAN A1
not adverb AFTER BE/CAN, pet noun A1
ETC. A1 phone noun A1
not adverb NEGATIVE WORD/S A1 phone verb A1
note noun LETTER A1 photo noun A1
November noun A1 picnic noun A1
now adverb AT PRESENT A1 picture noun DRAWING, ETC. A1
number noun SYMBOL A1 pig noun A1
number noun TELEPHONE A1 pizza noun A1
number noun SHOWING place noun SOMEWHERE A1
SOMETHING A1 plane noun A1
one/two/three, etc. o'clock A1 plant noun A1
October noun A1 plate noun A1
of preposition BELONG A1 play verb CHILDREN A1
of preposition AMOUNT A1 play verb SPORT A1
of preposition CONTAINING A1 player noun SPORT/GAME A1
of preposition NUMBER A1 please exclamation POLITE
often adverb REGULARLY A1 REQUEST A1
oh exclamation NEW IDEA A1 Yes, please A1
oh exclamation EXPRESS p.m. adverb A1
EMOTION A1 poor adjective NO MONEY A1
OK exclamation AGREEING A1 possible adjective CAN
ETC. A1 potato noun A1
old adjective EXISTED MANY practise verb A1
YEARS A1 the present A1
old adjective AGE A1 problem noun DIFFICULT
on preposition SURFACE A1 SITUATION A1
on preposition DAY/DATE A1 put sth down/in/on, etc. A1
on preposition CONNECTED A1 quarter noun TIME A1
one number A1 question noun ASKING A1
only adverb NOT MORE A1 quick adjective FAST A1
only adjective A1 radio noun EQUIPMENT A1
open adjective DOING the radio A1
BUSINESS A1 rain noun A1
open verb NOT CLOSED A1 it rains/it is raining A1
or conjunction POSSIBILITIES A1 read verb WORDS A1
reading noun BOOKS A1 sleep verb NOT AWAKE A1
ready adjective PREPARED A1 slim adjective THIN A1
really adverb VERY GREAT A1 slow adjective NOT FAST A1
red adjective COLOUR A1 small adjective LITTLE A1
remember verb IN YOUR small adjective YOUNG A1
MIND A1 smoke verb A1
restaurant noun A1 smoking noun A1
rice noun A1 snow noun A1
ride verb A1 some determiner UNKNOWN
right adjective CORRECT A1 AMOUNT A1
river noun A1 some pronoun UNKNOWN
road noun TO DRIVE ON A1 AMOUNT A1
Road A1 some pronoun NOT ALL A1
room noun PART OF BUILDING A1 something pronoun THING A1
run verb MOVE FAST A1 sometimes adverb A1
sad adjective A1 son noun A1
safe adjective NOT IN DANGER A1 see you soon A1
salt noun A1 sorry adjective APOLOGY A1
the same A1 soup noun A1
same adjective NOT ANOTHER A1 speak verb SAY WORDS A1
sandwich noun A1 speak verb LANGUAGE A1
Saturday noun A1 sport noun GAME A1
say verb SPEAK A1 sport noun PHYSICAL
school noun PLACE A1 ACTIVITY A1
sea noun A1 start verb BEGIN A1
second ordinal station noun TRAINS A1
number, determiner AFTER stay verb NOT LEAVE A1
FIRST A1 stop verb FINISH A1
see verb USE EYES A1 stop noun PLACE A1
see you A1 street noun A1
see you later/soon/tomorrow, student noun A1
etc. A1 study verb UNIVERSITY/SCHOOL
see verb MEET A1 A1
send verb POST A1 subject noun STUDY A1
sentence noun WORD GROUP A1 sugar noun A1
September noun A1 summer noun A1
seven number A1 sun noun A1
seventeen number A1 Sunday noun A1
she pronoun A1 supermarket noun A1
sheep noun A1 sweet adjective TASTE A1
shirt noun A1 swim verb A1
shoe noun A1 swimming pool noun A1
shop noun A1 table noun FURNITURE A1
shopping noun ACTIVITY A1 take verb CARRY A1
short adjective LENGTH/DISTANC take verb GO WITH SOMEONE A1
E/HEIGHT A1 take a picture/photo(graph) A1
short adjective TIME A1 talk verb SAY A1
show verb MAKE SEEN A1 tall adjective GREATER HEIGHT A1
