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1) to make the first domino fall, the broomstick needs to carry

a force of 0.75N.
2) The dominoes then topple. The rule for toppling is that the
center of gravity must be above the area of support
3) The first marble, with a very small mass, is knocked into a
cup on a pulley with the mechanical advantage of 1
4) Another bigger marble rolls down an inclined plane with a
MA of 0.2
5) The marble with a very low kinetic energy hits a first class
lever with MA of 0.8
6) Lever releases wood block attached to another pulley with
a mechanical advantage of 1
7) The block is raised by a .1kg weight, which brings down
wedge designed to look like an axe cutting off this mans
head to match our theme
8) The wedge comes down with about 1N of force and hits the
marble(or head) down the screw with a MA of about 0.2
9) The marble rolls down another inclined plane with a MA of
about 4.7 at half a meter per second
10) The marble carries a force of of a newton to make the
second set of dominoes topple
11) The last domino will then hit the candle 0.3 meters into
the jack o lantern by pushing its center of gravity outside
the area of support.