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Gabrielle Pranzo

EDUC 359

Fall 2017

Understanding Vocabulary Reflection

The objective of this lesson was to have the students understand the meaning of two

different vocabulary words. This mini lesson consisted of every person in the class each picking

five vocabulary words we did not know and defining them. Then, we chose two of them to share

in our groups. We had to ask if anyone knew how to define them or if they could use either word

in a sentence. Since they were unable to define the words or put them into sentences, I had to

create a mini lesson to teach the words to the other group members. The words I had were pother

and bruit. Since these words are uncommon and not used on a daily basis, I wanted to teach them

in a way that the other students could understand them.

In order to teach these two words, we needed to use visuals and show the students what

the words meant instead of simply telling them the meanings. For example, the word pother

means a commotion or a fuss. I decided to use a picture where there was a woman with a large

amount of cats around her. The woman had a stressed look on her face while she was holding a

bag of food. When I showed the other students the picture I asked them what emotion the woman

was portraying. From there, we talked about the picture and the other students were able to figure

out what the word meant, achieving the objective. I used this same method but with a different

picture for teaching the other vocabulary bruit, meaning to spread (a rumor or report) widely.

We also put the words into sentences after and came up with synonyms for each of them. When

it comes to ELL students, using visuals are essential. It can get the student more engaged and
they will feel encouraged when they know what a picture means because from there they can

learn that vocabulary word.