shower noun WASH A1 taxi noun A1
shower noun BATHROOM tea noun DRINK A1
sing verb A1 teacher noun A1
sister noun A1 television noun EQUIPMENT A1
sit verb BODY POSITION A1 television noun PROGRAMMES A1
six number A1 tell verb SPEAK A1
sixteen number A1 ten number A1
skirt noun A1 tennis noun A1
test noun EXAM A1 train noun VEHICLE A1
than preposition, conjunction COM travel verb MAKE JOURNEY A1
PARING A1 tree noun A1
thanks exclamation THANK trousers noun A1
YOU A1 T-shirt noun A1
thank Tuesday noun A1
you exclamation GRATEFUL A1 TV noun A1
that determiner CAN BE SEEN A1 twelve number A1
that determiner ALREADY twenty number NUMBER A1
the determiner PARTICULAR A1 under preposition LOWER
the determiner ONLY ONE A1 POSITION A1
the determiner PLACE A1 understand verb KNOW
their determiner BELONGING TO MEANING A1
GROUP A1 university noun A1
them pronoun GROUP A1 until preposition TIME A1
then adverb AT THAT TIME A1 up adverb VERTICAL A1
then adverb NEXT A1 us pronoun A1
There is/are/was, etc. A1 use verb PURPOSE A1
there adverb PLACE A1 vegetable noun A1
there adverb DIRECTION A1 very adverb EMPHASIS A1
these determiner, pronoun A1 not very good/tall/happy,
they pronoun GROUP A1 etc. A1
thing noun OBJECT A1 village noun A1
things A1 visit verb SEE A PERSON A1
think verb BELIEVE TO BE visit verb SEE A PLACE A1
TRUE A1 wait verb STAY A1
think verb OPINION A1 waiter noun A1
thirteen number A1 waitress noun A1
this determiner ALREADY wake (sb) up or wake
MENTIONED A1 up (sb) A1
this determiner CAN BE SEEN A1 walk verb A1
this determiner TIME A1 wall noun A1
those determiner, pronoun A1 want verb A1
three number A1 warm adjective TEMPERATURE A1
Thursday noun A1 wash verb CLEAN THING A1
ticket noun A1 wash verb CLEAN BODY A1
time noun PARTICULAR POINT A1 watch verb LOOK AT A1
tired adjective WANTING REST A1 watch noun A1
to infinitive marker INFINITIVE A1 water noun LIQUID A1
to preposition PLACE A1 we pronoun GROUP A1
to preposition TELLING THE wear verb CLOTHES A1
TIME A1 weather noun WIND, RAIN,
today adverb THIS DAY A1 ETC. A1
today noun THIS DAY A1 website noun A1
together adverb WITH EACH Wednesday noun A1
OTHER A1 week noun SEVEN DAYS A1
toilet noun CONTAINER A1 week noun MONDAY TO
tomato noun A1 FRIDAY A1
tomorrow noun DAY AFTER weekend noun A1
TODAY A1 well adverb IN A GOOD WAY A1
tonight adverb A1 Well done! A1
too small/hard/much, etc. A1 well adjective HEALTHY A1
too adverb ALSO A1 well exclamation EXPRESSING
tooth noun IN MOUTH A1 DOUBT A1
town noun PLACE PEOPLE what pronoun QUESTION A1
LIVE/WORK A1 what determiner QUESTION A1
when adverb A1
where adverb A1
which determiner A1
white adjective COLOUR A1
who pronoun NAME A1
why adverb ASK ABOUT
wife noun A1
will modal
wind noun A1
window noun GLASS A1
wine noun A1
winter noun A1
with preposition TOGETHER A1
woman noun A1
word noun LANGUAGE UNIT A1
work noun PLACE A1
work noun JOB A1
work verb DO JOB A1
world noun THE EARTH A1
Don't worry (about sth) A1
Would you like ...? A1
write verb PRODUCE A1
writing noun SKILL A1
wrong adjective NOT CORRECT A1
year noun TWELVE MONTHS A1
be ... years old A1
yellow adjective A1
yes adverb AGREE A1
yes adverb ANSWER A1
yesterday adverb A1
you pronoun PERSON/PEOPLE
young adjective A1
your determiner PERSON/PEOPLE
zoo noun A1