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My name is Joshua Griffin and I have been a registered nurse since early 2015.

graduated with my bachelors degree in nursing in December of 2016 and I currently work at

Mercy Medical Center on a busy progressive care telemetry unit.

I am closing in on my two year anniversary at Mercy Medical Center. I have learned so

much on this unit since we see patients with varying diagnoses and severities of issues. I was a

member of the fifth cohort of the Nurse Residency Program at Mercy and graduated from the

program in January of 2017. My group of nurse residents worked on an evidence-based practice

project focused on provider-nurse rounding on medical surgical inpatient units. I hope to create

unit changes in how providers and nurses communicate to improve this relationship with the goal

of a better patient care experience.

I have gone from someone that asks many questions of more experienced nurses on my

unit, to becoming someone that new nurses come to for help. My time management and

organizational skills have continued to increase with every shift I work. I have become

competent with skills and techniques utilized by nurses on a medical surgical unit and I can tell I

am constantly improving. I have learned to be observant of signs of deteriorating patient

conditions and I know how and when to intervene or ask for help when necessary. I used to be

so nervous of code situations but through experience and ACLS certification I am able to remain

calm under pressure.

Professionally I would like to keep developing my skill set on my unit while cross-

training in the intensive care unit. Id like to work in the ICU and learn new skills and become

more competent with critically ill patients. During this time Id like to apply for an advanced

practice nursing degree and begin school again while continuing to gain work experience.
I didnt always know I wanted to be a nurse but I cannot imagine a better fit for a career

choice for myself. I am so happy I can positively impact patients lives through both medical

interventions and education. I hope to continue to improve in patient care delivery and gain

more experience and autonomy.